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v v V.
' fl
Complaints made by Mr. Walter 'T.
M.iirfurlnnc of condition!! at the Kallhl
r ' ' "jur station were justified and
have been remedied, state President
1'nxsun of the board of health, who ask
whnt mure ran be done by him' or by'
the board. Ho has discharged L Ka ne,
the caretaker of the station, and the
assistant cnretnker and hag taken other
steps to improve discipline and care
fulness about the station. 5
Mrs. Mtiefnrlano, whose letter In Tha
Advertiser yesterday morning railing at
tention to what she claim arc flagrant
abuses tit tho receiving station attracts
wide attention, declares that President
1'nxion has not helped remedy the real
situntion by discharging the caretaker,
but lias only made it more difficult to
net the truth of the situation out into
the open where it can ba viewed and
the necessary corrections brought about.
Hhe hiivs that Mr. Paxson hag "double
crossed" her in discharging these men
ninl has now denied her the opportunity
of appearing at a special meeting of
the board of health which he, himself,
suggested should be called in order that
idie might nppenr before it.
Demand Investigation
There nre conditions infinitely worae
tli 11 ii have been so fur exuoaed that de
mand investigation, according to the in
formation in her hands, she says. Theae
conditions, if her information be cor
rect, ate such as will shock the moral
sense of the community. If things are
us she believes she is prepared to prove,
the health of the community has been
endangered for the most iou of rea
sons. She demands nn inv 'igation by
the proper authorities.
Among other 'charge which Mr.
Macfarlane is prepared to make, and
not one of the mora serious charges, ia
that babies born at the settlement on
Mnlokai ure being brought to Hono
lulu by relatives and are not taken to
the proper government homes but are
taken directly into the homes of rela
tives, where no supervision whatever
over the children is exercised. No
care is taken to see whether or not
these children develop the disease that
afflicts the mothers, and no protection
is afforded the neighborhood into which
these children lire taken.
Worse Than Belgium
"I do not intend to permit this mat
ter to be lightly dismissed," said Mts.
M ad n i In no last night. I have no fight
tu make upon Mr. l'nxsnn, even though
he did w rite to the (iovernor and say
that all my charges were without justi
fication, the very same charge that ho
now says are justified. I have no fight
to make upon the board of health. I
have a fight to make against condi
tions that are worse thun the condi
tions the ILunss have brought to Bel
gium, things that are horrible, things
that add to the sorrows of tho people
ct the sett lenient and things that are
helping prevent the stamping out of
leprosy in these Islands wo love. I
have befit told things by weeping moth
ers that make many of the reports from
I'.elginm seem tame. I want a chance
to either prove or disprove these, and
1 i nt end t o get it . "
Offclals Admit Truth
Charges made by Mrs. Macfarlane re
gunling the conduct of the Kalihi lever
receiving station arc admitted as being
true bv both Sumner H. Pnxson, presi
dent of the boa id of health, and by
.1 IV M'Voigh. superintendent of the
K .- I -l 1 1 1 m i :i sett li-riient.
'II I.v point upon which there is
a ipiest ion of facts contained ill her
charges is as in where the pigs came
tr.'tit . Iii. li she says were sold by
K.i ni'. the Kalihi settlement keeper.
Moth I'axs. ri and McVeigh say that in
vestigations made by them indicate that
tin (inly pigs sold by Kane came from
ji pi.; rtiiirh in which he is interested
wiili a .In pn nose. This is not located
nt the Kalihi settlement, but nearby.
In effect, if not in so uiany words,
President Pnxson says:
" Mi. M in fa r lane 's charges were in
vestigated. As a whole they were found
t Ka ne way informed that he was
to be dismissed at the end of this
mouth. What else call Mrs. Macfar
lane want an I what else can the board
of health do?"
He showcl surprise when informed
that Mrs. Macfarlane thinks he got rid
of Ka ne so the Kalihi keeper would
not have to answer ipiestions at a pub
lic hearing which she demanded. The
I nn i "1 of health president says the only
agreement he had about a public hear
ing with Mrs. Macfarlane was that she
would be permitted, if she liked, to
ask ipiestioiis of both Ka ne and Mc
Veigh at the next meeting of the board.
K ne Th Fired
"Her complaints were regarding
segregation at the Kalihi station. In
vestigation of the complaints satisfied
nie that in the major part they were
justified. As a result Ka ne was noti
fied his sei v ii ii w ere to be dispensed
with nt the end of this month," ho
Ml V s.
Pi esidcnt Pnxson was told that there
weie oiIki c o in p la i ii I s that the Kalihi
Malion was conducted as a jail, instead
of as a hospital. The basis of this
complaint was that the patients were
for. cil to subsist on the same ration
ii 1 1 . t that special diets could not be
cured for patients, even when ordered
bv a phvsician.
