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' 1 , .
NI'AV Y(KK September V- (Associated l,ri-s1 I'.rilisli and
French veterans made another vicious, successful smash against
the llindenburg line yesterday, sweeping forward their front fr
twenty two miles from one and a half to three miles into the Ger
man defense system. At places the 1 lindcnhurg line was (dotted
out, while along the greater part of this twenty two mile advance
the Allies nrfve reached their old positions, held when the Germans
launched their great offensive on March 21. I
Many prisoners were taken, the British capturing more than
six thousand and the French taking many more, while the defenses
of St. Quentin are so crumbled that the early capture of that but
tress of the German defense -line is made more inevitable. The fall
of St. Quentin within a few days may be confidently expected. The
new advance of the British places them at points north of theity
and leaves the fortress in a pocket with the Allies holding three
sides. From the vantage points gained by the French and the British
in their nibbling progress during the past week the two forces struck
yesterday morning along a front of twenty two miles, the British
storming the enemy's line from south of Gozeaucourt to the llolnon
Woods, due west of St. Quentin and about three miles from the city.
The French attack ran from the British right at llolnon along a
curve to Essigny-le-Orand, five miles south of the city.
The British struck in heavy
Germans had heavily reinforced this front in anticipation of attack
and with a determination to hold the approaches to St. Quentin.
The attack was entirely successful; the German defenses being pene
trated after heavy fighting and the advance continued until the llin
denburg line was reached at practically every point from St. Quen
tin north along the fighting front, with the British crossing the line i
and occupying the German defenses at Gozeaucourt and at Yilleret,
sorne seven miles north of St. Quentin. The German casualties were
ncavy, six mousana were pnsonerea
funs and trench weapons were taken.
In this sweep over many square miles the British recaptured,
eleven villages and occupied sonic important hiph ground south
of ( inxcaticnurt, points of vantage for a further drive to Hank the
objective city The villages taken are Pontru, Fresnoy-lc-l'ctit,
Hethaucourt, le Vergiiicr, Villeret, Hargicourt. Templeux, le (tucard.
RiMissoy. F.pehy, Peiziere and Gauchewood. The high ground south
of Gozeaucourt has been entirely cleared of Germans and the British
have crossed this and reached the outskirts of Villers-Guislain.
. . . , ' , 1 1
The I-rench advance, which was
sensational than the British, but
of a mile and a third along the entire front being made.
An official communique sent out by 'wireless from I'.erlin lat
tyght admits that the British penetrated the German positions be
tween Hargicourt and the Omignon rivulet, but states that the (let
mans are heavily and successfully counter-attacking. i
On Tuesday night, London announces, the Germans nuide a
heavy artillery attack upon the British in Mocuvres, the British re
tiring under the shelling to the edge of the village.
The Germans also launched a particularly hcavv counter olTVn
sivc against General Petain's front on the plateau southeast of Saucy,
seven miles northeast of Soissons, where the French gain are cry
seriously menacing the German positions of the Chemins des Datnc.s.
The lighting was heavy but the French repulsed the enemy and
retarned all their gains.
The German official report concerning this tihtiii"; stall's that
the French made progress against the German positions between
Vauxillon and Allemont on Tuesday, penetrating the German lines
in the direction of Pimm. Here, says the German account, the
French were driven back bv counter blows.
Republican Floor Leader of Sen j
ate Voices Patriotism Not
To Be Questioned
W ANHINUTON, September IS- lllf
fleial 1 I'rofoiinil impression 1ms Iieen
ereateii by tlio sieocli of Sonutnr l.mlye
of Massni-tiiisetts, Republii an floor Ii a l
er. ilelivereil ilnriii( the iliseussion ot
(he Austrian peaie note in tile Semite.
Taken ss von inV tho sentiment of liis
party ss wsll an liimselt' (lis stitmt at
tuisml anil the praise of Wilson's Hition
is highly eominemioil. In pnrt, Senator
l.odKe suiii :
"When frussisn militarism is i-rush
ed and the Uennsns throw up their
hands, then r anil the Allies will tel!
them tbn terms of eie thev are to
accept. In no other wav ran the norlil
be made safe against fierman ars of
" I'ntil a romjilete victory is reai heil
on German soil, negotiations or discus
skiii with our enemies would mean a
war lost, otir sacrifices in vain and our
hljrh purpose defeated. There's much
bard fijjntinir yet to bo dune, many
sacrifices yet to be made, but tin
lijrfht of victory is shining upon our arm
iea and upon those of our allies.
