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in. "
Sam $7,000,000 To
Help Lick Huns
, Fourth Liberty Loan
today. ,
Today and tomorrow
Volunteer subscriptions are to be made to-
and tomorrow at all
Although tomorrow is Regatta Day a
holiday the banks, and trust companies will
remain open for Liberty Loan Bond sales.
Those who voluntarily purchase bonds on
these two (Jays will have their names placed
upon the Honor List.'
The campaign will be opened at nine
o'clock this morning, when the city will be
raided by a fleet of seaplanes.
Siren warnings of the approach of the
fleet, followed by "whistle barrages," will be
warnings to bond, purchasers to seek refuge
and bonds in the banks and trust company
A goal of $7,000,000 for the campaign 4s
unofficially announced.
Scbres of captains and lieutenants have re
ceived 6nal instructions.
Mayor Fern will stage an unusual publicity
effort at noon today.
Ci ty Will Be Raid
ed By Fleet Of
The I'oitrth Liberty Loan cam
paign in Hawaii opens today,
with a goal unofficially set at
No advises liad been received at
Liberty Loan headquarters from
Washington last night as to the
amount of Hawaii's quota, but in
the lack of such instructions the
committee in charge of the cam
paign is going ahead on the as
.surrlji'tion that the figure mention
ed, seven million dollars, is what
the people of the Territory will be
expected to subscribe..
And ir is taken as a foregone
conclusion tluit Hawaii will take
the full amoiint.of her quota. She
alwavs has "come through" in the
past, and it is regarded as a moral
certainty that she will not fall
down this time.
Complete and elaborate prep
arations have been made for the
campaign, and it wiil tart olT
with a bang. The bombardment
is expected to continue without
intermission until the last dollar
has surrendered.
The capta-ins and lieutenants
selected by the campaign commit
tee met yesterday morning at the
chamber of commerce sooms and i
received final instructions, each
for the district in which he or she
is to work, and the methods to be
used in securing subscribers.
Several novel stui)ts have been
prepared for the opening of the
campaign and some surpiists re
due to lie sprung. ,
Flanes, To Bald City
Hph and uirplanos flying swiftly over
Honolulu early thjx foruiUMin will .bomb
the pity nullum the harroo !lro ilireefe'T
from the island iihore.ii aal hat-bur tre
veiitu their (rHiuiii the mastery of the
nir, in which latter ease citizens nro
lilted to take refuse in the barricaded
bunks ami truHt company buildings, ami
pay for this privilege bv buying bonds
of the Fourth Liberty Loan issue.
No mutter how strong; or cfTcxtive
the barrage is, Major Knerr, command
ini; the Hixtli Aero Hipiadrou, in charge
of the flying raiding Meet, has expressed
the determination of j;ettinn directly
over the city, from which vantage point
nuiniiK the clouds he aud pilots will
bombard the city with Fourth Liberty
Hond ilodner. hjvtiry man, W(mau aud
,-hipi wT, rfee.irH a dmklt KfJ
uiiv, uiiiupi laie
Listen ro"l6lBe'
MIIUU. A . 1 . if, '
- A, iliiiBo'VUH'k .'tMs'.niprpuijj ; t'hejwpltl'e.iilttlp eapUinii and th
(t i
Bond campaign opens
are "Horior Liberty
the banks and trust
Subscribers Hasten
To Get Names On
Honor List In
The "Honor List" of Fourth
Liberty Loan aabscribora wiU be
opened t the. Sank of Hawaii this .
morning with one hundred and
twenty-five advance- subscriptions,
of a total of $100,000. Other bank
and trust companies of the city
have been booking advance sub
scrlptions from their clients, but
the numbers and amounts have not
been announced.
A, Lewis Jr., vice president and
manager of the Bank of Hawaii,
states on Information from what
' appears, to be reliable sources that
there will be bnt two Liberty
Loans issued during the fiscal year,
July, 1918, to July, 1919. In other
words, there will be but one more
campaign after the Fourth Liberty
Loan campaign, prior to July 1,
' "It certainly will be an extreme
ly difficult, but not an. impossible
task to raise Hawaii's quota,"
na: Mr. Lewis. 'Vn subscription
will be held back by our bank but
will be reported to Liberty Loan
headquarters as received.
' ' We desire to render every ss
slrtance to the campaign manager
by forwarding our subscriptions
with quickest despatch, for we be
Ueve that success can only be at
tained by an early knowledge oi
what the community effort will be
relative to the Fourth Liberty
"As at present advised, through
the aid of our clientele, we will
Bfvrt the work tomorrow, on the
first Honor Day, with about one
hundred and, twenty-fiv subscrip
tions, aggregating in the, neighbor
hood of four hundred thousand
I roach the cjty from I'earl Ilnrlior.
The barraii; will lie a " uoio Inn
i-r ' ' projector, nkywanl from tli
nt 11 1 throntpil wniHtlpK of the eloi trni
Uyht BtuUjoii. irou works, stoupuu-s, Itim
bjr yards anil any olUtr uoucern wit it- h
has a whistle.
The opening chorus of wliistles will
announce that the airplanes are, on their
Way toward the city. When the trio
of machines is huvoring over Honolulu,
it will be tLe first time that three iur
machines huvo been up at ono time
above the Hawaiian capital,
The first real warning, however, will
be given by 1'ire Chief Tburston, who
will iiuike a lasb through tka principal
clown town streets in Inn auto sounding
the alert with hiH siren. U will .leiivte
the central tire stiitiuu pt uighti forty
five. ' . , io .
The mobili.ation of the whistles of
the city is being perfected, by H. W.
