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Lines of Both Belligerents Firmly
Established and No Great Ef
forts Toward Advancing Are i
Being Made
Observers See Blaze and Report 1
Long Wagon Trains Are In '
Movement Eiaht Miles West of
German Border
WASHINGTON, September.
22 - I Associated Press) -'
Big guns "f the American hat
terics on the Lorraine front are
throwing shells against and upon'
the fortresses which surround
Metz and, while no bombardment'
of the city itself I us been under I
taken the bombardment of the
outsnle ami sttr mtuling fortifica
tions is being conducted with'
Publication in the Met Xci
lung of an article which "said the
Alierioans were bombarding that '
... . . i
C' j U..1S tn I r I in n i nsmlrh from
.eneva yesterday which said the
bombardment bean on Friday
and came as a most unpleasant
surprise to the citizens. 'o panic
had resulted, however, and it was
the tirst time that the city had
been under j;nn fire for fortv
ei";ht years, since 1870.
lioth the American and the
(iennatt lilies to the south of MetZ 1
,, ... ., i
are How well stabilized and neilll j
er belligerent is tryinir seriously
. , ... I
to materially alter the positions
As Met is considered a French
city, though loiitf in the posses
sion of (iermany, military observ
ers here look for no bombardment
of the city proper or deliberate
d, , All- 1
amae to It by the Allies Since ;
they expect to restore it to France
when it shall be relinquished by
the enemy.
Fires were noted in Dotninar-tin-le-C'hattssee,
behind the Ger
man line and about eight miles
west of the ( iennan border, and in
that vicinity and at other points
air obscr(.r reported that they
had seen lony waon trains in
motion, which may indicate some
further dcrman retirement on
that part of the American front.
Secretary of W ar Maker yester
day visited the headquarters of
the American supply service and
in the course of his stav review
ed the troops which were drawn
up lor iiivpcctii n.
In his communique of the tif;ht
of I tiila, Central Pershing
reports that attempted raids by
the enemy upon the American
lines at four points in the Woevre
and user's sectors were repulsed.
Aside from artillery activity in
Woevre and Alsace sectors there
was nothing further to report.
American headquarters suvs Hint
Mii.ior (ieneral Trenchnrd, commander
Of the Hiitish independent iiir force,
III u statement on the extent of the
importance of erial work, highly
praised the -n.-rii aii airmen. Their
tlui'ini; and al.ilily unil the diaeipline
in their or-ani.atii.ii. could iianily lie
iuiprove-1 upon, he said.
WASHINGTON'. Septeiul.e, 'Jt -Mlf.
fienl)--ln recognition of Hi,- war work
lielnj! done l.y i m i i 1 1 - -1 . - i.f American
. women. Secretary of Treasury McAdoo
has designated Satunlay, ttetolier I,
for the nlisei ance in the Vourt h l.iti
ertv Loan . niiipnigii us "Woineu In
War Work Dav."
' W. S. a.
WASHINGTON. September 21 -(As
n -dated I'rcssi President Wilson lias
a -It I'd congress promptly to pass the
en ' .'ii.-y power bill, nut hoi ii ng gov
element control und i-xleusion of clc.
trn plants and p.ovi.lin a fund of
4 I 7.'., o 0(1,0011.
Millions of Tons More
of Food Must Be Sent
Abroad Warns Hoover
WASHINGTON, September 22 (Associated Press) Al
though the calls upon the Nation for food for export for the
rapidly growing American army overseas are to be heavy,
there will be no compulsory rationing for Americans so long
as the great majority demonstrate their loyaltyand continue
conserving in food Bluffs as in the past.
Such was the announcement made yesterday by Food Ad
ministrator Hoover in outlining the food conservation pro
gram for the coming months.
Mr. Hoover announced that the United States must be
prepared to ship to the Allies and to the American army abroad
5,730,000 tons of food more during the coming year than dur
ing the past year. That the Nation vill be able to send this
tremendous excess without any necessity for drastic rules re
garding the uses of foods in American homes is Mr. Hoover's
hope, based on the responses ihat have been made heretofore
to all his requests for careful saving.
