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Friday, September
U.SL": r L'i-' JU-.-rrg
1 ' c 1 1 1 1
, . 1 , .
1 1 ' A '
o J
&dnW' 'v ii Ni
1 1
- .1 "t. . mji f ! WESSSSES
CflnmfiUfcS Ticitly ACRhowleflgcS
ric For fre&jcnt Crop
V Has Beh lod LUw
I V Vllkll 1 knu 1 n 1 rvnw
Rich Plantations .WiJI Proahly
Pay Eighty Percent fit
increase in Taxes
tii .jru: for raw u of ih Mxt
cro thar em ba Ueit dmU
aioa 4ht th pric. which h flxd
and roaiutinoi by U ugr MnmiM
of tlU ood daUaiatratio for. W pie
eat crop mi too low. . Prodtieere
riticied. th CQmvitto for .hariag fie
. complUlied . nly half of what it, waa
d8ij;nPd .for.. ,Iti Mt aadartakea tha
accompUnhmat..of th other hal,r
. - Tha rammittaek sought J atablixe aad
mamiaia. 11 icuuuuii ua n
of refiaad augsx to Aha eoaumr , lo
tUia it aueeeeded.,, It waa onrtttoted
to aiaintaia produetioa to tha hlsbaat
.degree and la thi It aaeeaede4 nly m
4mm tlia nIHntim ih nrailiieara
helped. . . The prico waa . too t jaw to
' atimulata produetioa whea .other eomt
Buxlitiea ould be xaiaed 0 wbUh the
ri,ee waa ot draaticalljr eoatroled.
- v Oeaeral aatiifacUof with tha aew u-
Car price ia expressed j U oa"eted
, wiia ute fugar jouunrj in- v
ia all that eowld be hoped far as4 aipra
. 1 .1 1 . . 1 & L 1 TT 1 1 .. T L
than moat expected... ut i.Z ceau a
. pound : la aot
, aoanda. "The
SO aiga a Plea aa fX
old price of e.09 with
. .
highor casta for averythiag that eaters
1L! 1L.1
- ftiai ef eugar fin he Urr ,Barfia
ac nroill .laaa MUX igun to uuc au
. auarucr ccm- vusar. uviwrjp ua iwii.
Cniita arn still mountias and will be
ea a IgM t "P Heace
aadaraaaifil,2 eenta a pound fur
j rawn tiu jrive a proi wntca is equiva-
lent to what waa earned when casta
were loner and prices ranged from five
' , , Sugar at 6jD5S a pound meaua 1121.10
a toa a4 the refinery ports. At 7.28
: rreaae of 24.50 a ton.
poorer Helped Moat
it la wont mar re eauea una poorer
; plaatatioaa.or eoaianiei that will bene
fit aaost from the new sugar price.
With them it ia a margin of profit in
stead of a margin of loss. It will en-
imo laws u iu 11 up hi me jiaui aovve :
."axeeaa". With the richer companies .
it arill snean larger earnings than this
year bat
greatly increased divp
- Present indication are that the new
War .jBeveaue Law will tax profits
. which are in excesa of the prewar pro
' fta eighty perceut flat Thia will mean
that of the profit which are permitted
uader the new price einhtr percent will
aa ta hu irovriimeat and onlv iwantv
. percent to the stockholders but this
. will enable in many Instance a pay
"anant of dividends during 1919 a fifth
larger than those that will have been
paid this year. it is this one fifth
margin that encourages the larger and
the richer plantation. It may be fur
their increased for it is baaed en the
same production as this year aad, with
-tha exception of labor, every .condi
tion surrounding the industry is Indi
cative ef a considerably larger crop
. than thi year. Aa it is proportionate
ly larger so ran the richer companies
increase their dividends to the extent
': of one -fifth of the increased revenue
' from . ha. lara'i outturn.
