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All V Mia MMtltM m4 Ob VbMtli
UI. .NO. . 7, -
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;' (! - ,'.-.--V- . .' . ': .; ' -- r . V." -.v v;-:-.' .
Jf AP showing the relation of Bulgaria? through;, which th
ATIf AUietWe given the right of pasiage' for' military ;op'er4
Hons, to adjacent countries. It will be noted that Turkey U cut
off fronyland Communication with Austria and Ccrmafiy, and. the
way is opened for an advance against Austria from the southeast.
.? : lc P(s6lie ammeR Hon
ll XT Ev 'YOR bctol)er liaW rfe
V . 1 'oC fnrpo.ftanf positions made by' .the- Belgian and th .Sec-
'ond British iAfniy; open up some intensely itramatic"' posaihilitles
I among which the foas to Germany of its grip upon Belgian chan
; i' ; ncl porjti .andv submarinf bases; Last tiighCs omdal.eport from
, London said the' advance was progressing favorably. At other points
'..?! albrtjT the western; front extending clear ".to the Mens? , where the
v American, andiFVench fp'rees may .have "pocketed" , German forces,
ry.'f there was, heavy: fighting.; eithe' St,-uentiri nor .'Cambrai had
; been'. Jtake last .night but the'laitef yity vii closely,; enmeshed in
. '. 1 a semi-circle. On the Chemin de Damca Ridirtthe French secured
further: gaini and a, pew ; French olfensivl ., was launched between
f ine yesic.ana ine isnc, me sccir .wuir w,a s i ormenv. neia Dy m
i ericail9 before ;. they ' were ' withdrawn"-to participate in "the present
j, American cffenve.'''ThU fighting la of wide extent and the forces
, '.VI i iavolved run' high Into th "hundreds' of thousands and "probably are
v; , wv- ' iROlftERS IS"CAIT0RED
'y. 'Roujcrs, which the Belgian "forces dominated on Sunday night' J" pi Bf th Wrong J jfor i
, scYcring joue jjnc.oi nuiuuicaiKn9 ior ne vjcrniaiis to, uicir bup-i aecmity for th
' jVmarjne bases.'' 'The advan'ca' has already proce'edeta fifteen mile! Wc h win arise aft
.'.'';"''?- '"-"-''' "ft - i '." ' , 1 eom of tWn-flneJ v
"'r"rM"'.t'i iir43niyQarTigniiiii: in- ueigium me lieigwns ana tne ermsn . Prriam whwib me to the igt ' ha- brouifht forth, of rht tber
1 .severely defeated the-Geftrins.; The Flanders Kidee and the Mes- nc of tn edvocatm or woman wf - win Imt have uok they will rente Inliz its armies, to allow the Allies undisturbed passa
r . tin. VVverhot PirlM wr. -n.nM l...t th r-r,fl-.WrH ' " w"" ,w-v : 'e .ei've in u, taey win eea.e
. " i nreentl? needed the stronifpit nossihlc ful nw us or to trust u.
-?i- 'x4 w-a''
I -i . . J . . . m ... . ' . ' f -a.' i- . ' '. ... i
Womah: Siirf f rageHMg$ in
aiate Afterresiant
M akes Add ress in Senate
V. ,':
Terms ofArjhistice Give Allies Wght &f
VMilitfry Passage To Objectives They&
fJiPesire dncklsolaie Ottoman Empire
' Hiilaflrift sotm to vACUte fill rhin and Lareelc territorv WHICH
k now hold. vvm-f : : : :-
t-. erTam afVl1 TJk AVirl ft'a? 11111tfBna71JlV fell Yall fl it '
v of transport td the Allies.' rAThis includes surrender of the control of ,
'the'Danube Riverf.V;:;' e ,. . ; " '"
J v ;C Free passage througK Bulgaria for mUitaryj ( operations : is , granted -"vbut
it is specified that the occupation of Bulgaria is to be entruteo! to
' the French: British' and Italians, the Serbians and Greek forces; brcinj ,
excluded .from such occupation.
The arinistice i tQ be effective until a general peace is signed. ;
v .'WA8IllNOTO?, ' October 1 (Abuo- inn. those npou wham the), cblef terror
eisteti lrM)-teaat leaders nuiil ltiMt an. I ufferiuu of th trmirie wr feU.
nlsht iVat tkey hoped to have the final Tliey are look ins to the-' Kreat ud
roU tall oa (e womaa euffrage eonnti powerful ileuioeruc of- tie West ti
Itutional aaendmeut reeolation to.lav. leml them to the dav for which thv
it. pa- have no long waited an they think in mands of the AlheS.
eien- their logical amipUcttr that demee . ' . , n i
and a ra. y ' mean, that women . thaU plav hctn fighng With the Bulgarians.
