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If 7
' . . " ' " . mmm, , , aaa. V Baa"- BBBW'., W .' .Waa rnrnw aaaaaaaavw awaaaaw aa - , . 1 i . I W I i B -V I BB BIIB, .i A ' r ' V
'iirnmn iMrniniiin : i jnnrmvnrnrti'nnn' ; IIUllJLil If I 1 JIILU
tirlf I III. 7i V rJ( 1 1 .! I i LMhux 1 iL u uiMFl. r .rlM Wi, iu w'.4;
UlLWiV IIMIUUUJMV , -- ' . , , 1, k 4 fAgVio ot tk Awt thM rtf of Jobs Brl.feor ) ...r It. JJJII ... 1 1 1 1 1 J I II I I 1 1 1 1
III ill I ll llll llll 1 If 1 1 il.J 'AMU V VUIIU ruJlVk.U I -reaii.r r-r 11 iu unji tn prow "r f K,; fJiTTT- "Tt
VTiW YORK. Sentembtr 7 fAssocUted PrM Mikine frantic
11 iftotiA tb get ifieil Wg 'guns across the Ilindnburg Hne, tht
Vifm'an8 continue give ground all ajong the 150 miles of front. '
between Ypres ami Kheimt, losing important junction points and
slratefclc positions Vhich indicate that they will have to reestablish
tlieir lines In position. that may differ hiaternjr' from those'lhey 0i.w ri r 5narlai
hehl when they launthed their offensive last larch. The present .:t::, V
ed at one sector and threatened with flinking oh others. '
In yesterdays fighting long gains were made by both the Bn-
Bravery In Making Hi .
' ReccfmrrtcnrJitfons
RKATTLEi WanbiBftonrAnfl
lit IS
j (Aiaociate) Precii) Mkrt of Hi
j Wtnkidttota Wood Rhlpbuildera SMoeik.
J tloit ar Mprf ! that tk vbipptng btmrdf
WRHTnTOM. Rntm),rr It tDl- .hktl m.iti uA linn
tiRh and the French forces while the Americans met witK little oppb-' .i.d jrt)lik torM ef tlivj.lul .M , dMiia rMtiJlr
Titian in their advances. The diminishing fire of the German artil- hioUm H rlng m th prt of forty, entirely br ! E. "Ted" 0ary, a Hat
ftVy Vas significant of a further Withdrawal of iTieir'big guns. ' an Awwiraa fll- nt nn w?r - Wavat rrhltwt auakd to' k
Aniottg the important gains for the, day weri'the capture of U i eattfl anMp ffom Orn- 'aMpftfn bokH atoff. .
IJam.rCbauny. and. the western portion of, the wooded region east r' 'fhiag aanouiis award, -of j Geary yp,"kola for two
of I j(in in different sectors of the lohg line. i .liatiagfliako arvtr rrwara. aoi of whlck bava boon Jald at tha plaat
i,r.r-n, Thos wald Itlrlud a rolooM of of a,. Pllt Brldgft and Drodg-
vn nuRmaBui vyniu t iBfMfrJr who ,BteNm ji0uRr in Vaux iitS Company, call, for a tmnI of B00
In I-landers ana the l-ys sectors some progress was made rtur- t iaiall a rippha. h wan at- totta 4adwfit(ht, giving tna .abip
ing the day. The British pushed their lines forward north of Armen- frlt y twelvr lma, kilted two rCtRO dairying oapartty vary eloa
tierrs and made some imoortant taihs'bn the' south of the Lvs prionra'of Bin. 4000 tai The kblp will kava ft
... .... " . ... . . - A. - 1 M u 1- ,.lb ait4L' il a... - j .tm
salient advancing their line east and north of Ciiverichy, as far south q,or' " ..m,.-u.-. , w- - '
rtp. rail ror a craft JJi ovir aii) a
farm banr of '40 fret 8 I I inches, and a
r .' -. i-i ;i . k ia . . r ik , ...n 4 i tmtMd 'drath nf 19 ft
lines are. now east 01 me positions wnicn iney new last Aiarcn. j ."""" HH -ppr .-rf. tkiBt
. . . . 1 A Miriroant of infantry, rufinina ciaa aiat Batiiwattry feature aoani
In the Lens sector the day was sorhewhaj quiet, the British ku lia ar iterVw d- kr tyt f wood aklpa, eotdinx
