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" ' v . - , . . ..... .
i li''-1 l'jLLl' ' ''u ,'V' W V ?4 HAWAIIAN GAtETTE. TUESDAY, StrtEMSEIlllO, 1918. -SEMI-WEEKLY. . v, ;flj'Jj jlvjy
Presa) Chicago today It acclaiming
- - . .want yiicuea vno mm
' .. . yssttrdsj, afternoon te a 3-1 victory
; i t nt tt Burton fad Bx, u (h too
, ' 1 o thn gsnjt. 2Ui pitching kept the Ked
Sox batters baffled, especially, in the
; winches and atthe critical tUgM of
j- game. Tyler's tingle orer second
baaa In thai luirnnA innln 1mniii t s,
i ' tWO rUM and Won tka eafttaat for tha
' V.M ritck'r magnificent throw u
' from right field In' the eighth frame
. saved the game for Chloago, catching
8chnngwwh wh on kla war rom tee-
on bate to third, Deal at the latter
rutlon. making the pnt out
x us iiHiuncs yvmeraay wh xv.vm,
. a trim better than, that ef the open.
Ing day. The weather wU pleasant
.'.Manager EdCKiBarrtW ef the Bed
u Sox said last night that he would tend
Oarl W, May into the box for Boston,
' while Manager, rred. MitcheU of the
- . . .
uuoa Minoancm vaat ne wonui pitch
C.; HeiKlrlx.. . today's game wlU be
played in Phlcago. Tomorrow the clubs
will entrain for Boston, where Ui
fonrth game of the series, and prob
ably the remaining ones, will be played.
CHTCAOO. rtcmcmber l (Associa
ted Press) The Chieeim Cubs made i
one-mi tor the world series hero this
rfternoon by defentinfr the Boston Red
Hwx, 3-1, in the second frame of the
yesr's inter lenf;iie championship.
Urnrjje A. Tyler, who pitched for
the Cubs, e on his own game in the
second frsrne heu his single, to center
del. I, scored lick, and Killifer. Tvler
had the cde on Joe Bush in that bat-
tie, even though . the hits off him and
Bush went for an even number of bases.
Tyler struck out two Bostonese, w'le
Bash sent no one back to the bench.
Kaeh twirlor, walked three men, , but
Tyler sent nut Red Hx to first base
wl.ea he hi Hooper with a pitched ball,
Tyler secured a tellinjr hit. while Buah
got none. On total chances the rival
H -bw 'vrn'.T7,'T fltin?
(infl HI! I nut nilil turn aartur ami T)iik
e.,si:j l !a.
... ... i.-.iiiu nun iiiii-r annmiH.
I'o.k . . V j -
im . " '- "'in n er-
ror Mliiteman of the Red Rox dropping !
a fly .n left field and Deal of the Cubs
rnbling a grounder at third base.
rtghtlng All the Way
a . u .K h.!nf fim 8!,rt
to tinisli, with both tenms on the scoring
lioint in almost every inning. Boston's
rally in the ninth came rlo-e to turning
the tables o.i the Cubs, the two triples
secured In this frame being among the
features of the came
Chicago won the (ur in the second
iuning, when the Cube found Joe Bush
for four hifs and scored., their throe,.
runs of the contest. Twice after that
Chirngoramo withia an ace of scoring,
porticnlarly when Hollochcr was put
out at the tdnto.
Of the' outfielders Flack of Chicago
tins mnich in the limelight, he having
four putouls and nn assist in right.
Mann ip left went without a chance,
hile .("askert In center had two put
outs. For the Red 8ox WJiitcman had
the inot chances, getting three put
outs mid dropping one fly. This error
wits not e.loatly, however, as no run scor
ed in the inniug. Htrunk had one put-
out and two assists in center, while run. no error.
Hooper in right contented himself with Chicago Fie walked, and Tal aa
one putout. , rrifioed to Mrlnois at first base, 'ick
Hollocher a Star 1 beiair advanced to -second on the play.
The rivnj shortstops worked well. KilMfer walked, but Tyler flew out to
Hollocher fir the winners handled four Whiteman ia left field, and Flack loft
dunces nml jyit a triple. Scott of the e.l one to Htrunk in center field, rctir
losers, hail live chances, but failed to ing the nide. No hit, no ran, no error,
hit. UcmI. Chicago third bnseman, wns fcihth Inning Boston: rh-hanv, hat
charge with an error on his four
hauces. while Thomas of Rn.lnn m,l
t"o hHiices. Neither secured a hit.
"O vhNllces. Neither secured a hit.
The two double-plays of the game
Vere innde by the Cubs, Hollocher fig-
uiiuu in both. On sacrifice hits the sides
broke even, one each. Boston used two
p. nch hitters, Nchnng going in for Atf
new in the eighth and securing a hit,
while Dul.uc. batting for Thomas, in the
ninth irnve Charlie Tyler his socond
sJrikc out, the only two in the whole
Tvler held Boston down to two hita
ui' to the end of the seventh inning, one
io the second and another in the sixth,
lr t Boston found him for two singles
in the eighth and two triples ia the
r;'ith. ritill, such nan the confidence
Manager Fred Mitchell hsd in Tyler,
he whs ullowed to pitch the game to
n tin 1Kb und emerged triumphant at its
The Pacific Const rdiiyrrs, Charlie
I' lllm her and Chnrlie Tick, shone well
iu the gamo, each getting a hit.
