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I !, ., . ft t
fc&ionations of Japanese Cabinet
lint Da Data kittiiil (iJul 'J.
; jmaj u ricaciucu uiiudj ,
'i Sacculation Rifii
.JTOKIO, September 12 (Special to
Nlppu Jiji) Strong resolutions calling
let. the immediate retirement of Prem
ier Count Mv Terauchi tfnA the) oJenY I
bei-s'-ofhi "unVoniitltutioiial cabinet "j
frere passed by representatives of the
ja?anv paper from, all part of the
1fmvlr who gathered ir today In
thtl Teraochl-nlj( meei'nf ''The Meeor
' ' vfcroo'-were passed1 unanimously.
. The unpopularity of the Terauchi
' enlnistry with most of the Japanese
press helped, to make the maaa meeting
ft ringing aueeena ao far aa tba enthusi
asm of those! who hare attended it waa
roscerned, ' Many editor spoke Tore.i
ttfjr against ibe preaent cabinet and
condemned Premier Terauchi aa a buret
critic boaa Who i hinderinK Japan'
progress toward a real eonititntional
government. i
The retirement of, Premier Terauchi
and members of hi eabinet i already
decided opoo and it ia reported on
good authority that their resignation
will be 'tendered to the Emperor 4.tt
" Af any , jrneases are being made as t
whom the formation of a new cabinet
Will be entrusted by the Emperor.
'While three or four name of the lel
Vg statesmen of Japan are mention,-1.
it la regarded as moat likely that Mar
qols K. Rainnji, who had been twlrn
premier, will be called upon to or
ganise hi third eabiaet.
TOKIO, September 12 (Bpeeial to
Hawaii Hochl) Hirata, one of the ean
didatea to succeed. Tersuch a premier,
ia la the rlaaa of bureaucratic, states
men. He has visited Terauchi. (loto
the foreign minister, Den, minister of
communication and Mukasoji, minister
of agriculture and has confered with
them relative to the formation of a
bureaucratic cabinet to succeed the one
which ia soon to retire.
imp $$Mmm Mmk
LtUB "Weeterh Frotit, showtnf St Mlhiei sail sot jitst south of Verdun,
tte taat Oertnaa-heU laUnt in Tvuif, wr being wiped out.
LONDON, September 12 (Associat
ed Preaa) Peasants who are in revolt
against the ISolshevlkl are reported in
Copenhagen despatches to have enter
ed Petrograd where they were joined
by a large part of the eiriKen popo
lation and some former soldiery. There
has been severe fighting in the street.
Report of the ' imprisonment of
twenty-two British and Freaah citi
zens, eleven of each nationality, in
he fortress of St. Peter and Bt. Paul
at Petrograd are contained ia des
patches from Stockholm. The North
ern European Neutral nations are exer
cising their good offices in behalf of
the prisoner.
w. as.
PARIS, September 12 (Associated strongly
(Concluded Worn Page 1.)
River, which was taken 'early in the afternoon. Thiaiicourt is nearly
five miles from the American 6tartingpdint.
From the line thus established from Fey en Hay to Thiaiicourt,
tjhe Americans worked west toward the salient tip, enlarging their
wedge, while other attackers drove north from Xivray and Seichep-
rey. It was on the western side of this Wedge that the strongest
exposition came, a strong garrison was encountered on Les Sparges
hill, near Matzerais and the Americans came under heavy fire. The
infantry then advanced under shelter of the tanks, capturing the
hill and taking three hundred and twenty-two prisoners. With the
tail of this hill position cane the fall of the town.
At three o'clock the Americans had reached their first objec
tives at some points being an hour ahead of their schedule. Un
official reports last night state that the American advance had passed
through ten towns and villages on the south, including Marvoism,
Kichecourt, M. Bussant, Maizerais, Lssey, I'annes, Ihiaucourt and
In the attack on the north side of the salient, where a hole was
torn in the German line Dommartin-le-Montagne and Combres were
captured, with the Americans attacking Herbeuville, Longeau and
The French, according to reports last night, had recaptured St.
