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'.' 'j . . i: yi! a . .9i fi i 1 inn... u n ' . .
-t . . . f ' j
Miliiel id
had nq
-M MCXlk ARlViY IN LbfekAllNk, tcmibw i44(4rtidatsd. fteT-rom lattonVilJlJtwelve ,miks northeast ,tSt. Mihicl, acros yrhat wate St. Mjhi
lient to Pagny, on the German border seven miles north of Pont-a,-JVJiduoii the Americans have cldied the salient, trapp nff all the Germans within it who ha
ocen Kinea or managfa to eireci uieir nurnea escape, Derore me wuriwina auacjc; .rcoill'Morl viliF jwaliHivV r n iim. yjr -
Xk- An.. .M nAW USimi4;TM ' .UJJ ..iUU lliiUueourtrMeiz and the 'Nancv-Mstz railroads. . 1
Though the objectives gained have been limited, the completeness of Uie American victory to udate will have n important bearing on the future of the war and lj
trie carrying out tf the greater plans of General Foch. . ..fft Jfi 5" ' y -J" h'' '" ' i-'i;'" ' i' vll 1
mun losses in killed have been heavv. The henting is continuing; wt
tmy backed up against the Wotah line, the Metz extension of the Hindenburg line, the Franco-American front ,n6w closely paralells this lme from north of Verdun t
the Moselle, River where it crosses into German Lorraine. , . ' , .-,.. i ' - ' ' ' 'X - " ' iy'T'MW4V' ' t 11 .
the line last night extended from Pagny, on the German border, in advance of Jaulny, Xammcs, St. Benoit-en-Woevre, Hattonville and Herbeuville, where it joiri
the old line southeast of Verdun. , . . . , t . . s-.t .. ;-- . ,..Lw m.m.1;. - v . . '. I ' t
, . The Alliedjflyer Are participating in the general fighting and have cleared the air of the enemy. In addition extensive raids were made yesterday against the rai
road centers serving Metz and Courcelles. , . . . l ' ' l' WV c
Hie American force which drove north from Pont-a-Mousson was practically on the border line of German Lorraine yesterday afternoon, within four miles of hoi
DeSommy, one of the outlying defenses of Metz. The city of Metz itself as nine miles northeast ot the advancea American line.
St. Mibiel Sitlient Wiped Out
is Expected
Great Rtill
rpHIS map shows the German-city Metz and the main fortifi
1. cations which surrounded the City at the outbreak of the
war. Strong as were the defenses then it ts certain tney nave
been further strengthened and added to since the beginning of
the war.
. . . ...,
rrwrrw r'mmif
w ww w t -
Secretary Baker Sees. Battle
And Pays Visit T( St. Miliiel
A Few hours After Its Pall
A.im luti'il l'i e: i -Hvi -rt" hi v of W'nr Bukor, with others of his oflieilil rtv
WASHINGTON, September 14 (Associated Press) The St.
W Mihiel salient, the last German wedge into the Allied line
in France, was obliterated bythe Americans on Thursday and yes- j
terday. Smashing from the south and west in overwhelming force, 1
General Pershing forced the withdrawal of the main German con-'
tingents in such a precipitoua fashion that twelve thousand remained
behind as prisoners m American hands, great quantities of supplies
and munitions were abandoned and the Huns had no opportunity to
lay waste the country as is their habit in retreat.
Last night the battle was continuing fiercely along . the new j
front which parallels the German border closely, the Germans re- (
sisting strongly while the American battalions crowd them closer ;
and closer to the border line. Prisoners are still being taken in large
numbers and are streaming through the fighting ranks of the Amer-,
icans to the rear. Among the prisoners taken are several hundred
Austrians, their presence among the captured being the first authen
tic knowledge the American soldiers had that Austrians were among
the forces opposing them. The number of prisoners counted last
night totalled thirteen thousand three hundred.
When night fell on Thursday, with French and American tanks
at Vigneulles, on the very center of the Balient in the rear of St.