problem their part in affaire alongside of uea I
. k a . . .. i . .. i . i : ... i :
ffl 1 " . i. , ' n " '
WASiTlNGTOOctohft.i(Asadted.rres)- h- Bulgaria peace delegates t6 Saronil inl ; " ; ,
representatwe. of Great Britain.' France, Serbia and Italy yesterday signed an armistice i which . ' ' ' . .
eflfective until a peace'.freafy Ts signed an.i under which-'4 Bulgaria, agrees to atl fOf the;; de
Meantime the Alued forces are pursuing' the Germans and Austnans who havft- - J;;-
is to be
The armistice which was signed festerday is p trely military ;arid all. questions relative to Balkan , ;.
irQ8eJy.ojrf.tfc IaLaaogemAlknw wr
evacuate forthwith all-Grecian and Serbian territory, to demo-,
1 .... i M il. i.t .v t ' V ' J
in l-Jf we rejeyt. vmaew Jlfe .thVia, ' terrUonal feaZangemethbcn; pujpqsejy fatVOgrmtS r -
i.t-'fi broKht forth, of What they have ,("low' wnaer.iis terms ouigViais to eva
in checking their efforts .to advance from these to the River Lvs. . ai.i, the time when a vote ly the senate Women's Great Fart
On Saturday these Allied forces captured (XXJ0 prisoners, 200 hea." th "uffrae aiuemiiiient must either I ti.ih wurj, .ouid not have been
r....U ..wl Urn. Itnl nf mlt.ro . . : - . " ".' '"r .......
.v.. w. j or ,ir0bnbly be aeror.ie.t nu adverse
This Belgian thrust has enveloped tBC.tiortherly Hank of tlie vote in the nonate where tiie vote hu.l
enemy at the Lille-Rbaix-Tourcoing triangle". I Im',,u twi';, PP'I I'eranae of the
, , . , . f, . . ? , , I aj.i8rent lack of a few votea to insure
After heavy fighting before Canibrat the British last night were . t; squired two thir.u majority,
in the outskirts to the northeast, north, west and southwest of the! i'redijent Wilson influence wax ef
city and hand to-hand fighting was still in progress. recti ve in 8ecuriUK the pae of the
I HiitlraKe renolution in the house nml in
PIERCE COUNTER ATTACKS .leHlinK with the sonnte the Presideut
In the St Ouentin-Camhrai sector the Mritish anil ake American ha" tk'B an eveu Htronner atuu.l an.
, . . i . x- i h'"1 reente) ari(unieiits that ure more, th
lori es i-oiumueu 10 auvante ucspue increased resisiance. l esieraay forceful alid eoavincing. His action
morning counters by the enemy forced the British back to the out- j has brought h joy to thuusaul of worn-!
skirts of Villers-tiouslain and to give ground southwest of Le Cata-1 '"" '" '"'" I
, . , r i mi r t-. , , - , Ait.lresainu the senate on the buij-
let to the edge of the village of Benay but these losses were only j,.,., r wollia nuffraye, the rresident
temjMjrary and in the later fighting the ground was recovered and prt: I
fnrtlicr iriinc 111 a1 A liv thf Uriticl. (lnoral ll-ji.r'c (nrrre hovA Oteery X Or WU
I VI 1 o iia va - J a x. 1 a. j f . vjria.aui (a.um iui v. J liu v 1
smashed the ilindenburg line for a depth of two miles on an eight
mile front. In this fighting the British Australian and American
forces are participating. During Sunday night tliev pressed forward
"I rejjurd the concurrence of tho
scrmtc in the constitutional amendment '
iiroiiosinu the exteiiBion of sullrunc to'ninnil
woiiit'ii as vitally essential to the sue- 1 worl
iHsful prosecution of the wur of hu
"ll is my duty to win thut war and
I ask you to remove every obstacle
that stHiiits in the way of winning it.
"Through many, inuuy channels I
have ticeu miiile aware of what plain
"IriinnlinK, workaday folk are think
between Bellicourt and Gonnelieti in the face of most severe oppo- inanity i" which we are engage, I
sition. rurther counters were frequent in tins sector during the
day but the Allies added Thorigny, three miles northeast of St.
Qucntin ind Letrbnquoy, five miles northeast of St. Quentin to their
gains. .'t Gonnelieu many prisoners were taken.
. 'il the Douai sector, further north, the British have withdrawn
from Arleux and Aubencheulaubac.
At Chemin des Dames Ridge the Trench now hold more than
half of the heights where a few months ago the blood of thousands
and tens of thousands of Germans was shed as massed attack after
-massed attack was hurled against the French. The ctrtnparatively
"easy capture of it by the French is in striking contrast to those
immense losses. It is now apparent that the enemy is in full retire
ment from these positions,
gaged or ty America if it hail no
been for the services which women
have rendered in every sphere, not
merely in the Held of effort where we
have l.eeii u, -customed to aoe tbetn
woil. but where men have worked
and upon the very skirts and edges of
the battle itself.