; Bomevbai Surprised ,
When the Planter' Aaaocia.tion was
advised last Monday that the figure
. 1 . j ,, I m ,,0 .
u ik . mn H 1 u if vii anuu d 1 L was
graerslly Wlieyad there waa some mia
.tk for it was figured that the per
centave of increase for the grower whs
out of proportion to that allowed the
.refiner. , Wtoek, market report from
New fork Indicate that the investing
!ublif there look on the division of the
ncr;ase In the aame liht, bad ex
pected, more ana were aisippoinicu, for
AmaricaA Huirar Refining Company
piocav ai)4Uiiua sosrui iiiij vu m
announcement, the decline haying been
nkd even before the announcement of
. the actual fixing of the price. $ut by
. granting far the longer and of the in
' crease to the grower the committee h
made clear that ita purpose is to stimu
late production ,to make larger the
'profit where larger profit was neces
sary.' ; II ard To Grant .
To ierreaae the price of refined sugat
two rent a pound was not aa easy
thins for the sugar committee to do and
it. hesitated long.. The .desire of the
' food adminiatratioa on the mainland is
to aold prices to the consumer aa low
aa may be and vet keep prwluction to
'the maximum. Thi 1 shown in wheat
a, well ar In sugar.. -The Increase of
two cents a poqnd aBeatS 10p,0O0,(MM)
tieople a tha. United HUUtja alone. It
will mean about il.50 ad.lud to the
cost pf Vvig of ciacjb on of these. On
th Other hsd, unless it wer sp ia
.urreaaed .these aun4rd million would
have dUt (da- , without . a eoaaiderable
. part of what 1 deaaaed their actual rn
quirement. Thus tb committee had
.difficult problem to olv aad it is nit
unlikely tuat it will be severely criti
'BkYDfe SUdArt MILL AT EiEEfc KUAiyThe itoct
tonaidorhbla aluntion aince the fcnnouncmint U.a lilljr
land the demand for its hares is
rood Administration Al Washing
ton Has best of Reasons
Hawaii this Tear escaped suiaf
1 raiioaiag, 'aa ezempiwa iron, me
(with Porto kieo and Alaska whilo
... :. . . 1 ii. 1
I A..:;.a. . .atlMiAri with lha PAHt .
of the I'niteil States. Why the exeaip-
tion was made for Alaska was not j
quite lrar nor was it quite clear why i
Ixtuisikna was inrluded. Porto Bieo
and Hawaii may have been excluded
beeauae augaj . ia thmr raia jad
, but it has been surmised that the
reason for Hawaii was because of the
larce amount of unshipped euicu. if
such was the ease the tame canditioua
ere not likely to prevail anil Hawaii
might be included. It dors no hum,
therefore, for Hawaii to prepare.
It js probable that another reason
entered into the rationing plana of tha :
food administration. Sugar is a food
and when used it supplant- other fooile.
I Hawaii and Pprt o Rico produce it in
! large qnantitie. Other foods hsve to
pe largely brought to Hawaii. Where
fmgar is used in place of other fool
', that would have to be imported there is
a double saving in freight and at the
warn time it releasee for use on th
: i. . k fnA,!. tl.n M-r.,,1.1 hovji
, l. K,hf l.r ..L.
1 ieeoaTBtavlitiT this it is doubtful if the
food administration nt Washington '
take any ltcbs at anv time to curthil
sugar use (9 this Tent-ry as hai to be '
done on the m-iplsin!.
tr. a. a.
The posxibility of obtuiuing sugar
from the hark and waste of the larch
tree is being investigated by F. D.
Becker, secretary of the Montana Lum
ber Manufacturers' Association, whV
has written the following letter to the
LV H. i'orest Products Laboratory at
Madison, Wis.:
"I have beeu doing quite a little
tracing of the qualifications of west
era lflrch. I have even traced it back
to f century 0 ao.ago into Russia. I
found that the peasants extracted u
gar from the growth on the inside
e.ihe bark of the feuropea larch and
that t I her had the facilities that tbey
could , ivc gotten sugar out of the
body of the tree.