Mihiel and -driven the Germans back in the salient's tip across the
Meuse. This report is credited, inasmuch as the French had reached
the western outskirts of the town in their first rush and had cut off
the German garrison holding Fort du Camp des Romains to th
On the southern side of the salient, farther to'the east than the
particular sector from which the Americans made their main attack
the Americans made a smaller drive north from Pont-a-Mdusson,
their cavalry patrols being reported last night as having reached
the road to the north of the Bois Communiux. This report comes
frorh London, where the news of the capture of the Roman fore
south of St. Mihiel is contradicted. The London news is that the
Germans Jre still holding this position and resisting the French
' : . j r " . if " .". ' " " ' . ' ' , - .1" PrT polities. l) or. money, Io
fhftw at4nSnf4 tsv HrtiM ., m .1 ...... . I. a a I f a f I . 1 j ' 1
.. uf.o.u uwt "7 m.viTvrtjr irciviccii me iji 11 esses ui campaign purpoee ,waa not "slusft
Verduh and Nancy, Ui -drive being checked close to the' German "oney" but "party money" he said in
unerexcept that one'rman force advanced up the valley of the .MteK-T!?;
Ma RjverrYl.cros.sed''InW the : Meuse Valley reaching the river
byf a r'oaf sixbrotected hy, steep' Valley sides that it was beyond the
rech-f ihcTrehch artillery. ' This German force seized St. Mihiel,
a bit'bf the territory on the west bank of the Meuse where it makes
A, sharp tlrve, 'and the fort covering the river at this place. S.nce
thejr ccupany of M. Mihiel the Gemians have constructed a nar
row gCilge railroad from their border to the town and have strength
ened' the defenses vastly..
...ror three years the French have been driving at the sides of
the salient from north of Pont-a-Mousson, the main supply point
of the Allies here, fed from Nancy. Toul, which is the main Amer
ican7 Center in France, is fifteen miies due south of the front from
which Pershing attacked yesterday in his drive north into the
Will Tolerate No German Sink-,
Ingi'Nov Aids 'United
.'-.States With Supplies V
pn, September 12-(Offielal)
Forty fonr Ktemmn h1p ,rw Interned
rn Chfie'injJ that country i prepared
to ir theja 'aAdvOca ctire and ag
grenie warfare if Uermflny sinks
eh hlgle Chilean ship, I the un
Hrtalildif . insertion "of fcarloa Qaatro
Buia, consul general from phile to New
York, who hs returaed to his post here
after aa eitendcd visit to hia home
country. ' Veaehed here last Monday.
' M'aa Wfervlew given out today .he
said that, ninae hie arrival one of the
most profound impreselana itinde npon
him hs been the evident nnanimlty
of purpose hml determination evinced
on every band by the American peo
ple to support President Wilson in all
legislative Measure which be urges in
'order to make victory vn the present,
war an .undoubted accomplishment.
He waa' fc-reatly impreasid by the
huge transport, filled with United
State's soldiers, which he parsed aa he
sailed up the bay.
Walk rrora Pier
' He wa obliged to walk many block
from the pier owinj; to the fact that
he arrived on Sunday, a day when tbe
people ' of the city generally are ob
serving the request ot the, government
to refrain from using automobile in
order that gasoline may be saved.
When, in the course of the inter
view, it waa revealed to him that the
latesti figures on American forces
overseas showed ),000,000 hod been
transported, the consul general could
not helri expressing his astouishmvnt at
the achievement.
Is Helping America
Benor Kula- reported that "Made in
America" i now found everywhere in
Chile and "made in Germany" is be
coming a forgotten motto there.
Not only has Chile turned to Amer
ica for goods but Chile is shipping
practically all of her copper, io,iin, ,
nitrate anil potash to the United Htntes.
