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-f. . ... -. , '' i -'kit '
'.' V'v -
1 I'.-.-'v
Sugar Year Will Close With Ap
proximately Seventy Thou-'
sand Ton Unshipped
hoftape jver f.asl Year's Crop
Indicated By Latest
Figures Compiled
Hawaii sugar grind in now r.uiidly
'V . . I
Bearing complPtioh ami Ihp oml m
rloM'ty' in iKit. TIiiHi' hIiiiu hi ln no
ililfifulty in moving whnt nmaiii! for
Hhipmrnt k fnt :i may .IcireiJ anrl
lii c)rrniK uji Hi 'roi -to for n roaily
about the lintial licni'.
Kifrurps rpocn'tly o om i ! I I'T A. M.
Monill, wcretRrV mill manniT of tin
Pillar Kai-tors' roiiipnuy how th:it u
to ahil fu'luilin(t HitornhPr U there
kail hwii uliippeil of tlii vnar'H rroji
474,000 ton aii( that there wa ground
and mailj1' for Mliilinrent rffi.WlO tdns,
murli of Kliirii in in truunit or i waiting
transit to soijHr jmrts. TIiih makes a
tatat of itroiiiietion th that date, px
eluding what has l'en uwj for do
niedtif 'ori!iiiiition, of r;ifl,00il tonn.
lAtaat Figurea
Air. INowell uax noi yet eneciteu up
on bis figures of what ri'inaiiis to ie I
groanil and the prolicide tTine of the ,
grinding, tint Ins last previous Ogirfes
on production were 5ti:t,tMKl tona for
shipment anil libobt 10,1100 tons for
home consumption or, in all, about .rj7.',
000 tons, au ' increase of 10,000 tons
orer hi earlier estimates. This wodld
leave niiproximatelv a9,00 tons for
grinding from now on ami about ftt.Ooo i
toris fyr siiiment. Mome'where be !
tween 8,000 and 10,0(10 tons mny not (
be reaMy to depart until ine inouina
of Novemher and December, at which
bitter time some of the new crop will
be moving. Actual figures may some
What siirpass the last estimates but
it is not expected that they will large j
ly do so. . ;
Shipments up to and including Hep
tomhor Mi this mouth have been 37,
(JOO ton.s. There is, not now, so far as
advices hnve been received, ntiy large
tonnage ol nhipping expected to arrive
I, ml load between now ami September
tid, so that it is probable that ship
menta for the months will not greatly
exceed 50,000 tons. Assuming those
figurea to' be correct fhere Would" be
left to be move. I ufter ()i totier 1 abont
70,000 tons.
Crop Compared
Last year on October 1 there had
been shipped ."ilM.OO11 tons which left
for shipment at that lime 4.1,000. The
sugar year ends September So, so the
amount to be carried over this year
will be about 0,o00 ions as against
4:1,000. The shortage in this year's
erou being clearly shown iu the d f
ferences in those figures. Tntal ship I
inehts as of even dale will show a
difference of approximately l)(J,U(Mi
tons from which must be deducted tho
difference between sugHrs then and now
unshipped, iibout J7.HIKI tuns whjch
makes the upjiarent shortage Hbout
70,ft(n tons. To thai extent the ship
ping board lias been relieved and the
food udniiuist ration has been corres
pbndiugly abnudoned.
w. a. a.
In the Philippines., not w it hstninling
the diniculties1 which they have bad iu
marketing their crops and the distance
which they lie from the market, plans ,
for the expansion of the industry are '
;roing steadily forward and Honolulu 1
is reaninir a considerable benefit ns the
result. Numbers of new factories have
Deen lllllll or irr iiuiiuiiiy mm nun
others are contemplated.
It Is a comparatively few months ago
that word kept criming to Honolulu that
tbe Philippines needed more centrals
and were 'unable to finance them for
themselves. Now all is different. There
appeara to be no difficulty in seeurin'.
all the capital that is required. It is
Said fhe tanh hns come to the rescue,
and lends amounts witTiin reason where
the undertaking Is shown to be one of
merit. Tt was said to be because of
the tben need of rentrals the Hawaiian
planters sent a committee over to in
vetrtignte and decided to put In a cen
tral. A dozen or more plants are now
lieing put in, have been completed, are
In progress or sre contemplated, be
sides the one that will be built with
Hawaiian capital.
"Both of the big sugnr machinery
houses of Honolulu, (tattnn, Neill $
Company and the Honolulu Iron Works
are reaping the benefit of this growth
of the sugar Industry In the Philip
pines. Catton, Neill it Company have
announced the securing of several con
tracts and W O. Hull of the Honolulu
Iron Works will soon reach the Philip
pines to look after the interests of his
company. The iron works have com
pi etc d at least five plants iu the Phil
Ippines, have three plants in construe
tlnn and bave a number nf inquiries,
manifestly made in good faith and with,
every intention of building, with the
necessary finances at hand. It is these
fipeeiallT that Mr. Hall will look into.