."We mean to make the world safe
for all free, law abiding, descent
pie, who msy live their lives iu peace,
free from threat and free from alarm
For this'we fight. We shall not ask
more. We shall never accept less."
Henator I.odue said one of the most
creditable things President Wilson ha I j
dona during tile entire war was to
recognise tba Cserlio Hlovaka.
"Yf aiir nation." he said, "ever de
served recognition it ns the Oeehn- ! t
Slovaks. We must o further nad rec
OHiiizo the Juro Slavs, st the heud of
wnieh stands HcrMa. We must recie;
e t)). Pole, They and
ca niakij 'i teacefil statej
they alone
in Central
fyuropf rpai WIIJ inrevrr npr uerniaiiT
frniq Kasterp Kurope. When President
Wilson rHeognl.ed (lie Cechn Hlnvnks h"
set nadd to rlocuiiieiits Ihnt rtiesftf the
dissohitinn of the Austiinn empiie in
Europa." "
'.'. $ "I I
force, having knowledge that the
ana a large numier or macinne
, 1 e 1
along a six mile front, was less
entirely successful, an average gain
Gives Required Guaranty That
None of This Country's Ex
ports Go To Central Powers
W tMllMIT'lN, m lit. 111I1 cr 111 'As
me 1 :i 1 Pi I'nn.sli Aincililili ship
plliji lll ei incut - hnvc Iieen ciiiipli'ti'd j
it 'as Hiinounccil laM niiit. '1'Iiuk will 1
lleniuaiU be assured of ( umlst 'ill's 11 nil1
supplies Im which she lins 1"" anil
vainly smht. Thr coinlitioii tliut. hac
been attached he grunts 111 tidl anil'
lias Licn her uuraitv that iherc shall
be no ex pni tat inn ut ncpi 1 I .- which
she may scenic frinii the I :ntcd States
to Ifeimany or any olliei ot I In- (Vn
tial I'usen.
i I'niiihli 'seU ai to In- placed at
the disposal ut the mm 1 incut ul sucti
(IiirHls a once.
Deiimark has iieen linricd tintn se
curing supplies that w cagerU'
soii::ht by reason uf the cniliiiryo and
not until the full and speciiic piar
anlv tJlat was rviiun ed was given. were
such exports from tin
I'lnted Ni'e
WASHINGTON. Seplembei Is , As
sociiited I'nni 1 Uiipil piuic-is w 11 1
made by the lluuse ul' I cpl CHcnt at i V es
lav in its i 1 1 ii i ' i r i at 1 1 1 1 ul llic War
Revenue Hill.
Without a iiiend men I tic ii thi l.it 1 1 1 ul
the bill as it clinic fluiu I lie wav- an I
ui hm ti louiiiiuiec niul in lf- tliau an
,l)Ur tie liouse had a biiitd tlie ueuentl
j,BU f the lull and ttie rules it mi
It is esl iiiintcd that Mir no Inm vln.li
covers Hie :Aiitiou uf wur ami eves
prnlils will lrin if to the eon 11 1 1 11 nv
euuo of :,2oo,o0 ). 1
' . ..... I '
UKNKVA. Switzerland, Scptcm
ler lit - 4 Associated I'ressi -Kighty
British soldiers, who were
released from i m prion tnoti t in
Bulgaria because of their weak
cned condition 8inl unlit hi' re on
puro'e, have arrived in n im y se
nous physical condition, with re
ports of hardships undergone (lint
discount thi' tale told bv Allied
I'riKonni s hi'lil in derma nv and
A nit ria.
tint- nfliccr ui. I that thi' eundi
turns within thi' tti 1 1 i t ji r " prisons
arc not much wurw than romli
tinus outside, so far a fooil goes,
hi thi- whole population of Hul
garia is on the verge of Mtnrva
tmn because of the exploitation of
tin' fooil supplies by Germany.
Throughout Bulgaria, tbis officer
reporta, thr feeling of the people
against thr dominating actions of
tin' dermaus is fining.