"There are forty-four German ships
Central Committee Absolved By
Candidates of Charges Made
By Representative Andrews
Campaign Fund To Be Reduced
To $2000 Campaign To Be
Short, Lasting Only Nine Days
Al'iolution without penance was giv
en the members of the Republican ter
ritoriul central committee of the "slush
fund" chorees made this week by
Lortu Andrews in an open letter, at a
niet'tiiij; of the Republican legislative
candidates held in the odice of it. W
Ilreokons last night.
While the meeting was not exactly
a Grand Old Tarty love feftst, there
wasn't any fight, for Lorriu Andrew
was not present, for the reason he
explnins that he was not proiierly in
vited. There was a bit of fireworks
but no casualties, for lack of friction,
when W. T. Rawlins explained that
Andrews was mistaken in his charges
although "mistaken" was not the
word used by Rawlins.
As a result of the meeting the Re
publican candidate decided that what
Andrews terms a "slush fund" is to
be knuwn hureafter as "party money",
so "poor men, middle class men and
rich men," alike may have an oiipor
tunity of making speeches at all the
prima: campaign muetings without in
dividuk.ly digging up their pro rata,
although the ante is to ne cut from
14000 to (2000 and poHsibly less.
Figures Are Embarrassing
The ouestion of how this "party
money" is to be spent caused the only
einliarrnssineiit at the meeting of the
Republican candidates. Rawlins bad
suggested thxt as a short campaign
whs to be held $.00 ought to be enough
for the primaries. b. C. Peters ob
jected with the assertion that it would
ml.., at I.,. -,!HWI U'Un l,u yl.rt
interned In Chjleaa harbors," snid the e1 t0 8.cify now it woud be ncces.
consul "and Chile is ready to seize to thi(1 money hs figured up
these and to open active and aggres - tnfBi iofl. nd then fll hBck nn
slve warfare if Germany sinks even a j tne explanation that there would be
single Chilean ship. The heart and soul
and apirit of my .coontrv is with the
Allies and that cannot be kept silent."
w. a. s.
Press) Reports that the Germans are
constructing a new line of defense
which it is their purpose to hold at all
narards and upon which they1 may fall
back in case of fnrther importnut re
verses oa the northerly end of their
Paris despatches, describing the battle as the first big American
offensive, conducted under General Pershing's personal tuperv '.sioti,
with the troops operating under orders from American officers, de
clares the drive a distinct Ameriqan victory. This, says Paris, is
valley of the Scheldt st the north and
to run from Antwerp to lletr..
It is known as the "Parsifal Line."
There was only raiding and artillery
fighting in the French sectors today
where the heavist fighting has been in
progress for the past several days.
PAZO OINTMENT is guaranteed to
Cur blind, bleeding, itching or pro
truding PILES in 6 to 14 duys br
money refunded. Alanulactured by
the PARIS MEDICINE CO , St. Louis.
U. S. A
, ('bung But, a' Waialua- Chinese, was
sentenced to sis month imprisonment
Itnd to pay a fine of $250 by Judgo
Horace Vaughao yesterday' after lie
pleaded g"ly to selling liquor to ol
diers. Ah Young, convicted of smok
ing opium, waa given a fine of $100 and
Costa. ' ' ' -
the first distinct American operation of a major character o far
present line, are printed in flirt in K-ho lne nrst
de Paris. The line is to follow the , bunched on the western front, the success of which is most crat
W hile awaiting details of yesterday's American offensive from
General Pershing, officials of the war department at Washington
are sanguine in the belief that the American commander may close
the trap behind the Germans in the salient's western section and
capture the considerable force believed to be there War department
officials Bay that probably a quarter of a million Americans are en
gaged in the fight or are being held in close reserve. All reports
Btaxo the American tosies to be very low.
The. importance' of ' the present blow is pointed out at Wash
ington where it is stated that St. Mihiel marks the tip of the last
salient the Germane hold yi Prance, a saUent that must be cleared
away before the Allies are able to launch an invasion of Germany
on this section of the front.