" Wil you kindly advise what you
know about this and will you be good
oujgb to makve , tests of .Montana larrh
to ascertain whether or not If could be
obtained In commercial quantities. Hew
ever, this does not seem possible, but
auyaay if there is any sugar that
ran be obtained from the bark it would
be getting something out of waste.
"Montana larch is now recognised
a very superior to the fine old Europe
an larch, our wood' being of a finer and
after texture,, and the jipverament is
recognizing it as one of the finishing
woods, even to the extent of using it
fpr Interior finish of a. great ananv of
th new ships, and if waste aad bark
aa be used for sugar ia addition to
the wood being used for government
purposes, Montana will do a great deal
towards helping ia thia great struggle."
( rised by the consumer in granting so
large price increase,
Hera U Hawaii, on a baia of oily
( tha, save rrop as this vrar, it will menn
. receipt for the crop increased by 4)',-
000.000. It means tl.st Hawaii will
be Able to krep up its past good work
in the purchase of liberty Bonds, in
supporting the Red Tross aad other war
work. Wages will be somewhat higher
i and this will warrant increased purehu
es of Thrift and War Having Htamps.
It is an assurance to the Territory, of
a higher degree of prosperity than ha
been enjoyed during the past year.
evident by the s:ock exchange sales sheets.
itclilfd '
Crown. Their MirCIrf Of Profit
Is Wined Out Practicailf 1hi
Obeying OrtJcfa f Pm i
Retail grocers are complaining that
the prot margins provided' -by the
Food Administration, while, seemingly
adequate wheu made, are plainly in
sufficient to rover the rapidly increas
ing coat tlf doiiig biiainess, which
are estimated to have advanced from
a normal average of 17 percent (on
sales) before the war to probably
twenty-tbree percent of more how. In
various parts of the eountry- demands
ar growing for a readjustment of the
For iiiMaiin', a typical grocer in SL
1-ouls wtide an ajialyvis of his expenses
and found surprising Increase. H,e
employs two 'meat cutters, who for
nwwry were paid $30 and IK a week';
respectively, or a total of "8 a week,
lie ia now paving the same euiploves
aoo a srSAk. or an iairas nf I h irf r
I six oerreut. He emdovs four clerks.
three of Whom received 13 a week
d the one I4 a week, or a total of
5.1. whereas he is bow bavin that
same help 7" a neek. an mcrease of
20 3 percent.
His ie, which formerly cost 22J4
cents, has been alsocel to thirty
cents a pound to eight rents, meaning
an increase of 114 percent, butcher
paper na,s risen from three cents a
!und to r!'i cents, or 108 percent,
le formerly pHid eight cents for twine,
aud is. now paving seventy cents, or
an nn,iiv ui rn iririiviib nni n
dvance of H8 percent. Heat
..,.t 1 l ii .,
iii'lftiupi mK u i vl ui a lull,
...u j. r, . ... 4,. ,n
V here Ijorses arc used . .in delivery,
iat formerly cost thirty-two .cents;
it i now seventy rents, though a while
ngo. it , waa .ninety cents. ,Hay, whieh
fqrmerly. .cosjt l a ton, (he grwer is
now fprced to pay -(! anu repairs are
costing .upward of fifty percent more,
while insurance on stock and equip
ment baa becu advanced.
Another retail grocer hns had an
expect, (iccoiintnnt gp ,,ov his luniks 1
to dotcrmiae accurately n is , overhead
expense, ' 4 This retailer doe a aqnual
business of (tOO.OOO with an expense of
15,5.13 Aft,, qt,2 $ perorni. The dif
ft rent item wre( found to show the
following percentages:
Labor .
l)elver singons . . . K,
, .00.S
, .00.5
. .on.o
. .00.120
uyiti licat aud poncr
Med Oepts
1 loterest on unte
19 v...,.