More Than Million and Three-
quarter Americans Have Been
Moved Over Seas
WASHINGTON, September "J 1 iOf
flcinlt- More than 11 million and three
qtiuitcr A merisjlins have embarked mul
lire nt or pn route to thp various hat
tip fronts overseas, it was antinimcd
to. lav liy lien.' 1'pytun ('. Miiri-h, chief
I of staff, in his weekly t m Ik to the news
piipprnicn. lip inclinlcd in his tiguros
those )io have gone or orp traveling
to Siberia, those in Northern ns I a
nnit those in Italv as well ns those mi
the western front ami in training in
L'. .... .. ... IC....I.. ...I I. ..I'..... .........
r " '"" -"- H
tunl warfare.
Oeiiorsl March saiil Hint ilurin
punt wppk th newx from all of
military f runts hn.l Iippii
out iuiioiinlv
Pershing's Line
On thp l.oiruine front, where Hen
pral I'prHhinu ' lirst army e.inipli'te.l
thp elimination of the Nt. Mihie xn
lipnt. thp situation linn Iippii Mnt.ilize.l
with the piieiiiy hurrieilly perfecting a
nevv tine in front or The Americans,
I Thin new line stretches twenty miles
from Maizpray to thp Moselle ut Van
ilieres. The American forces ure now
ten mi lei from Met au.l an eipiul .lis I
fro,n ( "n,1u""- I
Praia From Briton
o.-neral March read ft telejjrnm cit !
'" 11 K,'I"rnl orl,'r ini I'.v Mnjnr
Heneral Ree.l. coiiiman.liin; the Kif 1
I teenth Mrnttiah Division of the Krit
ish army, praising the Urst riehl Hn
(jiide, Kirst Americiui Division of rog ,
ulura, for (nllnnt work in r ooyerat n.n
with the Scottish. Maior Heed's order .
(itateit that never tipforp had the Kif ,
teenth Heottish received mieh perfect
nHsistance in "taking over" opera .
: .111. .u - ..... .....i:.i !..,
1 1 l'" llllllOUil ! "nn nnii.v'i . -mi
tho American divisjons then must have,
tieen under stress and strait), and suf i
I fered severe casualties.'
w. a. a. 1
WASHINGTON. September L'2 'As
soeiftte-l Press) Considerable increns
es in casualties in comparison with the
lists of recent days are to l.e noted
in the two lists which were made pul.
lie yesterday. These showed losses of
-I7H for the'nruiv and 10'.' for the Ma
rines, a total of fit 7. Of these '.'SS are
dead au.l e'Ki are wounded or missing,
Of the army losses there were einh
ty nine killed in action, sixtv two dea l
of wounds, twenty eijjhl .lead of other
ctiuses, Hit wounded, l.Vi niissini; and
one known to have I n tuiscn prison
' Auuinc the officers included in the
list of army casualties were apt. Jn
lien M. Stasslm rjer, Montgomery, Al
almoin, killed iti action and Maj. Kre.l
erick .1. Oiilleu of I'uvallup. Washing
.toll, seerelv wounded.
I The Marine .asnnltv list was re
linarkalily heavy in killed as compared
Ito losses from other cause-. Those
killed in action were nincts nine, three
were w-uinded. six missing and ..lie wai
know u lo l.e u prisoner.
Steam Pipes Burst, Panic Ensues
and Some Who Leaped Over- '
board May Have Drowned j
NKW YORK. Heptember 22(Asso
ciated Cessi Many were injured by
the explosion of stonm pipe on the
steamer Julia Stafford and it is feared
that some of tie many others who
leaped overboard in their terror limy
have been drowned, the full list of
i casualties not hav iuir
asualties not having vet been do
I termiiie.l.
