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gents of Germany Betray
Russia and Her Allies To
The German General Staff
I r f .'tit tf t ri ' ,
Russia is ruled by German agents who obey the edicts of the German
The Bolshevik revolution was encouraged, and fomented, if not
planned, by the German General Staff which also financed it and has
caused large sums to be paid Lenine and Trotsky.
man secret service at the request of the German General Staff.
Germany ordered mobilization of its industries June 9, 1914.
Germany gave orders for sabotage in the United States in Novem
ber, 1914.
Germany and Austria have arranged a complete monopoly of all
business in Russia to the exclusion of Great Britain, France and this na
tion for five years.
While still pretending to be allies of this country Lenine and Trotsky
furnished lists of supplies received from here and the Units guarding
them. This was before the German peace treaty.
Fraudulent passports have been issued to Germans.
Russian soldiers have been furnished Germany as spies to circulate
peace propaganda in the Allied armies.
Three submarines were to be sent to Vladivostok over the l rans-
siberian railroad.
Supplies at Vladivostok were to be given the Germans or destroyed.
Lenine and Trotsky, German hirelings have betrayed their own
country and their Allies and have themselves been tricked.
Notes Sent To Belligerent
Nations and Germany Has
Separate One For Belgium
shsvik revolutionary troop, and agita- f
torn In the country. Tha imperial gov
ernment considers it appropriate to re ;
mind the seiet of tha peoples com
missariea of tha neceaaity of increasing
tha nronairanda in the fount ry a an
antagonistic attitude la aoiith Ruaaia 1
and Siberia in th eilstlng Russian
government la troubling the German
government. "
Mora Motley OlTon
Pour daye later the aame president
of the German imperial bank sent an
of the German imperial bank aent an
Afhev R frfl!. IWWl rmihlea M llm aame ad
dress to provide for the sending of a r AS 1 1 I NjCi J, t X . Spptciji.bfr ( I Associated Press I-- Peace drives were yesterday formally
vv launched ly AivsJrict'awd (ierniany. Austria directs her proposals to all of the Melligerent coun
tries while (Jcrmany proposes to I!eliimi a separate peace. The (iermaii pro)osal to Belgium is one
which that unfortunate country can only spurn for it would lie left practically at the mercy of its
enemy. Austria's proposals arc for a scries of conferences without an interruption of the war but with
a view to securing a basis for peace. A withdrawal from the Murtnan country is reported to be sug
gested in the note.
In inviting the llcllierent countries to enter in'o mm binding discussions, it is announced in des
patches from Amstcrdant, the Austro 1 1 nnanau government has stated that the object of the con-
f view "which would show whether there exist prerequisites
which would make a speedy inauguration of peace negotiations a
pear promising."
Austria's proposals do not suggest an interruption of hostilities
ami nothing approaching an armistice is proposed.. "Discussions
-iioiild go only so far as it is considered by the participants that they
otl'cr any prospects of success." The proposal says the conference
would be one of "delegates who will be charged to make known to
one another the conception of their governments regarding those
principles, to receive analagous communications as well as to request
and to i;ive frank ami candid explanations on all of thost points
Russian revolutionary leader to Vladi
voatok to fret poaaeaaion of the "Jap
aneae and American war materials"
at that port and if neeeaaary to destroy
them. A photograph of this letter ia
nlao given.
Take Over Indaatriaa
M-ost significant of all are two photo
graphs of further communications from
the German imperial bank. One ia a
letter to the chairman' of the council
of the peoplea eommiaaariea and the
other is a "reeolntion of a conference
nf Oerman eommereial banks" receiv ifrrc'nce Would be to secure an exchange
ed hv the chairman of the Bolshevik I
central executive committee and en- I , , Kea to ..,.,, agents.' ' VgiTntor's
tlnrsed hy him in pen and ink. Theae ,, Hf(ent destructors'' f rom Vladi
resolutions give a complete aynopaia i vostok "to ports in the lintel States,
of the terma on which Germany intends , J,,, ,,, the British colonics of Kant
. . - 1 ll J a ! ,
to control au nuaaian inauairies. r nr ' jirn Asia "
One document
t i;.MII.Mil()., eptetnier l.- (Special to
VV The Advertiser) Conclusive proof that
the soviet government of Russia is in truth not a
Russian government at all but a (iernun govern
ment with Lenine and Trotsky in control as paid
(jertnan agents and that the Kolshevik was fos
tered, financed and carried on by (iermany through
paid agents was made public today. The evidence
s far reaching and shows further that Germany
same German imperial ends have betrayed the
working classes of Russia whom they pretended to
The documents are sonic seventy in number.