The Jlunojuln Iroa Workj has hat) i
WAHUrNGTON, Anj. Rft A rv1hf
r me prMUi uifp tup-
iii". or tM oountlOTirn tb vnt
from Au4t 10 lb tmrmbr 31 hM
Iieon preUhPfd in llin ffirn of Iho
foo.l namiDiKtrallon brre ml rrcpnt-
1v n MiHMrttm'Tft fliV Witnhi.r ' f
the Kupar equalisation i"r.l Hy
norgf M. Rnlhh, tirtd cf Sn nturar
ilMltn Af ft
e' rooll admlhiatratlon.
It h' that'unflef JUiff UtaUfri kflcl
JotmenU iv certil-t to th variflui
itnta, klruwiiig ,,A(0 ton for eon
fctimfitirtn'Wlpr tRii' flan.Vhki eonnty
Vill'fle to Yh. 4T tka )ear with
ometntni( hire ss.WHt ton of nutrar
on hand.
or auj.roiitnUJy iSO.OfH)
than t M eiyv'er nt' ihe
f on Mm
beginning dt W.17
In reolv to r.re'e.ntatioim of the
"""-".-an rennere' m.mmmae to the
effet-t that ai-eumnlntiona of nto. k at
t Inn tic jMirtu would amount to Wrte
n,0(i0 Ioiih by December .11, Mr.
Bolph aildrevaed a lot tar to Janie U.
1'ont, ehairman of t,be re6nem' eom
niittee, in whieh he fiointed out that
even if this amount of Rtork rhould he .
left no Iiaud at ihe end "of Uie year it .
would rejirewrtit only a aormhl aunply. I
1lii own e'stJitipteT, as abbwo io TaMe
t. Indicate (hat he 'iniJuy at 'the erid
of the year will be Walerially betow i
l ' M t 1, II.' .
teirtibn to various '1nMortnt factoM
Kffeetlug the atigar situation, mn;h
the necessity of creating a reerfe
KHppfy in North Atlantic territory on
: account of the possibility of a trana- 1
J port at K) n blockade at the' Allegheny
I tmtilWBf the MiliifttUniMiU khf ttie
Tnited State to neutral ttationa which
have not tkeea covered, the oncer
any sum f bom
mmm to
WAKWJJJCJON, August SI. Ho fur
ther information of aa oflleial charae
yfr nas been forthaoming relative to
m, propoeed plan to move a consider
a,ble tonnage of Java auar to the' L a-
,ted States before the end or the year.
This nronosit ion n a faint undeatak
in;;, the ctvMumrofetlon of' Whlc U tfl'be
carrieil out ").p)- the food e4nilnUfrati0n
through the1 augur equatlaatioh 'board
and the war rade 'board.' in such a
cae, where roOKlJerabJe Interchange 0t
suggestions fend agreements heeVtasarily
takes place.' it "is not likely that a
speedy decision on the program t be
follow-ed iiovering tbe 'uurahuae arid
iiKivemeut of thin auuar rab Be attain
I cd. Tu addition, the "approval of tbe
.Netherlands guvernmeirt must be ob-
j ruined for any plan adopted, which
J Adda to the length of.tiaie
AatmwA M' :
sue Lefon sugar parctaeea and tne
actual movement of auar .begins!
Would Oom JaH ..
t'mler these conditions Tt ta ppr
eot here to ikoiur 'tfbiteH 'follo"Wr"rl tbe
snpar situation that Tf tlirse gi?j(afs.afe
finnlly procured flfty WW 6ot"ere' lo
tncrease the American suppl '"fnf il laie
in flic year. '
Tlie stiHenient uineV lust week to tbe
.fTi.c-t flirtt fnrtv TtMt'ph tAi TnA nltrl '
sugar CnneTs connnueA'TO e
questioned by shfping experts her. O'
the'.. umber it sh ('' Vporf 'i td 1
Ithnf from .ft,0O0 to JOO.CfOlO 0a4''oft
t.,.. ..n kJ - i .wi a-u I
1an nillll'l 111 I1IU 1 r. I ,1, lilt- .inirilR,l
market. " ' " '
In checking ui of the steamers un
der the pulc.h flag now in nervjpo ibe
TWeeri tiv'l.'ast ladies a'id the"Vn;Wl
states iinlicat'H that they tfumper,
twenty one, twelve of which txi to
i!.c Ian tic C(iut and nine ,to New
Vork.' ' It 1s poasflile?, rT conilrse, to aug
Aietit I liis ntfriiber by otbet veneers,
tnosrlv of smalt Cargo carrying capaav
i'v. ikivv in the Knst Indies on other
tuns, but this number could hardly
rniml the ofher nineteen vessel need-
vd to bring up tbe fleet 'to the full for-,
tv mentioned in t.he report.
