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.!. mfc snvi.iu . -, 1 1 i r1 '""-hi
mRflM nirm. J. fn MmiM imnnrtant All.! mhirU luvfl 1mm won on leven ector d a to form an atmott continuoui ftdvUnce upon the Whole Ions front.
' fr wtoriea of suth &n extent as toindicate that the German defense has tnunble, or that the Hindenburg line has teen abandoned and the foe ts falling back upon iU
iecohdary deferuive line.
des Dames
American forces partidpated in two sedtorsi' the first army making further advances in Champagne and Other Amencan forces, fighting .beside the Untish taking im-
The Belgians made long gains taking Dixmude, Paschendael, Zerran and other importat pomt and advancing to within ten. milea pf .(oulera.
onutn soiaiers crosseq.uie ocneiat canai wiui hiu pciuf un raiu, uu iucm auu uiu v..u&v.. .. ; ,
: tv-'-Untish, forces haveencered
BetweehSti Qdentin and
ridge, hate-gained theliighest
In Campagne the French and American
In the last?threevdays"the Bdgtsris,
insr the orilonerVof the past feW dy
. . I 1. . ! tLClmm ILmoom J
irm. . inn cnimi now excecLU ui lv uiuuiauui . ' - . ;
I HH the Balkans' the itdVaftcecontihuesV The Serbs have made long further advance toward Uslcub where numerous fires are reported. Th Italians have captured im
portant px&Ukand hadrivWthe ; O 1 i. V -
H fJaigarlan peace emissaries have am
I German forces are being Withdrawn
th mitftirirrm rt i amhriY Atid am ticnuntr i or lu.Daucsnon buuuii wiuiui uie uiv uruucr. .
iLji Fete lha! French adVahced and tobk Dtuoners wwlefUrtherdifOi lney teached th AUetW on two points west or Uemm
- t 1- r . " . . . .. w t .. . & i . . : a . - . a : t j, . . .. . t -.
t a.- . . k t . ' - t . w v j . i 1 i ' ft 2 a TiriL vfz.ii.u; " - r. 11 'ri -v - t. . .,
noint ot the ridce and command uie wnoie exieni 01 wow uwkhw. . , v : - , .
forces repulsed counters and scored further long gams, those of Pershmgra first army being the most extensive.
. . . m . . .. ...... i . 1 1 . ! mi u ii. v 1 ' a ...1 ... it tr . . ' . . t ' ... t 1 rt . 1 ' t
pritishJ'rrencH and Americailr pn lne,restfn,'rront nave-aiccnvmore 'inan torcy inousana pntoners and. since uiy 10, not incuia
nior e WritWcf hundred thousand captives' KaVe hikH i&th feluslVc? of fh'el'caplures mide iri tKA Cilkahi and in Palestine.1.. In' Pales-
arrived at Saloniki where they will today imdeftaeo1i6,pcn iipf negotiation with the Allies for peace.; V ,
iwn from Rumania where it is reported on Swiss tfttf-Erftra't&
Allies Win Seven (Grt jlfepOiff ' lillpl
Victories On West frontglf
t t ' "i, -.- - - 11
VT EV YORK. Sebteml)er 30 ( Associated others using life belts, some crossing on fnats,
1 I
Prcs5) Striking the German lines with a others isinfe rafts and still others crossing on im
fury of onslaught that uas not to be withstood, ' provised bridges which were hurriedly thrown
the "Allies yesterday won victories on seven uu
fettnt and separatt seetors which in the aggregate
went to achieve the greatest single day of Allied
successes since the war began. In these attacks
Alaska Camoletes Its Quota and
I fc.'Flans T J)ibte Vt; fcabW arti, flUMaWlr LWVjrtpregnble '
Prussian War lords Pcnstdered
Belffians, British, French and Americans partici
pated irtth eqiial valor and with eaal auocess, the
American forces playing highly important parts
inh ,ay il tremendous offensives.
