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O'PjJt' "UJ.t fH in,-.
VXl.M "I -,,1f
JKTt ,6., ,. , . ,. ,,
'''J H.f I' "it i .
I 41A C p ' r ' ;
Tciritoriul schools tlm,.
nail ""' ned In ,' M , mi! .1
f inc "liii po. in in li bet t ei t h .
the expectations ri month a;
island and hi lloitol.iln tin
gun th.-i r l!H I!1 H' ci 1 .
complete fa nit ' t -i I1'-, nil '
cases there hoine .r.e ,,i t
. I ,. I., . n
I In ' li :s
s, h,,..U Im
11 li .1 1 , . - '
in . -r . , :i : . 1 1
,. t,':i,rs
unable t'i
II t ' Mm
miiiU'. the
leturn fiotii
"We :n,'
1 e'pe. t.'.l !l
ll 'I ul next
force will he
1 1 ; 11 mi -1
I, I.. 1 :
V ,', I.s .1
1, ,MII C
11 111
...- 1 - - -
:im.I ii
l I ll
lt I III
IsS! Ily
hau l. ' ' II, "in
ney. s.lpl ei 11 1 endelit uf public
tiOll, S.'lid V Csterd,'! V , Will,' ') -
thp situation
"vuitc a n 11 111 1 11' r -if new !
hnvi' 1 1 r-1 i i'il verv rc.entlv. 1
batches, fniln tlir 11 1 .' 1 1 1 1 1 ; 1 11 d , win,
t h t schools ,,11 a tin,' working
I'll! 1
hllM 1.
'I'lirni' "ill nil In' nl their rospe. t 1 j
posts (if ilutv ns mimiii ;t t In4 1 : 1 1 lr.i,'
Hllliollllll liv till- lllllTI.I t ' 11 IIH'l s. Ii!l 1
jii nn'ir,l t,,o lull- tn tn:ik,' ,,iii lift i"ii
with tlir l:it liit.'i N!;in.r l,ii:i t s fur tin'
pntitiili' i-l:iinli l'lii' will ,.nl lit' ;
rniiplc in' or it hit,1 in tnkin' up 1
tlirir ni'w wnrk, 1 1 11 1 tliii ranmit he I
be 1 1 ! fur ilirv VMrr ,'it tin' ni,Ti v nl' !
thi' Cnnst steamship p,-,ipl,' nti.1 ,,nil.i
not 1 nine t,i Honuluhi :in earlier
Old and New Returning
Anion); the Infest tetuheri tn arrive :
ill Honolulu nre alMiut tucntv m-n ones ,
n,l a number of Inluiul pe l:io;ru,'s
v ho hnve heen nwjiy the mimmer 111 the
niniiiinml ami fot eauyht there, uual'le
tn r.'turn tn the Iflan-ls in tune for,
the n'opcnin of el,ool itn i njf to lolh
the i'oii)re-t ion 111 passenger traffic an, I
the lack of t'a.'fic facilities ami accoin
limitations. 1
!niiw of the new teacheri hail to
trns'l up tin I'acilic Coast from I.os.
Atioetes to am o'ier to make Mreamer i
run ii. 1 tioi's for
that the delav
not iheirs.
"S11, Ii Islnml
in reporting fur
cially thereby,"
tei ,1a . ' ' as t h
1 , 1 1 1 1 11 . thus shnv in;! ;
arii in;! here was
teachers as were late
lutv will .sufTer finan
sai.l Mr. Kinnev yes
school Ian s pro i.lc
that teachers who
t hi' openiaj! of si-h
w as on September
to pav from the
report promptly at
ool, w hich tins etir
lii. shall be entitled
first of September;
otherwise their pa will beejn
11 1 v
from such time as thev actually report
for duty.
"Such teachers have no excuse to
make, or such excuse cannot ,), them
any good, for before thev left the I si
niids tliey here warned by the depart
men', by the steamship people both
here and on the Coast, and by 'I'll
Advertiser ami other members of the
local pres that they weir runniiij! the
risk of fun hug dirtii-ultx 11. s,-,-uriii n I
turn iicconimodations. "
New Teachers To Benelt
It is altogether different with the
newly appointed ti-:u In"- from the
Mini iiland who weie unable to reach
Honolulu ami theii hm lnn posts in
time through no fault or ,b la of their
"In the case of these." Mr. Kinnev
said, "I am writing t., the .school , uu
mishioners asking their consent that
such teachers ., g, , n pa v fn.r.i t In
first of S, pteniiici- ami 1 expect tin
commissioners will re:nlil see the il
tiee of 111, ieipie-t .'in. I giant it. Local
teachers who went awav tull coein
Z.IIlt of the situation ami returned t
Inte for tl peumg of th hool.-
took -hanees a 11. 1 it th.-v are losing out
011 them are to blame tlreinseUe,
n lone. "
The new aillals. about 'Oil s 10-e
lust v cell, including main high an !
