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V ' .
Federal Authorities Take Action '
Against German Organization j
Accused of Hun Propaganda
Huber Will Have By-laws Trans
lated Revocation of Char
ter Is Up To Governor
AH the rfonls ntxl literature of' th-
locnl lodge of Hermanns Siiehno 11 r
now in the hands nf the federal author J
ities, who have t ii k n iii Hit' matter of
having the. society's rlinrtrr revoked.
Thev were. sci7.nl j ,t. ; .-.y by I nito.l I
Mates M 11 rti:i I Smi.l.lv. after C Htdte
secretary of the (!i mun .u gu n izat imi .
hod boon called I. .Inn- t iiitod States j
I)istrirt Attorney llubcr ami ipiestiuu
ed. !
I'm it m- 1 1 :i ' inn nf ihr l" ! i- r :i I antlim! !
ties in the i " vr it i urn started h'
Attonici Unbelt ltietkni.s hi Ins of
forts tu got tin charter of the society
revoked made "the . 1 1 1 v ' against ttir
Gorman society u n;i n i moils oftieiall.v , n
territorial nrricials and the Hawaiian
Vigilance Corps oarlv in the day had
joined forces with tho attorney in his
attack upon tho Teuton organization
Bolfe in said to hnvo offorod no ob
jootinn to tho formal doinnod iim.li
upon him fur tho records nf tho Her
mann Koehno by tho district attornov,
and ha accompanied he marshal to tho
Bolte homo and aided in tho gathcriifg
up of the documents.
Tho literature and records scirod ion
Hinted of a half dozen big packages,
the odd assortment by the varying
size of its elements, showing that it
Consisted of a dozen or more difforont
kinds of "literature." District At
torney Huber, after a oaual investiirn
tion of printed matter s.id he thought
the bulk of it was the laws of the
society. Aa to what tho other book
and pamphlet! were ho mnde no stir
But he significantly added:
"I ran tell you more about that, snv
a week from now, when I have had
an opportunity to go through it. I
do not read Gorman."
He explained that till the hon'is and
record seized wore In the Gorman
language. When rpicstioned lie slid If
aw nothing that would indicate that
it was a membership list of the nr-'nti
i.ation. Asked if lie intended immedi
ately to (jot a translation of the In
lawn of the society he said ho thought
he would in- saved this effort as he
understood sneh a translation was bo
ing secured bv the tentorial officials
It ia uoslcrst'ind that the other Ci rm.in
" literature " is to bo translated l-.tcr
District Attorney Huber said thr.'
when ho returned yesterday morning
fr'.tn (III' II i 'lid lent- I t h e d i sc I OKU l--
w hich h-n be mi mad rc'trd'u'T the
snoietv bv ftor"ev Hieol.ons in hi-'
letter to the ten it orinl treasurer re
determined to "iv.- the assistance of
his office to the other officials in the
"T not only w;. nted to ascertain for
onr own uses nil that w its pfisilde
about -the society li T ' '
in aid the Tecritntv m is i.neslia
t ion " he e v i . ' r i i "ed .
The .lil-i.-t mil ince asl-cl if '
WOUId Mot be a ' lolllti.Oj of till' 1 Sd
onajro Act to 'tnn:ntnin (terman c-w
loins" b th" so. t-tv a sviis iipi'iilv
professed 1- be mil' of its iiurjiotJe.
when an npdii a! ion ua-. ninde o I"
treasurer for a charter. Me said tha'
cert a i n I v th.-rc ieic "i;,nmni m1
toms" w!'i-h on'. . .oi-r . t ii i . -ii-ti
violat ioit, bit t ' a' ' lo-c v. oold h-n
to be a - it ic . hat Iii-lnrc lea'
act Ion eon I . I I .. a ' I
A.-'i f I1 .- I'.- I a 'I, s f.,'
loved the ib -t c I"" ! -O! in the liioin
injr that th ithwin (' 'In' cane,. I
lill" of t'-e Ib-'MI.UI -M-ii'ly's ch.-lltcl
re-'od it1' the '' .' i-niiir
Ta Himwor to the l.t'cr "f ttornov
Hrockoiis. iri "Ii. Ii IK. on nioi-i.a-'
l-ill powes of til. s' i- M c. etc 'limoi
the torrit-'cial ' ic i-" - i.,.ii,ted ..nt th-.'
y,.,t:.., "Its''. n. i.-cl l:u. ..f Ilau iii
itro ide-i:
" Kevo. at ion .. rnc "m il lioeii-c,
imv be to ol .-. -no I cancelled by the
(.in ei-lior. ' '
Th'' HOI- li'll' Of this M-lli.M, I J I'lll
t.,',...,l lii 'he It . hied wis -.i.-e..
tn the fiernian socletv in .'one. I!ll"
sa s 'rrciixiircr tett;er. It. -cause of
pros' ol' o'liei ini'i'e-- ttorne- (ion
oral Ha'ry Irwin llsl'i'd Attorue Mreek
mis esten'av to till.' cliari,'!' of the
;n t inn" a "ii ct the tleiinan society us
a si -or in I d.i.il'v of the nttnriiev uen
,.. To thi- Vtt oiiev Hiei kons eon
. iile. an t i'11 press his .-hai'jes wiiti
t'-e (m.c!moi h- ii 'ic re'iji ns froiii Ha
W ' i i
T'.c -. ci j ; . s (,f iln- f ; o iin -t n sueie
to Ii,- al' i'-'.-l f'"in another inar
tei to.t'i. io cor lini to assertions made
v.-stc'd-n In Voniri" K. Wall-ins act
ill.. .-i .lent of 'h' ll-I'Mll'llll Vi-iil'lllee
(,.,-..s ,.f IC- III " I ' M Ilefense So
(, e ,.,. , lied -I l ml II '
; r I i -. -1 .. e. on hi i 1 1 ee ' h i . h
is to bp 'lipid t the I'oimtrv Club al
noon to. la., where action against tin
in -1'iniat i..ii is to be eoiisidorod.
