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Crusical Points Appear Certain
T6 Fall and Retirement Must
Follow To Save- German Army
From leArifl to Pl,;,,
Bitter Resistance Is Beaten Down
Though Alond Greater Part of
Line Comparative Calm Is Re
ported Reigning
rF.X' YORK, September 21
(Associated l'ress) Al
though .there has been compara
tive calm along the greater por
tion of the west front during the
past twenty-four hours there has
been, nevertheless, some intensive
fighting af crucial points and the
buttress positions at the north,
center and south end of the Hin
defthurg line are certain to fall,
at which the entire line will give
and another wide German retreat
be mider way.
Heavy Gerjnan counters, suc
cessful in their first rush, have
been beaten back in some particu
larly .bloody fighting west of
Cambrai and the British are now
firmly installed in the dominating
nositioiiK that no far to make that
untenable lor tne vjcrmans.
counters, which had been
made on the jyioeuvres sector n
Thursday, were finally defeated
yesterday, when Scottish troops
overcame the Germans and coin-,
pletely cleared them out of all the
positions they had regained. I
North and northwest of St.
(Juentiu, where the German resis
tance has become bitter and
where the foe is putting up a
sturdy fight for every foot of
ground, the British made steady
progress, passing over ground
piled deep with German dead,
Much of the fighting was at close
quarters, with few prisoners tak
en, the Australians at time bayo
netting their way forward through
almost solid masses of the Huns.
The Australian attack was
made at a point four miles north
west of St. Queutin, advancing
from Bellenglise for nearly two
thirds of a mile into the Hinden-
bnre deferse svstem, while
other points north and south ad
ditional ground was gained by the
persistent' thrusts of the Tom
mies. I
London despatches state that
northwest and West of St. Quen
1 in the advanced defenses of the
1 lindenburg line have been brok
en at a number of new places and
the British front now borders the
Hindenburg line almost every
where except west of the city it-
self. Where the town is girdled by
a most powerful defensive system.
Nn direct attacks are being made
against this system, but every (
effort is being made to encircle
the, city and force its evacuation
or surrender '
South of St. Quentin the French
have fought their way to jjoints
well to the east of Kssignv !
Grand, their new front now being
southeast of the city.
- W. 8. k.t
HT. I'AtTj, September '.'I -(Associ
ated I'rcud) Arehbiahop .lohn Ireland
is aerioualy ill at hin home here. It
is feored the end mav come within
two days. His age, eighty years, is
retarding recovery.
ftioee word of his illness has )one
out Sincere expressions of reijrct are
reaching here from all parts of the
WAWIINUTON, Beptemhcr 20 (Of
Jeial, Xha treury 'department an
nmuw" the axtewaioii of additional
f 100,(,000 to Italv. niakink"
a total eredit advanced to that couu
try of $800,000,000, and a total credit
IB all Alliea of $7,203,700,06(1.
Other and Less Costly Means of
Achieving Same End Are
Seen By Observers
Continued Rains Delay Opera
tions But Do Not Entirely
' ; Chetk Aviators' Work
WASITINOTON. Hci.trmhcr 71 -r .
nofiatpd Pre) Pirt'ct n?!n " nin.-
or nftrmpt fo n1vpnp iioii Mt j
(ntiiiidpred unlikrly y n.ilitnry h
Hprvt't Hbn nro ronfldrnt Tlinf ntlicr
anil li'sii i'mhIIv tnrtirs will n i ! i-ct .
" tor rtirnr
1 h -i-nt i-n
.i'Ht tllP
it v
m lit nrv
i ii -l ul 'v "V " ni''r I
! .1
i, l.
I riTt
' 1 v ! v .. mi - '.I
for' iC ni;- ' -'I' ! ' '
It v ill.t ' ll'-i' i' ' i 'in
lntnr xml "t ill i i' Li- i-f
to I'ltjituri1 Hi' litv tlircni)li
Ct'ier Means
I Pnf t.'rl, mnv lip ctliir n i
ivill Biltiovi1 Mil' nmi' ind. Tlii'v i-t
jr.-t to sf nn Alliel thin ' I !
