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A MSTERDAM, September 15- (Associated Press) Amstri has formally asjied for a peace, council and for a
, cprisSderatipn of tej-qis that ,wjll bripg the vyar to an $$fl$nfaH Jhi,s vyas qfficjaljy announced in Vjerjfia
yesterday, in a statement formally made public by the foreign office.
' " The 'official statement says' that the government of Austrp-hjungary had yesferday invjted all tfje belligerent
governments to enter into non-binding peace discussions, the representatives of the warring Powers to assemble in
"some neutral meeting olace.
The Holy' See and the governments of all
01 Austro-inujigpry s uesjre 10 pnng aopui a conirrpni.c iur me u.buussiu.i ui peace icmib.
Htmrlrpri Thousand In Salient
Vytied Drive Was Made and Be-f
flteved Wany 'Afe Yet petween,
French arrd American' Lines,J
Hemmed In and Certain of i
Capture ' 1 j
WASHINGTON. September,
15 (Associated Press),
ASHIN'GTON. September
15 (Associated Press)
As details are learned of the Am
erican victory between the Mo
selle and the Meuse last week, the
more important appears the ac
complishment of General Persh
ing apd his men. The full tale
of the victory in the number of
prisoners and amounts of guns
and supplies taken is yet to be
It is now established that there
were between ninety and a hun
dred thousand German troops in
the salient when the double drive
by the Americans and the attack I
, r , . xi. I
Vipon the tip of the salient by the
French was launched. It is esti-
. i , j
mated that during the period be- j
tween the morning of Thursday '
when the American drive com-1
when tne American drive com
menced and the afternoon of In-
rlav vL'lien the ilrivi- h ul nierrj-il
day, when the .Hive had 1er.til ;
the base of the salient from one
side to the other and drawn a line
between the (iormans
Ijgcket and those to the eat and
,.,ih the ( ..n,!.,,, ..,m,...,1 ut the
?.flEflh; llZIZ Z ul Thi's,
would leave many (i.-rinaiiH yet within:
the salient who b'ue not 1 , rounded i
Bulk Trapped Not Counted
It is eatimutrd tliut t v last niht
there were upwards of twenty two
thousand prisoners in Anie i m n bauds,
but these do not ri-prvsent, it is be
licved, the bulk of the dermaiis trp
ped and yet to be taken. Among the
Uerniaus who buve sur.v-ndered are
WtfU from seveu different divisions.!
One entire regiment, witn us com
Wander, was capturen.
Yenterday the personnel of the start
orguiutlou which handled the St. Mi
bjel attack was made knpn. ThU
is the stnh" of the American First
Army, which General l'crshiui; has or
gauixed separate from his personal
staff. Chief of stuff is l.leut. Col.
llurfh Drum. Assistant chiefs of statf
ace Col. Kobert McCleave, l.ieut. UiX.
JfUB Buge, l.ieut. Col. Willey Tloweii,
l.H'ut. Cot. John .. lie Witt and i.icut.
Col. 1-ewis H. WlatkiuM.
Counter Blasted Away
Terterday the Americans, from their
new line, maintained t-onstuut pres
sure against tbe enemy, while ronso
lidating their naiiix. At ne point, on
Friday evening unil throughout Friday
night, tht Urrinnus kept up a series
of counters, which recoiled in each in
stance before the intense and accurate
fra of tbe American artillery. Aa a
result of these counters, a few lnor
(rerman prisoners were udded to the
Kctieral bag.
Many Trapped
The maximum depth of Oeneral i'er
stilus's new positions on tbe Ht. Mikiel
front show his nins to embrace all
the territory held within thirteen miles
of the aaiieiit. One result of the
vietory yesterday was to force tbe
Oermans to renliun their positions to
the northwest of the new American
Jinc, the Germans fulling brick iu the
Chatillon-sur le Cotes district from
one to two Tnitats. with the Freucb
ndvancing and keeping in touch with
the retreating enemv. Chatillou ia
half way between Fresmes and Ver
dam about six niiies from each.