German Reinforcements Of Blll-
oar Rnilfprl Arivanr-P U
a - - - - - v w
Full Ten Miles In Depth
NKW YOKK. September lit In
M m-edoo n the Herba und the Kienrh
continue to pu.ili forward in major
iijxi at ions against the Dulgurs and the
(mtiiihii forces which have beon sent
In reinforce 'iem.
The ailvniicen reported yesterday
ere steady and highly inipoi tmit, Tne
Allied forces udv; need to 1111 ave.aie
.1 . I. -:l I
11, -im 11 01 11-11 Mini-?- iiioiiu a 1 11 iri'u unit-
f)llt .,., fl,M, tllt. ,Um.t, f ,ho
Hulgii'-inii tones nenkuiling before
their blnws. Mi. re thun fifty guua
have lieen.. t:ik''ii, iiccordin to the
latest rt mrls fnni Saleniki. Kneiuv
I'Msunlties are reported lis heavy and
iinire than 4n'MI priMiLcm liuve Iieen
I a I, ' 11
?ei lin repot ts (old of the hcnding or"
(JeiniH'i rein fun ciiienl s to the aid of
their Itulgnriiin ullii's and news of the
ii'i:l of suck tr')"p" is 1 "ntaiii"d m
a Si rliiaii oftn it I slatenient which savs
ilint tlie (Jeru-'iH vim were te'iit to tiie
a '.' of t!.e BiilyJiriflHS in Mured'iii'a
haw l.i.'i defeated and put to flight
by the AI1..S.
icnnii ofT.nl 'Iciiairhi's toll i'l'
nlitin in nuithi'in Italy nn.l Albntia,
' rlr'ieiel nv'-fi's t'nr the Allies.
T.. rei.oit i-id the Itulians ha I de
I I v ii .i five attri"ks on Ti:h on l iil'e,
in ' h It l'r 'i. in -ii ti ' ri i 11 s.'i-tur im 1 ttr't
em Ii -itt.-tck h.i'l I e .11 repulsed with
si" '-I e liiBie-,
irlef ulse ,t (i I an n'ta -ks n Alle n a.
10 1 'lie inn": iwie also l -p' rted
W. S. S. - - -
I .' i. l)( IN, Si .!ciiiIici Is 1 .sia-iate.
I'icssi I'l e 111 ie 1 l.lod (ii'ore tmlay
icceiwil a repl' from (ieneral Persliiny
to the message ot nnifii atulatjons which
lie scut fiillnwiii tlie AmcMcan vittor
in tin' st. Milii.l salient.
In hi message to (icucral rershin;
the 1 leinier said thai lie had received
news of the Aiiieiu aii v ict'iry as In
lav 1111 a sick lied, had iiiiincitiiiti'ly le.
lie! Id' and I 1 1 1 11 it the news more p i' 1
taldc and inure beneficnil than any
tonic he has ever tHkcn.
(.ieneral l'ershni)' replied iu a similar
vein nnd said:
"Your eongratulatiiius aie apprcci
ated. It shall be (lie endeavor of the
American army to supply you with oc
casioiuil doses of the same sort uf mc
ilicine, as needed from now on until the
final victory is attained."
w. a. a.
VslllNti TON. September 111. -(As
suciati'd res ( 'usualit ies in the
arinv and tin' Murine coiis as report
ed in tin- lists which were released
for publicut ion y est ei day numbered
.;iiii. ,f which .'7H ieie in the army
and twenty t iv n in the murine enrps.
r i i casualties as classified were
seventy fnur killed iu action, tiventv
te.i dead of wounds, nine deud of dis
c"'" and other causes, I In wnuiiiled fur
tvlive missing nnd thjee known to have
been made prisoners.
The caauulties reported among the
Maui'i'" i' I'lr three killed ill action.
llnee dead of wounds, wounded and
'" .ss
Trcat'iis 't. f"r Ovscntc-.-
( Ini'iibei b" ii 's ('"In and lliaiihiua
l.'cuie ' f Hue el I" a .'..-.i- uf cn-'nr
il ill effect' iiMv t st'lln
' . ,-f., . ,,f dvMflltcr It is I'-Iri'
I c
I f' r si inliu i dia rrluica i n
, ' h Idrel. I'
j i- ii ii' ' h
J w an. - Ad v .
