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pt. 23, 10lS-rI.Mt twenty
four hour' Rainfall, 0.01.
Tamper turr, Min., 75; Max.,
M. Weather, Pt. Cloudy.
VOL. LII. NO. 77
T- -f- TT ' i- . .. . 1 '
wmmmR fmls
Ik rmiksA ire S
j Armies In Palestine and Asia Mi
nor Absolutely Crushed and
All But Anihilated
Bulgar-Teuton Forces In Mace
donia Flee In Wild Confusion
Before the Allies
NEW YORK, September 24 (Associated
Press) Disaster everywhere along the wide
ly separated battle fronts has overtaken the armies
of the Central Powers and this is assuming over
whelming proportions in Aisa Minor and in the
Balkans. Where they have been facing the Anglo
French forces in Palestine the Turk are almos
absolutely crushed. The two armies with' which i
they have been holding the roads north from 1eru-
Salem ancT Jaffa towards Damascus ' have been I
smashed hopelessly and practically anihilated. The 1
Bulorar-Teuton forces holding the Macedonian
front are in almost as bad a situation and are flee
ing in confusion towards the north, leaving guns,
supplies and prisoners in the hands of the Entente.
In the Far East, on the Siberian front, the En
tente and American forces have driven the Bolshe
viki and their Austro-German allies from their city
bases and are hurrying them across the open coun
try. Between Vladivostok and Lake Baikal the
Teutons have been thrown back from all the main
roads and the railroad line. On the Ural front and
north to the White Sea the anti-Bolshevist forces
anil rVi Allies have svstematicallv defeated the
Soviet troops and the Russian front appears likely j
soon to be reestablished from the Caspian, north i
through Vologda to the southern edge of the Mur- j
mansk district.
On the western front, at every point where the
fighting has been heavy, the Germas have been
driven inexorably back, losing one point of impor-t
tanre after another and making it clear that thei
time is very close when there will be another great
Allied drive or drives along a wide tront that will
throw the Huns out of their present defenses and
back to whatever new line they have prepared
closer to the Belgian and their own borders.
In Italy, where the fighting has been limited,
the advantages have been wholly with the Italians
and their Franco-British-American allies since the
Austro-German offensive was stemmed and
On every front the Allies have the initiative and
on every front they appear to be taking full advant
age of their liberty of action:
WAHH1NUTON, September 'J4--(As
sooistuii 1'ri'ssi--More trun "ilMi i-usual
tios sre reported in the list m:i.le pub
lie yesterday, the army number 4i."
and the Marines thirty nine.
By cIhshi f irat ioiiM the aimy (usual
ties were H- killed in aitinn, fifty
Si! dead of wounds, twenty three dead
of other eane, 17 ! wounded anil sev
ent v one miMin)
Captains .lohn M. I'laike, Wilkm.i
bur, Pennsylvania, Kdin W. I.yneh of
Hhaton Hill I'ennsyhanni and Hoy
Houk of t'hillieothe, Ohio, are anions
the orliiers killed in aetion
Marine turps Iomhi's were eihleen
killed in aetion, four dead ol wounds,
one wounded, fourteen missing and two
knowu to be prisoners.
WASHINGTON, September L'ii -lOt-lieiiali
Development of the plans ot'
lie labor depai tnient to supply labor
tor essential industiies is seen in the
arrangement which lias been made for
the establishment of courses in employ
meat and maiuiemcnt in several of the
leading schools of the country.
Heads of the lare industrial oraii
i.at ions will be asked to select men and
vMimeu foi in anions their workers who
will take I hese courses.
W. s. S.
ST. IWt'l., September ( Assoeiat
ed I'ress) Archbishop Ireland is sink
ing fast. The end cannot be far off
and ins physicians hold out not the
I blighlest hope fur the uyed clergyman.
m&shedmBefeatedOn h IMFfoMs
THE MACEDONIAN FRONT This map shows Um approximate positions of the various armlee of the Entente a
outlined la yesterday's despatches. (1) The AlbtatM front on which Italian and rrench are driving Bulgars.
Austrian and some few Germans. (2) The line la Serbia along which the reformed Serbian army Is smashing
the hated Bulgars and clearing portions of their owa land of the Invaders. A German division is operating with the
Bulgars and being driven back In defeat. (3) The Lake Dorian line, along which British and. Greeks are now d
vancing. The retreat of the Centralers on this section Is ent off to the north by the Serbian drive against the only
railroad line and the retreat Is toward the Bulgarian frontier with the British and Greeks following. These will
probably cross the Bulgar border today.