Marin, chief ungiiieer of the Hawaiian
Electric Company. When the big elec
trip station whistle gets into action,
every other whistle in the city will open
up and the cugiaccrs are expected to
hang on to the lanyards until the Inst
ounce of steam has been tired at the
' ' enemy. ' '
batteries of "antiaircrafters" are
being arranged in the city by t'ol. Ken
lieth Morton, ordnance department, I'.
8. A. His forces will cooperate with
the "noise barrngers''1 in the endeavor
fu bol flirt sky enny riff.
Irfmi ,4nd: Women fcjeet
' At imU o'clock vesferdav inoruiuL'
the lilale captains an'd the'lf li(iteuauts
'ij -. ..'. 'i -. J..,-..,: ...i
tit i ft t VT - t ' -T"t r-
1JLIU f " ' -
divert irnal instruction from (tny
lttpl)h,.f amiiftiirn ninnnuer.
At tfliv O'clock
W0itia fcathoreil in the wimp hull ami
tinaril similar i nnt rue t inn frniit lioth
Aha eampaiKn mniinpr nml l. Mi' In
tfY, thfl assistant rntiiini(n malinger.
The question wn ake. of (lump in
hoth meetings whether or not Buy ier
.Wm?W,f('' .' yv!'.bl,'''W from thr 1 him
1 it to work. Nnlm.lv . 1 1 .1 .
K imrWIOW sni.l "Httrt nil l.,,nl,l feel
lrU.Ua IhHiror o'irvV ih Niition hi
foptAWl Or i eteinttt,' or n worJiW
Jfonarally. '
InjtiHl tvnipiiif nrl M'OiiIh Witt tc
Un' iirriiit on thp toUl of tin- hoiul
piirph4'l- No .lirpi t inforimit ion lin.i
been t-oreivp.l from WuliiiiKton iih yvt '
an t wliPthor imly ton pprroat t) W
paiiV, but it -tHtoJ, Uijil it J JUn
wlHhmlto unv thr full "iiinoiiii -k.i flll
ATblW"Jl : - -I .0 1 " -f
It wan aniionn. p.i
ed tlint no ficups arp
U) htt tAken for nou piirchnMin of bonds.
If a wifo at thp home says her hus
band is doing the purchasing, the npenk
or said this was no px.-uhp. At least, if
a wife makes a atnteniput that "hub
by" i doing Dip buying, the name
would be turtip.l in and hpa.bpuirU'rs
will ascertain whether or not the hu
liaml is really buying An effort will
be made, said Mr. Mticlntvre, to hove
Jeo4fl live up to n sculp flint hns been
compiled .showing the amount each
family should buy per year in propor
tion to its ineninp.
Mr. Mnlntyrp snid thnt there were
between .15,000 mi l 4".0O(i people here
who havo not yet bought bonds. Thnt,
however, include.! men, women mid . hil
Who Axe Blacken
Ms? alar.Iuty re nke.1 at the meeting
who was the greatest slacker in town -the
Filipino who is roundel up in a
drat dsrve, a man who can not speak
Kugnan- oi iMisiiiess men who aro com
paratively well to do, when the latter
d not buy the Liberty Honds expected
of them.
The speakfr sni.l that at n meeting of
the Vigilan.'e Corps during tliu last
drive for draftees and rounding up nipn
who. hail failed to register. Captain
Field ucged the Vigilnnre Corps men
to help m mnkinff the round up. It was
voted to help. The corps iiipii wprp to
go around, nab Filipinos, .Inpanese. Ko
reans ami all kinds of supposed slackers
and ask them to show their registration
p.ards, and if they did not have cards
they were to be turned over to ln-ad
quart era.
At the same meeting it was decided
that all who had bonds should sny so.
Madutyre and Hu 1 1 ! pli went the
rounds of those attending the meeting
na. I took the names nnd amounts. Of
11)0 men present practically ocrv man
had bought, a boud, for Hie total was
$,'!(), DUO, There was much cheering over
tills, but an aunlysis of the purchases
bowed twro men had subscribed for
U!,5u0 each, ami the remaining ll.imil
was subscribed by ninety six men.
Which canned him to iisk which was
the greatest slacker the iikiii who
nhoiild buy more luMid( or the "pool'''
devils who could not speak Lnglish.
It was an iioumed that today and to
morrow will be "Honor Days," and
thnt all persons who voluntarily pur
chase bonds on these two days will hac
their niunes placed on an Honor List
to be published.
The bnnks and trust companies will
sell bonds from the moment they open
their, doors for business today until noon
tomorrow, when they close. Although
tomorrow is a holiday, the bunks and
trust companies and Liberty Loan Iipii.I
quartern will bp open for business and
plenty of sales r'orks will beiu hand
to ariend t business.
One Firm Over Top t
Kmil Herndt, malinger of W. W. I im
mune! & Co., announced Inst night I b si (
everv einplove of his firm wus ready to
subscribe for bonds today. The cen
tral committee of the Fonrt.li Libeitv
Loan lias sent out posters proclaiming;
that all that was expected of the an
ous firms und business orinm.Ht ions '
entplnvcs win a m-venty -fic pci.ent
siibsc rif.l ion to these bonds. Mr. ltctn.it
has taken this poster ami after .haw
in a led line tliiolih the 'seeii!
pelielil'' bus llllllillg alotl'J sole , it
anotlier altiai-tie postei wbi.h says:
'T" Per. -cut " "This is not ood
cuoiikdi lor us."
'W'c have niade it I'm percent and
are happy to be on the Honor Roll.''