Many of them are originals showing annotation by
Bolshevik officials. The balance arc photographs
of originals showing annotations. They corrobo
rate a third set. some typewritten and some cir
culars of which only two originals are possessed
lltt rill fi i lerfei-tl. int.. rif j.'b,J. n;iUnm r( i Ir-
ordered mobiliation of industry for war weeks in ; in;m .. ant, Vacrman guilt.
advance of the finding of a pretext and began its' rot chwiv miPT iriTV dt aim
campaign of sabotage in this country in Novem
ber, l'M4.
The committee on public information today re
leased for publication a series of communications
between- the German imperial government, the
l.olshevik government and between Bolshevik
leaders themselves and the report upon these made
to George (.'reel, of the committee of public in
formation by Ldgar Sisson. the special representa
tive of that committee in Russia during the winter
ol I'M 7-18.
These documents show that the present heads
f the Rolshcvik government. Lenine and Trotsky
tnd their associates, are German agents. 1 hey
how that the Rolshcvik revolution was arranged
for by the German great general staff, and was
inanced bv the German imperial bank and other
financial institutions ol Germany and Austria.
They show that the treaty of Brest Litovsk was
betrayal of the Rus-ian people by German agents,
Lenine and Trotsky, that a German picked coin-
nander was cIhim-ii to "defend" I'etrograd against
he Germans, that German officers bad been scret
y received lv the i.oisiievik government as mili
ary advisers ami as spies upon the embassies of
Russia's Allies, as officers in the Russian annv and
is directors i I the
md domestic policy
Lhev show that the present Rolshcvik govern
nent is not a Russian ui iv eminent at all but is a
ierman l:o eminent ai'tni" solely in the interests
The first document is a photograph of a report
made to the Rolshcvik leaders by two of their as
sistants informing them that, in accordance with
instructions there .had been removed from the ar
chives of the Russian ministry of justice an order
of the Imperial German Rank "allowing money to
comrades Lenine and Trotsky 'to send others' for
a propaganda of peace in Russia" and that at the
same time "all hooks" of the Rank of Stockholm
had been "audited" to conceal payment of money
to Lenine and Trotsky and their associates hy or
der of the German Imperial Rank. This report was
endorsed by Lenine with his initial for deposit in
"the secret department" of Rolshcvik files.
An original protocol signed by several Bolshe
vik leaders, dated November 2. I'M 7, shows that
"on instructions of representatives of the German
general stalf in I'etrograd" and "with the consent
of the council of the peoples' commissaries," of
which Trotsky and Lenine were the heads, two
incriminating (ierman circulars also had "been
taken from the department of secret service of the
I'etrograd District" and given to the secret service
department of the German general staff at I'etro
grad. On the bottom of the protocol the German
nljiitant acknowledges the receipt of the two in-
shevik military and foreign criminating circulars themselves, penciled with the
cipher signature of the head of the German secret
service bureau.
I hese two circulars had apparently been obtain
ed by some Russian airent in Germany and trans-
if (iermany, bctraviun the Russian people as it nutted to Russia. The (ierman general staff evi-
etrays Russia's natural Allies for the benefit of dently wished to get thcin back in order to de
he imperial German government alone. They stroy them. "Hy order of the German general
how also that the same Rolshcvik leaders for the stalf," and with the consent ol Lenine and Trotsky
i Indorsement on H letter from the Ger
inittce und li I "agreed on condi
tinns with repaid to iiiuIiihI Hctivitiea."