To the complaint regarding the sup
plying of the special diets. President
Pnxson i. plied:
"Thee is a board of health order
that s i( iul diets shall be provided to
pa ' ie ut s w hen ordered by a physician."
Ir II T llollrnan. tiie federnl phy
si'ie'i w In, has tieen giv ing the medical
t ( ( at ineiil ;it 'he station, said last night
that tlis oidci is "news to me," al
though he would not admit that there
had been double between him II lid the
Nation supei i ii I eiideii I over this speci-
lie subject.
"Room For Friction "
Dr. Holliiian explains tliut in view
of the fart that be is still "the com
manding oflleer' at the1 station ami will
he until Novembex I, he did not feel
justified in discussing the revelations
made about the station. Bowever, he
did say that due to the dual contort of
the station, that of the territory aad
the federal government, "it should be
apparent there i room for friction."
Preaident Paxton says that Ka-ne, up
on investigation, waa found to be guilty
of negligence and "failing tq obey or
der. " This failure to obey order con
sisted, in at least one instance, in the
station superintendent eating at the
same table with the patient. The neg
ligence charge is justified, according to
bis point of view, by the f)t that the
Station keeper permitted money to pas
between the drivers of delivery wagons
and the patients.
Trouble arose at the station ten or
twelve years ago because drivers got
into the habit of taking orders and
money from the patients, says Superin
tendent l&Veigh. He says he intends
to stop it this time by the order which
has been issued by him prohibiting the
delivery wagons from entering the sta
tion enclosure.
(Superintendent McVeigh say his in
vestigation of the charge that Ka ne
sold pigs from the station pen made
him think it was not well founded. He
reached this opinion after questioning
some of the patients. He Intends to
continue the investigation along the
same lines, but is inclined to the belief
that it is not likely Ka ne would have
taken the chance of discovery by "tak
ing pig away from the station before
the fifty-two pain of eye of the pa
tient. r
The pigs at the Kalihi station are
neither the. property of the station or
the territory, but some he gave to the
patient, "so they would have some
fresh pork occasionally," McVeigh says.
Eeplles To Paxson
The following letter has been ad
dressed to The Advertiser by Mrs. Mac
farlane in which she defines her posi
Editor The Advertiser: According
to Mr. Paxson's way of looking at it,
the attack I made on the Board of
Health through your paper yesterday
morning, is not good promotion work.
The Islands are termed and known all
over the world as the Paradise of the
Pacific, but I ask you can it be under
such conditions!
If the Islands are to be known as
a Paradise, let us universally make
them such. From the north to the
south, from the east to the west, it is
known that leprosy is in the Islands
and that a place of segregation for
such unfortunates is on tho Island of
Shortly after Mr. Paxson took office
as president of the territorial board
of health, I filed some complaints, not
only against the keeper, assistant
keeper and watchman, but against the
boqrd of health as well, for not in
vestigating from time to time to see
if the. rules of the board were being
carried out. Not hearing from the
board as to weather my complaints
were taken up, I took the matter to
the Governor and he was most cour
teous and prompt In lnvestigaitng.
Paxson's First Stand
The complaints were filed by the
(iovernor on August 20, the day after
my visit and on August 24, Mr. Pax
son, as president, of the board, wrote
the liovernor saying "after iuvestiga
tiou, I find that the complaints are
not justified." He further mentions
that the patients have enjoyed the
privilege of providing themselves with
such extra in the way of food as they
felt they could afford. The markets
deliver their orders ami receive the
money for same only after it has been
disinfected. Is it according to the
rules of ordinary precautious to give
to the patients money that has been
disinfected with the understanding that
it ceases ever to be subjected to con
tamination after being once disinfect
On the 13th of September 1 called
at the board of health and asked Mr.
I'axson and Mr. Porter when the next
board of health meeting was to be
held and was informed that a meet
ing hail been held the'day before, and
that the next would be held on the
second Thursday in October. We look
ed it up and found it would be on the
1 Oth. I then requested Mr. Paxson to
permit me to coma and ask questions
at the meeting, giving him a few
more complaints. I told him I would
like to have the keeper, aasistant
keeper, watchman, and Mr. McVeigh
present so I could ask the questions and
get direct answers.
I 8 till Watting
Mr. Paxson told me Mr. McVeigh
was .coming down soon and would uot,
he thought, be able to stay till the
10th of October, but suggested a spe
elal meeting while Mr. McVeigh was
here, which was more than obliging
on Mr. Paxson's part. 1 have wuit
ed ever siuce for the notification of
the date of this meeting.
Iay before yesterday, (September 2.1,
I 'phioued Mr. Paxsqn to if lie bad
forgotten about one public meeting.
The answer I received was that be did
not see why we should have a meet
ing, and did uot thdnk it necessary
now that he had let out the keeper and
was going to have a general clean up
that he had done all 1 wanted.