strengthening' their positions, consolidating giuns, ftriaging up ahi-J ly iajktred aal uaaMa to Htoml. Tn ttt gora.tit itataata, kaa Wn
munition and artillery and makine 'preparations for a possible ' coiin-.' tto,.k4...fc'"-. r
i , r r . t. - i l , , anrt felllnl Hv WBfrupoB w vai -ww -" -
in that sector, in attempts to regain their old positions and avert " A private afan Infantry rBintent pTfllim IP PI llll
at Ville ur Ffra aaw ix (iarmana iri .TH L'MllirA"
I mak'rnir a priaoner Of hi badly wonn.l VIU4IIIUI IV W Mf
ed a romral tl.it- n -i tt
n" XnaoaiiMmiaat wat thada bv fb food adtalfelatrattari tkot tk iaaa
faMfif iMo' MirkWcr ia tha UaUatt AtaatBproMbUKt afur D
'.twM I, kaM, a a wa maaiHirakirid or tha roaarrvatloa of grain and
food i lift. Tki ilaolaioa waa raktf at ' ronfarmM. of the Weelrienet
Itud tb' food,' fuel and 'ral1fol admintatratora mad tka war Iarutrie4
knti Ththe hrdf wa toiled by tka Prealdeat and announeed by the
ITwil'-ilaii4iatatit ' ' v' " V "
.f. iake eeoate by a rU fdrtv-llve to tlx the Agriedltaral ner
ganry AppMprlatlba Bill Iraa tiael with tke. rider which provide for
1iaHa-wH r6klbrti aftr July - l-next, to eentrnue nattl-tlrr waf
eadad 'Aetran-foce are ioateted tuv f t trarvle. Tkl
pa Maura eaUUied 4ka appropriation for tha ontinnaaaw 6f the work -of
the foed ftdmialotratloa and tkie erai need aa S -weapon by prohibition
advooatea, wko tkreateaed to hold op that 'appropriaMOB kf graJa were
be warted a berettrfofe l the manofaettfre. of; H)um. it r
': Tato Vill will nw; go Ike keune and ia xpected to aoon go Into
eonferenre. , Ik ere la apparently o likelihood of the' prohibition rider
being elimlaatM the point for deciatoti' being "when 'It akatl became pr
attv and now long to continue, ,. ... - . ' v
f) J l.l'l. II Il I ll , ll ! . 'IM!
1- .1 ft. T i ii i M. . ( 1 .1 K I .H'kA U.n
--.i.. ti- t: r: xt. .l - elearea a farm nonne at iiirr aur
l,,c ""T ,v.T "lumK" e, ' killed four Oerman. and
Hassee and to V ermelles, soOtn of the Bassee'.Kiv'er, the British tnnnl ooe. He then hold the
oi .oauv -
Expect Pershing's Army
q pe j nrpwn Against; roe
the threat that is exercised against their whoTe'line to the south.
I mak'rnir i priaoner hi ha.
Jed eeipra'l. te an maMned
great advances were made by the British along a front of consider- 4inea
t. .t. :Jt j .t r r " l , fend bevkillet two,- cawnren rour ami
Both north and south of Peronne. advancing upon Cambrai, ;th, orptal back to their owe
To' the north of Peronne several towns Were taken.- "n,r.h'"! "71? ' m'. LI
UHU vl , U VI I VI Ha. VHiHTTti , at n aiiaa aaiaav
able exteVlt
Kast of Arras the'advahbe proceeded as far'as Fresnes les Montau-1 npW j aga'uit
ban, Bellone. and Ecourt St. Querttin, all Within? and the latter eight wkt raldiag the
mires back of the old Hindenburg line, and to'Tfo;nvitle rihCT
south. . .. ,,!, riVv- " I e bine, bol"h craehlng to the irround and
On the southerly end of the Cambrai sector the ..British threw making two doad to b; credit.
the foe back from two to three miles a'16ng te'n'-'rnJ 7rnt, reath-J iViiiiir IA lur ftTn
ing- Fontairie Notredame and Beaumetz lesGarobraj and puttingili
the Tommies almost within striking clistande of Cambraf.' Back of ij-'
the line the smoke of Rres could be seen, indfcattnga vet furtherl '
intended retreat: .' ;-. , lV f-.i- ' "'. - .