VitiIh" nnit llhi-'in' i-ihI 'n- tlnn V oul-1 I
na.ye 'hi 9 :v f"r n mi'ih n'."" a'-iiM1 j
Iti" TMi'irivillo Vi'tz ;-1 -' ih ol 1 1 i
Tn Iiim ritiii:i'ini;in' nf Si'itli-mlic- 1rt.
n"-!! Pi'Tini!' Iti tbr
V'--'' - i-f-t'ir inir (lt ni.h t M'fff.H J
I fnllv rpiili il tin' pni'iiiy lini'i :nnl can !
turpi! fftppn Tn-in'ii'iT. I:i flu' 'hiii-i .
if to- a hoKti!" ri.'inp 'nity wm ri'
' ptiliwd with In !. ' ' I
I Bains Conttnug
."' Ofhei" iloirh' i-hi-n vniit t1" t th" I or j
! mi of' f roil hnit Ixvu trrtfo- 'npil i"tni
a bog liv thi Ti-,pnt hnvv rniin v hir'i ,
hurt mmlp in'-vcnipi't i'iif nl hihI "Jl
Im iinpoKihle. NotwithntainIinR thp j
.nnlinnhm .l.fll Vl'l'pr niirinl flpt i V ' t ''' I
.ntinupil, altbon(,'h liiwtird to ' j
r" . I
V. T.n'-" nf ri7oti'i. n
member. w t.Ut aviation porjm, of
own initiative b xtartp.l fo-int of
nt'm-kK rra-vxi tthp piiprnv 'k ohwrvn
tion l.a)loonB .and in for dnvs lias
iI6wned e1ppn in roMi'i
n tflp pr.emy nirplaioi
Ac!aiow"odfT V swage
Ofpfnl lvri-hi; rn
ili'st ri iv
" ri'' nla'orv mi'"' ii i'ii I
I'pnt Wilson ha Iippi:
nil1 :
'MPfl'-p nppp' t tIjp nur't ni'i'-p
1h' nk of t'lP Ann-rii'ii'i pvpp.litionnrv
forres tor vour stirrir ini'M:i('p of
poniinpniliitiiin rp 'ivp-i uitb ilrp;i r
prpcintioii liv all r:n:l nn.l it will
on r
oh!irTnii ns 'o imr i-onntrv. 1
yon that il shall nUti's In' 1tiP i
dori or of the ni inv in VraniT to provp
Vforthv of t ponliilpiu-p of tin
irn -poiIp."
A me
Acnuiescence To German De
mands Will Get Netherlands
No Supplies From America
aoeii.ted l'r.'s, V
' enilip
;i r rn iil
that j
I n .
flu' I
at. rved upon Holli ml
, lo
the iVethe lands s all
servient to the "ill of H "-ninny
il can
exppnt no'hr (! fr-i'n tip- l iotel '
lid the AUi"s. 'I must us its
pnif; or most 0.0 without supplies.
Ai-ipiiesppmp of Holland to the dp
Dian.ls of (iprmaiiy has pause I the state
department to isciip a short uni s'iurp
warning in the form of a statement
which snya tl.nt it is hoped that th"
I'lltih p-ovi" nnip'it will lit'1 tin- Pin
trnrffii vliich is keeping idle -liltl ''0 I
tli of Dnti h Bhipiiinu. It further
piven the Pilteh overnhicnt that auv
app al for m riran fool stuffs undi"
eistiiiL' lon litioiis will be futile until
Holland shnll follow the example of
the Hiandlnav iu ns, Switzerland' and
.Spain and enter into iifreeincnt wl:h
the lTnited Statps ami its Allies I'p
on inni(( hupIi p.reeinent and living
in aceordance with it, Hollund may ex
ect to sreure abunduut nuppbes.
W. 8. 8.
SI'OKANK, Seiitcmbcr 20 (Ollicial)
! - Operating near here theie is a nun
j which is now t I nji 11 u M'.iomi tons
I of inapnesilc inoutlily, milking it the
largest know 11 inine of its kind out
side of tlprmany and Aiistna. liuiii"?
t hp period of the ar it is of 1111
iiipiic valup to the I i.itp I States and
one mining c. pin, 'cr lias said that aft
I cr the war its pi o. III. -I will 1 cp
u hat u 1. id, I ,,t lo 1 w i-c I to be
lained tlom li;ll,ll 01 ll.'lll.llliv
I "'Ims the 1 11'' 'd States ha- deielio.