, i" I-. ,"
il.- ' : II dealers U
i I d . lie cut s fur 1 1 :i -
Terauchi's Resignation
in iimperor
k enro
TuKIO, .timber H (Spccinl)
Premier (Joiieial ("mint At. Terauchi's
resignation in nnw in the hands of
'Impcror Yosh ihi I o, having been ten
dered by the prime minister probably
last Sunday, an it had been previously
said was expected. The furmnl an
nouncement nf presentation by Tr
tichi of his resigns! Inn, however, will
tih be'mndc until nfter" thi"nortro"
or rldnr statesmen's ronfrrrm n, which
will le heli, cither Thursday or Fri
day. Em parol To Preside
The "genro'' lonfercnce in to tie
lielil at the impel inl palaee ami will
be presided our by tlio Km per or 0
peiFOii. Prime . Vamagatu ami Mar
quia M, Mataniila, two "("eoro" bo
returned to Tokio from their rummer
villa at OilawBin, will attend the r.on
ferrme and Marquin K. Saion.ji wilj
alao be anked to attend. The resipna
tien of Teranehi ill lie diaeuaaod at
this ronferenre and a aneeeaaor be
Wl,;i M,,..,,o wi,.;: i....j:., .11
Mi.le Marq na Saion.H .a Icd.ng all
miZhin it i.
mioishin it ia a question whether he
,...i.i .....,... .1,., ,(t... 11 1
ZtlZl. .ITiJSJZ.Z'
rs-ned ro far from making any atatv
frained ro far from making any
meat regarding his poaitiou ill the
pending politieiil crisis, which may bo
taken ss iudieatipn of hio readiness
to become the new premier of Japan.
It is generally believed hero, that he
will be induced to succeed Terauchi.
If !-'aion,ji accepts the premiership,
the new cabinet to he organized by
him will be an "all parties" cabinet.
Mem bens of this cabinet will be select-
ed from among the leaders of the vsui-
ous political parties in the lower honae
of the .Tananese diet and will have
the bnckinK of every political organic-
tmiv. in the , kmpire. i
Othor PoMiWUUoa
K. Hara, president of the Sciyu kai,
the bu-irest i,art,v in the r1iK ia eon.
sidered as also a strong candidata for
premier. If Saionji declines, Hara may
be called upon to form tho new abi-
net with tnUbera of h y. How-
ever, he has many strong opponents,
mil it is nuife lileelv that some strnncr
opposition will be brought to bear to
defeat, his candidacy. Ia such, case,
some dnrk horse may get the plum.
, . -Wt-J.. i' M , I
At Chateau Thierry the Red Tri
angle Ration Trucks Kept
oiuac iu nccis ui riyiucia i
I'Mtls. 'In ;ust -JO (By Maili
Wben Franco AniericiHi forces gu e
tin" Itoidie Hint iiieinorn ble licking mi
the Chateiiu Thieirv front, the Y M.
('. A. canteen department was put to
a test few orpiiiiziitinns of similar
chuiacter ever fuceii. Th battle mo
id swiftly. The Bed Triangle had to
iiiiim' wiUi vipiul celerity or get Int.
lieMiug left is one thing that the
"Y'' objects to. It never has hup
I ! sun e tlm overseas work liea-i.
So swiftly did the scene of actum
s ft during the pi og rear uf tl.,' hg it
tiiat the 111 lines iiition cul ts couhln '!
.ilwuvs l.c p up. ( 'oudit ions wer' sm ii
llnit it wat not humanly pu.ipili 1,,
l'ive the men tlie food flat iiuimallv
is issued to theui. 1 11 sonin ciiyc it
wijs iiupohsible te give tli'Ui any The
Y Vr '. A. supplies, oidinarily classetl
as soniet h in' to suilnuienl the ra
t:u:is bin aoie the ineatis act, til. v ut
sustaining soiue if the lighti'ra.
The sluiv of how the Ked 'i'lian le'
kept up with tin arriiv in thee
. . li-g da.v i i'iic of hard wu;k.
valoi and etlicieaiv u nsu i pa " -in I Toil
sunn' Limci as lunch as thnty six
hunts nt ii sLreti h alni'is; cojistuntlv
en. lei lire, do.ens nf i he Y. M. . A.
iiicki'M stuck to the iobs ami were in
w a riled by being aide to illpplv I lie
incii in ulive drab with biscuits, i ho-u
I. itc, i i'n; clt es aid hot drinks und
gii e Iheiu stiijtiiia to ; o mi v t'i the
wnrk of beating the Boche.