norma! school teachers, are being s,-i.'
to tin ir posts on ll.iwaii. Maui ami
Kauai as expeditiously as possible. 1
Kinnev said A batch of th.rtv two
are expecte.l fn
this week ami
t'uuM s,,n
im.lg w.'l
t I me
see the arrival of practically the n
liiuimler of the tea. hers necessai v t
l.rir g the teaching to" e l'1' ' he '' .V el"
ment set Is up to full
" I lit 1 1 tile full quota
on 1 a ml. ' ' .'on' i uu. d l r.
of t'l, tsob- Island scl
to inn aloe- a litt1'
:t I f - j t
.if t.-iirlier. i
K i ii in-v , ;i I
ii.. N ill h:i v
,!ir.!t. I'Ht Ml''
bur, '-hip will fall on
Hot the pupils, f. l so
Will hae to double II
or more ihi",'- until
1 1 uf tli.' f'iirnnM
; i nil h.-imPf f vu
1 h i ii f re nil- ;i
Itoll 'll coll, 'e
Better Here Than Elsewhere
( ' nidi t ions in Hawaii in regard t.
School teachers aie far mole tavora'.l,
tlial tht-v nif "ii tin
m;i i n lit n l uM
1 ' Sonii1 uf tl
w !v nmvi'il t . :i-In-r-
riv m ;i yn-;it f!.'irt
ii ' ' ;i! in tin liiM'ii
inform m tliM ' In i
,.f MViiilnnli inn'
l.'ilhl. "in f m m ti
th' vrniiH'IU'ttt' li v i-
h'-rs hn r p.: to 'I
n n roi hil f t'Nin'
into other lines of !
better salaries, repl:
usiness '
ing in a I
hid, pa
to lia V e ioi lied the
"on I,, the front, ' ' tl
and have
l i lit en. lell t
"In Tacoina itv
nut oh the citv board "f
one la v. In some e, t ion
ti'v the depart incuts n'
vv a Iked
of tl
iffe ing 11 bonus to secnte t
I'li.b'i existing circiimstai'c m w,
wai' should consi.l.r ourselve-
that conditions here are not
n v
la fact, we ate now ad 1 i a I.I
ami have hanllv am cmupl:
M ist nf the govei'iiment s. bo,,
e'l on Monday with record alt,
onlv in n few i-...,i.'V and
schools on Hawaii. Maui and
filling below the I'oiiual, t Ii . -the
fact th' t in the llelchb.e I
JolK, bov s of fourteen , : r, i.f
I'Ver have been ,cue.l s,, th
Mlliv engage n le.'ni i,1' I
that th.
the first nece
v oeks iind u
tv .luring the it f v f t
lo the flrM of ( let.. .,
Big Increase Expected
"The depart men ' is in possess,..,
HO actual figures in either case. I
ever, but we hive the assurance thai
the school enrollment has gin p ,
eral iiercett," Mr, Kiuuey explain. '
"It will be a neck bufore wa are able
got returns from t m
1 1 :i r I v t mm I Ihnc in t h
honN, parti
outside and
1 ' 1 10 1 1 1 it :l 11 1 ii "I r n't
' i i'.- -, huiiU in iiohmIiiIii
in:, , ,-dor cf t (if 1 d n.l are
mid the
iu!a,l i!"e, jihape. except for the fact
t lint a niiuilier of new lnii)1ini have
not It, , -ii complete, I ,y the eont rnetorn
i'. time, lut with the pleaiHiit pither
e a',' haviii)! iliisiieM may be aeeom
imi'lateil in the xhuile of the treen un
til tin Iniil.linco will tie renilv. Mnni
iMil Kauai are fairly well fixed.''
The Island of Hnwnii ' the wort
s.itf, r-r in the matter of the lark of
t -m hers, for on one account or other
n :mv of new uinirilanil tea, 'hern do
not care to jro to Hi) Island school,
iinlesi thev arc located in Hilo.
Kinney On War Path
'' The moHt pestiferous sample of the
m mis homo is the mule of the HpocieM
mIio haunts Honolulu hnArdinj! hoiion
: n,l knocks the outside islands to the
in ' teachers, '
some heat.
