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UAWAIIANvrSTTE, TUESDAY, SEFTIvIBuk 24. 1V18. r bfc.MI-VVfct.KL.1. f . c: TT Til tV
i i . i i; - - ' - ' - - -
-ct ' -- a t w ?rnr r-j r-v f 1 '.ft'
Adijanbe $ltie$p$ Sixty Aij ,s
North and Nazareth
Falls TeJ HJfenby
Cauafy Lead's Way and
Htilfe Important Points
OH Rdud To Damac US
L(iNi)6.'. SeptemVr ?i ( .Associated JVese.lroWing balk
and rolling up he Turkish farces Wore iherh the British army
under General Allenbv, with cav'alj-y yvelf In advance. js sweeping
irfe$ista)ly north ivard and has virtually anoihijatfrd tUt Otomart
forces in that region, it was officially announced last evening.
British cavalry, leading: the way for trns army of General Alien
by, whose .front, extends from the Jordan to Jhe Mediterranean Sea,
have penetrated through Palestine to and. beyond the city of Naza
reth of biblical renown and have taken Afuli on the railroad to the
south of Nazareth and1 Beizan, on the railroad about fifteen miles
southeast of Afuti and which is a little more than forty miles south
west of Deraa on the direct road to Damascus and seventy miles
from that objective. When the jnain body, of troops Is brought uu
to the present outposts the British line will extend from Nazareth
to the Mediterranean at the important seaport of. Haifa.
The flight of the Otoman army is! no retreat, it is a complete
and disorderly rout. The morale of the army is broken and the
Turks are surrendering by the thousand. In the fighting and pur
suit of the past few days, marking the resumption pf strong offen
sive by General Alleriby, more than 18,000 prisoners have been taken
and big gUns to the number of 120 captured. The fleeing Turks
have not been able to find time to burn of otherwise destroy sup
plies and large stbres of munitions and other supplies have been
taken. j
This means that the Otoman army in this region has been virt
ually annihilated. The British losses have beeii surprisingly small.
Though unable to cross the Jordan because of the hostile tribes
men on the other bank, small bands of the enemy have Sought refuge
in the Hills of Epram and the rough and hilly country between Afuli
and Nazareth. ' . ' j
The advance of General Allenbv has proceeded about sixty
rrnfes north froin its starting point,, a line between Jerusalem and
Jericho. From that line fhe advance was Blow at first while the
Turks that took to the hills after the capttire of Jerusalem were
being driven out into the open or surrounded In their fastnesses.
Once really started it proceeded up the River Jordan, forcing
he re.;ru;tnized foe steadily before it and mopping up fhe country
(rom river to sea as it proceeded. Another division proceeded up
the railroad through Tul Karini. Samaria Vastus q,ii )-,.; n.
tween these two advancing forces
l ank was guarded by the, Jordan
sea where the British were git-eh such naval support as the'v re
quired. Thus since late last year Palestine from south of Jerusalem
has been cleared of Moslem armed forces to north of Nazareth.
Date For Inauguratipn Set and
Reports Say Southern Lead
ers Will Unite For Him
TOK'O. Soptrml.er 22 (Special I
"rKid-iit Hsu Shi Chung, who wn re I
i-iitlv elrctiii hh t It chief exerativp
f tbe f'liinene ripiihlir, will he ilillu
purate.1 )ober 1(1. tbe .late bavin
l.( derided tolHv. Hsu will be the
Pfth pri-aiileiit uf I lie young republic
vheii he i formerly uchered into the
The re oluliouary government at
f'anron. which refue. to reensniae
)!' el-u-tion n coastitntionnl on the
that be wam named by the ,
paHiamcnt which it clniniH Id
ronetitutcd. i renofted to an
ilb-gallv ronetituted. i repotted to an
Ikavini; chanted it attitude toward
the prenident elect and It la Snid when vMtehenak.
be i formerly iiiaurrurnted. the Mouth Atofe than 200U' $olheviki ami re
will recogni.e him. lehaod Oeruiau and Austrian prisoners
w. a. f. , were captured br the Japanese at Blg
SAXON 1ST i '"noim. and Aleievak.
rW-rL rXXtCb,1;? ' feat.l enemy i. ottered and
LEADERS ARRESTED . "! rW"; b! .K.inat
r . t . , . j the hdvanee of the vu torioun Japanbae.