Mihiel, and with American cavalry operating in the same region, it
was a question whether the Germans between the line of the Amer
ican drives and the tip of the salient would be able to extricate them
selves at all. Through Sacrificing several thousand of their men,
who held rearguard positions with machine guns until wiped out. '
and by not attempting to save or destroy great quantities of sup-1
plies, the Germans managed to escape with the greater number of :
their guns, the Americans taking only sixty of these in the part :
of the salient they have occupied. ,
The French, who launched an attack on the tip of the salient,
contemporaneously with the American drives against both sides,
captured the town of St. Mihiel and the Roman fort south of it,
taking a number of prisoners and guns. They found, in entering
the town, as did the Americans throughout the greater part of the
salient, that the places had been damaged only slightly, the usual
signs of vandalism being absent. 1
Most important of all. it lias Wen found that the enemy ecti
left the railroad line intact, none of the bridges across the deep
ravines beinf; destroyed. This main railroad runs from Nancy
thnnif li l iiol. the main American center. anl lv wav of Comnicrcy .
to Verdun. The reoccupation of this line will prove of great help. All p n U A J p ElrpffnHQ MlQ
t,. the Allies and will nerniit of the sumdvinu of the new American 1 V1L V(J I jU It OO LCICMUO 1 I 1 0
innt without the heretofore wide detour necessary between Nancy
and Verdun.
All reports from France agree that the American blow ha- re
suited in uniptalihed success. All objectives were gained and a bin
administered that puts the Germans on the defense alon their own
border on a section which has heretofore been marked by the bl.od
iest of German offensives.
flicials here believe that the elimination of the salient is only
the beinnin of bigger operations and may be made the cornerstone
for a reat encircling movement intended to isolate Metz, which is
the center buttress of the German line from the North Sea to Switz
erland. The strategic importance of General Pershing's victory is out of
proportion to the territory won and the forces involved. Not onlv
is the Allied line reduced on this front from one of forty miles to one
of twenty, but the great force which it has been found neeessarv to
hold along this front for the defense of Verdun may now be re
leased for action elsewhere, the obliteration of the southern salient
removing the menace to the city and fortress.
Chancellor Asserts Germany and
German Army Officers Are
Not Seeking Conquest
Forces Moved To New Positions Steadily Flanking Both Cad
Durina Niaht MovementHad and St. Quehtm Advanc
Been Long Contemplated Reported Yesterday
i vrstor-lnv. Karlier in the .lay it. com- I S- QCntin are apprfjl
miininiio rxp!ainol tho evacuation of ! bringing nearer the fall Of
LONDON, September 14 (An
Bocinted Press! The "(iermnn
JVacc Offonoi vc " i beiiiK eontinueii.
It was von Hcitlinx "ho opcneJ li in
bnttei irn (if orntorv yesterday disnf
ri"niiiij a policy of conquest for Ocr
Kxchaiifl" Telnraph reports reach
injr Copenhagen say that von Hertling
tojil Ihc t'ninn leadprit that he is con
vinced that peace is nearer than is
jrenorHlly supposed, in spi of refusal ! tacks between the Meusc nut the Mo
tV the Kntetlte and the United rttates
London. Sep'cmi.cr - Associat AR IS, September 14 (J
ed Press) In official reports which mT caeA PreO' French
wnrf iMMiie.t Inst fliuht ttiA (leriimn Ivor . .
..;.. w ,5r,t,sn Ka1nS ne,re bolti La1
Ht.. Mihiel as having been long eon
tpniplatel. Vienna despatches also
mnke mention of the German retirement
in that sector.
"The enemv did not renew his nt-
of (Jernmny's proposals and peace of
fers. , The Chancellor declared that the
i government and the aimy leaders are
ngainpt conquest and are earnestly de
sirous of securing an understanding
through which pence may be obtained.
WASHINGTON, September 13 (Of
ficiah In spite of bittur opposition
on the part of the Austrian govern
me'n-t the pIpiTfV of the ilirveftf of Tin-
hemin has united in endorsing the dec . Colore Heights has been completed
I n tho n..,k j.nutL,. n, -j, '"1 .that t he retreat was carried out
independent Cy.echfS
selle, said last night s oinmuniquc
The day oflicial report of the retreat
said: ''Our forces have evacuated the
St. Miliiel salient, falling, back during
the night u:m positions which had been
previously prepared for them. The
retirement was completed without in
terference. "This movement has long been con
templnted for it has been rocngu.ir.nd
that the sulicnt was one which was
liable to encirclement."
Official despatches from Vienna said
that Austria Hungary was informed
that the retirement of the Geriuan
fortes In the 8t. Mihiel sector, south Of
ii in endorsing ne nee- . ,.
rtbl. AmHtteW.'- Thist Wth.fce Horlm nbr the V ,
announced in crtbl ftosnstches.
action was taken oer the bitter re
sistance of the Austrian government.
