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until nin nnitr ?c'F"Uj CT
HI IN Dill KM,
JNeaw M.Rariv Candidates Be-
I IaI bX u A
i barge jAjjience At Aala Park
Ufik (S MIS$Wf&OM
platform; is on
Raymond Makes Hi Campaign
t. j:: : Ja t -117'" "
UH nH'lie?JFiiPin9 n i-PanS
To New Hortitent!eri
l7rl JuV ium.' of
1h large
art Put, niiMt
.....-; .ii Li
preciative uudii iH oM t-et i!thrrrl in
Al J,rk for l.MnofititlNr, the
primary f.n,r.,,n la.t ..ighl 4ith
tn iiiimiiirps. for rnUh hUM of tM
tiixliltfi, nh of IH6 fari.li.lntr tot
Ih rtolOirktfKhii) and numbora of Drttr
oi;Mhl - tvmArn tt'hil AftLfi knMu . . -
rai.t. i.i r.imnlol that thehc 'Pe "uuinj.
trr mote I hnti 3000 prrronl and th " " "
crowd ntood . fur out over the Mft tHl'ur " mohing plortio for th upper
lot n hi-nnnx diitnnio Would prrfnlt U"U,M ,l, tuB viur Hppaaera uau
thtin. .im.Mu i or tan Inner iioum.
, Tbf prtnpipal Kpcnh' of thr rvtnin "'UIIJ Ui'y,.n, who la tunning fui
was nindo hy Dt, .Ihiiich H. Ha.vmond", ," ' uuumi iiont the Kntn Uiainet,
who in nujinal Link Mr('BndlinN for MlidiOixe in botn HawaiUn
th nominHtin'n for ill-legate to port ngliu that he M reaponnible
prpBa. MrCandrc-ft xtill ramjiBipn fur tup punSMx of the Wutkmau a Cum
ing on HnwBii (tnd hpnpp nan uoaMe. ilfufl Act ia this Terrttory and
to be present. ftoetor kaymood fleeted he would worn tor av
jerph was prpppded and followed by fiJnt of the workingmpn in this Ter-
a number of erKfrt iprhpit front the ritory f(rt, laaand all of the time,
various andidatrs for the legiaiaitorM. J. K. Mbkamai, the" man with the
The nature of ihejie speeches w of iron jaw, " as they rail him out Kallhi
an introdue.tnry nature as several rlt wy, injected tnuoh pomady into his
t lie .candidates who wPra on the plah brief but vehement talk. He told bis
Ir ffl were making their Initial bow audipnee a few thing about ' banana
n tbe field of nolitis. All were wpfl Mod the trans nil rinrpaigri, carried tt
fteeived; ndf. though theret wprp one jeUr dgo-; whleh brought him rounds
or two ease of stage fright the. go6d of loud" ami i heiirty laughter,
natnred arfdlrnre mndp the bashful lUyraorKl InttMnced
ones feel at ease after their first few It. Jhmdi r, ltaymond was thon in
remarks. ttoriuced by Mayor Fern. Senator R.
rerona41Ues Aroided H. MakekaQ, from Hawaii acted as his
The total aWnre of a..v m,i,l .ling 'n"1,lr,," He Moouneed in uml
UC -or unpleaMant pern.liti. in '"'" i" J" m "
apoehca wnaone.of the most pleaaing cm1''n JT nd would contftlUe
.utatandirlg features of th meetiba. I '? do " ? Pr ""P'68 odel In
Dnetor Raymond whs rii-w to th old l' I'c.m6rtt,e P tform of Hawaii,
line pollUeians ii the Bourbon rank 1,8 A1'1 that io a" of hl" "Wg' on
aa this wfts the first political speech "", olhr iUn(1" hB 'y "ed his
lie has mnde on this island an4 Us audiences wt they were moat in
words were weighed carefully Judg ferested in knd what they waated hit
ing from the applnuse which oftn ,u a"'01! partitularly upon. The answer
broke into the middle of some argu bJ Infadabty tome back " Land'
. meat he vvna driving home ami the T ''fcfe. "' th''s nieetiag
pommooU of tbe old Jin war horsoe h" ou!d devote most of his remarks
.t .. l .. l. I i .t..... ..e u: T ..
as tnev gatiiprpu rn little knots hftr
tb. meeting, he maile a derided
with his audience,
fltayor Fern Protidea
Al'ayor Joseph .1. rem, CHintiaicn
T h' "f""raiC party and
thairman of the mectihg handled his
b.g b.urh of orators and m-nr oratdr
with the skill ot a veteran 1 1,p Ha
.. band was , at e,,,Hnce ,
(rate fl coii.-,.. r, ,. ult k v.-.
k. -f . - t .
1 3 i VJ"1"? r.r,0t .."d
7Z U,cfTi Ha,inn
-v DK-lvilies between soeftches. ,
Kev. Huiriuel Kalo'a opened the meet '
in- with a brief praver in llawan.
following which, May' Kern brought on
H" -i' logation if spellbinders. Occu I
pv'.,R rt pf honor on the platform
urn tne speakers were Col. Howard
lathaway, eolle, tor of internal rev
nue. Justice S. R. Kemp, Malcolm
Frauklin, collector of port) Attorney
itenerai starry Irwin. Juilire hdwiird
M. Watson. Supervisor I. enter I'etrje
and han Mooncy, representing t la-- Lib
crty Loan committee. '
Lester Pctrie started the Heaking visions in it lor the financing of home'
"ith a ringing patriotic speech in tie- steadera. This measure failed to pas.
half of the I.ibeity Loan commit toe in your legislature. I'nder these con
and .d'eit the attention of the large ditions it is obvious that the unit re
a i liee.'o to the fact that by sutwerili-' lief wc enn get along these lines is
rni Hawaii's full quota of the Fourth from the federal government.