Higher ' figure ' TJntlkistf '
As the si naiuers uew on the I'-nited
St ,v I eM run curry other much needed
supplies, such as cinchona brV, coiiO-
mit oil, ami tin, the space .that an be
ei aside for sugar will hardly be bver;
fill per pen.1 of the cargo spaie.'' If
other vessnls are adtjei to be "jpet Bs'
sugtr carriers ' they mav iArff full
loads, but evep with hia favorable
factor available the jtovpubti of ng.f
thnt cnn'be inuved tins jrcaf will ntota
likely be 'much nearer th 90,000 ton )
Figures prepared by the ofllce of com
mercial stat'sflca Qf tbe ministry' of 4
flu a lie of iirar.il show that tbe 1irar.il
lan expbrt df sugar for'flio JWiar 1i17
was two and bne half times frreater
ttinii that 6f l!Mo. The Iguren Torthe
two years are 147,127 and 59,t14 tJu;
ri'Hiioej I vev. Heavy exportation tb
Areentlna-an.l V rbgfcat tacCottilf -for the
buH of the' Increase.1 EkBorrwtlohg' to
(ireat Britain Snd 'Italy' hlsd shOWed a
uip. The following tuble presents the
eiportatidus H6 (fl(ftMuf Miuntriea for
these fftir and also for 191.V
' TVms if i
: mjo it.
Cniint ry
1'nlreel kIiikIoii
I My
Hpaiu . ...
I'lirtiitru I .
I nhed Millies
(rtaey cailrl.
t 1HN
t nir
13. MM
. . .1 . .
t 71
tlMtoO r14 J4T.lt
its Cuban business seriously interferes
with by the decision ip Cuba not tp
seek to make materia) iarsass In pro
ductiou and .ta put ia onjy what 4a re
ouired to maintain resenl pro4ucj)on.
It therefor naturally turns its atten
tloa tp other f if W 'of busiues.
f1W Mgnr.llng h tAlppIng !tn-1
jaoi an MkrnnariB rtkltla, 'unq 0l
- lriSfW.
raqptff mailt pt U (iht -
VrdkA: r " ' "
OF H l ) A It ai lTLIKK Ak a-
1 l'iT 10 UKOfJtfUKK ,11
t.,,B fJS tf
Rtoets on hand im,biM
uba raws . iftU.Ma)
PttHo sKtrst and HI. Crort.f'
s) Miiaii
-roo 1
Hswsllnn. raws tnu.OUO
). raws ... M.eoo
raw .
liiio Zf,o
Tnral aTnllable .
DtHliii-l :
'-KKtMiTto. A rm r,
y ra1 Aareomrntit.
Jietl ' I ron. IVigi.n
Kellef, Mr . ... ....
l .uo.sT
C'onnnmnllon :
i Olte
.SOI 0(111
pe.Wif one Ililrd for leu
"i? 0!.vm
..too imi
Kurplus .l.naary 1 " "ia
Taking the country aa a unit 4t i
would anpear tbt there will actually
n op lian
i , .... . . - . . .
i yaonary i, ivjsi, the rollow -
Shown bT
tkm. ltfne.1N.f ,'mi'h'
nre luistati.
Total u r. n., Jan. 1. ...
wfl mum w
mm m m
mark than the J 00,000 ton
AI tfeJaVs are likely to
la ftonriertlnn with aecurlbgl
take rJ
Wdlag cBrjfoea t fhla end 6f the'liltll
fhe round rj oyUjre time', for' these
Jn'ps wlB he- eonaiderailiy Jenirthetie'4
er those iting In noraial -pre WaV
fjtnea. wbieh 'la aaother tact that llll
f'eptf o tnMfiit the' tonatp. ttf JaVaa
lb vxo beforeYiuar 1,
ia tinqueslionably true that attn
plies of Wh Java and Philippine' k
furs will be added to those proaured
riitn tbo JPeirterh JJcmiapbere Aviring
Hie latter pert' 'of I9W and thr6ugh
IJJtH.'bUt the volume will not be heajr
beeaus of tie atrictej transpbrta.--tion
facilitiea. They will be a web
eisMa addrbion to the" AninricJi ivnntsr
Wt' iti 'afj' Jikplihood Brit of inch. xro-
rpnrttons ai to exert any orbnounred
snwriet inflnence on -next year's augur
DYlces." i ' f
Tbeic Sugars, compared On art f. 'o.
b. lsi.a at productive ports with Ja-.
has. bear a relatively cheap price, but
when M freight' rate, miririe' "insstr-'
we and war rlak Insurance" ts added,
tbe'y will ehst, delivered hut lit!, "tf '
fttrv less than Cuba's. rVitgar tnen IB
' V.'asliington still hold to tbe opiSlob
It' nt ,Ian sticrar landed in ttie "tSiited'
? I
.V th
",.ll?h4,,a f
cli.'ht rKte "set..
ween six and avetl
e tl'rur Anally et-
3epeodent on lie
At t'e rireserit.
f"Splrht rntes from Java, said to be'00
per t,in, it would be clocr to seven
eenfs tba,!! six o-nts, but it is .bejieyed
that because of the anxiety of the Jav
anese pnx'uoers to reduce their stocks
povernsap-fW pressure msv be swciftetl
fey them r a revision of tills at tb;
,W jier ton or lower, and it is also poa
nble thnt ,t)be seller nuy deem it a
jrood business policy to absorb part of
he fritlifM rbtc in order ' to move his
augur, in such an event a price loser
to six cent could lie secured by fhe
Fqualiuatlon Botfrd.
if Btataautt by Board
"NoThln has bte given out by the
Board relative to tli 'proposed pr-'
chase of Java, and the above flirures
e merely theoetical appUe'dtioita of
Known Javan r. o. b. prices Bad freight
rates, but sngar men here aire of the
Opinion that they closely teflect the
price prospects involved. '
Interest in the proposal and specu
lation as to its outcome continue, pend
ing a definite statement from the qaal
(catton beard -relative t it plasm in
M matter. Wuch a stateaaoot ' ft-
pent ed diers shortly.
pat? mm W Wit?