Wiitkins I'l.do-lcd vpstordnv thai Hie
Hermanns incline would be forced to ".'
out of business The IlieMiii.ls be
which this will be br.onjht about will
,eK'll I on ! In- II I . ice - ' ll 1"- t he l.-val
conilliittee of tin- ' i v, : la io e -I '. n p s, W.it
kins sa s
After u t i a ilrln I 'on ! I ii n-litii
t ion and In In w s ,,l l i... ( i;i u s I v
was made, il wa- pointed out I !.. tin"
were htionclv 'i emi n i . n' of whit '
now- ji'iieialli known a- lioi man I
i-loinatic lies. " h-i'f I m' I I ! It
false. Or, as in this case, half harm
less a lid half ox t rem.-1 ,1 . . i .
The tw o diinveroi's I.- ' I . i- -
of the society were bulled between two
lianiileng professions ol i nt c n 1 1 on.s viin.h
Draftee Voting Bill
Can't Pass Congress
Before the Primary
Disappointing Cable Received
From Washington By Delegate;
Enactment Probable, However,'
Before General Election Is Held
A clili'((ram received here yesterday
by Heleoate KHlanianaolo from Wash
niton annoiiuced that it would be ini
possible f..i cininrcss to pasn th" Ha
waiian diaftoo bill, i ii t riidiicod in eon
less a lew wools :i vjii In time for the
-hhI piiinaries on October ."i, but that
'he prospects are et v bright thnt it
ild ass in li rie ..r (he general olee
ion i n o elnbe r .
Tin- tai'llie lit COII'MI'ss to stl-.ii'iten
nit the voting problem for the Island
voters who went into tho Fust and
see. ind Hawaiian Infantry regiment
-is draftees, will cause all the work of
listing the eligible noblier xoton and
he in :a"i;eiiients for having thorn cast
'.eir ba'lots nt the armv ios's to be
lost, unlosa tho territorial supreme
"ill t faoi-"bly decides a tet caje
now befo' it.
The Wnshino'on administration aey
eial weeks a "o urrcd all states nnd
territories whose election laws were
'aultv with respect to permi 1 1 1 uir sol
diers to vote in tho local elections, to
provide such changes an would jrivo
the men in kh'Vi eounl iirivileypa with
those not in military sprvb'e.
r''umonts n erp bo'nn in ''o u
"-ll'l" ceovt vostpr.lny niOrni'lfr In- At
tornms I orrin ndrew nnd K. .1. Hotts,
renresenfin" the draftpps. tn pncnre
for the draftees the ritfht to vote in the
i-nmiii" nrimnries and November ele"
'ions The T-onmeii's continue. I through
it the fifterniwio in order thi a'l the
data could be in the hands of tho court
bv the end of d iv.
Tt'p nt'orppvs contended that Act 117
of tho Session l.aw of 11117 confers
on all electors in military service the
riht to vot at hia military pnat,
whether he was federalized ns a na
tinnal iruardsman or as a draftee. This
contention in opposed to the opinion
of Attorney Oeneral Irwin that only
national "Hardflmpn, under the Act. are
privileged to vote.
" I'pon no uncertain technicality
should the men in the armv of the
I'nited States be deprived of the hih
est privilege given citizen bv the con
stitut inn he rii'ht to nte," said
l.nrrin Andrew a in the course of his
argument. "This intention of the le"
islature is plain, and the act slum '1
receive such a construction is won'd
effectuate the intent of the le'isla
ture. "
W. B I
French Envoy Sees Certainty of
the Crushing of Germany's
Power To Do Evil
WASHINGTON, Si-j-t-mluT 1 Af
iO' i,'ic rri-s t A riilutHsatlnr .liiM.scrainl
of Franco proMrnti-.l thr l'fiir t;i'fs
Mnatc toilay on Kchalf of Francr wi'li
two Imii'lMoini ';isr4, m apjr riat inn
nf tho 'I1Htt's l('r('tinn l fnimiT
I'li'inicr V'iviani ami Marshal ,fofTr
luring thnt ii I t - t h
mi nt t
I n in -i I 1 11 t he r i si 11 1 m t inn, A ni I a s
! .alnr umsi'i a iil a ; 1 thr nat-nii.-' fiyhl
j iti' ( rfiianv tinw frrl that thrv ''air
: 'mixing. tn'Hfi tin cu'tiin of ' Mrr
j i a ' hril f ! ri 1 1 '-i j.uw r r t 1 1 1 1 1 r . 1 1
! A ill hr . r'lh. .
