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CoPege of Hawaii Learns of
ed and Hours Required
CAtiwri rnUM uham
Special Ability Must Be Shown
Bv Students Or Thev Will
Loss Thii Advantane
r Details of the requirements and the
curriculum for tn rttadcnts Army Train
lnff Corpt which have been awaited
ever since press wireless messages told
of tbe selection of the College of Ma
wail for the establishment of such a
eprps have been received by President
. A. Ii. Dran of the college in a cable
m ir i. I . v .
possible for the college to proceed with
plana for the putting of the program in
1 Educational Director Maclaurv and
,';"lt the firrri.'ulnm of the Ptudenta
Army Training Corp the average num
ber of hours each week will be aa fol
.w Military subjects, including prac
tical instruction, theoretical military
' 1 A. ' A 1 I 1
rannrirani, ana pnystcai training
. -
- AM, puitrn.
"Allied subjects, including lectures,
recitations laboratory instructions, and
. ffWai HDM.irv Ar.ntnliAn lkaMn.
J I "
: 4t hours.
, . "Each hour of lecture or recitation
-. will ordinarily require two hours of
aopervised study:
'- "The hours above set forth have
rererenee to ine normal course.
'Ia the ease of students who have
pursued for at least one year at an ap-
. I 1 .:...: -a .. J : i . i
prvvuu inviiiviiuo tiuum icikiou
fcen the following list:
. .c.-v English, t rench, Uermen, mathema
, tics, ph yaies, chemistry, biology, geo
1K7 CeKraPny topography and map
ataaiag, meteorology, astronomy, hy
giene, sanitation, descriptive geometry,
mechanical and freehand drawing, sur
veying, economics, accounting, history,
v international- law, military law and
. for the recognition aa an allied subject
' of, not more than one subject outside
. the above list, provided that it occupies
, not more than three hours a week in
lectures and recitations, with eorres-
Dondias time for study.
1 "In the 'ease of technical and pro
," feseional schools provision will be
made for approving general programs
f study containing subjects "ether than
' those included la the former part of
. the. program.
Special Preparation
nr. . ! ... . i. :t
warfare service, the mcikALlP'P8- the
engineer corps, iud vniusntv cvi'i, vi
1 4L. J
v otter technical oranrnes or iae service,
the Committee on education and special
training may authorize a reduction in
V the hours of military Instruction (in
cluding practical military instruction,
i. 1 l ; iMHt,n.linn
fhysieal training), to not less than six
eura a week, provided that the re
J ...tin. n.J. maA K v thn aubatt.
tatioa of a corresponding number of
additional hours of instruction in ap-
Technical Studies
Provision will be made for ap-
' kreving general program as well as
technical courses. The allied subjects
- Will ordinarily be the above list of
' allied subjects.
.. '4 The program of study in allied sub
jeetSTBuirt include a course on the un
deriving issues of the war. This may
be planned as a special war aims course
n 1 1 m uiiiiiHi un. " . " ' '-'
hours m week, with corresponding time
fur study covering three terms; or the
requirement may be met by a course or
eoarees in history, government, econo
! miis, philosophy, or modern literature
where these courses are so ulanneil as
ia the opinion of the educational direc
tor te accomplish substantially the same
1 purpose. 1
Tho department of war has author
ized the establishment of Student Arni
Training Corps in some "J.'iO univer
sjties and colleges that require for sd
mission yrHduation frum a four year
prcparniurv trunisc ni inu. ...
stitutinns is the College of HHwaii m
was reported in news despatches tu
' The Advertiser.
Serves Double Purpose
The purposes of the Htudent Army
Training Corps' are twofold: First, "to
develop as a militarv asset the coiii-jfe
men or ine country ; scciiiiiuy, iu
I prevent unnecessary and wasteful dc
pletion of the colleges through indis
inute voliinteerinir. by offering to
the students a definite and immediate
, military status."
A student enters the Student Army
Training Corps by voluntary induction
Me thereby becomes a member of the
Vuited Htates Army; but he will be
on furlough status, subject to the call
of tbe President at any time for active
service should the necessity arise. He
will be provided with uniform and
equipment, but will not reeeive pav.
Like other members of the army, he
ia subject to military discipline until
the end of the war.