V . .
Jji Crjovss MeAjidiaji j j i !
J ie-vauV (fcHWZT.
I 4SjLi IS ' ''-- m
(Q v p Jft
V KBfu L G(A R I A J 1 ' ;
yi Ysm t y)iL I
British Have Captured Or Trap
ped Entire Ottoman Army
In Sweeping Drive
LONDON. September 1'4 (Atmociat
ed I'ress) With more than twenty five
thousand Turks taken as prisoners, es
(.ape ior uie remainder ot tue urmy,i
forty thousand and all of the artillery
Had communication trains ot the Mob
lems captured are tha details of the
ictmy of General Allenbv which eon
tiiiue to grow and show the nnnihila
tion of the Ottoman army supremacy
of tlie British in Palestine.
General Allenbv announces that up
to Sunday evening the rouiil of pris
oners taken in the British drive which
was started on September 7 and H, ex
eeedvd L'5.0O0. The Turkish army had
numbered, it was estimated tiS.IKMI and
the sei.ure of the crossing of the Jor
dan at ,1 id raddeniar on Sunday had
closed the last avenue of (scape. Moro
than L'lio captured uns had been
counted and the Turkish army may be
said to have completely ceased to ex
ist. It i- a ih'cjI ijfiblc factor and only
mopping up remains to brine; in the
final prisoners, guns, munitions nnd
Official reports issued last niht said
airmen were carrying the war into Con
sta nt i nople and that Sunday niylit Pri
tish nnd Gieek raiders successfully
bombed the Turkish capital.
w. s. s.
Permanent Losses of
Germany Enormous
WASHINGTON, .September 2J (Of
ficial) ln a review of the battles in
Prance for the past six mouths, made
by the Havas Agency and contained
in a Havas Agvney despatch from
Paris, American troops aie credited
for the reestnblishineiit of the balance
of manpower on the Western Front. In
part this review says: "In the past
two months alone the Allies took 15,
(KMI prisoners. Knemv losses in men
who will never be able to return to
the righting ranks are estimated at
(10(1,(111(1 which is more than the HtL'O
c In ss can fi 1 1 "
W. B. S. '
A M NT Hi DA M, September LM (As
nociated I'ressl Bulgaria's reply to
the Austrian note ha been received in
Vienirt and like Germany she is willing
to enter forthwith upon discussions.
In her replv Hulp'iria hastens to ex
press her willingness to send delegates
to sin li a conference as is proposed and
expresses ''sympathy'' with the views
of President Wilson tor the settlement
of the Balkan ipiestion in accordance
with the rights of the various nationalities.
Cutting of Communications
Threatens Entire Enemy
Front In Balkan Theater
NKW YORK, September 24 (Asso
ciated Pressl-On the Balkan front the
Bulgars and Teutons are threatened
with destruction. In the center of the
eighly mile line that extends from '
Monastir to Hke Roiran the Allies
have pushed into the enemy lines a
great spearhead which has crossed the
Iatib Drelip road and thus has eut
the communications between the Bul
garian army that is to the northest of j
Monastir and the army that is in j
me. i.asc iroiran region. l ne drive is
forcing the enemy steadily back to the
Bulgarian frontier.
The Serbians have now advanced
twenty five miles in this mountainous
region close to Prlip, thus cutting
communication lines' and forcing a re
treat of the reinforced enemy. Since
September lj, the total advance has
amounted to more than forty miles.
Between the Vardar and Lake Doi
ran the British line has reached Kara
and Haniasealia and is advancing on
I'rzetsii on the west bank of the Var
dar. The enemy has evacuated its
whole line from Doirau to a point west
of the Doiran river.
The capture of the railways between
I'skub and Saloniki after aa advance
of four anil a half miles severed the
Bulgar communications in one direc
tion and the Herbs pressed further on
and are new proceeding on the West
bank of the Vardar.
The capture of Prelip cut off commu
nication for the Germans and has cans
ed their retreat.
The Italian troops which started their
advance from the turn of the Corna
Biver on Saturday continued their suc
cessful progress yesterday and swept
forward for an average of seven miles,
taking sixteen villages. Before the
Italian advance the enemy is also iu
hot retreat.
TOKIO. September --(SpeeiaH
Floods in the Sanin do region are caus
ing heavy damages not only to property
but to lives in manv cities and villages
along the const of Japan Sea. The toll
of lives is mounting higher as the re
ports from the stricken points pour in.