Chiuesu iticii haiits, mobili.ed under
the direction of C. K. Ai, held a runs
ing Libetiy Loan meeting yesterdny
moriiiiig, the session being presided o er
by Consul Woohuuu, of China. After
the work of selecting teams to woik in
conjunction with the general Libeitv
Loan committee wiim liniMhcd, Consul
Wooliuau oHe a stirring address, ur
ing the Chinese to do their full duty.
Chuck Hoy and C. K. Ai also spoke
and the spirit of the meeting pointed
toward a successful campaign m the
Chinese colony. Six tennis were se
lected, as follows:
Chuck Hoy, Captain; Hong yuon.
Young Kwoiig Hat, Ho Toug, I'ang l.um
Mau, Fnnii Coriin, Lau Tung.
Chu (Ipiii, Captain; Sum Nock Chow,
Doo Wai iSiiig, Leong Chevy, Ahoy 1 :i 1 1 ,
Leong A i II, Hev. Vuon, Too 1'oi.
(ioo Kim Kook, CaptAiu; Y. M. Woe,
T'fll AJ.y, Twni.uu. rln, Led Us, 1
vi iii. ,1 . ,tVijtu rung, i-ec, liocK.m. , ,
Luin Yip Kee, Captain;' Yap',
Lau Tong, tluy Chin k, T'"l(l Tonj tjiiui,
Y. Aain, L. Ahoy, Long ( ou ' hun.
Wong Chow, Cllptllili; C. Yce Hop,
Lee Tuug, You Chu Kong, W'uug How,
Chun Moon, Itcv. Y. T. Kong, Chang
Look Hop.
('. K. Ai, Captain ; Wong Yau, Itev.
Tse Kce Yuen, Wot Kiui, Yee Young,
Ho Leong, Con Fook Lam, l.um Ktiu.
Albert Yap . K f). Klin.
Japanese Ate Beady ,
Tile otH-ers of ' t he' or(rBiiat ions of
.laphneW' ltirs,i ihiltlkropors, ic
tailprs, bnrbprs, tiieyele dealers, con
tractors nnd practically all olhcis in
Honolulu were yesterday iisked bv the
.lapanese Fourth Liberty Loan hrive
Cominittee, of which H. Aoki is the
chaiiiiian, to induce every member of
their respective iHsoriat ions to sub
scribe liberally to the new bonds, the
campaign for which is to be I'oiiuhIIv
launched this morning.
Chairiiiuu Aoki yesterday made tluee
additional appointments to the Japan
esc loan commit tee. Tliev weie K.
Wada. an insurance solicitor, li. M. .M.it
su.awii, secretary of thy .lapanese Y .
.M. C- A. and S. Tnknkuwa, secretin) oi
the Y. M. K A.
w. s. s. - -
Polynesia Kiua in pinent No. ,1 meels
this evening Hi I. (). O. I'. Hall lor
r,cgular business.
JLJi-gt-SU xi ii-L-
stUkillll II
oiitrnut with the Trreth
R rtmilnvcil mi. I
the illfllculties nn
connlertftl in iuiihm-iii) the I ivil War
fill? lw1ih of flontinir Liberty
'ljmiia ta tho pi'-pnt war. rout I v i
"T TW""miiii ine mil nur rnr
Nitnl eipnrtitr( for th r porioti
i oBi.;.lit tU iuofl . t hnn iHJp flrt
l.iWrty jlan. follnwiim AMOi-i
' Ifeta'1 rWBpon.h'tin rpepivp.l
t'min Wlfi n(rton, tolln of thp llnnnrinl
'iinuUift ft a littju. morp than half
n cpntury hjo. '
'lrh-'(fr W o.fcl the foHrnl iwW
prntnvnt t:,Di(f rwltinivn of!
pension aml.iiitfpst, pn Hjn nnWfr flbf P
oeyonn iur hviuhi war pprioo.
the avtual war period. This
amount., seems small indeed, when com
pnred with the t",(l,iMill,nil(l a ,lsy the
I'nited States now is paying as its
share of thn present conllict. Condi
lions niiy years ago were sin n tnnt j
tho eipln of that day felt thn burden .
they were forced to carry, to a grater
degree, perhaps, than do the people of
the preWnt.
There was a demnnj by the poopl" I
during the Civil War period for cmer
gvnry taxation nnd, while a vast
aiKount of war revenue was raised
through that means. Secretary Chase',
head of thp treasury department,
pinned his greatest faith to loans.
Chase Trie Loans
Thp loan system inaugurated by
cha.se ww elaborate and complicated.
Loan followed loan in rapid fiicces
sion ami they were floated at varying
rates of interest and over widely sep
arated periods of time. In discussing
this phase of the nation's financial px
perienee, authoritative writers have j
found it convenient to group these
loans under four heading; (a) Long
Term Loans; (b) Short Term Lonns;
(c) Non interest Loans; (d) Tpmpora
rv Indebtedness.
With the exepption of an issue of
r0,l00,000 of twesty year bonds bear
ing six percent interest, the loan, oper
ations of lHtil were of a temporary
nature, bnt in February, 1XK2, an issue
of ftl0,(HMI,(JO) was authorized, at six
percont, redeemable after five years
and actually payable in twenty ypars.
It was provide, lmwe-er, thnt they
were not to be pod "below ti mar
ket value", which Secretary Chase in
terpreted to moan at par, ami since a
majority .of investors were buying
bonds merely ior the purpose of spiling
them ngjiin.lt a profit, only ':i,7.")ll,
UIKI of tho isyuie wan sold.