The iiumlrr of Inn milef gotten om
of motor trucks m thei' days of ' on
s'ltnt lighting wus puiiligioiiK, the uiiiu
bcr of 'furs 'if lal-oi that the men
weie able to put in was almost menu
''I -able. The du yni i nii-.Hi in Lo t-lie
service inuWe the smell si.e of the hVd
Trisnglii laiuulty list seem m.iacuioos
R fpg to Battle
.f(t us soon us Un' iiewh i nine that
ii biii push was On. the canteen du
I'll 1 1 meiit tenipoianlv suspein t'd all
othei in tivitii's a"d devoted its entire
attention tl riisliiu aupplies to Hie
fritit Biscuits, chocobiles nnd cigar
eUi, destined for tioinl in the icerv,'
atoas weie leipiisitioned and bjuiled on
trucks bouiol foi tlie a'M'iii' of tne
hottest lighting Kven the waivhnue
lllled with Supplies tu be used avaiut
the puss Inlily of an evacuation nf
I'tuis as ertit'ticd in mdei that the
Aitny miglit be led
No uiatutr how la-t nr Jinw fai tiie
Ii hting units went a Y. M ('. A uiiiu
ens ri- lit on the hindr of the soldieis.
The 1 1 in ks were taken as far as posni
ble ami then, when it wusild hum been
suicidal for wheeled tiuftic to ventiir"
closer to the lines, the workeis pin ked
I I and smokes iu in their bucks
. w. a. a. vi"'
WASHINGTON, rJcpU'inbor , ((j)u
inli- American soldiers in Fram e are
to hue the ties! of beef. The fond
pure ha si' board nil nines thut only
he:iv v weight beef of the beat ipiality
will lie supplied the Tinted Slstes light
ing forces and Allien, with a minimum
weight of 575 pouuds per bead.
' e t
s nanas ana
i I ' i --v. a ' .
auea l o ivies,
lttermcnt jof HcHrd Moral
ty And Conservation of Rlcp
Are Reasons Gtvcn
TOKIO, 8epttmber 18 (S iol) -EnnrUment
of a prohibitioo law ia lie
inn i-onaiilered nerioiiKly ly tha Japan
ese government, aecordin to an. an
noiinietnen from a liih oflliial today.
U ia likely a "dry" law may be pro-
mil I ua ted ia tbo near futur.
I wo reaaou. are advanced for the
profwued enactment of prohibition, aaid
the ofticiaJ. Uue ia to improve th
health aad moral of the .lapanene eo-
pie by xettlim rid of sake while the
other reaxon is to save rice from being
used in sake brewing. Tho receot dis
InrKonlna Ik.nn.ilimi, ihil tfmntM t
... u.
fribu,e, l0. i,, ot the JonM-.tie
""'PI'li', '!' the attention of the
n.,rnn,., ,i, ..., i ...,:
v "
l0,,ki,"l i"9"1"1 B "dfy Jva with
h te.ar ..ihln
the least delay possible.
w. i. a.
e.,-. Muu on'n lA'ortno
AlC SfVCCe, Na.Vy , anO Marine
Cftrht Ar. Onfirl Tfl Mfert Irt- I
Selective Draft
,.,.,i'.;, ' . . .
nAniLuiuin, sjrpwmoor iv ia
aocitd Prcus) Voluntary en I i st men t s
iu the navv, the Marine corps and the
AviBtlon by thone registered for
,. . ,. f , , K , ... . ,
the w,"'tl1' l1raft nr' ,0 he t""""-
J tn 'v ani1 ,l,c Marine corps if
the voluntarv enlistments are not sufll-
u., -in k .;,,,.. '
. . . ,
made fo those branehe of the aervue
from the seleetive draft lists. ,
iTo.luction of aircraf4 motors and
..... m .
me irainiug ua iuv iaruMut;i are uuw
so well advanced that additional pilots,
oboervers and meehanies are needed and
these will Jte voluntarily indeted into
the air service, front; the. draft rolls.
These announcements were made from
the office of the provost marshal general
' . .. sa a.
,. a. a
LONDON, Septemlier IH (Assoc
ml I'ress) It was proposed by the Am
eiican delegation in the. Inter Allied
Labor and Socialist eonfereuee session
today that indorsement of the confer
eiiee be jiven to the fourteen points
or principles that were laid down by
President Wilson as conditions ur
dent to peace, in his expressions of I'n
war, aima of the ("nited States.
