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It .( OKI! v
old nun
illlllllf III Hill SI
nivui luiiu
new uovernmeni ana is rorm-
Jflly fletotir2fe(J At AftbiKsi
aor to America
sovfETs ttRTbute .
New Treaty. FofCefJ By Berlin
Compels Bolshevists To Buy j
Safety From Attacfc and Aaree 1
to War Against Entente
il (Associated Press )
The Russian embassy here lias'
succeeded in establishing contact
with the new government of
Northern Russia, with which the
Entente is now cooperating south
of Archangel. The Russian am-
hassador is recognized by the new
government as its representative
:.. t. 1 it.. " i
111 nit v, IIIICVJ rtiiu uic new
status of Ambassador nanknictcff
is formally recognized by the Am
erican government.
In the first cablegram received
by tlie ambassador, who has re
mained at his post and in charge
of Russian affairs despite the fact
that he was denounced by the
Bolshevlki, the' Northern Russia
administration announced that it
proposed to reestablish an indi
visible Russia and denounce the
Brest-Litovsk Treaty.
Word was received here also
yesterday that the I'.olshcvists
have signed a new treaty with
Russia, supplementary to the
Rrest-Litovsk Treaty, the nego
tiations having been concluded at
Merlin. I'ndcr the terms of the
new treaty, Germany guarantees
nui iu aiiaiK iMissta inrougn l' in
land if the Soviets concentrate
thclf strength ih opposition to the
advance of the Entente army from
the north. Gcrmanv also a-rrecs
that Ruaaian rousting tin. I fi.-diiut; Herts j
may be used in Ruaxiuu waters with
out fear of attack by German war
ships. In return for this immunity from
attack, Russia agrees to pay (iennaiiy
fix billion marks.
It is intimated that Ccimnny is
determined to utilize Russia to the lit
most to atein the activities of the Al
li"s in cooperation with the ('.echo
Hluvaks, the Cossacks an. I the loyal
Professor Thomas (. Masuryk, pres
ident f the Cy.eeho-Hkivak national
council, who is on an American nns
sion, has received a cablegram from
ladiv ostuk duted September 7, sav
"After a victory over the enemy our
i niies effected a junction mi tlie riler
Oiiou, south of Chita. They are iji
complete and cordial union with tlie
new Russian forces end the Russian
people. With the Allies our troops are
operating in perfect accord.
"We are hoping that the Allied army
v ill come to the aid of our troops on
the Volga front where they are en
hausted by the haul fighting they have
been engaged iu. All our soldiers are
sending profound greetings to their
fathers. '
A delayed despatch from Archangel
slates Jhut au American official re
t iirning today from the Bolshevik front,
r here the Allies aro opposing-the Mol
slievjsi forces, says that this Bolshevist
lioof.s are I an u rant of the identity of
tbo forces whom they are fighting. A
ajjriaouer said that his commander claim
ed) that the soldiers they, saw, though
dressed in Allied uniforms, in reality
were Russian "White Ouurds" dia
j;uised. Another prisoner thought that his
regiujeut was lighting against the Ger
mans. Fugitives report a reign of terror
iu Vologda. Nnaiiiers of the bouieoi
sie ,re being executed daily. The ic
I oris about the situation at Vologda lire
News of the capture by a .lapanes.
Amur River soiiailron at Klinl.hr. n sk.
capital of the Amur province, was yes
tertlay continued by the Nijipu .liji
i" hen the lapaue.se paper received
sperial cailei!i'iim from its Toki.i cor
i csponde u t . The news of the no ipie
victory of the Japancae was given m
Til" A i"ctisrtr vttalcr lay iii-.i u i n-.
According to the .liii's special i ! Ic
the ,Iaianesc cavalry and infantiv vnie Shinpo, which whs ic.incl v est ei da ,
aidt'.'l by a Japuuese naval I nee, pic I said that the boot t the Japanese cap
HUMiably a small aqiiadrou consist ing of tun. I at KUabuiovak wci e cuoi iiiiius
several river goln gunboats and crui It reads as follows:
sers. The fart that lint a ship of the "TOKIO. September In The .lap
BoUhiviki acpaadron attempted to niii'nu.-e m tlie . upline of Khtibarot 1.
down the river to escape capture by Ironi the It.dsiiev ik i, look seventeen
the Japanese land forces, can well be hi nuiotiv es and Jnn railm id .:n The
eplaiuud by the prusvuee iu the low Japanese ulso luptuicd I 'i pnoneis. "
former Austrian Dora Sent Down '
Four Hundred Miles Off France?