Ponatlpns. t 1.
License and taxes. . ... . .
Mw bag,' lnips, printing.
P.eraclavon on flxtprea
Interest oil investment
Totil percent
price list
In moat of the
established bv the fond
tioa for such Stables as suirar. buttar
ejy, 1H tiour; etc.. Stems a! re priced
on a past of from cost to less thin
tea percent, gross. However, Hie Food
Administration oij canned good, dried
fruits, .cereals, ranged th aiargia
from, sixteen to. thirty percent. On
sugar, heretofore largely sold In com
petitive wy at from no profit to tn
percent, .th . ?"'waace Jf now Pv4
i-eut, rejeil irii c d4, 121 iiercent.
Neif Yrr IoiiimuI ui foliiiiieice, Au
gtist 5, 1018
w. . a.
THe uisjoritv of the answers reach
ing the ehntnlier of commerce from
merchant and member of. the cham
ber favor the holding of a territorial
fair ia Honolulu ia 11MU.
i -! ' r
fTotnfiUy tiM jwrae.in or -j
prico of ug;r for ..the .nex.t Jctbp S
mm w
Mm WTSfiM ft Refin
; cries; is Belie!
gni the cx'ra two cents
fn tie. prict of rcfineci sugar for the
balance of the preacHt cropf This Is
a question which is puxxling sugar
producers in lluwaii and upon which
they have not as yet had advices.
The pYice.,for refined sugar at whole
sale hs been adraut-ed to nine cents
hut ,th price f paid for rwa to the
rotlurer, Will not be increased until the
next 1 crop. Will .the refiner get the
profit f- Will the sugar equalization
board buv at O.OG.j and sell to the re
finer at 7Ji eut J If the latter wi)l
the refiner be permitted to- get his
share Of thfe increase in dlifereutial oil
this year' crop whAU the producer
does hott That margin is about .21
of a cent,,
tn Hawaii the only company that
may immediately profit by the increase
ia ailger price would be Honolulu
Plantation and there is pot a. great
amount of refined sugar in its re Scary
nor a great deal more to tie made from
thia year's crop. It is allowable for
this company to sell it refined output
St, the pf" price. .but what is it to. do
with the differenccf
It is not believed . among shippers
here that the refiners will be given the
profit that would come to them aud the
profit, .Of the producer for the balance
pf the crop. It is suggested that the
eqiiiiir.ation board may take it aud put
the proceeds to the capital of the sugar
cprpoxtion which may bo called upon
tp biiy. .and sell at a loss later. This
is believed likely. But then comes up
tpe point of the .24 of a cent. Who
will get that. Shippers here confess
they are all at sea am will be until
there are further advice. At present
I xt V 1 111
, inry nave uoi iirrn jtiviwu
of the date
i , , .,, i
when the new prices will go into ef-
1 feet.
Shipments; From Here Overlap
Other Mew Crops
Need of the establishment of a uni
form , sugar year nd ita, adoption by
a(l , augar. j producing '. section aad
country without regard to the period of
the year when' their shipment begin
nd end, ,i ,aecn by men prominent in
the Hawaliaq sugar - industry.'
Tbe new .sugar ( price is to go -inta
effect with the new rofr'it is reportel,
The beet sugar crop will be going in
before the last of the Hawaiian augar
will be shipped., I'erto Kico and Cuba
il) b;ntflt before UAwnll does,. From
Core aome of the new. crop will be
moving with the pldVf rop rawa in Nov
omDer and December. t manifestly
would simplify .thing 'if... a uniform
siicar year were to im taWiabd. , t
rtanters here wdulil have been glad
tp see the hew prjcee go into effcrt
immediately for there ia still a coasi
derablo amount of augar that is un
shipped or is in transit. The point
they stick at, however, is that the
Cuban, the Porto $iran and the Louis
iana crops are (a while Hawaii's crop
it still hot entirely harvested.