! fl MllUIIUlf I IlllflfX What their "mutual activities'' wen
to be is sufhi lent ly indicated by a phn
togrnph of a letter signed in cipher
I,,- i ,.i .., ...,.! k;- ... i ...
lows Assertion That America Mulhausen Paper Tells of Terror Lieutenant llarli, notifying the Bol
ASHTNGTON. September 15 (Olri
I) General IVyton ( Man-It. chief lOrhciah B' fore the advance of the
Will Not Follow Through
With War Is Absurd
and Preparations To Aban
don Large Area
WASHINGTON. September 15
taff, referring recent German iioia j
da to the effect that America is
joinj; through with the war ilea-'
it military program Hiiid it Hermi'd
edible that .m- iioiaj;anda could
i attention v. Iirn the uur depart
t haa juaf aeenred increased 'i
tH for 1 1 h inn npi.w er. and whh atiout
li tin additional ni-cn billion did
for the ime of the nnlitarv estab
inenta iliirin the piesent year
llindrnt itt w 1 1 ii t linn been arcom
licit, (ieiieral March teal a cable.
'ied from a deba rkat inn port in
nee, HlioHini; that thirty five thnu
American trnopM had Inniled in one
riling ami eleven niotiati'l more mi
nut ashore the same day rittcen
. i . i . i
jlf, elliereo llie pill I lilt- mum- iiiimiiim-
which twelve were lo lie unmade I
I ready to return within twenty
ii hours.
ieiieral March said that slupi were
nailed and started on the return trip
less thua one day, as u usuul tinny
I aheviki leaders on .lanuarv 1-, 191H
"by order of the German general staff"
that the Gcimnn intoligeiire section haa
" i ntiiriued us of thu names and the
characteristics ol the main candidates
for reelection'' to the Kussian Bolshe
of t he ' T1K cent rai e.vei in i v e com in l nee ' and
the general tnu oideis us to inaist
. on the election id' the following neo
ate panic stricken, German newspu de," ndding a list of Kussian leaders
pels report. satisfactory to the (ierman general
Official despatches from France said ' atalT. The list was headed by Trotsky
, . , .i f ia 1 and l.enine who elected the rest nf the
the Mulhausen
five years from the aigning of peace,
Knglish Ameriran and Freneh capital
! in Russia ia "banished and ia not al
I If.u.a.l Ilia nal malallifnina I -
i hinery, building, oil, chemical or phar
maceutieal induatriea". Theae indua
tries are to he developed under the
control nf a "supreme advisory organ
i.ntion consisting of ten Russian ape
eialiata, ten from German induatrial or
ganir.atinna and German and Auitrian
hanks. Germany ant Austria are to
"enjoy the unlimited privilege of send
in u mechanics and qualified workmen
to Ruaaia.
All other foreign mechanics and
workmen are not to be allowed to enter
at all" for five yeara after the con
clusion of peace between Ruaaia and
Germany. "Private bank in Ruaaia
can arise only with the conaent of
the union of German and Austrian
Thia -onsplracy between Oerman irh
perial capitalism and pretended Rus
sian Reds ia indoraed by the Bolshevik
leader with the recommendation that it
should be "taken under advisement "
and "the ground prepared in the aoviet
of the workmen 'a and aoldiera' depu
ties in caae the council of the peoplea
commiaariea will not accede to the re
quests." Varioua detaila of the conspiracy be
tween the Bolahevik leaders and the
German ' general, staff are ezpeeted in
photographs snd original letters which
passed between the Bolahevik leadera
and the general staff or German officers'
in Russia.
One of these shows that on Novem
ber 1, 1917, when Ruaaia waa still re
uarded aa an ally of Great Britain,
France and America, the Oerman gen
eral staff waa having "the honor to
request" the Bolahevik leaders to in
form it at. the earlieat poaaible mo
ment" concerning "the quantity and
storage place of supplies that have been
received from America, threat Britain
and France and also the unita wnicn
are keeping guard over those atorea. "
they were turned over to the Germans
to be destroyed. Whyf Because they
were conclusive proof that on June
!. 1911, the German government waa
preparing for war. several weeka be
fore the assassination of the Austrian
tirchduke which was made the pretext
for war.
Prepared, Then Found Pretx
One circular is an order from the
German general staff, dated June 9,
1!M4, informing "all induatrial con
corns" in Germany to open scaled en
velopea containing "their induatrial
mobilization plans and registration
forma" so that they might be prepared
for the war fur which the excuse had
not yet been found.