From Beaumetz les Cambrai the line xtentis on, south through:
Neuville Bobrdnval, Equancourt, NuriuTihcourt-Bouchy; Vr'aigny,
Monchy le Gache, and to the. north of Crone " " '
Hai' forcen have croesed tha Canst do Jford along the whole front cx
cept from lUvrtoroart to the. Scarp Jttret.'j '." V"' " ' , ' v ''
On the Homme front the Trent keatfaued to drive the enemy back rap
idly. In the morning tke advane anrriiadi Ham and later In tha day tkat
"ity wait entered and the advance proc'aederl farward: HlH i reacbei .after
rmee'ing the river at Eponeneotirt and procee.!lg along the Hrrn Perohne rekd.
South of Ham Lal'leeta, PattadoVr kad Berktnt-aurt were ' taken ' and Ci
lancoHrt Detroit and Ouyenrourt ererw reached. -..
further Houth Chauny fell-and the lan continued aa far a Vuelo
Tergnnicr. Tlir advance has reacbl within fitree miiee wf Ia Fere.'' Betweon
the 80111 m c aud the Oite the Outrecourt inaaaif ban been taken.
1 1 -1 1 1. 1 tl -M'"' I
WASHINOTOt1", Be4embrT-i--tA'sibc1atad Preat) It ia believed in
military 'eihele ker tha 4Jaiiernl rhiirf army Weill' aoon be kurled
, into tka tattle to prevent' k 'Gentian-'- frim holding the-Hlndenbtirg
ti4 u1a,wkieh tky Hi. fnlHng baelu If thin auruuee ia eoereet tha
1; nit ad -Statea" forces may ee fighting aa heavy at they have yet pirtirb'
imteJT' IS. '-'' ri .H,t.(. ,i . -. . ; .1
w" Rcpartil Indicaro that the Germaaa are baateaing their withdrawal
t' nkw'ponitlaaak r t ; 1
-0)ieri'rir do ant doubt that tt la the pl"ao of General Fork, the aoprrnie
. eomntaader -of -.the- AlMed -'fortea, to prevent the oeiy-Irwn reuning
trenetl' wwrfarni'te keep kin from liiggtog In and to follow up tke great
rfeaktegew'thfcU bera been aeenred W the Allien to the full ettent
-which ia altengtb-wf hi foreee-will peratu, ' ' -t
r hia- view lead tka belief tkat tka work for tba Americana witk-
In the next few Werka will play n tntportaht-part In bin; titrategy.
German airplane that tj:n Tmnn Carrinr Return. Safelv, r. . m.T.-Ji jntf. t . ''2"L':
ghtt wa th. Aa. trenehe. k.4 fVT- " ' tODUiariCV. OV-.eWIIIII
anof .,aown, rKniiina innu", ""- r - ? I. -f ei 5 nf .' . . ' ' '
H mt Yt lAalK
-rvrrf- -,f r :v. ... ."
IINDON, Peptember 7 (Aeso
cikfd freaaVThe" recovery of
lnlue W by 6 meana rertaln.
Wlrefvaa meaaagea received laid
viiisfht1 Jiald that ' he wak .-weaker
knd indicated -that hie condition
1 more kertonk hkn eom of the
earllcl- acctfuhtu have Indie te. L
..WASHINGTON, September (Aa-1
aoclated' Trr') Blnklne of a . freight 1
I atVkmer and damage t a traimporfbyi i Tokld, BektenjWr ft(einJ). -i-
German JiVers waa reported )y tka The popularity of H 8hIh.-Chaag, who
J navy department ttnlay.' The freights waa -aWted! : praajdenk. of
' k- jw. n which waa-aubk Ifepvlt tb-kwwol ha'tettHn !traid.-
by the gunfire of diver ln T- f Cohg,-ia ihhw tfrtba
day; rive of her erew af& wtill aaha- aOmphnjt Mtama, ait, wired today1 .from!