I told him I had uot asked for the
removal of any one but that I wanted
to know the truth and a meeting was
the only way that 1 could find it out.
He further informed me that I could
not demand the keeper, etc. to appear
at a board of health meeting when
they were no more in the employ of
the board of health. He also informed
me that if it was a personal mntter
between Mr. Ka ne and myself that
I should not expert the hoard of
health to take it up.
Let us hope by that remark, per
Progress of Allies Continues To
Overcome Stouter German
Defense of Town
(Concluded from Page 1)
On fct Quentin Front
Northwest of St. ijueiitin two Mritish
divisions Wi'h'n the last few days have
captured enemy trenches snd impoitnnt
strongholds and have taken 1 50') pris
oners. Yeterdny before the invested
city Of St. Quentin. nt points to the
northwest Haip's men continued to ex
eft their pressure in the neighborhood
of fielency and (Jmnurt. Ninth of the
tatter point the fight ing e as It "ii vv and
there strong counters of the enemy
were mQt and repulsed,
rrankort I Bombed
Yesterday Hritish aircraft bombed
Frankfort and were attacked bv manv
airships of which live were downed.
Four British crafts failed to return.
British avintor also carried out a
daring raid on (lo-man airdromes at
Hnhl, twenty Ave mile-i southwest of
Karlsrnhe, and Kaiscrlinifern. between
Metj and Mannheim.
Berlin official repots were silent as
to the fighting in Champagne and in
Flanders, but) claimed the recapture of
some positions in I oiraine. ens) of the
Moselle Kiver, and admitted tlin west
of St. Quentin the French had "sue
ceeded " In effecting -mail breaches in
the Oermn". lines between Frimcillv
and the frnintne, the communique cvi
dentlv dealing with the fighting on
Wednesday or earlier in the week.
- W. . S. -
WASH1NOTON, Septemb-r iOf
ficial) Not alone the magnificent
Husch residents on lliversnle Drive in
New York City, ordered by the en y
custodian to be" sol I at private snle.
will be dis'jiosed of, but all of tin
property in this country which belongs
to Mrs. Lillian Husch, vyidow of the
late Adolphus Busch, the St. l,oui
brewer, is to be sold bv the cu-.todiiin
and the proceeds, which will amount
several millions of dollars will be in
Vested in Liberty Bon l.
This property was seized bv the
custodian while Mrs. Busch was m
fiermany whence she retui I recently
by wsy of Cuba.
w. 1. 1.
PHILADKI.PMIA, Pen n-v Iv a u ia, Sep
tember L'li- - ( ( MTiciall - M oi c than a
score members of congress, headed bv
Speaker Champ Clark, were sliow n some
of the wonders of munitions plants in
this vicinity.
Speaker Clark said it a. the " mo-l
inspiring exhibition of American in
dustrial prepa r c I iiess I 've ever seen and
indicates the tieincndom re'oiiiccs
which the country is usip to win the
war. I am more than ever conviri I
Of the speedy triumph of (.in cause.''
W. 8. 8.
WASHINGTON, September L'li - (Of
ficial) Douglas M. MotTatt has been
appointed managing director of the of
fb-e of the custodian of alien enomv
proM'rtv for the Philippines. Me sin
ceeds (iovernor Heneral Harrison. re
signed. lie will have chaige of the
re sale of a imiiiliei ot enemv owned
ST. UH'IS, SrjittMTil.cr WW MXT'h-mli
Till' H M H I T I H r.MHH ll i,f S. ot 1 I'll Kite
Kit' Mn.norirv :i r. n nlut mih
rnuslv ilt'iMMiiii nij thr j 1 1 1 n j t m nf t It -kaiser
to use 1 In Mm.mmih- nrli-i to al-ft
thr (it'i iriaii irn r pt n ui ua n . la .
Tin1 nmliit ion ail; 'Mirinian triiii.s
of M'cr kIiiiII hr it In- ruii-.lfi i' v
tlir Mhsihim. Tin- only trim- ul .ra.-
til Itt Will Im r hum. It' I t-. ;if r til " M
hiiiiii' ii lasting i-Hr him-Ii hm Aiiicricu
iroio-rs. ' '
W. 8. 8. -
I.uNIMlN, August 7. (Associated
Pi ess i The dent h is a a ii'iu need of
Lieutenant Dlllly who earned the 'lc
toria Cross in (lallipoli for -winiining
from the warship Clyde to the shore
with a rope while under heavy fire
Lieutenant Diury was killed bv the full
of a block ftoni the end of a derrick
which struck him on the head.
sonally, he meant me persuuallv mnk
ing these attacks on Mr. Ka ne mil
ot hers.
Needs Explanation
Pigs are supposed to be raised f.u
coiiMimpt ion by the patients only, and
that is why the complaint his been
made as to the sale of anv to the pui
lie. An ifds pig selling lor 1 on
f r icudship 's sake 1 think needs au e
plana) mn.