Liberty loan they would be instilling I "In IS) IB the congress of the I nit
courage into the hearts of the boys pd .States passed what is kii'ia hs
from Hawaii who were either now the Farmer Loiin Act. This net pro
"over there" or were on the way to vldea frit the financing of lionieslead
rlln,'r' I ers and it has worked out so aiitiafac
. .lack Milton, pandidute for the won 'toiily that thousands of productive
ato, ia the first to be introduced. Me' fmni- arc dotted over the l uited SiaU
bHshiiigly told his audience that he fro Maine to t'alil'oruia as the result
cxi new In the political came and of this legislation.
flat after he had become a bit warm while this act . pending and
rl up ,n the eampaiyn he would he ,.; ,,ilieUlBM., in congres. where was
a better position to cMdain what delegate that he did not see to
h- onld do if elected. He was fol , ,u, ,k i... :.. .
i. v..,, t i.nv.i, rtani.na aa. John
t t T "uC HeeV,nl "onnnatioiia
t ict and M. A. Snnders who has simi .
... I , , vw , , , ,
l"ved bv Dnvid Kaniiha and John
I"1- aspirations roni the Fourth dis
Tie,r Itita ITard,
VaHe Warren Thnvct. rarulidate for
i n se.te .. -.his B.idicri-p a rttrairht
fm the houM.,r talk which bre ht
forti- chee:s He ,) that ii. all his
eirpenence ... jol.t.csl Kfe here he
srtrf never seen sr. larl-e or ei.thn-i-
ast.e au.li.i.ce. 1'c, I ..vanipaJgnc'l
...dl,Mte Ihay.r, ,f we had
an m.dien.v- ,,, as Jsrue
c this, we --.iiiii have felt confident i
wr w.,,,1.1 :-ct at least a few: Pan-
r i, if k . u 1 "
hf',f of th. w wool,
have I ..en rocC'dent of ppttinj rnoKt
rue '"lent of eettinj most
' tl.em in. This audienco, howeVor,
' oo i'n si-.e
m. enthusiasin, eonvinces
ii..- h..t .-e n-e goin to get all if
our cm rnlate- in this year. I sirt
t rV I v hor-e that e ere man on this
r(Cftlrin Is- eiHp.t and that ionua
w.i. iui.. . -
rn t ft ii i iir irvn i tj i ii rd ii ';t HH n ,
f 'r Hi mire n f aid h( a mlinif hen t-
night, we are go , ,o elect our dele ,
pi ) -iii rtiiN vnr
. ,..... I
Itnv Net Included
I 'lii. last remark raiis.-.l quite a tint
I ' anion" the Mrt'andless a.llierenta
' -e ,.-..e,,t as it wan plniulv
.'-,- .l,t M. rdle,s was not iwres i
1... p'a.fo.m that Mr. Tl aver
,r ., , ,
l 'I'liaver e - followed bv A. K.
' f (!"or..e Holt. Jr. J W Keiki
K.I ward Hauapi, .Tack Kalakiela. Wt
linm Kaleihuia, Dnn Kamahu, Jonah
Kiimalae. A. Mac Aulton, Joe Kalaiia,
Clarence Macfarhiue, Kobert Aliuna, ().
W. K. Kauiiiiakaole Archie Kobertso-..
C. ('. C'uubu uud Juhu Wilsou. The
The ttoahltai aliflply department of
the HavHitMil Chapter of tb AmcHwrti
Red CM 'In (Win a aheeial erder' for
1 )t)00 aroferty bar fnr on r soldier
Wi'soui i ntoi frr)np
with i
with Hip, iTtl' r work tlint goca on
tint after An a special gfonp of worn
volMHtcrc.l tbpir scttTep t All (his
. order wbkh will be di-triboted to the
i " Cro to sew and to Amah
riy ijriohM mi.
tiv&et l5vs. .1. f. 0. Stokes, of (he
fnldlird department a rot M. V r
tttng jo,r'
J"!!"' t'w Mie were o absorbed
. In reducing seventy five bolt of ginfc
i l? r?ih of 'y
line ' tVtwJw la at w . .kM.i.1.. - 1 .
r:"' hnnrr.l. and whiMH.
uniMiti! Iw-tbcrn. Hv three
i . , . ? " ' ,m"
ttl ' i l ',U " wi"
M - r' -
!"V!,,,'k' N
' V"'""' . " '' j1, 1
illllaxt, Mr. V..
Ktchpann. Mrs
A. K. Pavilon. Mr. F. Hnna. Mm
Small. Mr. fllwr anil "Sn. Matthew
iu ' ","" T'"1"1" ul- lu,
It. 'i it 1 - . -u l .