WASIUNdTUN, Siuiitember ti (Offi- 1 l.ULZIui. TA,-ilT
(ial) -Twelve leadera of the 8axon In ,
dependent Rorialixt party have been
arretrtu.1 in Dri-sden, Cketuuitr and
Zwickau a a result of the aerioux unrest
that reigning in the induatrial re
gions of Haxony, it ia reported in a
despatch from Drewlen which has been
reeelved in Amsterdam.
Tbe Gerinao wilrtary cenoora liavs
undertaken to put their ban upon all
, ewa which given detail of tbe -lis
Aiintntr -iradjaK up to tbe arrest or
"er the"iiffta thi'nlaelven, but some news
haa leaked through in private message.
Gotieral Pershing ' communique of
tlie Sunday lighting aaid,: "An Amer
leau raiding party in the Woe-vre $ee-
nil pliriiwev yiv rueiuy line t twv
points, inflicting numerous msuultiea
and bringing back tweaty Bve pria
- I
Rboajoatiam i
, Ha yon .ever .tried Chamberlain 'g BAM K, September 2:i ( Astoi ityted
Tain Balirt for rheufiiatiafbt If But. preVs An Aintrino 'regiment t Brrr
yea are waatlng rime, as the longer do, in the Rn.-sun provlrire of Volhy
thia disease, runs on the harder it it I hla Is reported in dk-spateheti frrm
to cure, (let a bottle toddy, apply It fjiev' to have refuseil tri go to the
with a vigurnua massage to the afTlicteil bbttlefront in France. It is said that
part aiid iou will be surprised audi this regiment hue been 1oitiCi in its
delighted at the relief obtained. Kor ' refusal to obey orders by two other
aale by all dealera. Bhuloii, Nuiith A regiments and the mutiny liu not been
Ce., Ltd., aeuta tor nwaii. Adv. quelled.
were hills of Ephraim. The riht
River and the left flank bv the
Aftfe cAPTUReD
Opposition In Eastern Siberia
Seirhs BroKen and Juncture
it Now Beinij bought
JUKHl, peptemtjer 22 (Hpeeial to
Nippu Jiji) The Ju)aue!i cavalrv
which captured tLe citv of Blagovt-Ht
clieimk, capital of tha Aniur province
and the !it atronghold in the Kaatern
yiboria of the Bolshev ikj, is now ad
yanclhg went from tbe captured eitv,
along the Ahmr railway, in an effort io
r (feci a junction with the .Japanese
iorce uoner me coininan or LieiHeBant
K. " U iii. which ik Alli um inir
t ffont ( bita, capital of the Tfana
l,aUia,li prat-ince in ltitral Hilerla.
Thin navalrv has i-autured Aleiiavi.k
Thia navalrv ban iii
a i'Uv about fbrtv milen north of Hlaoo
r nUrUtt I IUl Uh ULAU
WAHHINOTON, September 2.1 (A.
sociated Presa) In the single casualty
list which Waa ouide public by tbe War
department yesterday, army losses of
3.18 nd dnce more the list of thoie
kifleil in action am) dead of wounds
or o(ber causes aceiiut disproportionate
ly large, forming nearly half of tbe
Classified as to causes the losses
we.r: killed in action, aeventy eight ;
dead of wounda, forty olnc; dead of
other causes, twenty seven ; wounded,
f23 and missing sixty one.
AUsTftlAris RtFlIsTtO
AP ol aleatlne .Where .beneral Allenby'a fry(as aept nprtih sixtmileifrorn jtruMlerrt
lYi nd Jericho as tr norfh as Niareih, apparintl, annihilating the Turkish army, H cav7
airy has reached Nazareth lbp cetiter of map) Af'aii, tM. 'railway junction just south of Naiaretrj
and Eeian (not shown on this map but located at the turn of the railway near the Jordan Rivr.)