Vlilte Bread! Wund rrbart
XatiVe civilians within the new ter
jritorr occupied by the Auieriraug say
W ;
I.. M i , . fc?ust Not Listen To Term Allow
1 Thanks of Nation and Congratu- ing Prusslanism To Survive
iMun w.. uwwiuwi r.aM'',u
To American Victors At St.
raef44a'Ctl AddS HIS Tribute
WABHTSaTOV. September 15
(JModtH fttm)"Ov poy did
Praridant. WUsoa la a aeaac
cbUd 7trd4Hr tli bMd of
the Nation to OwttaL Perahing.
comm&nder-itt-ehle of ta AjpmI
cxa force In Fajica, In' rhlch the
Pre ai foot UtAAka 1M n vb von
line Ufot Mats.
. TIe PreaMaat aki tt the
VgtaUfaK affactionake tnanka" of
tho' Kpn b pn?yed ail the
ofioerf iod PB -ftofaceniyl U the
BL. MUiiel.rlctory. in wUnlag which
' 'out bojm did what we fzpected of
Klpg OonctktttUtot
.General J'erahiog aml.bie army yen
tenl&y rereivel a wvll the r.ongratula
i tiona of King George, cabled from Lon-
iloa to American headquarters, the
Brltiah ruler ntating that he apoke for
the heart of the BritwA people.
general March, nhief of ataff, in a
utatomeat made jeVenla, paid a trit-
ute to the will i era. who fought at tH.
Mihiel. The elimination ot the rM
Irfibiel salient, hy the first big Aineri
can affeusive., he said, and the eonse-
queat reduction of the hnero that aec-
r by tweuty-twe miles, are etreroely j
important, giyinif the Allies a much
better bane for " future offenaive ojera-
Did a Fine Job
General -Mar. h paid a h.h tribute to
A,ril.M forc'P, wlll,n in t,18
)w0 ,hy wiped out a Helient wbwb wai
the narrowent and moet angular on the
wlrtH fMlt Ue Mj( tJ)e
pporatious were not oiilv a tribute te
!h''. wi,rk ,of ,,b,'' Htn '" lui tn
(ienernl Mur. h sail that the (iermun
claim thai the St- Milnel ulieut was
abandoned volmitsrilv made no mention
w i? rr"- . .
iu csu.iurewi tur wuifui, coui m.
".""a' .''"'
I i ii t i , pnni t iiiuna. nuin m nu 1 1 wiijfti
ndvsneed across difficult terrain eon
nistiiiK largely of densely wooiled hills,
iutcrsected by ravines. He laid par
ticular emphasis on the determination
of the Vuited States to continue to
exert its whole strength against the
All reports from Americun forces at
the front indicate high spirits aud en
thusiasm throughout the whole army.
,hat the Austrian
in the German de
fense lines only entered the action
few davs luo.
There is much amazement among the
, 7..
. I li
uertnau prisoners over me ngnung
qualities or the .Mnericnn soldiers,
wboui they had been led to believe
were practically raw troops, without
much discipline and forced into the
army only through the pressure of the
conscription law. Wlmt particularly
impressed the prisoners, however, is
tbe fact that tbe American soldiers
have white bread to eat.
Oain on the Aiane
The American forces on the Aisne
front have been taking part in the
general lighting. Southwest of Villers
en Prayeres, on the Aisne, northwest
of Kcvlllpn, the Sammies advanced
their lines rkightly iu several places.
(ipucrnl Perahing 's oBLcjul roinmu
"inues, covering the operations on
Frblay, says:
"Io the St. Mihiel sector e have
acouired further sucujsneH. Tbe june,
tiou of our troops advancing from the
south with those advnnciut.' troiu the
west bai i vi ii us possession of the
whole sulieut to points twelve miles
northeast of St. Mihiel aud has re
suited iu the capture of many prison
ers. Forced by our steady advance,
tbe enemy is retreating, destroying
larite quantities of materials. The
number of prisoners couuled has risen
to llr i teen thousand three hundred.