" e
He iid that it would be futile to
ioivcn up. tbe public lands of the Terri
tory under existing ronditions as the
men w uo were wsiiictl. lw KU iih lur
i...a ...;.: . ,.
fHp up homesteads and take cre-of
tKi-tu ooe they became settlers unless
randal .id was given them,
,.Ku)lio wUi. toU vou that hp h
ary effort possible to got land
"' ' . K"'- f
figis ntion for you," said Doctor Ray
"mud. "Butl maintain that he has
not. After vour apeeiaJ session of thp
, . , , 1 . .
'''"T k" t P"" '"'
7' '" lV given the
JeUment ' introduced .,,
T,"' nonTrm Cah,
f" ,a: re.o'ut.on and
T . " . , i " , 7,
""' ,,,,wnu, V- T f"la,";
!",r"!d "n,"'l'P''e in Washington and it
U still there.
Financing Homesteaders
Representative Lyman of Hilo in
tiodliced a WU in tbe lust regular ses
sron of the legislature, which had pro
fc mi m at WTUII III BUI1IB III IX 1 1 1 1 I'll
.... ..j. ,
, whs not made
Territory t This Act
,k ' ' . ,. .. .
in any fonn doer
have yet to learn
why sumo effort wa out made to get
some srt of legislation alon;; these
lines for Hawaii.
''Th.V Brill to. 1 1 ll.ot ll... II.,
-.il..i. . IM n,.i ,rLfK.i
Indolout people and will nt go on
too land. That is one of the argu
metlts yon will hear ia Ugh p:ac.cs
Hut I want to say that I have employ
, Hawaiiana. for a number of tears
my nfB U M.ui snd l M0 trn,h
class of labor anywhere-provided that
vou ,. thou what thevKare worth
y0 rotuT , ' "
"Sacreta ,Lane told vou when be
down here that be was going to
hur ,)H(.k Wasllinf(lon hAD
. .. . , . .
ericau govnrnmeui was auoul to pre
Itllm )j.iiUlw..l n.k;..w A..i.i
iliM)0iWO of w, ,B i,.,
States, whiru will he giveh to the re
tufntnit snl((ifxX Money will be appro
, ... ,
sfeadera a
prisreii to nmn-a these new home
assistance will be
giveu low-a'ii' Jiuklne this venture a
l,Alidil mJtJP V tT L. . u ! I. i
, ' Xa3 '"
"J" I " -
tatlv iti tVfL( is to work for von,
tn get thn s..Jj'iJf the bencllts ot'-Wiis
propoeed lejrislatfo or wbolil you pre
"' - '"- "" ' r".iKrr,s an.
"r 'lKV 'l' n"" 6n elect ah.l
'i 1" k .T, T' i-Ttf''
tuiVlitin a ukulele on the beach at Wai
i : t ;
rer vacant sent tn rongress and
In closing. .Doctor Kavinond told hi
auilieitce that unlitss hp had their tun
confidence . and fheir belief that he
would work fr the interests of ull of
the people of this territory, lie did not
want to go to Washington. "And if
I do go ii ml don't make iro.nl, I 'II never
come buck," be concluded.
tjttf Their Race Is
n rromerr.
dealing with a problem that wa
fea'ied by the coming of the white
rave v the Hawaiian slanda and
ejiich lias ever since grown ia import
mice uhd added new ramifications aud
tiyhiplfcations, Hev. AkalVo AkSha has
cota Hi hot p.l a pontprehpnsive work
whl.h he hai dpdicated "to the pra
ges of the Hawaiian young people of
tub 'territory of Hawaii' under the
titl of " iHc Sirre was for Racial
The aabjeqt treatpd In thla book,
which la only reneatfy from th preia,
ii one which primarily la of the deep
. i... ,,, toe i.axanan people
themselvps but csnnh't fail to appeal
to kll who have the interest of tho tsl
ano people at heart.
Tiioavy tuuiriujuoa
from time to time the quetion arises
"tyliat ean be done to prevent the
deh'fh of the Hawaiian rare, tn C.siur.-
l tor pMsttne strength and virility and
to lead it to the. important position
whiPb It is entitled to occupy in tbe
economhc, husinps and aocia.' structure
of the Territory 1" Ulose ob th heel
of that ottestion pome another, how to
do it. Recently the question ha ariaeu
with more thn ordinary ihaiateoee.
Hawaiian leaders have tSNen m the
.abject, have extended helping hand,
have) made "back to tbe aoil" tuggea
tion and have considered the return of
the pfcpV to other industrie whieh
were fo'rmerly their own. siipH as fish
lag. The columns of the fire have
been freely given to the pnblieatioa of
'he new of these efforts and to assist
lrlg In 'the solution of the problem.
The work of Mr. Aknna is, therefore,
timely and of added interest.
Akana recocnir;es that whatever
la done must come through tbe Uawai
inn people themselves, that though they
may be aided they must depend in
nain part upon thoir own efforts and
that to stimulate the energy of the
"a ti" voun-'-r aeneration must be
the medium. Hence hia work i parti-
irlarly timely and should receive more
than ordinary attpntion since it pomes
from the pen of a Hawaiian who has
(riven loag study to the subject which
be treat,- -Treated
The book of Mr. Akana contains ail
'c-threw page and h .-.object is treat
id ad Seriatim. He k arts rtn the sub
Wt of " Ritcp consc1nnimps" by saying
"Kasentially the Hawalinns miist play
the primary part in the solution of
this vital problem." Thpy must rec
ognir.e their own worth And ability s-"
'tivnte respect for themelvea arid
for Others in order that thev mat- wm
the respect bf Other.