Shin Plasters Appear
During. lH2 18a, nftur the federal
army hnd suffered rpverses and money
was hndly needed, the system of tern
pnrnry loans. wa revivtvd and certi
iii ates of deposit, bearing five percent
interest, wie issued. They proved
popular anil within a loonth the -.",-iiuo.iiup
nuthjorized as a limit had been
doubled. Sia, months later lr was in
cri-iised to KHI.Oim.llOO and by the iipx
year June. IHtil a limit, of $ 1 011,1101),
won had been authorized. The pre
in i ii hi on precious metals caused coins
lo go almost out of circulation, and
in their place congress ant horir.eL the j
use of stamps. Tluit medium income .
ii i i'ii t at best, was replaced March .'!,
IMi.'l, by small' notes called fractional i
currency or-k'shin plautcrs" and the
"i(,0m,llrt0 worth of ' it authon.cl,
proel etipctive in repiPinsning inc
t reaiiury:
Broker Employed
Wheh CougrrtH met- in December,
it was coafiontejl by a deficit
of 7(1,111111,100. To meet it, a series
of treasury notes totalling !)tMI,(iiMi,niiii
whs authorised, but of tile amount only .
$7.".m,U,ll,,l was .sold. In the mean
time, however, the restriction against '
selling below pur Uie ."()(I,1)IHI,0IIII bond '
issue, ,inTliori.P(i eleven inontnsi neioie
it was repealed, and Jay Cooke, a New
York banker was cngugovl to dispo-e i
of the bonds on a commission hi. sis.
I'ookc established agencies throughout
the country and MHI,(MMI,IMMI of the
bon is were sold o(T within a year. Tli
plan of selling bonds through brol.ei
and oulM.le litj, .iinmedlste control of
the government, arousnd much antag
oni.-in and it was abandoned 1v Chase
in negotiating the next loan.
Temporary loans were resorted to
during the 'fiscal year of ' lftli!'. 'ft 1. w hen
one ear notes bearing five pen cut in
terest were issued, and sold through the
banks ol New York, I'hiladelplna and
Itimtun. Thev liroui;lit u return
n ,."'( 1,111 in. An issue of two yenr noteH
wus ,lii-pose.l of lit the time nml
lhroiili I heir slile I (id, f SO, 0(1(1 whs
H Hli.eil. The notes, liuwrvet, were not
ei.t.ielv .1,. si uilile since their coiioom
i'lllll. I i.e elilllil'il onlv liv a ll oltl. or off
the mi eriinn tlt, w hich IllHile them nil
snitiilile for popular invetinl'iit. Thev
were livl't cuietiy ny hhiiks iur it
serve purposes an. I the hunks, in turn,
net free their own puptir ctirieiiiv,'
which it wns c.outemleil inereiiseil the
e ils of nn iiiMnte.l mortefliry me.lium.
HenliniiiH n iliuiyer, teOeretary Clins.i j
ehnnj(fl his plans HU'I when it I nine
n cessiirv to neiotiiite a temporal v loan i
the fn1lowlun your, preference rit3 Ji
iin "Uf the compdiiml infefest treasury
linlns at a higher rsjte of intercut. ,
Bonds Go Foster
The finnncinl i-ontlitiou of the fe I
erl (,'ovei nnicnt was t'outnl to he in a
verv sat isf in t. irv shape when Hee
returv Chase ina.le his riMiort to conn
less in lie. einlier, IKIIil. Tuxes IiilI
l.enii to he proluetive, emimlfiice lunl
lieeii rustoie.l tsrnuirh the suct-ess nt
the I 'mini Hiiino at (ivtt vmIukh an. I
V ickslturii. the premium OH iohl ami
.leeieuseil mil the howls left on h;un
from the eurlv tonu issue, were in ilu f
iiiHinl. The sei retiny reporte.l thai the
receipts from loans for the fiscal- year
were Ji.MMI.om'.OOO ami he prnpone.1 to
the committee on ways anil means thiil
further loans, he millionmil for riH4,
OOii.iiOO for the following year.
Nocictuiv I'liuse also sttke.l for Riral
ei f'reeiloui in netfot iat inr loans mil
in comiiliiiin e with his re.liot, . onu
less pnsseil a new loan act Mm. Ii . 1
IMVt, nut hoi iinu an issue of if 'Jim.
000. nil of IhiikIn St lint over six pel j
cent an. I ie.eeina,ie iii In ween ti - .
ant forty ems nt the .lis. ictum ol
the ko ernincnt. ,
New Plan Falls
('blisv lowcieil U. . interettl on 1 1(41
loan to five pt refit ami hiiyiJiK neuily
cense. I. Only 7:t,:i:i7.0lMI renlWe.l
while the expense of the War were
rnpiill.v increasing. Short Ivlfns were
ajjaiu vesofte.l to 'uJ one iud two
pi'rtiflrafr of tn. lot. f plnM lipnr
.tni.oiiiiil iiitrroMt wcrr ihhup.I ainl
ll.ix -r( riilliiwp.l I'V Mlill flllthl'r
;ii'j mtt Kiph pri' in piiftulaj
kl' 1 1. mill. .. i!
IhvihL.'' to nrious r'rinMp, 'rhnu rp-hiui'-I
.1 uiiii IMiil nu t w;m succ pp. li?d
by Sciiifor William I'. KpP.n'lpii f
M.'iinr Hp hn.l Iippii rhnirmn'u of' thp
..Mi:itc. liiiiHicp pom 111 i 1 1 pp. TImtp wn
II l.nlnn.'P on hllll'l of nnlv I .M,,imiii.
Il'lrtrst on tllP plll'lip "l.'ltt WBK llllP,
Hip pnv of thp .(ihliprs wn in nrrrar
fin! tip- iirHty'pxinioii iiii'b itt nn in
r, ... ,,l VIW1Ul.f,JMI.'S Hintritlir from
f'J.nnrV.riiVi ' to t.bbfi.flrtii.