Our lite now iucluites i' rbeuv ille,
'i'hilot. Hattonville, St. lleyoit. Xaui
iocs, .laulnv, Thiaurourt aud Vieville. "
Heves shipwrecked sailors from the
Aunie l.arsen and tbe A. M. Baxter,
lost iu the South Seas, are to be sent
to tbe Coast on vessels of the I'nited
States Hbipplug Board front this port.
mwioted Press) RpnreKMitative ,
a)lrmwlnK the bouw'yMtpr.lav, wrn.
the member against ilim-uoaiDg or ao
j cepting any peace thnt will leave in
tart the Overman military machine, de
daring that "my fear is that laat ia
our desire for fairne aad through
kiiulnemi of heart we might be fouad
willing to accept condition of peaee
that would not reiult in the subduing
of this autocracy."
canadiakey mVnget
' better conditions
MONTREAL, September 14 (Aaao
rioted F'ren) Increase in wagea, an
eight hour day and time and a- half
for overtime, have been granted to the
operatora of the Canadian Pacific Tel
egrapb Company. The granting -of
this relief meets practically all the
demands of the operatives.
jcem gma n Comparison TO
' r
Magnitude 01 SUCCeSSeS
LONDON, September 14 (Aasociat-
ed I'n-is) CasualHes in the British
furce as auuouneed by the war oftiee
lt niht for the week ending today,
uumbered 20,445, .hghtly smaller than
thoe a week ago when the list to-
Uled 20,(M0.
Tl.- loasea of the week are clas-if.ed
-W77 killed and 17r"MiS wounded aad
n"' Hiistained while the enemy was
" "" "ITeuaive these losses are very
niall i.nd compared with the immeaae
ud.sBr. h' t;d
considerable gains in terrain and stra
tiyic positions they seem gratifyingly
'.IMA, Heptember It (Associated
Press i Peru seeks to espouse the cause
. VI l.'li IIJ, B U l juswcti Tl 1 1 Hill I
1 entering into actual bostilitioa With
t n I . t . . . . I. . I j. .: : . 1.
' "rmnuy and the central power.
Mlwktil.l n .......... .... ...
, ' , T . " ,",T
leuianii n nosiinries mav ue ueciarea
but meantime tbe country haa ao diplo
matic relations with Oermaay and ts
not recognizing that a state of war
with that country exists.
The Peruvian chuniber of deputies
last nijfht defeated by a large majority
a motion to declare war on Germany
and adopted a motion by the Foreign
minister saving thnt the rupture of jli
plomstic relation between Tent and
Oermanv on October 5 of last year and
Peru's later artion in altering It neu
tral policy, defined the International
sitnafion of Peru in the present war
and constituted a demonstration of the
adheranre of the republic to the cause
of liberty and right.
- W. (. .
NKW YOItK, September lfV (Aso
ciate.l press! Arrival of a Japanese
deMrover off Fnchow and the landing
of Hritish marines st Amor are told
ilespntcln tr m Peking dated fciep-
t ember S
It .' MMomieed that these step
were taken by the Japanese and Bri
tish in ordei to ellsv the alarm, of
foreii'ii residents lccnuxc of the ap
pioHch of icliels from the south and to
render the foreign residents protection
iu case of necessity.
the neutral Powers, it was stated,, wil alsp b,e
Liflfi Rai es More
!)pu(is Tijaq Staff
Of Advertiser Eats
Hilo Audience Thrilled By Height
; Of McCandtesj Patriotism As
Demonstrated By Hii Potato
nri.V, September It (flpocial to
The Advertiser) l.lnk Mcf!ndless bo
liee that he tdiould be tent to eon
grena to reprexent Havaii been use he
raine more potatoes thnn tho etaff
of' The Advertiser could rat. He mnI
thie argument here last' night, address
ing a mass meeting at alaweeou Park.
He defended hi patriotism, defend
ed bia rice deal, defended 'his appeal
to the supreme court ip which he is
forcing the food, administration to
submit its regulations to a technical
test and defended himself aa a patrio
ie food producer. , To elinrh his claim
:e lattVr he aah:
SVhy, gentle, I've got more
pAtatttea la snr front yd than The
Advertiser ataaT ever saw or ate In
their lltea."
'I he eandtitote for the head p1s.ee
on tho Democratic ticket aaaerted that
the ''interests" and the itcpublicau
newspapers throughout the fntire 1-r
ritorjr are ia a conspiracy to defe."
hlav by promoting the eaadidary ut
Doctor fla.VMiond.
CLEVELAND September H (As
sociated Press) To serve tea years at
hard labor ia a federal penitentiary
is the sentence which was today meted
out to Eugene V. Pebs, former So
cialist candidate for President, labor
agitator aud disturber of industries,
convicted upon three of ten count
upder the Espionage Law.