The principles enounced, by the Am
eii' aii ('resident have received endorse
meet of various British labor organisa
lions and smne uf those of Frnnca ami
it is thought the conference will en
dorse them fully und without quulifi
LONDON, September 1H (Associut
e l 1'rcssi - When the Keichatug meets
a'i'in on Novemher 5, according to Bcr
Im rumors that reach neutral capitals.
there will be undertaken a strong ence
leiiinnst ration, simar to that of In " t
spring but mors thoroughly concert i
and better planned. The socialist, will
lead in the demonstration aad the wu
leaders will huvo much to explain.
hog islanF shipyard
rHILADrJl PUIA. Septemlier In -(Orlicinl)
At Hog- IsIujii tb gnat
i'ovjui iimoiit shipyard, slimltuiUliii ; is
""I i i'n'o its stride as has bevn de
inonst rated by the recent rivet uivii7
record which was, mad thera. Jn an
eight hour w,orkjf- tiay 195,241'. rivets
wore driven, breaking the. former
world 'h record which was. less - than
WASHINHTON, Septeinber 1H--UMI
rial i- -Tu succeed Waluv Hlnes l'agi
as Ambassador to Grrat Britain, I'resi
den' Wilson hsa named Jnhn W. Davis
of West Virginia, solicitor generul of
the I'uited tslales siuei August :IU,
1411 1 aud uow il' rpitrlanoV to a Men I
tlie eunfewiaee on tAe subject of treat
incut accorded by Geraiunv to Anieriran
pri-oners aud arranging for exchange".
Mr. Ivi ia fsir five yaai'M of age
"int a graduate of Washington and Lee
I'n'ncrsity whine he later taught law,
ifter ' ufintf bis degree of L.L.JB in
I Kit",. In IH07 he watered the practise
nf law ftjiil.two ,.jMa.,lttw Ua rns
liti. iil affairs ever aiiies and wiih srrv
ing his second term ia congress w hen
. sppoiuted solicitor generaL
iiai at iff"f a aaiii
- w. a.
i , . i
n i
Perm, Capital r Eastarn Pro
vince Jropprtant.l Manu
factories, 1s Captured
Reign of Terror Continues In Pe-trofljrarJr-HundrwJS'
oX Ref
ugees Make Way Out
KVV YORK, Kpntember It) (As
sociated Press) Capture of the
important manufacturing cit y I
of Perm by tho Ciecho-Nlovak forws
jh ii',Nini'u aicrii,y 111 utrnHii;ncn
f 111 vbidivook res bine here bv war 1
.....j . 1.... .1 a.., 1
' in 1 ihii
f rrriR, The Cr.e, ho Hlovak forces I
had advanced from the wewt ijnd over-
came th reintaiue of the Bolshevik!
altw nimw little early difficulty with
comparative eae.
Tho city of t'erm is the capital of
the province of the i-aine name. It
I .' u .1
Bax R poTUHauon or nunc man ia,wm
,,.. .iT. ,l...trinll. having
f0)p,r msnnf.,ci, ies and -annon fa
'.' . . .. .
lories, it iim roinienv a station 11
"' ""' it is ik
....... .. ....
miles cant northeast of Mnrcow on the
I K nnia I? i cr.
I lie Province of Perm is the most
oeaJerl.v of European Hiifsin and is di
1 roctly nest f Irl nlsk. The I'ral moun
tnins run through the province and
eection" of it n"e highly mineralized.
Terror Beigna
In Petrol' 1 ad the 'ei.11 of blooil and
, trror emit i.. lies. Thos uniier suspi-
0,'P",', , "0,"'",',,,m rf
shot with. ,m)y a scmblanie of a tunl.
foukhoilUU noff, who wa minister of
w SJ- in the cabinet of the Csar before
the revolution- has been coortmartmtrd
and wns shot on September 8, is re
tfoi.ted in mcssnnes from the formerl
Russian cnpital
The '" Xr"' Hussia continues
",J "' V!X "teM ? "the "IT
Htookl,olm despatches tell of the ar
rivnj at Iparsnda of fiM) refugees of
whom sivty we-o American and British
cvilii s and more than V)Q were Ital-
iuii sii.iiot . omrera aim men.