"1 Icll vou plainly that this mean
ure which I urge upon you is vital tn
winning ol the war ami to the
energies alike of preparation and of
buttle And not to the winning of
the war ulone; it i.(rital to the right
Holuti'Hi of great questions whirh we I
must settle and settle immediately ,
when the war is over. We shall need
them tn our vision of attaint as we
have never needed them before the
sympathy (mil insight and the clear
mst 1 in-1 of the women of the
The problems of that time will
strike tn the routs of ninny thinga that
we huve not hitherto questioned and
I, fur one, see that safety in these quea
lioiiin days as well as to our com
pieln iiMim of mutters, that touch so
ciety t,, the ipiick will depend upon
the direct and authoritative participa
tion uf women in our councils."
In Berlin
BASEL, October I (Associated
Preai) To the other troubles that
are besetting the people of Berlin,
the shortage of food, use of substi
tute and lack of suitable clothing,
a new peril has broken oat tn the
advent of dreaded cholera.- There
hare already been seven cases ud
of these six have been fatal
e through the country for military operations . y
means of transport to the Allies, to surrender id,. -i
w. s. s. -
In the Vesles-Aisne sector, formerly occupied by the Americans
' who have now been joined to General Pershing's main army, the
French launched a new attack yesterday morning which progressed
through the day along a seven-mile front so that the line on that
front now runs through Romagne, Montigny and east to Jonchery.
, In the Champagne sector important gains were nude by the
V French to the west of Argonne Forest and the Americans on the
east. It has so progressed on both sides of the forest as to threaten
and almost make certain of the pocketing of all of the German forces
' in the forest.
In this sector General Gouraud's army attacked the northern
lopes of Hellcvue heights, having taken tire southern slopes on Sun
day, their attacks were directed at Mont Couvekt and Itouconville.
They captured the heights dominating the village of Mare. This
French advance was resumed at daylight yesterday morning.
Fast of the forest the American advance continued excellently
more towns and villages falling into their hands. This movement
of the Allied forces has left the Valley of the Aire the only outlet
from the forest for the Germans within.
American artillery is shelling back of the. line in the St. Mihie
sector with the Intent of preventing the despatch of reinforcement
to the wes in the Argonne or Champagne sector.
WASHINGTON, October 1 (Asso
eiated l're) Casualties contained in
the lists which were made public by
the war department yesterday totaled
considerably heavier than have the
lists for a number of days past num
bering til-, the list uf the dead nuin
bering I4S. Hv classes the loaaos were
as follows: Killod in in-tion, uiacty
nine; died of wounds, twenty six; died
of other cnuset., t vventy three; w ound
ed 511; missing, tvventv -right and lost
as prisoners, fl.
Mnj. Delaiiccy K. .lay of Westbury,
New York Is reported aimnv those who
have been severely wounded.
w. a a - - --
(Continued on Page 3,
SAN KKN('ISC(). September III) n
(Otficiah-r-Yet King, secretary pfiLe(
Cant, in bank, and one of the uuidt'a
tute ol Oriental bankers, who is here,
foresee rapid de clnpuiciits in I lie It
nanri.'il iiiterchance between I'nited
States and China during the tenure ol
the war ami extraordinary unfidilment
of bonking affiliations Irctween the two
republics after the w ai
'hcii embnrL'oeN and rest i ic inns
which curtail shipping can be reinov
ed." he biiid, 'businesb with the Orient
will opeu an nevtr before."
.loin nev ing to his post in Hongkong,
Sr. Sergio Curbo, consul for the Re
public of Culia at Hongkong is a visit"
or in Honolulu s,nd is being eutt rtuiu-'d
while here by the local Cuban CO. Mil.
He has already seen some of the sights
and lias a sightseeing trip arrang'd for
him this morning whirh will tike h m
to the I'uli and to other points of in
terest. I. ast evening he heard the eon
eert of the Hawaiian Hand and wo.)
much plcn-c,l with their musical efforts
Senor ( arl.o is accompanied by his
wife nu I his sisM- anil by his secre
tary. Sr AutoniiiKndrigues.
w. s
SAN rliWCISCll. September .'III
(Official i- Kdvvard 1. Chew, sou of Dr.
Poon Chew, editor of Chun Sai Yet Ho,
Chinese dailv newspaper here, has been
i imtuiiNSpmed n lieutenant in the I'i it
ed' States artilleiy forces He is the
flr-t Chine....' to receive a commission in
the American artillery.
- -- w. i. a.
WASHINGTON. OctolxM- I (Asso
eiated I'n-si The President yesterday
drew the lirst number in the new draft
of men t'li.ni eighteen to twenty one
tin, I thiitv to forty five.