Port: iH'ar " '
a a.'
NEW AlflkAWfe, 'AtgVist 83 Ac
cording to a statement made here by
Charles (iojehaux, head of the Ood
Ctbaux interests, work on the .Reserve
rcftoery is rapidly Hearing completion.
tr state.! fheit the plant will W'Mlly
Kruippecl and ready for operation at
the ead of tbe ae-xt teu days.
It is probuble if the Ciodcliaujc in
terests can secure raws, that this jilahj
wilt be again melting VorWgn 'raws be
fore this year's Louisiana crop" -fciglns
to mve.
A ttemarkkhsV 'llertiBI BUairar
f wBrr rmm, 'Usarfta,
atreaatb aa4 Nervs rawer.
. AH Pr'assalsta.
payable pp. wtouer 1 to stock holders' ,,"'"" ' "V ,T . " ' .
of record 'of feeptcmbor 14.' The cqm"' VpwKaga.V of ry thing that eloaejy re
"'iP'', MabV o7 iOctolter 3121, l?? . , v
and bearlhg Interest at seven perefent 7 't f'1 1TH rh,
ner annum r year's cron iflrsrwV near IW'dloBB the
1 1
, 7 . V.
Tvcoty rP Will Be
AJrwody (be acute labor ajboi'tafe has
Jiad -lis effect on the tUOO eroo'of Ha
wklian ftafar or game of blanta-
tioua Dr no(( bec-n able to plant the
fsVlQ acteajj. Uow large wfll be tbe
alilng-KIT will "lardly 'be ilejefmined
htUhaj'lMjBiial Vepbrta of Ihe'vkrious
aiiliaOi'os JtaVe been prepared for (he
knnUnr'TheMingi of (bote i-bunpanlca.
po ha.' thus ar eea." cum
tikratinsjy Jeai iflrecMd bot ''it ' ea
9" V if win autfer liter op. This
'A'" taken Tnjo 'epfiajaoration
P")'Jr io iki'TepoYta of tte yr1tia
. rrl ","""c" ,u" wmBie,
i h.t jjSawJad'awnpe AcVeag'ei'ti eir
,tm. i . -m . i-v . 2
UU formerly. wiot of T1"' i
WlrKr Jley havlT need tbe llrobfe'm !
of inUhitlr 'tint'ter' eut -hnl trlnSJ
oiiiTBTingine nwir efon ana planting
Tdli!ff.e? fte jWa tof ia farthest
fot Jt'ia'onYr1 lo be VxJiWted1 tfcat ''
fmttrVdiVTP necea-itieV sBoi.r ha've heen
fftatMV iP ' '
.KfktAtpMnp, chaVrman of the
labitr etfrhnflttee of -tjt ifWalf an 'Sugar
PUlatyrtrkeawJartnV.'aiefcking on Wed '
VMity'tLt (he VHfieiltr ltfncteon of
tH Arl CJnb ha Jnde elt'nr tbe nreseift
abo needs at the u4ar industr' afad
fld iolidipat-'nntttrl aputea' to wldch
lh4ndiy ifiigJU jooJc'Irnr i aupply.
fih'.ntcrire,i4i fitf iHettiBllv' slgnifi
ejity niiMi 'tftey afe h flmt In which
btte prmtVr1t!)rf tB'irgr Plantef
AtsoetlcJi'B declared! or'lt'a- ns
casaTtt' ol TWewtsJ libof ahd, inferent
IsJly; asj'H iVrtt fdf rChUeW fmniigrBtrdh.
TJmt Wb''ttijtTW.ii4;lfa
membati havtT'erf uHvMdba aaj
they beivii'aopSiM m"ke it ebjkr fhat
the higlfa'Hofi 'infayort aeeuring Chi
nese Tlawafl aiaie from others ami
not from tbcjr asuoeiatioh. Ihe fact
that he t thBrTrrt4ri f The commrttec
On Itbofaa adde4 aMl further to the
7ai. ,
iteod AlUfc aUleiW inJlc.t- tk.
ii,vssfiruuBi -svr wmi am till) uarecnon.
tt J f sported tbs'hy bai eund that
fhe vJUited AlAteB hpii nraat need for
all Jtotif Jtiran bor ihat ran be 'se
cur4 -atuo Bearer to JWashiagton and
where tha prwblepa of expense and of
transportation sjoea noj enter into the
ralcnlatipat aa -tbev Jo here,
TbB Mimtr1 that botb Porto Rico
end the pJUUnpinaa are eGmiattedsinre
it appears 4ht jk way ia open to se
mife' paage,fof'TlHbinos tn rrester
BBtnbers than at present. Mr. Mead is
expected t ret Or n' within tjie next two
Week When It Is probable that he will
have, something to report on the labor
Reports that the. mainland trip of
f-rnaaf il. Wode)tous abd yf. -p. 8mith
might have porno bearing on the labor
situation ar dentel.' It is said that
Hfr. Ntntth is ilot fding to "Washington
and that naithlrr f there have any in
tention of doing Jhything In the prem
Ises. 1. Woyehorse ia- 'member of
the PlarslsoeJation labor commit
teeibntstr. ad baa undoubtedly done
all ht 'eoulJ km sjone while at the
natioifaj eapifal sod Jifes wade tbe ait
UklioB .'dear to the food tdmlnlstra
tloa"nd tto othhr WashrngtoB officials.