tog Ami Utile bnpe la felt far them. : Pwktng,'48 odt 'ofM36 Vea ,re1it to
) TM traniiport waa tb Menat Varnoa Hau. wbllwha- femalBdeea.'hai ,1aveTI
i-of '7654 -tolis, fortnerly the German vetee were - dhrfded,' amongt tbe "other
ntearker Kronprlnieaaiil teeelle,- aetaed eandUlatea. ' 1 ' l -'"''
by the IThited Statea and eaeoaatmetel Tha.eleatipn of Vic preiyent which
far trhneport pttrpoeei.VBba had dellv- wan' to-ha vn bee a .held almiiltatieotiary 1
red her frig paawnger iiirt of America vub the prealdaataV aleotioa Wednek,
epMlHobhry -aol.Uer and waa oa het day baa Uea poetpoaed . indefinitely,
tetnm 'ttrlp- when aha aneountered a ... - . k ,, ,. . ..,. i. V : , . )
uhmarlne knd waa torpedoed off tba abrvrtri? r"rSMCiTtt ve
coma or r ru uno. . n
.r- 4t
i VIAIt4 FUntamWr AOffinll
, ' EWEliT OTj -nEl Tn eXtive ntouhtalna of rUb potash
In the Ailctte Ainne sector aoereefcM 'weTe uite aa marked for the Trench dpoilta hare ' been uncovered near
and American under Geueral Mangia penMrated tke Fbreat Of fit. Oobain ber. 'Eptti any- that it Will take '
where in the big gun or tke big gitnar wMh i'wbiek the German bare nought to at leant ten year to exhauat these-
ondurt a campaign of long distance frigbtfitlneu aa Pariua. They are reach- nenoKlta even with exfensivh mining
in If nearer to Laou, an important railroad renter. Tba advances here snake epeeatifcna. ' '
the C'bemin des Dames ridge positions practically worthless to tba - Oerniaae. ' This Is' the flrat time that potash in
From here the line proceeds southward through Basoles Aulers Pont uu pyrr.g Quantities hak been dlaeovered
i our sou. veuvuif sur margivai inn wan oi injur wnere ii joins int jimrn )H Ontrai Valiforma
:-an line wnicn extends enstwnra. ,
On the American front the army of the Crown Prince has heen driven
urth cf the Ajane. The French are heroes the river on n wide front and
the Americans further cant are cleaning up the machine guuoera that were
left nouth of tha river, tt is eertaiu tbat the German retreat from here annst
proecml northward and it is ualikely it (an stop at Cbemin-des Dnmes Bidge
a had lch expected. ' ' '
baek into- tha transport service
K a,' IK.
en. a ah an aJ A aai h i a 1 4 I
i ...... : .
Potah,iB eke -of the commodities for ed
I.IV5BIOOI., August 2S (Associut
prehs) "Htormy day a" after the
TOKIO, September f (Speqial to
Hawaii Hochi.) It has been "learned up
on excellent authority Tere.uchl baa de
finitely decided to renign although he
hus not as yet made this decision pub
lic. Leading politicians in the bouse of
peers wish to see a new cabinet Tormea
iiuLLniiu rnuiLoio
THE HAGUE, September 6 (Asso
ciated Press) Further instructions in
regard to the lodging of protests with
the German government because of out
rages perpetrated by U-boats have been
sent to tke Datcb minister at Barlia.
He has beea instructed to protest
against and demand reparation for tha
sinking of seven Dutch ashing boats
' I'i.u i i n, u luv. -.'