. There is always late aagar sent from
the Hawaiian Inlands which overlaps
the. crops of the others and if the nl
form year were established that late
sugar, at least, would be netting the
new price.
w. , a. .
MANCHKHTER, September 13 .(As
soeiabed Press) Following bis speech
of yesterdnv David LUjsd George ws
W last night. The l'reWiier in fertwl
to have suffered a chill and his temper
ature was high. 1'hyslelans are 'With
liiiu. .
With feontn t'Jl!VliiOo'h5
sand Tons Hive Departed
V. ' i-l r, itu'! ..-i -t
For. the nrst third of the month sugar
movements were keeblnft. well op with
i laM kionth'a , record depart are : and
movement were three-auarter aa large
j in proportion, but it la not expected
that this record will be kept up. To
and, including the tenth there had de
1 parted during September, 270H) gtons,
whlcn 4f kept ap for the month would
have meant SJ.OUO ion a against 102,
000 In August.
' There is no likelihood .of sugar Mov
ing s rapid'T to, the vest of the month
for many of .the vessels will load
anned pines in quantity. It U'new
rs.timatcd that there will be.nioveil.be
fore September passe out aboat 50X)
terns, earlier estimate having been 60,
000.. ., ; , .,
There has ' now been moved 4Ji),l)00
tons cf an estimated total movement
of 56.1,000. The present estimate for
the aionth ' ahipuient would (rave pajy,
about 67,000 tons and .of thi jjetwee 1
4.VM) and 5000 ton will be ground in
late November and early December. MT
jrill at least, .be aot rdy for ahiptjieat
until mat time. j nua re move anpia
er 00,000 tofls in October would have 1
the sugar about cleared out.
Where augar is bound the shipper
does not always know new. . He bj
moat concerned in seeing th4 sngar get '
the waiting shiiis ' and
pass around Uiamoni ami rvo9
JSoawtinyaa it start for one
point and it diverted to the East under
later ordera. But sugar 4s moving an I
that U the main eonrem of the hlp-
per and or tne enipptng Doaru
.The greatest confidence ia felt that
next aeaaon'i crop will not be subject'
to such delays as was this year. , The (
shipping board hss now shown what ,
. 1 i t-l. , I
emergency was largely created because
sugar had Unavoidably accumulated. If
th board could meet, aa it
h" doP
so sulendidlv. an emergency, with the
increased shipping of the .next-, few
months there is little doubt that su
gars will move away, quietly, rapidly
and regularly. Karly ia .the crop. 4Qt
000 to 90,000 tons a month will do
while later it can increase to, the apex
of the harvest and then decrease agaW.
At any rate, planter are not now
worrying en the score of ships.
Brokers Are Busier Thah At Any
Time Since Yenpvy Sheet
Exposures Came
Mtock brokers on the local cxrbanfe
have for the past two day .been, en
joying a businews such aa they have
apt previously kaowu in .months and
the chief source of busjness has bca
sugar stock. The buying ia stimulate)
by the price of sugar for next year
nnd the tone of the market is distinctly
bullish. Smiuic of tlje buying is, kpowu
to be for mainland account and the
mainland quotations show e increased
demand for sugar securities in Kaa
Francisco. j.
McBrvdc hns been one of the innii
points of interest in the local market,
in part, perhaps, because it is one of
the lowest prired stocks and will be
one of those which will most largeiv
benefit from the Increase in price, tt
is one of the plantations where the
reater part of the increased revenue
can go to dividends and Itot 1n,tp,.war
revenue taxes, AH of" the Hawaiian
securities have scored sharp advances
in pan Francisco and appear to be in
ilcmsnd. Hawaiian Commercial, Ola,
Honokaa, Hutchinson and Oahu. ry
Expectation among brokers i that
there i every probability of a eon
lderable buying movement setting in.
(By Consul General Alfred A. Window,
Auckland, Jury B.) . .
