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" , r r t .1 ' -r r--rn :
SEPTEMBER 24. 1918.
their enthusiasm feci the war is won. The Ticr
mans have other strong Hues of defense upon
which thev can fall hack and they are ami will re
main lor Mituc tune to come ipnte strong enough
to pin up a stout :,n,l desperate resistance to the
Mlied forces until they arc overcome hy the irrcat
K oiituuinherint; man power which this country
will throw into the field.
1 roti i Macedonia and from Palestine there has
come heartening news to the Allies. In Macedonia
left the position of the enemv more than ever dif " the .leicat ot the mtipars. rcmiorce.i nv Germans,
icated Ul' """'' "' ,nc cr"'i- irt'iicu. uriUMi ami
A ii.irrU nne:irs to have assumed the proportions
"P""- !. - .. ,i . ..f ,,,., i,.,.. ,.,1--
The Week In the War
LF.SS spectiytlariiiWh Hi(Mice of its success
than in iVstt Mifli sitfef its start in mid
July the AllieJ offensive : nevertheless swept on
throughout last week. There were fewer of the
hroad sweeping advances and there were more of
the nihhlmg tactics exhibited but the total of pains
has been large and important and those gains hae
I IEUTENANT IVAN GRAHAM, Honolulu boy dead in the
service of his country.
Thousands . if prisi mors
is main- guns and great stores of sup-
d last week told of
oi a rout
en as we
In l alestine report rcccivc
tin sweeping forward on a front from the River
Ionian to the Mediterranean Sea of Ciencral Alien
in and his army, with naval vessels shelling the
Iking enemv from the sea1 and hostile tribesmen
preventing their escape across the Jordan.
nd the reports up to this morning show that
ficult of tenure and more, clearly ..ist dj
that wide retirements 'rrlifst fohowi'rthcf" iln
ant Allied success.
It is no longer a case of the enemy holding the
Ilindenburg bnc tr t many points he has been
swept back of it. Such is the case from the l.a
Hassee River north to Nome C'bappclle on the
front to the southwest of Lille. Again the Allied
line is well inside of the old Ilindenburg line on a
six -mile sector that extends both north and south
of Lens Before Douai. from Arleux to Trescaut the advance has penetrated sixty miles north to i
south uf Mavrincotirt the Ilindenburg line is obli- and beyond Naareth and the Turkish opposition
terated So close to the north of St Ouentin and ls been practically annihilated. 'Thus has the I
again from the Sorre River, north of Fere to Font advance swept forward toward Damascus and
de Pinon. To the north and east of Kheims it is reached more than half way. I
the same and so also to the south of Met. I In Siberia Mlagovestchcnsk has been taken and
Farthest reaching in importance has been the there have been other and further important ad
enveloping movement about St. Qucntrn and it is ances ami in Russia the new s has been mixed,
apparent that the German tenure of that strong generally Allied advantages but one or two
hold is drawing to an end. The "British are on its .( 'echo Slov ak reverses occasioned by lack of nec
north and the French on its south. Here the Ger- essary supplies
mans redoubled their efforts to check the advance. In four theaters ,,f the world war the week has
and did succeed in slowing it down to some extent.
Yet the gains have been such as to warrant the
belief that another week, perhaps a few days from the Allies and in the Italian theater there has been
now, will see St. Quentin within the Allied line, j little or no activ ity, nothing of major importance.