The Julia Stafford was camine 2nd
ship workers when the accident oc
purred. Some were scal lcd by the es
' ciiping steam and a pnaic ensued i lo-.e
upon the explosion. In the ensuing
rush to escape the strong trampled the
' weaker underfoot and ninny, some not
, waiting to liud and adjust life pie
servers, leaped into tin) water und were
j soon tloiin-leri ng along side.
' Of these it is feared that some mav
have drowned. An investigation to
' determine who ure ipissnig is under
s. s.
('( I'KN II A(i I N. September 21
i As
siuinti'l I'ress I The I' 1 ra i li la a
pain'r Krew skaia M v si prints a r
icw s
hat the ltiiinnniaa . row n prince has
tied from Uniiianiau tciiitoiv. ai living
at Odcasu.
Serbs Crowding Bulgars Back On
Prilep-Vardar Front Toward
Single Railroad Line
I. INI'IIN. S--ntolnbei L".' . sMinijit
,.1 I'll- i 1 he lln-.l MM. Is- 1 1 1 Ma,c
'I".! . 'i nn. I ."iiMm imp .lri .ipin miic
I'ulli ninny . i.lr fl.u.l- I it i
.. I iiIiIp Hint Hi.' MiiM-rws ,.l Hi..
h.'H in lln iirw -ri-nr ot :i.t.itv will
t'l.n-i' til. Ann MittnlL'nr i i-:i. hi I ini'nt
f) i l-i-i r .Id'
I:'-! H "HI.. III. Ill t ll
. In.
Ihivit.-i i.l' tin- nr.
Tin- i-..v i-t i;f M I-nn-' 1 1 . uhere
tlipy ore I :i. I- .!. their nun i.-'ritnry,
n.l;ini-e-l inure thnn nine nnli-s into
the Hiil'nrijin poMtiotif in i.i.s- ilnv
tihtiii)!, furiously ilrivinn iiIihik the
yiel.linn Ilnl.iir litiPH. They are now
within : j;1i t nnlen of hp main hifTU
wny connertiii); l'rilep witli the Vnr.tHr
' River viillev nn.l nre ilnshine; fi.rwunl
to si izp this rnn.l nrd work en--t to
w ar'ls the i a ill -.ml, to nhut tliis door
of M'tM-at upon :he An-triaiiN unit Mnl
ars still -until of the (irepk l.oi.lers
tnri her east.
Southeast of l'rilep the Allies haw
taken the town ot Wr.livnk, wi
t of
ninn i
the (N ina Kns-r Here n treat
lier of piisniier-- were taken.
The Km-ii. h lie i-.cr:il mi; with the
Seiliian- nn the western end of this-
moving .Mace.l .nian front where i!
n..-.w into scl-.a, vvl-ile the Mnti-h
nn-1 Creels, nr.- . peiahnu nroiind I.al.e
i,,,ian. farthei U, the t. The whole
in,nt is moviiij nn.l the f'entralers
e-ir where falliiiL' I k, in many
in-lain- lniu.li.niii(i Ini-e supplies.
... . w. 0. .
(""AMfAI TPI A f" C Tf
AlVlUUr LAVvaC, 1 KJ
WASHINGTON'. Se,.teini,er 21- (Ot
lii-ii.li An olliiial .lespatch from Sfl
.-.land says tiiat Itosniu, Her.eovi nn
au.l Croatia are to lie I'ornivcl into n
-ii:,;le pro in.-lal pin ertiinpiit under th(
n-tio II iinearian 1-iiiipire, with Count
Tia, former Hi. ovarian premier, nt
Its head.
w. s. a.
HM.TlMoKK, September '21 (Offi
cii.li Cnr-liual (ill. In.ns, in a letter ail
dress.-. I tn the diucese of Hultilllore,
ha- :i-k.--l that all .1 1 It'ercnces of creedn
..- . n-t n-ide and that the (atholies
k I iv side with other religious
ot ;-u ii i .a t i ..a - f..i the coiilliion jood,
Ihus li aising 'he Vi. itiuiii arniv ic
i t.. l ions.