LONDON, Amruft 21 (Associated
Prp.--"ln Kn.'lsnd the ar has rele
rated the automobile to the garage
ami brought the horxo back into i t
own. Owiny to paHoline reht I icticms,
tar n aim are bocoming ertreniely wnrce
in I, tnln and the bunnoia cabs
Important City of Khabarovsk: It
fivaddated and Retreat Goes
Jn 'Toward Blagovestchensk
..With Cavalry In Hot Pursuit
: -. is In hands of, allies
Japanese Government Decides To
follow Course of Other Allies
and Extend To C;echo-S!ovaks
FuH Recognition
rOVLlO, September 6 (Spc-r-
cial) The important city of
Khabarovsk was captured , fcy
Japanese forcea on Thursday
morning. -,
; ll
, The Japanese advance cavalry
arrived at the city Wednesday
evening to find that the city had
been practically evacuated by tbe
Dolsheviki force. Some feebia)'
resistance was put up against the
Japanese by a amaH force of the
liolsheviki and released Teuton
prisoners, but they were conipell-
ed to abandon the city and retreat
'urther inland by Thursday morn
ing" and the rnain body of the
Japanese force .tered the city
Thursday afternoon. ;
The enemy is retreating rapidly
as the advance of the pursuing
Japanese cavalry proceeds. The
main body of the enemy ii head
ing toward Blagovestchcnsk in
their hasty retreat. ". '
With the capture by the Japa
nese of Khabarovsk, the entire
length of the Ussuri railway,
which runs from Vladivostok to
Khabarovsk, is now under the
control of the Allied forces in
Khabarovsk Is a city of 50,000
population, situated 400 miles
I . i r tn. j- . I -
Inonn oi v lauivosioic ana was
considered the center of the Bol-
NEW YORK; September 7 Aaerl-,"ber feoetal peace to the governmeuU aheviki activity in''" the Amur
recognition by Japan of
ho-Slovak faction in Si
beria as a co-belligerent has been
finally decided upon by the Japa-
tba foreign affairs' office, Peking, states
tbat eoagresa, in conformity with the
4aV' of'pfea1dcntlal''elmiotis, elected
Hs Hhrb-Chang a preiideat of the'
Bepublieof China.",
Vhjs eablegrhm was from V. K. Wel
tlb'gtwn' kna; the Cbie' minister at
Waabington. -." ' - '.'
f Tba aaw President of China, who ia
about aixty'-two years old, baa held
many important positions in tha Chi
ne government, both during the m
pfrn and si he the Mtabliahment -of the
repubMe. Preaideat Cbang waa Oov-eror-Oaneral
of . Maachurla tinder the
dynasty, later' eomiag to Peking aa mla-Ist-ev
f eonuDuaicatioaa, He. left the
ministry to become one of the four
grand pouneillora, tha bigheat positions
uoder the Emperor, and was na Of tha
f France-. .Tha omeera ana -w-, a,m.m i ' ' '
if the tmnimnrt ket her afloat Vaf TOtU-OFiiXSCTION .
wnd took her law a Preheh seaport -tW" Chhihi ' ConWll tV-rvid a
where ehe' wiil be Tepalred and put ekbhj .Vetedav frbai Waanlnatoa ni-
QDnnetng mi esail pz e reeiot eon-.i two omciai guaroxant or ana jsoy en
fefesslwial. elation for tPfesldewt df . peror. " ,vi
. lhrt,htrice "Ei?J)dttliv'-h fbHowat' . j . After the revolution, President Chang
1 "Chines -Consulate, Honolulu: A was for two years Prima liaister of
cablegrM, dated "ggptertbor 4, from the Bepublie.
