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SEPTEMBER 10, 1918.
Seven Cent Sugar
PRESS despatches from Waahinjjton received
Saturday niht told of the fixing of the price
for refined cane sugar at seaboard ports at nine
cents and said this was less two cents differential
to the refiners. Cable messages received yester
day by the Hawaiian SiiRar Planters' Association
confirmed the nine cent price, less two per-
tinie important Rain wer"e triad e on either wing of
the long front. On Tuesday gains continued along
practically the' whole of the 150 mile, front and re
treat was taking on the appearance of route.
( n Wednesday Pershing's Army and their
French Allies on their wings, advanced from the
Yesle to the Aisne, as the enemy sought to retire
I ehind a smoke screen and the retirement of the
(.eniuiis continued practically all the way along
cent, but said the raw price would be announced 1ne from tnat 5P, tor to Ypres. Thursday's ad
todav. It is airreed that this will be seven cents , vance was important, especially in the Cambrai
but it may possibly be a shade higher. The ninesoct,,r where the IJritish may strike practically at
cents price represents an increase of l.fV cents a t vvji p,v Thursday night there were no Germans
pound and will probably le divided, between tliet.lt to tlie south of the Aisne. further advances had
producer and the refiner .'5 to the producer and H.t.n ,ade on the enemy's left of that sector 'mak
.71 t the refiner, nineteen dollars ;i ton increase ' jnl, tne new positions tenable for only a short time
in the price of Hawaiian sugar. I lie planters
message also contained the jjood news that the
tcw price was to be effective immediately and not
affect merely the next crop. ,
The added price was absolutely necessary if
the sugar producers were to continue in business.
Costs have mounted greatly and are still mounting.
The halt cent increase which the sugar committee
first proposed might meet the present larger costs
but those costs are continuing to mount and the
further increase will be largely needed to meet fur
ther cost increases in everything which the plant
ers require.
Nineteen dollars a ton increase in raw sugar
' JjREVfriES ! Opening of -College '
. . i-
J. T. VTileot of Katfal U registered After waay yeara of ee'rrOi wWli
t the Young Hotel. - . " J F. A. rVhsefer OotTOIticUii lni w
Rer. and MfeJ John P. Erdman re-' signed and left tba eompany Aoa Sep
torned from a flat to the Volcano tember 1. Laos waa of German birth,
yesterday. I " reported 0 bd an aliea enemy. Hta
Be. Vlcara, Jml.aM.aa of Hilo, I "t I 'M"1,!
rri,A rvnM ti,. ni. i.t.,i m.trrtnolia himself bbb bee. openly pro-German, It
rdV- ' lie reported.
-- .
Governor C. J. McCarthy ha fram
ed photograph of General Pertbing, the
commander ia chief of the American ex
peditionary forces ia the sxec6tive of
flee which lie highly value. Thn. pie
tore waa given to h!ni by .T. A Tftlmcr
the tax ofllee aft Palmer's leintn
friu n mainland trip about two wrens
Word 1ia reached HonoitiLi that the
K. wl Filler, manager of the Hawaii ; crfw 0f the achooner Ysabel May, who
Consolidated Railroad, w aa arrival wre left atranded on Christmas Inland,
in Honolulu yesterday from Hilo. I when their vessel waa wrecked on a
Harry B. Penhallow, manager of Wai- submerged rock on August 1, have been
luka plantation waa an arrival in Ho- rescued. After the faabel May waa
nolulu yeaterday and ia 'a guest at the wrecked she waa beached by her crew
Young Hotel. - ' and her cargo saved., Biace tha arrival
Henry D. Blogett, of Hamakuapoko, " V'J'V p v"
Frank and 8. May, arrived from
Hawaii yesterday and are guest at the
Young Hotel. j . .
Mir. tad lnL , Charles Gay and six
ehJldrea were arrlvala In Honolulu from
Wal yeaterday. ':'' ,
The Miaaea Tbelma and Alice Me
Quaid were arrlvala on the Mauna Kea
from Kona yeaterday.