,:1 l - .:k 1
saol Mr. Kinnev, with 1
" These silly but harmful pests toll ,
these teachers that thev should not );o !
to this ,,r that place and (ive a lot of
reasons which are far from the truth.
They simply senre the j;irls and have
I n the cause of several refusing to I
teach unless thev are located on this
island. 1
"The department has not and nil,
not send nnv woman teacher to any lo
cahty which is unfit and extra pains
are taken to place, particularly the new
1111 1 n li n,l teachers, in location which
v ill be congenial for them even more
o than such environments to which
thev were accustomed on the mainland.
"I intend to take this matter up
with the promotion committee, the
chamber of commerce, and other bodies,
for this knocking of the outside dis
tricts has got to stop. I have a few
of these knockers in mind and if they
do not change their tactics I shall take
the matter up personally with their
employers and see what comes of it."
Favor Increase, In Pay
" Do you think, Mr. Kinney, that the
coming territorial legislature will do
nnvthing toward increasing the pay of
teachers in some manner commensurate
with the higher cost of livingt" the
siiperinteiiilent was asked.
"Well. I don't know, hut I hope
something will be done,'' he replied.
"The tendency throughout the main
land is to increase the pay of teachers
in a manner that thev will be able to
meet the large increase in the cost of
practically all everydav necessities. In
spite of the ten percent raise voted
bv the legislature a ear and a half 1
ago many I in al teachers, particularly
the mote poorly paid, find it almost
impossible to meet expenses and one;
must consider that teachers, in order
to be more effective ill their calling,
must live up to certain standard" less 1
required in some other walk:' of life, I
I am of the opinion that something
more should be done for them. However.
Mms is something the teachers are toi
hilo' ut, themselves, probably through
their district organizations.
" The legislature has never been nig
g.'inllv 111 a pprnpriat huh for the school
1 fi'tment and if the proper facts are
' rt hconi 1 ng I ame sure the coming sen
s.on will do what is proper in the piem
Contractors Not On Time
1 i me .-
,f tin
tlllee large concrete
Normal Kanluwela and
were completed tn contract
this is ;, t present somewhat
rawback to the citv and island
However, in the case of Kllll
ami Waipahu the department
,1 thai tl Id buildings should
until the low ones were nun
accepted and in actiiHt use. The
mi has I -1 , ii ,,f some assistance.
cIliM I 'I
I, ,'.!.
I (let
the teaching of (leruian in the
,h, ...I- has been aholished the
nuTiil.t'r nl' 1'iihiN -.rckinjj to Ii'urri othtr
tir'in !n ii-ji'iL't' "ffni t In' on the in 1
iTfiHc ln-H. Ml.init twenty lifivc en (
r.-lli-.l t tlo Nf.-Kinlt-y H iyh Srho in
tin' iiini"h i'ihimi', wlnrli m deiiiji
T m iiL'lit N! e T:iMrtfZ, t'orinrrly :i
t i'mi'Iht .t 1'n'io h in (nTriuin v.
Su mt'i n t r inli-Ti t KintO'v will tocsin liiH 1
rMinitl of" Nhiinl omc time roixt i
riMi.th, w hen he ill roll.-.-t .liitn tn j
!.' presctiti'il to tin' ronr ut' i-st I itim t t-s '
t'.ii tin- t'nliuu ini; hifMinia! ptTtml, tllis'
1 : i r ! nortinj 'li'1 coni'ri I t.itn he r . j
Tlo' lio;ir. of est i ni.'i tiH nil! rt'iort tu
t lo- n.' t Ip'isld t ur1.
Less Building Needed
I cm no'fo'V will lo- iu'cIimI for new
l-iii MinjiM tli;in ufiH rnqnirt'il Iomi thi
li--.-i -.Iji t lire met cJirl in l!M7, for tloTc
V ,11 be less
tl, nest hi
,.f building
f .,; ir's'an,
pic,', f.,r
li. e, lllo!c I
new buildings neeessarv for
' r 1 1 i : 1 1 term. Still, the cost
has gone up a good deal.
. n concrete building cm '
J." ". ooo e i not b, put l,
f I .mill, and a bungiibiw
ml. I be const meted for iMOn '
ill ,-..s 7mi now
L'IKI.IKIO of the present ap
i n l.liiliiie to be put into l.l'H
pi o' 1 1 a 1 i
the line
ber. 1111
-. I In'-, to be .'.un. letod before
in g of t he schools in Sept, 'III
!' W.nk on these will have to'
k.ii i In, t t h. depni t ment w ill 1
aiidi. apped as it is now hrongh
I begin s,
nut be h
the failure . . t
work in time.
iii..ng th.
expensne nr.
to cost dt
t em. Pi nun :
t inn. "..".dim. a
all i ion. iiii.'