Register Tor Draft
Members of the Htudent Army Train
lag Corps, if of draft age, must regis
ter with the Draft Board ia accordance
with its orders. Is registering they
should state in' their questionnaires that
Ihey are already in military servb e.
Thev will then be placed automatically
la Class V-D. They will not be called
' for further service while thuy remain
IB tu, Htudent Army Training Corps
Hi nee the purpose of the Htudent
'Army Training Corps, is not to relieve
II of their military duties, but rather
' to yrvprt them fpr special service,
members must prove by their work t'.Mt
they are worthy of receiving this .
eial training. When, therefore, tv
' day arrives on which they would In
drafted were they not already in .'r
vice, the fact is reported to tbe p
ident of the college and to tbe com
Attorney General Harry Irwin has
decided to dispense with 'the aervires
of a second deputy attorney general for
his staff, for the present, and perhaps
for all time during his term of office
One of the results of this decision
will obviate the necessity of making a
selection for the position from the
three applicants: Eugene Mnrphv, Wni
luku, Maui, attorney; A. O. Correia,
another attorney of Ililo, and .1. I..
Desha, former private secretary of Del
egate Knhio.
However, the reasons for the st
torncy general 's decision are princi
pally economy ones, and not a desire
to avoid making the selection as might
be suspected. Also the attorney be
lieves that after the rush of taking
over of the office has been cleaned up
by himself and Deputy Attorney Joe
l.ightfoot, they will lie able te handle
the affairs of the Territory without
the aid of another attorney.
At resent the attorney general and
hisf deputy are rather rushed with legnl
work, as the office for so long was run
alone by former Attorney General A.
O. Smith, because of Maj. Ingram
Htainbark 's military duties and the
absence on the mainland of Cornell
Kranklin, now- a private in the First
Hawaiian regiment,
rraaklln's Salary
80 long as Second Deputy Attorney
General Franklin is in the army as a
private it will he necessary for the
territorial government to pay him about
270 a month, the difference between
his pay as a noldirr and the (.'l(H a
month whicn he received from the
It follows that in order to get an
other deputy the Territory would not
only have to pay what it now does to
Attorney Franklin, but also $:00 s
i month to fei substitute, an outlay of
practically $.70 for the asmstance of
one man. After consideration of these
facts the attorney general reached his
decision to not appoint another deputy
at present. He says of his decisiou.
"Economy enters into it, hut not
entirely. As an experiment I have
decided to see if I can handle the work
of the office .with one deputy. At least
I intend to give the experiment a fail
trial and I believe it will work out
satisfactorily after we get the work
which has collected r leaned up,"
Eugene Murphy, one of the appli
ranta for the appointment, is now a
candidate for election as senator from
Maui, and it ia possible that his en
trance into the senatorial race msy
have caused him to withdraw his ap
plication for the appointment.
manding officer at the college, who in
I turn reports it sb the adjutant gen
1 eraL
These authorities will then detcrmiiie
whether tbe student in question should;
(a) continue his studies in preparation
for wovk ia chemistry, engineering,
etc., or (b) should go at once to an
officers' training camp, or (c) be as
signed to duties in the ordnance, quar
termaster, or other staff corps, or (d)
be sent to a training ramp as a private.
A man showing no special ability may
expect to be ordered into active ser
vice as a private.
Although no definite ruling has as
yet been received, it is believed that
men who enter the service through the
draft cannot later be transferred to
the Htudent Army Training Corps.
Young men liable to military service
and qualified for admission should uot
therefore delay their applications for
admission, provided they prefer the
Htudent Army Training Corps, to any
other form of the military or naval
service. Htiidents under eighteen
years of age cannot be legally enlisted,
but they will be permitted and encour
aged to enroll.
Work of Members
The work of members of the student
Army Training Corps entering the 'ol
leire ss freshmen will be essentiallv
! that of the regular courses as outlined
I in the catalogue. They will, however,
I he permitted to take but fourteen
credit hours instead of the usual sev
i euteen or eighteen hours, but in addi
tion to the academic work they will
put in each week eleven actual hours
; in drill or physical exercise. Two
' hours of supervised study are rcpiiicd
in preparation for t-Hch recitution.
Members will therefore spend ."'! hours
each week in work at the college.