OeitfrttPr Seek For Unriftr-
Destroyers Seek For Under
water Foe With Depth Bombs
LONDON. . SttptrtnW l A- j
iotfttt Praas) -In en of the moat
Aartnf jrabioarlM attack attempt- '
M foe mostas, tli American steam
er Pot, formerly mi Austrian lin
er, , wh torpedoed end sunk on
September 4. The torpedoing wi
accomplished at a point (our nun
dr4 anil off th coast of finc.
, T Dora fm proceeding o
franc uu of a eoavoyed flt,
th submacine evading th guard
ing destroyer ftDd attacking th
convoy, the. nred. several, tor
pedoes, on exploding against th
aid of th Dora and sinking har.
Thar was no loss of Ufa, th craw
of th damaged snip .being takan
olfoefor th ressol sank. ..
th Mcortlng destroyers dropped
depth bomba where th submarine
wa lata, to aubm&rg and prob
f bly 4nSd and possibly destroy
ed tie U-boat, It is qulta unusual
for an atttack to be made upon
convoyed ships and th Incident
marks the submarine effort a on
of th most daring for aome time.
a. a.
Political Opponents Want .Him To
Resign At Once
TOKIO, Keptemlier 1- ( D laved, Sue
eigl Cable to the Hawaii Horhi)
. The nnnouneed decision of I'rrinier Te
rauehi to resign at the eml of the
present month has failed to sati-fv the
leaders of the Seiyukni jiartv, who arc
insisting upon his resigning earlier
than the date set.
The complexion and personnel of the
I cabinet thnt will succeed the present
cabinet is a matter of dniiht to all po
litiial parties. If Manpiis HHionji lie
comes the premier, his cabinet will be
made up of members of all politicul
pnrtics and mnv he known a-c the ''al
lied cabinet". .Should T. Ultra be the
premier, the cabinet will be composed
only of members of the .Seivukui.
W. . a.
Dark Days Are Qone Nevcr jQ
I.O.M)tN, September 11- Assocint
ed I'i e-s ) - " We ' e passed through
miinv dnrk days, but, please (iod, they'll
never return. The enemv h;;s spent
'" ,'.""' ,s-
This whs the chectiug assertion made
by General Sir Douglas Haig today in
an order of tlie day.
General lluig announced that during
the past four weeks the Mritish have
taken prisoner sev enty five t liousa n.l
of tlie enemy nnd have captured seven
hundred and fifty guns.
w. a. a.
Bruges and Ostend Bombarded!
By Naval and Air Forces
LONDON. S('.teniber II i
e. 't es i 111 i' i--li ea a I a it. I 11
bet v i 'ii Si'pt cm bei I a nd 7
nut f on r-ii.ls on t he Gem
a r i led
marine shel'ers, the work sh' s and
docks of M'l'C;e. Mc.nini. M'lr al hits.
The (Mend ilo'ls a. the in 'oil. ..lit
depot at I ' la n k e nb'i 1 were also at
tacked with good rciiltv
cr stream of .liiwnese naval 'esses.
Best Still In Amur
The .liji's cable ulso stntes 'hat the
MolshiMiki lleet whi.h fell into the
hi'ie's of the Japanese was composed
of woven tee ii river going gunle its an. I
four transports, instead of Ion it ee n
gunboats ami four transports, as was
Hist reported. Hiniw' ulioul twenty-eight
warships are known to be on the Amur
lviver, the capture of seventeen of them
at Khabarovsk means that two third-,
of the Bolsheviki naval force iu that
Mart of Siberia has been ext erniinii ted.
The remainder of the lleet is bcliev cd
to be iu the vicinity of Mlagov eschensk
on the upper Amur, where the M..I
shetiki and I'urniei German and An
trill a prisoners are rcpoitcl to be coin
pai al i civ act i v c.