I 1' .-.
l I Per 22 ' A
urn;, in,-. I Milt i I
I Hi i I i-ll pn; I
:, I i p!,,n,n. ne of
n - ' i- . i n in- n were kill
- s , . i.l li. r in.-inbers of
- i- --I ill.' a lid a l e be I ie ed
.- ii s ,1 I, t he ship.
to ll
A M -T ! . U I ) l . September 21 i As
-i :i 1 1-1 1'iess. Baku, the Caspian sen
rt i'!i occupied by the British
na.l h"ill a 1 1 1 -1 v a i . I repoited lost
by them to the Turl.s, is non said to
be afiii- :i- tin- i.---iilt of explosions.
A Moscow t.-l.-rani to the Russian em
ba.s.sv in Berlin, giving this informa
Hon, is pi inted in ihe Yorvv nerts.
w "
1 "III
l b, New Mexico, September
.1 'Tin- Methodist Church
..lion ha-, telegi a i.Ik-iI to
i i .--1 i.
turn of
; the piosecii-
-tii "l.i w oi k of iinrondi-l.-i
of t he ( lernians ' '.
. t'ona
Vv'A.s II I M
Se ot ! in I .el :.''' i As
sue in t e. I I ' r I--Cli.w-I.i
h.i- is
t hous;ii.. i.'-i-v
a i i i 1 1 t. r 1 1 ii i n
thirtieth of tin
fourth of O.-tol
I ' n -v i --1 Ma rshal
i. l a .nil I'or t h i rl een
'ants In eiilrain for
. :i In l-s. I -el w celt t he
present mouth and the
take laxativb uromo quininb
(Tubletsj. Diuggists refund money If
it fails to cure. The signature of
E- W. GROVH is on ei:h box. Man
ufactured by the l'AKIS MEDICINR
CO., St. Iuis, U. S. A.
Emperor Calls Marquis To Form
Government For the Third
Time In His Career
i TOKIO, September 21 (H.pc'ial to
Nippu .' i ji i-- Marquis Kinmnchi Snlon
, ji, twice premier of Japan, wan this
morning directed by Kroperoi Yoshi
hitn tn organize a new cabinet and
) succeed Oeneral ('mint M. Teraiichi
at premier. It ip believed thHt Mar
'ihm Snii.nji w ill accept thp nfticc.
Tlip naming of Marquis Kninnji ns
! mil ,. . r to the retiring Premier Tera
inlii followed presentation by thp lat
tcr nt' his resignation to tlip Ktnpernr.
Tornm hi went to the imperial palace
this mornitiu at tPM nViork anil formal
Iv tcn.lcicd Inn resignation. The re
ii 'n.T iiint df other member of his pah
iiit wen- also handed in through Tera
Minin, ainii'i appointment as Te
? , hi's iir-'(-.ir was anticipated noon
.ficr thp Teraiichi ministry showed
l'i ' of nn inevitable ilonfal fob
1 i n if thp olitiirbanei t h rou jf h o n t thp
linpire. attributed to thp rice scarcltr.
Siii(ini called upon Teraiichi yesterday
I'li -ninu at tlip lattpr'a official residence
sad thn went to pp Prince A. Ys
mri'j.ita, onp of two " genrn," or elder
p-mipii, nt imnngntn r.ikin man-
The Terauchi miuintry wn pompoeil
"' 1
I'l-'iniec, Cenpral Count M. Tpranehi. 1
".nister of foreiirn affairs. Haron S
tii. to. minister of interior, R. Mirnno
minister of trpasury, K, Hhndu, minis
pi- ot' inmmprcp and uprieiiltnre, R
N-iknshoji mi'nistpr of jnstiep, I. Mat
iimimi. minister of edueation, R. Oka
da. minister of pnmmunleatioti. K. Den:
minister of war, (lpnernl K. Oshima and
minister of nnvy, Admiral T. Kato. -
w. a. .