tSpark? H Eeyoltion Jljse
in .'German Army in jUPieat
. k .k aTJalsk Van b.aiimb aaa ' n i r . . nas m.B wis all. tBT1 tfmaT ffPVlUIIUlIsi Mawasi oi Inn r.nianin nn ina rsi I laa VI D s7 lam BIB' t
v nirn vinrnigiiv nan ucucvdm aw win- wtr WPrfl prruir t eu iiniat -,' r - f '-rr" r w - - - ------- - i
M-RtatA wobld be largely depend ... Bobth nrMdlna at the annual to be4 rlyihg Jtht aaaay rta, ts !.- Katabli.hment of a ' league ftf province.,
ent. - " '" r.ed Bobth presiding at ine ann a rpiiomM' f li peoples of a
. C - mectinir of the: Cunard Line. Tbfe prln- ,....., ,. j.i..,lr:,t.. Le MjM.-it k. uhJ rnrmai
" I ... 1 - U . Ar. . : V: . II Ji .i. . .Wi. I .he I TW
cijllil 1 11 u c ' itv i v - v - . par rnn WWiy nil Mil mum are I'm Mg m ll 1. 1 ttt tj-a v rr- u jtt-tj rr m wrj niuiri - -
jytha'mwpy niiaa aero who
I DiWcaltv of deflating cuneney and tathin tba AJUod oweata. I jwf attitratloa-.- '
'credit without destroying eawfldence. M'Puirae pYisowesa , tepbrt ; tbat revolu "2. Abandonment of all annexation
The tendency to maintaitt govern- tioaary literature la being aistrfDutexi onu eontrtDBtioas, not omy m rne west
ir-eiit eoiittbl which h mid Koald. pro- smong tha German Uoopa. One sard and smith , bat also in the 'enst and nese government. This import'
duce n deadening enect oa enrerprme. tnat e naa Deao aoowai oj mo-ui wvmi. mn vmij i ongiuim, i ,. j- I,.-,
V.....i, .ki. RkMt4w -A.MnKet whi . pmm. saHiU aHt it.w i.t aiiui a. I ant announcement was made here
the raw material of the world among appeale M thi hwa taWhae to fight " t atoaaitt ad Rumania
pomneHns -Kidiietrlea, 1 making -politics, longer. , i uenaor uses rencu
instead of prtee tae oeterminmit rac- inner .eapiavee, toia oi me hiwuhk -(i: t mv uoratr m.r snrniea
fotlowing a special session of the
. i Hijilnmatir rnnnril Tbiirai-ia v Q f
separated " J -
tor nf distribution. '"Ilie inter nation down or a bauatron eommanaer wno rrom nuasia anan oe given run ngnr or i icniutm i lie nrccssarv lormaiiiy
al jpMouHle"engeii.lered by auch a bvi- triad ttf ata awaicy etrat aadeterminatlon.- Half column sup- r t; th recognition it la
ten.," said Mr Alfred. "wouW be suf la Austria, thj .sentiment -for peace preaaod by eenaor.) . ' f recoBmtlon, 11 IS
firient to kill anv league of Nations is continuing to grow in intensity, i .. Even in tha mutUnted form that thei said, Will be completed tn a day
by the Marquis of Haionji.- He was and the destruction at several othera
tbe 'rl'' davs bavr beeu restored to
liealera In dogcarts, gig", traps, rar-riagCH-
and ' all ether kiniln wf h.ire-j
lirswn ronvryanrrn a I r rruumu i-ii
where re mighf have to form." Messages from Berne tfcH Of tba action 1 resolution tame ' across tba frontier ' Qr jWQ
Labor Unrest due to false hopes ot a tartn by th Herman noeiai uemocrane tnay Mipienre pe, atrong appowuaa or
new heaven and a new earth: party '-ef 4uarMl' ha fv nw Nid tbU powerful - industrial element and !CCOQNITION VQTKD
more liberal peace policy It advocates
a4 grveailUi text of lba peso rot ions
. a i a a . ii k
.1 f I hi in I i . . ' rtii iMtlhHkl lennoress of the Oer-
o argeak-wiah 4or paaee.
iBrmnj- w , urnti. i.uinu . . proHt. For sia months prices have baeiP LONDON, August Z3-( Associated Msa aocrt itaameratte' pertg of Atia but la set
premier Buout e.Ku. year. .s T"-jona . , ffoillff uo .tentlilv. until veaiilcs Which Press) Th reeenh enrHrlmOnt f Ha araUata-awlaat the Brest-Utovsk hbead betweea
head of tne privy council aome . ruese instructions ioiiowm not upon - - - flt,WTbd pries way trnvDring faeiMtiea la making it- nd tba Baehareat treatie" as eontrary : ealU iha '
auo. Me na. nn emeeiient recora to ttioea of yesterday wuen ne waa toia .jn the vonue of the motor car ktolf rnereosingly felt at the big London t, the prlnelpla of peaea of nnderatand- Tha govei-o
suinKin mm. to protest me snemug or n , Mfninf mor1 ,,, thef ro8t stations Where during th week-end long Ing -withdttt aneaBn httd eotttribi- for the fdbd
w. a. a. Itrawler. Lk.. tb ni. 11 nea of travelers form at the hooking Taa' Tinea aunnrasaed bv eea-. tiona doelarina;
WASHINGTON, September 7 (Asso
ciated Press) Cnsuujties aa told in
the two lints mailed out by the war
department yesterday were slightly
lighter in total and considerably ngni-
LONDON, September 7 ( Associated
Press) Official despatchea from Arch
angel received aud announced by the
war office said: After severe n a nu
Another )lufU8 ' after describing
the gdtiernl ttfrtb of xrltemewt among
tha working elaesea. eaaneila thew not
to provoke a general strike at present.