Fessenden's Efforts
l'i sen , len renin I in1' I
until March !l, lsfio,
tiltie Ii.' pnivpd his
courage lie proposed
loan of 'iio, nun, Don
notes payable in thrpe
ti'rcst of 7. .'I percent,
.lav Cooke wprp again
in oflicp onlv
but during that
ability and his
a great national
in the form of
years at nn in
The services of
secured and diir
the laftcr
of ISC,.-,. !l(I.KO(l,
re sold. The issue
t f soii.noo.llillt and
s met with a ready
ol the no'es w
tl "ii increased
" I 1.n"'
ohm of noti
sale. 1'pssrnlpn likewise returned to
the six pel-cent interest policy on thp
tcinp.iarv coripoiiinl notes and these
were a'so eagerly taken bv the peoplp.
The success of Fesscmlen, however,
relic, ted no dis.-redit upon the ability
of Chase, who bore Hip brunt through
! the most trying days of the war nnd
I displayed a genius for organization
i whii Ii has been compared to thnt of
I Alexander Hamilton. Chase was re
sponsible for the establishment of tho
National Hanking sy:tem which pre
I vailed until it was supplnnted by the
present Federnl Reserve Hank system.
w. s. a -
. w. . a.
Get .Rich -Quick Sharpers Are
Trading Worthless Stock For
. Government Paper
INIH N APOIJS, Srptoml).r 4
Keep your Liberty Homls. Hi fHpc
diuUy on your gunnl aaiiiHt l'ttiii
them t into tlic liiiinU of Hharpcrs.
mit tin.lt tlit'in for stocfts or lioii.is
t : 1 1 1 - or no ;iliu If you tinir-t
n...uM' of tin-in, lc:il thrfnih a rfput
nlil' lunik or Ih'iM house.
Tliwt -iirnriijdi unu up :iu apprnl
wliidi ilw .V-WH-iutf' A1 I'ltiKiun C'lulm
ik M'luliii out 111 coruiiftiori with a
riimpiii ;ii it has (n-fn waging niiiiift
thr iul i'i t ifing of HptM-ulntive tttM'uri-
t It'-, rsprriillh
p.-,l ;i I .so t;.lx't
iii tuelia, iiinl th
. intii eiiiii.lernt 1011 ;in
f Iohk to l.ilierty Hun.l
h 11 s reeentlv eoine to
of the Niitionnl
ol In r son i ft 1
O IM-I'M W lllt'll
t lie lit ti'iit ion
l;i nr
Ilex I
1 nil Ill 1 1 tee of the Assnelilt inn.
iiuv of the proximity of the
l.ilierty B0111I ilriw', moiiui laits
reiiinnttev hns uathereil lire of
ep.-ecil inteiest
Sharpers Active
It tint I, 'III lie. 1
m 11 11 it it's, the :
fjutek eilterpi iser
iuu les, h:i e ' '
ami iiniortnne
thut in soa
ml coin
yet ri. h
oil 1-0111
on the
eini otli-
lomoti'is of
enpee inllv o
peeialint'il ' '
tv Itnmls. A
o( ner ot I. tin
-i 11 1 rlieek up hl;h WHS lllinle in one
1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 leeeutly, 1 1 1 v nine. I the lint thnt
I5.(liiii,''(iil ol the $.'((l,0(m.liini of Lib
erl H l. the people of thnt iininty
h:ul fnlleu into the limult- of
,-h. riotly in the ml hel.ln.
The prm
con 1 in-1 I e
lion. I own
1 ..ul to ni
H I ii IT 1
; 1 1 1 1 : . proineil In; letunm.
the ii 1; suspe. 1 1 11 u l.il.erty
ih I lint they eouM not nf
opt 1 he returns lie- l.ilierty
-.le.l when thev Ihiylit h:ne
I' I
nl Mo.-ks.
v i l: 1 In lo e .
mol of I li'
n mutter
lllllt e l,H
Moi'ks IH
seem thnt
f.ein.l Hint
e i 01 1 liters,
inn iv irf t hi
II .loi
s not
on iters
t llllllllt
VT i 1 I I II e
their e
1 ho
. 1 1
thus illilnee
I to t mile
iters were
ii.ls. with
rnte of
w hy t he pi mn
pt l.ilvertv H'
e o 1 1 si r v ; 1 1 1 e ami sal
i. t.n -tmiks which .Mini. I pay
llllee ill iileuils lis the proluotels
1 1 1 1 inmtt'il (
oil nt III k H.
In- rxii'iti. I'lorn tin
DifhoiicLX, Unpatriotic
'Mir iilin -iiiiiniit t
' tint ioiim not nnlv
' i i i n 1 1 i t if, lor -oilr
t h.'i r it iiiorato'i-, arc
m 1 1 n i t ii 1 1 . r rKf f so mn
:i l.ihfi'tv Hofiil miiv
r l.ra ti Hiirh
illnilM'St, tint
w ho, t hrttiimh
iii uict'il thnt
h luMtt'i than
l-f prrjihlii'ctl
tilts. in thr
;iJUiiHt f'utim- ih-iM'N, ii
turn nt i nn1, thev ninkr an
and n :ilif I liilt thi'V ha
v i nkcil.