In Hilo Interview He Outlines Pur
poses of His Visit To Big
Island and Reason
I'pnn his arrival in Hilo last Thnrs
.lav Hovprnor C. ,1. McCarthy told the
Hilo Tribune he wait on the Big Inland
"primarily for the purpose of seeing
all the lug tracts of public, lands on
llanaii which may be used for home
steading purposes. " He continued:
"1 feel that by personally inspecting
the available public lands I shall ob
tain u good working knowledge, of the
w hole nit nation. I shall learn exactly
uhut K i ii il a of tracts there r and
after the tour of this islauU, 1 shall
be aide to carry in my mind 'a eye a
comprehensive picture of just what
lauds may be referred to by the land
commissioner or anybody else in future
personal Acquaintance Necessary
"It is far better actually to have
seen the different tracts of land than
to reh wholly upon maps and docu-
mitntarv data, no matter how excellent
they may be. It is with th object
of so becoming acquainted with the
public lands that 1 am now on the lei
and of Hawaii.
"I have been to Kauai, where I in
spected the gov eminent -nw lied lands
and it will be no difficult feat for me iu
fill-in- to talk intelligently about any
portion or parcel of land, for, besides
inn in; maps ot the tracts, I shall know
from personal inspection just what the
land is ically like from an agricultural
or pasloial point of view
"1 am in the hands of Mr. Riv-euburj-li
and we shall visit nil the dis
tricts thioughont t he v County of Ha-
i-l'-r to inspect the lands that
mav In- sol. I for liomestea.l purposes.
I. an. I Commissioner Kivenburgh who
came with the (loveruor to Hilo, r
iioMti-,1 ssh.-il thi- Tcrritorinl chief pip.
I . ... . , , i .... .....
i cm iv c ui.i io sit., oui inn imi iiihi iuc
I matter ..t .. Limning tract of govern
incut lan-l near Hilo tor a home for
Hie wive and children of enlisted men
would nU.. be taken up while the (lov
eruor w n here.
Dependents' Home Talk
" The I... nn- matter has long been
considered," remarked Mr. Kivenburgh,
"and I am ready to hear arguments
and su; L'."-t ions from the people of Hilo
regnr.line the best site for such un in
stitution Personally I believe that
the Wainl.cii location would be better
thnn the l'lihoiiun one. However, the
matter will be discussed Inter on.
"(ioveriior McCarthy and I shall re
main in the vicinity of Hilo until Sua
day morning. During our stay here
e shall look into many details of mat
ters which Chairman Kauhane of vour
huAttl tif iit(rvifmrm in ail to have
j reaslv to bring to our attention.
"On Sunday, after the arrival from
Honolulu of Mr. ('. S. .ludd, chief
, foreiter of the Territory, we shall
start out on a trip through the c.oun
t v no. I we do not expect to reach Hilo
ai'liin until about October 4. We will
then leave for Honolulu, so as to be on
o.'ihu in time for the priinarv elections
which arc to be held on October S. ' '
Met By Escort
(ioveriior Mc-Carthv and l and Pom-
missioner !( i v enburLrh arrived
ut 11 o'clock Thursduv morning
were i-i-'- .'il l.v (iporge H. Y icars. ires-i-lent
. f ihe Hoard of Trade of Hilo;
Lieutenant A. ! t'hri.stian, represent
iug the Home Hoard; many prominent
Democrats and a fair sprinkling of oth
er Hilo citi'ens. Thp (lovernor brought
Ins osvn automobile from Honolulu and
a ot i v a t .- c ha u ff eu r.
1 1 wa- expected that '' D. Bailee
of the H v.liographic Buri-rtii. would
ci, ll-e to Hilo with the iMivernor. but
it 'iirne. I out that Bnilcv only trav
eled on the Manna Kea ns far as I a
haina. C S, .lu.bl, superinteinli-nt of
fnrestrv, however, will i-ome lo Hilo
ou Sundav to join the party
S toCrS' Gelanv
rood Crises In (jrermany
Are Multiplying Rapidly
NEW YORK, September 22 (Associated Press) Many
indications of the approach of a political crisis in Germany
may be observed. There is a deep discontent because of the
lack of success of the military campaign, the food situation
adds its' complications and there is certain to be a renewal
of strong demands for political and economical reforms.