A de i-i iption of tho game by iu
nine; foPo 's:
First Innii-c-- Boston: Hooper war
hit by " pitched ball and took firt
leic Shewn dtruck nut and interfered
" ith Killifer 's throw to second to catch
Hooper, who was stealing. Hoopor
m''di the lieu in fime but was culled
n't bv.Vmpire Hildebrand on account
of Mu Hii ' interference. This went
l""n as tioiible pla v. Killifer to Hol
lo her stniuk popped out to Den I at
third b;ie mid the Red tiox retired.
Not hit, no run, no error.
Chi. -fiir'-- Fln-k sinirled to left field,
but mhs furroil ont a Second by Hoi
'e lier. Hnli to Sco.lt. i Hollocher taking
lint Iihsc on fielder's choice. Man)
hit into the air to renter field aud
Snml( purposely dmi'iicd the ball and
t' en ' p.al'd it ' to Sliean at second, I
li 't-e IfuMochci- li tone. I out, but oil
the pbiv Mnnii yot to first base saf.'lv. ,
! si,(,,t retired the side, flving out to
W'hitcinau in left field, due hit, up 1
run, 110 error. .
Second Inninj Boston: Whitciuue
rall-ed, Mclnnis made f!t bate.os a
Inint. Mcott Wh out on a sacrifice sit,
Tvler to MerkJu,,. Thomas bitlto I'uk
at second luTse uml 011 the throw Jiomc
to Killifert'hitruiiui was out tit Hie
plate. The side hms retired when ,g
nry flew out to Flack on foul Urotind
lff the right field line. One hit, 110
run, no error.
Tyler Wins Own Oama
Cliirago-.-VcrhJe wiilkod.
1 ten iiijiiiu
li.st lise Htifelv on n hi. ul,,,. t..
tl.;,. I I.,.-.. 1;,,.. ' II....I ,.,,1 . .
" l'"r
. . . . . . - ii.. ii, i -
fir. t Mhesn at ftMond be. .Jvillifer's
doubl to right field nrorad Merkle and
then Pitcher Tylor won his own game
by singling to rrntrr fild and . everinf
Pick, and Klllirr. Tyler trif.l to
stretrh hiaaiiiglp Into a dosble inl itH
not 'at Koeoeil, Htrunk to Aymvito
UotV Flunk hit to Mrlnnin oft trot
bam and brat the banrmsn to the ini
tial bat-tup. Hf wr out, ' hon vvnr,
Shortly at'trwsrl, tfylnx to atsl tot
ond, Ajjn' to Shoan. Four hits, three
rnn. rt .tot.
Third fnning-Botom Bimh' walked,
httt m fnrreii out st eeond by Hooper,
Trier to Holloeher, Hooper heinf safe
t first on fielder's 4-hoire. Hooper was
forced out at eorond Is turs by Hheta,
Tyler to Pick. Hhenn ao rescued nrst
on fielder 'n choice. Catcher Klllifet
Krsbheil Htrunk's fotil berk nf the plate
nd Boston went out. No hit, no run,
no error. ....
Chimpo Hollochcr grounded and was
nut nt flrnt, Scott to XlVInnis. Mann
bunted to Melsnis and .was out at 'first
hnse. and Taskert was out on a pop fly
to Phrsn at second, retiring the side.
Ko hit, no run, no error.
'Whtteman Drops Fly
Fonrth Isning Boston: Wkitotnsn
popped out to Pick at noeond. Mrlunis
wss out, Hollochcr to Aterkle, and Beott
! made third out. Tick to Morklo. No
no rim, no error,
I Thietffo Merkle drove in the sir, to
! ,0' 1'fA snd when Whitrmaa dropped
the pill the runner made second base.
This was Boston's one error of the
Kme. Pick bunted to Bush, who threw
to Thomas and Merkle was ont at third,
Hick makinr first base aafelv . Deal
fie- out to Hooper in rijjhfc fiejil, but
PiciT, bent the throw in to Melnuig at
first. He was out later trying te steal
second. Ajrnew to Hcotf, retiring the
I side. No-hit. no run, one error.
' i ifth Inninf Boston: Thomas was
out. Deal to Merkle, and Aenew flew
out to Flack in rltrht field. De missed
Bush's grounder to. third and old Joe
made first, base on a lively paUfr-Tnit
i la Cnic' 0B'' 'rw of thgame:
1 ft't. 1 .1 m . i
- ""i,. , z .r: r
lout to riaekin right f.cld. No hit, no
run. one error,
Chicago Killifer grounded to third
M, w Qut, Thomas to Melanin. Tyler
w, ollt on . fou flv to c,tch Xgncm,
Rm fk ttnA thp ,,,, ,o M(.'
" "
Chicago Danserons Again
-.it. . t .
. ,h liaf-Bnatoi: : hea. smRled,
J?"1"1 u ' ,w'c"n" trnk,
1 V, H:,lloher. strnk ll"og first
on fielder choice. M hiteman hit into
uble-play, Hollochcr tp fick to Mer-
k,0 nd thf Ue eut out. One hit,
""J??' no rrT,t- i. ..
Pluesjo Hollorlvar tripplod, .nd
was out, Meott to Mclnnis. Pask-
rt H'ouaded to bcott. who threw home
time .to Agnew. Hollochcr being out
P1"'". Faskert making first baso
fely. Merkle singled to center, but.