The Jiji's special cable from To
kio reads as follows;
"TOKIO, September ID - The .p
nnese nrinv, assisted ablv by the .lap
tuiese naval force on the Amur River
captured a ItuNlicviki lleet at Khabn
rovsk. The (lect .was rumpus.', I of
seventeen gouhnnt, foul transput t
and many ninaller crafts.
"The .Inpuiiese also , upline. I a .on
Milcrable amount of a n1 iiiun it ion , cutis
and othci war trophies fioin the Mul
sl.H'V i k i. "
Much Booty Taken
Aiii.tlici I'okio speiial tu the Hawaii
tr.. rr. . i-.
TvM k.a1 A,lie Way So6n Be
At pr.h Other Throats Over
ft Division -of the Spoils, Say
Uidjiitiai Despatches
ueve lurney nas Been Uiven
Jon MUth Want All of Serbia
and Part of Austria
W.AMIINGTON. September II (As- i
socinted Press)- That thcie is a real
possibility of an armed conflict lie '
tnrtn Turttcv and Hulgnria has been
I now 11 here fnr sinne time nnil the
de-paf-tics yestci .In giving the in
fO'iiintion thnt tin' Turku h'- sent'
n Inrge forc e to 1 lc- lltilnrinn liorder, i
to enforc - TtirkcM ' ilrmand for 11
Inf or clivUion of the wur spoils, re I
ceivecl ide credri:cc, nltliouli tlie re
pott is n unfile iul
1 nt night, tln' iicli ni'iitiiil rhan '
iels, i-Hiiie rrpoits t tin t Merlin is luiv
inr niiPKivinRR did ; lie possiliilit v of I
nar l'tween her tn Malkan nllies. j
iieh ii n outeome i'i tbe eat would 1
lie disift ions for (icimiiiv and Alls
r'or months the i r ulut iouarv spirit
leen rife throuhcuit the ranks of
Mulunrian Ritin'. Civil'mss fiom
J Bulgaria report thnt the Muljjars he
th' ntrnnie of the treaties made hv
Centrel Powers vith Russia and
jtumania nnd that Turkey has been
favored at Bulgaria's eipcnso. The
Bulgarians nre demanding that more
territory bp ceded to them nnd it is
reported that their demands include
the whole of Serbia and even a pur ,
tion of Austria.
w. a. a.
People of Austria-
Hungary Are
Getting Cold Feet
Continued Successes of Allies On
Western Front Profoundly Im
pressing Population Women
Riot When Soldiers Are Sent
To Battlelines
LONDON. September 1 1 i Associat
ed Press) Tin' inevitability ol ulti
mate defeat and the uselessness of
longer prolongi ng a losing struggle arc
Ix'ing brought home to the people of i
Austria Hungary and aie resulting in
a strong demonstration throughout the
Dual Kinpire against the war. A des
patch to the Kveiiing Star, of Zurich,
siive that the continued success of the
Allies mi the Western Front is pro
I'oundlv im ii csi ng the population of
Austria Hungary. Riots attended the
icceiit departure of troops from V i
icniia tin the front. A thousand anry
t women, furious at the s:"iifi . of their
' telativrs and fiiends, .,i le! the rail
j road stations, protest ini' i';uinst the
idrpaiture of the troops.
I The d ir-eou i ageinent is not routined
to the iMiciul nil. he; it extern. hiti
I ri up. I'rrniirr nnl Foreign Miuistn
I n Muri;in s likewise looking for h
I u a v out . 1 ii ii n iul.li csh to a deliM
tion of visiting new spa per men lit V i
1 1 1 1 1 1 . the premier tentatively Hiiggest
ed u n exchange of vievn lift wren the
j Central Power uiui the Allies looking
tow aid peaee.
w. a. s.
Honolulu .Taimnese nenspiipers ves
tcrday succeeded in establishing the
iilentitfy of Ryoichi Okamura, whose
name was in tlie list or casualties
last rii nut bv
the war department on
.-alurdav and
Honolulu by
the Associated
port said the Japanese had been wound
el in Prance.
okiimura was formerly employed by
Ibataki, a Japanese storekeeper in the
Makikf distiict. He b-ft here in June
ol last jear to gn to the Htates to en
ter school and continue his Knglish
studies. Later he was drafted and s.-M
to France early this year.