Distinguished Journalist qf apan
Visiting Here On Newspaper
Mission of Importance
Ouo of thv foremost joufaalists of
Japan, Yasujir.i Ishikawa, editor of
the Yorodxu Cheho of Tokio, is a vis
itor in Honolulu, en route to Washing
ton, London and the west front, where
he will distribute three million copies
of a special edition of bis paer. pub
ished in French and Knglisb, in or
ler lluythe bovs in the trenches mnv
'now what Jnpan is doin and con
eaiplates as her share of tbe great
miftiet. This mammoth edition in be
ing isNU.-d in ten four-page sections,
d which tare- are nlnady off th-e
iress, vamplys being brought to Hono
lulu by Mr. Isuikawa. The edition
will be sent around the Cape on a
specially chartered steamer of the
V. i.. fleet and will reach London bv
arl; in December, by whieh time Mr
shilawa will bp In the British capital.
Tie f'hoho is taking thl way of
rclrhrating the issuing of its nine thou
oa irl th number.
WM Call on Ruler
The Japanes editor is also the
bearer of five beautiful ami historic
aw or. Is. one of w hich he Will present
to ('resident Wilson in tbe name of
his paper and at a testimonial to the
high regard hi which tho American Ex
ecutive is held in Japan. This weapon
s a wonderfully wr'onght bit of aleel,
with a magnificently decorated scab
liard, the Sw.tr. I and its scabbard hav
np been made by JapnneiKe sword
smith of renown two hundred and
eighty six years ago.
The other swords are for equnllv
distinguished m -u, namely the King of
(Jiiglund. the Kin of Belgium, the
King of Italy and the i'regjdeut of
France. Mr. Ithikawa expects to be
receited in audience by each of these
h.'iidn of nations.
Second Visit Here
Twenty years io this Japanese .'di
tor paid his liiht visit to Hawaii, com '
ing on an errah.l that might have turn
e.l . out lea agreeably to Hawaiiana
than his present mission. At thnt
lime he was repiev-ritativ e for hts
paper nbonrd th.- cruiser- Naniwa, ooni
rtianded by Captain, now Admiral,
To.-o. Hawaii uhd Japan were diplnm
ati.ally jangling in (hose daya abont
Japanese imniigration and the Japn
uese wiirship dropped in as a reniinrTer
of what might result should Japan de
cide to be aggressh e.
''Honolulu bus changed since then,"
snvo Mr. Ishikawa, who speaks Kng
bull perfectly, "but I find some of
my old friends still brie. I was o
leitained twenty years ago by Mr.
and Mis. , W. F. Freur, and I "etpeet
to cull upou t Im in touiorion . I wns
also rect'ne.l vi-iy courteously by
I'iPMiiUnt Dole mn4 by hr attorney
geueraV 'and OiiifiNtpr f foreign f
fairs. Mr. W. ). Smith and Mr.'Hertry
L. Cooper, and I hope to be able to
-.ee en. h of I he... gentle iiu-u. J looked
for Walter (i. i-iuith. who wns then
editor of the lliwaiian Sim. but he
is one who is r ''h,. Hooolirlil
iievi - apei men en I ei I a i o.-i I me as a
f -'low I r.-i il - i it rl ii I I n ud t lie u
'" ' that, has nl.-.a.s stated with
hot H awniinns
Liroaiimio.ledness is an essential. To
give the best possessed, to cultivate
the ability to abrfcirH, to eooperafe w in
othet race are requisite in this.
Ta Education eight page are devoted
and ia them the subject ia ti fated gen
rally and In reference to phygieal and
vocational fraining a well a the ordi
oary echool work, td reading, elf im
provement and to religious education.
The "Home Life" ia specially im
portant and oa the topic th writer
deal with the beauty and Mobility of
motherhood, fatherhood, tho faraily and
tbe home, purity, devotion bad worship.
"W.vstPmatic living" js urged, prop
er pride of race, regularity of good,
constructive, phvaiea! habit, food,
hour of rest and sleep, regular physi
eal culture, distribution of hours of
work and reat, sleep and plav. He
points' out that tb death rate' of hit
peoplo oxeeod the birth rate, lark of
rasistanea power to disease and the
ill effect that liquor baa had in th.
past and tb rxpe-ted benefit rom pro
Interesting finairejal tables showin
th- proportion of wealth held 011 this
islr.d and in the .Territory, taxes paid
bv -d savings of the Hawaiian are
also given.
"Oodliness" is the last but not
least important topic of the book and
is treated wjth the full attention it
should have.
This is a work that should be general
ly read by the Hawaiian people and it
is dsitble that It. be placed in the
hands pf as many as possible persons.
On this subject Mr. Akana said to the
Advertiser: -
"The aripply is limited, owing to the
high cost of printing. F.ach copy will
cost twenty Ave cents. But by buying
in lot of one hundred copies, the pur
chaser may have them at twenty pents
a popy, 6r twenty dollars for one ban
deed popiea.
"Sinpe many of our young folks are
nendy.- tt will he a good mission to ae
cure tbe assistance of acme one who Is
Interested and who will rmrehaae the
copies in lots' of one hnrldred and have
them distributed to those who are no
ahle to buy fhem.
