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t iu -I t f ., ' ,
Hrtpt. 26, IBli .at twmty
four hour' rn.nfull, 0.04.
Tcmprfnture, Min., 7.1 j Mar.,
85. AVeatbtr, Cloudy.
On HmUm and On WhUa MJ
VOL. LII. NO. 78
jt - jt
Bulgarian krmy Is In Most Perilous Position
Cities In Teuton Hands For Four
Years Are Retaken and Advan
ce Sweeps On Miles Forward;
British Strike Telling Blow In
PARIS, September 27 (Associated Tress) Striking hard along
a forty-mile front in a new offensive, American and Trench
forces yesterday swept back the Germans in the Champagne from
many square miles of territory they have held for more than four
years, inflicting losses of thousands upon the enemy and swinging
a blow against the very keystone of the arch of the Cieruinu defen
sive system that may result in great strategic results.
The American first army operated on a twenty-mile front from
northwest of Verdun westward. The French fourth army struck
in cooperation along a second front of twenty miles on the American
left, the battlefront extending all the way from the Meu.se to the
Sninpe River. IflTl Id!
The offensive was ushered in by an intense bombardment of
I he German Jines, before which the Germans withdrew in many
placet, leaving only rear guards. The infantry attack was thus en
abled to make rapid progress in the initial stages, the German de-
fenses being, vu&hei in at the firt-rifc;- ' "
By last' night the Americans had captured twelve towns and a
number of villages and had taken several thousand prisoners, the , . , ... . .
exact number not being reported. The American advance, when ! Pa,"e ,f ThOU-
General Pershing last reported, had reached a depth, in places, of;sand MaV Be WlPed Out PriS
seven miles and had averaged more than five along the entire front . i Oners Now Forty-five Thousand
As the drive progressed the German resistance stiffened and the
fighting was heavy. Pennsylvania, Missouri and Kansas troops,
under Majnr-General Liggett, stormed and captured four towns ami
inflicted heavy losses on the enemy. Other American units crossed
the Forges Brook, one of the western tributaries of the Meuse, and
captured eight towns. This force has cleared the enemy out of the
I'.ois de Forges and taken many prisoners.
Among the places of importance taken by the
' a i".-. hi rt . ("tiissv, Montfaucon and Verennes, all northwest of
Much of this advance has been over broken country and forest
land and at various points the resistance of the Germans was stub
burn. The Germans evidently anticipated the attack, as thev had
withdrawn the greater part of their forces (mm their front lines
facing the Americans, but the rapid advance of Pershing's men
brought them tip to the main forces of the enemy
where the battle raged furiously.
Alongside the Americans, the French fourth army under Gen
eral Gouroud also rolled back the enemy along a wide front. The'
French attack was delivered under cover of a fog, which hugged
the Champagne plain to the west of the Argonne Forest, and through :
the mist the poilus followed their barrage, wiping out or capturing
VJEW battlefront in Champagne where American and French forces yesterday attacked along a front of forty miles in length and
swept back the foe to a depth of from two to seven miles. The arrow jn the right-hand counter marks the easterly end of
the American advance while the arrow to the left marks the westerly flank of the French advance, the allied forces extending of those
points inward.
Allied Victory Continues To Grow
But Will Not Be Complete Until
Important Base of Uskub Is
Important In Moral Effect and
Will Be Valuable Strategically
When Advance Reaches Rail
road To Sofia
HARA ASKED TO A-nnounce4 Purposes Of
FORM-CABINET Siberian Expedition
Have Been Accomplished
TOKIO, HeptHinlM-r '.'ft -(Hpeeiul t
Nippu .lipi- New Japanese ministry
which is soon to relieve tin' retiring
Teraui Iii i-alii net will probably lo
formed under flu' premiership of K.
Hum, president of the Hcivukai party,
llit- lurif-flt political organization in
TOKIO, September M-i Special , - W it li a j u -1 1 1 1 of tin- two main .lap
nicse forces in Siberia effected lit Kuffinc, half way between Khabarovsk and
I'hirn, I he Allied forces are now in full loiitrol of nil Siberia east of Lake Huiknl.