German Treacaery
The , nite, stMe1( ,., Krll.r,i 0f
Irkutsk . bus n.'yiscd the state depart
T. . .u... . i. l.. r
llflll.A UlS. a II." ' " .'..
ported cow evidence of
double donljiig. in Kussia., German
agent smiHA time npo sought inoffuct
bulvv to form un iiljiaiice with strong
Russian oronp against tneir toojs. the
U'dsrieviks. Uamer ami rti.sonljr. sre
r.epo."ed everywhere in the Moiieow
LOS NUKI.KS. Septemlier 5 -The
following State Normal School gradti
iitcs leave l,os Angeles tomorrow en
route to Victor a B. for Honolulu.
if, i'l O-.vi- n t i itiii ' 's to tench
school on the various islands at Ha
waii. Ilele- e l f it ; 11. Kvclvn H. New tun
KM' el 'Vet lini'Miy nlis Mariraret
Stnudlce. (iladvs Stanillee, Until Raker,
I'enil Mel.e iii. Agnes Dnrsev. Allele I
(ilbsnii. Ida Ifni'c Beatrice itnnt. Min
rie Hi" cu J is.s Vyni t!s Neuiiriiiu
M;'-i .1 iocs "ii ami llael N'ondy.
TIicm' Icii'd'c s were unalile in sc
cure accntiiiuodat iniiH un anv shii out
of Sun Francisco.
The follow in.; expect to yo t' Ilunn
I11I11 via Ss'i Fr;'icisi'o: V i"ia Veiei'
Anderson, Ktliel liiiviiunul. Helen .Inliu
ston and Hazel King.
W. a. i.
TDK It . Septemlier 1 (Speeiul to
Nippu .l.jii - Alter lighting that ha
lasted for several wc-ks. the Soiithein
arinv linallv defeated the Nailhern
aimv ii'id the city of Vniuv in Fu' ic
Trnvinic was captured this, morning
by the revolutionists.
Koreieuers who have, property and
doing businet-s in the city of Amoy are
being protected by the Japanese and
British marines. The Southern army
did verv little damage to property and
the residuals, are reported safe.
-r w. a. a. ; -
MO .lAN-rllUO, September I
lOllic.iaii The Braailian government
has cancelled Hie licenses uf German
insuiauce companies,
The dociug up of other (.eruisii own
,m! or contiollod business is espected to
TOKIO. September IS (Special to
Nippu Ji,ji) Captain Sato and 'XM of
lieers and men belonging to the .In pa
Hem- Hostroyer sipuidroii operalsng in
the .'vMijtei taneiiu ocean have returned
lo a dnpiuicae, naval base. The sijuad
run win sent to the ii.Vlditei Innenii sen
iu April of larf- yeui.
, . .
Ul KNUrf AIJr, September l.H -(Ottuiiu!
t -i-i'L'lie Argentine president- has
asked couuress for authoiily during the
ivur lo 'roouiaition steuiuors of Argen
tine registry to operate under govern
nun) ciinlcid for relief of shipping dif
liciiltics betwenii America and Kuropc.
(u eure cold' in one day. The signs
lure ot H W , GKOVH Is on each box
I Manufactured by tb FAR IS MBU1
" cm coi; st. Lot; u. 8. a:
- !'
Squadron Carrying On, Bombing
Raid Over Enemy Territory On
Lorraine, Front Encounters Su
perior Force
. . . tMt( I.
German Raia rails ana Brui&n
Conduct Successful Attack On
Bruges . Where . They ( , prop
Bombs On Docks At Submarine
sr f AsHtVIJTON Hentember ii
a There was mncn activity lit tit
air vcser'ay nlnaj? the weskn;nf
front, in one air baitle the AmeriD.n
losing heavily, according to aa o Tic inl
rnniniiitliue rrom oenerai fersmng. in
this fiuht five American machines wera
lost, oither driven down and thoir orewa
captured or shot down nnd their craws
Those fivo mnchinca were part of an
American squadron carrying out a
bombing raid over Gorman territory.
They were attacked by grently super
ior force of Oermnn mnc.1 inea an-1
driven hick, with the losa of live. Thia
nir battle wna on the Lorraine front.
Dcnriw Balloons
Earlier in the day a moat sneeoasful
attnek had Iieen made by Lieut. F.