Orders Received From
. ton Now Set September 30 as
Date Because of Oroam'zation
of Students Army Training
Corps; Will Be Three Terms
In accordance with inatrurtiona re
eeiyed yenterilay (Hundny murningl
front the educational director of the
department of war, the lionnl of re
gcat of the College of Hawaii have
poatpned the date of opening from
Monday, Hrpterober in, to Monday,
September .10. Kegiatration in all de
partment will ocrur on the lntter dnte,
land academic work will begin on Tup
and t the Xorth. in l lamlers the British opened
the way for an attack on Messines ridge when it
hall be desired. Friday's fighUnK left Cambrai
almost at the mercy of the Allies who are reported
to be withholding further attacks on that sector
until further orders come from Foch.
Ilritish and French made further, glorious gains
on Saturday when advances for the week culminat
ed in further large gains practically the whole
length of the line.
In Siberia the Allies are meeting with compara
tively smalkopjosition. The news which reaches
The Adrertiser from Japanese sources is several
davs in advance of other press reports ana is later
Maui waa' a. arrival on the Mauna,'"' "Yunbel May baa beea repaired to i day, October . 1. Tbene instruction,
icea yeaterday and ia registered at the . he can be towed to PaeWe port
YouniT Hotek I nnD .I I tin, satuaiuviiv inRt-civi,
r i. -a a" j i 1.1,. taking hia aummer vacation.
Mr. Bobert A. Smith and Mr. Bobert
.. m ,1-1 I At TMternav'a meetintr nf the St.
a nmiin, lormenv xuiaa ioiei jmj, --- - ... . ,. , , ,, ir..t:w. . l. .i
... V Lj tk ' Andrew 'a (Wild tt waa announced that pnt Army Training torp at the col
Volcano veaterdav and have taken the dioc.eaan Service Flag, carrying one lope many of the detail of nrgnniaa-
price means millions in the receipts for the next j continued. Advances of great rapidity are re
v .. .... .. .... ' ., i.i i t. ..f aU it .: :i
apartmenta at the Young Hotel.
Georga W. B. King, deputy auditor
of the torritory, ha gone to Hawaii
on official buajnemi. Mr. King mi
I'ompaniea him and they will make the
circuit of the Big Inland before re
Kddie Knell will leave on a abort
bucineaa trip to the mainland in the
near future.
Harry Grimea, who h been repre
Kontinii a number of mainland pub
lication here for the pant nix montha,
moreover, require a complete recon
xtruction of the college enfendar.
r(th the organization of a Htud
ported and the entire length of the Ussuri railway: will leave for the Coast nhortly.
is in the hands of the Allies. Here the Allies have:
crop. Tresent indications are that that crop will
be larger than the present, which was short be
cause of l')17 droughts, but hopes of a much
larger crop may be somewhat disappointed be
cause of the labor shortage. Assuming only the
same crop as that which will be harvested this j precautions are being employed for the protection
year, the increase will mean $10,8S7.0f() more for 'of men and animals
the crop than would be realized under the old
Charlea Kaua, Captain of police for
. . tne nonnia isinirici. in vminuK win
found the Ictiton lormer prisoners are teacning , lovhoo, frien,, , Mavor Jone ph J. Fern.
v lie Molsheviki the neautnui nun practise 01
and water sources so that greater
If the new prKe is'tkie effective immediately.
'Dr. Joao IHutft, former HontBuJu
phyaiciau, ha been heard from. In a
letter to A. D. Caatro, Doctor pinto
nav that he ia with the Portuguese
force at the front in France, being
' .a . I . 1 1 1
In northern Russia the Allied advance continues connecieo wn .n8 ,...-. ur,-.
..,,1 ..ffA JU r. ctr,m,r ' Tajima, pantor or ina -p
The other war theaters have not broken their
as the message to the Planters' Association indi-1 silence during the week and the Western front
rates, then the delayed shipments of this year will news hs overshadowed all else.
have been a blessing to the industry for there are
large quantities still in transit and more than 100,
.000 tons still to be shipped. This will mean seve-
Suivunarized. the position of the Allies has been'
astly improved in the past week and military
observer are expecting new developments to fol
ral million dollars added to this year's receipts for ,,w tliYck and fast which will add still further to
the industry. the rapidly growing advantages of the Allied arms.
w. a. a.