Because of its influence the action
of the Henry is reported to have crcnt
ed p"foiind impression throughout
omm.niod ,v General Petain and General Pershinc. visited Ht. Mihiel a ! "Hrna luingarv sini nas nrongni
lew h. ins after it fell into trie lion. Is of the French yesterday. Hnker a nd' his f;yth bitter denunciation from the
i.:irfv v il iiewMe( the lieiri n n i n nf the drive whieh hnd wined out tho Ht Mihiel Vienna Press.
alii in mi Tliursdny, witnessing the fighting from a vantage point close
hind the middle of the liuu on the French front. 1
Residents of St. Mihiel told- Secretary Baker of the abuses to which they
hud tieen subjected by the. Gernrans. Just before their retreat the OernWus
oned into the army all male, residents cf the city who were between the
ages of sixteen and forty-rive years of age. I
Bi.I.er walked throngh the streets for' name time stopping to tulk with!
the re-ddenls and to hour their reports of some of their experience. j
Tin sci rotary was much impressed with what, he saw of the battle and
is pro id and elated at the success 's which have been achieved by the forces
under General Pershing.
Americanism In Hilo Talk
- w. s. a.
II 1 1 I. Si'i.Tcn.l.ci 1.", (Siio ml
The Aih ci 1 1 .- .. L. ( Link j Mc-
aiidlcs. in opi.-iiing Ins campaign for j
t ,c I )c iiiuct a Uc nomination for delegate
I n ie-s toiii-lit undertook to make
i cl.ii-nut Mn'cmcnt of his Anwricail
ism. He s;m I ll -it he was named after
A 1 . :i 1 1 .-i 1 1 1 Lincoln and Ilnit he intend
cd to live up to the motto of a tiBin'
1 Lipial rights f. r ull and spc
i In
eioe tliat fixed by tl'e coiiiinissihn
he entered a dcf.'iise nloiiy the same
lies an heretofore.
In Idling what he hud done for the '
i Iflandr he said that his public services'
included the latin-ring of the twenty- .
five-mine petition provision for the ;
opening of homestrnding lands and
that he fought for the franchise of the
liawaiiaus in financing the Wilcox trip
to Washington when the literacy clause
Kaiser Ages Fast
As ftis f lans Are
Meeting Disaster
AMHTKKDAM, September II -!
(Associated Press - (ireat chan
es in the aiiiieiirauce of the Kai
scr can be noted tollowiug the I
events of the past few weeks,
the Berliner Lokal An.eiger re ,
porti. Ills face has Vecomc very
grave ill expression and Ins liuu i
is very gray. I
'describing the appearance of 1
the Kaiser when he spoke al the I
Krupp's works in Kssen I Ins week J
the An.eiger says: His ecs j
shone With' tlie deliant g eain of
a Prussian king ' ' '
- - - - - w. a. t.
communique make mention of the heavy
asualties which were sustained.
': a.'""'
,m i ill
"I I.
Ml It I V
li mi !iri'
h;i i nf
iul ;
lid rrru ntiivn f rtini'h i m tn M n WM i in IIH
"n r . . " . 1 lf.uU Vintrtur .rutnS lit' MDIIIP Itllllfllt
1 tin hnmnkt iHii ftitPHt lit ii hft TIrnL ..iim. (
(Kn vitril nnn nnrl ?ir "'1
h wotlhi be T,P ""riMPrn naiuin irmu iuiiu ,
I T IN Ufl nun Hi c in ili'Mfia 1 1 ncs T IOII1
iM-t-n MTi;il'l(l U II I Ull III lint iiu
t'oi none. '
r- liirn ;ttt:i Ut
Si l'i II' t (I W M ft
I f
winniTii; tho
111' ).lj MK II lliaillllllH t,,,. ' promised thut if elected
the "watcn 10g over me iweni.v
HO.MK, Septeniber L'i ( Associated
irther gain)
were made by tlie Italian forces
Association of Alsatians and Lor
rainers Express Admira-
Jion and Hopes
WAsllI.VCTON, Septembur 1.".- (As
sociated I'ress) On the occasion of
( nneial I'l'ishing's birthday anil fol
lo.n' tiie report of his army's sic
i esses on the Lorraine sector on Th1
day, the (ieneral Association of AlsaL
Has and Lorrainers of America seul
lollowin table tn tlie American '"in.
mnndcr congratulating b i m on liis birth
day mid linii.eif aud hid toices on the
id til y :
''Will.- iiudci y.n:' udnii'iilde i oin
iniind liic 'loriuiM dci rnda nl s (if the
heroes of 1 7 1 ( and t ict ' y stiu rgli astound
tlie world with their deeds, inspired
liv 011U love of lil.citv and deinociacy,
the Alsatians and Lorraine residents of
the I iiited Mads ure dceiv moved tlinl
the di'M'cnduiit of nu Alsatian family
should be cliosen to ilcslioy the odious
chains that bind them. With Voch,
1'etain Diaz, we send you on the or
casiou of vour birthday heartfelt wish
important positions along
Hindcnburg line. Rapid prtJ
is being made in the outflai
of both fortresses.