The military tmiuing will be con
ducted by an officer detailed to the
College for that purpose. At the close
of the year's work n limited number
of picked men and members
faculty will be assigned for
truiniug to one of the three
of the
f 11 rt her
camps for summer training to be held
t IMattshurg, N. Y., Foft Sheridan,
111. and Presidio, Cal.
w. s. a
M NCH F.STF.R, Massachusetts. Aug
unj 1! President Wilson's outing ha
much improved his health. Today he
played tho best game of golf of his
stay, winning from Dr. Gary T. Gruy
aon, his physician.
While the President and Mrs. Wilson
drove along the shore or strolled on
the henoh and in tho woods they were
accompsniol as usunl by secret service
nen. '.ess noticeable and observed by
but few whs the part played by the
Marir"s picketed tho grounds. Two
bydroui 1 planes sourched Rrljaccut waters
and at a little distance off the roast
two torpedo bost destroyer snd a fleet
of sulininrine chasois kept guard.
This watch over the sea was taken
because the President slid Mrs. Wilson
selected a house slHiiijing nlinont at the
edge of a promontory tlml 1 ""'
mauds a wide view of the sch. mid
which,' in turn, run be plainly seen from
Lome distance out. It whs not believ
ed to bo beyond the iHne.e ot possibil
ity thut some licrinun sulimiii.ne com
mander would be tempted t . risk his
ship to tHke h pVt shot st so runspicu
ous a target.
'. Vi.n,'- 'r 1
The death knell of the Fifth Regiment, Hawaiian National
(iiianl, is sounded in a letter from the secretary of war to the secre
tary of the interior, which has been transmitted to Governor C J.'
Official announcement is also made that the First and Second
Hawaiian Infantry regiments will not be sent away from the Islands
in the present war emergency. 1
In addition to these announcements that will blast military
hopes, the communication received by the Governor will materially
lessen the ho for appointment of the Governor's nominee for ter
ritorial adjutant general to succeed Col. ill' Wayne. It perhaps
explains vhy the Governor has received no acknowledgement of his
recommendation and no reply to his more recent cablegram urging
haste in making the apointmeut to fill the vacancy caused by Colo
nel Wayne's resignation. I
A reason is also suggested why the Governor's cabled query j
about the now famous "pink slip" exemption enlistment privilege for!
the members of the Fifth Regiment has never been answered by the
Washington authorities.
And finally the question is raised as to who was the official
authority originally for the formation of the so-called Ilavraii home
:uard, after the Hawaii national guard regiments were called into
he national service. I
Only Four Sentences jn1 aiuminnme-m of home Kuard
Only four brier scntpn.es wore tiwil oinnizntions which were started In
l.v the secretary of war in informinc ,(,me f ,,e .tatca, as nell Ss in Ha
the secretary of interior for the in
formation of the people of Hawaii
that no equipment may be expected
for the new nationnl guard regiment
nn. I that the guard regiments now in
the federal service are to rtfmain in the
Nland ami supply all the "honu
jruanl " required. The secretary if
war's letter was written on August
10 ami was as follows:
It is not deemed advisable to
organise and equip additional
troops In the Territory of Hawaii.
All available equipment Is being
need to supply units now organ
ised or authorised to be called Into
aery ice. Considering tho man power
of the country It is not thought
the necessity will arise for calling
the national guard of Hawaii into
service outside of tho limits of the
Territory. Tho a bore action is
considered tho most advisable In
view of tho present emergency."
Tlfth Regiment Pau
Receipt of this letter from the see
rotary of war by Governor McCarthy
(-auseil him to sav last night that "it
looks like it means the abandonment
of the plans for the Fifth Regiment "
although he said such action would
have to be decided upon after he bud I
gone fully into the subject.
He added that tho letter appeared
to indicate the reason why no action
had been taken upon his recommenda
tion for the appointment by the Pres
ident of a territorial adjutant gen
oral to succeed Col. Will Wayne, for,
lie explained:
"The principal duty of an a. I juts 11 1
geueral would be with work connected
with a new guard regiment." Thin,
however, he sa's, may not be tli
case, as the adjutant general is paid
by tbe Territory, although the appoint
ment is made by the President upon
the recomnieiulatiou of the Governor.