Peforc Cambrai the British have also advanced! w. s. s.
and have done it in such a manner as to warrant J wlnn
the belief that Foch can take that stronghold when : tWri Uy tflC reUIL
he is ready to strike with greater force or not so1 T ll'.FR I. as has been the United States in its
soon through nibbling tactics and an enveloping j lj adv ances and loans to the Allies, lav ish as
movement. it has been in its expenditures. Americans should
South of the British front the French have Fere n,,t be too ready to take a greater credit for this
practically at their mercy with their line drawn 'share of their work than it deserves and should
around it on three sides. On the east flank of the remember that what the I'nited States is doing
Aisne sector the French have practically flanked j loans to the
the foe. Thus Chemin des Dames ridge no longer . ,ct n doiim since
witnessed Allied victories while in a fifth, Russia,
the. news indicates better than an even break for
-. I . ' I
i t
Young Naval Officer From Honolulu Falls
Victim To Pneumonia In Quebec
En Route Overseas
MlM M. William nf rain. Maul, in
piest t the Young Hotfll.
Mre. James H. Raymond of t'lnpala
hut, Maui, is a gncat at th Young
d)r. .lumen H. Raymond, who i op
posing Link McCandless for the nomin
ntion of delegate to eongress, returned
from campaigning tn r on the Island
of Miiui anrl in a guest at the Young
A national ginrd order names Capt.
IL S. Hayward an acting adjutant
general of the yuan! to succeed Col
onel Wayne, who i leaving for
the mainland. The latter ny he will
go to Wanhington to Keek a rommia
nion in a atveloring regiment, while
It ia alao reported that he will go baek
to newspaper work.
Colonel William Wayne, formerly
adjutant general of the Hawaii Na
tional Uimrd, tan left for Han Iran
eiaco on hla way to Waahington where
he naya he will attempt to get an
appointment for army doty which will
take him to France.
Y. Fukur.awa, a young .lapaneae atu
dent and grandnon of the late Yukirhi
Knkuzawa, the great educator of Nip
pun and founder of the Keio I'niver
Kity in Tokio, pawned through hero re
cently on hia way to the I'nited
Mtaten where he in going to enter Har
vard I'nlveraity.
Y. Yanuba, a young Japanese avia
tor, pasHed through hero recently en
mute to Nwitrerland where lie wan be
ing nent by the Akabane aviation
achool in Japan to ntuily the latent in
aviation. He naid that he might be
nble to nee war nervive with the
Allied aviatorn after landing on the
Kuropean noil.
T. Tadokoro, an nnxintant profennor
in the Tohoku Tnivernity in Sendni,
Japan, in now ntopping here, on hin
way to the fnitpd Statea, to study
the sugar cane and pineapple culti
vations in Hawaii. He arrived here
ri'centlv from Japan.
(). w. Olund. a contractor who has
been nuperintending the construction of
the Hawaiian Mectrie Company buil'W
niC on lower Alakea ntreet, in reeov
cring from a bad fall he had in the
building last Thuraday, according to
reports received from the Queen's Hos
pital yeKterday. Although Mr. Olund 's
injuries were painful, they are not con
sidered dangerous.
w. a. a.
.k-irf the polijej
ntatfli offoiiaV.N
l.ieut. Ivnti liraliiini, I . S. N
ki, ii of William M. Oralmin of Hono
lulu, died ill (Quelle-, Caiiiida. un Sal
uriluv id' imeiiinoniii Sinli in tin' mi'"
lili't t must crcililulili' r;iuvr up to the time
oi Ins untimely li'iitli, wan twenty
tlircr miiix li. IIih wife, whom lie
niiirrieil Icsm tliiin two years ago, with
if an
In In
fur itself, while bearilll' much tin' very .omi1;,i yiMin in.ii
UK' nguilllg. L inn uir i.,iiio.ii
offers the strong defense it formerly did and Laon
does not appear so safe to the Germans.
With the Htndenburg line crossed at so many
times those parts of it which are still held by the
Germans are in danger of being flanked and com
paratively short advances on a few sectors are all
ihat is required to precipitate new retirements.
In the fighting of last Monday the. French ad-v and well. It still assists its colonies but has I the transport rrying American sol
.r.;c .tmso ,;tn nnrtl, nA I1,.rlll- I ...I I... .1... I s;t,Off fr, llli' nnces- I """" '"K ri.m . ... '
..v,.... in in mi.i-i.i ......v.. .- I ...I.,,,, nurts ,,n the St. I.aren.e.