i I ii ;i m' ri' l .if ji rr it M II f, l' t I 'ri'S
, i-N'iif MaiMhall. as ji-rsni nlii v ..f
-I'njitr, a s- ii i' I thr a m I i ' I r "t
' hr iivnt''nn nf A nir r i :i ttt Fran- r ami
i '.! tnitiaf l"ll tn filit mi Willi
' 1 r V'rni ll utllil ' (iisticr uijtrs nut
j 11 tlit-'tr tr-ir-s ami 1'rars finl a n rn,
i ;i 1 1 Imujf h it ra n not nttl i t r I a t r all thr
"' a r nf t hri r w nmjjs. ' '
SKATTI.K, September .' iilltPi,'
j The local butehels' union voted tu.:i
to admit to membership .lapanese now
: emiiloietl in the ineiit i.a'-kinii house
. of .veHt.t le. This lift ion
. timt in. i. -at ion that the
II imt hr
'fftirt.s that
A iiicrira ii
har hrrii malr tn rstranyi
ant .IaauiHr anl it ixrii pi
it Hit hariiinuioiiH rrlat inns
f ruit U'hs.
t h. l
ii 'II t v
I as f n 1 1 1 . w h :
A. Tn irf'Hintr Hiri
nii it iiirrnlM'is ' '
1 1 i lit CI (oil I -tr
assiHtjintr to
a inn
"D. Tn v,i vr ail ami
it mi'mlirr mth) thrir familirs i
of mi- k lrN ;i n ira t h. ' '
Sue li iviie'li v nmt i vi'i ami mi i h
tin-Mr wnul'l prnlmi 1tt It' nl
tn Iii thr iimM at i int if nf Aim
cvrn in t .tnr nf w :ip . Imt it
Mi'i r of t hr i nlf I iiii v i
c ar
nl';'!! 1 1 I t I fll 'J, I r 'I U Mil I
i i'. n( M :illil I ' v h 1 1
th f tin- II .I.il.i
i th.-
h T. ii -
il I (Ml1
m i t v . H ;i ml ' 1 1
' ' Tn lliu i lit li l li thr nsi
I :t ii ua y r ami ir r ma n
ii h inrinliri h.
,1 '
r til fh
' Hft nill;
nllnw s:
(ici tn :i n
a urn -
' " Tn ii s' its i
t.arhinu' "f th
Hi- U f
V.-Jllh Vr
tlui-mr tn
in in, i n
pi miii.t ' 1 hr
la ii'u !- r i n
frui a a ii
an thei
Km -It
t' .11 d in-1
lice Hie
at th
w rti-liiii' rn t 1
fnr mrr lilrrt
I'm.,-. I I.
no place
II because
t h.
nf l' tin;.- li.ill l
"l it- SCssinli, i ((!.
thr in. irt v has ( hrrn
hnllir nf if-, i.'i M lill
h. Ill i I Kit inilir, tt".i
' V i Mlltnrtr. f,i h
tn thr fifth tn n I-
lle-t.-.l '
put; in
now h
f..i him bv .'
in rue bought
n v est lue lit .-li
ol l.tl the -
Whethel Kit
... 1...II.
Ol III.'
iv has
a pe
i.r i :
. 1 1 It I i
.1 I
a ii i
liet-n as.
( .-l ma li
1 1 a t .1 a
cent I,
Huber and Smiddy, Back From
Big Island, Say They Destroy
ed Much Illicit Liquor
Since the price of liipior followed the
tiond of the hiyh coat of living in the
Islands, oven before "Hawaii went
drv" the Japanese cofTi'e plnntora in
K"iin had been making their own booy.o,
sa- Ibs'ri. t ttinliev S. r. Huber, who
letiirne.l fioni thp Hi Island ypatcrdav
with I'iiiIp.I states Marshall J. .1
Tap two t'ede-al iifrierala nunlo a com
plete circuit of Hawaii ami ('.est ro o.l
1,1 i
t w .
i IP '
h mi ipo.s and a brew
mnie from
aneso ii. e. Hesid
it b' e" s ot h nine
i destroying thr I
made boor.e the I
iitliopils report that they destroyed
pa raphi i na 'ia used in munul act ur
The ma nuf act in e of the .laponesp
bie -, de-ci-ib-'d as pry much like beer
ens rn-finpl In th Knn.i districts'
' he e the coffee plantera made it for I
tho r own n e and that nf their labor
pts. This thev started doinj aonie ;
months nun, w hen the pr:ep ()f li"uor J
was ritiice.l at a price liovoud th
means, it is said.
Whi'p no defendants wore brought
bn k bv the ntflcinls, they took the
names of all those diaorovered vio'at-
nio ine law, who may Inter he pro
s -ciited. unless tho warning nlre'idv i
eivpn thpm proves effective.