If the public meetiiiL' cannot he
culled I Hill perfectly willing to make
the cmiiplnints thnnigh the papeis and
have them answered likewise.
We have nut gotten our answer as
to tlic guitais and ukuleles. Have
Iiaticiits jumped the fence and before
caving fur Molokai been allowed to
go home at night, letiiirmig e;til n.t
ino'aiiig in t.iuc lor shipment, us i,
ports have leiuhcd me .' Then, w Ion
is the night w a t c h inn ii .' Nhou, a
lime branch gialted Manual aiel
H doghouse l.tlllf ' Dun, n Ii " l, In'
peimittcd out of th - com j, .mi i. 1 with
out first being t u in i -.i t ed . een if it is
the propel t V of II ineltilo r o the I... .(i d
of health f
Thnlil'ing on for this sj ( in voui
pa pi-1 . 1 1 1 -1 1 1 a i r i
See ri c ' ( .
a i.i i i: b m i i i;i m;
Victory Grows As Enemy In Flight
Leaves Supplies and
Prisoners Behind
(Concluded from Pajre 1 ) j
iio'iiiccs i!! be either nt M.niastir or
1'iilep a s soon ni the llied lines have
ad a in cd nort h siifb. icnt I v . j
iMiliian tioops fea. lied the outskirts!
of the important Itnlgarian base of Ish- I
titi (di Tuesday, it was reported in ofli
( ial Serbian despatches Hast of the
Var.lar Cilidska w a - . apture.l. St.- !
tiou to the northwest of l'sul., which'
is defended by Hulgaiinii and (ionium t
troops, and is the most important poi j
tiou of the enemy's di f( rise s-vstcm. In
the advni'ce in this setter enormous'
ipiantities of munitions n, supplies
which the enemy IcM behind the in in
their hurried detinrtuie. toccther will.
I fs
nineteen big puns, fell Into the hands
of the jubilant Herbiruis.
North of Prilep, also the Scrbinns
hotly continued their pursuit of the
The Allied advance into Hulgnria con
tunics. The combined British mid
Crook forces are pressing their way
over the Pelacbista mountain rnnge to
the northeast of Lake Doiran.
The (ireeks are aiding the Allies
actively in three sectors but nre most
actively engaged with the British east
of the Vardar River where they nre
pursuing the fleeing Bulgars toward
The Italians continue, to advance
rapidly against the enemy ou their
front n lid lire.addillg to the rout and
the peril of tli tDemy army.
SANTA VE, New Mexico, August 'Jfl
- i Associated Pre) The women of
Santa Ve county have adopted the sug
gestion mnde by 'Mrs. Ruth C. Miller,
state supervisor of industrial educn
Hon, to eipiip a motor truck with eva
porator, drying frames and canning de
vices and with tliia truck to visit every
community iu the country where then
are orchards to dry and ran fruit and
vcgctnblei that would otherwise go to
waste. A competent instructor will be
in charge of the truck rind she will be
a"(-oin pa ii ie I by several volunteers.
Wotnc'i an. I girls in the rural comuiuu
inns will be instructed and assisted in
th" canning of fruit'and vegetables.
Si net1 Or or
Ink of thr
v ;M Kriitr nrr
(. Koriiilz, formrr rliirf
nfival comm.. rnlant , w Tin
1 to n vrnr'n iniit ixin
onafr in I'.H", has m n I
merit t
:i't.i' . mm ti 1 t pnv thr fine als.i un
i)H.-'l ami thr .ourt mMn, lathrr than
tiUr the iHnM'r' oath, thrrr is ninh
si.Tii!at ion as to any sutiHr-uirn t a
! i .n w hir h may ho tukrn ayainst him.
Ifni'infz, who was thr naval coin
n.hi nt 's rlrrk for twrlvo vrars, ami
r', li is rr m o v al from thr po-it ion
: - rr'pii rv-l T v a r nrra onlrr i
mi-'-I at thr ln-yi n nin of t lir w it r, is
" mi :i n nnti vity . Toil an Amrrit-Hii
I' nn f n r a li at ion. Hi- was rrlir vr.l
-In ti the Washington authorities i ss i i
tn oi.lrr that all f-t-rmiuiH in confi'lcn
t :il military
osit ions v, ri r to ir rr
In vice, ,,f the f.-i
!!. 'i led Hinltv it csp
t Unit Korni
Miiui jfr jilt m"
cMliinntteil bef
v. ;ir. tin-re is
i- I" whether
A tin i 1 1-a r n t r rci '. 1 -
I ' i n 1 1 r .sircul;i t "i i i
i-it an nt tern nt ill
ii" v I'e made to have Ins citi.i ii'i.i
lights cancelle I, as lias been dole in
"''n i' ' ;i-i',i wlie'e tin re whs proof of
d ts,( :i 1 1 y df nat in alicd tierinaiis.