The two iiihiii .lapunese forces that effected junctinii tit Huffrov are the
seventh division, commanded Itv I .ieiit fun nl I h-ncral K. I'uiii ami the twelfth
ion, commanded by I.ieutenn nt (iencicla V Ooi. The former nl vn n I
ast trnin I lima, capital ot the I i a nsl.a i kalin province in Central Siberia while
he latter advanced west from Khabarov sk, capital of the Const province.
Tile entire lenitli ..f I ! Anon ,-,..lv..c wl.;..l. ...... r I.'l...l 1. . .
"oiMiiie a new ministry. CI, l , t ... ,,u ..f f I... ....j.. .....I li;...l '.... Tl... I-
'"k"' mil i noil oiisi a in i nop it- i ins. ii ii i.eneve.i, tiara will accept Huu., ,,, from Vlmli wisti
t :ir news or tlie .lelcat in latestine hii.s I liaia s selertion as successor to It
t ft V t W V s...,.; I...- -IT i . I... In . .
. ,,,. . , , .... ,u, , uani wut, mis mnronm Muininone.l ,IV
c,l 1'icssk With the Turkish urmv in 1 t,, tl... i...- I ....).,.. - I I 1 .... '
' . . .in, ... )iii.ii- iiiki iihii nn nil
l'iiletnie sli.'itttre.l ami all but mini- ' .hence with the emperor, who has ask
hiitite.l Turkey is reported as reu.ly to I e.l the spiyukni leader to undcrlak.
sccl. peace. A Ilnwis tlespatch receive'l i Ihc
k I.
.1 an i i ri t at ion si.
ate peace is liein
;ire i rul"
rent that im
cinauded and
.1- 'lie . ! 1 1 I ' !l 1 1 i I' !' 1 1. 1 ollhollt I'.ll
' that Turkey will seek a separate
e. Il .s , . ii said that the Sultan
i- in fn"t ul si;.-h a movement pro
i-led he can erllre anything like what
lie would consider f,loralde com! i t ion s.
The fourth Turkish tmv in I'ale.s
tine, t.. the I vast of the Jordan, lia
Iiccii irtiiallc MiiTi.un.led and faeeH
...iiiplcte a n n i Ii i la 1 1 on if it does not
. a in t ti la t c. (uncial Mlenliv rt'ported
ester. lay.
Latest repoits ..a the number of pris
. 1 'in I s i ;i m' wic ...iiiii ilia' e me
it tn.tiiv ii aces. 1 , , i . ,i i-,, i ,i
1 , ti.tal at ui'.re than I...OIHI ami the an
j ii i h i I a 1 1 . .n r surrender of the fourth
' ' " aiinv would i oinplete the clean up of
i si i i n n i ( it t , .in.-, n tiooi.v in Turkev.
l.cncral llcnli- also reported that
the Itritish are ovtclidine. their occu
pation about the Sea of (ialilee and
Irve entered v. i T Ii little opposition qii.I
hold Tiberias, Scmakin and Kssarnrn
an I hiue ocupicd Amman on the lied
1 1
run. hi has been regarded as a certain I
ty -nice Maripns K. Saionji declined
I he premiership. Saion ji was asked l.v
the emperor to '01111 11 new cabinet
last Saturday but, after two days of
consideration, he declined to undertake
the task.
Ilara is considered one of the strong
est .oust i to t ioi.u I y I ?. t .m. ...... I..
who is thus stvled In emit rant to the! BRAZIL AT AR
so ea 1 it'll iineoust trtit lonnl or bureu
cratic statesmen, of whom Terauchi is
one Ilara, if he accepts, wijl select
member", of his cabinet from ainnnn the
leaders of the party he controls and
thus will insure harmonv.