The Governor said he surmised that
the receipt f the letter from the
.......... . .u ,ni.,,.
why be' had never received a reply to bureau of tbe war department, Wash
his' cable sent to Washington asking iugton.
that men joiiiing the new guard regi "In the order, the Territory of Ha
mcnt be not required to waive their waii is specifically uientioued, and the
present draft classifications bv signing guard officials are to commence the 1 or
what is known as the "pink slip". I ganiaation of the 'Home Guard which
"The cable was )err answened. ! will be the Fifth Regiment, N. O. H.,
This letter nmv liaxe boon considered i
all the answer that was necessary,
said Ihe GoM-rnor.
Who Started It, Anyway
Governor McCarthy is frankly pit.
- lUi I at a l,r inr " iiir ni nun n ai n a 1 , r . . 1 m as . 1
w hich led to tho organizing of tho stituted NationaF Guard of Hawaii, the
Fifth Regiment, presumably with the I fral government will comply with
promise or assurance of future equip- U" requirements of law by furnishing
rnent of the organization. The organ thean such arms, clothing and equip
ping of the regiment was started be meat fl may be available after the
k- ..f 1 ..ni.. u i!m-, .....I needs of all the troops 111 federal serv-
II... ,l..tull uere all left In Col Will
Wayne, he navs.
The Governor nuil lust night he had
not had an opportunity to consult Colo
nel Wayne since the communication '
hud readied him from Washington ami
ascertain oil whut authority stops were
taken tu form the new guard regiment.
As is plainly indicated in the letter j
of tho secretary of war, its formation
was never authori.ed by the war do
partmeut, although it may have been
lone so upon the recommendation of
the Hawaiian Department. The Gov
ernor says he is confident his predeces
sor had nothing to do with the organ
izinc of tbe regiment, but trusts Colo
ncl Wayue will have a satisfactory cx
iilanation of how he came tu start the
Lane Showed Interest
Indlrectiy tnc lciier or ine secretary
of war is the result of interest sbowu
in the "home guard" by Secretary of
Inferior Franklin K. I.ane while he was
in llouolulu. The secretary's interest
in the organization was aroused by a
newspaper report of the intention to
form a "home guard".
Daily in Juno while still here Secre
tary liane asked the Governor to sub
mit a report regarding tbe new guau
regiment. This the Governor did on
June 25 after he had received a re
port of several pages from Colonel
Wayne, piiiu-ipally regarding the equip
ment which would be needed for the
Beading ot tin- report and sunsequeni
requests for cipiipment resulted in tbe
subject bein taken 1111 by the secretary
of interior with the secretary of ',
it is now believed, which led to tbs
communication being written which
puts the Fifth Kegimeut in the non-military
class, hikI kills the hopes of the
men in the First and Hecond Hawaii
an icgiments to see active service.
In discussing Ihe denniteaesa with
which t be secretniy of war disposes of
the Fifth Hi-giinent. (lovcmor McCar
thy savs lie believes the extension of
j d 1 aft uy' muy liuvc had something to
All the men who are eligible to enlist
ment in the national guard regiments
will soon be in military or semi
military work anyhow, following
draft calls after the registration of
the registrants between eighteen and
tnenty-oue aad .between thirty-one and
! How It Was Formed
I Some enlightenment as to how the
I Fifth Regiment came into being is con
I ti ined ia the following story which was
I printed in The Advertiser at' the same
1 time it was announced that a new guard
I regiment was to be organized to re
price the regiments eallyd into federal
I service:
i "Major Will Wayne, adjutant gen
ie rul of tbe national guard, is a 'gen
' crnl' without an army unless a sten
j Dgrspher, of the female persuasion, and
; a caretaker can be called an army.
I Aside from the ateuog and the jani
; tor, Major Wayne Is virtually the whole
national guard now. His command
just moved out from under him leaving
bim high and dry. Three days ago he
ruled in msjctity over thirty-four hun
dred men; today he sits alone in an
empty armory.
"It's true that the adjutant general
still has jurisdiction over the quar
termaster corps, but most of the offirers
of that contingent have jum pod to other
services where there's mpre doing right
now, so Major Wayne is the 'captain
tight and the raidshipmite and tbe crew
of the captain's gig'."