St. Mihiel is twenty miles from the nearest point on the German
boundary, from which same point the great German fortress of Metz
is less than twelve miles. When the' Germans first invaded France
The B. B.C. ft
am ' 1 i am ' ' aai
B. I. C. to a kettUe lluls. thtrtfor far
srisr t taklst rssiM hlk loss thdr
strssfta aa are eltoa M4lt' la kaaSllst.
' The amaxnig results attained by
the B. . O. Medicine are really
very simple and baaed on the scien
tific principle ttf making the body
strong? than diseases that attack
It. ir th body Is ttrong and nor
mal there 1s ho sickness. Hence
the principle, strengthen the body
'and away gees sickness. B. B. C.
la a combination 0( njedlclnul herbs
that working' with nature cleanse,
strengthen and readjust the entire
interior machinery of the body.
It, 111 flues Into Om body th Iron torvt
of lioUb nd flUUty ( ynuiu, drtftn uul
itiHiH. It Is blowl balldtr and purifier,
hems It succtss In rtiMunstlsm sod IiIik.4
marrlous stimaeh tonle. It does sway
with IndisMUou, sivotln an sppatIM, pre
tuiitlui (as on th toiuach, hMrtliuro.
bluatlni, flutltrln of th nrt and pains
In th atosiaeh sMr tlna. A ranarkabl
kldncjr and bladder rwnadjr. Tor dlabstn,
srart snarl, bathaeb and kludrad all-
aimitna t Is wlrhont aa xisal. A wondar
ful praparatlun fr turpld llrr, ak-k bad
arliea, trty aud narruua spalls, bllluuanaa
and alsaplBas aljirita.
Voi coaattpatloa B.B.C. Is a wild laxa
tive fro. irs ih satiu uf aevumuUtad
wat uiatiur Ui caua of piamatur old
as aud luflrntltlM. 11 Is aspiwlslly bai
flcml for run iluo, mk, uwfoua. Irrit
able, anemic people vrhu lack Irun aad lo
irea.ee llielr Iranslh after a law wk'
use to a inarkad des re la aiany laataacta
aa B. C. anable Hie araUi ia xlrat
the neceeaary Iron from th food ata and
wiih It enrlcb th blond, tb only way Iron
ran be taken up by tb ayatera with perma
nent benefit to the body, for Influent,
crtpp or denaue II will be found a aanat
reliable remedy. B. B. C. builds up tb
nere force and liaa the entir t) slain ?l
bratlni with hen It h Th hundrwla of tr
tlnmnlala from prominent local people In
widely different raaaa. and the Mdor
meot of many leadlnc pbyalolana. Uetlfy aa
to Ui real worth of thla strsrdinary
preparallmi. All dmaaliti, plaetatlaa
tra and dealer tall It We pay aklsala
eaareet as all is erears.
D.D.C. Headquarters, 1G1 King Street, next to Flshmarket
JTARKZ, Mexico, Beplembcr 1 (As
sociated i'ress) This is a port of miss
ing men. Many Americans have cross
ed the shaky, wooden bridge to this
little adobe town who have never been
seen nor heard of again. The files of
need of "incidentals" and that "party
workers" had to be paid.
After Breckons had jocularly advised
that some one start a fight so the meet
inn could get under way, Peters was
selected as the temporary chairman
ami Rawlins whs called on to express
his view as to how the primary cam-
iiiii;ii should be conducted by the Ite-
Must Hare Money
Rawlins started the purty engine
going ly sayiifg this wax mi time for
"pcniiut politics and mud flinging be
fore wc get our armor on." He said
he wanted to disabuse those present
of nny belief that the central com
mitteemen were working fur any
climie tiri'l that he believed because
" ' ' Ilonolnln, fleptetnber &, t18.
tores, "t ay .(48,00V" by )treein)r
wifh the others that this Waa the only
way tie. poo t canudate was given a
fair chance with others st sll the meet
karlv in the meeting Breckons told
the .candidates that "it wasn't talk,
when it was said the Democrats are
planning on throwing their votes for
Republicans thev consider will be weak
candidates." This, it was said, the
Democrat intend to do in aclne.tiug the
senatorial candidates for which they
have only three running, and in the
fourth District wkere there are only six
Democratic representative candidates.