''Taken nil
, b'd hi
.l .pa 1 1 me nt is
ontractois to finish their
I ew buildings
.1 addi
I addi
the I I hue School
11 llo High Scl,
IM , I'lllOII S.','
.1 1. Kil.lev High School
lltel V
the I
i...e :
. ' ' M i K
V 1,-1 el III V
ii nev
belter of!"
Killer of t
I th in
ob-tacles t
, a , 1 1 in.
to be gel-
II t
a go.
g ,,ir
1 h ;
I .111
had i
d th
1 1 1
f l V
W. 5 . - - -
It w a- aniioiimeo at the rc
ling of
i retarv
l utes bv the laud board
veMerdnv that the Island of K
I In
a w e
nl v
will be leased to Lbeu Low for tw
oue yeur ut fiilO per year.
n ,
Was Considerftrf rUalJr)& Diplo
mat of Japan Resigned As
I Foreign Minister Last May
! T(KfV SeptemU'r 17 fSpeedftl to
Nippii .lijii Viscount Ichiro Motono,
who h- forced to resign a minister
u rore.nn anairs ot .lapan last May
necause or railing health, died at mid
ni(fht nf Mjindny nt his residence in
Azabu, Tokio. A III )hn if eHiberainf kie
familv nod lib' A'WltflUi. tmmrLki 1 4Yt
hedsSrle h.-W Ml! I anPiLdlf iUk IHi'
.Inpan passed away nt the aire of fifty I
Viscount Motono was horn in lHrtl
in the Maya prefecture. After receiv
inn nic eiiucniion in n lending school
in lokio lu went to r ranee to enter
,. ... .. .. ... ,
i.i-iiH 1 ' 111 versn v. 1 roni w-niei n wasi
Enter Foreign Service 1
After his prailnation from Lynn J
I 1 111 v emit v and return
1 roiu 1 mi fi,
j Viscount Motono entered the for '
eigii service of the .lapmiese gern
I ment at first as n translator. Then he 1
" 'ninr niiiii-wm-i, ( u i-uil III: I, I t
- t . . .
acting chief of the political affairs;
luireaii. nrivate secretnrv to fnroijn I
minlnter. first secretary at a lvtiii'i
finally to minister to Belgium in'
)S9H. 1
Vs Japanese minister to Belgium h" 1
showed his ability to the satisia.'tK i '
of the Japanese government and won
the ejiifldeiiee of the late Marquis .1.
Kninura. (hen minister of foreign nf
tnirs. He was puen a more import
ant post in Carts as Japan's minister
to r ranee.
When the Russo Japanese war broke
out in IfMl.'l. Motono was stationed
St. Petersburg as Japam-se minister to
Russia. He wus given the title of
baron by the former Kmperor Mutanhi
to for his distinguished service to the
country during the Russian war.
t'pon restoration of a peace between
the two countries after two vears of '
hostilities. Baron Motono was called j
upon by the Kmperor to return to hisj
ld post in the Russian capital to rep
resent Japan. What he accomplished
in St. Petersburg in lessoning the ill
feeling of the Russian against the Jap ;
anese people was considered a remark
able success.
Becomes Foreign Minister
Minister Motono wag made ambas
sador two years later and remained at
the Russian post until his recall two
years ago to accept the postfolio of 1
I foreign minister in the present cabinet
j headed by Premier Terauchi.
' Prior to his recall from Russia, Mo
' tono distinguished himself in arrang
ing w ith the Russian government a new
I treaty binding the two countries to
S protect their mutual Interest in the
I Fnr Fast. For this he was made a
The lnte Viscount Motono was re
gnrded as one of the foremost diplo
mats in Japan's foreign service. His
death is deeply mourned by the public
and sincere sympathy is extended to
the bereaved family.
Flames Sweep Button Factory
Where Hundreds Work
NEWARK, New Jersey, September
i I1 (Associated Press) Light girls
and many men perished in the flumes
here lust night when a large button
factory took tire and burned. In addi
i tion to those who died in the fire, one
j girl was killed by jumping from a will
low several stones above the ground.
Three hundred girls were employed
in the factory So suddenly did the fire
. break out and sweep through the build
, ing that many of them were unable to
I make their escupe.