Sne f the outstanding results ol tle victory
i'roin bank to bank. Having crossed this obstacle
they stormed the" main Himlenhurg 'defenses at
lVlle Englesi and captured thr whole German po
The British -encirdement of Cambrai progressed
favorably throughout the day, lo.tjie southwest mJl)iowt4 Utt efeY M
of the,beleagured city the Canadians stormed aad t6t4y m,mg(m tiim 'iir. mt
capnrrea tne aerense system Known as tne marco--th iTBnd4Suti telling of nd
nam war wtoary
Complete' Vw ;
WAWHNOTOX. .AtptmrnW.,,
(Official) The ojienlnf o vjuie' ViU
for the Foorrb LhWty; Lous
two miles northwest of Cambrai. Last night the ot a4 ,Wbibe4 ;tir iiia
Sixty-third division was in the southerly outskirts the Anty of the driv
of the city and the Canadians in the northerly out-f ' Tb,Tyiritory of Alks ia y fli
skirts and on both sitles hand to'hand ahd house 1trtby 6r 8tt to report oversub
U house fighting was in progress lor the final criptiooi and nnonce that it plain
c i4. . . I t i c .- tri "dooiJe tb UMiut wrt for it.
ossewion of this important bol-wark of the Hm- yvrf vio Heard
dcnbvrg defense. In lrk tte American Alii
N'orthw'est of St. Quentin are British forces and ( pi of PreifcUuit Wd o the
.......vU.. -" ' . n iHd ttmftiit in mrhipH it
North Carolina and South Carolina and fierce
1 fighting continued throughout the day and into the
night along the thirty-five mile front running
north to the Scarce River.
llie Americans attacked on a three mile front
with the indominitable American Spirit of enthiu
siasm. Their vigor took tliet boohes off their feet
and the Sammies swept into and took Bellicoutt
and Nauroy.
are" that. the Belgians have take-Dixmude,' Pas T i:Masnieres line as far north as Sailly which is villain ad cities Uat : rvi-'r t
chrreJ anl OtHef valaaUle-poatidng and are wath
in two miles of Roulers, the British are in the out
skirts of Cambrai on two sides of the city. The
fall of St. Quentin is "hastened, the French have
reached the Aislette River at two points west of
Chehiin des Dames ridge and have taken the high
est potnt of the ridge which' commands it for its
fall extent, and the French and the Americans in
Champagne have made iutUm advances toward
their, intended cutting of communication with
Loa which is considered the keystone of the
enerpy defense.
Oithe northerly wing of the army the Belgians
hurled the foe back for several miles. With the
British on their right the Belgians attacked from
Yp'res' to Dixmude on a front tf more than ten
miles. They -captured the important Tarlroad cen
ter and point of communication, Dixmude, ad
proceeding on east took Eesen and Zarren, while
further south they took Stadenburg, Passchen
daele, Moorseldge and a part of Westroosebeke.
Last night this advance had taken them to within
less 'than two miles of Rowiers, the railroad center
and .one of th most important bases of suppries
for the enemy in Belgium, which the British ouce
jtproached and were unable to take.
In this advance the Allies have gained the IiikIi
ground before Roulers which commands the city
and places it under their guns. It was only after
they had repulsed strong German counters that
the Belgians took Terreest heights which gives to
them this immense advantage for further future
operations. Between Dixmude and Ypres the Al
lies took more than six thousand prisoners ana
tnd-'lt 1la Jjng Birred Waj
EV YORK, September 30 (Associated Press) On the Bal,
MUifesf ln-Atfcrarrt T PrfesS Vl 'kan front the flight of the Bulears continues unchecked with
me rtjues aovanctng iongj every part ot the tront Sind the British J
and Greeks pushmf hirther Into Bulgirii. ' ;
nyn -kji MK nuKu lurnxs in inc Diisaii xncaier ycsxer
' . ... ( iJ'l ft.. 1.1! J.y, i ........ . .. ! '
day rertf thttse" dT WiVerblihs ahd of the llarians. '
u,liw.U I. i ,U.iA - T-t-LJ I t-
. m,'.y" . iuu nwiiicast 01 isniiv. i ney are neiir narevo
wncn is owj nx raucs irom me vulgarian border, liiey have also
taken St. Nicholas:
aid: "tli)r oob a tanner at oar,
iaarriaed it auck ftrtnoiplea, ao real
aeopcrai aad n true follower of la
.bcr'ii .fM an reasaia inactive or
aAiliai ia poaitiM t up posit i on. "
1 Xiua tst4Mneat I urtker aid that the
President's raatateaient of the princi
ples uf internatiuiraJ Juatiee lauat bring
fa eittliuitiaam wh! (be vigor of eon-
I viotiea ta cvory working wB mad
- v -ii?t
KEW TOHK-aP4)tembir 30-(Aao-ial
.Pr(Repa-t from tfaa West
cm front iwlieata either' the eottapia
f the German lfnee or a deeiaoa
W abandeu tlie Uinilenbarf lis -anti
to take up a nrr'omlarr Una of da
fenV' which has been prpr4 ' for
tkii mcr)eQry during Abe r.f oar ytt '
orruation of Blginm and Franca by
the Huun. .