' later trying, to steal socond,
Agnew to Hc.ott to Mrlnnig. Two hits,
no rua. no error.
Heventh Inning Bostau: Mclnnis
as nut. Hollocher to Merkle, and rleott
flew out to I'aekert U center field,
while Thomas retired the side, flving
011 ' to Flack in right field
No hit, no
ting for Aguew, singled, and Bimh ftcw
... I..L. t ti.i n
silirled to left finll hul Mok.nir .l,t,.. I
siiirrled to left field hut Mehanir t.et. h
lir it for third, was out at that station,
Flnck to Deal. The side was retired
hen Mhcan bs nut, Merkle to Tyler,
the Chicaijo pit- her covering the initial
n, k on the plav. Two hits, no run, no
n, ;,. He Ira tig went behind the
i,u, : i.. t rj...... u..i
lo, her lifted one above second 1 m'c and I
"lit to fchenn. 'iiin flew nut to
Whitcmsn in left field, and ''hiruxn
went nut when Schanj caught Tsakert 's j
fool f'v. No hit, no run, no en r.
Ninth Inuiiiy Boston: Htrm k trip
fled into rirht fle'd and WMtemim .
followed with another triple, scoring J
Htrunk for Boston's first and o'lv run. I
Mclnnis ivnn out. Tvler to Mer' le. hut
Scott walked. Duhuc, imttnng for
Thomas, struck out. Si-hang poped
n dinky- little fly and. was out Hoi
Inciter at short, bringing the Second
.'nmc of tie world series to - close
ith a victorv for f'hicaro. tl sides
being now one all. Two hits. ...m run,!
no error.
Final results of the n,amc; Boston six
hits, one run, one error. Chicago seven
hits, three runs, one error.
BoaTO "
H It H sit f!. k I
. n n I n 1 n 11
. 1 0 1 o s 0 1
. 1 1 101 'j 0
. . .'i 11 1 11 rt u it
. . I II 1 0 T I) 0 ,
. n II 0 0 5 a n
. '! 11 on 1 1 o
. '.' 11 0 0 I I ;
. -' o 11 ,0 ' n a s 1
. 1 n 1 Mi 1 11 0
.1 U 0 0 u , v 11 j
1 0 vi jo 1 I
1 ui it 11 sii p. 1 a y. !
..10104 I II
I II 1 0 (li
. into 11 0 0 ,
. 1 0 n 0 . 11 11
. - - 1 1 11 11 1 u
. '.' 1 1 (i :i :i 11
. n o o 0 J t 1
, -110IIO'
. .1 11 1 0 I 11
-T .1 7 11 L'T II I 1
r Auui-w Iu eltrhth
Him'Imt. rf .
Khcnn. '.'li . .
Htnink. ef .
Will !... mi If
Mclnnis. tl, .
. nt t. ss
TIio.chs. Till
a'o'w. . . ,
Hush, p . . . .
Hchiunr. .
1 1 in hue . ...
Tola Is
Flack, rf
j'sk. ,,'f
Merkle, lb
K lllirvV.
Tyler, p
' t!hsug hnlle.l tor
1 1 inline kalle.l fur 1'hoius In ninth In
11 Ing.
KlU sn.l runs hy In n 1 11 us.
Host. in 11 n 11 o 0 0 0 11 1 1
llNsehlls .Monoid.'.' i
Clihsirii 11 :i 11 11 11 n 11 11
HhmcIiIis 1 I O "I 0 ' n o 7
Huipuisrv. Three bss hits. HoMo. h"r
Htrunk. Wnltcmsii : Iwohuse lilt. Killifer:
snerinee nils, nisiii. in-sn lilt lit nlicliir
llooncr-. ilouhle' pints. Killifer' in fini
l..eh..r. Il..ll,...l,.r I j. JH,.k I 1.. . .
on onus, on; iiusu .1. ott Tlci
7il?ii i"'
A.H. hy Tyler i : II III III ICS
others 11 n report hl : .line or u 1.1.0
luluules; sioiei'. Mark Ned
evrrvLv LT'""? 1 .llmA:u
eyory, boy. and man in the United Rtates
botweeifthe aK of eighteen and twen-
tr-on 'and thlrty-one and forty fire
will be polled to register for the
seleetive .raft service of the army
the Immensity of the work ahead of the
various selective draft boards ' is be-
ginning to be more thoroughly realised,
ae well as the necessity for a proper
no ratr Interpretation of the import
ant problems which will arise under
the -bow law just passed by congress.
Hem in Hawaii there will probably
be more of these uneclsl nrnKl.m.
pared total registration and popula-
tlon than in any other one spot la the
rntlfe eoitntrv. hlle noft-here Is It .
necessary j to be prepared in advance
71ls?Lt5 .f'-1 govT.ng e,ch
individual ease I in hi
K ;L 7 p, T""" tenocrfa . aucn signal services to
the, boards of the various islands, as ... . , ?. . 1 ' ,
here, due to the fact that transportation ,b' An,'n colonists, in the Bovolu
bet ween the islnnds and central head- t'onary War services for which Amor
quarters in Honolulu may often be lea is paying to his native country in
fon. d sNHMufry. i ,h, wofM fof .h . ,
, ,or .the purpose of determining as . , .
fas as possible the answer to some of j t,ov?t"r McCarthy asserted that ne
these, exported problems Captain H. ' thought our rxpcditionsry commander
Hooding Field, in charge of the eolec- ' sief, General Pershing, expressed
tive draft for the Territory, haa called American eoling fully , in the four
for b conference next Tuesday morning words. an,Mttrrod before Lafayette's
which promises to tie one of the most Statue shortly after he arrived in
important of iti kind ever hold in this Francei,
Territory,. for as Captain Field explains: i " Ufajrt(e, we arc here."