Sopf Msi trotig
"Hot m -great deaj of .hope of securing
Ciloaah laJor iJield wt brtt this will
not deter th sBffartB that Hawaii will
make -to-aeetrr Ml U apparently thi
only ' possible'' relief. Politioisins are
afraid to go againat Jhvfabdf interests
wbici have Hot yet been wakencd to
tjlo- Bees4ly haj fUt, Jbougk they
mar ie later. Ijbor las a long ntand
tg prejudice agsrinJ OriotvtaJ immlgra
nlshtftlons will throw all available I
bW Jli6' fhe'Oolfl for' th cultivation
of'thi et'erfln.-HTwee4ing and the
gittWgMbe f teW 'iW4 hormal condi
tioa for it has been necessary to nev
lect tbem alteaily. Adjustment of
methbda to tbe-vtxistTtig eotidftloas wit'
hdv to .ba tnadrf 4n every available
laboreVnaed wlere most aecfled- Kfforfs
are being toiBde to get wtat way lie
termed fosurfl labbrHb work Iteadtlv
but this' -rsf oubd not easy for there
afe Burnbefs Wll6 will 6nly"work enough
datl lBa treelt Or 'k "taon?h to gain h
Bttbtiataneea Kad' uteef fbeSr absolute
needs. Tb bonus ntaa'Tailed 'long
since to get at) W the Into line and
the fdfld&loV'prtyarji fi4w, ex
VMUiiUt&P4 W tP sfeat
ar jte4 ht'4tM-VHtAffif o'ery T-
,fo fsmaif Jji rotlitctfon ,ip tie next
erpp Jhaf' Mill jeomi - f row tkf Ja.bqr
shortage la Jntraiticahle, ypw eAtieal
season wlf) be oa ia December. Entfr
iB Inta ayHttiop.i also will b wljat
ii. bst Trsuiw tgssiss vsrq ins I ; ., .7 T r , . -J
r Of Porto . Bieans have been se "?f. "be Z H to " tol,r l,llo,
. ' . ' nhotaa in avinanita fh nnl suh I
trv . U. Head, manager of the vt" -v. ' V . . r
irX IjiKa JMU.i. it I. nnj... i " or prooucnon et potash. I
VWWV aau aaani law UHU vm aBB)ivT vriu UIM
m vnniiMiiiASisia m anLasn anwas axit -viav ssti
I .", .I., , hn j j .It. if
mm mm as m m Mmm. mm mmwmm aBBM i i a& m mm m a a m m m mmm. m i m rm jti -m i n n r w
fiermsinj 'Cifcillaled TrooaQanda PJanleri FrbI. "Flmirt M Thai ' J 1 "?:' -K:,
jywn oiniiicjar.,iuii mui mskcu tigni uciui
JloberJ 8. Bradley, chairman of the
boafd of directors of tbe American
grteulTnraJ totporation, says there la
bet'trfr Illustration of tbe influence
of flermaa propaganda' than fte ex
aggregated oninipa held by the 'Ameri
eaa 'publia in to the value 'of potash
a.' a'-fettlllaer. "Frtr many -years be
fore (he war." he says, '"the demta
Potash Syndicate expended ntllioBa
of Idllars In this country in booming
the 'potash ereed until our farmers be
errme obsessed with the idea that poV
kstl exerted an almost magical infln-,
enee on erop production.
"In December, 1017. Professor Roth
of the Griefswald Pniversity, was
quoted aa making the claim that Am
erica bad entered the war in order
to secure fhe potash deposits of Al
sace, as Atnericnn crops would be In
pepetnaJ jeopardy without potash.
BOrmnllv used for avrienltural nuY
opaek, Vert I liters have eohfhlned little
'vr tin potash; This is especially trne
of 'the' Jn'st two years, and yet this
bitntry has In sight today the largest
erdps ever produced in her' historv,
whll'e Tlermany 's frops are, from all
heeonnts far below "their nOrmal' yields
Vfor" the war, thouyh she has doubt
'ess used evcesslve quantities1 of pot
ash in an efforj to Biihimlre the ef
fects of the dearth 1 'of ' phosphates.
Other countries ' also have grown nor-,
rmxl ernpa since the War without the
ttae of potash. .i
tetter rartiUxer
"ITiis emphasises the fact that phos
phoric! acid, in tW firm ot sgperphos
phates, is far more jntjiot'tant to crop
production than potash, ns ' was long
Bo demonstrated In this country, when
phosnhatic fertiriaers were usefl site,
fessfully for over 20 years before the
advent of pot-ish. Ge-'niany has no
mineral phoeohfttes wtt which, to.
make superuhospha'es, being tppen
rlent nrmn the United Htates. Algeria
rild Tunis for her supply of this basic
raw material.