The 1'tMnni i t Ti'- alho In;
i lotif t lie t;irt in1 f no
r iji,t ion
Invn IkmhI
ikIh ms niipat
II who Hi 1 T
tjvA f VA-I WlM 1 V i l mi tlif " vvr
!iMMrHfUnr (Wlirs.iiprrM, ivi
thtir hnmii m'I-Iivm-iuh. Tli4'v tmuuht
onlv fnnii thi-M- wlio i)ii not kunw
tin n in' alur of the Itoi-.N. .Mot of
thoHc who n'Hunndi'il w t'if iltiioi uu of
j ft it a ii t-1 :i I mattt-rs, or tlir oull no
Known that it w a unsjitV to tlral w i t tt
i n a k no w ti i'o ' If in tv h in a 1 1 vrt. Th-
n.ininitl iv rill attention to t tit fact
, t Itnt hoirn- of t hi M-itc (un-iU f
I 1 M'frn-,1' h;.- c i ' 1 1 1 11 it 1 1 tin- iiiliir )i
, valunlilt- ? t r ' it w lv nitM'-t j thut
I I'foplf roMHiilt :i(i i')ttl4ili!-lit''i lunik if
Iat I t ilf u ii 1 1 :i u Mart ion in ol . i nif
i8,hv..& 'in
w. b. a. --
1I0.I.. 1
1 l(u-ti;iM vun i a at ,
j W a ".flit i'ii re I
j toil lit ' )H l I
I n;i li for Iti'ili
to nini'tv .lavs 111 thi'
ti't'luv liv .lii-lm' I.Mr
I ii. A ei 01 1 1 n n m thr
U;,!.w, I n I,. 'I'w.'it
a t-a 1 1 it u' 1 1 n iH-t 1 a a
f W lll'll Solit.loll I II HUM'
I I ht- w :is a 1 1 1 1 1 1 it 1 1 an -I
I. if;
loW li In 11 1
in a n ' I !! i 1 1
t.,,.1 I w iih.tni r.
N'a...w a'i t that
w licit- ( In' ItiiMan
rut aii'l ! 1 a 1 1 1 I 1 1
IUI h t nt h t ion Th
, l,,r -ie
he kn,v
ni, e.el
ll 10-
, ,.h,,e
I,l lo
to the
ke ami
eicm t,, ll 1 III
K 1 1 , All In
mn an. I ut'i.'t a hof; ha
rapt hi'. I (mkI lot kf'l up.
niiii'1 v tla lo1 will In i
:i la v ami an oppoi t unit v.
ill ln'twi't-'ii tuni'S.
was fitinllv
Kur the next
l t ll tee men It
tfi 1 ruck 1 tick
Opinion Prevails Ttiat Genro Will
Recommend Him For Premier
' ' This Morning
TOKJO, SntrrB'opr M . Sp
Nippil ,T ii i -A Miiri'pfsnor to t ti
. 'I't'niiirhi Mrt priMiiur will In
Kri tin , t'ol low i (lit' ' ' "cni'i '
rr M n t '"nifii con f err n re to In
tho inipt'rinl pnliifc, prrsiilri)
t In Kiniicnii' in person , n t 1 1 n
I to
,' Id
I . x I;
in the morning. I'min- A. Yhm:int
ah.l Mar'piiK . Nt.itsii:it.n, tin' t o
'griiru' ami M n rpii'n K. Nniotiii m n . 1
Okuinn, thp two ' .! un gen r. ' ' or
Junior 1Ut stntpmtH'ii, witi- tin nuon
mg numninnci hv thr Kruprror f
prrwpnt at tomorrow's impnr'nnt inrrt
i ng.
I ml icnt ion ) totlnv till pitint to tin
imming a micrps-or to Tri aurhi M :i r
tu'm Sn i on ji ( whu iH thp mii'l popn la r
mn it among the many c:i ml 1 1 1 :i t r
thp prpmi.. .hip. Thnt Ihi- '
con f prr nrp w ill rrrommrml h i in t
l!mppnr frrply prtlirtr..
Saionji Returning
Marquin Saionji U rxprrtr.l to r
liprp thin evening f rim h i m m nn
cation nt Iknn, a mnii'itain rr-o
nttpml thp ronfrrrmr.
Marqtiin H. (Ikurna, formrr pi
of Japan ami saur (f Wnxnla, " m
morning rrrrivr'l in amlirm-p 1
KmpfVor. Hp rrport p to
ttiHtlp Homo rrrommrmla t i"ii a-
siicrpsnor to Tpraui'hi.
v tl,
w. s. s.
A report on the progress mil l
the construction of the propose, I
ruvinn lonnil ii-linnl rnilwny, win. h is
intenrleil to link up the present .lis
ittiruiosteil lines of the country mi l pro
viile iieTepiihlii' with a through north
ami south t rnnapnrtntion route frnin
the Holivinn Imnler to a port on the
Amar.on, traiismitteil to the 1'epint
meut of Commerce by W. Mont a
von, United Htntes Commereiiil At
tftche at Limn.
Construction Work In Hand
Mr. Montnvon writes thnt at the
present time the Depart men I of I'o
mento, which has superx isioii o er nil
) ll ll it- works, has in hnn. I the const ruc
tion of the railway from the port of
Chimbote inland through the Smitn
alley, as! is comhlftnrtr surveys for
the proposed extensions of the line
northward through Cajuniarcu to the
Ainiizon an, I Houthwnr.l through the
Ciillejon de lliiavlas to connect with
the existing Cerro de I'a-co line from
( allao and Lima.