Uniformity, is Sought K The Governor then added:
" bxpetneace has shown ia the hand -
ling canes by local beside, and in
I Pfsl to. the territorial district board,
niulr. f h .Ln 1 v -ii iui.7 . a :
-. fc . ... - -" - -
and tleasifleation. that there have been
dtferenere iOf opinion, notwithstanding
the great tare which has bees exercised
to give every ease a just decision under
'The task before the local and dia-
, .) k .1 ,J : i j .
boardp. iovernment appeal agents, et -
A-jna-m kn .1 r
'"'j " mvuBorj
" np..nat inis conference will lay
!" "".;' " unirormity et
interprctatton of the law as is humane-
j possiDiv. ;
L p . s r u V .l . T 0U,
ferenre will be held at draft headquar
tera la lae exeentlve building, begin
ning at half pant nine o'clock Tuesday
mortlng. ' Among those expected to be
present, boaidee Captain Field, and the
chairmen of tbo local boarda Nov, 1 and
2 of HoaoUilu; Noa 1 and 2 of the coun
ty of Hawaii; of the local board of the
county of Kauatf and of the local board
of toe county of hSaui. 1
3 ir addition to the ehairmat of these
local' draft boarda MajOcC.B Cooper,
surgeon in charge of the mcdiraj ad
visory boarda of the TerritoryS Dr. K.
D. Kilbonrne, chairman of, the Honolulu
medical advisory board; George 8. Cur
vy, govramst appeal , ageat jj V. ,0.
fetmith,, government', appeal agnot for
the county, of Honolulu, will be bresent
and. in, the caso of the district boards,
tho two Honolulu boards and the med
ian! advisory boaj-ds the ., invitation to
attend the conference is extended to all
the membara. .
The legal end of the expected prub
Unuk. to be eonsiderod in tbie. "man
iMjrrer, conference" will be attended to
Ly Vaitod Htate. District attorney 8.
C. Harber.nnd hi, nasi.tant, Judge
JameaJ. Banks. while. soms otKer citi
xena haylnf apeclnl knowledge of cer-
tain foaditiona are included, in the in-
iwr, roaforence" will be attended to
vnanoa, ror, aa apiajn. ;iew says:
The object of the above conference
n - . . i j i 1 i
. i.i.ji ti ' lT.l
mlrrhl .man in nnnAtlnn with Ika
might arise in xonoeatioo. .with . the
operation Of i ,ihe Maa . Power Law,
(cighteea to forty flvo ,yars old regis-
tration) in this Territory, especially
those reor ipg A natters of depend
oncy. Iitdatrial and, agricultural oc
-peupstions." . i ,
w. a. a.
Cabled instructions wero roevived at
Hawaiian headquar.tnrs t yeaterday or
den u the local military authorities
to neud 144 service . men, who have
been accepted s candidates, for ufn
cers training camps -on the mainland,
to the 'Htates 011 the, first available
truusiierl. Those nuccaaful vatididates
"I'"--'"! levl' t
ii.ii rs- . v -,
Of the UH serine men who will be
si' nt to the. mainland for ,, intensive
trainiuK, l2 will go to the infnstry
traintug caiup nt Fort Fike, Arkaaaasr
Fifteen will jeo to the machine "gun
amp at Fort blaocoyk, Ueorgis anl
eleven to the field artillery camp at
Camp Taylor, Kentucky.
No information has beea received at
hruduijMters regarding when the t hi 1
trcn civilians, who have passed here,
stfll he sent to tho mainland. . It is
! reported that they may .be sent from
I tiin.i to time to the Htates on orders
sent direct to each individual from
the various camps to. which they have
applied for training.
A MsTKK IIA M , August -':t ( A oc
nted I'ressl A new process to mak e 1
sua" out of .pn 1 a titne ia anuounccd bv
Doctor Herrmann at l-eiprig, By
1 he int roduct ioa of sir, the pa 1 a Mine
1 mi, lived ahile heated to about l.".0
decrees iu wn inin boiler, when the
colt i' h ' .if hroH n ointment like
Hiibs'iince n hi' h. when treated wi ll
alkali, produces a good lathery suae.
The inventor announces he .haa in
the c -e of his investigations dis
oi nsl tnu hithiMil.' illinium u ac.ds.
"'ntedlsi inliiitAiie isnd isteiirioe t'-i.ls.
''' difenverv is regit riled in (lermuny
( as iiupoi iaui.
I ArnniAr a art i rrr"rr-r
NhKV h Mi-iN H s-KN
UUIIIUU Vlllkllka
McCarthy li Prinr.inal 5noalr At
UFayett Day Celcbratidn
. .i ttn:Mm -i Du4l.