"Tt ia mv sincere belirf that, at this
period In the transitional' life of Ha
waii .the platform set forth in this
pamphlet is most vital to the progress
of fhe Hawalians. and it should enter
a a part erf the great reconstruction
plan ot eVttriuraioa.'anif di- ipti- of
homes, schools and societies, especial
ly after this war is over.
"If it is so. may I solicit vour inter
est in the tasV of actting this material
before our voting folks ami of enabling
me ro no more work along this line.
Whatever Shortaoe There Has
Been It- Ended By Arrival of
Supply and More Comes
"WJiat scarcity tiiere has been of
rice supplies in Hawaii is ended. A
large consignment of the Siamese rice
has arrived, a special steamer is soon
to bring n big consignment of Japan
rice and importation from San Fran
cisco of California .rica is well under
way or soon w ill Ik-.
j The charter and coming of a spe
clal steamer from Japan was told in
i a private cablegram received tester
' day by the Takaknwa Company, one
of the largest Japanese importers in
Honolulu. It auid the steamer was
I chartered by the Kobe exporters to
take (() tons of Japan rice and other
provisions to Hawaii. Though the date
of departure from Japan- was not men
tinned in the cable it is believed that
it w ill reach here early next month.
I Only a regular ttamer is scheduled
I to arrive from 'Japan next month, but
I the coining of the special steamer will
relieve the local situation to a degree
so far as the supplies of Japan rice is
Importation from Sun Francisco of
California rive is planned by the Taka
kuwa Company, of which Y. Takaknwa
is president and manager. He is now
in Nut Francisco to make neressarv ar
rangenients with Californian rice grow
ers, ft is the expectation of the local
J a paries,- that a importation of rue
from 'California can be made with less
cost than from Japan, the prues of
the at n pie may ha substantially reduc
ed as sodn as supplies begin to come
in iniantity from San Fraaciseo.
Ten thousand bag of the Siameae
ricp, which just arrived from the Ori
ent were consigned to Fred.- L. Wsl
dron. As the embargo oa Hep from
Japan has been lifted by the Japa
nese guvernirient in favor of the Japa
nese in Hawaii rid' as California 'a rice
yield may be relied uMin in rae of
ait emergency, to importations of the
Siamese rice will be attempted by the
local Japanese nrerehtnt.
r j ;-,t
The teaching staff at I'uuahou wns
completed jant week by the arrival of
all belated teachers. The late . oiiieis
iucIu.Im Bessie I'. Walthall, Maui im
Samson aud Claire 11 1'erke. Kdith
F. Phillips and Beatrice Penv of ihu
elerWnlury School, and Helen Hatty
and Wilda Pavis ami Paisy N'ewbv and
Jane W. Knox of the junior n.adcmv.
Mis Marie Thompson is the new teach
pr of the violin who h as at once en
tered into the work of that deptnl
Miss Claire H. I'ecke is returning
from a tear 'a leave of absence which
she spent in study at the Tea.liei
College, Culuillbiu I' HI v t-r.Mt v .
uetans oi uati mcation , anc
Form of Questionnaire Ar
rive In Last Mail
Claim Must Be Made Br Citizen
Or Interested Person When
Blank Is Filled Out
Detailed isfortnotioii relating to rpg
istiation and classifications, under
ihc " i.ighipeu to Forty five Man Pow
pr Law '' which haa been eitge'ii.y au
cd by a large proportion of, the popul.i
timi of H aw all arrived by thpt'ltiAt' ninll,
the first to reach here siace Ihe'pn . mie
oi tne aincude.i IaA and sinco'lhp i'gis
t rat ion on the' rtia.nlnad. At yt :a.
selective draft board has not roceiv.-d
notne of a registration day nor copies
of the questionnaire but tlieaw recent ad
vices clarify a number of point reward
ing exemption or deferred elassltlrn
ti,.n and make it plain that if the
plantation companies want to ri.il'i
their laborers tbey must se that the I
clilim is made by the1 tegbttrafii' or by
employer when the questionnaire i
filled out, if he is a citiaen or if aa
alien who is ready to waive exemption
himself. v
This information clearly indicates
the classification tinde'r whleH cch
citizen will fall according to tnfc Coil
ditions which surround hla Cs knd
make It possible? for each de'termihe
thus early io advance h's liability i
for parly or later terviee.. ttaIo tki I
tains some of the late rulrigs Jin tha
law from tbe office of the provost maf
sU'il general. -
Deference DlfflcuJt . ,
Bankers, business mea,' kni profe
sional men, aTthoagh ehfitle'A to mU
occupational clnims fOt deTefred claset
ficAtioil in the new cightceil (d fortv
live draft under amended regulation,
will jip required not only to akow that
tliey are connected with an mduatry
indispensable to the conduct of the war,
but that they are personally indispeu
sable tn that industry.
General Crowder has laid down thl
rule in construing the regulation gov
erning industrial or occupational ex
emption, indicating that it will dot
be pbsv, evea for men ill the advanced
diai't ages, to obtain deferred classifi
cation ou those grounds.
Keystones In Arches
"Persons, such, for example, a
bunker, men in Commcrciaj enterprise,
newspaper men, etc., who may contem
plate making claim for deferred 'Classl
tlcation on industrial occupational
ground " (teneral Crowder said, "miist
be prepared to convince their district
board's officers that the particular a
terpiise in which theV are working is
ne.-essa v to the maintenauc of tbe
rn i I i t ii r t est alilislitiient, or to the effec
tive opeiation of the military force of
the maintenance of uatiooal intereat
during the emergcucy; and, aecond, that
they themselves are neceesarv to the
operation of that enterprise.''