This young ottieer, who has had 11
.1 l.rlliireri iits that Britain has shi
! I t l......,l.t i-i.jt..i-.l!iv
, . . . iii-mui him m .....v
war uegan. nut on quuc rHtifi-
l' scale but in addition to Lieutenant (iralniiii. w m whs one of
of this
i, unijei'
orders. He left the 1'ueiln- Coast,
where he lias Ik'i'ii serving for some
imr as flap, lieuleiiajit of the Pacilie
fleet, about three weeks ugo ami rvi
Hently wan takrn ilt fit his port ol
embarkatiou in the Atltuitiii, ninnv of
official al'le from the navy their .hiiuiII infniil, accompanied l.ieu
iare am
enormous expense
of the brunt of
States became a belligerent Great I'ritain had to
finance its ,.wn efforts, the efforts of its dominions
and assist Trance, Italy and Russia. It met the
demands made upon its treasury and did so brave
k and well. It still assists its colonies but has
sitv of financing the other Allies and put Great j
I'ritain in a position to secure credit for itself in i
time of need.
What Great Pritain has lent was told by the i
ugust 10.'
cast of Saucy in the sector to the south of the
Oise and the British made a short gain in the
Ypres sector, longer advances before Douai and
good progress before Cambrai.
On Tuesday the British made further short j ):,jiv Mail in its Overseas Kdition
gains in Flartders' along the Ypres-Commes canal
nnd the French had some hard fighting on the
skirts of St. Gobain wood.
More sensational were the gains of Wednesday
when the British and French together before St.
Quentin swept forward on a front of twenty two
miles from a mile and a half to three miles, retak
ing many I'rench towns in this advance and put
ting St. (Juentin in the balance.
'I hursdav saw the French attack continue and i
advance to the southwest of St. Quentin and wit
nessed more Pritish gains between St. Quentin
and (. .' i 1 1 i 1 1 r . i i
More bitter resistance was met by the Allies on
Friday, the (.crmans repeatedly countering hard
at variou points through most especially to the
rorthwest of St. Quetin. These attacks were beat
en back and the Australians progressed to a point
four miles northwest of St. Quentin. To the south
f St Ouentin the French achieved further short
On Saturday the fighting still centered about St.
Quentin. Heavy resistence and strong counters
were again met but overcome and the result of
the day's fighting was a material strengthening of
the Allied positions along a ten-mile front.
Startling indeed have been the gains of terrain
made by the Allies since the offensive was taken
from the Germans a little more than nine weeks
ago All that the Germans had gained in thirteen
weeks had been regained and new territory added
to it but it must be remembered that regaining
terrain is not the sole purpose of attack, not even
the main purpose. The real object is to destroy
or to break down the German man power. In
this respect the results have been important for
the enemy losses in prisoners alone have been
enormous and to those losses must be added the
greater losses in killed and wounded. Meantime
the Allied forces are being steadily increased by
the advent of more American forces The Ger
mans, in desperation are even drawing their gairi
sons out of Poland.
Breaking down of t,he enemy's resistance may
rome from breaking the morale as well as destroy
ing man power by killing, wounding and capture.
Thus far it must be admitted the German morale,
though evidently weakened, has held remarkably
well. The retirement from the Marne. m the St.
Mihiel salient and from the Marne north has been
accomplished m generaiy good order, it lias heen
hasty, losses have inevitably been heavy in men
and materials but the retreat has avoideu the ap
pearance of rout.
Inspiring and inspriting as lias been the Allied
jctorjus drive the oeojile at huuue must not in
truant (.in ha in fo New Yolk, to see
him oft' for (he hattle urea, and it is
nesiiiiiec that -lie was with her hus
hand when he died. His mother is
now a resident of Washington, while
liis only luother, Koy, is at the An
napolis naval ai-ndemy.