Publicity Beneficial j
The district attorney believes thnt
tho puhlicitv jrivon the invcstii'it j,... I
trip, in both the Oriental and haole '
pi-ess, wi'l liivc benefllcial results. "
other "ain he expects ia from the fact
that the new law was made plain to ,
all police officials, w ho were t impreased I
with the fact that they have n right,
ttio same as nnv other citizen, tn make
arrests, w henever they are witnesses to '
actual violations of the prohibition law. I
"I'nder the law any citizen lias a I
riicht to mnke an arrest where an of .
fonse acainst thp Ian is committed in '
his presence" "The passage of the
Sheppard Act makes it an offense
ncaist the Inw to sell, to give, to manu I
facture, or to have in one's possession 1
for the purpose nf sale or gift anv in- '
toxicntini' lioiior inside the Territory
of Hawaii, without a special permit 1
from the liiiunr commissioners, he savs.
The distrift ttornev told the Hilo j
Post Hera'd thnt "citizens making ar 1
"t should turn the offender acainst
the Inw over tn the local authorities
wu,. in Hi' n. will notify the federal
; : ii i..i.. a ... i.. :.. i
- i.i '....nil. .tin .i- a. a . i .it
iimnpl Pun. vhn notify I
Stnton Marshn Smi-Mv."
Law Mufrt Be Obeyed
4 4 We nitntril the oplr ;,':
tn k tif nv t Mil f the JJli VI rfl I1MM1 1
tcir'i'.! in thi. a rul thnt
v an i ii
it ni'st
he obeod,'' he suid. ' ' 'e have i"i
en worn'.' io nt uliiei-t lessons, in the way
of des rn v i n skills a"l e'n nt v i i-j out
li.iuors in prnet i.-a 'lv all seetion visit
ed. to 'et the peniite 'nuv t'uit (lie
'" -i n d made to be broken. In
n :in- i us :i lire, vo found tho offondei-s
lii in-, in Isolated seetions. whore it m
it.Njiltle the- did not iindoritnnd the
l-'W- a-"l its workinrs. - Those tooiile
have been e'lliuhtened, and everywhere
ee have tnike.l to tho deputy sheriffs.
.".I i.o'i.-e authorities, malum; them
thoroughly eonversnnt with their duties
"-th rest.e. t to the law."
Prohibition Helping
The fed I authorities were much
t't"isod wi''i the cooperation they had
f'--m the h owners, lnntatii.n man
:r..'-s an I . i'i."i in uene-al. 1
''the p I -. . -1 -t i . . ii nnna'ors eT'rcso.l
t li-'iiiieK-. v :t . I.eill'j desirous of seeing
'' - 1 ' ' out as t horoutxhlv as i
i ... ible. .. Mr Hnl.e-. "In Wai '
' .." i." Parker Ranch, they've'
ha! in til-it.i t i. .ii now for ribout a vi-i'.
W fart.
srl v
It h
is alroa Iv
.. t.. the
life W here
in ;i k i n l' hum e
-c th.
is null" T'-e men si'cnd
" " 'v ith their families.
ted children a'o better
. be bett,.r f,.,. :,,,, ha,.
t I nil e I s .1 o better w nl k "
W H S -
ed I.
.-III. I
Retiring Japanese Foreign Minis
ter Will Stop Here En Route
To the Mainland
Union S. (Into, the ret lime; .Inpaneyo
minister of foicie-u affairs and one of
the leading Htuteoinen of Nippon, will
pay an extensive visit to the l uited
.Mutes early next your, m i ordiui to
Void n-eolveil lute floin .lupail. Tho
.1 ;. I a nose lea. lei will pa s through Ho
1 n. .lulu on his wa) to the mainland and
may make i n v est iitt mil as to eondi
tioim unions tin- .inpuoeso in liuwaii.
Itaii.n (into held the portfolio of min
ister ot' ll tenor in the Toiuuihi
iuihit-(i -.in., its in L;ani.at ion two
eain u.. iiiiiil in -t May, when ho
l.it-linie l'"Itili lliilllstt-l , siu-ci-od i ng
the Int. Ill . Mutoll'l. who was
l..r. e.l t.. it -imi .ii a count of fnilln
health. it. Hon Colo was the Japanese
ut.ist i e-p.in-1 l.le tin i-arrvinr out of
th. Allies' il.eiiiui e x pe.lit Ion and all
ue -ot in t inns it luting to the expedition
bv him
i n ine n t
behalf of the
W A -i 1 1 1 N i
s.. ale I I.
Vili. 1 1 a o a
f ho -!,. a
thusiasiu in
-..It ill I
I i i N .
-cptelllt'l'l '.'".
If rci no tl I t tl
at itlillllli it
iiii.iisi-il -rout
a. As i, ,ti,f,t i t -.ii
of t ho struggling
'.leal powers, t h e
if. II -I 11 lid re
I' I he .1st I .hi .'., .
I..IIV..W I I..' ( '..'. ho
1 111. ill
I - I.s
I ,, ., .1 1 1-
I . " V a I.
ll nl
Bills Sent Out For Taxes Already
Paid, Methods Not Business
like, Are Allegations
( iiinpliiints that have bi
many taxpayers of lloni i
oicp I I.
that 'he
n., e . Is
ha if re.-ei e I f rum the t
for tines which they
paid, and that the tax
stnntlv making mistake
not be tolerated by miv
have alren ly
ottice is eon
t hat w mi d
private luisi
ness Arm, were luid bofoip Territorial
Treasurer l. K. .tietr.ei v sler lay, ami
it is oxpootod that an i tn est million
will be institute. I by him to a . ei .ani
lor hiniHvIl' jut what conditions .re
vail in the building across the way.