A new agreement has becu entered in
to between the New Zealand govern
ment aud the Colonial Sugar Refining
Co, of Auckland, by which the whole
sale price o' sugar for Jhe next vpar
is( axed at 1,0M$ per fcoa .(2,2J
pounls), as compared with a 107.0b Tor
the past year.
At the outbreak uf the war the C'olo-
pial Sugar .Refining . Co., was selling
aiignr.. at
wDolesale at S7a
which rose to ftT.XI per ton at the chjse
or inn; to iui..n on Juiy 1, ivio; aim
Ion July 2, 1917, to $107.06. Thia is for
the best cue sugar; and (lie arrange
ments H'sile by the New Zealand iov.
erament have been eat i mated to have
saved the New Zealaud (yiasuiacr, dir
ing the past year, about S1,04,6CIO,
and aeeuis to have give entiie aatls
faction. The best grauujatd ujar at
present is retailing iu ibis city at 6
cents per pound.
CORDOVA, Alaska, IScptetnber 1
(Associated 1'res) Jrnnip creek dis
trict, in the Key uk uk region, one of
th most noftherlv mlnin? csmbs ia
the World, Is dinwlni mnny dieij (his
year. ' In -the gold strike rlinde oa this
creek last year three nuggets were
taken out which wero together valued'
at $1,100.73. 1
'r ' We -wi w i f- ' w- -
a . . .
oTfinio in nriimit'n
' That Source,
; i .oWifttfl
jrcri of, Carriaas :
' f there ha been an hope that fill
pU0 laborer -Inlghti be;, broqght; here
p traaspoita-that pv m oow,ie
dismissed although It .Was probably
never" well founded. : With the trans
poftsthat bie.:becs aiakfdg JlbaoJu
ii llftwecj ' the Pqillpplael riyl ih
mainland: lakenelt that plan aha be
dismissed. Jf Filipino jre to .be
brought here other ineaas vmust' pt
"Why not briog Ike- Filipino' eft the
steamers oomlaf,' from the .Orion ttis
the ' f jre'queaU. aah ' f ueetipn. Jhey
ar being, brohg)it is n, thyse "steaki
er as far as aeeomrhodatioa 4an be
found ia .the reply, Thi week on one
nt earner there mm fartv-nl hut that
ahqnai 4hal talrdpf pn peri
n of what Ureq'uired.) Jh ktoaaier
from the Orient are running fori, is
the answer from the PJanter' labor
t v vt a" iaei registereu ppuctien ir
laborer number lest than 40Q that
doe not ' mean that only that many
laborers, coujdi be sWei t fta 4he,apa
irary.th pUntersyoomd as three limes
mat many men ir.tnev a
sy td them and
then, with tha new price of sugar there
would e efforts made as fever .before
for , a iximpeijuttura i. . , -y
Meantime efforts are bejng maile 4y
olher thia the pliatere .ta-, secure
Oriental Jabor jfor .the Islands.., Even
if s success does -finally come -to their
effort H wULtate tlaia and may some
too lte to.dq.jntich for the .next crop,
Te pnly.-relief that hf been aoearrd
wn the keeping of school labor frpih
. 1. . 1. . ' 1 t . 1 .r il. - 1 . . j . . .
the rural
awtoeJBH ist.ihi.. plaaUtioaa
until the end of the month
Kiu.,..ll. Iri m.r 11m. it .a.
t0 ,be xpee,te4 .that . the ,transprs
could bo secured to firing large .num.
tiers of Filipino laborer. Thcr.e would
have been too much chance of intro
ducing some disease aboard a transport
that might b needed 40 take . troop
away froi here. Then there ; would
have,bv dflayifoe .quarantining aivl
fumigation of the ship. It Is cax to
ace the army would, takv no chaace
of introducing a,py epidemic into the
fighting force of ike eountry.