W. 8.
17 (OtHcial i- The
Illinois, September
o) cut i e council
of the Modern Woodmen of America, the
largest fraternal organization, today
ant hori.ed tin' nnchase from the frat
ernity's trensiiiy of u million dollars
of Fourth I'nited Stutes Liberty Loan
bonds. This organization pnrrhased n
I million
dollars of bonds in previous
- w. i. a.
At an informal meeting of the board
of lupjor commissioners yesterday af
ternoon a number of Honolulu druggists
discussed with theomnusaion mutters
iclative to aiiodyijig. Lhe jSheppard Act
to the importation 'of gValn ileohfd for
use In compounds and pcrscriptinns
manufactured here. As the federal gov
eminent alreudy has provided for the
proper supervision of sales of medicines
und compounds containing alcohol, t
is the general belief among the drug
gists here that there is no necessity of
getting another license from the local
board at a cost of 10(1.
No action was taken by the board
as the meeting was an informal one.
A committee "f the drug dealers will
wait upon Attorney General Irwin to
dav in an endeavor to get a through
i nt erprct at ion ,,f rules recently prouiul
gated bv the Inpior commission.
Antoine Shneer, n manufacturer of
extracts, was granted a license to import
L'raiu 'ilcolinl under the section uf the
Sheppard Act which permits alcohol
hem" imported for liicchnniciil and sci
entific purposes.
Refuses Unequivocally to Discuss J
Peace Terms Position of Uni !
ted States Already Made Plain
v'" V
WASftfVOTON, flvptoMT 17r ( As
sociated Pr1 President Wilson's re
ply to Austria's note asking fof a peace
conference was delivered to the Sired
ish legation here Fate todn
mission to Vienna.
for trann
fn hts rntilv thm I'resi , I c 11 1 11 neu'll 1 ' o
.ally anililipJp!fiflN'' refu.l trlf '
. . . . . , , ... . ,
sider Austria s proposal, stating that
,l" 1,811 ihinr to discuss. The terms
upon which peace may be had by the j
Central Powers, he sal. I. had already
1 ... . . . , .
been outlined in atatements made hv
n'm setting forth America's aims in
entering upon the war. The text of
the replv is:
Test of Reply
"The government of the I'nited
Htates feels that there is onlv one reiily
which it can make to the suggestion of 1
the Imperial Austro Hungarian govern
ment. It has repeatedly and with en
tire candor stated the terms upon which
the I'nited Htates would consider peace
and can and will entertain no proposal
for a conference upon a mutter concern
ing which if has made it position and
purpose so plain. ' '
RcpubUi aim indorse
he'nator l-nilve. minority leader in
he senate, spoke in unqualified en
doraeme.it nf President Wilson's
prompt and eurt rejection of the Aus- ,
trian proposal for a secret, nun hind in nil the principal bnttles 111 the ! till
ing peace discussion. Senator Lodge I ippines. He commanded the depart
said this action by the President would ment of Northern Luzon and the North
be universally approved by Americans. 1 Philippine from 1000 to 1002, includ
The position of the I'nited State is I ing an army of ' L'S.DOO men. He was
now so plain that the ( entral rower 1
will oon begin to nnderstand that we !
shall not. now resort to talk and to
bargaining for a deiion. We mean
to put her in physical bonds."
I .
NT7W YORK, September 17 (Offi
cial) In adopting n resolution com
mending the President's decision to re
fuse to listen. to Austria's proposal of
1 peaeo conference, the Ipxecutive com-
"-'' " mr urae i auiuiw r-T-
stated that it. rejoiced in the refusal
of the. President to sanction a secret
conference. The league ib pledged to
peace by victory as the only peace
which ran achieve the objects sought,
which ia the destruction of Gorman mili-
t .. : .! 4. w, , 1 . A t a lojmta nl
lliir.i,i nun ,r , i outivu' u a " I
free nations to enforae permanent I
peace for the world. !
"To take part in a conference with ;
an unconquered Oermapy, " said the !
resolution adopted by the league, "
to confess the failure of our purpose
- w. a. a.
Consul Guerra Gathering Data
On Conditions
Dr. Kunchei Guerra, Consul for the
r.n..v.i;. r ri, rriv,.,l bene
few weeks ago, formerly opened the
consulate offices in the Klite building
on September 1, and i at preaent
gathering data on the commercial and
shipping facilities afforded by the
Inlands, together with the output of
sugar, pineapples and other commodi
ties, which will be compiled for official
reference to hi government at Havana.