This carries ihe British advance to within about l'.O miles of Damascus.
r rr-w 3 ? i V ,
soldiers will
receive; Soxes
Government Expects TWO and a
"alT Million Men in rTance
By Then One Bo Each
WASHINGTON, September 2J
( Official) Arraxigi raenta for the.
iKiiTiry of two jd a ha.f millloa
or More CbrJttn:as p.irktagea, one I
package for each ef the two and 1
a half million or more HolOlora that
i ii expected to be In Frau.ce by
1 tbe holiday aeaaon have bed com
pleted between the War department
i and tbe Rod Crcas, it ia announced
by he war department
It has been dec Mad by the war
department to provide for the de
livery of on package to each mu
from Mft nearer relatiye or other
deplgnated relative.
., , . . .
w. a. a.
Popular Aviattir Is
Harold M. Clark, Transferred Re-
cently T6 Mainland After Being '
OiSCiplinCd HerC ClimbS Up a
Peg In Rank - Now Military
Flyfir '
li s l.ieut. olouel llaioid M. Hark,
Tinted States Army, uow. Me whm
Major Clark when '..e lett Honolulu,
after having been disciplined to sonic
extent partly because of his ill fated
seaplane Might to Hawaii which euded
in the woods back of 11 1 Io. and partly
because he was alleged to have taken
1hvM Kalianamoku as a passenger in
bis machine one day.
When he left here Major Clark was
supHseil to have bean uader orders to
report at a cantonment dext for ser
vice iu a branch other than the avia
tion corps, letters just received here
from him indicate that this order was
never carried out and that when he was
promoted he was assigned to service as
a military a iittor.
oloiml Clark is the liist man who
ever made a Might from Honolulu to
lluwaii. He alighted hist ou Minn and
tli' n on Hawaii. Ou the Dig Island he
brought Ilia niucliiiie down in u forest
in a thick fog. Tin- cnnine was rereiit
Iv salvaged and l-iouglit back to Kort
movei tbe c.ihm . taed tlie worlj ove,
to cure a cold in one day. Tbe aigiia
ture oi B W. GUOVK is on each box
Manufactured ty tlie i RIS M ll)
C1NB CO., Si ix)ui, f. S A.
ill mm
WHtilre Wdrld
Eiid Bblheviki Terrorism
WABHIN'OTON, Boptember 1!2 ( Associated Press) lit au effort to, align
tho civilized world against the state of terroisin which has grown up io Rus a
unde the BnJabevIki rule the I'uited Htates government bus directed all Ameri
can arnbnanadore nd aiiaiaters to which they are accredited will join in some
innawlinte utin to impress uhhi tlie peipetrattors of these crime a eon
riptn.ii of tbe srersioh with which civilization regards the present lawless acts.
Tbe proposal ia to take steps entirely separate from the conduct of the
war ao that all civilized nations may register their .abhorence to auch bar
barism. i. '
, ,'i'hi message announces to tlie diplomats that the I'uited Htates is 'iu
formed t bat-peaceuble Russian citizens in Cetrograd, Mcmcow and other Rus
siuu (Mira.are nuO'criug from an opeuly avowed campaign pf terrorism and
that thousands of. perons have been shot without oven the semblance of a trial
and the ill .adiniinslered priaons of that unfortunate country arc filleil beyond
the liinits of their, rapacity.
,Jt is juade plain that the Tinted .States is acting solely in the intcres's
of tlu1 KutMUUl people tbeuieles .m l to aid them in the reconstruction of thier
nation upon the principles of democracy ami self government.