1 eil 1 )i in' o Ii nc es-ily ano'lict impoit
atlt 1 1 1 I ' H t 1 V IIIS4 11- recently dew lop
ed d cpti-.lt ot pi'lll-h hint' lioideied
j t," I cited stn'c niilcpeiiil i t of t!ei
iiinny f,,i ,t- -oi.plii'- of potash.
I - W. 8 - -
. I'rrHt ) - - riionniH Moire nf Nci-.ni
TalN w:im nMrtil prttt i it nt tn !m
tin TlU'h' uui I -J lf 'uitr;n-f of jui
H(IU, ,um J. WlltlH.
W. S. 8.
uni I inn in nnirn
i i ...
TENT WARDS of American
onri waa .l-riUr ht nt
.' the tent shown at the right tjetfs
i shown On the ten walls are -holes caused by flying shrapnel.
Hun Raiders
Kill Eight
In Hospital
WAMIINCTON, Spit.'inlMM- -1 i
i .ssiu-iuti'i) i'rpss)- Ohi'p nuiri' has
it Ri il ( ioi-m I u i : : 1 1 lipi n usp.l hm '
a tu:';pt Ls lliin a . ialoiH ainl that .
liip n ail- was ilijiliv'atr ami in
mi imp aiiiclpn'.al in i-lparlv imlii' i
atpil iiy tin' tn t tl.al it v. ii" pon
1 t ii -. I for two ilny ami that a'
lj,.-op ip,j rroHs IiihI Iippii so laid'
nut on I lip nioiiii'1 iliat it was plain j
ly i.sil.lp to uialo's aiol li.p ra:d
i i-oulil not -liu: liav.' olisi'ipil it.'
It was iu'1 on toAiiid llo' sppoinl
dm' of uir ra i il j n nfioii this I'lonr .
i hospittil lliai ii ihri-pl l"t m
uia'V. TI;o shpll uii.IpiI in a ward
that wpr o oi"i I v iatii'iils ln
liii.l I ii passed "i wpii" suffprin;;
from slii ll shot k.
Hv till' PVosliin nf I'll' lii'lllli
pi' ht Ain-riraiiM wpip l-.iilnl and
citliprs w prp . in iiirpd, iinlndiui; spv
prnl ini'iiiliprs of thp iiipitipal ioi
Belief Grows That Saionji Will
Not Accept Task of Form
ing Japanese Cabinet
pptPinl.Pt J'l -ll
.Mnltpus Siii'l
pi-rial lo
nli:l Ok. i
'liner o; .inpiiii
know n .lapnui
ii'n iar;p ns
I pr.d,
Stilt t
...or In I
pinie: ' i . : 1 1 1 M
Sa'ooljl. .-ol:.di
audi. lair for ,
ww '..lent a- I
V';,:, Im: I
I lo lie
pi cmier-
his pos 1
oni K
ri -n .;p. t i
still HI.
. lap
I. ul. "'ill
if it I.P
ii tiinii-d
id .1 1- icy
n il take
'd him.
nil-lit flii'M
d as
if 1
' .. ., 1 ' v ., 1 ; " 1 -I
iu audipme by Kmperor Yoshihi'o to
Manpiis Okitmn, who was reie.ivpd in
liU'lii'io e yesterday iimmin, war. UiiU.ii
siimiiione.i to the pala. e this inorni 11 u.
This e
' ' eland ohl
-e to 1
rumor that
Waseda wil
ma rt '
j 1 1., iir.l pi pin
lleaw lo.
i no ed by
in liirs
r LO 1 Spprinl 1 -.
nd 111 property wa
thp . 1 1 v of Toltori, 1
from the str'n-ken
1 tb.O'l in t
ll'lpr ipjiort
111 a liombl
pitv t 1 1 ii
asti r that
-li i'V oT the dis
it v.
befell the
K 'n r niiM'ty
f ilit mtiiiis nn
ri! wliilc tlio-'f
in nisi n
IlllMllnT t t'ltt .