However, on June 21 Tbe Advertiser
had a story that the .orders for the
forming of the new regiment had been
received. In part it read as follows:
"The first official copy of the author
ization for the formation of the 'Home
Guard' for Hawaii, the organization
which has already been launched by Cbl.
Will Wayne, the adju.tant general of
the Hawaiian National Guard, has
reached the guard headquarters from
Maj. Ocn. J. Mcl. Carter of the militia
for the period 01 tne war.
The oider authorixes these units
to take tho place of the local troops
drafted into the federal service. Wlen
such troops have been organized, iu-
. 1 . 1 : 1 .. J..1 ......
lice haM
boon met.
Hut as the letter of the secretary of
war shown, 110 such recognition can
now be sci-ured.
w. a a
NHW YORK, August 24 Arthur
Guy Empey, soldier-author of "Over
tbe Top", who fought with the Birtish
t tho battle of Yures. lesves here on
ondav for Fort Slocum to enter tbe
American Armv as aprlvate. He has
I been recruiting and lecturing for char-
"I have not once yet had tbe chance
to flic a single shot under the Ameri
can Flag. I am going to begin over
attain in Ihe right way. I have passed
ntv h-nil examination and have
l ..ii accented. On Muudnv I go to Fort
I Hlocum to be sworn lntu tbe tank
I f 'r ice. ' '
This, F.mpey explained, was tbe ex
tent of his plans for the future.
, "1 am tired of recruiting: I'd much
rather say 'Hello' to the boys as they
com into the big show than labor to
get tbem in," said Kmpey.
It was while he was on a canoeing
trip on Kugle River in Wisconsin two
weeks ago that lie received ins nouor
H ,a discharge from the recruiting
rvlce and obtained authority to i
enlist in the ranks. He went iiumed
iately to Chirauo, he said, took his phy
sical examination and the., journeyed
on here.
w. s. s.
White, symbol! .ing II" snowy plains
of Siberia' ami green, for the maguirl
ceut foiextn of the country, arc com
bine.l in the newest rlag iu Hussiii, Ki
cording to word .juxt receicl from tin
Russian iuforiustioii buit-au in New
( York.
0 F Seven Cents At Refinery
Seaboard Points Is Price
Siet Forrllaw Cane Sugar
Sevan cents a pound, aa increase of ll a ton, la ilia flgnre tar raw
ngaf that has been determined open by the saga equalisation board, aa
was announce in an Assoc tated Proas de.ptu h whu h was received bjr
The Advertiser last night. This measafs cam from Waahlnttoa and said:
"Vie sugar equalisation beard has announced a new price of nine
cents, f.o.a. seaboard refining points for cane sugar, leas two cerrts differs),
tlni to tbe r sinners. This compares with aa existing price of 7.8 cents a
pound and the sama allowance to re fin era... It weans that stigar will cost
a tent ponnd more to tho consumer."
Tho Increase In tho Wholesale price of refined cane sugar la 1.6ft coats
a ponnd and this Is divided between tho planters and the refiners en a
basis of .Bo of a cent to tho former and .71 to tho latter. There was an
notmced a cent advance to tho consumer a short time since) and tho now
rent a poand Increase makes a two cents Increaao to tho consumer. While
tho despatch does not say when tho price Is to become effective it is be
lieved that It applies to tho next crop and will not bo operative nntU Do
camber though there la tho possibility that It map go Into operation
esrller. ,
Tho sugar committee of the food administration and tho Oobaa plant
ers havo been at odds on the price for tho next Cuban crop, tho committee
proposing a half cent increase and tho Cubans wanting a cent. .Evidently '
the agreement has been upon a seven tent price In New York, the Cubans
to pay their freight. Insurance and doty. Instead of a price f.o.b., with a
specified allowance added for duty, freight and Insurance.
Tho full cent increase was, hoped for In Honolulu but there has been
a growing belief that tho price would bo slightly lose, seven cents flat,
and this The Advertiser has forecast. An oven larger advance was sug
gested but tho opinion has prevailed that the government would not
countenance a iSTgre Increase to the consumer.
Five-FootTida1 Wove Sweeps
Lowlands Surrounding Hilo Bay
HIM), September 7 A five foot tidal
wave swamped the lower shor around
Hilo Buy yesterday, running far up
along the Waiakea section and wash
ing serosa the greater section of .Woo
llen u J'ark and between the park and
Wailoa river.