The u umber was 3LL.'L'.
to surrender all
tTwHi-i -.-.titrr.l if lh, I ).'inu)ii Wiver frvr nA virrntinn ntirnAAn tri mils- ":
tarv occupation of Bulgaria being entrusted to the British, Frencn:.,;, ; ;,
and Italians. Itonar Law made the first announcement of th WgTt-- .' ,
ing of the armistice in a speech in London and then the terrof were ' ' .
made public officially. V .v
This armistice will permit the direct invasion of Austria wuictt 1
will have to retire from Albania and Montenegro with a roa.d opened " , ;
to the Allies to attack those forces in the rear. To establish 1 line 1 f:
on the Austrian frontier that counry will have to employ more men '
I -iince it has lost the numerical strength of the Bulgarian army which' ;
held the Balkan and Albanian front with it. , V'-j. "
Besides this it will isolate Turkey from its allies except by the ' H; ;
verv 'indirect Black Sea route which the' Rumanians will rrobahIv
interrupt. This places Turkey in a position similar to that which v
confronted Rumania when it was forced into a treaty with the Ceri- '
tral Powers by reason of the collapse of Russia and it is believel V'y '
that it will lead to a speeds capitulation on the part of the Turlcsj V-.".'"
although they have not as yet given any direct indication oi suing ' . V .
ir peace. I ft. t tTj J-'y'-':
The Allies are continuing their advance in pursuit of tjie Teu-
l,..c ,.-1,.. I,-..-,. I. .....1 li,rlli,i,T l...ci.to tVio n.il.T-iri-itio mA lk T'ai, f 1 '' T
.,'11-. ,l... im l v l,vt, niil... lv.--lt.val,iv l.u.iiuuil IIIV A V M MU 7 ,
are rushing troops into Bulgaria in an effort to cause a breach of
the armistice or to take and hold Bulgaria against them. In this .
AMSTERDAM, October J (Associ
ated Press) The Kaiser he's accepted
the resignation of von -HertliuK as
chancellor and von Hihtze from the
cabinet. In accepting the resignation
of von Hertling he said that he did
o with a heavy heart and added:
"You are certain of the f atherlaad 's
thanks for undertaking the chancelor
ship in such grave times and I desire
the German people to eooperate moro
effectively in deciding the fatherland's
'r i .. u .. ; i. .. . i . . .,
to the WVstphalian soejety in whi.h he! advance Trench cavalry has taken Uskub which was the key to the
"(iermany has decided to Utilize nil
her forces to fight an enforced de
fensive war until a victorious end is
secured aud the Fatherland is protect
ed from all time against foreign op
pression, "
1 w. a .
SAN FRANCISCO, September 10
(Official i - Japanese day at the Califor
uia lam) show vvni observed with thou
sun, Is paving tribute to tho Japan,--,
flag which flew heaide the Stars and
St ripes.
A Japanese exhibit took one f the
prizes. K. Kujii, Japanese consul, spoke
and rival Jnpanese bands furnished
music Miss liana Shimozuni, Japan
ese prima donna, sang.
SAN FRANCISCO. September :!0
lOtticinh- Local Russians under the
leadership of their consfil have forne-l
n Liberty Loan aid committee to ',(
in the loan campaign. The loenl lfu
sians have lieen active in suppoiiii.g
Ainerican war mov einents and nnnv
have joined the I lilted States fi.ti .t;
f ortes
whole Bulgarian line of defense. British cavalry are reported to ,
have reached Petrich and Allied airmen are reported to be bombing
munition dumps and supply stores within fifty-seven miles of Sofia.
Arrival of (ierman troops and Austro-Hungarian forces in Sofia
is reported in Berlin despatches to Amsterdam, the report saying
that the Germans reached there on Friday. It is believed they ate
under General von Mackensen.
Berlin and Vienna seek to discredit the news of the signing of
the armistice and the press publishes more or less substantial
denial. The N'eue I tiie Press prints a purported telegram frqfr
Car Ferdinand to Fuipemr Karl of Austria in which the Bulgarian
ittlcr assures Karl of his loyalty to the quadruple alliance.
Meanwhile efforts toward peace have been started in the Aus
trian parliament. Resolutions were introduced by Herr Neumann,
a Liberal deputy proposing that the presidents and vice presidents
uf all uf the parliaments of the belligerent and neutral countries be
invited to meet for a discussion of a basis upon which peace may b
secured but the dei ti s of the proposed conference are not to be
'I he I'tuted St. ties luis carefully refrained from exercisinf any
direct mllueiue in regard to the armistice for it is believed that this,
i .1 1 lit I v v ill lie in ited to enter upon the discussion of the final terms
which are to be imposed upon Bulgaria American diplomats were.;
not instructed to extend the good offices of this country -either io
Bulgari.i or to the Allies m the arrangement of the armistice.
,i t-ii-riii-nr.

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