Oi)f liiiinircil -in.!
wtTi' (itirit'ij it:iv I
11 1 net ' more ( f t-t
u iil fdi t v ti i' 1 1 ;i 1 1 I v
itinv.' tlian ::)nn !,.
uihU' r t Iu- it'll I I 1 11 1 r
i- the
lit i'ii' '
w i c k
tlu(i-l wlnlt
- i. In h'I
hi i rulirrif r't I
n! tu ii ml ai unit' I
v ul n i' i iTH ;i ti 1 1
I 111' fit WIM-H- tin- mm
st n:t mis I1.1 t1 llu v ci I lr
Sixtx Iun 1 l.ii.ly. - w
Iiii'l m;i 11 j ;i 1 1 t I' t h
rotm 1 1 1 n roim t r v ;i i c
1 1 I t ht'ir liank.
ft' t nrrni otj
i'i! ami Mt r
tin ) ilt-t rl v in:i
roolied. 'I'll
ma'c I al
sul tiiit'i L'f 1 :i i fit i
f t1i;t n In. iM)0 ;u rn.
Ill Ml il Ii It'll ti Oil H lift woe n till
llf I'llilltH IH flit t,if.
bond ,
ind o il I
ti.ml' -Miht
I n 1 1 f. Sljttf
II,.' I'm!, "I
lit'i'll I Hi I llt"i
T(l, September 'Jil
ll tlPilties betuec
a n I I . i , .'. e H nd hi
Stale-, and I'lamc
These Heat, es p
II the
t w ecu
ha i
i oi ide
t,i il,,
in i i 1 1 ii i
I of II II I
all Mil, i,
ng into
,e, t
s III eio-li
oil il t I .
i - -i iii i la
'lit, tied
i I (ileal
,' I ..!, i
; it
a il,
ii a I
1! d
iii each
ii. h ttit-
, bud
that I
niiiM i nnrip nn
urxuiviH luuiyij ur
TUESDAY, MttTtonF.ft ,2V.
'ftec) Cross hospital raided in France and the interior of one tent after raid which occurred Jul 15
t'uK1 ih khtk wr dBrnvl'anrl iwn nfrioni were killed and fourteen inltired. In
and' bedding were torn to shreds
Macedonian Battle Has Become
! Serious Disaster For the 1 ? '
( Central Powers'
NKW YOUK, Bitenihi'r 21 (Anno
piatt'd I'rpss) - lliiininn ipitK and
i'antis as tlipy jo, the Liularinns are
hastpniiij; tlit i. retrvst, leaving liplnnd
tlipm thousands in prisoners and larn
slurps of arms and iiioty. OfCrinl Hprb
itin ni(irls rprpivcii 1n I'aris last uilit
said that t lie ndvoiiPC of thp Allies wan
I'oiitiuiiiriin and hail prossod the ('erna
Hiver. ,ypi ral inorp villages were iii-
! turi'd yesterday and the Serhtnn forpes
alone had poutited More than 5IHM pris
1 onprs for the day. Barlier incssagps to
i I'aris said that on Wpiriieadnv the pris
! oiipi-s haken had' iiuiuliprpd more than
; io,o()f).
, (Jn llr
: in-tSii Jli
nrsda.v the Ilritisli aui'. Creehu
lake Floivan reffion, tilthonffh
to the
and took urisoncre. Yenterday ulonii
tins liUl tlule Taurnt the advance lull
tiuuod,' overeomiujf resistance aiowly
b.il with i:pi laiuty aiiiPssiniuR speed
wah 1 114;, advuppp. ' ..
The Berliiuua extemled their front
westward to the Curna Rior and it is
n.iw tw'ent.v five milea in width. Tho
lotal miIxuiu e made by these fori es has
'ecu from lilt ecu to seventeen miles.
All of the Unitarian trench vsteiii
hail' been penetrated and the allied
iiMiir.v, hotiy pursuiuK te ret reut 1
up. iiosni'.i tne 'erna river twenty
1'iyhi niiles north of Hokol.
- W. 8. S.
Prayer For Allies
Spoken lo German
SANIM'NKV, Ohio. Hep; ember
L'o - (Ollii iar) - Remarkable was
the spectacle pri'spnted here when
prayers in the (tprman tongue foi
the success of the United mates
and its allies and for the con
fusion of I'ruHsinnimu.
The occasion of strkini; oc
currenee was the annual mpptinn
of the synod of the Reformed
( luinh of tin' l uiti'd Htates
v, In, h was nttende I by nparly two
him lied miniatera ami eldeis. The
sveiid' bestowed its blesi-ians on
President Wilson and prayers
were offered " f or a spppdy vic
tory for the Allies."
Because the au I clergymen
who were prenent knew no oilier
Iniiuanc than (ieriuaa the entire
procei'diu(H of the session, in
eluding tho blensiujj and the pray
er, were iu the (iernian tongue.