K h a bn i n
d thi
sk, was taken earli
sin i ra 1 1 w a ,
111 the cam
li t he w a r dopa rt 1 it rev 1
111 an oinciai statement issue. I this niorni
Siberian situation as follow
'With the capture of the Amur railway all Siberia fiom Vladivostok
to ('tula is rendered absolutely free liom the activities of the H.iLh,. v , I, , and
,r runner (ierinan and Allstiiau piisou.is. The Allied expedition in Siberia
his now accomplished its 11 11 11011 u . ed purpose and 11. . menace ..1 tin eat of the
i.crman agression of Siberia ami the Far KaM is left.''
W. 8. 8.
I TOKIO, Seutcml.er L'ti -iSpe.-i.-il)
The Ivphoou which swept the eastern
and northern parts of Japan 011 Tues
da wrought henvv dauiaj;t' to proper
ties ami loss of lives and many pitiful
reports tire beinc; received from the
st 1 icketi points.
Kour persons killed and score others
injured is the toll reported from the
'citv of Yuinayata. The victims were
j the iiieinbeis (,f a funeral party which
. was I. ml. en up when the house in which
,1,,. . u: - i r 1 . .1 t- iii 1 ins line 10 the r.ast ot the .Mountains
ui niaviiiiic iiiincrA. otriurt: mni me rrcticn naa occu j ,,f , i ) 1 . -1 . 1
lit'l all the (iernian first line system westward to the Suippe. ' - w. ..--
These attacks by the combined forces of the French and Anier-1 MOVING TRAIN BLOWN
ic;ms have ccMiquered positions which the Teutons have held fori
the past four years and for the tenure of which thev have sacrificed?
thousands of lives. As the French advanced they found, as had the
Americans, the Germans defense stiffened materially hut in spite
of this is was reported last night that the French losses have been
remarkably small. In the early fighting the Fourth French Army
took Serum, which the Germans have hehj since they first swept
into France in 1914 and also captured Xavarin farm, taken by the,
Germans at the same time. From there the advance swept on north
for two to three miles and was still nroceedim late last ni.-lit Tln '
" - - - F"s ' " '
.railway lines which lead to Laon, one of tWr immediate objectives
1 - ir.t .1 . .... ..
01 uic rrencn luriner norm, are directly in line uitli this advance, the .1
Striking simultaneously in Flanders the British have made im
p'Mtaiit gains in a sector to the north of I.ebassee. There, on a long
stretch, they are within eyesight of the 1 1 indenbitrg line. Their
(limbing of the enemy outposts was continuing last night and thev
had captured important positions and had greatly impr-wed their
Wide strategic results are expected to result from thU fighting
on these two widely separated fronts and the two battles, taken in
conjunction, are likely to cause a practically complete readjustment
of the whole battle front.
In the Aisne sector the Germans heavily attacked the French
advance lines and were repulsed everywhere except at one point
where thev penetrated the French lines a short distance hut
tenure was only temporary lor they fell back before the tierce Fr
counter which followed. I
j Tinted Slut
j emty
weie bciu hel.l collapsft.1.
inpired are in so serious
t thev are not expected
of th
COIld , t .Oil t I
lo live
Iii the Nnejntn prefecture the storm
was so terrific that a riiurnntt train was
auejit s.piarelv and swept tdl the tracks
between the Tclilio and ltta stations.
Twentv of the passengers were injured
111 t he w r.'. k.
In all pails while the storm was
most I u ii mis t h
Im v est. w a I
W. 8. 8
I'lTTSMI 'HUM, Sopteliil.fi -Ii (Of
lici.ili The Sllpre ..cinblv of the
National Slovak si tv has annoili I
tha' tin- h will plicha-e two mil
vv hi. ti is now
i b
WASHINGTON, September :'ii n
llciali- Willi. ml a foriiinl declaiallo
a state ot' war no'w exists between Hi
zil and Austria. The Hrail'ian minis!