I( '.mi-"' ol' his Aini'iican citizenship
mni'iKf be interned as are nlien en
c suspected of bi'injf (In nyerons,
a i I lie is tu be 'iven his libeitv w hen
I" i-ivs his tine, it is said by the fed
. ' ;i ! :mt horit ies. ltoeiuty by eood prison
cih l ii t has materially reduced his term
of i in p l i si i n me n t
The federal officials are silent as to
:i 1 1 v subsequent action which mov In
til. en against Hocni'., although it is
apparent that thev thiril. he would
have s(,ve( himself a "rent deal of en
I nrrassment and trouble if he had paid
Ins fine by remaininif in inil.
-' w. a. . .
Just a Bundle of
Nerv oiisiiobs and nerve pain often
come fiuin weui kidneys. Many a per
son w ho worries over trifles and is tiou
bled with neuralgia, rheumatic pains
and backache, would find quick relief
through a puul kidney remedy. If you
have nervous attacks, with head a i lies
backaches, dizzy spells and sharp,
shooting pains, try Hoan's Dackaclie
Kidney Pills. They are for the relief
of weak kidrievs and have brought
quick benefit in t lnaisa nds of such
"When Your Hack is I nine liemein
bei the Name " ilion't simply ask for
a kidin v i-eutc( ask li'iinctlv for
Ilo. I" 's It.'H-ka. he Ki.lnev Pills Hll'l t . k ('
no otli.rl. Poaa's Mm km he Kidney
Pills are sold I,'
d rupisl s and stm e
nailed on receipt of
isier l.ruj,' (',, , oi
i , n "outs for t he
(Ad vi rt iM'inc lit
k. ep.-i s, w ill be
pi ice bv the II. I
HensKii Smith A I
Haw a, inn lalauda.
Methods of Extortion Vary tiut
Demand Is Insatiable and
Promises Are Broken
I'AIUS, Aiirnst .11 - (Associated
I'rrss i (lermany has emu-ted war con
t riluit ions from Helium during the
hist four years of the war a moil nt i ne;
to a total of t lfi't,iHMl,noii. This is in
addition to the vast amount of ma
chinery. mal.ii.als mid men taken from
Midium to sustain (icrmanv.
In this tiPh year of war it is in
lerestin to review the ''financial nc
tivitics'' ef tM (Icrmans in Helcjium
since that fateful dav in Hclinin 's
Msorv, Au-ust jn, I'M I, when the (;0r
man hoidit entered Itrussels.
Ibirine; that mouth, as the Herman
armies were hacking their way through
the little kingdom, uiiiucrous towns ami
cities Were "flned" and vv h t eontri
butions w.ic levied from each prnv
i II i i as the ((Ctiuaiis proyressml south
west w a nl .
Announce Demands
The first move of the (".cilnnn staff
when entering a town was to proceed
to theh City Hall and announce to the
burgomaster that for resisting the nd
vnncc of the Kmpcror William's ar
lines, his city or town had been fined
so ninny thousand or million francs,
as the ease might be. When the burg
omaster would remonstrate, I'blnus
anil In-ath's Head Hussurs would c-a
v-ort innocently in City Hall fsqunre or
the burgomaster would be taken pri
oner. ,
In one instance in the Province of
Ijcgc the (lerninn commander of the
company entering the town informed
the burgomaster that a war contri
bution of 11111,0011 fnincs would have
to be forthcoming within two hours.
The burgomaster demurred. Never in
the historv of the little town had there
been so much mouey in the city treas
ury. At the present moment, there
was only a little over three thousand
francs in the strong box.
" UVIl, we'll take that," cnliuly re
sponded the (fcrmnn.
More than 200,000,000 francs were
thus levied between August aud No
ember. 1P14.
Scrap of Paper
Then Viebl Marshal Baron von der
(iol; z Pasha decreed Hint Belgium
would have to pay n monthly rontribu
tiou id 4o .oofi.ooh francs during one
year mid it would not be increased
nnd that it would not be renewed. The
Pasha's decree, however, proved to be
but another scrap of pnjsr.
In November 111 IS. Baron von Bis
sing culled upon the councils of the
niie Mel-inn provinces to meet and
informed them that the promise of
Ins piodeccf-sor had he-cn made in good
fniih but with the implied condition
that win would be ended within the
vcai jind that he saw no alternative
but than to renew the monthly con
tribution ol lo.ooo.ooo francs for an
other vear.
n the JOth of November, 191R, in
s'end of abolishing the onerous tax
on P.ioium. von Hissing decided that,
1'iui'i to the duration of the war, the
ne lease III piices- h i .' h cost of living
I'e would have to increase the month
K pav merits to ,rn.ono nuo francs. He
ad-led oni i iinusl y, " temporarily. "
1 1 proved to be so, indeed, for, on
tin- L'lst id Mnv, l!H7, the contribu
tion was further raised to 00,0110,000
f i :incs.