(Irahani is a yiandson of Cupt. Hen
ri Merger, the veteran bandsman of
the Islands. During his daya as a stu
dent at I'unalioii Academy, lie waa con
nerted with The Advertiser an school
cm i . siiiiiiden t . while during hin vara
lions he was a regular member of the
editorial stuff.
The article follows:
Moving a vote of credit for 7i million pounds in
the House of ('ominous, Mr. Monnr I. aw staled that
72-4 millions had been spent this year up to July .'111,
two and a half millions less than the estimate.
At fl ud of the fiiiaioinl year the debt due us
by the Allies was l.:i.'l- millions; now it is 1,4(12
millions. The I liuni nioii- now owe usf'Jusi.i millions;
the Russian government or I he Hussinn people .r6S,
iliin.lKHi, Trance 4(IL',I""Hiiiii. Italy :;i:i,(M0,(HH, and
the smaller Slates of the Alliance, including Belgium,
Kiiiiiaiiia. Serbia and (irec.-e. 1 1 0,00,000.
It wus not easy to picture what a thousand mil
lions really meant. It i i-pi esenl cd the work of 10.
(M)O.(i(in n for a year.
The assistance given bv tin treasury to the Allies
had b. i n so silent that no one had realized what it
meant. I p to the time the I'nited Slates ca
into the war, our financial assistance was almost as
ilal as the work of our ay.
Nowhere had Cernianv been uiore persistent than in
Italv with the object of creating the impression that
Italv was I ig exploit)'. I bv the other Allies, especial
ly the I'nited Kingdom .and that they were making a
commercial profit out of tin' miseries of the Italian
people. lint we have lent to Italy lit a rate lower
1 1 1 ii ii is paid on our own War Monds. Kor that reason
he thought il useful to say exactly what the govern
iiii'iit had .lone for Italy
The chancellor explained, to the satisfaction of the
lunise, the success of eont unions borrowing by War
M Is. In nine months of l'.H" the amount raised
at home, including the gnat War Loan of (M.H'j
millions, was l,ns niilli..iis In the nine months
from Octobei '2. 1!H7, when continuous boi rowing be
gan, to . P ills- '2, I'.Ms, the amount raised was l,l'-"
mi 1 1 1 oils.
w. s r
Mfember of Upper House From
Kauai Passes Away At Home
After Long Illness
B. D. Hlteheock- waa fined ten dol--lara
in the police eonrt ye.ster.liiy morn
ing tor violating the traffic ordinance.
Th police said he had heen speeding.
Iee Ring waa fined ten dollars and
Perro Regan and B. tinao, twenty five
dollars each for gambling yesterday
morning. Ten Orientals forfeited' ten
dollars ball each.
Thomas Hkrobut and Mm. Nfabol
rtchutte, were arrested veaferdav after
noon and are beinfc hl'k-
station for in. i A t ibj,
the coiiim'ssion o'w
The board of dental examiners will
meet at 1375 'ort Street nt nine
o'clock Friday morning, September 27,
for the purpose of; oxamining , nppli
eants for license to practise dentistry
in the Territory.
The Japanese consulate wan in re
ceipt of a cablegram yesterday from
.Taiian which announced flint eiportn
m . m . II tr
tion er wneat rrom .iapnn in riswnn
Waa.ln(xtr permittf.l', iafianene a"t. '
is use.lor, the purpose of mnking soy.
As the renult of a number of rantn
conducted in various partn of the city,
Saturday and Sunday, eighty nix gamb
ling cases were on the calendar of the
police court yesterday morning. in
mont instances continuances were
granted. ,
In connection with the work of
blaating out the proponed I.uliaina
lauding channel at l.nhainn, Maui, A.
H. Hobart is reported to have arrived
there with a big stock of dynamite
and will begin work soon as final
arrangements are made.