W. S. s.
The Week In the War Our Casualties Grow
IN no similar period since the beginning of the m rmy casualties as reported by the war de
Allied counter offensive on July 18, less than partment clearly reflect the growing part the
height weeks ago. have gains of, terrain so exteu- njtefi States is plating in the war. In the publi
Bive and" advance more important been achieved j catjon 0( these reports the war department is fully
.' than in the past week. As General Foch's strategy tW() vf.eks behind for t.he American forces have
unfolds and develops its tremendous accomplish- m ,ne j)ast l)Cen su scattered, some billeted with
ments and enormous scope become more and more j tl)e prencn an, some with the British and others
I apparent. The cumulative results are rolling up , themselves, that it is impossible to keep them
into immense proportions. His armies accomplish j t(1 (ate Thus the casualties which are re
in hours what it took days for the foe to do while . .K,rtcf) todav probably occurred about August 20
the Allies were desperately striving to check their j ;m(j (H)r osses have been considerably greater than
advance. tht. report shows.
Not a moment do?s the French master strategist; (n juv ?o the total of army losses as reported
give the enemy to recuperate or to reorganize.. as jq'i an,i that list was some two weeks back
anene Kpiecopal Church of Hilo, Ha
waii, haa returned from a hort yialt
to Japan, where h' wn called a few
veeka ago to aurae hi nick mother,
Vho, however, died before -her on ar
rived at ner aiae.
Mr. Margaret ' Lihman celebrated
yeaterday her eighty-fifth anniveraary,
roeriving the good wiHliea of many
friend who called at her home in Keea
umoku MreeU Mra. I.inhman arrived
in Hawaii forty-two yeara ago and aince
then haa never left the Inland.
w. a. a.
hundred and aeventy-flva atara, would
probably be dedicated on rjnndhy dur
ing the regular service.
Instruction a to draft duty i be
lli g given at the Y. M. O. A. to young
men who registered on Inly Ml, 1918.
Thin i in accordance with an arrange
ment with the officer of loeal draft
board No. 1, of Honolulu, A number
of young Chinese form one clean.
Roe Kaheli and Mary Pila, two Ha
waiian women, arreited by the joity
tion and i tint-ruction panned into the
control of the department of war. It
waw to await neceannry ihntruetion
that the board of regent recently pont
poned the date of opening from Sep
tember 11 to Feptember lrt. Thia latent
meanage remove all micertaintien. In
all oOllegen ami universities, the work
of the K A. T 0. will commence on
Oitober 1.
The education director into whose
hami the control of the K A. T. C.
police, were turned over to the federal nIU, l,een placed in Doctor Macl.aurin,
uiuoriiir jrniemmjr ior priri-iii iu : fomu'riy preaioeni or tne Mannacnii
charges, or selling swipes. Alter in
formation were filed ognint them,
their bond waa fixed at (500.
netts Institute of Technology. Doctor
Mocljinriii now announces that the
nerioH between Octiber 1, 1B18, and
K. Kumaaawa, a aecrotary at .the local .Inly 1, 1B1, will be divided into three
Japanese eotiaulate, who was sent by term, each of three. montha period.
Consul General E. MotoI to Kauai to In the (Irat term, academic work. In
make investiiratioaa into the (ondltiona cluling instruction ami examination,
among the Japanese, returned here will end on the afternoon of Haturdav,
Hnnday morning.. He report that be December 21. In the necond term thai
found the Japanese on Garden Island academic work will begin on the morn
plantation are all induetrious. ing or Mondny, December 30, and will
All alien enemy women who remove end "on the afternoon of Saturday
from one place to another during the ! March In the third term the aca
period of the war without securing the demie work will begin on the morning
necessary permission from tha federal r Monday. March 31, and end on the
authoritie lay theraaelvea liable to In- ' afternoon of Saturday. June 21.