. W. 8. 8. -
AMS'l'i:i(l).t, September L'l (As
rinded I'rpss) Austria has received
p favorable roply to its note propos
,j : series of conference among the
liL. ts with a view of securing
i :i r,ni for p"aru.. The one favorable
1 rcplv eomos from its al , liermanv.
A stntemenf v as imumd in Berlin
, teste rtlnv to the effect that Oermnnv
I replied to tli Austrilin note de
I el rmg its reatlinnss to parti. isite in
the pron' S' d c.inifeeence.
i America's reply wus delivenil yes
te dv to the Austrian foreia office
by the Swedish minister at Vienna.
I'AKIS. Septetnbor 20- (Associated
es.. i- Two trains, largely filled with
, nt ion isls, i rushed together near here
,v The trains telescoped and thir
tteic killed and mure than a score.
American troops uided in the rescue.
I HlKOtijlfc Willl'-.'l -titlT UliWliM
nrllin tall the neiny outttOxt. liiraa
1 soiiflr il t)u'Mnk, gained 2000
t$l. SeM-WeEKLV.
and four patients and nine orderlies wounded.
Huns Told To
Be Thorough
in Destroying
RAINK.'Hf'iili-nilier 21 ( Asuoeinte.t
l ,'.)- Mot lareful and ruthlessly
n-uuton dtmtrjiptioii of the towns
nut pi.imtry idai ex whirh they alian
,on ha i Iw pn order.-l liy the (Jer
man ponimand whieh e idi-ntly feels
:) at retiring forces han lircuiur
ml "sift hearied."-
10 pern taKeii tiuin pr'soners re
pntl.. raptured and the sorip:
.illicit other pi isoni'r Ihim' told
ihim ihnt rei.Mi'.ly the Oeimuii rom
iihiiiI 1 lis issui'd unl'Tn for a more
iiMtholiral and completi' destnii
tion of the towns that may hi'
nlianduned and the In v iiiK waste of
the pountry. The orders to the
destriiitioii ilptaihnipiils also sail
that th'v should "remember that
there are ways to and menus at
hand to delile all the wells in rutin
try thai may he evaluated."
Vauy former resident of the
towiiH delivered Iiy ihe Amerieon
victory are returning In their home.
bt nnlbers will never rebuild ami
'others nd the villages whieh thi
formerly occupied have leen level
ed U) the earth.
w. a. a.
( . ,
President Makes Anniversary ot
Discovery 6f Continent Cen
tral Day el Loan Campaign
WAHIUN'ti ION. .-eprcii.'
1 mil- l'resid nt Vilsor. today
ilaimed iitnidnv . October 1 L' irs
prtv nav." nnd called on nil ritiiens
to celebrate it b a fjcneroiis ivrjiuH'C
to the Knurl h l.ilcity hum. Tins is
M.e 4: tlth uuniv ersaiy of tin- discowi y
if merica.
The nresidpiit said- "Kver.v day
tlie ereut iirincli, es fci: which we
a e
lilihtinx take fresh hold urn ir
thought and purpose and make il cleai-
ci want they must be nod what men ,
must do lo 111 hici c them.
Hp also said that tin' unnivprsarv
I his year has "a p.-culiar and thrilling
siitpiio ani-e. "
W. 8. 8.
WASHINGTON, r-'ept.'inber L'l -sociati'd
I'reNM-Castialt'es reportc,
I in
I the two lints which were releiise 1
I ioi1iliptloii show ed lomes of '.47 to
i ii nn v and nineteen to the Mar'n:' cor)
The army lists sir ned fifty Hire
killed in action, twenty one de-d of
wounds, twenty dead of other causes,'
117 wounded nnd 1 I'll missing. I
Among the ottcer' imliidcl ;u tlie
lists were ('apt. Alan Ai"hii" Milio:,
mirsdng, and Y,t .lames II .nders ,, .
Oil City, I'ennst 1 1 iinia, kilb'l in
act Ion.
Of the Ma-ines eht "er - kill--' 'i
action, two died of woi'm's. en., fimii
other caiiKP, six were tvoiimled an! t .t o
inissi ng.