Counter strategy to meet this ram-
paign plan was suggested by having one
of the seven Republican enndidntes for
nomination a representatives in the
Fifth District withdraw from the race
so the Republicans would have tin pri
mary contest.
John Seeing the Voters
Near the close of the meeting John
Wise attempted to convince the commit,
teenien that he thought four rousing
big meetings during the primary cam
paign would be a whole lot better than
daving three or four little meetings
every night. "But," he explained,
there is no reason why the candi lntes
could not get out and see some of the
electorate In th meantime." lie add
ed that he had already made Severn I
trips around the Island and intended to
make more. "Seeing the voters," was
John's idea of the right way to win
Emil Berndt was present at thp meet
ing but he didn't have anything to say
While reporters were present.
A a matter of record, it should be
added that two of the committeemen
at whom Lorrin Andrews letter was di
rected expressed the intention nt the
meeting of voting for him at the pri
maries. Both (aid they were going to
do so because they thought he would
make a good member of the legislature.
Among those present at the Republi
can meeting were the following:
John Wise, David Notley, R. W.
Breekont Charles Akau, William Tai.
kuli, John Kamanqnlu, Kli Crawford,
James Haknole, H. K. L. Castle, Judge
Aadrade, Charles Marquez, W. T. Baw
rin, J. A. Beaven, Charles King, J. B.
Enos, Rudolph Duncan, E. V. Kognrty,
A. Lewis Jr., George Smith, Emil
Berndt, Archie E. Kahele and Manuel
w. s. a
.. , WRnlANTJbH
4le, 'ft IT IdwtB,' td. ..
'.-Brewer; COv '......
... , v .. ., '
Kwa Plantation Co
Ilnlkit Pua-. I'"
Iisw Agrctl. fo
Hiiw. C I. Co
Hs-. Knsf. en
Ilonokiin Hub;. Co
tlonurau Mum. Co
ffntehlnsnn Hog. Plant.
blnbiikn I'biul. Co
kekrh rin-fsr c
Koln Bar. Co
Wctlryde ng. Co. Ltd. .
Iinllil Kll-t. Co
(Una (Mi:. c., Ltd
llnolni'B XllR. Co
t-aaiiliau Hug. Plant. Co.
P. Illf ' Miivar Mill
I'ala r laiitHtloii CO
I", iM-k' Mn(ar Co
Plonior Mill Co
rfnn Ci.rl.m Nulling Co. .
WiiIsIuh A-rrctl. Co
Waliukii Kug. Co
fn.Un n, Co. Ltd. . .
EiiKcIn CiiMr Mining Co.
Haiku V. A 1. Co., I'M.
Ilnlkn If. A P. Co.. Com.
lluw. t.On nr. , A
User. run. Ily. (; 11
lluw. Con. Ily. Com.
Mnwnhsn Rlwtrlc Co.
Haw. Pineapple Co. . ,
Hon. M. A M. Co.. Ltd
linn. Us Co., Ltd.
Hon. 11. T A 1
Inler-lsluml H
Milt. Tel. Co
Oshn It. A L. Co. .
I'nlinng Hublier Co.
H'lauia IdndluKS. I'd
name IBO-l Pd.l.
T. L. Co. ...
N. Co.
I ).
.if 1
"PerBhing Day " today the fifty
eighth birthday anniversary of the
American commander, and the first All
American victory in France, are to be
Celebrated by the firing of the first gun
in the Fourth Liberty Loan drive in
Honolulu, with military accompani
ments. This opening of the campaign will
be obaerved at the Bijou Theater by
the first showing of the first officinl
American war film to reach Hawaii
depicting the boya "over there." tin
the Bijou screen tonight will march
the boys who are today smashing the
Huns in the St. Mihiel salient, boys
officially christened "Pershing's Cru
Before this film is put on, Capt.