0t Kn,0jl Pytha$ ,
' bfiy ilkU TfelftllT
TS unnfr "lictfiuuiu
'r tt '; 177 , IS'-'
Ev6r SaCpflCe . We Have Made
France . Well Repaid By
j Friendship, Sayi Huber
A warning against the danger of
stacking America's ar ctTorts bo
CSTorta Da-
ined on the
cause or tne victories attained on the
West Front since Julv 18 was sounded
h 0oVn,or ('- J- McCarthy in a ad
Ur'" h W,d "i'fh, " ' Knifht
pytfcl" e'obratlon of the lotat
nn,v"ry of the birth of Marquis de
Uf.yetto, the Fre.eh patriot . who
. . - . .
! We're Oolng Otar
"Yes, Lafayette we are there, and
1 re,,ar Jtotag . over, iroins over, and
- - w n - ,
. - . i , r . , .
awesanrv, liatil we pav our debt to
Fraaeo in fnU. and make the world a
fit place, t live in."
, Jt was i leading up to after war
(duties and problems of America that
the Ooveraor Souaded his warnins
against over eosridence and the slow
1 i. Bp f prMCnt Br effort, WBM ht
1 V . r r
"Hince July 18 the Allies armies
. have won a great victory, and for that
reason we al.no Id not Ut . . .iwi.
I minute, but should keep e' erls-in'- -t
unHI Oermtny is brought to her
knees. Let' ns not forget that it waa
only fonr years ago today that the
first battle of the Marne was fought,
and although the Allied armies , were
then successful, Germany recovered
and-came back tn th UamiA Ka
featd again' while we tike to speak
o;e;":,oSu wZZJZ in
was not io,,De, pve,r..lor years to come."
Of Ijifavolia himaelf. thi fiovomur '
Sffd in his If triijiu'tion : j
Serrloes Of Iafayette
, "He was educated as a soldier and
FS, t,he French ,arm,r for a very
snort none wnca no heard that the
iizLr :
! ty years of bq, ful) of enthusiasm and
,., mw. ,...; . w w m" uHlii Hill,, inrn
w.aa in iijii sympstnyi With the Amcri
caa. solonists. ,
Ho CHtod -)Ot a yacht and landed in
! y"!,lnrnUn,witn eleven companions.
tin imM.Ji.l.li, . . 4. ri. ! 1 1 .1 1
wnere ke anal, of government was to
rated and offered his services to the '
'"'." " t".n ia sesamn.
T"" W" accepted and he
appointed n major general. J)ur
i flr '! ' ' revolution he pave
nrrvinfa-t. our country 1
, ' ' he left for. tance and waa there
enOKresa. hicji was then
inn.Tini oe rrencn rieer i
under. Rochnniheau sent over to Amer
: 1 : . , l ,. . a . i
.n.l I ... k. I, .u ,
which ended
which enile.l lh x r .k.,rll. .fi.. '
the ear shortly after
' ds.
Bacrlflces Eapaid
Tn n stirring address District Mtor
ncv, Huber doalared that whatever
sacrifice " e made fos France in lives
nl ok Ith already well repaid by
that friendshin of .that whole nation
hich we Ijold todav so every child of
'-neee nns to ret He American sol
dier with ntler ctn fide nee. " Kverv
heart that beats la Fr.iae is full of
t'ritii'e and lov for Ame-ics." he
said, which ' only equalled by the
"rati tnde we have always felt for I. a
i.ZkTXkrlrW' "f
iia .llt..' ; .V""". .V; I
HnA V.VlV.M -ki-w ' Ti "
'- numiii
'oinn; 10n.es orcsseo in ine eosiumes or
the notions they rorcscntcd entered
the lodse room a- the various notional !
A f alciie.-
Service Jlag Vnfurlefi 1
Preeed ins; this t"o lodge members
ssfsrM vh'n Mlh. .f IH..UI
1. l.u 14. 111.1
r.,i,, 11 -. inniT r loriv s.ars, 1
and the. colors of the order. 1
The Venn" ladles taking part in the '
.ieti stion
presentation and the !
countries they represented were as fol
Japan, , Miss Souhle Hochs: Chins.
Miss I.ncv Hsntos: Ttumania, Miss Dorii
vnnes: ttaly. Miss Kmil.v Bochn;
0ree.ee, Mis Mdine Tranquads: Bel
'um. MWs Rosemarie Rodrigues:
Vrnnoe. rj Md Branco: Portugal.
Miss Marie Caldeirn; F.nnland. Miss
w"th Vlr-ira: Amrria. Mis Albertins
Milvsi Fed Crnss urse, Mrs. .Te n n i e
Diinlilfle: The Wn,v. Miss FMa Branco.
and Tho Navy. Miss l.ydia Branco.
S. vt
OhamherlalD's Cough Remedy
a. This reiue.lv has so sno rior as
rt- for colds, coup and whooping
It hss t.ec" V.'vor'"
of young children for
VIM' ' s.
C h IIIOl I'M! S
almost forty
f'l'isilip '"in "s I'oonh He.uedv nn
alwavs be dipcnled upon Mini ia pleas
Hi t to take.
It not nnlv cures cn,s Hn, grin, bo'
pie- cnts lh'. resollin" i- luieoninnia
( hainlierlsin 's Cnunh Iteuiedv eon
linn" no ooiniii or other "urcotic n"d
lliov be piei ns eon Hili-ul Iv ' n child
n to t" "iilo'y IV. cfi'e I'v n't ilnalcs
v,. ,., sorth A Co.. Ltd., scent., for
lla ttii. Ad .