I. tike, .Tr. on number of Gorman anew-
vntion balloons. Lieutenant Luke Hew
over the Herman lines and rhot down
and destroyed three of theae baPoons,
one after the other. Ttiis makes a total
of nine balloons accounted frr by this
American airman in three days.
Germans Fat
A Oermnn air raid against the Amer
ican positions wes made durin? Tncs
dny nijht west of Vnndieres, rcstilting
in a complete fiasco. The low lyinr;
mists prevented the (Jermans from lo
cating their targets and their attack,
with bon-bs and machine Dims, was
1 . ....
mnde .ngninsf a section m which no
Americnn troops were lonnfed. Thn
Oefmnris swept the ground with their
machines and blew up heaps of earth
with theiT bombs, the roar of Hie at
tar upon bare ground ennblinjj . thi
American rr"wa of the anti aircraft
batteries fn locate tile miders and Rive
them, a hot reception, the American
rhells driving the rniders back.
British Raid (
A British communiiuie stales that a
raid in force wss made on Tucsdaf
nij;ht by a British souadron. which
dropped thirteen tons of bombs fn (h
docks and sulinierine biio nt Jriiges.
During tlio day th,e British shot down
eleven O'-rman pini in air lljliting.
Manned By Americans For First
Time They PresB.On Forward
and Take Many towns
W ASHINdTON, S'eiilenibnr 1!) -(As-soeiiited
1'ress) ( 'omparat ive riiiet
inigiied ovei the Aiuciic;iu .e!d sse-
tnrs nf the N' 1 i ii front yesterday
and infant i v eni Hgeinenls did not ex-
' I In'cniiil patiul enconnteiH. The
big guns nulled on both sides and there
a- nun h activity in the air. Last
lipht 's i oinniiini'pie said thut escept
'"i artilleiy activity in AUacc aad
J. in nunc the day was cpuipfira.tively
'piiet with iiiitlmt; nf importance to
On Tiiesilnv ni:;lit (ieiinan infantry,
follow ing a brief luirrnge. undertook
I ait in-1, the American i;iea on the
vest of 'I'u Mose'le but th." attackers
driven off by the well directed
"tilli'v lire which met their attempt
d iidv ance. ,. ,. ,
GcnenH I'l isiiing reports pf Sep
i)inlii'r Ii'. und 17 sav that aside frqra
ii ul atUackji on thu sixteofilh in wlieb)
irisniiciH v.ei.e taken and increased
iitilleiy and ueriul intivity and soma
ut ol em nuuters ill the St. Mihiel fee
or theie was nothing, of importance
emu riti and that Jn the Vosgos sec
or an uniiiy raid was repulsed.
In the resent operations in the St.
Mihiel salient, American manned tanka,
ipeia'iuir for the lirst time, played an
niportant and dnuiiHt)c part iu the do
feat, of thu Hermans, Divided into
brigades they swung into the the Held
of battle immediately atitjir the bar
a'.'C. Before the day had ended they
had captured Noiisunl, I'aiines, La
miirche ami Biuney and were a con
siileiabl'i' dislaiice iu advance of till'
A desi'iili h finin I'alnni urmv head
iiiarteis "a; lieaeuil Dia. command
r in ch'ef said: "I have immensely
ad in 1 1 ed the spirit of the American
tumps. Thev've fought vilh true ho
oiun This is noteworthy because
'lei" unns cniintitiite the vouniest
irinv un the western f'ont. The are
n si one ram. a.tiuiriililv prepared for
iliiui iu eveiv finui und aiiiniumd bv
i siurd nf initiative nod initb which
"iH i'S', I tbeiii easily t" overcome all
,.. :.. t- ,M. war ii
Greater Program (
Cieueriil Mn Ii, chief of tff, csplain
ing to the house appuipliuttons com
ni tee the estimate of 7.lM)(l,(Kt0,vKl)
'or the .'iiiny. Mini thirt the enlarged
nii"icini military progrnin rnlla for
n a' in v of IKiinOiiii ,v w July aft
i nM iledncl inns have tcu mu le fu(
utlsualiies, rejections, etc.
,rt i f I'ti' 'ii 'i j.u'tt i. ,'..i . , , " ;
1 1 t -i! c ri nlf". jm h1 II ,, "
.i luiiu.'". i

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