Hdtiitile Conditions In Russia
tf 'oiise Sympathy In Hungry Finland
WAHHIXtlTON, September
sociated l'rea)-rltries of
2.1 ( As
mtmler aad suffering In Uusmh ron
liane to flow in and show the course
pursued by the government in culling
upon the World to protect against the
relga of Botahevlk terroriam is time
ly aud'weM taken.- It is also manifest
from despatches that Oermanv is com
Z r-
tons in Russia to amiat the fbdsheviki.
t $:
aaya that the Baia People's Corn-
iiilsary iieuine, bee urged the people
of Vologda to the. ruthlesa persecu
tioji of all British, French au-l Anieri
tan reaidoats,
Call For Help
Oflicial dvapvtches from llclsiugfors
said that;iUi v(ev .ot Uie cvaditions of
anarchy asd murder In Petfograd and
th oefetasilees eituhtlon of the greater
part of tha population, r inland s grv
PACIFIC PORT, September - (A
sociarteii -Press) The new Tnited
Htates destroyer Jose Ki.al, slid from
the way tojrlay asd was christened by
Mra. J. 4J -De V'eyra, wife of the resi
dnit coinniissioner from the I'liilip
Thi destroyer ia uaiurd in honor
of rfone Riwly the PbiltpiHne patriot
who waa pot 40 death by the Kpanish.
It waa siouaAed. to the (.'mte,l Ktatea
government bf the Philippine congress.
AMSTERDAM, September JJ (As
ocintH PreHs) Vienna newspnpers sv
tlict the recent etploaion ii) the I'ac
tory at Weellerdorff, near the capital
killed 'iH2 workers ami that must of tlie
victims were girls.
Is Askfed To
i eminent feels that on purely humani
I tarian grounds it cannot refuse to per
nut Russian, Knglish, American aud
Ituliaa refugees to come into Kiuland
but tliat, owing to the mrareity of food
Hupiiliea tho government is compeiieq
to beg Norway, Sweden and Denmark
to help in earing for them.
Kaiaer Adyisea
News bus bean received by the way
of Peking that the Uerm.n emperor
has called upon all aubjh-ta of (.etmany . . ReJvortl? .ht tbe ueeewfuj opera
an.l Austm, now i "'I.1' (hi ink) fpWi Mf-, MWi
iaaue, orders to then that tt is their tl,rBr Xre. hi. fBerblArf r
. nty to join the aoriet force, to o,. , ikVlfciltfrfttJfir fron
Japan and the All.es who arc thrent-tn . .To,vhgth and JroTe
Rebel Eealgna u ,-ft.,.ftoWj- roport.d that the
T. ( ni'ndia, uTder of the rVt
to overthrow THeliallcoVBky 'a provision
al government In Northwestern Ruaeia,
has resigned as commander of the Rus
aitto forces and is succeeded by ( 'olouel
Ivan off.
ts"'. ..1 Kffll KRfc IN PRANCE, August
.'11, ' Associated Prei) Twelve pil
ots stood In a semi c lrcl around a
desk ou which as spread a large map,
"The push starts tomorrow," aaid
the colonel. "We have allotted to Us
this zone. It is our job to wreck stat
ions, trains and bridge la there."
The pilots sRltted and filed oat. By
nine o'clock the next morning, two
trains had been derailed, one ammuni
tion train was on Are and still explod
ing, and two railway statinna lay in
rtiins. Tire infantry, thanks In part, to
the work of the airman In hampering
the movements of fhe German resreai
hail advanced a mile on a ten mile
The olliiiul aviation report for the
day said: "One of our machines ia
missing; two Oeriuau machines were
tjfctiii fBclull In
NEW YOBlt; September fii (Ana-
fiate rred)CopUliljIiig the Focb
t out:.listJi ,j'iiif 4HirMei. m4dU
iloiig -ttie ' BHtfk frofctr f ao--
thM eotlpD , A' '.t-f "'ti effort ii
betas 1 madsl b Vtm. fmiMlaiit. ra
burg tin ii itlU'lal tAr hn4v ' ' 1
To th Sortli 6:hV fiaffj tb
lotujrest' (jviweif tif'rU jgiS jbIx.
)1ete tb f-t k ijjhhorhod of
Oarrelle,' bcfor.",t)out wai " advanced
for two mile.
,iBetw t'imbral iL'Bt. (jant!n,
Hais's ma trutk hart 'lad orermiat
it utroBg riiUtni." ! To-' the'. Mtf
Kptby thy atormod a-ad captured at
tb bTon, peitc aTra4 ftrrongnr ?or
RfeniMdi jxjuit Jjetman .etitaoe.