The questionnaire . provides blank
for deferred clarification on the
ground of licing- engaged in industrie
whieh are broad enough to make each
individual prove his indispensability to
i ndust ry .
Worker Abroad May Enlist
A merit ans of draft ige, employed in
civilian capacities by the Red Cro,
V. M c. A., and other welfare organization-,
in France aud F.nglan.1, are to
In- yivi-n opportunity by their local
boards to apply for volunteer enliat
ment with the American expeditionary
loi.es, in the event that they are called
upon bv their local boards for induc
tion into the military Service.
lien. -ml Crowder bas also announced
that the draft regulations have bee
amended to save the large number f
war workers abroad from the necessity
of returning-to the L'nited States to
answer military summons. If they are
iven deferred cla-ilf ication for other
reasons by thei' local b"rds there
will be no need of tHetr enlisting. The
rule applies only to thoee actually call
ed for military duty. If these men of
fer themselves for enlistment in Franc
or Kn.-lnnd and are found physically
disqualified they will be placed in
cii.ss V bv their local board as unfit
for military service.
B)nk Ia Lengthy
The new fornrt is found to be approxi
mately twice as long nt-the q'irestirtii
naire used in connection with the regis
tration of men between the age of
twenty one to thjrt.Vvtinn, but iewlea'd
of being twice a difficult to fill 0UiJ;
those who have exaniined both sky
thnt thp second interrogatory has been
prepared iu au.h a way that th av
er""p citiven will have littln difficulty,
The greater length ia dual almoat
entirely to the demand for closer d'
tail concerning grounds1 fof exemption
or deferred classification either becaitWe
of the rei'islrant 'a part in the eronom!
lit'p of the nation or because of the
necessity of his financial support for
The men who will register when
ever the President issups a proclamal
timi setting a date for Hawaii's regit
tration, probably late in October, aye
those between the ages of eighteen and
fort .--five, inclusive, except those wfcit
enrolled themselves in the twenty One
to thirtvoue registration. In othht
words, the new registrants will b
vounv men eighteen, nineteen and
twenty nan old aixl men whose awe
sic between thirty one and forty live,
Will Urge Haste
Immediately alter the tabulation of
the results of the registration, the local
I. r.ls will l...io to de'iver the .me
I i i o it ii 1 1 c s. Foiuieilv five percent a
.lav -:is -o nl ...it until the li. w -s
cninplf led. but ll.e five percent limita
t; "on is removed aid the blanks
It i,,- ,.n. out as speedily a- possible
I cjial advisory boards will be ou
duty to aid rUtraat' wlo will be
urged Ant to tafe-advaal of the
acvy dljy alldwed theta r'by law in
ttbir'h to retura their' qtiaalionnanes,
but to send tfcanv in at once.
No one wlfhfw thi apoeincd Urn
its' wfll b exetapfePl from regl4rtion
exrept mer now In the. military oY
naval service and reserve forces, and
men in thp diplomatic or Consular corns
if TotelgA go tern me at resident 'inn
tTffiterJ pjlate. Ktn lmitR of pprr '
trbtlaric and insane asylum n ill be
reiriaterpd. i .
TKp auesllonnalra ia the 5i thing;
some prcJiminary q test I on. put t. I.i...
by the registrar,., who wlt tham on'
11 iiVk . lb registration p'r.l, but
the questionnaire Is tad out by the
rntri himswlf and tipbrJ Its cojtertt. and
not the fo'ets 'rHMltaipetf. a)a;,Hi ,ff
tration tarn, debaflrTrl fiia 'Mamifleatio'ft.
Qwttoa; loir BAftrfirotf
Men witblo th : Ipac Kietf agvs are
asked to pfVpar (hem selves fo tw' j
tha ouewt Inn-that wilj be put to them
r.n rMhAflah dv. -ti Wief, t(.pse
re aa7fnnwfr '
1. Fpiraame.
i. Permanent iioiria -M.iresa.
!. Age a yer ottlS-.
. nfe' of niflK:
-V e.-rT." 8,-1. RcJ-Jwhite, -Negro,
Oriental, or India., (tor- HaWari Cap I
tain Field ha lilwd tfhi'r)jtnn t ,
permit (he nsp of the classification of i
v' HaWhltirb"V ' . -
vnn-H itj .nun, iit.orsi i
iration. or bv father's naturalisation,
1.1, 14, Alien, declaraat, tha( Ik, har
Ing first paper, of -ntindeclarsnt, that
is, not nattng nrf ptpata,
J.l. If an JtlienS.ofiwhat hation are
you a cltijtPB or iwbteclf
' 16. Place of eajpidymeit or bus!
t, 20
Nime and addr of nearpat
fitn tak Oath .
After he baa' made these answera
and thef hare' bern Written upon tb
cwrd, the registrant will take an oath
bai f her . (try true.