ternnient, according to a letter of in- ! In consequence of tbce order the
struction which has been .received by college now passes from the two nemo
United Mate Marahall ,J. J. Smlddy. ter tn the three term syntem, and , the
Mir Paul Chater. a recent, viaitor to time of opening and closing nne de-
Honolulu from Hongkong, China, was layod three week,
'entertained during hia stay here by ' Although for the remainder of the
Fred Halton, tna promotion commit- war ine aciiviiien oi on- r.irc
tee secretary. This visitor was accora le chiefiy military, .they will not he
panied by Lady Chater. He ia a mem- entirely o. The number of young la
her of the legialative eouncil of Hong- i die entering thi fall promise to be
kong and waa . largely responsible for i considerably larger than ever before,
the reclaiming of about two blocks of . and for them and for others not qnali
the waterfront of that city. j fled for military service the ununl num-
A number of civilians were examined ber of courses will be given. In view
at the armory yesterday by a board of j of the patriotic call to economize and
armv officers on their application to i to free Inbor for essential industries
be listed for army training camps n
When he ia not striking at one point he is deliver
ing blows upon two or more others. In this way
retirement becomes hurrrtd retreat and hurried
retreat grows into rout.
For 1 IK davs, with intermissions or lulls of vary-
of the date of issue. Thus from around the hrst
of July to about the middle of August, say August
20, our casualties were 16,342 for as reported yes
terdav we had lost from the army 27,173. In a
period of about six weeks they had increased by
ing length, the Germans were on the offensive and ti) percent
at times appeared to be sweeping the Allies oil j tl addition to these casualties in the army Gen-
their feet. In titty-three days, less than hall the
time taken up by the enemy advance, he has lost
practically all the country which he gained
through enormous sacrifices.
For a campaign of slightly more than twenty
four weeks, launched after weeks and months of
constant preparation, the enemy can show only a
few miles of added territory which he is now seek
ing to relinquish at the smallest possible loss, a
1 attered and shattered army which he is seeking to
retire in something of a semblance of order, a re
sere force exhausted or nearly exhausted and a
morale that is badly broken down.
Gains made during the past week put the Allies
in position to launch an attack upon Messines
Kidge almost at will, to advance upon Gambrai
whenever it shall be deemed advisable, and well
on toward I.aon which will soon become an imme
diate objective. C'hemin des Dames Ridge has
been made untenable.
Kach day it grows more evident that the Teu
tons, will not be able to halt their shattered forces
along the lines from which last Spring they were
hurled forward in the "supreme offensive" that
was to win the war, to cut the Allied lines, to reach
cral l'crshintr savs there have been about 20,000
slightly wounded that were not reported because,
tlu v would be up and about again before the news
could reach relatives who would then be unneces
sarily alarmed.
Marine casualties as given in the list of July 21
were INfo and as reported September 1. the list
list to be received in this city. 2'71, an increase of
ll()d in six weeks. Casualties as reported by the
war department and from the office of the Marine
Corps are thus seen to be considerably more than
thirtv thousand or to have been multiplied by
three since the early part of July.
w. a. a.
"German-Finnish Treaty Reported," says a
headline. The real German finish treaty has yet
to be written and it will be Germany's finish.
Captains of Vessels Lost In South
Seas Are Left Without Money;
Chamber To Aid
The captain of the Annie jrsen
and A. M. Baxter which were wrecked
on the shores ot' a Bouth Hea Island a
few months ago, and who, with the
majority of their 'cewa were recently,
landed in Honolulu, have found them
selves high und dry here, without mon
ey, unable to socure financial relief
from the government, and a a last
renort they called upon the secretary
of the chamber of commerce yester
day and told their troubles.
Thc"y said they arrived here practi
cally without fuud.. They attemptod
t secure money from their owner.
J"hey said that had they been brought
to a foreign shore tbey would have
applied at once to the American con
ul, who under the power granted him,
would have been privileged to secure
their transportation home and provi lc
for their necessities. ,
Honolulu, being a part of the
t'neted .States, lias no consul, of course,
niul they found that there is no one
here to officially care for castaways.