The Germania, which is the organ of the Clerical Party in
Berlin, it is reported in a despatch from Copenhagen, declares
for a parliamentary government and insists that the majority
of the parties in the German reichstag are strongly in favor
of thi movement.
Serious food riots continue in Salzburg and some other
cities according to Munich newspapers which have been re
ceived at Zurich. Ai Salzburg the rioters stormed the gov
ernment palace. Gendarmes, called out to quell the disturb
ance fired on the rioters and there were several killed and
wounded. Hotels, food shops and army stores are reported
to have been broken into and plundered by the hunger-crazed
and enraged rioters.
M6kE Ib6Mbs F6k
Allied Airmen Raid Against Sev
eral Centers of Kultur
On Friday Night
LONDON, Heptember ( Assoeiat
ed Tress) An official report lust nighi
announces another air bomtiai dment of
a number of Herman cities. British
air rorces, sav this report, dropped
eeral tons of explosives on Mann
heim, Karlirriihe, Itouliiy, Freseaty and
Morhange. All the attacking avin
tors returned in safety. This raid was
made on Friday night.
In the air fighting over the western
lines yenterdav the British shot down
and destroyed nineteen enemy plnnes
and lost eleven of their own.
The official Herman report of the
recent fighting before HI. 0,uentin
states that the Oeinan advance posts j
south of the Homme in the region of
flt. Ouentin were withdrawn on Kridav
anil the region of Kssigny le Ursnd,
south of Ht. yuentin, was evacuated.
A British attack made north of the,,
city, says Berlin, failed. '
An Amsterdam report, dated Friday,
seems to confirm the previous reports
of the retirement of Admiral von C
nello as minister of the navy -ill the
Herman cabinet. The despatch ipjotes
a Berlin telegram anuyuniiing the nam
ii.g of Admiral liehncke to sun d
von Capelle. j '
WASHI&OTON, Heptember 1M (As
aoclated I'ress) In an effort to align
the vcivilized world against the terro
rism of Russia under the Bolshevik
rule the 1'nitcd States had directed its
ambassadors und ministers iu neutral
and Allied countries to ascertniu wheth
er the governments of such countries
will join in some immediate action to
impress the perpetrators of these crimes
with the aversion which civilization
feels for the acts.
Peaceable Russian citizens are suf
fering terribly from a wide campaign
of terrorism.
die in service
WASHINGTON, Heptember 2'2 (Ah
sociated J'ressj-Teu American sailors,
members of the crew of the coastguard
Hitter Seneca, were lost in British
waters on the sixteenth, says au official
report received by the navy department
yesterday from Admiral Sims.
The Americans died while attempt
iug to carry out a- dangerous duty aud
gavp their lives in an effort to save
others. In a stormy sea the men left
their ship in a small bout to rescue
member of the crew of a torpedoed
British steamer, the Wellington. Their
boat swamped and there were no sur
v ivor.
WASHINGTON', Heptember 21 (Otli
ciali The treasury department has an
iioiiiice.l that the August sules of win
savings and thrift stamps reached n
total of 10lt,6:i:i,0lH), making total sales
of (iH2,l(il,lKM) with average per capita
holding of ll 41).
Then It's Time to
Call a Halt
If you drink beei or liquor, even
moderately, look out for kidney trou
hie. Alcohol will weuken the kidnevs
i in time and then you may expect uri
nart d i flic u 1 ties, backache, rheumatic
attacks, diizy Spells, nervousness, or
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troubles. I' so Duan 's Backache Kid
Iley fills. 'I'hey help weak kidneys,
whatever the cause. Thousands tiiank
Dean's for quick relief.