Iu prpnouueing sentence upon Debs
the court awarded' a term of ten years
on tscb of the three eoouts upon
which he ha.' been convicted by tin
jury aud announced that tbe three
seutenrea should run concurrently
, w. a. a,
WASHINGTON, Heptember 14 (Of
ficial) Tbe railroad administration re
port that nearly fifty percent more
grain baa been loaded thus far this
i iear than dorian the aame period last
I'p to Heptember 7, 2H8.000 cars hud
been loaded. Qa September 7 59,1'H'i,
(H)P bheis of gria had been con
veyed ta rvavor and pruuary markets
in the western.stibrfrjet, compared with
8,028,000 Uat.jw
Grain reoeipti at all primacy markets
up to September 7 were 6trti,H7il,(X0
ppihela, l4L2fOJ00 more than last year.
W. a. i.
PARIS, September 10 (Associated
Pres)' llerr Svbrick, said to be the
chief spy of the German espiouage ays
tem in 8witr.erlad, has been arrested
in Borne, it is reported tn despatches
from Bwisa sources.
On tbe errcat of rVhrick, it is
rlainc)t there .were found in his pos
session plan to dynamite the muni
tions factory at Neufchatel.
1 W..a.
Chxwbexlaln's iOottgn Remedy
This remedy has no superior as a
cure for cold, croup and whooping
It haa been a favorite with mothers
of youpy children . for almost forty
ChaiuberUin ' Cough Remedy can
alway be depended upon and is pleas
nDt " ,
tt not only cure colds and grip, but
preveut their resulting in pneiimouia
Cbawperlaia'a .Cough Remedy con
taiipt no opium l Ptb.or nfc ttm'
mav be give' confidently to a rliild
as to an adult. For tale by all dealers.
Benson, Smith A Co., Ltd., agents for
Hawaii. Adv.
aaaw a aawassa w mm w vvvv t
First Reports Indicate Fourteen
Million Added To List ,
WASHINGTON. September 14 (Of
6cial) Registration for service under
the Selective Drnft I.bw of youths be
tween eighteen mid twenty one years
and of men between thirty two and
forty five years are probably far in
Mteesa of expectations.
First returus to Provost Marshal
General Crowder from Tbnrsday'a man
power registration indicated at least
fourteen million hail been added to
the United States army reservoir.
Ten states reported reifist ration in
excess of inure tliuu ei(lit percent of
the estimates.
The provost mnrshal penflral raided
to tiencrai rerstniiK: ine naiion rn-i
, . ... . , ... I
spoided with sn enrolment which prom-
iaea to exceed ail estimates, thus as 1
1 I he nation
auring an, uninterrupted How of man
power to the army under your com
- w. a. a. -
WASHINGTON, September 5 (As
soeiated Press) Casualties reported in
the two lists which were yesterday re
leased for publication by the war de
jrtment were gratifyingly smaller, tbe
losses numbering 251.
Of these losses the dead are thirty
sit and the wounded and missing 2-0.
The losses arc classified as follows:
Killed in action, twenty three; dead of
wounds, five; dead of disease and other
causes, eight; wounded, 153 and miss
ing, sixty-live.
WASHINOTON, September 15 (As
sociated I'ress) -- Priuee ('harles of
Hesse has accepted the crown of Fin
land, it is announced in official des
pntrhes received last evening by the
state department.
Beports were current some weeks ago
that Vinlttiir hud offered the throne to
-t,UriUM that i, w-n fi.vi.r-
ably considering its acceptance.
w. a. a
l.ieut. Itobert II
Thompson, I'nited
of Mr. and Mrs.
, States Nuvy, son
('Ulricli Thompsou of the Kamehameha
Schools i soon .to wed a New York
I gir, according to announcement which
'leached Honolulu yesterday in the fol
lowing clipping from the New York
Tribune of August 25:
" Announcement has been made of
' the engagement of Miss dura Heyl
' Cary to Lieutenant Robert Haviland
Tuompaou, I'. 8. N.,,.12 West Forty
fourth Street, New York City.
"Miss Cury is a duughter of lr.
ami Mrs. Frauk H. Cary, of Chicago.