They visited the collector of cutom,
but learned it i not within the province
of that official to provide money, oi
advance it. Franklin, however, sent a
cablegram to 'Washington on their ae
count. Whether no notice ha been fatt
en of the meanage, or whether it ba
been delayed in transit, is not certa'n,
but at an' rate no reply has been re
ceived. The collector desired to do
anything he could in his official capa
city. When the matter was laid before Her
reTary H. C. Hrown of the chamber, he
offered to take up the matter with the
mainland in any way that could be sug
gested. Mr. Brown aaya the case of
the captain of these two vessel raises
the -mainland. Tha board, of Which
Maj. James D. Dougherty, in charge
of the bureau of militia affairs, passed
on the applications of a number of
men, passing them on to the medical
examiners to determine their physical
fitness for active service.
there is likely to be a large enrollment
of speeiol atudenta in courses, in teok
ing, dressmaking, millinery, and other
branches of household science. ln
quiries in regard to these or to other
course may be made at the College
office, which is open every day from
nine to twelve.
w. a. a.
Remainder of This Crop Benefits
' With Next Crop AsNResult of
'Committee'. Action
Giving additional information on the
fjxing of a price for sugar to that
outaitiel i i the Associated Press des
patches to The Advertiser on Saturday
night there came to E. D. Tentey,
president of the Hawaiian Hugar Plant
ers' Association yesterday . a ' eable
grnm from J. W. Waldron, chairman
of the idauter committee that was
ent to Wanhington to present the ease
of HsWnii to the sugar committee of
the food commission in connection with
proponed new prices., The cablegram
I'hnnges the wording of the message
slightly and indicate that the new
prlre is to become effective Immedi
ately Instead of with the next crop,
a it has been surmised wonld have
been the case.
Waldron Cable
''New price nine Icent leas two
percent refined sugar at refineries ef
fective immediately. - Raw sugar basis
will be announced Monday. We leave
Tuesday." said Mr. Wwldrnn'a cable
gram. The Associated Pre gnve tha
price as nine cents le "Jjpn cent"
instead of "two percent."
"I believe the figure given in The
Hundny Advertiser were about cor
rect. " said Mr. Tenney yesterday aft
ernoon. I read the message to mean
thnt the price to be announced Monday
will devide the increased pr"ire .95 af
a rent for the planters and .71 of a
cent to the refiuer, which will make
the price for raw paid at the refineries
seven cents flat. It may vary slightly
fjum that figure, however,
rint Message
The meisage received yeaterday la
the' first official communication to be
rea-cived from the committee since it
left. Private li tttern hnve made men
tion of efforts in the direction of se
curing nitrates and on the labor aita
stion. but those private advices in
dicate that Hawaii has little to hope
in the way of transportation of labor
from either the Philippines or from
Porto Rico.
Important To Industry
Keven cent sugnr menus an increase
of iM! a ton. On 'a neit year's crop
of the same proportion as thia year',
n fair estimate from present crop con
ditions and allowing for a ahortage
of labor, it would mean an increase of
10.XX7.uW for ' the crop over this
year's price.
There is much of this year's outturn
that is now in transit and still more
that has not been shipped and the new
price made effective for that sugar will
mean between two and three million
dollar addition to the receipt from
the present crop.
Other despatches are likely to be
received today or tomorrow announc
ing the figure for raws definitely. -
w. a. a.
In its official report lierlin stated last night
that the Germans were everywhere in their new
the Channel Port and to triumphantly enter the ! positions. hnlighteniiiK and edifying for it might I a cpiest here hi.-b shoui.1 i.e taken
French capital. That line has been passed at so have been assumed tbey were everywhere in their
many pojrfts as t flank lartfe sectors nf it and to (.Id positions.
render it untenable. The retirement which is in j
progress must be extended much farther back than
the enemy has contemplated. How far back it! Little heed was paid to the government's re
will extend must depend on the aggressiveness of iieM to curtail Sunday joyriding on the first Sun
General Foah and the ability of his forces and re-j da after the announcement of the request. Some
sources to continue the hammering that is being people, always prefer to do things or to refrain
administered. Thus has a counter offensive that ; mmi doinj, things under compulsion. When the
was heirun as a defensive measure ltowii into an orders come tliey win ie obeyed ami unless re
r i
offensive that overshadows the enemy "supreme ( miu
offensive" and appears to be developing" into an j
Allied "Fall Drive." ;
One week ago the Allies were striking at Voor With the completion of Diamond Head Road
meseele in the north where for the first time Amer th- next essential thing in the development of Ka
icans fought on Belgian oil. on the I'lains of u .iolani Park is for the superintendent to clean out
vigny no dh. south, where Americans participated I the weeds and plant grass at the end of the park,
with the French and in the Peronne sector. Last ' at the terminus of the street railroad and work
Monday Germany received its greatest defeat of.tuward town with clearing up and that grass
..... . . . ,
-t ;t re heeded
orders are sure to follow.