. The French yesterday, it
face of heavy opposition, occ
Savy and advanced between
and Ilolnon on the. St. Qu
road, while the British nortl
of that city occupied St. Qt
woods, captured Holnon
Jeancourt and west of Vren
Before Cambrai the B
threw back a heavy German
ter with great losses to tli
tackers. In cooperation .wit
infantry, German air raidcij
Uced the British positiol
Havrincofirt. The infantry
ter was attempted opposite N
vres Canal, on a line west of
Following the complete
of the German offensive, thtl
tish advanced along the
Havrmcourt sector,, pcneti
the German positions in
places to a depth of two
sand yards. !
C1i the UaBassee front th
tish advanced slightly wc
The continued success
Allies along the entire wj
line is apparently thoroj
alarming the German high j
niand. In addition to recet;
thenticated reports that.thtj
nians have been sending J
iXiuai great iiantities of wai
plies, preparatory to qvactj
that center, reports are now!
received through fugitives!
Lille, who have arrived at M
and Antwerp, that the Ge
arc apparently evacuating
preparatory to taking, tp d
fnd bimselfV '
Lihsrty Bonds Bought
I He raid that lie owned 41(1. K50 'f
l!.u i...l 1 ,i.:..i f ll.-.-..
Despatches from I'aris state that France is thrilled by the com- ;, ,, int wh(, M1,s,:rilti(ini tor
pleteness of the victory won by the Americans in their first hide- the fourth loan are opened he will
pendent offensive. lT'l V"!-"IZ' ""
General J'ersliing. reporting )ast night, states that the enemy is Rerj Cro-4 Support
i uiitiiniing to retire, destroying his supplies, the American advance,; Referring to the support which he
v.heu the despatch was tiled.- having reached a point twelve miU-j, ;- " t "'"' ( 'o-"" the can
r , .... . , i i dnlate ax nl that lie, his wife and his
northeast of St. Mihiel. I he official coninium.pie makes no men-,,, ,,,, ,,., ,,w,.n,,(.,, ,.fw ,Urm
tioll of the (lliailtities of munitions taken. I a total of .'.''-'ll with the miderstundiii!;
The earlier report from the American commander, made shot tlv , "n"
, . , i- i : r. ... .1 .1. K'ached
alter noon, stateil tliat tne inerican line onviii; in iroin uic soinii ,,,,,.
h, id advaucetl eight mile on a front of fourteen miles, the attack j Mi -Caudles deriaied that he had
,,r,,r..iniF rr.r.i.lU f.ernian nrisoiiers said that the drive had been : "ul.scrib.-d 14.immi to the building of
,.. v ...... IS --- , - , ...,.! ... l:,,., I ...I
five mime petition clause in the Home
sieainn i. aw.
. . i
Ilie desired amount was not
Hint thev would subscribe I
i Miected but that it had developed so rapidly that they had not had l)tiku
inie to put up any stubborn resistance. Tlie Americans captured RjCe Controversy
I'annes easilv, although the Germans had prepared to defend it dve.tin to his
When this report was tiled, the two American fronts had ap
coached from south and west to within six miles of each other and
there were great hopes that the two German divisions believed to be
in the western section of the salient would be cut off.
Before retiring from Hattonville and I b.mev re , the (erm.iiis
blew up their ammunition dumps.
I.ONIHIN, September 11 ( Associat
ed I'ichs ) - I'etrorad is in the bauds of
Anti Bolsheviki elements. Despatches
arriving here tBiough llnhiufors said
tht the Anti Hevulutiouists had rup
tured l'ctroj(ra..
Previous reports hud told of peasant
forces having entered the city and
there having beeu joined by elements
that were opjKtsed -to the Holsheviki and'
1 of heavy fibrillin m the streets. ;
1 It is assumed 'that the despatches
ntroveisv vilh uieiin that such forces overpowered fiol
.the food coiiiiuission mi the subject of sheviki resistlince Buil secured posses '
I ten dolbii rice nnd his sales at a price sion of the former Russian capital.
headquarters. The Ttnlinn forces pene
t ruled the Austro-Hiinnui ian positions
tn ft considerable depth in the ueih- i
I .or hood of T'ramngiule.