In thp Rdjafent ctor, beweiB Bpeby
and Villm Cull tbe fwrtber ad-
vance wwi maa..-. ..-v ' v,
nee wef insdev. . ; y v, i tances ana tne ranroaa wnicn car
t sloeuvra, fo the Wet bf Cambrall . ' ' ,
. , " . . . . . ec Btmn im trt t Vi lf t Hanlr api.
on the canal tin tvro oeayy enemy
countore. were aueceawuuy met ana
weri rtoniad With o aad tb Bri
tab .poaitioni laaprot" V th
idfartea?. 1 ''
Battl la fTtett s- ' (
- VHMikf tluT ked nbrth
irHt W 1 Aa8M tfa the norrtb bank
of the Baa 1-Wnr . jd her, the
flu'htinc rontrajted (fUrlonljr tWMgbut
the day and wit at ill la progreja last
night. '
la the Berlin oBjial report which
waa laatted laat ttlibt , eouU of at-
faek were flalitlea and WT illlod
. toiaea tnrerwtilll i4lertjJ ' Tht re
port eid:; dfr 4be proteftioa of. a
beaVjr kafrag bad aflVoaSjaaied by
(tanki.ln targe, nambara and by. a via-tf-rn
tbe BHtlh-ladbd fteat at
tank ttpoa. tbe; .OirrMani.rpoaitioBa be-ta-een
Oouglrburt .Treot bad Hargf court
north wet tt Qtiebtja.; Tkii attbA
. pthcr aninalta t ..other points
)n oor line wpni'filied.
4 Ms
W,VsHmotON( , September ,32Li-fOftlclftl-Oehbtal
PififeB C, JUref),
Tnlted (sfatee qf rUf,-, arrraiiiarlplp
the situation m the various battle
fronts aurTitg' last week aaaavlajf bded
particulafty ajid eeiitinngfly good, aaid:
( "On trie westrftr frdnj onr new he
In Lorraine haa-henri ouickh aUbUie4
The enemy la burriely atrehgtHea'Ing
hi dew; line of rfrf) along hi; to
called "KrlegKbgd finavT' on a Treat ot
about tweny mite fro near Haleerty
to a rtoiut qortb ( Vandierea-sn! tbe
Moselle river. "WV are tea talle frbln
Conam and. twelve1 lls troratftx,
j. "In Pieard the British and French
' have resumed" thtir offenaive oti the
't'smbrai and tt.,Ouenta toward the
obi Iiliidcnburg llde. ia errlte'of the
I concentration of enemy forcea that are
defending this aeetor, our Allies have
progroaaed steadily and the ehejoy It
rejuirtcd to-have Jost.yefjr boaylly . JJ
I has been officially ronfifmed, that Oil
one day alone more than 10,000 prison
ers were taken.
SfietUng Uoil ... ;-:(
oil. ,.l.lo. Ik. .nrlko.l nt
i,..,,,,. ii rreafh harve, continued to
, fofn9 tk tMmf ' beat, tOOpa
;t .ttv d. ilikln -half . ihiU f tk
.iurletlon s( jbr if aablugn road And the
Chemin des-Damee and wiijila te'ii miJei
of i.a6aiwatcb-i-Mt.g ibelled by tbe
VrMt, ... 4,.?..... ... :
neb djoeg range
' IeiVjrt abfost ':
I fctWU1"
f Ol "I'M t.wrwmvw j f.l .,.