'I he flow of francs into the coffers
of the "War I. oral' ' was too small to
satisfy the pgargantuan appetites of
the niilita.v- men however, and on the
Jh (.' Scpteiiibei . HMO, they "seized"
I : (,1'iiii.oiki million marks, const it ut in
nil the deposit! ill (terman bills of
1' c BniKiie Nnlionale and the Societo
'loiiilf do 'telgiipie. the two largest
1 1 1 I- - in I'. liMum. When one of the
I'M' t,r- .,f the Societo (lencrale re
iii-e-l to divulge that part of the com
lot. (lion ol ihc vaults which he alone
I. new an I without which t lis vaults
oidd not be oid-ned, the (lerinans said
that thev would blow them open with
high e.plosnos. The director rather
than hac the vaults of the inst 1 1 ut ion
w n cke l d' c'dc'l to acquiesce. Thus
u Inil will probably go down ns the
gi'al'.t bii(;l.-iiv of modern tunes was
W. ft. 8.
Honolulu's First Department
Store Will "Sell Everything
and Buy Nothing!"
Honolulu's first "department store"
will open Tuesday. October 1. It will
not pretend to sell anything from a pin
to an elephant, like some of the great
i"l met r opobta n institutions, but it will
have a lauge all the wnv from Poos'
I'ni.t Salts to full dress suits, or from
steamer trunks to banjos.
This is the lied Cross Shop, now
slinking up al the corner of Berctania
and Nuiiriiiu fur the grand opening,
wilh a start' of volunteer cleiks and
milliards and Hour watkeis, all busy
just null putting on the price tags. The
vim k includes, ill addition to the lir
ti Ies speeilied, pK luies, picturi' frames
and s s, dtosses, t o v s ami tenuis
no ki ts, ketosene lamps and books fm
all ages and all tastes, ibess tortus and
ii.i !(' -. lei I ..icos. ici, lv made suits
.(I.I I .. I I. . I me.
These aic not fact. .IV new. but thev
an tool, s, i v i. ca hie and (heap, with
Ilo :, l.!e I alll.i. lion that all tin- llioliev
Ihal int.. Hi. till leaches the !o.
1 loss I'ejtsnrv. The articles on sale,
a I I h who h will be coining in I e; u
I.. i !.' '. OH ih. sl.ehes. an (tllblltc l
I v t I, ir , g .s si,, at a hnlel I e. per
( i. ! p i oil I on the selling pi i. e a ul the
lb-.! i eel, il all
'We s, I I ,., v , h.Ke 1 Ion- olh
I - i he l(. .1 I i oss S,,,, sloe.au and
I hose u I.e to ail-l t hose w Ilo
.hi . 1 In v ,,ie .-qua II v vv cl. oiiied.
Subscriptions Yesterday Less
Than Two Hundred Thousand;
Half of Quota Not Reached Yet
Kp to five o'clock, Sept. L'.l, ll.
Total Subscribed tL',Hlij,4.)0
(lain Tor day Hl.'.'JOO
Total subscribers 0,7t0
By Island
Onhn, .'i.".l'' .
Hawaii. ..14
Kauai, 7."0
. tL'ioL',!.'.!)
1. 10, .".no
- - - . ... . . .-, '
io ni-ccicriiip i ne su use ri pr ions tu
the Fourth Liberty Loan bond aad
advnncc the figures more rapidly to
ward Hawaii's quota of $rt,7fi.1,0."n, as
half the amount has not yet been rpnch
ed after a week's campaign, instruc
tions have been issued to seek for
bond purchasers among the very peo
pie vv horn the sales forces may first
have sidestepped under the belief no
sales could be effected.
It has come to the attention of the
"itmpaign managers that instances have
a isen where this has been done and
thnt in some cases more money has
been received from the overlooked ones
than from those they had tin their
" You never con tell where a bond
cau be sold." said Manager Cmy But
tolph, yesterday, and proceeded to cite
an instance.
Hales lieutenants had passed by a
certain house where two women lived,
their sympathies gaining the upper
'C 1 . - .1. c . - . I
haud in the problem of whether or
UOt they would call and request bond 1
purchases. i
It was finally decided to make the
rail, but they anticipated crossing off
the names as unavailable material.
Had Money Ready
Ou entering the house they found
that the women were really waiting
for some of the sales force to call upon
them. They hnd application made
out and four hnndred dollar was avail
able. The sales lieutenant were agree
ably surprised, and put down the ex
perience as a guide to future "over
look," a some people are railed.
Incidentally the sale worker casual
ly asked if a yardboy was on the prem
ises, and were informed in the affirma
five, also that he could not afford to
buy, in their opinion.