The five-foot water erest Twirled far
up the river itself, creating a panic
aboard the sampans, tied up in a big
fleet in the lower reaches of Wailoa.
Notified To Take Examination
Here and Are Delighted At
Prospect of Service
Gilbert Patten and Hector MacQon-
aid iloir, two Hilo youths eighteen
years of age, are to report to iortjnot forfeit its organiaationinor take
Kamcbameha tomorrow for examine- 1 ,ny eh,neel hh the MeCandlens Dem-
corps. As both the boys are fine phy-
sical specimens of manhood there is lit-
tie doubt but they will be able to pass
the medical exsmination, and all other
preliminaries have been satist'sctorily
settled, it is said.
Young Moir -is six feet four inehes
in height and weighs 230 pounds.
Young Patten is not so tall but is large
in proportion.
Thewo Hilo youths were the most
pleasen persons in Honolulu yesterday
when thev learned they would not have
to wait for tbe draft, since word reach
ed Korc a short time ago that no more
volunteers were to be accepted in the
army. As both boys bad been wait
ing for their birthdays, so they would
be eighteen and eligible for enlistment
they hsd no desire to wait longer to be
culled into service, especially aa both
hnd their hearts set on becoming avia
tors. Patten is the son of Harry Patten,
the cashier of the Hilo bank, and Moir,
is the son of John T. Moir, the man
ager of the Onomca plantation. An
other Moir son, Goodale, former food
commissioner on Hnwaii, is now in the
Second Hawaiian Infantry, but is to
leave here soon for 11 mainland training
WASHINGTON," August 2.V-Officers
and enlisted meu of tire United States
ship Scorpion, interned at Constant!
uople by the Turkish government since
April 11, 1H17, are being accorded cx
eolb'tit treatment and all are in good Heplemlier 7:
health, the navy department annouiie , Krmu Hawaii--Mr. ami Mrs. J. K.
ed tonight uiion receipt of a report Krnnoea. ('. ( smpbell. H. Moir. II. Me
through the Hwedish Legation at Co.. , f".," " Xal Jfer il-MV
Htniitiuople. I lug. Miss V. Xhlpman. Miss A. M. Ulan.
The report, which tells of the con- A. Kiultli. Miss f. Belts. Mrs. H. I,. Hush
,li,:, .,r v.,.:,, f .kB thrfv eWrs Master A. Hons. Miss M. Harvey Miss H.
.Iitions or in ing or the three crs UM Bruw S1U H Wh)u. Mlw(
anil fifty six men of the 8c pion s Kermoilc. H. Wars. John T. Moir.
crew, was the first detailed nrd re- 1 Lucas I.yjan. Miss C. L.vjsn. V. Aklna.
!,,i -hie. th. trnnbnat was Interned J Monls. M. Medelros. June IV Houta.
. ene.l sin. e the gunhoat was interne.! MMMU,r , Kelllwalwnlolc. J. Huro. T.
for failure to leave Turkish Wtfters be- Kouir. Mrs. Man t hnch V three children,
fore the twenty four-hour perioil- cx- H. Hakal. T. Nokul. A. Maekeusle. Haw
llir.i r l-oily. Charles Kvksii. O. Patten. Donald
I " . How-maii. . Ilnwnisn. W. Howuian. Miss
The crew of the Scorpion receive p,-. Howmau. Miss M. Ilowinsn. Mr. and
wholesome and abundant food, the re- Mrs. Itobert A. Kinlth. A. UuTnejr, Miss
nnrt utatea Fnotbalt irames nn the ' Maekeusle. Miss M. Mackvnsle
port states. rootuan games Mr- allU u K K. Maioru, Hey.
drill grounds of the Turkish miuister , r j p Krd.uan. Mla Bslher
of murine, visits under escort to Voii- 1 OIM. Miss Hluuilie Wlsuanl. Harold
.,.,: ,i .i.ii- n..,,.r ' an. I. Kritmau. Charles K. Klna. Mia Hel-
1 hooks are ai.owen tne Americans.
. h
Iicalthier anchorage for the Scorpion
Ii.s been provMed and men have be -,.
permitted to visit dentists in the city,
ine meu are reporico 10 ue cum-"i- ant: .,..ui i.-- 1 'ii -t. r. .,. -uk-'
onlv requests as found by th '" rLXtJ'Z). John
Wwodish officials Hieing more news from m,,,!,,. ier T. I.lllln. Miss Maiuaret
I homo and wore shore leave.