The new consul looks forward to the
conclusion of the world war for the op
portunity to establish close relationa
between Havana und Honolulu, via the
1'anama Canal, believing that the great
tourist travel which will pass from the
Atlantic to the l'acific, and vice versa,
will bring the two capitals into close
commercial communion.
Tt was for this purpose that Cuba
has begun the establishment of a china
of consulates throughout the l'acific. in
eluding Jnpan.
In a letter which the ctinaul has just
sent out to all business firms he says:
"I hhall be glad to supply you with
any data and information that will
tend to bring you and my country into
a closer commercial relationship."
w. a. a.
No Rest For That
Aching Back
Housework la too bard for u woman
who is half sick, nervous und always
tired. Hut it kspeps piling up, and gives
weak kidneys no time to recover. If
your back is lame and achy and your
kidneys irregular; if you have "blue
snells." sick headaches, nervousness,
dizxiiiess and rheumatic pains, use
Dunn's Backache Kidney Pills. Thev
have done wonder for thousands of
women worn out with weak kidneys.
"When Your Buck is I.aino--Rcmem
ber the Name." (Don't simply ask for
a kidney remedy-ask, distinctly for
I man's Ha'kache Kidney Pills and take
no other). Doan's Backache Kidnev
Pills are sold by all druggists and store
keepers, or will be mailed on receipt of
price by the liollister Urug lo., or
Benson - Hniith at Co., agents for the
Hawaiian Islands. Advertisement)
i - vrr ihM n
Hero of Civil , War and Spanish-
American Cbhl'licU Honored
By Nation, Answers Call
rHlCAOOl Hepterober IS (Associat
ed Prp Nfaj. Oen. ijioyci Wheaton,
retired, died here last night follow
ing an operation. He was eightv venra
General Whaaton was one of the
heroes of the Civil War and alao nf
the Spanish American war,' fir rih of
which.brpJayed a prominent part. He
,exf toTlMnrbligh' lr(f vi1
list in. as a sergeant in April, IHfll.
and being mustered out as a lieutenant
colonel in '6i. He was breveted major
in ISfu "for gallant and meritorious
I services in the siege of Vicksburg. For
similar gallant conduct he was sue
cessively brevetted lieutenant colonel,
and colonel, in ISOfl he waa brevetted
major general of volunteers "for gal
lantry" in action against insurgent
near Imus, Philippine Island.
In 1K4 General Wheaton was award
ed the Congreaaional Medal of Honor
" flr diinguiahed gallantry in the aa
saoir on rori tsiaKeiy, Ainnama, prn
tl. 18115, leading the right wing; of hist
regiment, springing through an em
brasnre against a strong fire of artil
lory and musketry and being first to
enter the enemy' works." He took
part in mnnv battle and wns wounded
at Hhiloh.
Following the Civil War, Wheaton
entered the regular army and saw much
active service in the West during the
days of Indian fighting. When th
Spanish-American war broke out. he
was assigned to the command of the
Heventh Army Corp and participated
retired in IBtlZ.
w. a. a.
McCandless Ousted
From Kuleanas On
Which He Squatted
Used Public Lands Without Pay
ing For Them, Rivenburgh Re
ports To Commissioners, Who
Lease Them To Two Hawai
Disguised under the official report of
I S. I :..., T:..V... , I 1
" v, ; ;
MeCpo.lleaa was giver, an unenv.able
r.aP yesterday during the meeting of
'np noar.n or ian,i commissioners, wnen
the application of two Hawaiian tor
Patches of ground over in Waiahole for
lease from the Territory were favor
ubly 'icted upon, one little kuleana
being leased for J7 a year and another
for twenty five cents an acre.
It was stated in the report that Com
missioner Rivenburg had recommended
I that this land lind better be leased, for
it had been used by Mr. McCandless
for a long time without any renumcr-
! stion to the Teritory.
j fJ TVt
i widening and straightening out the
Belt Road around Oahu, Deputy City
Attorney Cristy stated that all the
I property owners had cheerfully ex-
changed such land as was wanted, or
hud sold it to the Territory for 1,
except Mr. McCandless. It was stated
later in the duv by City Lngineer Can-
tin, that the deed for the transfer of
Mr. McCandless' property is being pre
Mr. Ciisty and Ktigineer Harvey sub
mil ted blue prints and documents to
the board showing the line of the belt
run il for sixteen miles from the I'ali,
and how it is proposed to straighten it,
with all the data for exchanging bits
of laud, the public spirited citi.ens
helping in "very way possible in the
relocations an,! exchange for the new
sections of the road.