A great railroad bridge at Amariibe,
famous as one of the largest steel
bridges iu Japan, was can ied out to the
sea as though it was made of paper anil
movements of the trains on the Ranin
line are completely cheeked at this
point. It is reported that it will re
ipiire nt least three mouths before a
temporary bridge can be constructed.
A whole village farther down on the
bank of the river was caught in the
muddy currents when a portion of the
hank gave away and houses with occu
pants were swept far out into the Japan
Sea. where uone of the trapped vil
lagers, it is believed, could survive.
Mauv land slides are reported from
along the Sauiu railway.
Stand About In Groups As If Ex
pecting Final Disaster To
Fall Upon Them
PARIS, September 2t (Associated
Press) Germans are crushed by re
cent events, it is reported by a neutral
diplomat who has just arrived here
from Berlin. He says that in the cities
everybody gathers into groups aud thev
stand appalled together as if awaiting
the approach of a great disaster. They
are overcome by the news which is
crushing their lingering hopes.
This diplomat says the food short
age grows steadily worse and that the
foreign diplomats in Berlin subsist en
tirely on the food that is sent to them
from the outside.
The Tageblat, Berlin messages sav,
announces that Foreign Minister
Hintze will address the reichsta,; when
it assembles today for a week 's ses
sum. It is uncertain whether on
Hertling will also address the body.
w. s. s.
Operate Narrow Gauge Affair In
St. Mihiel Country All Made
From Hun's Supplies
WASHINGTON, September 2.V-i(lf
fil ial i Iu the St. Mihiel salient the
American Lorraine army is now oper
ating a complete narrow gauge rail
way which they captured from the
Germans, it is reported in press des
Thirty eight one man, gasoline loco
motives constitute the motive power
ami several miles of trackage have been
laid from the great stocks of unlaid
track steel, ties and material
with stores of gasoline were
ed in the booty taken.
Haids upon the eneniv lines
im linl
neighborhood of Haumont village in
the center of the new St. Mihiel line
are reported in other press despatches.
There was some sharp lighting and
twenty-live prisoners were taken. One
unit which attacked took twenty piis
onem anil killed or wounded more than
forty. The Germans taken were mem
liers of a Jaeger battalion that was
formerly stationed at Metz.
General Pershing's commuuiipie on
the fighting of Sunday said: "In the
Woe re sector our raiding parties pent)
trated the enemy line at two points.
A hostile detachment which attempted
to reach our positions wus repulsed
leaving two of its members iu our
hands. ' '
MADRID, September 24 -(Associated
Press I Joseph Thierry, Wench Ambus
sador to Spain is dead. M Thieri v wus
minister of finance in the ltibot ,-iibinet
He was appointed ambassador to Spain
iu 1017.
Dry Nation
! After July
WASHINGTON. September 2.1
(Associated Press) Nation wide
prohibition as a war measure is
now clearly In sight for the house
has approved the so-called "rider"
to the Agricultural Appropriation
Bill as passed by the senate. The
measure will now go to the Pres
ident and no doubt Is felt that he
will give it his approval.
As passed by the house jester
day and as previously passed by
the senate nation wide prohibition
will bocome effective July 1, next.
Before its passage the bouse de
feated an amendment which provid
ed that wine might be imported un
til May 1, next, such importation
now being prohibited with the pro
hibition of the import of ail lntexl
canta. Prohibition leaders were jubilant
last night and the wet advocates
were correspondingly glum. The
prohibitionists express their confi
dence that liquor has been banish
ed from the United States for all
time for while the measure thst has
passed provides prohibition for the
period of the war and until troops
are mustered out the prohibition
ists say that long before that
time the constitutional amendment,
already ratified by fourteen States,
will have secured ratification by
two-thirds of the states as required
to make It operative.
w. a. a
Washington Speculates On
Course of New Japanese Min
istry On Affairs In Russia
WASHINGTON, September 24 (As
sociated Press i Information received
at the Japanese embassy tells of the
occupation of Blagovestchensk by Japa
nese cavalry and the taking of Alexi
It is not helieved that the resigna
tion of Terauchi and his cabinet will
in any way affect the relations be
tween this country and Japan or in
terfere at all with the Siberian expedi
tion. The policy of aiding the Czecho
slovaks in conjunction with the I'nit
cd States is expected to be considered.