Cnrrvinir out of this const met inn will
complete the northern section of the!
proposed loneitiulinal line, ami will
make possible the utilization of the I
nut urn I advantages offered hy Chim
bote Hav, claimed to bt' the best harbor
on the 1'iiciflc coast of .South America. ,
It will also have a st i inn hit inn ef
ftct upon the de el.ipnient of the l'e
ruvinn suc;nr industry, since the re
(ion which it will traverse, pnrtleiilar
ly that of the Sunt-a allt.v, contniiis
some of the best natural cane Ian, I of
the eoiintry. There are alremlv siiar
estates in the neighborhood of I'liiin-
bote. notably that of Tainbo He.il. o
one of the finest in I'eni. but the de
velopment of the remoter iuhiml
lev has been hampered liv the abs
nf the menus of transportation.
e to
I the
the present time construction of
road is under way from ( 'linnbot
('huiuicara, well up in the mount
mid a survey has been e.miiilei e I n
section from ( Titiipii.-ai a to aj.i inn r. ;i .
h distunce of Ho miles.
WAWHINtiTON, Seiteinl.er
Koeuile.l PreH ) - I'llssHlie tit'
S'ur Itcveniie Bill which whs i
to lie secure! i n t he Iioiim' tmnni i ow will
lie further ilelnve.l, itw;is ;iiiniiuiiee,
toiluv li v 1 'hnir.ii.ui Kit. hin nf the w:iit
nml inenns coiiiniittee. N inioii'. :i l pi-t
inents will have to he male liv tie
t'oiiitnit.tee. Anions the prov iHion.s ti,on
which nreeinent h.-i lieen r.-iieht-il N
extension of the .roose.l e, ml war
tnx of till yenrlv to IniMiie-s occiim
tions, the ixteiiNioii tti incliele nil .er
hinis in irot'etsions un.l tiu!e eainin
nuar V '") nnnuiillv.
Amoritniintiii of 'the coiiit'oalioii.
w. a. a.
W AMU I I'l't ) , Se.ti
iltl ) - Melllljers nl the
1 If
Ihcrnn Chnr.h, the
ntteti,le,l h ( 'mint ,
he whh here an. I 1 1,
wus tlecoialcl with
t Hlf, llllt ten,ele,
loiin.l llnnl of the
lis. HS U IIIOhH hal
WiiHhtiiiltin I'liiNetti
ilmri h
.11 lien
r J.l.-l.
1, IT w I,
I 'Hi
I for tl,
tv nml .
I he
ilents '
A 1 in v
I, .,11
e ex,
1 11 1 lie;
,r the
II i.e euen
.mn of t he w
I 1
W. 8. S
11 ev e, t ll' I CI
till I he, II,,;. I ,-
ll tt I lie; Mine ;t -
I 11 I, - nil I I, e
let 11 hi. tile te,
unit iniittaee ,,
Mill 11 1 I
tlllH lilt. 11
to cure
with a v n
.iirt 11 lunl win will
.Iclinhleil nt the re I
mile 1 1 y nil .leitlert.
Co , I. til , agents (or
lit 11 me. I
I le 11. on . Smith
llawuu. -AiU.
Honolulu. HevUtuilier IB. 118
Kill AN I'll. E
t'.iililnln, I. til .
A ! v
( Ul. .t & t o, .
I-'.wii I'lnnlatli.n Co
IIniIiii Siiic- t'o.
Il:iu Aurell ( ft. . .M
llnw i H I .
I In . SHtf I .
ii..ii..knii sun r
Hi. li. mill HllK-
Km. hinsnn Hue ' riant.
k.ilniKil riiintn. I'd. . .
l. kfliu Siiuiir I'ii
K..I..11 Suir I'd
. Hi v tie Suit ( u . , . .
HMhU 5nK I..
Hiiil Suit I'.. I.l'l
I II . 111 :l S 1 1 fcf I '.I
rHHiilimi HuK. Plant, t'o
I'ii. lit. SiiKsr Mill
I'lllll I'lllllllltloil !'. . .
-k.-n nitsr lo
Plim.s-r Mill i
N IU-I..H MllllllK 'u,
III II Airr.tl IV . .
Wnlltikii Suit, i'ii
M I Si i:i.l.t.ANK(it'S
. n
. tn
.1 10
. i:
! 1
Tier .. U1.
r.i.Ier Mln 1 11 ir
. . .1.
Cn t
' i:iil'. n
! Ilnlkii
.! U
I HnlKi
I'. I'll,,
Itv -',
. Ilv. II' ;
I llll" l'i
I llll.
; 1 in 1
1 IIhhII.i
1 Ity (inn
Kieeirlc Co
, t'.'V,
II. .11
1 1. .11
II. .11
I lll.'l
I iiil-ii
II A. .1
1:1 I 1. ,
t -Inu.l S
I -I Co
. US)
. 17!
. It'.
1;. -1 1 1 11
I. c.
rn'iiuiir Itiilttier Co
tM-lmiin lllnitluKS. I'll.
Sbiiih im Pd )
falijuun Olak Kuliber
Meseh Wslk I. D. bU,,
lliimnknn I'lt.li ( (Is ...
llnw t nn. Ity .V ;
Iliiw'n Irr. Co.. Us
Ilsw. T.r 4 Kef. 1WI8..
Ilsw. Ter. 4 Fob. Imps.
Ilsw Ter I'nh. Imp. 4
series 1H12
IIW Terrl WVr
mi,, ens i n. i.i.i. ti'z, ...
77 Mi
lliniokHS M'K Co.. i . I dZi
II. hi litis to. I.I.I. 7m ...1IIO I
Ksnal Ity Co, fts 1101 I....