1 This Japanese, it is believed, will
have the distinction being the Iirst one
ol his race from Hawaii to he wound
I ed in the fighting on the West Fiont.
He is the eldest son of u Japanese
named Okaiuoto. who lives at Nawili
wili, Kauai, and is twenty two years
nt age. He has a younger brother and
three sisters. His brother and one of
the sisters aie attending school en the
mainland and the other is u teacher in
the publie schools of the Territory.
W. I. a.
WASHINGTON, September 1(1- (As
sin illicit Press ) The house ugricullu
ml committee Unlay decided to report
favorably the food production bill with
the prohibition iiineiidiueiit as a rider
calling loi piuhilnt ion after July I,
Huns Prepare To Fall Back Any Time
PAKI8, September 11 (Associated Press) A Haras Ageucy dee
patch to th Paris Matin aays that the Germans bay prepared three, hues
f defense between the present Hlndenbnrg line and th Belgian border,
two of tas lines being ready for the German troops in the erent of
the continuation of the Allied success and worn upon the third line being
now under way. The new defense systems of the Germans have been
reported on by Allied airmen, ay th report.
Th first Une ready for German occupant y la a duplication of the
Hindenburg line, parallelling it practically all the way from Arraa to
Laon and Joining the present defense system near that city. This line
at places run within three miles of the Hindenburg Une and is nowhere
more than six miles behind it.
The second line branches off from the defense system In Flanders
near th Frnrh-Eelgian border and runs southeast from Lille through the
Pa, da Calais, Aisne, Ardennes and Meuse province, passing north of Ver
dun and resting upon German aoil, at the atrongly fortified city of Mots.
This line 1 one hundred and eighty miles long from LI lie to Meti.
The third line, now being prepared, is a shorter Une, of sixty miles.
In France.. It runs from Lille to Valenciennes and from thence skirts the
heavily wooded aoction on the French aide of the Belgian border, reenter
ing Belgium near Olvet, on the Meifse, some twenty-two miles south of
It has been believed for some tint that a strong line has also been
prepared in Belgium. This line la believed to follow the valley of the
Escaut (Scheldt) from Valenciennes north, through Ghent to Antwerp.
Should the German hold on the Belgian coast be wrested loose, this Is be
lieved to be the line they would next defend.
Machine Falls On Long Island and
Airmail Pilot Is Injured
n i;u
YOHK, September III Asso
i- Thp iirst leturii tiip of
i i '
iMii.i route between ("hicngo ami
New York emled tlinaHtroiiHly yater
fl;iv when the mail airplane rrahel to
en rth at ftie U ille . Long Nlu ml. tr
mail Pilot Ldwnnl (au)iMlr .im1 hi
mechauicrfin were lioth ihjnietl in tht
The two were making the return trip
ftotn Chicagu with mail sucks ami hal
reaplieil It point over l.oni -latul when
their engine went ilead while they were
at an ii 1 1 i tiule of ne en t hou a ul t eel .
Thi'V at temiite-l to make t he (lciHrent
liy volplaning, luit when neai the
ground the machine felt.
W. 8. S.
President To Set
Date For Territory
A ;ieciiil ttate Cor the rs'gi-t i nm
it male- in Hiiwaii lirtweeu the af
of eighteen an I CottyMve will In I
1 ii eMiletit ial pi oi lama t ion, aiinoiiiici-
incut of the proposed plan l caching
Captain II. Gooding 1'icJ.I yestei l;i in
: ssae ttoiii l ii.vost Marshal ti-.i
ei.'l niw.lci
Tins was the icplv of (.ci.eii.l
('in'. lei In t'afllaill I'lel.l's IliessltJC ill
iUiring whether it was expected thai
HavvHil should register on Scpl "nil-."
!.', 01 at a later dale, to be a tiniiu n. I .
Il was also a n nun iiicii that the
I. iciil ilntlt hoards in cut h .lislint willj
handle 1 he rey i st i u t inn work. ).,'
it was suggested that social 'lav
uiiglil be uei cssaiv to laiiv nut ' h
ic. tsl i at inn work, sonic ol the oltn ills 1
attending the conlctciicc vcslerday a i
the Capitol vvcic ui till' opinion Ilia1
the woik could be accomplihhe.l in a
siii'lc da v .