The announcement of the navy gives
for the flrst time tne names of the
iiii-ii i ij t eriicl . The otticers are:
I Lieutenant Commanders .Ihiiics (
OnieNcns, Wcstou, West Virginia, and
ohii F. Hudillestou'e, (icueva, Flori
I.ii-uteniiiit l.i'iiinii I.
Hooiliton. New York.
u 1 1 1 ,
Babbi t,
I'lic I'cilihtcl men arc
It W. I gworthv. Kn-t Ce-lar K'.p-
, 1 1 1 .. 1 1
..Is. Iowa, ami I). I.. ljtts, In depend
- w. a. s.
A Good Suggestion
I iv Chumberlain 's THblets ulicn
""" .."-tipated. You a.e certain
to be much pleased w ith tbem. I nev
lire ensv to take snd pb-usant in effect.
v.. ,u i,v ull .leulnr. Hnnaon Hmith
tor sule by all dealers. Honaon. nmiin
& Co., Ltd., agents for Hawaii. Adv.
The fishing crafts were torn from their
moorings, smashed against each other
and carried upstream.
The wave washed clear across Cocoa
nut Island, doing some little damage
although the wave brought ao damage
to tbe main shore.
The first higher wave was followed
bv a second, smaller wave, which csme
within a few minutes of the greater
Republicans Are Starting Organ
ization Plans and Will Com
plete Them Thursday
1 Determined that the Republican par
ty of the Territory of Hawaii shall
r nd tM candidates ia the com
I ,nK eiecuons, mo Acpuoucan termor
ial rcntral committee's executive com
mittee held an Important meeting yes
terdav morning and resolved to raise
a sum limited to 4000 for the expenses
of tbe campaign.
To carry out thfs financial policy a
finance committee was named, eentis't-1
ing of George W. Smith, A. Lewis, Jr.,
R. W. Hhinglo, as the committee pro
per, who will cooperate with A. W. van
Valkenburg, treasurer of the central
Another important departure taken
by the executive committee was the de
cision tu so conduct the primary csm-
paign as to eliminate the formation of
combinations, or little huis, among the
candidates, which has a tendency to
breed bitterness and more or less "Cut
ting" of the ticket at election.
With the idea of conducting a
straight and above hoard campaiga the
enmmittee has called a special meet
ing of all the Republican candidates
in the office of R. W. Breckons for next
Thursday evening, to decide upon meth
ods of camaign procedure with the
view in mind of educating the general
public more completely in its ehoiee of
nominees for the party and to avoid
the possibilities of "knifing" during
the campaign, or after.
It is propose.! to hold public meetings
at which every candidate will have
the same chance, as any other randi
date tu pliii-c his ease and arguments
before tho people, and all of these meet
ings will be conducted by the officers
of the central committee, of which
Clarence Crabbe is chairman, and E
A. Hermit is secretary,
w. a a
Ity I nlor-Island steamer Mauua K.011
?,-.. Il..u-Ull uti.l Muiil i.,.rU Hatuptlar
a lie
H'sck. Ml" L. Illack. Miss Anderson. Mis
WaMron. Miss Aran. Miss A.
Akana. Mrs.
pnsri-c. Miss
ItoriVuhurst. Miss A.
Ml mm l.iicr Konir. Artbm
1 iikIm l, , U'llit H IV Aitmi.
Mrs. W. Vi-iHli-nhiirg rant VrcOVnbnru'
v rm,iM.. Kum-ue Cauuliell. Clar-
.-n,,- 1 sinolicll. Tom Ksliunloa. Jaatrs
....! I.'-...... Iu.ll
Wiwui -r Nonli Kim-iiwc W, 1. Ijiwson
I"- Iu licit 11 l.l Akloka. John Kicnccr.
i,, Km-'iIh H l Yihiii. I'. K Whlt
iluirion. Mlo-i Alti-e Mi-Ouald. Ml"" Thelma
McUualil V. McUuslit. M. Kaniakawl-
x'oolc. Mr. ami Mrs. Oeorge V. AlkfU, Mlas
i ! n Maul I. Worsley. II. H. Ten-
lislloK'. J. It Hock. Master I'enballow. J.