People of Hawaii Conserved
25.000 Tons By Eating
Ff-'iirM compiled by Food Ailminis-
trator Child yesterday 'showed that with
the oluntary food savinK which has '
been rarriad on lv lo.al residents of
Territory for the eleven months I
ending May 111 has hven 2.1,070 tons. :
The total savintf in food stuffs wai '
8,-N."i loiw but there, was an increased 1
amount of tonniiyc of fooUniffn which j
the puMir was requested to me, amount
ing to HI! 13 tons, leaving a net total ni
stated ubovn.
Fiir the peild.l cndiii( May III of this
year we were akcl to ant more pota-
lies and did, to the client of .'IHO.'l
bushel or twenty percent more
the preceding year, with a corresi
1 the preceding year, with a correspond- i
deerenae ia price of this foodstuff '
or more than twenty percent. We ate
4P0,f)(M pounds more of smoked and
cured fl-l than we did lst year, which
was an increase of 33. percent.
i ." 0 '
v e ate more rice this voar than wn
rear by nearly two million
The figures show that in 1917
we coaniimcd ),11,H! jtouuils while
this year we ate 7,72,1.1ll pounds, an
Increase of 1,0.1:1,4(11 pounds.
r.yg" were entcMi in griter qiianti- ,
tics in Hawaii this year than inst vear, I
to the amount of 141),07H dozen. Cneene I
wns also popular, for we consumeil 29,-
1.'I2 poi.nfs of this nutritious food more j
than wd did last year despite fhe fact!
that the saloona of Honolulu have been '
closed rime April 10 of this year. The'
consumption of onions increased by for- j
ty-four percent this year the '. total I
amount consumeil being 45,678tnounda.
There were 38,50:1 more cans m vege-tables-imported
here to conserve food:
nml we ae lO.oou bushels of peas and
beans less than we did last year. Butter
saving amounted to 84,60 1 ounds; re
fined sugar, 1,10,49:1 ounds and wheat
flour 4.1,1 41) barrels. 1
The saving of 2.1,070 tons of food
stuffs by (ho people of this Territory
in cooperating with the food adminis
tration has saved also freight tonnage
which would fill the Malsonia to rapa
city on three trips flouring her capacity
at 8000 tons to the trip.
. a. te.
Disclaims Japanese
Chooses American
: Boy Born In Hawaii of Nipponese
r" Renounces Dual . Al
legiance Allowed By Oriental
Government Consent of Con
sul Is Given ,
Hy ronsent of the Japnuese j0ciii
mrnt, Y. Ikrda, the third son of It.
iih f "noiiu,ea a ric.
nviis b his birth in Hawnii, ha.H been
eniiittcil to diM-la;in duul rititciiihip
to .lapnn. a permission which in grant
ed by J:p: 11 only to .youths le:.H tlian
veura of ago, after such a
i;otin,..,ion ,hll ,h. '..,'
Notification that the consent of I he
.Is panose government . bud been iveii '
i to VHUB , , rennunce the ,la
; i lltimi.d ,,v "
: )nH. MH Uv , J" ' '
in , Wlhn,.atioll from Mi,1Ht(,r
, ot ,..,, K Mj7ulo
ni vesterdav.
n,,tusc of hi Hawaii birth H. lkcda I
"""'" 'mwn. nut a-conlini;
I ncxe boy and girl born here, he asl"P UM Tur tht",r "antablo aims, the
. . '. ' . . ' '
-.111,0.1 01 japan i.y nai lonaiity. us t
it specifies that a Japanese always
h citixen of .laian whether born in flint
coontrv or in a foreign country. It
is because of this prov i.-ion t lint oil
Japanese liorii in Hawnii possess dunl
citixenship of America and Japan.
iu account of the raoiditv 111 Hie
increase .f Japnuese children bom in
Hhmhii bn w oil ns in other countries,
the Japnuese government became con ;
inced that some method inu-t be pro
vided to help settle citic.enhip prod
leins which nrc ronstuotlv nrisiug. Th.
,H,: .'i-aniin !
V"'" ,,V forci2n 'r.,rn rMArr" "f ,h"ir I
"""" iiarionoiuy mis sme.ule.l ,
rirflf n n PS Ill'fll
effect for several j
Japanese chWd born In foreign couii -,
or uer Japanese e.mensn.p. prnvl.hng ,
h.s or her parents consent by present...
a reouest to the interior dcmrtuient in I
t..l:' :.! t. ...I
.1 . .l . ,4 .4 V ,
me anan.iounieni or toe .mpanese na I
tionality, that every applicant for such;
reouest must not be over sixteen vears
of ace,
Nearly nine years af'er l.i was sen
fenced to not less than thirty five irni
iniprisoniueiit for the killing: of his
brother. Torokichi, in Wailiiku. Main,
RiiMithura Kuwnhara was gien a ti ll
and fiee pardon by Hoverno' C. .1. Mi
Cnr'hv yesterday.