William Kane, who pleaded guilty
in th police court yesterday to n
charge nf using threatening language
toward I.ily A k i, was placed under
.IflO bonds to keep the pence. Kane in
alleged to have told the woman that he
w ould do Jier great . In mage if sin- did
not leave her husband for him.
A letter was received by the local
Japanese consulate recently from Vice
Consul V. Knruyn, assigned to the local
consulate service to succeed Vice Con
sul T. Imai, saying that he will come
here the latter part of next month.
He was expected to arrive here by a
recent boat from the Orient but he did
not come.
K. Yaniamoto,. president of the .lap
anese chamber of commerce, who it
now in Japan, will return to Hawaii
the latter part of next month, accord
ing to a letter he has sent to a local
larmnese chamber to carry the fight
against the rice embargo to the Jap
anese government.
Miguel Kort, a Spaniard arrested
Sunday bv the city detectives on a
barge of making swipes, pleaded guil
ty yesterday to violating the Hawaii
Prohibition Act before Judge Horace
Vaughan in the federal eonrt. The de
fendant was fined 10H. His only de
fense was that he was making the
swipes for his personal use.
w. a. a.
j Members of New Training Corp; Young Honolulan In Ambulance
! Will Be Enrolled As Privates; I Service Is Cited For Bravery
I in i. t i i o -s At LTratrtnh Crnnt
Mill ciivii I I Will
Work To Start Soon
Tents will be
of tin' Student.
at the College
until a i i n oen
i o list i net i ii g ba
-cd t.
I lex
,t -
I tin
IV el,- I
t line
I Un
to .
i Hawaiian
from the
the cellig
.' to be ;
I -1 in
ege pie-..
a i my otb
to: no ,1
i lao.l. i: .
I. I i
o.d I- to
1 1 . i II s e 1 1 o II I b I I -
T i a i ti i n j: l '"i I'
ll nil I letobel I . ,
pel feted for
;o ks. tor all the -i ud
ousel and led ill t'ie
I ril t lolls I e, el e,l 1 ,
at 1 1 o i ii a- Ii i ii gt o ii
ill. who the flic II It
.'s I III.- Iteie in, III
. lo.t .-.) m a It h.oig h
.1 I. He ia-t wee',,. -
,. I'reio h Croix de Guerre will
ii the tunic fif f'rani in Ii Brown, of
.'lulu, the young a in bulan.e d ri ver
ing in an American unit with the
ih iiiiiin, who lias been cited for
I, e
I ,1 I
e, I i,
l.g d.
U I ill I
f -1,11
tol.el I.
A II ill w ll it h !
Col. II. C I
oi the ainii j
I lepai ; uieiit . iin- iisled Ho
d looked owr II, e situal
in il it ai y M u ml po nt I will
in i v iv w a v i ' i j 1 1 1 1 e 1 1 with
ant lim it ii s.
lloliohiiu has done very will so f;ir. N'ovv it
teiii.uus to i arrv on to tin- finish ol tin- loan. Such
,i t,irt i- lull ol the v ictorv.
I In isc Russian would he assassins ccrt;i
,uk in clVicifilcv. It i lot"- sccil) as 1 1 thl'V intent i infantiv is not
kill with all tin- practise which it is re ; em coins.-, , ,
ii'cniinai .ui'i
hunt t
.iltcil thev
arc ettiii'
3f 3l 3ft 31
Will Be Privates i
The niniv ottici r fioin the iiiaiiilutit
is li ii I liori.ed to make oiiiolliiienti- audi
i ti.l ii t t In- s' 'i lints ihlo t In- iirinv .
wl -iinoli I hey become in i all's ot:
I t he ii! 1 1. lai y ; on es and civ e t In
pav and privileges, plus the lestn.
tions, teal ci ioe !.. run enlisted oia'i
He will al-o -iipeiiiileud the liliungc
men' ot tie military poll of the
school, mid ii ii 1 1 -1' instructions fiolll tin
war dep.-U't no-nt d. tine cellain of I'm
st mlie- -o t ha I hey will cord i nut.
w i'Ii lb. iii 1 1 1 1 :i i i i'Si i in i ion . and I '
some , xl .'l.l lo . et!: I I With it . .