has been ordered to proceed ln.i
iciiiia and has closed the 1c)jal
departed from the Austrian
I; l.s understood that the Austn
I WASH I Nl. TON, Septcinb, 1 L'f,
1, II. lal ehcmcii! pi otest nja I list
, (wioiio, and indent appeals to the pi
I de of the olitsi'le to t I ; 1 1 1 them ha
(Continued on Pag 3,
I S 1. .or! . i.-rlv
c,u " 1 Loan Hon I . S. vci-. hilndied thou
I stiml Slovaks t'roiu ull sections of tin'
urc iiietul.ers of the so
WASHIN(iTON, September L'7 ( As
sociated I'ress) Casualties reported
yesterday mjaiti mounted above oOn,
those of the aiinv numbering 4IM and
those of the marines sixty six. The
names of the dead in the army list mini
here. I H02 and the classification of loss
es was as follows: Killed in action, Lloit ;
died of wounds, seventy five; died of
disease and other causes, twenty one;
w oiiii. led eighty sev en and prisoners
seventy threo.
Among the names of thu officers on
the lists were I'apt. ( harles Gallagher,
Ithaca, New oik, .lead of disease, and I
cuplains West K. lilaine, Chester, I'eiiu
Nvlvauia, and Jay Herman Honing, linf
falo, New York, severely wutfti.led.
In the Marines casualty lists there
were reported forty three killed in ac
lion, eleven dead of wounds, six wound
ed and six inissin.
w. a. 8.
I'KKINO, September L'7 -( Assoc lat
ed l'ross)--Oii Tuesday I'resideul elect
Hsu (Sin l'han' announced that he
would accept ollice and be i till lllllIU ed
on October In. lie will follow, he
iiniiounced, h policy designed to secure
peace inside the republic
It is repuite.l that Wane; ('lietie Tiny,
the southern coiv el ntueiit lea. lei, le
centlv ciuharkcl se.-ictlv lor the I'nit
I e.l Slates H'lirh- he w ill seek r.-.-oo
t iiiti.ni for the ('anion yov criiuient.
I 'KV YOKK, Septembci Jli itllli
1 . i .1 1 . Total tales for three (lays of tau
. fall an.-tion of .furs ainoiinted lo
1 if l.7"i(l.iiuil. Haw skunk brought the
Inchest price ever paid In tins cuntrv,
and ermine was thirty live percent
higher than lum spring
from Hi.
I r.-m
n a ii. I I
an mill
en u
'"'I'll voiced by the Letts, inhabitants
1 . 1 1 1 1 u a ii i a . I loir country was tak.-u
i o nl hey and yi v en to ( .ei many with
o" "I' II . onsent W lien the Hulshev l-.t
j delegation to Hresi l.itovsk si u in-. I a
lltciuian made treaty which surrendered
j Lithuania to the Germans. T,(.
I 1 1 y was one of t he b'u.ssiau I
I states.
I lut hen forma I prof -sts and appeal,
I addressed to all of the nations of the
j hoiI. I, the Letts throuyh the I.ithua
iiiniii national eoiim il, de. laie that Ihev
lib, not c. i-.. i . i .... iv... . i . .. i .
' " . Alsace and Lorraine suttered, but
t hi' hl:i nt s ol i . i i. . , .. . . ,
.a,.crs winch pblhed 1 ' . "', " V."r,,,i'";
their streiiyth.
Thev protest iii;ailist the Itrest ..,,
vsl, treaty because it dismembers Li
inuaiiian liiritoiv an. I i
v lolf'ii. c ana mst the t lyht
10 exercise uo-n lice will.
Thev lilst add l esse. I t heiusel cs t
the German .-limii..r but then ell.ot
in t hat . I i i e i t ion w ei e w ithoiu a v ail.
W. S. 8.
istcr IS tetlirilllin
to his country.
Nearly a year iijjd Hra.il declared
war a.'iiiust Germany following the
example of the I'lliteil States.