L. A. Wleiss, rapid fire orator of the
Fourth Cavalry,-' will deliver a four
minute speech on the Liberty Bond is
sue, and with him on the platform
will be Chaplain Loughran of the snme
regiment and the Fourth Cavalry Glee
Club, which Chaplain Loughran will
lead in the singing of "The Htoar
tipsmgled Banner."
The film will be started about eight
fifteen, and the singing and speech
making will probably start about eight.
21 I
4 W
17B ,
Rubber Co.
HON 1)8
JO I.,,.,
Beach Walk I. D. BU
Hsmskna I Huh Co. IM ...I..
llnw Con. Ky. li't I 774
riiiw n irr.w o.. M 7U
Haw. Ter. 4 Het. loa..ilul
Haw. Ter. v Pob. ImpsJlW
Saw. Ter. Pub. Imo. iqtl
erie 1912-1013) 110914
Haw Terfl 8V, I 9HW
Uilo Oa Co., Ltd. ... ,.!
Honokna Mug. Co., v , I tt!U
non. i.ns i iro as.... list
Kauai Ily. Co., lot
.viHima i inn. Hint., r,i .1 m
.11,-iirnr "S. 1 o., us . . . Wl
Milt. Tel. 5s tint
Oaliu H. A L. Co., & ...UltlU
tHhii sng. Co., 4 ...i. ..not
OISR lllg. CO., (f
I'aHrtc Uuano K. Co., BslloS
Ian Carlos ktllUaa;. t . .llo
RCTWtss rtr abds
Ononies. rt, 4il.t)0; Mcltryrte. 10, 70, tS,
s.. mm, no, 7.02V4' Enaela. 76, 50, 4.00;
WiilsliiH. .1, 5. a4.7); Ewa, 30, 15, 285:
Hnw'n Pines. 10, 42.60. .
BOAatlt HAt.r ' '
Walaliis. 15. A 24.00; Mellryde, 13, 1.tU:
ohm, o. .
Jane M, 19XH ; '
analysis beets (ao sdvtceS).
86 Cent. 'For Ilaw.) Sn;ara.....; COGS
Kept. 0, 11(18
Slnpni.ore in.SOi
New vorn tlio qaotattoal.
W. S.S.
i I I w
NKW VOUK Heptember 12 (Associated
I'retta) Koliowlns are th epaninat b j
etorlng atrotatlons of stock tt the New
York Market Wednrmlajr. There waa no
MexNlon of the exeliauge yesterday.
the I'nited Htates consnlate here
filled With letters from mothers, wives ( the rieh could not be conducted with-
and other relative asking for iufnrmu- i out iiarty funds. This, he mud, was
of expense, campaign meetings which i
are ; were nn fflir for thA minr csndidftte as !
' ' I I ;..! H.,ml. Hi .It i,f It
M. von Holt, of Honolulu, is now In
tion about meo -who have disappear- i true because the poor candidates could I England training in a tank division for
ed somewhere ia Mexico. I not afford to "dig up" the expense, service in France. He was reeeutly nt
Many were killed fighting with the for all the meetings as could the the Gettysburg, training camp for
various revolutionary force during the "rich candidates." "tanker", but on being made supply
six year war. Other Were murdered I Charles Marques kokuaed Rawlins ' ! officer, received the coveted additional
for thetr money on the Culle Diablo I talk and K. r. t'ogarty said it would he; order to cross the Atlantic.