"If anyone has a ,ju .tilluoe .111
pin 1 nt to make regardi f the .011 In, 1
of any of tho tax 0.II01 s of the la auds,
for which lie on limit yet. relict n-ct.
I will tnke the matter up myaelf if
it is relorred to me," sai l the lieu ur
lie said this was
tious had been made to him
Honolulu tax oft'ee not milv w
nil' out lulls for taxes which
reii.ly liopn itfiid Itlit w lis ttlar
na 1 no
as send
had al
1 suns on 1 no s.eeta . 1 n. on..
! v h 1 .1.1 no' re.-ei o
toll Ml annual income, which
e.l l mm t him tn x, .u ...
1 (.'iven f ir sums pa'd the lax oHioe on
tax accounts for th's ir ir, instead of
I 011 leltiKiuoneieH of as .':"s- " would
I be the ease in any 1 nm-r. ai lu.si
1 epss.
Reorgan'artlon Needed''
' The ropresentat ion alo was made
that the complain' re e ved in'ieatod
I that the Honolulu ta otT'i e was in
need of n (renernl reoraa n al jun.
Uf these coiuplnitits the treasurer
snirl he had had 111 previous know!
edo,P .10 I tli.1t he had no reason .0 stip
pose th"re wns anvth n wrong
conduct of the tax ollice.
I.Vgnr liim his suppr- ision of the tail
ofl .-ots the treasurer sub!:
"I have a general super' isoui of the
tax offices, in well define I 1 niits "
Ouostiotie I as to hat th-se limits
were, he referred to the Re ise I Laws
of Hawaii to show 'hat his principal
Utt ies consisted of furnishing blanks
to the tax offices, in addition to hv
in i the appointive and removal power
of the assessors, with tho approval of
Hie (lo ernor.
fceady To Ar t
After he had explained that he had
" complaints ubiit the Honolulu tax
office from assessor ot the public until
vefter.liiy lie sain;
"If anvbo.lv can show
con. -Ill
sivo v wnero ns-essors or .lepuiies
inattentive, unfair, corrupt, neyliaeni .
in a habitual way. which would const i
tn'o malfeasance in ollice I "ill yo
nf'er them."
Then ho oxpresse I his wilhtiiness In
personallv help et . iiniplaints iittond
ed tu. As pj-oof of his willingness to
do this lie told'hnw- just re.-entlv he
had been in d ruinrntnl in ue' tini: a tux
payment rrturiied to a vni'h in K ' I
who was employed on a plantation. As
the vonth was onh seventeen veers of
iioe he was rot subject to the p ill tax,
which was tak.-n' from his pnv bv the
plantation bunk keeper. I espa i r l n of
got tint! hi- money buck, the bov wrote
to the Covet-not." The letter wa- 'hen
referred to the treasurer who took the
ueceasary stops to have tho money re
w a. a.
posit I
plove.l in !
-bio for m
" M hi I'.
i'. e; tlllient
itarv si"-
ei Act,"
and eli
V I'
,.- th
will bi
ll n 1 1 1 :i ' i
lied, He-eeive-l
A I'lllL
.1,;,! ij.-'M
,-:', i.'d .-I;
1 1 1 ' ii
i-las .
i ot1'!
to linen' I
mi Washington yesterd
llessi.e f tint tile pt'tvo'
tl a. I liesse-l to tin- ('...
iiv .
it ma'
v em i:
i on t a i n
i-i ese ii I
.1 tins informal ion. rul I'11
howevet it applies t.nlv to the
ii adi
litis act re'jisteieil and i las
tin- mo i nln ml on nnd since
Tho provisions of the
s, how. vor. will apply here
sified "
i list i net
ns soon :i tho President sets a date
foi lei-t r.-i'ton in lliiwnii.
The leeoii.t of till' lliessaL'e at th.s
time j.ves the selective draft ollieiuls
p'ontv i f time to analyse the situation
as it affects local irov ornnien I employes,
so that when the time i-omos to classify
roi!i it rants tho eases of the v'lveninient
employes "ill lie s -t as:.le tempor.'irilv.
or jjivon deferred obissi f ii at ion, to bo
taken up at a later date.
The inesHBiie spei ifirally mentioned
(feneral employes of the government,
policemen, fireme'i, members and em
pl.ives of the diaft bou'ds. nnd praeti
ctll I v ever person eniilovod bv a tfov
e'liment within the new draft ayes
who is eligible for registration.
The teas . n for the deferring nf .Ins
sil'i. nt ion in those i uses arises l ioiu
the fait that there i- to be a pnyinent
of the .litTeieiiee in salaries received as
a L'.'Vei iiineiit employe nnd as a private
in the a. mi .
w. a. a.
s September
l it tor I 'ot k i n 9.
if 'he Aneiioiin
r - I A ssoeiat ed
lied Cross. ha
ordt r t n accept
in the American
x pi'di
-- - w. s.
' -RVetinvttiwm
t'i.-l ' '' "tile' l,i in 's
r - i ti t - oi I i"t
' t
'' tl..- 1 H ;. it is
.- i i " ' '. t
mi' n -.- n .. t'. ,.t ...I
. ill 1 I 1
.1 nit 1 d 1 1
,i..' , , l:. t. i ti, A
i ,-1,1, I.. i 1 1 u .villi lv.