In thin respect the Kaneohe Ranch
Company gives three rights of way
forty fc"t wide between the Pali and
Kaneohe bridge, while the Bishop Ke
fate gives a big strip at Heeia across
wet land for a cut-off. In front of
the Jiitb! place at llukipti, just past the
Waikane church, two llavvaiians give
up their lots for the new road in ex
change for kolas buck in Waiahole.
It was stated that the work in sur
voyirg a center line for the belt road
is proceeding and wherever possible the
road will be straightened and widened
to twenty feet around the island.
w. a. a.
A five years' war is the basis for all
cnii serv a t ion and other war plans in
Washington says Col. Howard Hath
away, collector of internal revenue, who
has returned from h mainland tour,
during which he visited his former
Inline in Lveretj Washington, and the
natinniil capital ' ': ''
" TW ilinf'of the uaf'U; put lo,,kf,,
for until lil'J'l, although there is always
the hope it will end in 11)(1," he says.
Colonel Hathawsv returned from his
summer visit to Washington with the
nsseition he would never again coin
"biin of the heat in Honolulu. He
says it was so hot in Washington that
von could fry a beefstak on the side
"alls, ''it- von were esreful to turn
it over before it burned."
The internal revenue collector savs
that profited ing is to be made a very
iincoin f ortalde profession during the
remainder of the war. He thinks the
li-v revenue bill will follow the lilies of
the nrescnt ad, but will double the
ImutncN und excess profit taxes. He
snvs the greatest increase in taxes will
be placed upon those who are making
great deal of money out of the
world's conflict,
Questions Is Troubling -Deputy;
ire Marshals ' : ; j
At . tfcfty, flre pryrntion conference
held jeWfd'ay' at the! central fir sta
tion,, vthtrh was attended? by county
official from all the Islands, It develop
ed thet there wa a difference of opin
ion aa to whether or not automobile
rent stands are inrluded in what is
defined as a public garage in the terri
to rial fire rule and regulations which
hocatrie 'effective July 1.
Sheriff Clement Crowell of Maul
told the conference that the county at
torney of that county had heid the rent
stands were not public garage. Fire
Marshall Pelbert E. Metr.ger did not
agree with this interpretation and it is
likely that the attorney general will be
asked for an opinion upon thi point.
One of tTie results of the fire pre
vention conference of the territorial
fire marshal and territorial and county
official concerned will be a drive upon
the operator of portable motion pic
ture show. Howe of the delegate at
the convention from the other Inland
nid that few of the operator of inch
shows enclose their machines in fire
booths, ns is required by the law. It
wn also asserted that not more than
a half dozen moving picture theatfers
are strictly adhering to the fire rcgula
tions in all other matters.
Among those who attended the con
ference were Treasurer Metsger, Fire
Chie Charles Thurston, Mecretary
Kirk B. Porter of the board of health,
Sheriff Charles H. Rose, Building In
spector I)e Fries, Karl William, deputy
fire mnrshall, Ouhu; Deputy Sheriff
Wallie Davis, A. K. Arnold, board of
health inspector, Honolulu; Deputy
Sheriff Oilliland, Oahu; Deputy Sheriff
l.uahiwa, Oahu; Assistant Fire Chief
W. W. BlRisdell, Honolulu; Sheriff
Clement Crowell of Maui, Fire Chief
Todd of Hilo, Deputy Sheriff Rickard
of Hawaii, Sheriff Pua of Hawaii and
Deputy Treasurer Dan Woodward of
of Honolulu.
-w. a. a.-
Kvorv Japanese cabin or second cab
in passenger who departs from here in
the T. K. K. liners will be asked to
contribute to the maintenance fund
of the Japanese Hospital just as every
steerage passenger has already been re
quested. The contribution will be eol
lceted by the steamship company's local
branch when the steamer tickets are
sold and later tunled aver to the bos
This was unanimously decided upon
by the members of the Japanese Char
ity Association of Hawaii at its an
nual meeting held Monday night at
the Japanese school on Nuuanu Htreet.
It whs attended by only twenty six
Kesolut ions of thanks to President
). Motokawu, who is now suffering
from paralysis in Tokio, Vice lesident
T. Iwnnaga, who is soon to leave here
for Japan and Dr. K. Huida, who serv
ed us superintendent of the old Jap
anese Hospital on l.iliha Htreet for
many years, were also passed at the
meeting. Nome suitable gifts in ap
preciation of their service to the as
sociation will be given to Messrs. Moto
gaua nod Haida.