(Htreet of the Devil) or were killed by I impossible for the 'candidates to con ! ln the English training camp the
bandits who roved over the country en duct their own campaign without the ' f i0ld has been tilaated with shells to
forcing the law of the six shooter. Still aid of the eninin tteemen, who had ex- i produce crater .while trenches have
otners are living out tbeir lives In some presseu tneir willingness to ieme i" ' been constructed and houses and wire
mountain settlement under assumed campaign to the candidates, if this was j outanglement raised, all of which are
name, often with native families. what was wanted. utei ln giving instruction in tank war
Tom Kmgsberry ' name waa the lut- i ueorge Mnitn expresses pretty mucn i fare The house are smashed and the
American Hus:ar
American Meet
Associated Oil
Alaska. Oold . .........
American I.oraniotlve .
American TeL t Tel. ..
American Hinelter
Anierivan Hioul Kdryv .
Atchison llnllway . ....
Ansronda C'opier
Ilaldwln IiocomotlTe . .
Hull I more Olito
Bethlehem Hteel "B" . .
CHllforiiln petroleum .
Central Leather ;
Cnnnillnn I's.-ttlc
C. M. A Mt. Paul
olo. Kurt ft Iron
Crucible Nteel
Culia HiiKsr Cane
l.rie roiitmon
Uciierul Klts-trlc
(lenerul Motors (new) ...
tirent Northern Pfd. . ..
International Nickel . ...
International l!iirvter .
Industrial Atnthul
Kennecott L'opHr
LelilKh Valley Hallway ..
New York Central
It ay CoiiHollilated
Heuillnit eonuuou . -
Itepuhlli-an Iron rommou
Hoiittiern Paelili"
Htinlebsker . '
1 n Ion Pacific
T lilted Ktntes Kill. tier . . .
Texas (III
( tub
Called Htates Steel
Western I'nlon
est addition to the lono- list of those, the same seutimuut and said he knew
men "missing in Mexico". Kings- ! it took a committee to run a campaign
berry was foreman for the Palomas 'successfully. He ended by making a
Land and Cattle Company, of Lo An- ' motion that tno eentrnl committee be
geles. He left' for an inspection of the ' authorized to conduct the campaign,
cattle ranches west Of here and has not . Tis motion was adopted, after which
been heard from since. Mexicans here . Clarence Crabbe, chairman of the cen
whisper of a feud existing between the ; rl committee, took the chair and the
Palomas cowboys and Jose Ynez Sala- subject of finances and length of cam
sar band of outlaws. Nalazar waa i 1""K" BI"1 ll0W to be conducted was
killed at the headquarters ranch f j taken up.
the Palomas Oomnanv. That wa where Advises nort campaign
Kingsberry disappeared a year later.
For months the body of an Ameri
can awayed in the wind suspended from
a telegraph pole at Kanoheria, south of
nere. Ue was caught dyuamiting
bridges. and hanged by the federal rail
road guards. Me was never identified.
Many American are known to have
been executed in the cemetery on the
hill. Few were given an opportunity
to notify their relatives.
w. x. s.
WASHINGTON, September l-(tllli
cial) President Wilson today signed
the joint resolution passed by senate
aud house which gi.es him power to
establish drv zones around ship build
Ing plants, munition factories and wtir
industries work similarly as lie has
the power to declare such .ones around
training ramps and places where nuli
tarv forces may be gutbered.
The authority vested in the President
by these resolutions is wide in scope
and if he shall exercise it to the lull
of bis power it may throw several of
the largest ami most important cities of
the country in whole or in part in dry
A. Lewis Jr., advised a short cam
paign, lirst recommending that it bo
for only one week, from September 28
to October f. This period he finally
extended three days, the dates decided
upon being from the twenty fifth to
the fifth.
Lewis in making these recommenda
tions snid it would lx- a patriotic and
, proper thing to put the opening of the
I campaign off until after the Third
Liberty l.isui drive wns well under way,
I which is to start on September SI. This
I was in line with previous remarks made
by Hre kons who had given warning
I that he was goiug to object to any
campaign plans which would eontli, t
I with the Liberty Loan cuiupain.
j .1. A. Heaven expressed the belief
that the Kopubliean cou: I get belter
results by u "button hole campaign"
than by meetings, and by the making
of short talks at moving picture houses
in all the districts.