Co , III
McCaQdfess Scored
Bought Thousands of Dollars'
Worth Because He Knew
Money Would Come Back To
Him But Gave Only $210 To
Red Cross Because It Wouldn't
Come Back
Kiting the first real shot in the prca
0 nt political campaign, Prince Kuhlo
yesterday afternoon roasted I.. I.. Mc
Candless hntlv. sava tho Hrlo Tribune
of Inst Saturday. The Delegate did
. .1 l 1, . .1.
not m.nee word, whoa speaking of the
txiasta- o MrcandJoaa regarding lna
purchases of Liberty Bonds and Ter-
itorinl Honds.
iki r. 11 , . . , , . : tion, and tho endorsement of the mova
"MrCandles. bought thousands of j mn , pfovW(, 1nhorr. fo m
dollais' worth of bonds because he , the shortage which, the augar, p(ae-
Kiicw tne money would come hack to
him," Mei-lttre.) Kuhio. fcrel since the draft quota wer eall-
McCandlcss ha. invested his money M' from H"WU f'"- military aervlca.
in the best soctirltioa in the world'' J T'"' repolution offored at the last
continued the Princa "but when it ' "eating of the chamber by W. H. Ma
caiiio. to giving money thnt could never 1 '""ny pledging the chamber to memo
bo returned to him what did he do! ; ri'' fongreas to pass favorably upon
Hp onve A21fl tn the Hod Crn and I
that, iii proKirtinn to his wealth, does
not represent as much as five cents
would to some of the people of this
Territory. "
The Prince attacked McCandless
from every standpoint and his remarks
were cheered by the largest crowd of
voters that ever attended a political
meeting at WhiaVea.
w. a. a.
Sure Big Island Trip Was Suc
cessful Link McCandlens, who is endeavor
inn to pet the nomination on the Demo
cratic ticket for delegate to congress,
returned from a campaign tour of the
Island cf Hawaii yesterday and snid
t It it t he is confident that his trip bus
been a most successful one.
"T have been on the Bio; Island since
the twelfth of this month," said Mr.
MeCnndless yesterday, "and in all my
years of '"mpaiiiiiir', T- have never
soon a more promising outlook for the
llo'iioeratic party. ' '
Mr. MeCand'.oss declined comment
ine; on the campaign of Doctor Ray
mond on Hawaii but suiil that
he had "crossed the Doctor's trail
on several occasions" and added that
the Democratic party had nothing to
fear from Kuhio this election, as far
as the Island of Hawaii was concerned.
On his tour Mr. MoOandless was ac
companied by Charles Motley, who is
aspirin); for a seat in the senate.
i he in imer Mourlwtn lender SHid that
I e I. -riloii of speeches that he made on
Hawaii were in defense of his actions
in com ribiit inn 1.-1" to the Ked Cross,
Irs alleieil rice profiteering and his
I "I will not go to Maui at all." he
conclude I. "but will leave that Island
to the people of Maui and Doctor
Ravmond. ' '
- w. i. a.
Starts Btq Island Visit With Ball,
Then Takes To Saddle For
Stiff Trip Through Country
From bull Hour to saddle is tho epic
which will have to bo written of (iov-i-Minr
f .1. MVCarthy's visit to the
Island nl Hawaii, j u J c i jj; from the re-
jun ts
t I V 1 1 V
f the territorial executive a nc
iii the Kii Island.
I he (..iveiiior nnd Land t omnusaion
or Itetiam KivenburKh were (iiests of
hoii'ir at ti roeoptiou ami ball given last
Nntiiiilav evening by the Hilo home
Hiiind in the Crescent City armory,
which w is lavirely attended.
The Hilo Tribune of last Sunday
snvs that the (iovernor's pluns for his
tiip iiruund the Island were all com
pleted uud the trip to be started im
mediately after tho expected arrival
that ilny of Churles H. Judd, superin
tendent uf fun-airy.
The trip is to take eleven days,
ace. oiling to the plans, and promises
to be a Irvine, one as the party pro
poses t,, visit nil government lands
tlyit cnii btf reached with any degree
of safetv. comfort beiue; out of the
ipie-.tii.il in some instances.
The Hilo watershed and the forest
reserve lands are to be visited before
a i ft u t li is made tu llil", which will
le. pine ciiiisidoi ulile - horsobuek l id inc.
I he lliivi'iuiii and his party are ex
pe. 'ed to riturn to Hilo on October
end dep. ul fur Honolulu the tnl
low in day.
IU4 graduates of the Inst Otli
'riiiining Camp at Sclioliold I tar
nulls, who si nee being appointed as
i.n.t I. ai -tmnts In-ve been on wait
ing or.loiM. hnvo icceived nrdeis ftoiu
ashingti ii to proi oetl to Sail Pin ll
i t ' rst a - 'i 1 1" bio I a 'I -1 e t r I a
1 1 nil ami report to the comma ndi ug gen-
,in ttiero tor assignment
Most of those young otticers, iiiclu.l
Uljl lift,.,.,, Iloliullllans who were gin. I
iinted at t lie Same time us the ineio
I. .is .,f the regular ui gain .nl ions, have
I, e n on temporary duly with the
Tw.i.tv lil'tii Inl'anliy.