VI. R. 8
CHICO, California An-u t ;" T!''
women's vulkmu chain oio"-1 '
Butte and I'luftins coin t es will tc de
eidcl .nun wiipii N'i'-s Kbice I n
forth newlv elected County Uecoidpr.
and Mim Dorothy Hosk ins. Oh oc -
paper woman, meet the Misses Nellie
and Hael Jngoldsl'v. Human '
d 'jiupiotls, in a thirty one mile 1 ike
The course will lie over Butte and
Tinman County mountain trail.
.. .!!
STOCKHOLM, September lit)- i Asm,
ciuted l'ress) Prince Klic. vouuye.st
sou of the kin;; of Kwidpn, died today
of pneumonia. He was twenty nine
year old.
The splotches'
Important Ciiy Falls To Japanese
Cavalry Main Body and'
Americans Advancing
I TOKIO, fr'epti mtier
i A ii eon ii. rru-nt nf the
th' .l!u:iiese eaialry
oecpntloa ,,v
or uincoveat-
chensk, inpital of the Amur
ard the 'ii t stronphold in the
ilrif. of tlie Holshevihi and
(ieimnn and Austrian prisoners, was
oHiiiolly made today hy the war do I
pa-tme,,t The .Tapnes cavalry !-.,
intifuri'd t'-e city lieionga to the
I welTtli nn "in. poinmoMiteii ny
, tenant ''pecnl N. Ooi
I t 'r ir K ha l.arovsk,
i ( 'mi st lro im p.
with headiitmr
i npitnl of the
i.f.f .ril i ii ii lo tne ntfii'inl nmioltnpA
i met Ihp .In' aiipfe eavalrv rone hed the
i'ujH;irt ct lilfl1 oevtPliensK on
nil'ht of Sriilemtier to lind that thp I
ntv was prat ticallv abandoned br the
mv. Aftpr sonip fevhle resistanee
1 4v a
i '.mull iluUheviki force, the Jap-
pnese entered the city at eleven thirty
that right.
Find Tunnel Uockel
The main .lapanese force, cooperit
itirr with an Arrvoriian force is now ad
vaneitir from Khabarovsk by way of
the Amur llnilttny. When the .Tapa
"" e a o1 niijriptiiis reached Kiiukan,
:i city halfwav between fOinliarovsk
t ii..i ..l l. uA.. A
biii in nnninur
;'M" Liiiiiiiru 141 linn, i wry umvTrirn , . rr.
! a -ail -0:1,1 tunnel hevond the city j summer months began on ThurS
imi.s id,., 1 id w ith destiojed box ram . dav, when the forces of General
aid many 1 n 1 ro"d brulj'ea had been
kiior' pd down. The .lapanpsc engineer
o p. 1 buildipt' new btidyes to en
ruiip s.-ciMiy novaupp or me mum Jnp-
1 ' l .. ,.,... 1T, T.r.n-1'at
iH'se loirp of this conti u'jent is coai
o an. led by .Tljtir (lenernl R. Yiiniadn,
a ice in: of the Tuitij; Tnu seige four.
ye."rs njju.
Optnrsd Ships Arslst j
Tic tiiiiin Amur Kiver squadron,)
ilili "as cultured by the .lapanes
. r 111 tlie Bolshevik i w hen the eity of
I'hu'iai o sl fell into the hntids of the
.'"oaiicse. is now manned by the Japa- ,
ne'e ofticerK and miMi. The sipiadionj
is stcnminii up the Amur River, co
operating with the land forces.
VLADIVOSTOK, September 2
(Associated Hreaal Kol lowing advice
received today the ('.echo Slovak chief
uf staff announced that on Wednesday
the battle line in Knstcru Huia ran
from Ykaterinburg through Kraenou
liiusli, Kazan, Samara and Nikelayov,
lib oat 1 110 miles cast of O lessa.
Other report say that Karelian
troop on Wednesday severely defeat
ed a Bolshevik force which was led
by (iermun officers, the battle occur
ring at I'knthinskava.
WAIslllN'dTON, September 20 (Ab-so-iate
t PreH)-"Hpoe,tfhg iH 'its 'ci(
hiderflfioii of the WnY 1jeenue' Iii 1) the
house took a voe todav and pasAiT"the
inea'-urei with comparatively little
, hirn.'P from I lie form iu whieh it had
i.p.Mi i..-psente,l by the way aud means
Thl ineiiniire will now go to the sen
a'e tyhere. some very different ideas
i.re : i'. A substi'u'e measure Is con
sidered probable with resultill'l confer
en, ps before the two houses are la
agi iH-nipnt.