Question of Finances
When once it was decided that Iho
campaign was to be a short one, the
ipiestion of finances was taken up. Pe
ters asserted that the making of the
candidates to pay ''so lunch per for
every i hauco they got to talk," wu
wires cut by th machines,
trenches and crsters are crossed.
The information that Lieut, von Holt
was in England came in a message, re
cently from friends of the von Holts.
Lieut, von Holt was graduated from the
second trailing camp at Schofield Bar
Vice Consul Y. Furuya, who nan re
cently appointed ns successor to Vice
Consul T. Imal at the local Japanese
consulate, will soon arrive hero from
Tokio, advices to this effect lV'ing
received by Consul General R. Moroi
yesterday. Mr. Furuya, prior to his
appointment to the local post, was
atationed at the Liang Yang, Smith
Mitnchuria, consulate.
Mr. Tmui. who is soon to be relieved
from local wrvice liy Mr. ruruva, as
Did- tEi-IMvtrtend ICnanoted.
Quotations en tba rollowtnc New York
euro oek. aa wirelessed U The Adww
U.er by Btonuuam Y Co., ar;
Tne. Wednes
day dav
lllit Ledir.. 75 ' .75
I nle.lonla 4.t . ,4.t
Iron lllnssoui . 7Vj jnL
Kinma Copper jvri
llnrarrarcs A4 ,04
Jim Kutler M ja ;
.leroine Verde nil ' JM "
Ms rub .04 , .IW
Midwest (Ml ftj M
Mother Loile ga ' 1
Rescue Kula 10 .0u4
Huy llcrnilea 4.25 i5
Hex. Cnlis OS .Od
Htewart 11 .oi4
Mllver Klnit Cons.- l.tUti l.fti'i
Tnnnpnh Kxtenslon 1.50 . 1.4:14
Tmdu limit oh OH
herr. Lake , B.T5 '5.75
W 1 1 hen 05 ; ,0(1
CrcsKon Oold
Nlpplsstlin ,
Perfection Tlrv and Hubber
W. S. a
4.MHX 4.4.1
4.75 4H7i
.73 .8.75 .
.24 I U!t '
S v.N TlUNCISCO, fcentsmber Jf (Asuo
elated Press) -Kollowlii- are tko ouulua;
, ioiiiiK iruia ni NiifeKS on tH Man
nclsco Kschnuife Wednesday. ' Thera
recently appointed as acting consul at I -
the uewlv established Japaneso consul j ... p.r f;
ate in Panama. He is now making . Ing ,1 Ibat
ureiiHiat ions to leave here soon for the 1 ' 1 ' ' 1 1
Canal 'one to assume his new duties !!"w "J'"
H. ., 1 , , , . ., iiiiw .umr i (I.
e will be aceompauieil by his faiiiily. Ilonokna Hauar
Mrs. luiai is hu Aiueiiian woiuini I 'n fiiKur (1
and is the president of the Japanese
Women's Associntion of Honolulu.
W. a a -
A Good Suggestion
Try Chamberlain's Tablets when
bilious or constipated. You Hie certain
to be much pleased with them. 'I I icy
nre easy to talee and pleasnut in effect.
For sale by all dealers. Iteuson, Smith
&. Co., Ltd., ayeuts for llurtuii. Adv.
44 ;
Flutchlnsoii Hngur Co. . ,
ruaiiiiuu Guitar 1 o- , ...
Otioiiies HiiKsr Co
fialui KuKur Co
Honolulu oil
Honolulu Pluntatlou Co.
Knip ls Copper Co
-g . ,
Kuwaii's quota for the Fourth Lib
erty I.oau'will be 7,01Kl,000, said Uuy
liuttolph tit the Uotury Club luncheon
) usterduy, ; ' '

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