Km Janeiro press despatch said
that German propaganda publiaiic.l
which criticised Hra.ilian affairs at
I'ort Oal Tl' III tilt Htlttt Itf Kill (il.lllilt'
It' I Sul ho Hr rt-MM'tl t In'
jitturkN wt'iv iii:i.Ic on
threr of t hi
tin' pror. MiMio In. I
jff g
an act .it
of a people
s ot I
. and ;
look ,
lav , i
a ii. I
SAN' DIKGO. September L'7 . -s
ciated Press i- Two new ly built 1'nited
States steamers, both on' their maiden
vovaucs failed lo weather a teiiili. hur
in tine win. h occurred otf the . o
Lower California on Septembei 1
an- lost. The i rews of both i,-..,-!
to the small boats and after tine
adrilt, siiocriuo; many liar.lsh
the perils of the storm, they w
cue. I by passllie vessels.
Il is also icpoito.l that the
I .a I a, Hi'Vini. w ,as part in II
el l.v the storm.
- w. a a -
lest I .
sTi K'KJh il. M, September 'J7 i ,
1 d I'lt ss Vctiiic. u i c r . i an Chi
-'I t'cncral l'....!c has auive.l h.-ie t ,
los. OW lie lepol . that W lo II lo
I. It M,.s, ,., a Week W Illi . ,c
I' I i I I - Il I oil Ml I I . enei a
.' hel I I. I i :!, .hp al
1 1
K ,
i with
I ... kill
.111,,., I
I v ell t V otic financiers, busl
-In .pi n' lea. lei s, u ho i om pose
i " c-'pa n i o .lev clop 1 lie lial u. .
niou. unified Oa i,. and ecoiionin- r. I i
'i. "is, o to the Orient within three
wc. ks. The mission w ill cai rv a no -M-iev
of K, will from Sea I tie and
Mi.' . ori ii w t'si to l lie .1 a pa lies-
and the Japanese business woltd
to i.-il
Stat, s
I. I I lo
i. it .!.
,v ill, the
II, . b.l
W 8. 8.
ptelnb. I J
I I N i , TON
.1 I..I Ml. I
..in. I .
ige I
b. Il
e holl-
w hi. h
i il
ml.-. I
w In,
n Is
I n,
w her
no opp.
L(.)DOX, September 27 (As
sociated I'ress) With the
Allies sweeping irresistibly for'
ward along the whole of the one
hundred and thirty mile Bulga
rian front, the enemy line cut and
severed at a number of, points,
inot ot tts line oi communica
tion severed the Bulgarian army,
believed to number in the aggre
gate fully three hundred thousand
is in a perilous position. Reports
emphasize the almost utter de
moralization of the Bulgarians
who are in flight which may well
he called rout and are leaving
enormous qua .ties of stores and
probably thousands of prisoners
behind them but the victory will
not be complete until the Allies
hold Uskub which is rite center
in' he enemy communications.
I i i mi all parts of the wide front
come reports of Allied victory and
of Bulgarian disaster. Much ter
ritory in Serbia has been recover
ed, an invasion of Bulgaria is act
ually in progress and late reports
indicate that the political situa
tion at Sofia the Bulgarian capi
tal is critical.
The Piriti-h invasion of Bulga
ria which bet;an at the border op
posite Kosturino, six miles south
of Struinita, besides having an
immense moral effect which is re
ported to be already felt, will be
strategically valuable when it
reaches the Valley of Strumitza
leading toward the Sofiaieres
railroad and thus conveying a di
rect threat against the Bulgarian
Well inlormed circles report
that the Allied ictorv has preci
pitated a serious political situa
tion in Bulgaria which will be
aggravated by the news of the
invasion, h is said that martial
law has been proclaimed and is
already being enforced in Sofia
and that it is expected that the
Bulgarian cabinet will resign.
I'eace demonstrations were held
in St ilia and oilier Bulgarian cities
mi Sunday. Monday and Tuesday,
these reports assert.
It is also teported that the ad
vance into s,.,,j;1 ;m, (u. rtv(lV
cr ir Set I, tan territory from the
invading I'.iil-ars will permit of
the reestahbiiueut of a seat of
the Serbian government. This,
the Si-tl, i. m i,, reign minister an-
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