Moscow despatches say that there
have been renewed attempts on the
lives of lenders of the soviet govern
ment and that these efforts will result
i n further reprisals which is inter
preted to mean that the reign of bol
shevik terrorism will be extended.
TOKIO, StmlMr (HummbI
lt't;nK of' tlit inM iipnt ion tty the Jiijuin
tM' t'orct" (it Blntfov est chcusk, cHpitM I
ot' the Amur Province nul tin' liolsln'
iki 's lnt stnintfhoM in Kfttrn
Sihena, wcri1 iinnl (Mitilic tin riiorninn
'- tin1 h n r ilcpurtiiirnt.
Accoptitijj to the Hiinouiii rinrnt the
Iniotv iiiturel kv the .lupiuieFte Ht King
ovt'nt r ht'ii k whs enormous. Th i r t v
nei ifoiu Mti'HineiM lirlonin to the
nuiitnN hut ilenerteil hy thru, upon the
approach of the Japanese fell into the
liHihix nt the hitter while oik cannon,
1 ."ion ritlt'K and LMivo caution htlls were
aNo captured. The JapaneKe seamed
h (piantitv of poinon jjhh material a
well, which the tioli-heviki had intended
1o HHP.
It wa the main Japanese for e, coin
in h tided l Mh jor ienei a I K. Vainadn,
that entered Blatfux 'ent client k . The i
the force that ha mhunred from Khu
harovfk. capital of the CuhM I'rovime,
1 wn of the Amur lailwuv The main
incn.aii force n cooperating with Y :i
inada 'a force.
WASHINGTON. September 'Of
I tic-iil still the I'm ill.- toast cunt nines
' I !c:,,l nil of t1,. othcl shipbuilding
iliMiu ts of tti uutiv- hi tin- delivery
of -lnp to the shipping hoard. Thus
tsr t:!7 v N of l.iill.HIti , lend weight
tons h.nc hen ,1,'hvcicd and 1.14 other
vessels of lilii.lHKi deadweight tons have
j I u launched but have not vet been
Inllv completed
I.O I M . September IM - , A mt
ed I'h-hm Htitish an fnrcep, operating
independently of the Americans on
the l.oMHiiie fi.'itt, dropped IH tons
of tionil.M n Immiikim k i nine- and
Idat tuiiwtcei in the Met region ou
Sat urda niht
Advance Is Part of Circling Move
ment About St. Quentin and
Weakens Tenure of Enemy On
That Stronghold
Between St. Quentin and Cam
brai Important Gains Are Made
and Strong Enemy Positions
Are Taken From Them
NKW YORK, September 24
(Associated Press) Gains
of sweeping importance by the
French army of the Oise and the
winning of valuable successes for
the British arms were the out
standing features of the conflict
on the Western front yejterdajr.
The French advance i ajart of v
the flanking movement being con-
ducted to the north of Fere and
i extends for several miles from the
junction of the Serree and Oise
Rivers along the Oise. The heav
iest l'ritish fighting was between
St. yuentin and Cambrai on the
(."anal du Xord and resulted in
some advance and a material
strengthening of position. To the
northwest of St. Quentin counter
attacks were repulsed and the Bri
tish tenure of the line was
The French drive started in the
vicinity of Yendeuil, nine miles
south of St. Quentin and between
three and lour miles north of Fere
and appears to be a part of the en
circling m.ncment for the reduc
tion of ("ambrai. Vcndhuil was
taken and a part of the French
lorces proceed nn to the Oise be
tween Ycndhuil and Tracy while
other forces swept on to the north
ol Ycndhuil until thev also reach
ed the left hank of the Oise. Last
night the new French line extend
ed north along the river all the
way from here to more than half
way to Mow Just north of this
advance the French line was
straightened out by an advance
between I.y Fontaine and Ilina
court where the French captured
a part of the strongly occupied
w i id
I pehy was the storm center ot
tint British forces, about midway
ol the line from St. Quentin ti
( 'ambrai and la-4 night's officii!
repot t from (.iener.tl llaig told or
the capture of strong Genua
positions to the northeast ol
Fpeliy which was admitted in the
night official report in Berlin.
Met ween I'". pehy nnd I.e Catelet
the advame progressed due east
and reached to Tombos Farm
where the Tommies captured ai
jeneinv trench v stem and securer
Millie Mtoiig positions oil th'
1 i
j ridge.
i I'o the south of illers Goli
lain, .itul east of the line betwee.i
i tii.it town ,nid I'.pchy , a successfn'
' an. irk was carried out which re
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