"When Your Huck is l ame Keniein
ber the Name." (Don't simply ask for
a kidney remedy ask distinctly for
Dunn's Backache Kidney I'ills and take
no other1!. Doun 's Backache Kidni-v
Tills ure sold bv nil druggists anil store
keepers, or will be inuil. d on receipt of
price by the llollister I.'ri.g Co., or
Bensou ""ith Ik Co., agents for the,
Uawaliaa Ikiaads. (Ailvrrtiseiuuut i l
Spirit of Revolt Against Bolshe
vism and Hate of Bolshe
vik Leaders Grows
A ( ST 1. 1 I ' V M , September 22 , As
sncintpil I'ress - - V'ruit iess attempts to
I. ill Trotsky aie reported in a Kiev
, despatch to l.eipig. A soldier was the
would be as-n-in and he fired two
shots nt the Bolshevist leader but miss
od his intended victim. He was enp
t u red and ruughlv handled.
This attempt on the life of Trotsky,
following closely upon the attempt of
a woman to Kill Leninp which resulted
in the wounding of that Bolshevist
leader so severely that his recovery for
a time was desnairoil of, marks the
growing resentment of the Russian
people against Bolshevism and their
leterminal Ion to rid themselves of thp
Bed Ipadprs. Conditions of thp people
generally are unbearable and the at
tempt, reported yesterday shows that
the spirit of revolt against the Bol
shevik heads has spread even into the
army which until recently has been
their umpjcMinning tool.
lyONDON. September '.'2 i Assoriat
ed Press.- Kntente nnvnl units tire
eoerntii'g with the land forces along
the IK inn River, in Northern Kuroi.enii
Kiissiu, the rive- l.eing navigable for
a 1'oir
'istaiu e from its mouth at
The IhiI'I forces nre inarching south
from that city hi. ng the Uvina valley,
where the Holshev i'u are attempting
to stop them. In cooperation with the
river l.onts. which carry comparatively
henvy guns, the radicals were badly
worsted and driven back with heavy
LONDON, September !21 (Asaociat
ed I'ress) Casualties of the Hritish
army during the past week, as report
d today by the war ofliee, differ but
little in number from those of the two
preceding weeks though slightly heavi
er They were 2L' dl'J us compared w ith
'o.-Wo and t!(l,40 for those we-k and
they continue in marked contrast with
'hose sustained while the (iermaiis were
on t he offensiv e.
Of Inst week's casualties ther' were
t.7 officers who were killed iu action.
..r died of wounds and liyt! officers
who have been wounded or are miss
mi... The men killed were .1 1 53 and
hose wounded or missing numbered
I r.Jllli.
w. a. I.
An oflii ial cablegram received yester
dnv bv the Japanese consulate from tin
foreign oftice in Tokio, i-oriveved the I
information that export of wheat from j
.Inpnu to Haw nii. which was stopped !
oy rue .inpiinese government last reb
rim ry , is to tie permitted again. Theifii,,,, an, t n k i t
en Me su id :
" Kxportjitions from Japan of wheat
to Hpwaii are to be permitted probn
blv until Dereniber to fill the needs
of ihe Japanese in the Island"."
The wheat from Japan is iiui.orte.t
in Hawaii by the .Japanese sev factor
ies. the wheat being used for the sov
making. Hinee v ban was placed on the
wheat e poi tntions last l'i bniarv by
the Japanese government In au effort
tn prevent any .l.-pletii.n of ihe do
ine-tic wheat supplies, the hx-nl Japan
ese soy coinpanies have been threaten
ed with suspension of business and
were it not f'oi the lifting ot the em
ba.''ii m the null ot time thev would
have gone not of l.ii-iiiess as their
wheat sii,,.,. V,. -il ,t run out
t here are three uv fa. tories ..
II "io li. Iu
W 8 8
CI route Diarrhoea
le vnu subject to attacks ..t dinr
ihoi-iif Keep absiilntclv iiii.-t fur n
few days, lest in bed il possible, be
careful of Vo III diet and take CI I.er
loin's I '.-lie li H.I 1 1 1 . 1 1 r 1 1 . . , ;i Kemedv.