OlattBtxtt EiftmpUoa
' Oh featore'W the queationusvra
a hour Which tWer kis bee general
tipiiioit i pfivered aa the' ffnt page
of the aew bleak, f kerw U. show
that the: aiaa filling- dttf thr question
attire, or othtr laterealeU raoV, must
make hi wn claim for mtemption; or
deferred elaaaineation. lit tfthir words
he' pfafra la In a, case Wade to the
xemptfon bo!tfl. . " ' ' '
'At tha bottom of'Ue flrst pge
Which, fhclifeatallv; ra Jiof (o be mad
out until after all the qilaftiooa on tbe
other paga hate heeu answered ar
beftr thtft , ,
"'ReafWlrtnt or other Interested pe
on hiiJrt answer th . following que
' "Q. fbi vbu e-laim ptertiptitjn or d
fffred' clk4i(H-a(iba Jespect of the
"egistrartt named above f - if ad. st
h divLsjortS of eeh etas aid each
rhW in which you . claim that b
tho'-lri be rnfim;"
A"ad ih orde come thlsi
" Waiver of f'ltlm for' exemption o'
leferrpd' classifif atldn. , ft be- eigned
by rejriatranf or-brir ltrtrefd pr
sow whejvettrr 4' waiver" t nded
"f heffbyWilv' in ejhHnt bf e
mftron of deferred" pJaasrincatloa of
fhe rertlstrant fihfned above.'
JitSon ta afmn
A'ad whcw:tn man wih th que
tnofirtriire -litinll 'ftatta . over tbt . r
fVtflr rider of this' jteefV' jrhg'a paaiphle'
Ih rHH M Jhe dnvtion irrahged in
groups earlr.l aerte."" 'Ter anhject
in tbe order in which they appear are
tbe followiWi ,-,
I.- Ovberal 'qtieVtion.
If. Pbyaiea) fitams.
III. T,egiltive. Cxccutire and ju.l i
cial oftieev.
IV. Miniater of religiou
V. Divinity and medical students
VI. Military ot' naval, aeri ic.
VII. Citizenship
VIJl. Coanty and municipal officials
and federal employe. - Pilot and mari
ner. Firemen and poUcemea.
IX. JUHgidu eonvictioo against war.
X. Dependency. -h'- 1
XIJ Irrdutril aecnpatioii.
t XII 'AgHctnHaral oecop(ion
Son Answer Hot KMdtd
. - .-'L , ,.,i-t e I-, . I
'irkjf of 1b,e qhfatlOB Bead not h.j
aoitwcrcd if
, . . k7 Zlr
ilerle cover 1h ttbtia t. . ror exam- ;
(le. if a maaausater- "tes" to thr;
""P-vr wariT . tne
ouesiion nntr .a I ' U oud i NWessatv .,te managing, control!
heaMB mentally and pnyJi.'.lv " he.,,,, or Hi"rectin2 head of neceary
need answer uo mdr question, iu that . lnntrlal enterprise,
acne. . :" ' ' Olaat S '
Ia thesamew.y lfa r,,wer" No( officer- Legislative, executive, or
o tfce quMtloh whetb 6 1C a leg' ! tl1,tM ..I of the I mr.-.f states or of
1"', ,V!:i1,,riH,l'.(,li',,2'W'! territory, or District of Colnm
ha flftished with thal . setica. That!biB' 1
mu is iruo or ie remaauins series'
, - ., ,. - . ,
But on r'.i'V.'.P
ley, ,'ttli:tria,A'teeop,tioi,'' and
""-"tfH-ltb '6
oi. u. ,ij Viam i iou, nn Teg's
traat who . kisTuta'i e(h ilpwa .favttr
'..ruling mm to exempt irn, tc. deferred
elaseifliatmu uadef eaeor Jkaa head
ioaa'jfijl tlecV (h( U' it tbmpclW-d tu
supply -wealth of alatkil tkt wit) h
able tk draft bviardatrt.'pa on bis
ease Witiotit, rhwh -rnttmatioii.
The live Olaaslflcattofia
the live e)asit1ratloii 'into whicb
reentrants will be divldoyftjf claim'
for exemption have been fofisldcrcd ate
aa follows:
Claa 1
Single man without dependent rcla
tives. ' I' "i 1
Married man with' or wHjhouH eblt
dren, or father nT motherless rhildrcrl
Vho has habitually failed lo 'auppert
(lis family. l'
Marripd uiriii depeudent on wife Uy.
support. .
H'arr-d man w ilia or without chil
oien. or fattier of motherless children;
man not usefully en -aged, family sun
ortrtert bv income Independent of hi
t'liskille.l or not a iieceasair farm
('hakrllpd or uot a necessary uulus
tri( laborer.
HetTistrBiil by Or iu respect of whom
no .Infer led cfatainVation ia i-laimed.
Regiattant who falls to submit ques
tinnnare and I respect of whom no
deferred classification ia claimed.
Registrant no deferred and not in
cliiUl in any of above divisions
OWe 2
Manic. I man with chililreii, or falh
er of motherless childtPn, where audi
wife or children or arli motherless
cliilJrcu arc uot uiuinly depcujeut up
' : 1
InstftutlM'fjilTBei ft iof a
Ex fend jjirpuoh Orient t
'America capitalists are preparing;''
I'oa.ibU. by the hog.
mercantile neet wnicn is now iamg w
the' wtera' under (hp American flag,
said W. C. Lane, New York inanclet
who' f bdwnd for the Orient to aid in
the establishment of the first of
. nslf Jdoerican banks in China. .