The boards will appoint tlicii . v n
registrars and ll will also e I n I
their nssista nl s. It is pmpo.-ed, in u
.ler to obtain .uahtied sets nf c'en.-al .
assistanre, to rciuest the corporal inn
and oltice heads down town to loan
their clerical stuffs, la this way com
pi'tcnt men would be mi duly al the'
registration booths.
I II. t'liokc, ihairuiau of local lr:if!
I'liar-I No. I, Honolulu, stated yestcr
.lav that he believed t.'i.lllll) men would
be registered uiidet the "Man Powci
Act ' ', while ( Hptain H'ie'd felt that
the total would I..- ;.'i,min. It ui--agiccd
that cli'vrn nationalities wnul J j
represent the registrants. I
It was louud vesier.lav at the eon i
fi'lcin e that "I those ill at ten lain-i . '
W V. Thavn. W. II. Rice, C. It
lleuieiiway and ' II Cooke, were dig
iblc I. il legist I al li. I:.
i . no k c iln.iii- the day was up
pointed a captain in the llawanaii a
lii.ni. I Guaid and is assigned to .b.lv
with the local .halt board No. 1. The
on lei was issued liuiu the nfticc of the
adjutant g' ncial-
, Sic. I ' ( ,bb I
TuKIO ept.
'I he head.,. .ait. i
.litiona.v l"li.
move. I I., llal.n
. tl.e Hawaii II.. i hi
I ll C I 'J ' I Iclll V C'l '
of I lie albed exp.
. 1 1 h' i is mn v be 1 1
. ' sk . 1 1 is a ii nnu ii i
Ki l; I I
I'te-s Th.
.ailv in.-. I
ll.c I'e n.
:,tl I. I
I il I : ii I .-'.
vv a i .nti. e aiiinMiii.es oiti
Hi il -Ii alia, ks south of
i 'a ui I . i a i toad and ptc nc h
I. ..Ih -. !. s ,,f the Ham SI
I I. . v - I ii l-.-d I ,.. -nl
h.l . tal en pi. i (lie
, f
Name of Manuel Valent of Aiea
I In Casualty List
A noi In - r 1 1 :i v. ll i i I miv him 1 1 ctt hi
I,,,. (,,, lv . ounirv in the rasualt v
h;. i "1..,m-.i for .ui.liei mn vrtenlav
a; p. ;,t. the name of Manuel ii. Valaiit,
.i Ait'ii, a among those killed iu ac
tin. i. He left
Hawaii Co. the ost in
A po 1 of last v i n i and w as
called into
tlie sec v ice bv t lie d raft.
1 asuallv lists ot the Auieiican ex 1(
pe l 1 1 inna r v forces released for publics J
linn vestcr.lav showed another increase.
the lolal of mm', and marine corps
men i ii-- 'tide. I bei ni' Hli I . I
it. i. . , ..... I i no t -1 I.. I
lion, i v I v one died of wounds, fifteen
: ad from oilier causes. V2 arc!
woiin lci and IH'J tcportetl missing. Of
I lies. li,iiic,, tin' marine list shows'
llnrtv seven killed mi action, sixty one-
vvi,ui,.ie i and one m sung.
I mov. the fn,v woum.e, ,s . tiptaia
ivcvniii'is oj uanviiie, ii'iuois.
Oanville, II'iiiop
j l aptai.
1 iri'iri
Oscar Hen-el, of t 'iurciidon,
, is reported dead of disea t'.
w. s. a. - -
i:V OKK, .Srj temWer H Hi
i 1.1 . The oiiiiiiiUiT in rlinrge ol lie
Lafawtie lii.y hdoatiou in thf nlv
1 in lav ipi i'im1 I a delayed aldrgram
; I 1 1 m A d m i a I Sir I a v id Heat I , i mn
' mjitidci ot I In- Hnliidi gmud lle-l.
follow s. The graml lleet de-iir-. tu
, i'pnsM ,l- pii.lt and Hati hI art ion hi
j Ite'iig -o Iipm'in ii"ti itttel wild the
mv i,..u;! in um i.v lies of the in .
w Iiom oftleoi aiol men
com i ad"sh i p. Th- tv jiify the spirit
1 1 1 wlt:h the Aim-man nalion Im- i.il
I icd t n t he a use of ri
On union i-s a h-ippv
pcjict o! 1 he w oi I'I.