! Lieutenant Thompson is a graduate of
the University of Cliirago. lie was
connected with the American Interna
tiouul Cornorntion when called into sue
j t-ial service for the Navy. He is a
member of the Alpha Delta Phi fra
I Lieutenant Thompson left Honolulu
, iu 1911 to atteud a mainland college,
1 and eutered tbe navy just prior to tbe
outbreak of tbe war.
WAHlliNvitplf, September It
(QpVial) Ignace Jan" Paderen'ski, fa
mpus pianist aud Polish patriot, and
J Raumu DuoHwki, president of the
I l..likli imtifinal i itfii in 1 1 1 MA 111 Pnrls.
I i . I. . tk't.:i.. t.1 . n k . I.
visneii ine v mmc rioiis- iu ifiuit
Prii)eiit Wilson ftfT roeognitiqn of
the Czerho Slovak nation and explain
Polish plana for au independent Po
' laud.
Take All Bolshevik! Vessels From
That Part of Siberia Ratii
fiafs'Threate'hetf By Forces:Ad
vancmg From Three Directions
TOKIO, September li (Special to
Nippu Jiji) A Joint force of the Amer
icana, Japanese-and 'Chraeae, now "Op
erating In the Asnur proviaee, fca cap
tured tbe remalnde of the Amur Rivet
squadron from the Bolshevik i oh' the
Upper' Amur Biver. "Ai the Japanese
Twelfth Bivision, with; aid of the Jap
anobe naval force, recfintly captured sev
enteen Bolsheviki warships at 'Khabar-
, ., . . , ....
ovsk, the new vietory of the Allies in
' J
the Amur province ha: eontpletely
wiped out the Bolsheviki 'a naval
strength in that 'part of . Siberia.
The .successful AlHe&'joff ia com-
ii until
"?rt V'rrr"mttZ Wttl of Nortliern France this win
a veteran or ine isinjrran siege lour
...... i - " ' J'-
The headquarters of the Twelfth Pi
vision, wtuea fptu.rej JVftabarovs;,
capital of the Coast Pro vi nee, has been
moved to the captured My fcooi Vladi
vostok. Velchlaak Taken
Japanese cavalry beloogiog to tbe
Fu.iii'i force io,th Troasbaikalia pro
vince, in Ceatral Siberia, la fast aj
vanciag along the- Aaaar Kailway to
ward tbe city of Blpgpveschepsk, cap
ital of tbe Amur proviaee. The Jap
anese aero aquadroo it aiding splendid
lv the movement of tho advance de
tnehments and the ritr of Nelehinsk,
ninety miles east of Chita, capital of
Transbaikalia Proviaee, waa yesterday
entered by tbe Japanese.
The Japanese and Allied forces are
now advancing upon Blagovaebeask
from three directions. One U pre:ied
ing from the 'east, th Twelfth Divl
sion commanded by Lieutenant General
N. Out, another from the aonth by way
of Harbin, while still another ts ad
vanring from tbe west by way of Man
iuri and Chita. This latter ia the Jap
snese Heverth Division eomsaaaded by ,
Lieutenant General K. Fujii. When ,
thee three arm)ea meet at the Amur '
puntlil tK finlahlk1 snA tit fAranjir
I Teutonic prisoner will be cornered.
Oh an ir In Command ,
A change la command of the Jan
anese squadron in Siberian water wit
announced todav bv tho admiralty.
Hear Admiral K. Kato hai beep re
Ilieved from command and Bear Admiral
k . nawanara, rnrmeriy president or a i
naval toroedo school at Tokosuka naval
b:'se, hns been appointed to succeed him
M. Renault, formerly tbe French
ambassador in Tokio, who baa been ap
... aiwiL a
pointed by the frchch government as
the high romminsioner for France in
'rU' Mandny for
r ioiyosho io arsuiuo pi new iinurf
in Siberia.
NEW YORK, fterrterabr')-(Asso
ciated Press) Disruption and. lack, of
uioralo of the Bolbeyiki forces in Li
beria ar indicated clearly Tn a belated
despatch dated Beptemker 6, which has
been received from Vladivostok...