Hawaii is far from finding n solu
tion of its labor problems and is now
seeking to prevent; th ranha, of n;
akilled plantation and field labor being
rurtnor aopietea Jy ,aav.wrajt ipoa
a s 1 -
. - .i. .
cently a considerable number or rill
plnos have returned home.
JV, Dv.Mtii.;.! t.JL Woilchouae,
the secretary and chairman, of the .com
mittee of irhjnigration- of Ik .Plantera'
Association Ict or,. tb, ruin)snd thjs
week, going to Washington and it is
nt e9probable;tha.t fheir vvl.it is fjoso
ly connected .with. rtoe labor situation.
By General David JR.-. WUber, Genoa,
. . JV1J ., , .... ;
The .Uazsetla UIKeiale of .Mv 0,91,
contaio a d.ecre , pr.oLibitng heuse
of IHKar beets for industrial purposes
other titan for the production of iugitr.
I It i also prohibited to use pulp and
juice derived fxoiu sugar beets foe any
other, purpose than the production of
sugar. -i ' ,
The, molase4erlved Xros the werk
ng of beets mr, he used orislla.
Hon only if pf less th p3 qaota of
purity) with excepUoa ef the amoant
ssjigncd for the preparation ,f awecto
od forage or other alisseatary needs.'
vThe maximum quantity oJ,moasses
thst may be destiaeS for dlstiliatloa,
Added t ttt. algnd for ajimeatary
aped, eaa, aot . exceed, for ,aach sugar
factory 4 percent of th weight of toe
beet worked. .- ,
, fefeXTttX riepteriibfer 1 (XrsorlVt
id I'rSssWAa "honor heme for working
girls baa, Just been, opened;, La , Seattle
s tne result qf, 4 movement ..by a
Committee of citliens. The home has
scconunodations for ihirty fit., girls
based oa what tbe.grls ears. .Medical
attention is to b supplied ia .the sanis
manner. Aay deficit in operating ea
pehses will bo borne by the .committee
of citizen. . "jj ' ' '
WASHINOTONi August 27 Fallow
ing the example aet bjr th wr, depart
nient or unifying h. Jtiilitary estab
lishment, Secretary Daniels tbday Issued
a ceaeral order an pi og out tho rvarious
differences existing in the uuifnrui used
by the regular Navy and naval reserv
ist. Tlia onler say hereafter the uniform
of aay given rank in .tb navy hlb
identic! in every respect throughout
except for the Various 'distinguishing
rorpa iWyiue aad. that every oflV-er,lii
the nayy hlj be ilesigiiated and ad
dressed by the title of bis rank. . ,
The latter change does awiiv wllh
the time-honored custom of calling the
bead by the position they nil
rather than by th title of their rank.
.'nY !?t"V!',i,T.it now doc. The idea is not to avoi.l
e,v ta ohirkv
mh May
ihLu ii Atff I MSA
huu new ivdvr uitu
.-: ;;-.. r , i ;
Net Earnings Instiad of Price of
Raw Sugar In New York May
' fiecome pasls For ,B6riu Dis
tributions V- "
r v y ,l- . v
One of the ieaulta of the incroaae of
mora tha a a cent and a quarter a pound
in the price of raw sugarj likely to
ie a complete reidjurtulcnt Jtt the
llonus system,'. U tie .IalinU and th
Beer basl" may be that net profit a
tea which the, plantation makes In
stead of the price, of ugr f.d,b. New
York.,- Thi; haa beea civsn aomo eoo
sidcratioa already . and, will Jikejy re
ceive considerable- more between now
and'tbs next meeting of the. Planters'
Association aod -t, that.meeting.
V'hea the preeent bonas system wn
devised costs were materially lower
than they have been since the United
Htates entered the war. This was rec
ognised, when the planters revyied: the
bonus plans, along Jinn that ', sim
ilar to the old ones, -at tha, last elect
ing. To continue the,- present bonus, sys
tem, with the ueugl quantity of labor
available woe Id increase the percent
age from fifty-five to ninety-one per
cent -which would make an increase of
payments of about sixty-five per
cent. A wage increase of more than
3,000,000 ia thia way may be consid
ered as impossible , or impracticable.