The yardbny, who originally hnil
ed from Nippon, was sought ami ask
ed if he wanted to buy a Liberty
Bond. The solicitors were electrified
when he said he would take five hun
dred dollars worth.
Buttolph also received a cablegram
from O. K. Weeks, campaign manager
at Han Franciaco announcing that the
Hawaiian quota is fi7Rr,0.r)0.
The actual figure are fl,7ftri,057,
but as the fractional seven does not
fit into the lowest Liberty Bond fifty
dollars the seven was dropped off.
Tt was worked out to such a nicety
that the last fifty dollar bond was
reckoned with," said Ir. Buttbiph.
Buttloph figures that it will be worth
while for' purchasers to figure on sub
scribing for that last (50 bond of the
original quota, even though Hawaii
does ro over and beyond the quota.
"And Hawaii will certainly do that
little thing," adds the manager.
The Kauai campaign is going along
merrily, over a quarter of a million
dollar having been pledged up to noon
yesterday. The Kauaians are not satis
fied, however, with their own intensive
campaign, but want some nut side pep,
and yesterday wirelessed to the lo
cal campaign committee to supply them
with a ipeakfir.
HaJsey To Kauai
Richard Halsey, inspector in rharge
of the I uited Stales Inimlgrat ion sin
tion was offered the opportunity and
gladly accepted and left last night
for the flarden Islands. The big Liber
ty Hood meeting will be held Sunday
afternoon at which Mr. Halsey will be
the principal speaker.
Owing to his fluency in speaking
Japanese he will also be usked to
make addresses in different towns of
the Island in that language nnd aid
in rolling up the total of Kauai's Jap
anese on the subscription list.
After a week's ciimpnlgu the re
suits of' the women's sales force will
be told at a meeting called f ' ten
o'clock tomorrow morning at the chain
bcr of commerce rooms, where Ms.
Hamilton V. Agee, will preside. Th.'
reports will be made, experiences tol.l,
suggestions called for, and uevv iustruc
tious given.
The women ire doing fine work
throughout the city and are going into
by ways and taro patches with a zeal
which is commendable, and are getting
real tangible bond results.
Urged To Spood Up
The male sales, force 1 am already
been requested to speed up and add
to their already fine work. Manuger
Buttolph sent this letter to each work
er yesterday.
"l'lan, to double your last subscrip
tion, if possible. Right now, with
victory in sight, our armies in Krauce,
Italy and Siberia must not be restrict
ed by the luck of a few paltry dollars,
and (ieruiuny must not be eucourHged
to go on with the struggle by nueipt
of the nevys that the Kouith Loan was
only floated by herculean effort
" Kememher the (Vntral Powers
have made upwards of a doxen heavy
call upon their peoples heavier than
anv yet asked by I'nclc Sam nnd arc
still going strong. This thing is get
ting to be more than a duty to vour
country now it is a dutv to vonrself
and to vour tiod' Hawaii cannot, must
not , fail to do her sliijr c! ' '
w. I. 8.
WASHINGTON, Sepfeillbei J7 s
so. uited I'ressl Plans of the senate
tor the taking of a vote on the N omau
Suffrage amendment to the .onst.tu
tion, already passed bv the house an I
for weeks pending in the upper legis
lulive body were suddenly aba n boicd
in tl idsl of the debate.
I.alci il was announced bv lea Ies
that Ihc vote will I.e takci Sal
in. lav .
Honolulu, fleptcmber M, WIS. j 1 I t
1 "TT :
Ah't Itnlitwln. Ltd
1'. Krcwer Ai Co
Kwn Plant. Co I J7V4
Haiku Sua. Co IKA
Haw Airrett Co H
Haw (.:. H. Co
linw suig co ii
43 H
lionukiia Mm Co 4
Kslinkn l imit Co I l.lijfa
iiuk Dinxm nug. riant, .t wv
Kekelis Hugnr Co 23
Koto Hnir Ca 178
Mi llr.nle Knir Co., Ltd. . . 8
("Shu itHir Co Xtt
oIrm Mu n Co.. Li.) Si
iiuiimi'i rsugnr co 1 a
I'amiusu tug. ftaat C'o .l t4
seine isiiffar miii I iu
I'ala 1'lanL C Ill')
t'ciMspfcro tSng-ar Vo i...
IMonoer Mill Co I M
Son l srli.s Milling Co. .. IK
Wnlnllin Agn tl Co 2R
vt illlukii miik to ; 1
ffartmi IW. Co.. L.U
Kngcls Copper Mining Co
Haiku V. A I'. Co.. lfrt...
Hniku y ! Co.. Com.. .
Haw Con It v 7 A
Haw Con. Uy. t)'r II
Mnw Con Uy. ( om
iImwmIIsii Kleetrlc Co. ...