The second circular is an order of
the German general staff to the high
sea fleet, dated November JS, 1914,
cajling for the mobilization of "all
destructive agents and observera" in
the United States and Canada for the
purpose of preventing the aailing
of ships from American ports to Rua
sia, Frame anil Kngland. The order
calls for explosions, strikes, "delays,
embroilments, and difficulties" and
recommends, the employment of "an-
areluata and escaped criminals" for
that purpose.
Attacking United States
It is these dainuiug pioofs of Get
man conspiracy against the nations of
Kurope iu June 1 St 1 4 and against the
United States in November 1HI4, that
I.ouine and Trotsky surrendered to
tho German secret service at I'etrograd
on order of " representatives of the
(ierman general staff at I'etrograd"
in contoi mity with a working agree
inent between the Bolshevik leaders
anil the German general staff, dated
October It 1 7, of which agreement a
photograph is included iu the papers
made puiiiic
Thia agreement is from a division
of the (ierman general staff addressed
to the council of the people's commis
sary, of which l.enine and Trotsky
were beada and begins: "In accord
ance with an agreement taking place
at Kroustadt in July of the present
year betweeat.'Ottieiala of our general
how that Trotsky
waa providing fraudulent passports to
German officers going lo France and
America as spies and enemy agents.
Another shows Trotsky endorsing a
similar proposal "to be intently exe
cuted. Signed I.. T. "
Three German submarines were to
lie aent to the I'm ih'c on the Trans Si
berian railway by unlets of the (ier
man high command
Americans and
i p
bi gun s roar,
at the sound
the (x'ople of Alsace
Tageblalt :
"The American offensive
Alsace and the big guns that have
been brought up supposedly intended
lo reduce to ushes the towns of this
country, utc badly alarming the in-
eu people of high rank
i' news lile little chil
to ghost stories.
habitants. hv
trouble at th
ilien listening
"Of i nurse the evacuutiou of Mul
hausen and the whole of Alsace is
again iu question and it is said that
t n measures for the evacuation of the
(Mind Ouchy from Baden to Fribur
have aheadv beeu takeu,"
present Holsheviki executive committee
I chosen from the same list,
upper Money Furnished
A photugruph ot a letter from the
president (if the German imperial bank
to the Holsheviki commissioner of for
eign affairs gives ininl pro quo. The
letter is marked ''very secret" is dat
ed January s, liis and says: " Infor
mation has been to. lav received by me
t'lom Stockholm that .",l!Ol Wlllll roubles
gold have been 1 1 a nst'erred and put at
the disposal of the people's commisa
ries," which is the title of Holsheviki
leadeis. " Tins en dit." the letter con
tunics, ''has been supplied to the itus
siau govei ninciit to cover the cost
of the upkeep of the Red Guards, Bol
I .1 NT M nr tiprmiin Hlnl Kmssmim stm
who were watching the British, French winch nc ed to he precisely defined.
and American embassies at I'etrograd )C Austrian nveniinent announces tliilt an identical note,
""fiffir; .rvi'rbrre ..il-lyi.-B " of theae suctions has been addressed to the various
ed that information concerning "the licllierent powers and that the Holy See has heen apprised of the
connection of the German government '...,, ,sa jn a special note. Neutral powers have also been notified
in a special note.
It is understood in London that a copy of the Austrian proposals
has been received hy the British Kovcrninent and also that there has
come to the British government the proposal that all of the powers
diall withdraw their forces from the Murtnan country hut no official
announcement of the receipt of such note or notes has been made.
with Bolshevik workers" has leaked
out and thu Kussian troops are hearing
of it.
Furnlshe Officers
Other letters show on the Bolshevik
leaders and German officers arranged
for the assassination of Russian ua
tionalist leaders, for the destruction of
Polish legioaaries in the Russian army,
for the disorganization of the Human
ian army, the deposing of the Human
ian king, for the substitution of of
fleers aatiafactory to Germany to com
mand the Ruasian troops instead of
patriotic Russian genl-rals. agitation
amoug Ruasian soldiers for an attack
UKin the Italian ambassador at I'etro
grad and the theft of his papers and
for the employment of German soldiers
in Russian uniforms against the Kits
sian national armies of the south.