. 1st. a. .
W ARHJ NpJON,' S'pt. k: -(Ofli. ial .
' &ur(je0u (ieueral (lorus ' report for
the week endin September (i showed
a peneral improvement in health con
dirions at training camps and canton
ments. There is a 'marked decrease in
the cases of pneumonia, measles, and
other Contusions ami infectious discuses.
Deaths' wer ninety five as compared
wild 117 the week before.
.' . Ul w. '.'. -
t'or Rreut military sueeesse in I'.tIS
We hope to ceieiirnte shortly with you posititjjis farther to the castt
in the village of the fumilv of l'fleer- . , , 1
selling tl.c victory of civilization and
deliverance of oppiessod peoples."
w. a, ., .
. Y
i ij y i n ' ( i
I be reports show that the meiirans iroiu the s,,ulh in n
nun i more rat. in i.fo'jress tlian tliose attacking lioin the we-
jide. The Hermans on the west offered a verv much stiller
tame and had the advantage of an easier terrain to defend.
Onlv one (iernian counter was made during the day and that
one was abortive
earlv and the notification given the Americans permitted them to muioeii on duty, tin- oil
tircn-irc f. ,r f 1 1 . I I i ii nidi i'bw-rt ube nii'l illi hail ot lmllet and fur hlKher wuifes, their
, , , , r. .i . i r i. . ; . . :i i '11
completely smasu-(i j'risoners taken m tins niHiug lesunen to ,1V ,M1 (.ltv ,.,,,,,.,!.
I .."1 lili'li' and I liis I I ' c , ;
is bein policed and patrolled by the
home ifuards who iiuuibei six Inoidiv
and who an doing ctli. icut ser.m.'.
CINCINNATI, Septembei 11 -iAm
i'e-1 I'ress i-.-I'va ti.sl'y tl n' .
Ihe (Termau (runners began their barrage too ()f h(. f,in, f,,,.,,, , i, ,v e.ht ,.
oiu out
(iiests for
raise, lu pnv not li.'oinn lieen uninie
ihc a. i uiat v of the Ainertean shooting m the four liours preparatory
bombardiiietit of the ( Icruian positions before the attack of Ihuis
ila w as launched.
TOKIO. September 1:'. (Hpucial to
Hawaii lloclii) 1'rince Vajiianata wish
"S to see a coalil ioiv cabinet formed by
'he members of the Seiyiikui. Kcnsci
kai and the K 'K iiiuiutii but. it is re
.or!e.l that Torain hi disapproves of thi?
dan and is pl.-inniu to lime Visional
Tosn1-.' IliinlH mici eel him.
It wus this report which e I tn the
i n n t ol the r"piesentuti e of the
.lies at the Heiyoki n of Tsukiji at
Ahich resolulious wire passed cuihn(!
'or the formation of u .oust il ut iomil
, w. a. s, -
TOK l. Sr.lrmh.T l.t (HpM iul to
Vfjijui .liji) -.Ihhmin( hiiiI ftn(iu roi-
IrntH in l lio citit'M of Ainov ami Koo
i how, in Pukit'ii provint'o, uic reported
Mute from utturkR hy eithtr tho uorth
ry fon itr 1 1 HOiiilnM ii army.
liiitiwh Mini .Immiiim inmiiion wrro
,'ii.lftl ut (lie two cilicH t irotert tho
t'fipjH. 'VUe .iMpniit'si' ttuilt wv K'v'
ii a Mfi'ial KccMoir ut" a rilv to rtjior t
JitlllSl'lv ua.
ill mm
MANCHESTER, September 1;
sociatcd I'ress) The sudden ill
David l.loyd George, tha Briti
mier, is not regarded ts serious,
en here after his spewch ou Th
he is sutToriiijj from in attack
lliienii. liis condition improvi
terday ami last niyht but bis I
inakin;: plans have breu - cancel'
the next few days, awaiting It
plete recovery. , , ,
J E W I SHS0lDTERslfmL i
N KW VOHtC, (September
al i--Announcement is made I
.lewish Wcllfure l.euxue that, w
oiisciit of the war department, i
in fuii.isli "kosher food". at th
camps to tliose soldier and V
ho inuv desire it.
A Oood Bugf cation
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bilious or constipated. You are '
to be much pleased with. them,
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