- W. 1. .
U 1 1 1 hii I 1 1 1 -t i e.
augUI 1 I'i' t he
W A si 1 1 NGTON, September n (Of
liiali National Fuel Administrator
Gartb'ld Kitnoiinced today that he ex
pected to lix I he price of gasoline ill
the near Inline, not only for donn s'ic
consuniets but for the government and
the Allies at a figure lower than the
present market price.
- w. a. a.
WASH I NGTON, September In iOI
In nil -I 'rop forecasts issued to lav bv
tlie ib pai tinciit ot ugricultu
September 1. eslimale the spring wheat
. nip at ' ::,nnn,iHin bushels and the
enliie wheat crop at H!r.i,0(ln,niMi bush
els. The corn ciop is estimate! at
J.tiTJ.iititl.nOO bushels, oats at 1,477, unn.
nnu bu-liels, bat lev at '-' ;ti,i)0(l,()iMi bu h
els cd buckwheat at JO.IOtl.titiu l.iisli
w s s. '
Chiimberiain's CJUCh Remedy
I 11 I - I I'll. I'll V Ii
llo su.
up and
t i. i a -
v. lion
I .
It Ii
- 1 ,
a Inn'
;l. U.
.1 Ii
and si ip. Im'
tl.en I
n'l In I II 's
. . v t ii i.
Milt iu in nciiitionii
Cough Remedy con
n oilier lilltcotie and
. M.ili.l.'i.llv In n child
I -a e I.v alt 'ie.ll.'is
. Ill : . Ml '.'
NEW "", 1'- p.)-i
1 position of the main German army west of Cam
ward to th S:. Gobain m..if and into the Soitsons regio
ntrest oC.Hwor,d th mornin- mt arriviei.whs?nr
unir iiiib1 mtlitartf rnnnitinnl ltirai lsnrh wonln lannrn nia Vital
blows at the exposed flanks of the enemy, but the heavy rains that
once before. saved the Germans in Flanders are again assisting them
and at the paints where the offensive campaign should be crowned
wjth final success it may be that operations will have to be suspend
cd and the great counter-drive end in a stalemate.
Yesterday was the third day of heavy rains along the entire
front and the lowlands, through which the troops are maneuvering
and fighting, have been transformed into quagmires, hampering ev
ery movement of the infantry and making the shifting of heavy artil
lery almost an impossibility.
Should the Allied blows reach home, the inclement weather will
then add to the success of the attackers and render the German de
feat the more complete, in that the enemy will be unable to effect an
escape with any degree of ease, nor will he be able to withdraw hi
heavy artillery.
, , Both French andBritish dealt heavy blows at the German line
yesterday, the former making particularly important advances at cru
cial points. Through steady fighting they havp approached perilous
ly close to St. Qucntin and have driven in lictwcen St. Oucntin and
I. a I'cre, Hanking the latter town north and south. In all probability
I. a l erc will fall today and a new gash will hac been torn in the
llindenbitrg line at its extreme southern limit.
( Mi Monday the French effected the passage of the C'roat Canal
northw est ui La Fere, in the face of strong opposition. Yesterday
I (icncral Debeny poured a large force across the canal, which pro
cccdcd to clear the Germans out of the triangle formed by the
branches of the canal and the La Ferc-St. Oucntin road. The Lize
I fort was stormed and with this behind them the French spread fan
' w isc towards north and cast. W ith the Germans hotly contesting
1 u'-r a!aiuc they pushed toward ( MlCTVottrt, wliicli tlicy captured,
a,,d n towards ll.nacourt and Kssingy Ic (irand. the hitter being
i dllC fcOUth of St. Quentitl. (
I'arthcr to tlie north, where his line rati west of St. Oucntin,
i itiw. n4oL-,l f. tK-
Debenv .also attacked furiously,
Koupy and F.treillers and to defensive Ksitions within three miles
of St. Quentin. Still further to the south the French drove a wedge
etween La I'cre and the St. Gohain
sixteen miles the I-"rcnch yesterday captured seven towns and
gained v astly in strategic position,
WI'M ca;,t UmaCOttrt.