Heveral of the letters are endorsed
Germany's peace proposal to Belgium was told in despatches
from London which say that it is understood the proposals provide
that Belgium shall remain neutral for the rest of the war. There
after the economic and political independence of Belgium shall be
reconstituted. In return for this Belgium is to use her good offices
lor a return to Germany of her lost colonies.
The Flemish minority which has aided the Germans shall not
lie penalized, the proposal continues, but it contains not a word as
to reparation or indemnities that are to be paid to Belgium nor does
by Trotsky. Kven standing alone they ! jt lont;lin a word uf admission that the brave little country has been
are a complete proof that the Holshe I . J
vik leadera are ruling Russia as Ger ' wronged. jj
The peace feeler through Austria, it is officially stated here, best
finds its answer in President Wilson's Baltimore address where he
said : Force ! Force to the utmost, force without stint or limit,
righteous, triumphant force which shall make Right the law of the
world, cast every selfish dominion down iti the dust,
N'o one doubts that this will be the answer of the United States
and no one doubts that this will be the answer of the Allies.
The proposal is recognized as the long heralded peace offensive,
he effort of Germany to obtain the best terms possible.
There will be no round table conference, no sounding out policy
sir It as (iermany proposes through its Ally, Austria, and which she
hopes will give her the opportunity to probably deal separately with
her many enemies.
Yesterday President Wilson said that the ending of the war does
not call for and will not admit of any compromise but must go for
ward till the objects of a righteous cause have been achieved.
Samuel Gompers, head of the American Federation of Labor
said : "This is no longer a war but a crusade. It is a crusade that is
undertaken with unalterable enthusiasm and a steady faith in our
final triumph."
man agents and that Russia is obeying
(ierman orders to act against all of
Germany's enemies, even against Rus
ia itself. The Bolshevik leaders have
acted as German agents even by sup
pressing their own socialist revolution
in Russian provinces where their doc
trines interfered with German plans
for annexation.
Another group of letters .shows how
the Germans cheated the Bolshevik
leaders in their dealings with the I'k
raine and made a separate Herman
pea'-e with the nnti Bolstiev ik leaders
of that Russian Province.
Still another group' shows the (ier
mans as assisting both sides in Fin
w. a. a.
Word has reached Hawaii that George
Fraser, the well known former book
keeper of the Hilo Telephone Company,
who went to the front just one year
ago, has been badly wounded in France,
where he lost his left leg in the recent
fighting, says the Hilo Tribune.
He is a brother of Frank Fraser, who
is now an officer at Hchofield Barracks,
and of John Fraser. head bookkeeper
of the I.aupahochoe Hugar Company.
George Fraser was granted leave of
absence when he left' he Telephone
company and he was assured that his
position would be hell open for him
should he return to Hawaii.
The wounded man went to Kuglnnd
when he left Hilo and it was not long
until he was given a commission. He
then crossed to France and it was while
with a bombing party that he was
stricken by a bomb dropped from a
Hun aeroplane. He was picked up and
taken to a base hospital, where the
doctors found it neceaaiiry to amputate
the leg just above the knee. The latest
word received from Fraser is that hv
ia doing well.
W. s. 8. -
French Advance Secures High
Ground and British Draw
Nearer To St. Quentin
NF.W YORK, September lti- (Asso
cinted I'ress)- Further important gains
which further threaten the German
flank of the Cheiuiu des Dames ridge
and ejive the French commanding posi-
tioui from which further advances cau the British pni-sciigcr steamer Galway
Hun Frightfulness Sends Nearly
a Hundred To Death When
Passenger Steamer Is Hit
LONDON. September lri (Asaociat
ed I'ress i Nearly a hundred helpless
women and children are believed to
have bet'ii added to the long liat of
victims of Hun submarine frightful
ness as a result of the torpedoing of
i.)i.W iii t i nit Tin' u I'nitiwl Stuli'M
atarf and leaders of the Kuss.au r?$M ap. ieen!t(. has been mu.le Hy 'the Yo
lutionary army and democracy, l.eniiie, I Brotu.rs f ,his city to .1. F.