Borne plantations could afford It, but it
ia claimed that other could not.
Hoi. Profit atoariXLg , ,
. Under, the present bonus system it
has-been claimed that It was lnrqu
ablejto the jslnntations which had high
operative fad prodnctton costs. Where
coats .r.'br low. the plantation could
readily pay the bonus and still have a
! P"' , Where eosta were
Uf(ll. IUC vuiiua wyuiu nviiirtini a aiu'vo v
wipe out the margin for profit.
t It ha been urged that there iS ouly
one fair basis lor the bonus System
and - that is the act earning? pf the
employing companies. Where one eom-
iiaay earns $20 a ton and shot bar only
HO a. ton t is claimed the two should
not . pay the aame amount n ton in
bonuses. ..
i Basing bo hue payment on the price
of raw, augar a pound is not ..strictly
speaking, a profit sharing system aa the
bones system is, designed to be. Tbe
profits to the different producers vary,
if based on net profit a tya or pound
of sugar ami, a certain share of the
net profits paid to the worker, it would
Tri nut work a greater hardship oa the
m'J ' i....ii" i. l.. :...l iko
UUOr UlBlltai-IOW aa IB , iniMiu
pavihn labor Ita fair share but to have
the plaatatlons that earn the moat pay
tho most proportionately as labor's
nhar of tno profits.
Examples. Turalihed .
Exaintilcs of how the present plan
ia working can b found this year in
Pacific Mill, Honokaa aud WaUuku, atl
of which will pay no dividends. They
are, however, l paying the aame bo
pus for each pound of sugar produced
ns do the companies that are operat
ing nt a profit. 1
a?. a,,-
A new industry has grown up in the
southern lrt of California and in Ne
vada and Utah sirice tho outbreak of
the war, according to J. H. Favorite,
chief of the field division of the tieu
ral Laud Ofiico,
It is thst of the manufacture of
binder wine, repe and bagging from
tho fiber of the yucca plant.
According to tne reort of Favorite
made yesterday, the nlMterinl for these
purposes before the. .war was the jute
tht cajne from Calcutta, Hhortage of
tonnage and excessive steamship rates
has made it impossible to import more
thpn one half the usual amouut of jute.
Favorite said:
- "The principal obstacle to the build
ing up of the iadustry .hitherto ha
boon, that uiost of the laud where the
yiicca grows is public land of the Unit
ed ratr-..-frhmitii tne effort of Alex
ander T.-VogwtarngY first aiistsut sec
retary of the interior, formerly of Han
Piaoilsco, aud Clay Tallman, coiumis
ionerf and foroierly of Nevada, a policy
has been adopted to jieriuit the use of
the yucca .011 government land. Com
panies now are permitted to use toe
piant, but are not given exclusive right
trt the land. Tho privilege i given to
all citizens, the same as is tho grazing
privilege,. The products are made from
the leaves' , and it s the intention to
aUot jfiuke o be tpard aud at the same
time, prescrvtp tbe djsnt for future use.
Tlrefe .already is a 'liig plant at River
side, where tho fiber Is used. Others
likely will 'be erected in other pluces.
Uf , .bOmizEl ,
fertilizer bugs will not rot if tbey
are treated with a dilute mlntion nf
noppor sulphate, ucrordiuv to tbe Unit
ed Htntcs denaitiileut of agriculture.
The I ff ef the t Sun sn nils of second
hand biu' used on tW plantations rau
be materially prolonged, aud money
caved, by frequent dipping, and in
Ibl'sc times such srtinll ecoiinniie are
rjuile as iniportaut fis the larger ones.
Rluestone, or copper sulphate, Is a
fungicide In (he presence of which
mould aud rot cau uot devvlope.
'- '.

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