About two years ago Kuwnhiira ha l
hs scutence reduced by Hovci.ioi
I'lnkhani to H sentence of not less thmi
II ft eon years iniiirisoniiient and woul.l
Imva boon entitled to parole in another
year or so, because of gov. I bolnivioi rc
The killing ia Wailuku oceuircl h 1 1 -1
11 violent Uinrel between the Inn
brothers over inouev matters, 111 which'
the brother who survived received se
rious hoi. 11, Is, I ho acu.. 01 wi'iih he
etirrlos to this Jnv, said the ie;,:-on
for his pnrilon. The nsseriion is ma, I,
'h.'it Ttie killing partly in .-I I" lo
'TT vVO jurists whose nomina-1
J tions by President Wil-'
son yesterday have brought out
warm expressions of approval.
I Upper William S. Edings, !
I irrimA (a. :- . t
rhe supreme court. Lower -j
John Thomas De Bolt, who,
will return to the circuit bench. !
- T;
'!) Ti'fl 9 HA
Bishop & Co. Send
Celebrate Anniversary By Gener
ous Donation Fern Distrib
utes Money Amonrj Worthy In
stitutions of Honolulu
IVlievinjj that Mayor Joseph J. Fern
onlil be the most firtiiig judge as to
their noi'hincM to accept donation, to
UMl"uls i nanK ot WisUop and
.Company, jrent I lie chief executive of
the city a check yesterday for. IIINKl
,0 t i-i,,,,,,,,, ,n a -masfior h.rh
"on!d pnuy the best rettijlts. The may-
or hits dHih culls upon his personal and
iniit. d lii.iik roll for all sorts of rharit
tecs, (oiiii- arc northy some aro not.
I uder tin c con.lilioiia .it is believed
tlr.l the ouiyor knows wncre tae money
noiild be best expended.
I lie niency donated by the Bank of
-udia nf this institution in Honolulu.
rho charitable, organizations which
Mayor Fern hua divided to distribute
thin iiuiiw v h nnsr) a 4 rm . 1 k L UrkMan
fi , A". mv lion fe Bn Imd W.
HV c ,,,, (, ,
,,. Kllnwing ; ,l,Vldttr
... ...
.way o. rem sent 10 eacn ot these in-
"In coniniemurati.in of the sixtieth
1111 ni versa rv of the founding of thf
Hnnk of Hishnp & Com pa ay nil the
seventeenth day of August, 1H.M. rfhnt
t'ii 111 handed 10 me on the seventh ult.
(heir oho. k for liMs'l with the rriffTtest
tluit it be distributed in such asanunts
hs line lit seem best to me among the
viiiiniiu hospi'uls and charitable, ar
rHiiir.:itions of the city. Boiieviojf
thst the '.'ood work done in this oonv
mui'iiv bv vnoi institution weald be
evte.i'li'd bi a contribution from this
fund, I hnve pleasure ia enclosing here,
"in certificate of deposit in your
fnvor for -. " ,
I.IINIMIV, A4,ust 8.1 (Assoc iaJf.l
I'.cssi-The liMS potato rrop in . Vic
toria guldens in front of Buckingham ;
C' lnce promises to be a great aucccsa. '
1 ne poiHioes arc in lieUi hu h until
iii'iinru iu OIISI'IH oil not u
f the MVM where it i ouches the
1:101. oils entrance.
iM'nijc and Uueeii Maiv have
K .11
' o! h ti ken it'och interest in them. The
U 'I ii-i-efttlv inspected the " potato.
'.it.h'' with John Itobeil Clx-nes. pur
lin it:..i sei ret "iv of the niiiiisliy of
food, vim had been a jjiiest at the
j J a luce.
1 " 'iv m tr
f ' "
Mayor $1000 To U
To Charity
William H. Kdinga Second jodgs of
he Art Hawaiian' .eWcbli court, . is
10 he elevated til the supreme bench
'is associated jiwlire sad Joba. T, De
Hull appointed to fill the circuit Court
trram-y, through aomlnatlona f )rea
idcni Wilson rent to the oenate yea
tei.dar morning Judge Kdings .will
succeed Associate JpstUe Queries who
rrsianed several aiuaibs ago. ,
In potitlvs Judge Kdings is a Demo-
Cat and Judire De Bolt a Kenublican.
Though Judge Do Bolt ia the first Be
publican whom .Attorney Ueneral Oro
goiy has recommended te President
'. ilsoa for apaaiatment to a Hawaii
judiciary position, ne opposition to hie
to ti matiu by the senate it antici
pated by Democratic members of the
bar in Honolulu. ,
. Noaiiaatioa oJ Jndge De Bolt to sue
eecil Judge Kdiags came as a enrpiiae,
not otfVy to the nablie in Hoaolulu, but
also to the nominee himself. He najd
iyeeterjavi when aaed to what he at
t tsdbuted hia nrleekion: " , U-
jPt Beit fturtrtnod .
j "It waa something of a anrpriae to
me. ",: . v . . ,
j Jadge De Bolt, saya that he was
, consulted sometime ego sa to whether
, or not he would accept the ateoeiata
featireahip. If It was offered to him.
He says h replied that ho would do
but that since" then he haa. not
boen- apfireaaheit te aarertaia if he
e oiW be satisfied with the circuit
court apimintment.
Aa matter of political speculation'"
Honntiihi lesnoefnta believe that Judge
Ii Bolt's selection for nomination aa
the- second -circuit court- Judge came
bout dhrongb hie elimination from the
' anriate- Mtice rare. ,Thls theory- is
advanced by .Democrats who were
awsded ' short tiaic ten a to-how
Ih'V would iew Judge De Bolt's m
w" o vhe-bench.