Trotsky, Rasoluikov and Dybenko, tha
Russian division of uur geueral staff,
operating in Finland is ordering I'e
trograd officers for the disposal of the
information department of the staff."
Anion.,' the officers named are Major
l.ubert, whose cipher signature is giv
en as it appears on the two surrender
ed (ierman circulars mentioned above,
and Lieutenant llartwig, whose cipher
sigiiuturc is given lis it appears on the
receipt for the same.
Furniflhfug Spies
Another document shows the (ierman
vfeueral staff requiring the Bolshevik
lenders to send "ugitators to the
camps or nussinu prisoners in tier
many" iu order to procure spies to
work among the British and French
ttoons ami further 'peace propagan
da ' " This if. proposed by the Ger
man general staff as beiug " according
' 'he negotiations of the Russian and
Geiinarr pence delegations nt Brest-
Child, the federal food adiuiuist rat oi
for Hawaii, who has the matter under
advisement. It is likely the license
will be grunted to the Japiiue.se up
The Yoshida Brothers is the .,"-nl
branch of an Osaka, Japun. firm, which
was ordered by Child lecently to sus
pern! its husincH for violating the food
regulations of the I uiteil States., The
Japanese firm. ,, a. act fiscal, o iiq'Jn
ing the business without first securing
g federal food license, in dealing in
rice and other foodstuffs and piovi
(Tablets). Druggists refund money if
it (alia to cure. The afgnaturc of
E. W. CROVK ia on each box. Man
ufactured by the PARIS MKDICINR
W.ith titiO passengers and a full crew
beside aboard, bound for South Amer
ica, the Galway Castle was torpedoed
in a stormy sea. One hundred and
eighty nine of her human cargo are
missing. Of these ninety three were
third cabin passengers, all women and
children, and it is believed they have
all been lost. Those saved were pick
ed up by other steamers. The stricken
ship was kept afloat for two days after
the torpedo went home in her hull but
all efforts to flout her long were of no
proceed weie iniide in continuing at
tacks launched on Saturday by General
Foch, while before St. Ouoiitin the Bri
f i M ti drew in ait i 1 1 I'limur unil maila fruit,!
of strategic value which render German
tenure of that important poaition more
"To the south of the disc," said the
night oftirial report of l'aris, "we have
maintained all of our positions in the
face of violent and determined enemy
counters. Last of Vans Allien we have
crptiired and now hold the entire
pluteiMi. We have also ginned the crest
to the northeast of (Ylles sur Aisne.
Since ye.-teiday morning when this of
fcnsive lu'L'iiti we have taken 350(1
prisoners, a number of large guns and
ipiiintities of machine guns besides
some munitions and other supplies. In
the fighting of today the enemy resist
a rue was stronger and the casualties
uiiicre.i were large. .A,S, September 1.V-- Official )-
"""" a.ivancs ere mane r,v , ,.,,.,,, , emcnceU s paper le Homme
the British on the St. (m ., tin sector . .ilirPi H1,,.hes the following tribute
1...0 mi- - ............. ....... ivrshing s fighting forces:
laissemy. to the northwest ..,lvv ,,,. ,., ;,.., ;; i.
Oueiitin had been , a pt ur eit and j , ,.., t1 i.-t no longer as contributors
I to the French and Kugb.ih forces but
The Bolshevik leaders and Germans CO., St. Louia, U. S. A.
said that
of St
a tieir li sv -itein to the southeast of the
beleaguered citv had beeu taken by
st 01 m
On the other sectors of the Western
front the fighting was of a desultory
chai acter.
w. a. a.
V. S . Chninbci lain, tM-asuier of the
Guardian Tmst Coinpaiiv. has been
hi I u liu-lees ot the C Allen
Kstntc. in p I 1 1 i of the lute I'muI M'uh
as a n aiitouimous force acting upon
then own resources and maneuvering
according to then own tactics they
are likelv to keep nurprises in store for
the enemy.
''The American army is there. Let
ik n fully salute her splendid sol
diets overflowing with youth and coin
age. Get man leaders must be feeling
some aiixietv as they know how reso
lute are the Americans."
- i , mriirir-nn . i i .s t - - n.n 'in. .

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