'I'!"- ' licli.c h.-is lined cases nf
ihreni. diaiihoei tin. I phvsiciaiiN have
tailed ou ii li.l i' will i-ii r you. For
sale bv all deal. s ltei.si.il. South Jt
Co.. I Id . agents tin Hawaii. Adv.
(Continued on Paga 4, Column 6.) j
. . n
British Meet and Defeat Heavy
Counter Attacks and Register
I Net Gains of Importance After
Desperate Fighting
I French Regain Points South of
St. Quentin and Cut Their Way
North Ready For Flanking the
L ))0. September 22 (As
n iateil I'ress) The Franco
I I'.ritixli arc pn itTi'ssinc satisfao-
it,iri! in ri'i'm uiL' the St. Quentin
ili't'enses ami the Kritisli now hold
: ton-link- stretdi of hills ilumi
paiin"; the city and its approaches
i' ion the north.
!"ti";a";einents foiijj alon this
front yesterday, which are still in
progress, ;,rc further improving
the liriti.-sh positions and it is
pt'fhahle that the Mulish efforHs
preparatory to a great assifnlt up
on the I lindenliurjline. Any de
cided push eastward hy the Allies
on the St. Quentin sector wx$vfld
place them on three sides pf the
town and within striking distance
on every side.
The (ier'mans fought stubborn
ly throughout a series of isolated
actions against the British during
the past twenty-four hours, in
two instances assuming the offen
sive, hut at all points, after fluc
tuating lines had settled down,
the British were found to be the
net gainers to a substantial ex
tent. )n the south of St. Quentin the
French yesterday recaptured the
I ground lost the dflv befoTtr in a
I .., . . i j
-j.iiii.hi vvniuici, uiiviii ine ene-
my out of the town of Benay,
some six miles south of the city,
and advancing north to positions
for the outflanking of the major
position from the south.
Yesterday morning the British
assaults upon the Hindejjburg de
fenses north of St. Quentin were
resumed and the advance through
the main line close to the "city,
northwest of Belleglise and north
of Gauchwood, was continued
along a front of more than two
miles and a half. East of Epehy,
further to the north, the British
also advanced during the morn
ing, takintr a number of nrisnn.
It was on this northern section
of the St. Ouentin battle line that
the Hermans counter-attacked in
heavy force and the advanced Bri
tish lines were driven in, from
Veixlhuile, twelve miles north of
St. Ouentin, as far south as Belli-
court, five miles nearer thfl city. The
British came back and the hnttle raged
strongly, ending with the Hritish half
mile in uilvance of their starting point
of the morning and with four hundred
prisonc rs.
Iu Vlanders the British gnined at vn
nous points from west of Messine to
south of
Ypres, improving their poai-
one valuable Dosition
near Ypres.
Collie interesting letters have been
taken from some of the pVisoncrs taken
on the St. Om.ni ia-famhrni frotit
terday. One letter described the pillag
ing done by the (iennan troops in Caul
brni, following th,. ev afimtlon of that
citv by th- civilian population when
the British advance nearcd it.
"We have been living like fighting1
cocks. " says the letter. " We have also
legulailv stolen food from the oflUvers
One otbeer and fifteen guards who haj
rie-l to prevent t taking the food
have been killed. This is the sorrow
ful but tme state of affair.' . ' :'
v -
that n
ev. nt s
II INCH IN. September lil (Of
despatch from Cracow says
a i.suli nf reeeift aiilitary
on the westeiu front, Uermanv
is . il M i ii
low u earriaons msiutainerl
I'oland, and is sending;
the 1 1 oops thus relieved to tha front.
Ihe reduction of the (n-rniun forees
ui.ving Tolaiid affects even the
sm ii llest- garn-ons. In some places ordi
nal v dctn. lime nts of twenty uieu aro
iediiie.1 to two or three.

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