The fall of La Fere, which appears practically certain today, will
open the wav for a French drive eastward north of St. (iohain forest
i toward Laon. now only twelve miles awav. The fall of that vastly
. Position, or even an aninoach that seriously threatens it.
i ' '
I will leave the army of the Crown I mice to the south and southeast
i of Laon, in a very precarious situation, with nothinV left for it hut.
a hasty retreat to a line at IcaM twenty miles north of the line in
vlticli they are now opposing the French and Americans along the
A isnc.
The fall of La I'cre will likewise permit of an encircling move
ment against St. Qfientin and should, unless the weather lnings all
activities to a halt, mean the rolling up of the 1 1 indenlnirg line from
the south.
r the north the British have heaten off strong countrr attacks
made on their new line west of ( ioiieacourt, midway helween Pe
nnine ;tnil Cambrai. At this point on Monday the Kritish had driven
the ( icrmans from the high ground and the counters launched yes
terday were in an effort to retake the lost isitions.
Following the defeat of the (iermaii offensive, the Ihitish from
' 'Oilcat intrt tu I ( a v ri neon r t cuiitiuiicd their adancc inward Cam
luai. Despite the stormy weather, substantial progress w;is made iu
ngavements fought at Injlh ( "lotizcacotirt and I '.pchv.
In Flanders the liritish improved their lines slightlv. ,it tacking
successfully cast of Xcuve Chapcllc and t,o the north of Ai inciiticres.
The Belgians also struck heavy blows at the (icrmans vester
dav, driving forward their line at two points. Straddling the Stcen-stractc-1
ixinudc road, the Belgians advanced along a front of two
thousand meters, penetrating the (iennan first line to a depth of
a kilometer and maintaining their gains in the face of repeated
counters. N
South of fit. Julicn, five miles northeast of Yptes, the Belgians
penetrated the enemy's front for thirty live hundred meters, con
solidating the gains. This last blow is along the sector from which
the British withdrew when the Gentian drive for ihc Channel Ports
threatened Vprcs The advance to ihc north brings the Allied line
closer to Dixnuidc, the most important point between Ypres and
the coast.
PTPQMiMn unwriDQ iMftTnnk tuirt Akin
of i i mn nnu 1111 luiiii i iiiiuiiiiiii ii i i mm
awaat w gr W I 'W) I I 1 0
W ASHINGTON. September l.i
I As
n o tid 1'iess CciicihI Pershing ves
r.luv abled that he Kail awarded
Ivvenl v one distinguished sci v ice
crti'scs to members of bis command
lui pintwului IP's of gallantly hi
a. I
. a. a
WASHINGTON. H.'pleilii.ei It) - , of
ti-inl The whi tiadc btiard has an
i i- i' I icuIhIioiis bunting issuance
-.1 cxpoit liicttscs lii ulilv .such .oi
nl mn its aie oigain4'd uiidei state
" I fe lcr.il lnw, residents ,,l tli.
I '
I S'ai.
of foi.
'pi nt ui a
" nd t in
us tna i u I a i n I a g
but . I..
-The critical
Cambrai south-
into the Soitsons reeion holds the
I, !, rr..,,.,. k.,,.1 ,J
massif. Altogether on this front
the latest report show ing them
Al.l.l NCK. N'elnaska September 11
i Assot iiited Press i - Twelve are re
poited dead and e il! lit ecu mp.red in
a collision last night between two
tiaias on Hie Hiiiliugton system near
heie V in ihuii.Ic rst a nd i ng on the pait
of. the cngiiuM'i of the change between
mountain uuvl cciitial lime is suij (u
be the ause tor the accident.
t w. a a.
WASHINGTON, September Hi (Of
hcial) Kight coiigi esKioeti. iiieinbers of
the biwci house naval affairs commit
tee, have retained fioui l-iurope en
lhiisi.'s)o over the wink of I he Amur
kuii iiav v iu tli em iuuu.

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