Committees Will Report Today
Endorsing Movement To '
Import Orientals
Two committees of the chamber of,
commerce, to whom have been reerred,
the proposition of endorsing the moVe-
menj.to import S0,00 Chlhesti 6 skill
ed laborer into tha Territory, will re
port nt a upecial' meeting of the eham
ber wateli Aetlng President P. C. Atn
orton has called for two o'clock this
arternoon. Moth committeca will re
i l1rt n,fvr of the principle oi fcbl-
nvae liilior ioipoitfltloA but will differ
1,,, J fh( ' ' of tfcp
resolution to be adopted by the en
tire body.
If Is ''fioriod of-the war" propoal
apple snu rice plantations nave iur
I'elpgnte MllllO S Dill Was referred 10
two committed of the chamber. Tha
resolution specifically railed for 30,
00(1 laboie-s. Both commltteo report
to be submitted today may eliminate
the number of laborers, leaving this
open for discussion as to whether MieH
numerical reference shall bo forwarded
to Wtshlnp-ton.
While there is supposed to be a sen
timent opposed to importing Chinese
'nborers, those who have supported the
Mclnerny resolution in the past be
lieve thnt the chamber will be unani
mous in th vote to nsk conpress for
this form of labor relief. The eon
rlmliun portion of the Mclnerny Reso
lution ia as follows:
''Therefore, Be is resolved, by the
chamber of commerce of Honolulu,
that the Congress of the United States
be memoralized to gtant the terri
tory relief from lis present labor short
age by the passage of H. Bea. 93, In
troduced into the 06th Congress, first
session, and entitled 'Resolution to pro
mote the growing of food products 'in
the Territory of Hawaii; and resolved
further, that a coptr of this resolution
; be sent to the chairman of the com
mittee on l'aeific Islands and Porto
Rico of the senate, n"d to the chnir-
man of the committee on immigration
and naturnlization of the house of rep
! rescnfntlvee, the president of the aen-
ate, speaker of the house of represent
atives, secretary of the interior and
our delegate to Congress."
I . ...
Huns Doing Dirty Work
Wounded. He Writes
M. i'. Prnsser, formerly of a local
law firm, and now a Red Cross worker
in Franre and uttnrhed to the genera
Amerienii army headquarters in I'aris
in a lo'ter written on August 20, says
he is meeting many Honolulana over
seas, among these being Tarn MeGrew
nnd Fred Anjrus, brother of I apt
George Angus, of the quartermaster de
Anrros is rapta'n in A machine gun
-iimpai.v and is on uuty at general
'te'i'loii- r'ers he w rites. He also me
Colonel Mouth, formerly military ip
st 'it. tie at the Knmehnmeha Sehools
while u captain. Then he also hud an
e.n.ra'renient to Innrh the next day with
Will Castle, sou of W. R. Castle.
The evening before writing he Haw-
fleet uf nine immense airplanes, all
bombers, flying over Paris toward (er
ma n v.
He t"tls of vi-it to the tiains bring
iiii; in the wounded and that the Amor
n an Im v s toll how in L'oing after tin
Huns thee "chased hell out "f them."
1'rossei declares that the Huns have
been caught doinv the "same dirti
work to our wounded that thev did to
" fiirttolintis riiul God olp the Hoclie
they get to he goes the short road
w s
WAsiMVGT'iK. Keiitemher .'a (As
sociated Press -The Siberian govern
ment is reported to have served'an ulti
matum thnt the troops eonrmanded by
General Horvalli must disbanded, ac
cording to a delaved despatch, dated
September "O. The order commands
them to .join the forces of General Semi
n. .IT in a trans Baikal dash. The gov
ernment referred to is probably the
Omsk government which recently de
clared war uu Germany.
w. a. . .
Haron K. Senr'e, head of the Ir.umo
Taisha set t of Hhintoism, will visit Ha
waii and tho I'nited States mainland
t ext vear, necordliig to a statement by
K. Mi van of the local Taishn shrine
in Palatini.
Mivtui returned recently from a visit
to liipiui. While in Tokio he said, he
had a conference with Baron Hemre,
who told the Shinto priest from Ho
nolulu that he has in lr p;tid - "Ih"
t .... ... il. ., IT..;
oi nil r v n-iiFi . i- iiili tu .iiv i unto
States. Songe will make the trip the
latter part of next year, says Miyao.
PAZO OINTMENT is guaranteed tu
cure blind, bleeding, itching or pro
truding Pir.ES in 6 to 14 iluvs or
nioiirv rrliinilvil . Alauufai luiril b y
tin- AMIS M PliK lNU C ,M .u.t-
leneral McChesney Tells Who
Are Entitled To Stars On It;
Regulations Are Semi-Official
(Mtafl IptsUl io Tha Adrertiaer )
WA&rittl&TbN, . C. , Hepteraner 10
Qderitlona about tue use of service
flags pour In upon the war department,
rhes lags, although entirely unoffi
cial, 4ive become very prevalent
hroughout. tha land. Their Use hn
jaught tha popular fancy. Even war
tepartmefii oiflclals, wont to set their
faces sternly against novelties, ree
igniye th splendid oil ment ami alike
h propriety ol ihese emblem.