General rersh lag in his bmraunlque
on tho ffthtVnH oi UaUrday aai4- "A
side frbot patrb! WethrtfteT aiid in
creased aviation activity In tbe Woe v re
aeetor,- tbeday"a uacvcatful in all
ahctbta bceopier y oor (roopa.
jipArtsTtclEN1 1
TOKIO. Jatlaaj July $( Associated
Presa) Dr.Mataare Matauptoto, prov'
faaaOr of (Uerature atdhe Imperial Xjui
veraity and. a ep.ee i alia t on, psyebofogy
has been delegatr)1 P'ocped ta the
United Statea to atudy the-reef nt prog
reaa. of expefinifaUl pevcholoRy, oape
eUlly the appficaUo'n Of psychological
aeare.hee to infUtlirjr affaire. Vv-
Doctor pjglsumpto win anil ror Amer
ica neit nidnth'and remain there one
year. 1 tie 1 connected with the commit1
tee for investigation of experimental
psycnolouy appherl to military anairs
orxaalned by high officer! of tha Jib
anew ov. Ptrrt the United 8tti
1 IWtot MatsumoJft will visit CtrriadA to
I if spec t J' eOtfrlltiowe- of te ettication
, of the 'soldier crippled in tbe war, aud
later will proceed to Kuglaud, Prance
aud HfSln for atudy.
1 FALll'lC II mou
VJiltH: iiiuiunu
!yance js Now With
ur and
liles of Sole Route of
supply For Left flank and
un$iAre. Coming Up
" td STEM SEhb pRIVE
Itaan3 ioiri Wiih Egtehljl and
' Score Successes' At 1 Outset;
LorjO Advances Made B Ser
bians Who take-Villages j:
JT 2i (Associated Press) aV-
With the right wing of the Bul
ariarl army in Macedonia smash
ed and thrown back long' dis-
v. .v. .
i ,u,,.n r.t;m.sl f
the entire Bulgarian front appears
tp be inevitable. Yesterday the
Italian forces joined Sri the Bal
kan offensive and won successes
When they began a vigorous ad
vance from the bend of the Cerna
Serbians,, French,
Greeks and Italian ibrce9 are now
cofidtictint' the Macedonian' drive
With the Serbian army in largest
.Official despatches frdrri thd
Macedonian front last nicht toldl
of the continued success of thd
offensive and of the menacing oS
I lie enure curiiiy line. inc oci-
;lly forcing the Bulgarian and Ger
inan forces back. In Central
Macedonia the advance proceeded!
jno;e than twenty kilometers anc
is now within ftur milei of the
L'skub-Saloniki railroad which is
the main artery of supply the
Bulgarian forces who ari oppos
ing the British and the Ftench on
the Serbian's right. As soon as
artillery can.be brought up be
hind the rapid advance hi the
Serbs tlie railroad wilt have beert
brought under the Allied guns.
The cutting of this railroad will
force the retirement of the entire
left wing of the enemy and would
cause a general readjustment oi
all of his lines and his entire sysi
tern of defense in this region. Tc
prevent this large bodied of Bub
gats and Germans are being
brought up iu a desperate offer tc
check the Serbians and maintain
their hold upon the railway.
In yesterday's advance the Ser
bians captured sixteen viilaees
and twelve hirge guns. Theif out
posts have been extended severa
kilometers north of Kavadar and
it is here that the rclnfoircet1
enemy, with fresh Bulgarian anc;
German troops are counj.erin'.
hard and putting up a defenst
that 'itow sheer desperation. j
Rome reported- the participai
tion of Italy n an official despatcl
which said: "In conjunction' witl
the general Entente oiTensive it
Macedonia the Italians have -be!
gun a vigorous advance. On th
bend of the Cerna River, to th
i. - . . . . ...
east ot the Monastir (front, wt
progrssfd-ycsterday and took im
portant enemy position. j
; w. a. a. -
LONDON, Ai.jruat 3(1 (AsAdclatet
l'reaa) - The British, during the yea
endiitg .Iu iiv ;t(l last: lirouiiht -down con
slderaldy over KM Ml Derma n.i aircraft
while Hritish machinea miaslttg havJ
oinv Micniiv excreiled ltKIU, It ia Otnl
cially antioiinred ;i
"Oormnu niiiclnni-s refuse liattle Un
less they have a derided siipeHorlt
Ih iiiiniliem," it is ' milled. HVIirrf
uiiiiiliers are eipiat llritislr victory Ii
nssiired; here nuiiiliers are with th
Oermans. Hritish tictury ia very fr
onent " i

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