Whether the iron otb, el w ill be de
tailed liuni the eox-t lirtilleiy or II,,
now n, but as the st ml
generally li-ted lihui;
ugi mi i i tig lines, it i
ll.is pi ii'i decoration.
Iln young Honolulan, who went to
1 I'm with four other Honolulu boys,
,:ill of whom have held together
i tin,, ugh thick and thin, wrote recent
ly from Kiiuirr to his brother, (leorge
I Hi, mn, ot the local Ked Cross field
' -t f ice .livi'sion, announcing that tft
I h i cm ti ..tli .-er had toll! him of the cita
ji II. also tells of many interest
ing imidetit- at the front, as follows:
"Well. nb. mt the w ar- nt present we
me en lepos, thank goodness, for all
H, ,.ii w.ie dead tited after work-
n. g I or six weeks straight without
n i.-t Our divisions did wonderfully
well, inn I in the last week pushed the
linn- ba.-k thirty kilos before we were
ii lii'oil II sure is gieat to be ill an
advance. The Huns left machine
eon-, n in in ii ii 1 1 ion and all sorts of
a i on g Is The worst part was the
.lend linns Iving'on the sides of the
I he, A inei iciins on our left side did
gnat wink and drove the Huns out of
u i luck wood. They captured a great
number of the enemy. I am sure the
Alios haw the Huns on the run now.
I In v sun- an- killing off a great num
Senator f. A. Mikaele of Koloa,
Kauai, died at his home on the Harden
Island on Friday, word of the passing
of this member of the legislature reach
ing Honolulu yesterday. The burial
took place the day of death.
Henator Mikaele had been sick for
some time, bis very weak conditioii be
ing most noticeable during the recent
sx.'cial session of the legislature, when
the Kauaian had freiiuentlv to be as
sisted up the steps of the library of
Hawaii, where the short session wus
He waa not a candidate for renomiua
tiou and his term in the seuate was ex
piring. He was elected four years ago,
defeating A. K. Knudscn in a warm
contest for the nomination. His death
will not complicate matters in a legislu
tive way unless for some reason it may
be necessary to call another special
session of the liresent legislature. In
that event a special election for a sue
cessor to fill his unexpired term will be
w. s. a.
Medical Men Wanted
By Red Cross
For Siberian Service
si ud
1 1 v i rmiihs of comfort that the Central Powers
an .ilili to t;ct out nf the recent war news miht
he usiil to stuff Turkey That old bird is done
iri-ttv nearly brown enough to be ready for the
carving k nile.
ustna ha received one favorable reply to its
ica. e note ( icnu.iuv is yy ilbui to colder anil now
the tvvi, kaiser-, i.m mi down sociably together
over their steins, of beer and discuss what they
would like to have in the way of peace terms with
out any one to interrupt their deliberations. I he
one Ik in their ointment is tluit all their discus
sion will not get them anywhere.
bell.-y i d t ll.lt . oa-t HI t lilcl V W o I k
1 be l.',,LeK !, . el", 'I'd an. ,;.
i .'Ills
Will Be Email Unit
i Vs nut no ue "hiiii ill t students In;,-.
be , lied. Iks vi 11 be ot the
I smallest units being taught in Iln- l int
.el Males. I I .. i i -y I I . il I . Olih .1 be
I gini.ilig. Tlie t'aciill! arc e ut h us in - 1 i i I ''
'in,, the w ,,i I. and nit hough it is y , , . ,
' dllleli lll fiolll the IIMKll I III I o lib oil
to wlmU Hi V have bein , i II"! olne.l .