"While potash is valuable as a fer
tilizer for strengthening the stalk and
Improving the quality of some rrops,
phosnhrie aciil is the essential p'e-,
piMit'fcjr the 'rlroduc.tion of the grain
HhA fruit 6f al) crap. ' '
Oeraiirny ''.needs' 'our phosphates far
an we neea her hotesh; 4nd,
? "I en.nranement at pres'
eiit for the belief fbaf fhe IIpjed
-iaies wui eveniuaijy .pe alile to pro
dil'ce icr own' normal sribply, unless d--nosits
of actual potash Salts should
be discovered in this country, whioh
is by no means improbable."
Ways and means of conserving fuel
in the suihir refineries vrere diaVussed
at a meeting attended by represents
lives of the I'nited 8ta
i'ii nislrat ion and the ri(l
nics. '
The general situation ws gone over
and an understanding was reached 'that
practiiies for the reduction b'c'6uuthp
tion and the avoidanVe o.f Waste Would
be introduced" into the relnertes Wher
ever practicable. ' '' " " ' '
Cable advices from Bueb'oa A'tres this
week State thnt the Argentine tlovern
tuent win authorize ttie i'mportatioa of
li;.r,.(M)(l tons of refined sugar and 75,000
tons of raw sugar, free of duty, during
the six months beginning August 1.1.
This action lies been 'decided upon in
re of the heavy decfeia in.
ectWe A "gentine crop c.u.d
vor. coldavf- of tirtr July
the iirospectWe
by the never e
whUvh ilatrov
i-ej proauex-.ts oj a aomeswc
iteqdafefor requirements
- - .
ptbductlou V
if any laborers jaay be taken if there
be other enl.ls'uaeVr the selective draft.
Ilvervthing eaccpt labor points f
bigger crop ,thau that of tis year but
it is admitted that the labor shortage
may bring abodt a conaiderabJe curtail
Olaa has claimed that mulching, by
keeping down the weeds, saves largely
on' labor and now comes the opportunity
for' ohe plantations, climatically sit
uated aa is Olaa to prove this to be a
Conditions lUaayliere
' Arter'tfll the1' situation here may not
be so very different from elsewhere.
Reports from J.ouiaiaoa continue to
complftin of labor shortage, th tkking
of labor nee led 'tof the cane fields for
btheV In.lustries 'wheYe btgher 'wages
can be earned. There it 111 'a question
of ' getting the labor if ttiey wtll pay
ctiptigti rMit'here it is h CBe of supply
birt' available' under any eieiimsfgncea.
Louisiana advices say tHe next Prop
will depend largely on the securing of
labor. : ' '
Cuiio also eompluias of labor short
sg'e and' labor' troubles. Only from
Porto Kiro there is heard little corri
idaiut and in fhaj ls,)nd tn ioyestigii
tlnn or labor conditlofat Is t,u jirnoress.
ut In nbne of ' tlinie "iigar Jistrr?; is
sbnr given the holt si nir and attention
i vf o to Its social 'welfarV ah In tfif
Hawaiian Islands. The shortage f-xisfs
iiratiea?lly' at) luifustrlen only Ib'Ha!
waif ther' cn' be ffilip J tess ef fluke tdt
not, sKuriBgv Oriental; t6r 'fhalt la
ths other iitBtrctt. ' !
polng Without laml ,g'eo of tas price nxea. it
ii4 the United States ha, JJ
been unable import potash from RK fcttSa
tlermany, and as we bat produced : .Win AntMJi W Ht.I.i i l ulv
but -i tmall fraction of thejmount I KftfilllJrai'l
fh lliitffer tho "-WsV 1'vtl,.
i ',... i- .A..jwl i i I.
Interpretation of Jrspitehfs from ha
maihlaaJ Which" Were ame what tobjg
ud'ui ra 'language fn4l'etl'fnTSth 4ew
price of sugar will not go Into effect!
until the next Cuban trop' ia'ita aight
which would Been about Defembfr.1
jTbremeiis fhat pracrlckftt xibke f ttUl
late rTawlllaV grind w1ftVahh' w1
price. To some of tbe plaatatloai -which
inv ffilgar that vrift'ba (itJnd''a
Oclober'ahd "NovMibeH this la V' dii
appointment but as a gearal thiag the
plantatlbns bat' ftfeureVJ on tli
price going Ihrrfugfc" (fa whole 'aaao
and so no disappolatneat, eaista, It
appeara to bjS tl Interftiofe of be augbr
ev)billution boVt U i'' ft at BiwCii
gets the old price for tba present erop.