ready xor-tM desiaive fight"
eapital and labor, which
great fight."
meat is eeverely criticised
regulations, the resolu
that "the upper elaases
, I,... ... , u..,. it.
, i - I liM nrvvr urvn Fiiuicririi m ruusiiir
Tm nnrai therefore demands 4 rn e)eWomle aaerltHee." Thev have es"
No extrn trains are. being-put on for .i,., K-tor tha ratification of these I taped ha privatidns -of tba war partlv
the holidays and ha tikM4ffiea are peBr( trtls they be laid before the bv ereeeiUonal regulations working in
closed as aoon as the eeatiag Capacity n,,.)isn)0t for e amine tion and amend- their favor and partlv by -circumventing
of the train ia full, hundreds Bra left fc . 1 the law, and parttr. by elandeatlne pur
waiting. "Tba national congress demands that' ehaee on food supplies, thoa lefvlng the
On v Lancashier railways, tickets ,,',1 nf tka -Central po"-e. poor Uas to-bear he burden."
for jiopular aeaside resorts have to be i . m j i m n i
purcnasea two wec. , ISLAND JS UrLfiED. fvn HISM UKBANIUUNS
Members of the royul family use offices bourf Wore traina are scheduled gorA
horse drawn conveyances, and the muni . to atart. ' '
tioa millionaire, denied d motor except
for war work. Is investing in a car
riae and pair.
w. n a. ' 1 1 oi mi- iraiu iun, huuuicu mejit
w. a. a. -
i r in killed. Total losses reported were : to band Bgbtlng wun uermaa xorces, io
MIS and the dead in the lints numbered i which the enemy nea, tne Aiuee nave
By elasaiflcatioas the lista ahowed
tliirty-feur killed in action, twenty dend
uccuiiied OlMixerska.
"One hundred and fifty prisoners
are taken and the enemy lost heavily in
y l
of woundad, ten dead of other causes, killed while the caaualtlea of tba Alliea relai y 0f tBe Chinese T. M. C. A. nud
(Assoviafrd Press) Hhao Chang Lee,
a itruduaia of Yale bas been made sec-
- . i P.VBI8, Aaguat
TOKIO, September (Special Cable Prs --Providing; for tee reeveatidfl of 'or ftt .tivelv oppoaed bv the
Nippu Jljl) Tidal waves doing great thoukandla df 'AWfleaai - g?flai In tha'eiant Order of Hiberisnl and tba
w. a. a.
3HS wounded nod eeventv-eix miasins. I were small.
Captaias C. L. Irwin of Meeteetaes, j
nwToow.? and nfflCT: If CALIFORNIA SLAVS ARE
liiiuilatul ' " ni.i-v. epicsincr l-rr ASociateo
L?7il -rV w)The Una Seiners in IreUnd
the Au
to Nippu Jljl) Tidal waves aoing great thousands df 'AmeHeaa' - glfla' la tha eiant Order of Hiberisnl and tba con-
damaKe, have Washed the waterfront fe fc of thf Amerlran expedl-Jf't hae eWimee lal to serioua in
section of the city of Tokusbima, wreck- I ' . ' eidenta. At tit r Donegal Aasiaea the
..i ..a ..-.'..ii ...v seventv homes, tlottary furcaat f a hanyiirotja W feeoch . . , v...jj
n-sj oi'u mm - e w j . r . . .L..-.r.t.'
has announced bis lnteution to extend Another section of the city "aa sub- and
w v wjw, .y-a ompeasation for tba mal;claus buru-
na'n's Cbr'iatlau' iasoctiiWoa has ob- Jn" of the Letterniore A. O. H. hall.