the. a'.-o ml. nd I" mast, I the lllil.lai !
side "f I'l-t I U, tioll
I 'I III' college posse-si's a kit, lieu ami
II, ess hall illi'l no add it lollilt lie, onill,,,
1 1 1 at ions !! 1 1 1 ha ! to be cuisl i in I e.l I ,,,
' the Use Ol t III- I. -a I II I e ol I 111 . el ps
, 1 I II I II i llg . I
The r'iuiiii,l are a liiuinl ly located I
i loi military woik .and being on an
I lo ir BUiuery nre. i ne
,. h I re has been w onderf ill in tnis
W'e aie hoping to fiuish up the
is soon and then all return home.
Musi dose. lie member me to all
I , i 1-. KHAN CIS.
I'. S Am cited for a Croix de
ire, the Kieiich lieutenant told me.
it i
i ,
lent siinilarv facil
a yyeek !et remains befull' til.'
ot liana,, goes upon its war
. but by the lirst of next week
inier peaceful looking campus
in a gioiimi
'I'l""' , .. o. incur
- I. nr. I lent
genei a I lv will nave ine
l an actiye inilitniv ell
ilh its tows of khaki
no, I khaki clad students
W. B. s. - - - -
Ii and Mis T. Kawasaki of this
hay, bit tin . Iapnn. M r. Kuw a
,yill assii the duties of scire
ol Die lokio V. M. '. A. upon
aoolil in I a pii ii Mrs. Kawasaki.
i has accoinpi
A tiuTii a n.
cd hei husband.
Members of the medical profession
in Hawaii are being sought by the lla
waiian Chapter of the American Kei
Cross Societv for early active service
iu Siberia.
Close upon the heels of the departure
of Field Director A. 1.. Castle, ol tin
Hawaiian Chapter, for Siberia, came
the request for the selection ot a num
ber of medical men in the Island to
serve with the Red Cross unit with the
Siberian Kxpeditionary Forces.
Secretary H. It. Macfarlaue has been
canvassing possible material, not only
in Honolulu tmt throughout tne isianus
but up to vesterdav had not complete.
this work and has uot yet decided on
the personnel of the contingent.
Sometime ago, while Secretary Castl
was on the mainland, the Hawaiian
Chapter was informed from Washington
that a reuuest hail been ma le or in
war department to irive Hawaii prefer
euce over the mainland in supplying
the first Ked Cross unit in Siberia.
Later, it was believed that this arrange
ment could not be erfecto.l, but grad
ually hospital anil surgical supplies have
been forwarded from Hawaii, followed
by the bead of the local Ked Cross or
gnnization, ami now u medical unit will
follow him' into this new battle front.
It is also anticipate. I that lion medi
cal assistants will Inter on be scut
from the Islands to Siberia.
W. . I.
Chamberlain' Cough Remedy
This . cineilv has no sup'rior as a
cine for odds, croup anil w hoopl ng i ''"'J;,
It has been a favorite with mothers
of young children for almost forty
Cl.ambei lain ' Cough Kem.'dy
always be depended upon iniil is pleas
ant to take.
It not only cures colds and giip, but
pi.yi'nts their resulting in pin'iiiuonia.
Chitinbcrluiu ' Coug'u ltenie.lv cm
tains no opium or o'her niircotic and
niav be given as confidently to a child
as to an adult. Kor sale by all driller.
Hciim.ii, Smith I Co . Ltd., agents for
Uuw an. Adv.
nstructors Announced and Tem
porary Officers Are Named
At Meeting
Tentative plan of the organization
for the year was announced at the
second meeting of the runnhou Cadet
Corps. Cfipt. C. K. Ili'ion, I'nit.d
Stnti's ;i i in v , is to In' the regular mili
tary instructor ind William H. Mather
will be the teacher i .'present ing the
school and haying chaige of adminis
trative details.