T. Moir .lr. Jacob Ho. William Bet-bert.
C I. Iin. 11. Ou.ve. X. Koilams, Dr. B.
, m,,ik K.1U, MUa Ul Eapu. Mrs.
It. K Ki.-n.-h. Miss larle. Miss Martln
cu Miss, XUrtliiMen. Mrs. Cockroft. Miss
1 , Wr,,r,, 'MI'S A. I'lres. Mrs. Oaorae H.
rntuHiluira. II. Vlila. Leallc Villa. H. K.
Hull.). Mlwi M. M.'ubliln. C. lis Id win.
;.1.p,"S!..,k" ftrtdanT K.ad
Mp- 4 ,ar. (iar and sli children. Mas-
t.-r f. Ulson. llaaliirunto. J. A. Medelroa,
0 Awsnmrs. Miss O. Buchanan. Miss M.
,.,, KiW,K,ki fi. g. K.Hin, Miss
,!.,., th-VUg, u. B. Cbkng.
' ' ': 'JZ '" v
" P1etailo Compeiiv. j
'i'elloka Arr!ltrt Co.. Lt4
fnkea Bnpar Co., 14. '-
: Knala Bugar Company '
WsM.wa Water .Compeer, Lt.
UMITEVI 1, K' if
. Y( '.'':'.'-y Vviis'if'"
Fulton Iron Works, oi St. Loeis
Rabeock Wlleoa Company
Oreoa's Pael Eeonoaxlser Coal aS
Chaa. C Vuorr Co., Bngineero
How Do Your
Accounts Standi
. . ' . .. . -. :
By using chocks to pay all
bills you will b able) to say
positively and at onco just how
you stand financially tha first
of each month. Such a system
makes for economy and conve
yance. Bank of Hawaii,'
Corner Fort sad Verchant Streets
Regular Sailings to BRITISH
COLUMBIA, (change at Victoria, B.
C, for Seattle; Vancouver' is eoa
ectiug point for passengers by
to or via t8. Tsui, ChlcaCgo or Mon
treal), FIJI, NEW ZEALAND and
Theo. H Davies & Co. Ltd
Commission Merchants
Sugar Factors
Kwi riastation Co.
Waialua Agricultural Co., Ltd.
Apokaa Hugar Co., Ltd.
tHiltoa Iron Works of St. Louie
Blake Steam rumps .
Western Centrifugals
Babcock Wilcox Boilers
Oreen'n Fuel Rconomiser
Marsh Steam Pumps
Matson Navigation Co
I'latrters' Line Shipping Co.
Kohala Sugar Co.
chinery of every description made te
Issued Tuesdays and Fridays
(Entered at the PostolU.-e of Honolulu,
T. H., as aecoud-class matter)
Per Year S!.00
Por Year (foreign) to.UU
Pat-able invariably in advance.
Th AssssUfd rress Is saoliuUyalr a
UUsd to tta M for rspnbUeaUaa of all
aaanvduaatokas ersditad te It er net eUer
rise amdltoS ta this prT aad else Us
Iseal asws yabushsd tharsla.
0. t. CRAKE, BasUiass saanagor.
To succed Miss Eli sabot h Matthews,
Professor of Household Economics at
the College of Hawaii, who resigned st
tbe close of tbe Isst college year, the
board "of regents have appointed Miss
Winnona Cruise. Prosaor Cruise, who
is a Cauadian by birth, is a graduate
of tbe University of Toronto aud of tbe
Graduate Hcbool of Columbia Univer
sity, New York City, where she re
ceived tho degree of A. M. After a
valuable practical esperienee as Diet
etitian of tbe Johns Hopkins Hospital
she engaged in college teaching, aud
conies to college from the University
of Louisiana. The appointment is,
made on tbe recommendation o( Presi
lent Dean, who secured the services of
Orof'saor Cruise while on bis trip to
the East.
(Tablets) . Druggists reiaad tnoaoy if
it fails to cars. Tho signature of
B. W. GR.OVB 1 on each bos. Man
ufactured by th PARIS IfBDICINS
CO., 8t. Louis, U. 8. A.
Castie &Ccoke,

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