Mr. l ane ia the vice president of th
OnaraJity Trust Companv of Naw Tork.
it hu h tt 1 1 h other banking eoneeraa la
"f the A sin Banking Corporation,
i f OfxyttKl or-nnuation which ia pro
paring rniw- to (irovide American bank,
n-; Tacililles in th Oriert. ' v
He is ercempanie.l hy Roiph Tawoa(.'
vicj president of the Asia Banking
Corporation, and thpy intend to go to
Shanghai to open the first of the chain
of Atnerlcan-Chiao bank. '
"All American financier feel that
there will be great opportuaitie for
...r r ft i i-iini.in u. nmri Klin com in rev
kfter th(t war, made possible by tho.
new American merrhant marine, and;
it ia the id an of the Asia Baakmff
Corporation to establish banks in th
Far tast for thi expected buaineaa
Mr. Lane aavs he exuect that thero
wlrl be no difficulty in raiaing tb
Fourth Liberty Loan of aeven billion
"it nas to tie raised and It will DC," .
ia the way he disposes of th qua-'
linn -
William C. Brownell, who ia to be.
on the force of tbe Shanghai office of,,
the Aaia Banking Corporation, ia
tampanylng Messrs. Lane and Dawson.
6n hi labor frfr support for reaaon that
tkcte afe feaaombly certain resource
of adequate support (excluding earn-'
Inga' ot podaibly earnings from labor
of wtfet avallahlp and that tho re-
filoval of . registrant will not deprive
sich dependent of support.
i.nir-1 ilia... vri-ii.MM rmiiirfn,
who1 wife, although registrant is
engaged in .1 useful occupation, i not
mihlj dependent Upon his labor for
soppott. for the reason that the wife'
' skilled In some special class of work
hlch she is physically able to per-,
'fttrri ' and In M.-h slip is employed.
or in wdico mere ia an immeaiate
wnirf fnr her under condition that
wllT enahlr her to support herself de
'wnllv anrf without siillering or hard
hb ,- w - ,rv n, iiii-.i rsrm inoorer u. oa
cessar- agricultural enterpriaa.
-e trr -kilted industrial laborer
in ne..e irt industrial enterprise.
ffl.i 3
Vaj with dependent children (not'
hi own), but toward whom he atand
'n rAlalinn' nrf t.arent.
Wntf with dcpptident aged or infirm
fan with dependent helplcsa broth
er or sister.
ttnnfv nr muni, ipal officer. '
Highly trained r.r-m or policeman
m service or municipality.
Neeesaary tUstnm house clerk.
Necessary employe of I mtcd Statoa .
in Transmission or tne mans. ,
necessary artm.pr or workman in
I'ntted State armory or arsenal.
Necessary employe in aerviee ot
l a'ited State.
V-Aees.tarv asaintant assnciatn ne
hired nuinag'jr. of necessary agricultural
enterprisp. 1
-at or mechanical eipcrt of necessary
thduatrial enterprise.
Necessary assistant or a-cociste man-,
(tpr of npccssaiv industrial enterpriaa.
CO 4
Men whose wife or children are
us i tily dependent on his labor for sup
port Mariner ectimlly employed in Ml
1 - .. -i: ... ...... ..k. a il.
-I - oi riT.ibf-ll or iiif-I.-llHIIW IU in
, nlted SUlp8
K.r.,,,rv m, p imii.ii nu
necessary wi.r mnna
ur ,R ,.,,'
,..,tM1, enterprise
necemary, - - -
t.....i. i..i.. ...,i..:..i
, (i. s.imi . O I ,1,11, l.lilHKu llllllinCS
! shiie".,t
1 q t
U j.re'p,
. rriiiiioo-
ili .,M t. IU I (ll T . n.
IOIHj ni since May 3(1. I'.MS.
ring for ministry In reeog- .
nind thcolniiicaf or divinity school.
tV who da Mar I ot since May
SO, 1(1K, was preparing for practise,
of fifefffcin1 and surgery in i cognized
medtraf achool.'
' Tcf.sjin laT' military or naval service
of Vrflted Wate.
A Art enomy.'-
Desidoot alivii (not an enemy) who
clalnie ettpmption.
Person totally afud iterinaneutly pbya
ically or mentally unlit for military
Pottoii niorallv unfit to. be a soldier
of the i'nitcd Mate. '
' lileefived pilo actually Employed In
the pursuit of tlis voewtlor).'
PfWfllin A ifehsVw.4 -frim tkj. artnv n
the ground of alienage or upon diplo
ma He request.
cl tor, fili.-o of eo b.-lli'-erent
cOfjntry wno has enlistitd or enrolled in
the fotres of silch country under the
terms-'of a treaty la-tamn such eeon
rr and the rnited StHtes providinrjj
for reciprocal military service of their
I'csbpetive ritiaens and subjects.
iubpct or citi.-n of neutral coun
try a'ho has declared his i"te-.tion tl
waoSime a 'clfiseu of the l'nited State
ttfi bs withdrawn sm-h intcution OB
der the provisions of a.t of rougrea
anprwved July , 1U1S, an.l aeleutlwe
service regulations.
W. a. a. '
' A Oood Duggeatlon
Trv- f'hsmherlnin ' Tablets when
btin or eoiistliialed. Von are certain
lo be much pleased with them. The
east- to tale sod pleasant in effect,
'"or ale bv all dealer. Benson, Smith
4. Co., Lid-, u acuta fur Uawaii.A6

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