The tuilue, or-iored the eompaasation
St. Louis art reported wounded.
SAN FRANCISCO, September fi
(Odicial) The (10,000 members of the
various Klavouie races who now re
Hide in California have purchased more
1 tliun s million dollars of Liberty Bonds
welt'ara work and educational assist
aace threughout the Pacific Coast
Lee Chi Pan, secretary of the Y.
M. C. A. at Shanghai ,wbo bas heen
touring the States for more than a
year, bas arrived here oa hi way
w. a. a.
CHICAGO, September 7 ( Associated
WJKJNOTON, September fOfliei-
nl Wovcrnnietit expenditures tot tne
HAM WHANOI8CO. September fi
rOtJMa!) hundred and fifty-one and Thrift Stamps and many ot tuem praas) Mas Miller, the aviator, ar
Chinese' atadenta, of whom fifty are are active members and regular con- rjved here lust night ou bis I rut aerial
wemea, have arrived here ea route to tributors to the Red Cross. Hi.rbt from New York with mail. It
verloua. uaWeraitiee In tba United More tban 2500 Slavonians are work took him thirtyix bnura end fifty six
Statea to complete teehnicnl or profes Ing at shipbuilding and are eager in miiiHto for the trip for the wind drove
aiooal eouraea ander the Boxer Indent- their desire to help defeat Germany hiin 1.10 miles off his course. He spent
nltyfund land Auatrla. Thursday uighl in Cleveland.
merged and ao far forty perttons are
Known te anve oeen rj-. .v,iUBi Jyi-g ht
EXPENSES OF WAR ARE ,t'W,, thlver Loire, )he 8inh Ttiv reai.ieata predominated,
s.vi ,mT,1Jn VCT UIPUPR ',''t Toate, wherh the moat fxten- the Sinn Fein ratepayers have now
MUUNIINU ftp niuntn rfv- Mjv,t4e c, the MnT blir,au re notifial the County Council that they
'.-oui-regaHd. . not W "W
Tha ialaad baa already been Opened IjONDON. Aum'ust B.W ( Associate 1
n. ,..!. nt kwanmt sr announced tn have f. tha wi.mofe sail tkd activities have Pr.' H,..ru u,.l,l ....I.I SAN JIT AN. Pnrl Bi.n lumiit'CI
re-xked the immeuse sum of 1,80S,513,' been placed ia charga pf Miss Father embroidery, or goW thread can be worn .(Associated Press) A call haa keen
000. U-lght, wbb before soniing to Frani r- pov civiin. Tbia Is by order of issued for several thousand women fa
For 1 ,514,001, 000 of tbat aum the up- lire(ed a woman' recreation ground tha board of trade which aunouuc.es Porto Rico to form a police woman's
keep of the army and now, the shin- ia Charlestoa, B. C, Tba V, W. 0. A, that sui-h gold embellishments cao only , reserve corps, to aid In eorteetin "tha
uinit and airplane rnnstrnrtlnn program i armngrnv' fot faeraatma aentera for ba -worn on tha hnTform or His Ma-1 decided Immoral conditions" Which arj
nn dother direct war expenses are re- the Women of tba army - la lyons, leet.y's services or on tba drees of aa aald to exiat not oyjly in Saa Juan but
The Cr.echo-Slovak had. al
ready been recognized formally
by the United States, Gre"at Bri
tain, France and Italy, the firat
named country being the latest
among the Allies to extend formal
recognition toward the new pow
er In Siberia. Tfffe action of the
Japanese government in follow
ing the lead of her Allies is re
garded as a "source of herded
strength to the Czecho-Slovaks
as Japan is the chief factor in the
Allied military activities in Si
beria. f
TOKIO, Septembe (Specihl to
nippa tii) uenerai titani baa ordnred
the Cneeho-Hlovak arwr from tha Hi
beriaa-Maaebnpiaa border to Join tb
Japanese forces. - -
Ueotenant General Fulii. with head
"iisrters at Mahlurl, haa advanced ane
nf hi detaebmaats to Trans Baakalia!
t vim v i n i. I 'l I J I. I
t aponsible. '
Bourgea, St. Etleane and other cities, officer in the mercantile marine.

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