- w. . a.
V VSlllMVrON, September L'O (Of
" fli 1'iesidcnt Wilson received
I'ii,,,,' Axel of D'li'nnrk. who holds the
rank of commander in the Danish navy,
nd n now at the head of a mission
isitini; this coiintit to study the Aincr
nan natal orga uiJil ion.
... W o -
Official announcement was made ye
terdav that the Honolulu Brewing and
Mnltinir Company would pity a capital
stuck dividend on October 1 next of
$5 a share.
mow goes to senate GAINS HIGHER SPEED
Ill I imt I in "l l" I ' !
T I ( Ml (I II
i ii ri i nn i i.ii 1 1 1 u-
i r-iiLtd lit
WW Plight
Cavalry and Tanks Tear Great
' (Hotel til Flceinff Ranks On Line
Extending From River 'Jdrdan
To Mediterranean Sea -'
'' ' h ' y'
Hostile Tribesmen Are Prevent
' ihb EstrapS bf Moslem Forces
Across River1' arid' Their Only
Outlet Is Tqward the North
OX DON. September 21 (As- :
Li .Wiated Press) From th6
Rliver Jordan to the shores bf tm?
Mediterranean, afong a front of
forty miles, the main Turkish.
, armv in Palestine is in full fe
J I feat. F.scape for any portion, o'f J
lit across the Jordin to the easft r ,
anc into rne iNe:uii itscri is pre
vented by swarms of hostile
tribesmen, who are holding1 the
eastern bank and ming north
atiekd of'the Turks
BrftfehV -.French Ariel 'XViiblan,
I rflvklr-u ar rVner'atinf well in
vitiefeof the Alhcd l Infantry and
afe tearing Holes through tne flcc
jr j-anks of the Turks, while
tpng the seacoast warshtps of the
British navy afe sfeaming and
i, n. . ,
"nelljng the Turks whenever they
offer themselves as a target along
the' totist Hrie. .
The rout of the Turks and their
Get man allies appears to be com-
plete, while the harrying cavalry
fian im iiuuuu .ii nu iiicxiij piava
: that a strong turning movement
niool. tUnt .itl rr,A
t J .
I Up the grtfattr part Of the I UrKiStt
The battle which smashed the
Turkish lines and brought to an
end the inactivity that has reign
ed along this front during' the
Allenby struck suddenly along a
I sixeen-mile front west from Ra-
' e .
to tire sea. Light tanks bore
down the Turkish defenses, per
mitting the infantry and cavalry
to swarm through ajid turn the
jTurks out of their whole sixteen
milf" line.
This blow was struck between
Ivafat and the sea and the collapse
i of the Turkish line faced by; the
I British was the signal for furious
assaults along the rest of the
' 1'a.lestine front, from the wefct
1 bank of the Jordan, north of Jeri
cho, to the sea coast. Hy noon
i yesterday the Turks liad been
driven back for twelve miles, with
heavy losses in killed, with the
, loss of much of their material arid
supplies and with many prisoners.
I The British, in the first smash
captured three thousand.
WXSHINGTO.V, September 20 (Of-flqialns-Pr
ogress of America' innienM
shipibuildiag program is told by- tlm
shipping board anil show that vrklla
it has already Iweu vast thus far- till
year it is really just attaining its real
Shipping actually delivered to the
einnrgVncy fleet corporation thua far
this year has amounted to 1, HI 1,000
but this due not compare with the
tonnage which will be delivered before
the cud of the year. Tn addition, lo
1he dulivcred tuuuage there have been
.'anncbed .viniiv.Vs, of nn aggregate
2,500,900 tou and keels of other vernal
laid which, when they are completed
w ill ndd 4.10:i,000. , ,
It is estimated that September de
liveries will probably reach 400,000
tons. fi
w. a. 8.
SAN FRANCISCO, Aui'ust 2 Will
up, .1 better known a "Put" I.atna
ill ih'irtlv embark eastward, where h
'i'l assume the duties of a Y. M. C.
V i'.striotoi. nieparutory to leaving
rnr the ntlier side lo leach the aoldityB
the art of M-lf defeiue. "Put" heM
the amateur henvVweight boxing Cham
!. -hip o1' 'he I'liited Htatea at one)
I into and will undoubtedly make good,
i a his new ptisit iou.

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