The oflicers elected for the coining
v car w ei c as fallow s :
President, Kev. ( Motokawu; Vice
President, S. Aol.i; treasurer, M. Ya
mushiro: secretary. K. Hamamura, and
auditor. M. Kawnhara.
Kleiliun of eleven trustees to run
tlie new hospital on Kunkini Street,
v, hich was tn be halt! at the annual
( meet ing. wns postponed.
w. r a. - -
WAs II INC. TON. September 17 -(Associated
Press)- The senate com
mitt ft- on military affairs this after
noon voted favorably to reporting a
bid for the establishment of a cabinet
dcnarl ment of aeronautics.
This decision was reached after the
subcommittee had reported on the fnil
ore of the aircraft w. rk under the war
denMrtinent and recommended that n
the I'resjileut to handle this brancld
of the war machine.
The icport of the committee severely
criticized the work that has been done
so fur, in which, the committee stated
more than six hundred million dollars
had been wasted.
a. s.
1 TOKIO, Sept ber 1 7- I Special to
Nippu dijii I'oiiiuil recognition by
Japan of the ( '.echo slov ak faction as
u eo belli erent was extended to the
ec'vest of the Allies in Siberia bv the
Tokio government today, official an
noui'i i incut to this effect being made
bv Baron S. (into, minister of foreign
.In,-an is the lifth country to recog
nize the new Siberian power. (treat
Britain. 1'iuiue Italy and the I'nited
J- tnes ,ac alii'iidv extended therr for
mal i ciu'ii it ion. With Japan's fuv
,,'uble in tion toward the Czechoslovak
Oic'i'" 't is believed here that China
may follow the example of Tokio and
extend its formal recognition to the
new belligerent, too.
suoab tacto&h, tanrvxira A
f , Plantation Oorapaey
. Wailnku Agricultural Co., lAi
Ap kaa Sugar Co, Ltd.
Kohnla Bifar Coaapaay
WablU Water Company, Lt.
Fulton Iroa Work i, of St. Lotus
Rabcock ft Wilcox Company
Oraca'a Pael Economlaer Coaj
( has. O Moor Co., Enflaoara
How Do Your
Accounts Stand1?
By using checkt to , pay all
bills you will be able to say
positively and at once just how
you stand financially the first
of each month. Such a system
makes for economy and conve
nience. Bank of Hawaii.
Corner Fort and Merchant Streets
Regular Bailings to BRITISH
COLlMBIA (change at Victoria, B.
C, for Seattle; Vancouver is eon
noetjng point for passengers br
to or via t8. Paul, ChicaCgo or Mon
treal), FIJI, NEW ZEALAND and f
Theo.H. Divies &Co.Ltd
Commission Merchants
Sugar Factors
Kua Pluntation Co.
Waiaiua Agricultural Co., Ltd
Apokaa Sugar Co., Ltd.
Fulton Iron Works of Ht Louis
Blake Steam Punia
Western Centrifugal
Rabcock tt Wilcox Boilers
Green's Fuel Kconomiaer
Marsh Steum Pumps
Matson Navigation Co.
Planters' Line Shipping c'o.
Kohala Sugar Co.
chinery of eveiy description made to
laaued Tuesday and Fridays
(Entered at the Postofll.e of Honolulu,
T. II.. us second class mutter)
Per Year -.00
Per Year (foreiijuj 4X00
Payable Invariably in advuiice.
Th Associated Prsss ts xclusivsljr n
titled to th us for republication of all
athrs-dsspstca crodtud to It or aot other
wise credited In this pspsr sad also th
local aw published thsrain.
0. 8. CEANE, Buatneaa Manager.
LONDON, September Is ( Associat
led Press i - The fourth iiilerull' 'd lubor
I und socialist war council opened hero
j yesterday with Kiigla.nl, the I'niied
j States, Frame, Italy, Belgium and
I (ireeee represented. The Americuu del
' egntes are headed by Samuel (iompers,
president of the American Federation
of Labor. The convention decided t
!.-.. x-Mt consideration to American
war aids.
Becsa el It tonic and laiaUv ttecl.
: laxative; bromo qi ihink wui be ioi.,t
' Setter thaa erdlaarrOulaln. Doeti uot csutt
I tervoiWB. Bar rlBglag la th bead. K.
tmbet, hr la oaly on " Brooui .ilut
I . nu" oj R. T, Urn . kuu' "
Castle &Cooke

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