up. Iluwan icing netacneti rroin on
American mainland, castaway are prac
tically in the same situation as cast
away thrown upon the horc of Fiji,
or any other foreign eoaat. He believe
something should be done at Washing
ton to provide for contiagencie of this
Hurt here.
The captain were yesterday able,
through new found friends, to secure
money to oimble them to secure their
uassacc to- the Coast. The owners
merely authorized the payment of the
pay for the crews, with noting what
ever for the officers.
W,. a,
tny single day's fighting in the war when the Brit
ish smashed a breach thirty miles north and south
jjf thv Drdcourt-Qucant switch and at the same
planting. At present that end of the park has a
good deal the appearance of a vacant lot in a tene
ment district.
WAHIIlNtJTON, September I (As
sociateil Press) The most complete col
lection of silkworm eggs ever made,
170 varieties from all silk-producing
districts of China, lias leeu gathered by
the t'uiversity of Nanking, which lias
organized a short term course in silk
worm culture. More than half of the
seventy two students taking the course
are Koveruiiient officials and school
Goes Over Until Late In Novem
ber After Political Cam
paign Ends
Advices have been received by At
torney General Harrv lrwln from
Jud'e Clement K. Quinn of the Hilo
circuit court that the trial of the Ra
waii supervisors and four business men
on the indictments returned recently
by the grand jury have been set over
until Thursday, November 21.
The attorney general says he assumes
the trial of the cases ha been post
poned from the previous date Bet, Oc
tober 7, to free the prosecution of
the cases. of auy political color, what
soever, which might be ascribed during
the height of the fall campaign.
Wlieii the cane were net first so
uear the date of the primary elections
the covert charge was made that this
date was selected for the effect it
might have on the voters on Hawaii.
Postponement of the triala until thd
election is over by three weeks Bbould
eliminate any belief tbot the prosecu
tions are "political prosecutiou, " the
attoinev general ay, in effect.
The Hilo Post Herald iu reporting
the postponing of the trial of the su
pervisor and business men says:
Trial of the cases in which the mem
bers of the Board of Supervisors and
four business men of Hilo are involved
has been moved forward from the ten
tntive date of October 7 to a definite
datei filing the trial for Thursday, No
vember 21.
The cases will be called and tried
in the order in which they appear on
the calendar, beginning with the Chair
niHii ' case in which he is the only
defendant, then taking, in order, the
ruse of A, M. Cabrinba, of Ha nine I
Kauhane, Julian K. Yates, Kugene n
l.viimn. Arthur A. Akina. James K
Ako and W. A. Todd; the same, with
J. C. Plankinton added; the same,
omittinc M)r. Plankinton, and adding
C. Castcndvk: the supervisor with K
T Muses and the suvervlsora with
(tcorge I). Russell. '
Jud;.-e Ouinn stated in court m nx
iug the first dutc of October 7 that
ii uua nnlv tentative, and would in
all likelihood give place to ome other
date. The new date come arter me
gcnoiHl election for territorial officer
w. a. a.
The ton-day furlough granted the
successful candidates of the omcers
training school which came to a close
at Hchoflcld lato in August, ws up
yesterday, and the new econd lieuten
ant reported to the 25th Infantry for
duty. They are temporarily aignou
to thi regiment.
nnminnnnr .inr
WASHINGTON, August 25. Thous
ands of American-made "Jitney
tanks, " equipped with Liberty motor,
are to be hurled against the Germans
to overwhelm their last stand behind
concrete machine gun nests and barbed
wire, if the war department heeds the
advice of officers of the American ex
peilitionnry forces.