It is the plan dow to meet on Wed
iiesd.'iy afternoon, dull period being
from one thirty to Due)' o'clock. The
tiovs of the ncideiii v tin, I iiiniin iiei.,1-
emy will be divided into two large
companies with eight plat is to a
company. The course of instruction
will folloyv, in general, the course laid
dow n by the ,ii, depart un'iit , yvhieh
gives variety ibjiing the period of in
struction and I'lnphasii's both the in
ti'lb'i-t mi I and ph y sical side of mili
tary science. Cadet Adjutant Dcrmnt
Stanley read the list of officers yy ho
have charge temporarily i" Die bat
talion, as folloyy s:
Company A Cjiptnin 1'oepoe.
Company H -Captain Hnb'y.in.
Adjutant Stanley, (iist lieutenant:
Supply Officer Wolters first lieutenant
First Lieutenant Foster, Second
Lieutenant Rentier.
First Lieutenant Haryev, Second
Lieutenant Bush.
Detach)', I Service, Crane First Lieu
tenant: Sergeant NLijor, Lcwers Paris.
rust Sergeant M,. Lydgnte. Ser
geants Crozier, J. Hughes, Mot t Smit h,
Lv m an.
First Sergeant Kane, Sergeants
Forbes, Lock, Cnmpbrll. Conaiit.
Sergeant Hugler Wilder, Supply Ser
geant KliodcK, Color SergS'iint Schocn
ing, Hugler Samson.
Corporals Ctiillingwnrtli. Fuller, H.
I.vdgate. V- Wnterh onstf. Miiriav, Vus
sulh. Corporals Crowell, Mcfiuire, H. I. ind
say, Sinionton, Cedric llal.lnin. Ml-yer.
w. a. .
lly Inter Islaiiit sifiniier Vliiinui Ken
rr.un Ibiwiill iiiul Muni ports. Si'pl I'uiOr
I'r Ilayyall . II ) 'u in uilns T llar-
li Mr nil. I Vlrs li VV. I: KIiil' Inilkl.
Sift. A. I Mrs. V Kaill Miss Ainu
Jo VI f mi, I Mrs I. An, lino ami clill.l.
Or Join; I'ho llg. Mrs I. Ilium.-, yliss
.Vu'ee Mrs. K )' X Cialilie. Miss T. Wll-
kle. Siit Ii. K VI. mho. Sl-i f It Tam
il. Kllse. II. VI InlOol. iH. VI.
nil VV A l.oiil-s.,i, Mrs. Wui.
yyeigui .1 nii c.oi.uiioii y i,, .r.'U-selil.-lil
VI Tmiires Anno In- r,isn, Mrs
VI Vbirllns K Slo..l P. .1. I nuil. VV.
I So, in, ll ) 'in-. ,11 .1 N VV Is. VV.
K I'iiiik. II I. Ilolsliln ',, ,,k Sum.
nn i;.io I'oni: vies o Vlei.iiiiil.l l''rniii'es
I t in., k Miss Mnuule K.ikiini. Vllss Violet
tiik. kini Vlrs v W ) ail, i Vliss Carter.
1 1 ii 1 mill
I 'i inn VI. ml 11 II,, -hi lo I Klkswil.
ll I H'l.le, r,,,.i in u i;.,, ,i. Mr.
anil Mrs 't'. Siikiiiuu i n. Vlr unit Mrs.
II M 1 1. ii nil II II VliiknUiiii. .1 I I'erilllll-ib-x
V isi, III V Sililo! n inn . S Klltltll
Kl Kiiuiurii ly Kolni y ssht. II. S'ullla
inikii S Nullo !lis Via i nn i , -I VVUIIinns.
I I' I '..si . i II Sa-akl Sluir I hI IkiO
K hiiii. S Sail,. I 11 .yliicua, hie. V I,.
in ,-,.i. 11 l.iuikc. Ah Meoii. T Mucu-
uo. A. Nliues.

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