" I -etion Meets Approval
Bnranse, of Jndre De Bolt's previous
erlce, both ns a Hrcnit caort Judge
j anif ass supreme ewurt jnrist hia aelee-
i ties hv th rresldent has met with
ireral apwmvnf In local legal circles
' wher. his abilitr U known,
V .riidpe Fdings. elevation U the su-
pwme eourt wss forecasted ever a
eek ago when it beeame known that
fs ttpr,ir'- graersl was catmplat
! his nrnmntlon and the, shifting of
1 ' T'emment K. Ouinn from thn
t:1 .!...! 4. XI..-I..I.. L.
!. '..1ve of the first eirrait, Judge) J. J,
Ttmv assistant diafcriet, attorney, a
! candidate, for .npfeaintaaewt .t the av
prvm er, tm nfered the.vaeaner
w-flrh weiM havf boon created ln Hilo
jw this plan, i waa. autheatleallr re-
iwrs. Judge Banks had neraonal eb-
I Hcltmi. to goiag to the Hib '.cJrenit
emd. H- itf general lr believeL. but nbt
I admitted bv him, which resulted In
I the pconoed) plan not being conanmmat
ed. The reawlt was the selection of a'
: ripriMiea or a iudietarr appointment
1 In Hawaii foe the first time ainen the
rresenf national administration came
, Inta office. ,..' .
(f his poll ties Jtdge De Bolt taytt
; Is Kt nerUelaa I. .,
am a Bepnbllcaa, but not a parti
san, and have- merer taken an active
!!-? is TH1iHrs."tl Ho adds that he
believes rather "in looking at the man
rather titan hia party,", and iatimates
opealv that he has never hesitated , to
scratch even 1 the head of hia party
ticket when . he thought the other
thought the-
party's opponent was the better caadi
ate,, , ,i J ,i, , .... t. ... ..,,, ,'
, ...HafloJ I .ilk. ike
Chief-Jnntsce. t'oke waa reported as
H.V. Former 1 A ssocinto -Justice Wntaon.
- ehniciman- of tho larthberatici central
'ommiMe?, jwaji, ajuoted ns, being out-
sixtktn im. hia aotriroval aa fallnwai
, Tom .m i.,, iBe Th;
pointmrnta rc certainly satisfactory.'!
I More partisan ,menibrs f th terrl-
ronui a.imsntstsatian were,, silent aaj
1 had nu ren'imeat for publication oa the
' te( ions,, no wr vmoatiy ao those an .
aos'intod with Judge Banks in the fed-
eri.. court.-. u 1.. .. .
Edlna-n 'Kamaalnn
Judge Edings kss boon the second
judge of the first circuit court since
last March when, he Waa transferred
bete from th Maui circuit, where his
tout year ieran would have, expired .on
August. Irl of 'this .year,. He ia a na
tive of Charleston. South Carolina.
"here he wan born flf 'y elht years
agt. He cam to the Islands from the
ttt.14 .1 U'...U4j.. 1 SOUS t tiuui
.i, v 11 viiiukivh iu lev,. ah ll'vi,,
be was .apholated judge of the eircait
court at Kslloa, Hawaii where he -remained
for, four years, - During his rea-
tsfennfr' 4tb4ia ha Jifcl hnj m Aimw 4k
tlswalUin'reriortV whieh- la atiN n-rd
I na 'tn aurrir by Hawaii attocasya.'
r J .i . 4 L.ts.' 44. i. ..11 -41 as
-winig. jkrv.sHin,. jw m snirr. 01 texaa,
fkjHIa eSuntj-vsutWM ralaetl In Fort
LeeVfnwertki Ktraaun. where hi father.
a Dnioa mnnv nveved itnarina;. the Civil
War when htS'eo, waa about tbren
tsars' wlik Keeuf Kaanan h went to
Cartfnrhia wkern he renminbi bat.)
ssasri aiiavmnerwnrna Karat lag in CMrti.-
Iln. WasllinirtAM. and ffnc aluuit Ia
yesrs in, rjpokane. ti.srf si . .
r.H arrlvsd Her: Hawaii . June 7,
tnPti and pravrtrsed' law uutii .Doeem
hsM,-eii HrU,.i whew kn became first
.Mir ef 1S, first cirvuit vourt, wkU-h
ssitioa he hld -untili Jaouarr 81,
I SKI., Oa-thia, latter .Ut he touk the
eab a asaormte flustire, which position
he. ft Had on Ml .March. IP', whet ha
I . A l.. 1.. t.
mum iiwrrtuis -u.v 4iugv tt avsoa.
'i . , '')' i, s. a, , w 1 1" ; j . 1 ;
John KsohoJc., etevedere..haT kla
lu4r kri4L AA . Aflt4r,l AtT mm & aktik mm ..i.t4ik
he .waa working, whoa hw beeame n
tarHSledi jftji. koietinv cable asd WSS
jerked, high.lSV. the Sir,
i . . 4-. . u. V. . . i. 4
1 f-- ....ff... j. tri- tJ -,Lty
ilWTbtSNT ia guwaatc rw
enrt blind 1 trloedMig tHhiiuj or pr.
trudUig J'U.KS in a m 14 U. t ot
uioucv. tcluudol. elsiiut .1 tun by
tbc ' KIM Ml .1C1.VUC ,M .s-un,
J - 4.

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