Such disappointmeat M ;la fait at
the price going into affevt, aO lata ia
fully counteracted by the tatisfistioa
tnVWsift tMe Waa-Tla
dernand. stiaMrhek tf ete'boVt
Hogar trpm few Dfleans alii ;i 1 ,
'Wlth'tha'mtBtfBB Ofprfnt 4v-JeB
from K. A. Ralaold,. representing tbt
Mgar ;xcaoge A C"rerJa,'
reprejentrng the Hugar an, MoIasJes pi.
muiitt Wf.Mo'n.VtnB1 alViel hit
tb fbod- aitnfiaislthUon wlir proteaf B
Interests of broheTa aad'Jealera. -th
wtuja,! aereiopinenrBar,.yf siBinerol
whte tfonveyed 1ty -pre-as sJeailalhi.V
n this t'ate be ffxed at- Bttohi -BtB ik
roming faH, ahd thai (bp voUmtarfwp.
tract Vts nanWuarf VboWa'ai '.;1b
thse presefttin JTaHiiitftbli KtnrdAyi
night. .-v .- 1 A
confereBc' indicate thhtOaorta
Rolph, president ' of - fa - aqUhBtatlon
pprd, mtrmated fhM tie os jlot
garii who tavor a pfica a:
cents 'for UiitlaW-'KwaCV
iJieae stated (.MpfefttUe;
the r.ouisiana sugar Ihdusty W'ap'
IlKared" bVfore f2 Mtafm.tWh
Roard and asked thht'thi riHelf it v.ai.
is quoted as saying that ulWaBsiiert
asked for the linhMt- IiIm 'miHmmi
by any of the prodiif era who hay ip-
leafed before fhebOafrW, h& Hbxflt
would- not Be'larr to WOOat '.Uk prt dn
seyerHl aaiUlpa Jpi, it af ia brdbf:
to bring outa noasihvi .addltioui
000 tans froV . r- ' - v
To this, aecnt Vt&e siiarrlie
,st4te, 'wrt issjpiiedcf l' td
: simposed that Uia K(usllionrr4
:ha urfV3vww!i
cxrcpumtai eoB,iiw aa.' fr. tfrvra,
in theJ.ujal)s.4B4agtB4 -UtteT
he" and VnW WCtMWilt ffeibie,
Mr. Rolph. it ia reportvd' Aseused ibe
delegation ha,t the dritrUrutioa fit AM
aecordtpg to ypoiM A Jiff ; rg Ttfuf
of sugar Und will b faatodTla ptb
crops ff gie eight-tsebt trta U fcoTaS
taTned. - ' T " ' v-' .1t,.' ',' .' v rC
... F,TiJ' ' handWtHn'rtatW 'k' Wa'oqJirdm-1
nM"n Xmw.1h,1,''',,JI IftAW .too woaM tg flM
iiiiing compa I ,,jt,,.j v. t t v j !j 1
rjuiiiH ijuisivdk erou wuuin Dei oncnr
iW"" '",fI,'.''wS'l!'.,,suii
er dv reoruary i. Jte aue said'fMt
"id In financing the crop could be givea
this year if needed.
pi Louisiata o
talfea Berinnsjy fdr t fi oflvldet tUt J
r!6ni ana W rlyaoti odeaBaiJ
anions ana its iynti prssiui supply
not U be' Jceraeff apfiaVUrlugar
production center,- IU Uta' wf M
prdportion to jfy Sftppliand-t4'ripet R
demauds would qnirt pflce ilf-whlei
the cbnsuWf VpUli tj(hVylly lrebet.'
While it Is conaidwed that Cba-An"'
Porto Rico havtf JttftfitefPt!iTi
K?". ft tfit Al
ft'1'' f 5 ffiLftiffefi1 t$f!&
j in)sM f .Wit-r
i '.-' ,r ,,-,.--..- rr"1
' y". t PW augae f
'T" will warrant. BPma iDeresiesJij
nlylderdb'iB 0uWeousttbtihcel'4ud''a
tnslnlcnance 6f till ea fa(t
veat. . -w
To preclude any further" poaatbliuy
of vi' 4pofiearag tn 'tbi. MjarrUorvi
fpor Adtu)iilstito llh- JeVt , out
Wrpis nA pai'ytr.rVtit Jsll-doaf
era Of rice Upoa wMV weekly rparts
of sll rice sales will bi made.: . ; ,Si
The blnnln'contala' apaeek Id which
te tier dealer must fslar: fibf 'isxael
amount of Hc he .ia en; .hand at the
beainuing bf -each WMk, . ttta alnouot
sold each thtel- adlitt tt1 a Ttaai
at the end W tb0 week.1 EeaJwilibt
in the sam prad jWabouf ntaaonabl
JuMiBoation, espfftallf Jf .jlebdlBr 14
rftult In a higher tiiarket prierf to tl
retanet'oi1 ebtoffdMer.Srin "iJ dealt- ith
as Unfair prtetisa nd puaiahed. ia-1
ruriiiuij. 4 , .
An aito driven hft Ollma rfaahed
Into aa auto drifea 4y jQ. Woad ai
flerctania and ' Nuuauu BtMhti Ojfit
night. Kr. U. JJT. Qhaa.r a pasoM
Itr -the Qim sa ausbalae'd a sjijrht
conioaioB pa ad orencaif, jor w.bic
me was jrcKieu s.i tne. ririergenoy no:
HtaU 0Jlw sW4 jhatt hp waf a,l
Nujt ftefMtW Mf
N?,"f HlMStH Iti&t igt'
li1 the" ytM Vl.Hleaaeo TrOnt
tb policf itntlon,:..'.
.J.-jL.'e'-.ii-?.. ( .'''
I ' ' -v a, '.'