I 21
I T 11 vv . I'tneaiiole Co.
42 V4
Hon II A M Co . Ltd. . .
Hon Cns e . I.ld
Hon K T ft L. Co
Inter Ulsint K N Co.
Milt. Tel. C
oslin Rsltwsr A I.. Co. ..
I'slinna HiiIiImt Co
tH-iauia-ilnllu;s, I'd. . .
Ham KO Pit.)
TnJon Ulak Robber Co.
Buch Walk t D. tH..
Hnmakiis Hitch C. ...
Ilnw. Con. It y . ."i'',
Ilsw'n I rr Co t
Haw. Ter 4t Rf 1MB..I101
Haw. Ter. 4 Pub. Impo.lJOO
Haw. Ter. Fnb Imp. t
wnt mii-ivi.il . .
Haw. Terfl Jv4j ....
Htlo Oss Co. 1.1 il f
HoQoksa Kirs;. Co.. i,
Hon. (Ins Co.. Ltd.. 5n
Kami Hy. Co., 0
klanoa I. D.,
McUr.nle Nuaar Co., fin
Milt. Tel. r
lahu K. L. Co.. 0
Oahu Hng. Co.. ...
Ulaa Sum. Co.. v&
1100 1
H .
IrMclOc (Jus no A if. Co., 4a
Baa carlo Miiunr.
bo 1
Kwa. 5, 27.2.V
Jane M, 118
snalysl boots (no adrtcw).
6 Cent (Tor Haw) Baxara MM
Kept. 19, lets
HIiiKBtiore IT.78H
New York I No qootatloa).
w. .
1'rmisi following; are
th opening Jin4
stocks la tM Mir
closlnc onotauous of
York Market yesterday
Aniert'sn Hugsr
American Bis-t
AstuM-latail Oil
Alaska Hold
American Locomotive . ..
AuutI' SU Tel. & Tel
American Kuielter
American siisil t'dry. . ..
Atchison Itnllway
Ans(sillils Copper . . . ,r . .
Hslilwlii lM-omotlve
Hethh'huiu HUsl "11" . ...
italllim.ri' A llUlo
CallCornia 1'etroleum . ..
(ynirsl IxiatUer
Cnniiillnn I'sclfte
C. M. . t- I'ajul
Colo Fuel A Iron
Criielblo MVHil
Cuba Hijg.sr Cane
sCritf common
lieiierill KU'ctrle
Heneral Motors tuew) . .
lir-eiit Norlberu
International Nickel
loleruiHIontl Harvvater .
Imliistrliil Alcohol
Iiiteruatloual l'aMr
Kenuis-ott Copfier
Lehlirh Valley ksllws) .
New York Central
Hay Consolidated
Rending eotiiinoii
HcpublU'ttii Iron coniiuou
Southern Pacific
t'llloll I'llelflc
I ullvd la Ies Uubber . ..
Tons (ill
l ulled SUnles Sl.sd
U'esU.ril t'llbui
Wcsfluglimise . . ,
w. . . -
Quotation on tho rbrtowltog Now Ior
curb l orki. a wlrelmaed to Tb
tlaor by Btoneaam Co.. a:
Tucs- Wodne.
da day
lllg l.eitge
Cnhslonin W
Iron lllortaoiu H'
Emms Copper .
Jim llutler
Jerome Verde
MiilWKst till
Mollior lxle
Resclle Kit In
Hay Hercules
He. Cons
HIlviT King ('una
Tonooali Kitenslou
Kerr Lake
Crtissou (.old
IVrfw lion lire unit Uubber
m . m
Beiitember 27 (Associated
4 .
.07 '
4 71V
SAN KItAN'CIHCO. tteptemtier. 2T (A0-
i imcil I'rrn.i munwloi ara tka ODonlaar
sail cTonIuc prices of atocfa on to Ban
rmn'mui a.vuauav JKlW7
lCii. I Jw.
Huh 11 ( inn I
Mnw Sulfur i'ii . .
U-MivkllU siitfr ....
Honolulu l'luntH. Imi '
int.'til(isiHk tSutfur I'o
iiiliu Siitriir
UUtt kSuynr ('4
ii-mi-'n Sufiar ( u . .
i'atHiitirui Maiuht ( o .
iiMi'Utiu n
Ni:V YORK, Sept ber 2-(Offl-
al1 Ihc total sules of war savings
S'amps to date in New Y'ork City
have c.( ceded thirty mil Ii uu dollar.
: i si
:li ri .11
. -1 ST4! 8T4
41 j 4 . 1
$ iwt s.nn
n .fio 13 50
t r
1, . .fV. '
Jan' v '
1 ,-
.... -. -
.i . -
.... .
.... sua-v
-1 .-
.... i"
Mtus ;
t ; '.'
s .
i V .
? n

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