Mutton I It.. .'i'.."r , Kw'i,
M. liri.le Siimir Co.. Jts . . . Mfi
Mnt T-l .".s 100
I In I, n It A L. Co . . . . lOO KSI
(mini Sim Co. (IS 1(14 ....
l Has Sug Co . OS, Ul
I'll, Ibe uiiano A K. Co., aallOS
K.u Carlos Milling, 6 ..llIM
iiiini. Vi. uTi. .vi. w, ioo, .(UV4: ion, no,
i!7.v. i mini, ioo :h.7.'i: Kwa, ioo. 27.60;
M. Ilrv.le. :k"i, S..VI; Mnt. Tel.. 110, 11.00.
(linn. .V). M, 45. (1.73.
JllDP 14, 1918
analysis beets (do advices).
Parity -
W Cent. (Ptr Haw.) ftaa-ars COCO
Sept. 1.1. 1018
Slnmipore SO 20
New Vork 4 No quota tloal.
Ni;V VOHK, Sfptorulxr sfO(A4.noiTUt4Ml
l'ri'-si Follow inn un- th omu1iik and
t loHintr (iiiotatloort of stooka In tb Maw
York Market yesterday
Aniet li nn
A ineri. n li
... lute,
A l.-1-k.i li
Amerli nn
Ameii. nn
A inert, an
At. Iilfiin
sujrur . ..
il oil
lsOt'Oilintl vc
'l'.-U Ac T'L
SlIM'KtT .
cMtM'l Kdry.
Kill I way . .
Ann. ninla t oilier . . .
Itlll.lwlll Kneolllorlve .
Ilelllleheln St.-'l "H"
Hull linor.' Oli I.. . . .
t nillnriilii I'etrolelllll .
i . ni i n I l.eiii her .
I .in:,li'll I'nettle . . .
t l J SI. I'nnl .
i ..I., l-'nel Iron . . .
I I II. Il.le Sleel
i ii l ,;i m . irnr t nne . .
ul Klc trie
rn I Mni ni s i new i
l Northern
mil i. .mil M, k.-l .
nn 1 1 . n n I lliirv.lc
-ll-llll VI. nlinl . .
'nnll..il:il -ii..r .
ini. ,
In. I,
I III .1 li;
I I, I
,,tt ...H-r
Viill.v liul lu ii
I ' 1 1 1 1
Veil, t '. III I III . .
I . n nln
'-.li-. .11. lilTf. . .
liu . I '..le
l: ,ni,-
lie; i
Si. Illli. T
Stn.l. I. ilk
I III--11 T:
, It.. ii .
Ill, .
I II 1 1 . " I Miller
Ti'Vih ml . .
I lull . . . .
I nil. -.1 Slnlei
W elern I ulol
V'i tlle;lnilHe
lilil tKi-IHvl.lenrl -tt'nauntod.
w. a. a.
Quotations on the following Now York
KOpas- ClM- '
1 KT tog . i
107'4 107
, mi wwi-'
n 77
1 7i? TH . i i
WHS, V j.
f71t "7-4 "j - r
N1M, 8l
IWVtj 53 ;..
ll. lit ' I
(17-SI H7 Vi :
KKH 140 . :t
, 4 4 , :. '
1 V.Z V ' .
! MV & . '.. ' V
. . :t0V4 . ' '
1(H lliVa ' .-"! .
14l 1 '.I;
.... li:i',4 113V1
! H 8S)(
M 3U-S, ' i
. VM .v.. .
11414 114 ...
nt ft
. ... " ' f
n n ' - m
.... 1 7il 73 ':
44 4 .
' at 14 xtu ,-
K7S 7t iv,,
u ... Xi 3'.'4 .
mi Hr.14 ". ;
4.rtN, 4.1 ' ' i
1J4 S 123 . .
.... INI WO
1 IttoVi
' mi m ;'(
Idti'i ioti'4 1 1
Kl N.1 ..'..'.. I I
: 1:1 ''.":-')
enrti s neks, as w I r.i leased to Tba Adrar
uht by Siouehaui A Co., are:
Toes- Frt-
da day
l!l IS I .etlae .4JK4 jmVi
1 iile.li.liin 4'.' .4 .
I I nil IllnV.i.lS 117 .37Vj
Kinlnn t'oiier nn4 .01 v.
I In I t: 11. v. 30 .ttiVj
II 111 I'.iiiler ril .47
.l,'..iie- Venle SO .80
Miirh IM .03
vioU.-i ml KS .1MI
Mnlli. r I.... I. XI .3J
It.-, in- Kn In Ml UK
Urn lien iil. s 4 1." 4 Wl
Ilex t u, W .4 .06
Sl.wnrl 11 Vi
Silver K inn t ..lit 1 KiV, l.ltiVi
'I 1 ... I. KM. -iitl, .11 14.1 1 W
'I iiolmtiiif 01 .07
Kerr I. nKe 5.73 8.75
VVIII.e 11 in .Oft
I le. In i .IH-X,
Heels i.
1 I, 1 liohl 4 75 4.T5
Nii i,i"-in H.T5 8.7B
1' iie 11,11 lire anl Kiihtier . .35 .ST
M I " It A Nt ' I SCO, K..it,.nihr U0 Aso
, Ini. 1 I'resHi I ..Ih, sinn ar lha rtfVnlnK
nn. I ,.-.inK tirlees of stiels on tile Hal
I 1.11, 1-, .. A, Iiiiiikc yesterday.
I Otitic- I Cloav
1 MV
, n .oo
I ' III 1 1 1 It I l'i
.11 Niimir
I'll .iilii.li
II,, Lei, ,1,1
I'lltelv I ,
iiuar t
till .
.T C,
Mvttie Lo.Ik" No, '2, Kuihta of
l' linns meets this evening at half
pntt teveu in Pythian liall.
4ft 2
1 '
iiin ot pmuytmioi! olU siil
.dOllalt 'uliK) tfu)

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