UtplIei.jSdelit :fv f
and Caroqef A Cpmlng In Or
Bacenl developmeat pnt the nitrate
titaatioa or hf Islands J a Vs1'7
rrs t- trr tt'
sipr epndltion and remt f'ager (
cLfe' shortage way M saluMo be
promising eencuttoa and rear
mny 'm
ftii: Jf, 3Te? Trti m,pp
Ji. fall mqnUia ' supply
etacad to irtlvi In due aea-
soa And
abijiments arc coming
t' At'fhe ofllse of the Uawaiiaa Fcr
ti liter Cotrrpwtiy it waa Jeaned from
(WtwJ jBVln;: ugrTjht.nd.nt
ad War acting aMaagerjiJit recant
advices hav told of farther Vomiaed
releasea of 0,000 tons oY nitrates la
addition to the 15.000 tone thai had
Q aettled; TkuB tSe'ralaSda ar ow
raaaOBsbiy BBre of securing 35,TK)0 torn
fstieaBobaJjlB tlnre: lb hippjng
hartng 1itttoWiu ft ttipWter tBat
this lso can .be arranged. -s
of tho ban - oa ni
trm, or Ta.Otsf tttslJiih-Qf
'KmjgO 'oi tir -.thB -SOfXr on: (as
be 4teoortiil Ttom iPnm -til" ...
UMU. "wHtis't bi n.tr tbrcX fcik.
WW r,bff gat go J, Wg )o yan
trabetsesy whesev it wiB ba tfahs
ihfttlSeltloS. 'v...
muni and the prteo BHttaUOsr ai)0i;-BO
tfBCtory; not- promising aa.tba qea-
floptf.'njtfnfc ?y Pi-esentriOrT to.lh.
pJantiMtAk irV aboaf lo oi iidf
wow it jipw.-uxeo, oy. jie goverameBt
Wbri flmV Vtlglo 5t tb'pmpaJlieB
ertlrftf iJttt e iapt'SraD InAtWd
ba tbe oeUdil of ortc. V" Jt "Was aalv
reent3r that they Jearried tpa price of
one' bf 'the oMgent'recetvea: This
however; l tn of ike ltcreasad aoaU
,0f podU.tion Id meet .fhlfH vthf.ia
eTagd. lJ .V f 4wb;. W ho,"net
. crp,jiaa bees gratWT AboBts) Jaar
WW;BbiC!4Brrabw o th uMtV
foTi' tSiKmMWwiM
Iul6r t-t'BMV'tlr.t
Day, Hm Jagc faott'io. 'Blind
. fiejf icverar Caict Treated
aa :t'.W-JtVl i-'Aissi'wit
1 Hi mfrt$inrttuM&
pbper 4eJaiow,r jf.t,pf ,AUorUed
liA tluiMW refere'y ' t tv"' V
VohYarbte gven. Ihli aeefsUt in
boUti afaf thy tit eJe W&
'hai ibrBaMrsj. thhaV one eiubllshed
iwrfawairw vM&im i
gtils If oayrtVtfie a.!ool tterela will
mti tODeftOtallv bllBd! " ' ,
thl weVUtt tt iU&ihi Uittif. srtdtl
Basthus. ,oaly . ltl mklbJ.(oper
i'tlr f f wt!l BdVr fay a'toUtre
refrfeea.:-.',' .'J ' c-''.'v V
-; Af taf tera eairf g 0j lirTriis' '.had
f aa diiioBUb!i5u4HtosWhcrV
d bhijbeen.on a Mbayr'4nt'iavfv:: "Tift"
tieyWeltijtairoa f ee"a1'lxUt ' ao
ipirlta fot tho bayrbtn ; tn-jrt' . id! gat
tht 4thry aleoholia ettleat, . 'S
s;tnifl 7,thaa apift( if Kofy4 Uat
. dOadllhon'Vhiph a luilia
I labia ta knock JrUkedead. .aa Jt
tfeaj f rojongefl. aa ki JJiSp-Ataj
Wft ml!
Japance la Jjlawr, aafiattTSal
fthreY aa 1K augr;plaJ4a.tl,u,.fbsiB
f t.h Jea know tioye lUta W tli0.ttfa
?dpi(l, JpnlMilrS niUfeir J titqttH
;7alBagi;W'a amobg jMa'Mt.
potaiat wltn 5fapfcbeaTred?r.M Nlh.
n it and he has maar" admlraP. .n&Stff
kU fallow ountrymB Hawatl,'
en raceHVed two eaKgoea of approxi
WatelVfil(k)Ul Bf?J. V.Aiy.:tx.
: Orpine feeaavVafnoi
iituK jiinivui yupwiiu ,uiau juat,trTsr
tlMi bW'WvA ltfagaWnu-k SsijVi
Vbmmi 9thi MTkls ri ttbt a. J4iss.
Win ft6 firw5P fit f rfl"ejjr.
lf horWiTioe in tl alol 1- rWsnt
jilrtTnri' If he rtl fa&eFy
Tb ctfpjecJbeocO'Von 'starj Htjief M
Ihofitleit 'adVlw tbpff 'U , Atf
tale -'rrehhrns Instesd- IZ.W3J.

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