In tha vary nature of things' tha r-
ice flags are qnlikely to be made of
ficial. Arftund them, howeveY, la'rnp
Ully Rrowinf up a body ot tMirti-flffiClM
emulations. These have been promul-
(ratatl iii sooii-olHelal form and, an- -pare
ally, are. being quite generally ob-
ierved. reople In hrtnrtrerl (if tanu-
tands of households, whence have one
persons to engage in tne military ami
aval services, not only brig tne rings
from their windows but many fly the
liagrf from their antorhobite. The d-
rire to do these thrngs according tn
form' undoubtedly prorhpts the n;iti
inoulries to the arrtf department. ' : ,
"Will you be kind enough to five me
i little information' runs one of theso
eeent letters. "Am I entitled to wear
a three-star service pin, hivlnj; a son,
brother, and son-in-law in the service .
Also, how many stars could I put on a
service flag on ay house T"
Most questions like this nre answer
ed quite comprehensively in a pnper
by Brig.-Oen. William MaeChesnoy, for
merly of the Illinois National Guard,
who has been serving as a lleutehant-
olonel judge advocate. National Army,
at Chicago headquarters. Efforts were
made io give his pamphlet wide em
ulation and the official Bulletin st
Washington published the text In full
i esnple of months ago. Bnt this pub
licity has by no means reached into all
he households that are interested in the
service flag and entitled to have one.
Who It Included
General MacChesney suggests that
he basic idea of the service flag is
here shall be a star to represent each
-ei son serving with the colors and that
he beat guide ss to what persons shall
So entitled to this honor "is the legis
'ation enacted by congress for the bene-
1t of those in the military service.
It includes any person, "whether male
-r female, and whether enlisted, enroll
d or drafted into active service in the
tiilitarv or naval forces of the I'nited
states." This rovers nun commission
ed nnd petty officers and members ot"
training camps authorized bv law. Of
leers and men of the Cosst Guard. Nav
al Reserves, Toast add Geodetic Hurvey,
n. Public Health Service e-e a'l en
titled tn reiiresentation on nervier flats
whenever detailed for duty with tho
irmt or the navy.
Member of the nut-so corns, armv
field clerks, eivilisn ele-l-s and emplov
s on duty with the mllite'rv forces de
tailed for service nbrnad are generally
egarded ss entitled to representation
on service flais. This covers cnmpleto
ecognition of women, but is not cal
culated to include "rs' in reserve
'orces, until they sre cslled into and
nter upon active dutv. It does not in
elude state forces, siu-h ns members of
he nnHnnnl Bitn-d not federalized.
Stara Tor Students
Anprtrentlv students in si-hinds and
olio-res under the rfe.nt. amendment
t() the draft law will be entitled to
itars upon the service flags in their
Cornea, hut onlv when thev have taken
the oath nF enlistment and been . ailed
to active dutv. The consensus of opin
ion appears to he atrainst sllowing the
star for service with the Y. M. C. .
K. C. ,lewih Welfare Board ntvd aid
societies. While there rs on purpose to
discount the splendid work those or
"Sntr.alions are doing General Mac
fhesoov savs "such representation
w-tmld be contrary to the solrit and
ritirnnse nf the service flstt. which wai
lesigned tn be nnd hns been accepted
by the people of this country na a
mentis of sliowintr our hnm"e to those
who have entered the military and
nm r. service in this crisis."
When flown from a home a husband,
.nt, father or brother mnv properly be.
presented on the service flntf. snvi
'"enenil MaeChesnev, even though he
lid not aettiallv leave from' that hmise
hold directly to go into the service,
hot in case "f anv moe distant rela
tives they should setiiellv lie memhers
if the hoiisehoiild where the fag is dis
played and have loft for the service
directly from such household lii"ii,'t't
employes, roonie's, or boarders should
not be represented.
Hsfs Tor Clubs
When flown by n club . r of he- so
ciety onlv those who are actually mem
hers active or honorary of such club
or soelety should be represented Stars
should not be placed thereon for hus
bands, sons, fathers or brothers or oth
er relatives or members merely be
eni'so of such relationship. Schools a"d
colleges pvsv p-oner'v represent trus
tee, members of the faculty, graduate
ant urider"rnduatcs.
The wsr nVrtme nt (irst frn'- nel
u-nn rise of the sor ice. fag and re
fnsd to mak it off-la I who-oopon the
inventor. Capt. K. I.. Oue'sser. nf
Cleveland. Oh'o. (vi"ed o-tent to
ennt'-nl p-..re'lv the dist-i'mton snd
. ..tiv of th orol "'. lie ;s 'e'i'(
sent-l n hvi" "iven ore h-.lf tl "
i-f:s of the manufacture to the BvJ
HAtiTSiniSTAtlV n I Ll 111
T.t rcMt'Orso to p 'Tibled inipliry d'
roi o-t ro' e-t' tp the mo -"t mHrs-hsl
eo tersl. '''it. 11. oodiii't Field yester
day received a cable reply stating that
if n Hritish subject has become n do
olarniit ho is barred, under the draft
"et'iilati'i'is. from el"iuuue oxoiuplioiv
from military service.

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