It was learned that this is one of tho
main demands and rr.osi immediate
need ot" Pershing that the lij;ht and
quick tank in great numbers has been
recognized as the Dent means or siiihsii
ing (terniany's main devices for de
feuse the pillboxes and entanglements,
the principle causes of protracting the
war and opening up battle operations
for a last offensive v. b i. h nlone will
give full protency to the allied sup
erior man power.
And the recommendation has been
made by the military authorities that
the J.iberty motor be used for equip
liing this nivrnid of mobile little forts
because of their miitableuess for heavy
work and because they now are in
quantity production.
Heurv Ford already is making small
tank part, but not in sufficient quan
titv to opeui up the (lerman lies gen
erally in time for a supreme allied drive
this year. The demand for there tank
is for the spring of 1B1H to roll back
the Germans from the old Hindenbnrg
line, where they are expected to make
their stand before the allied: drives
now and try to remain all winter,.
That the final test will come on this
Hindenbnrg lino is the military npininn
here. There is no expectation that the
present rucccsn of the allies and the
Americans will strike the heavy blow
that will crush or rout the foe. There
i however, a widespread expectation
both here anil abriind that the supreme
allied lilow will fall in next spring's
campaign ami achieve that military
victory that alone will insure a secure
And dependence is being pluceil, so
fax as weapon are concerned, more on
the tank armada than on great flocks if
w. a. s. -
Have von ever tried Chninbei lain 's
Pnin Mulni f"i rheiimutism f If ".
von re wiiHtin' time. n the longer
this discus" inns en the hnrder it Is
to cure. Get a buttle tmliiv, iri'dv it
with a i"oroiis injisasM' to the afflicted
parts and you will be surprised und
delighted at the relief obtained. V'1"
sale bv all dealer. Henaon, Hmith
Co., Ltd., amenta for Hawaii. Adv.
Rattling with overjiowering numbers
of Boehe airplanes over the armies on
the Western Front, Lieut. W. II. Hen
richs, formerly with the local Y. M, C.
A., finally emerged a victor aud had
the satihfactiou of knowing he sent one
of the German ace; to the ground.
In this buttle he brought down hi
first enemy plane.
lie was out on patrol, he wrote a girl
friend here, two groups of Americana
being up, when suddenly six Hun
planes appeared, all of the Albatross
tvpe. It was u crack squadron of tbe
Nuns hikI lleiurichs knew he was fight
ing with the best. He maintained his
altitude, but two of his comrade were
damaKeil niul one went down iu a ma
of tlame. lleinrii-h and hi foe fired
point blank at each other, the German
iiutdoiiig him with machine gun ore.
One stream of lead cut his wires and
went through one of his planes. Then
lleinriehs dove down on the enemy
and the latter dropped, in order to
lend the American downward, aud give
a sec und German machine the oppor
tunity to "get'' him. lie did uot
Oi his returu observers said a Hun
plane had crashed to earth aud he
knew officially that he had gotten his
first enemy machine.
"BUly" Noble Shelled
William Noble, formerly of Puuahou,
writing under date of July 0, while
serving with the ambulance corps at
tacheil to the French aruiva the fight
ing frotit, tells. of the "ukiMJufrr at the
front, j it h road toru.bvl Shells, vil
lages battered, and evacuated by the
inhabitants, the usual visits to the
front dressing stations to Hiring in the
wounded, and of a terrific battle in
which his division participated, say
ing it was t lie most lerrnne uoise anu
bed lam he had ev er heard. While eat
ing lunch one day ut the cook's sta
tion they heard u shell coming aud
Mattered. 'Hie shell burst just across
the road. Then shells came every three
or five minutes. The boys ran, spilling
their coffee but hanging on to their
rations for dear life.
From the inside of a cuve tbey
watched the shells tearing up things
and alter the bombardment was over
vm nt out to see how their autos had
fared. One was thrown about eight
feet, und his own auto had no body
left, just the chusnis. lie was given a
new ambulance.
On another occasion, at uight, hi
camp was bombed by airplane. One
du.v an observation balloon was at
linked bv two enemy planes. It -was
set on tiif and he saw the observer
descend in u puruckute.
a-t .

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