This message tells of a veritable
stampede of Magyar and BoUbeviki
forces and the ubsenuent desertion of
had been recruited at the point of the
bayonet sad (CMted the first oppoctun.
ity to throw .dojy fheir anna and go
over to the Allied force,. TV' occurred
st Tikhemenav on the west bank of
the Usurl Eiver, about thirty mile
eat of J.sk Knnha.
Claims of a Bolsheviki success are
contained in a message received at
Stork holm from Moscow. The des
patches snv that Soviet trornia are re
ported to bare raptured Bimbirsk on
the Vol 2a Kiver. 105 mites out)i of
Kaaan and that the cavalry, (a pursuing
the retreating force ot-tb eputr re
more man I voouunq nussian wno
move tfc can. Ph4 b Of! OT
to cure k tebl (at on day: Tba if na.
tur of B- W. GROVB I oa each boa.
Manufactured by tk TAKIS MBD1--INB
CO., 81 Ui, U. 8 A.
formally notified
f i a
fARIS, Septemher 15 (Asso
fT ciated Press) General foch,
tn accordance with li Is policy of
not permitting the Germans a
breathing space within which to
iesf, has now followed the St. Mi
hiel victory by launching an at
tack along the bend in the line
around Laort, with such success
that the 1'rench last night were
within a mile in places and two
miles in others of those vital posi
tions which the Germans must re
tain if they are to remain in con-
With the St. Mihiel tension
lessened, attention is now cen
tered upon the French drive along
the Aisne-Ailette front. Petain's
advance here, if it continue, will
soon compel another German re
treat along a wide front. From
the direction in which tlis latest
drive is being made, it is evident
ly Foch's plan to render the Che
mihs des Dames line untenable.
The French began their new at
tack at dawn on both sides of the
Ai'.-tte River between the Aisne anil
Ine Vesle in the direct! ,u of the Forest
of Coucy at the southern end of the
St. Gobuin massif, the drive making
satisfactory progress. The attack was
mad alotfg a front of eleven miles,
gaining an average of more thun a
mile ami reaching a maximum of two
miles in placer.
Na Town Taken
South of the AiNtte Kiver the
French have tnkeu Mont Disiages mid
the villHge of Alleiuont and Sancy
and have reached the edge of the
town o' Vpilly, on the north batik of
the Aisne east of Soissous.
The attack was launched at five in
tbe morning and one French division
at nn early hour reported having taken
a thousand prisoners, while other divi
sions announced a total of eight hun
dred before noon. The Germans coun
tered repeatedly during tire day, but
their attacks were weak although their
front Jinc were strongly held and
uriBiiiirii ir (mini iniu i iiry firre u u-
d ' , .ir ' d at
1 o( f t B
. ,p A1(1,l6 peratinK on
, if, (lf ,,, ,,; v
rrefich made vonte gums.
The French advance threatens to
turn the German rlnnk on the west of
the Chetnins des Diunes line and is
now reaching a point wln it is com
mencing seriously to threaten l.noc
from the mitlnest.
British Make Oalns
Yesterday was ulso a ilav of bitter
fighting for the Hritish, with u number
of net ains of importance. In Flan
ders, .1 ii nt south of In Hiissi-', Haij
MMwirts tliw ni'i'it i.fi I i nn tt 1 iinhv m
Bni)IM,H. niWr i,ar r,Khtiiig. When the
, (;,,,.,. w,,rH ,i,ivH out th
y organ
ir.ed si'vernl strong counters, but the
British retained their new ground.
Oesnernte Gorman efforts were made
to regain their obi positions on the
high ground along the llavrincourt
Oourcniicourt sector, southwest of
Cambrat. During the night they at
tacked with ) i 1 1 i I lire and bombs nnd
at one point the Iliilisli were temp
orarily thrown back. The German's
were eventually benten off.
flft a Hundi-ed Prisoners
Along 1lii. fnmt nn Thursday, in
advancing their line the British took
Diore than lit'teen hundred prisoners
when oci'tipvitig I'lemonrt und Hnvrili
court. Vesterilav afternoon, follow
ing the flnal defeat of the Cvrmau
attatd . tjc Briti-h udvaiicrd their
lipe still f"ither eiist estaliliHhing new
posts to the east ami north of Hav
riticoiiTt. South of this point, east and south
east of H'lisel, the llritish lii(- ea't
of Hesbecourt und Jeaucourt was" advanced.

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