The celebrated Ifindenburg line or
Hiefried line, which has been barring
the Allies road to Berlin, has been
romps red y the XJermu leaders to. the
great wall of China. I'-til the British
broke it in the spring of l17thy be
lieved it impregnable t snuaalt as was
once, the Chinese wall and regarded it
'as the eighth wonder of the world.
End Protected
' Tbe Uindeuburg line as generally de I
Hued is about sixty miles
in a general north and south
.V a,
The'aiVahee from yeles is rapidly proceeding and the Serbian:;
forces' are' now yttti hSri'h.bi that 'eity. In the distance they can see
immense' volumes oif' ihioke rising and obscuring the sky showing
thait there Are great fire burning in and around Uskub, the key of ;
t. -.r. jr. 1 .. '. J.
1. iv vimit UU1511MH udciisc oy aicin anu inuicaiing preparations iorr"
r.rn.ii'.nt fmi 1. f 1 . ' 1 II I i " L
V.I.H iMivuv muiii nisi pinut vcivrc nic conxinuea aiuea aavance.
Krashevo. an imbortaniBuTeriart Via St' twmtv-Ai' milage nnHh '
fong running
of Monastlr and HfteeW tailes west of Prilep has fallen to the Ita!iana
,u uimv.u . ,i JO icmr iu uuiLiai ueapaiciies irom Rome. I hey nave driven
vv ni. hvim -His .iiiiwumuu vciwccn me ttrna anu tne venxa
ill ii if i i ii r r ii rAii nun t KUBi.irii . . ...
. , iv. t. .. revel's. Anil ar mftmv iih mn.aii...l.. ..n : .. . r' '
uy ine neaviiy ioriiuea wnnu ii tihj . rvr T.r" -"& .viii ui.it siiiuu 1 c&ikVnucaroin
Ridge aul bj the mining ity or Lens I the, rnernjf. ; . ' ,
I'.esides these towns taken by the Americans the ta svfcich .the warkietg jupltf Hl go
Allies gained a most important footing on the rdr .
, .. r . , , . r. I britttf victory. th great cause of
easterly side of the underground canal at Belle-. huounity re witkout limit. $
court and 'took the town of Le Catalet, Lavac- CwnpwtBbm
uerie. lnay and Vil.er, Gnlslam. It is reported "SrjaR 3?
ili.it the British and tne Americans are astride of tar only by worUiy eoae in eeds
the St. Ouentin Cambra road ad the early fall of " ky b woteiitattn of
miinmpi ihh iwj m rTT vv hmu
Whoe nnderirronud corridors knd rhkai
lUers long barred the British. The
r .L j . it 1 1 .
souinero end or me niuiirvimrx im,
nroper, is in the vii-iuity of L Kere- T
Laon. That end is protected In pari
by the forest pf Bt. Oobain and tAe
fortiflcatioiis around Laon. '
Bet-weeti Vrmy Kidge on the north
and La Fere on the south the line
pasBes west of Cambrai and St. 'Quen
tin so as to protect those tw impor
tant industrial and railway centers
which are routes for bringing up sup
iHies for the German army.
Lines Extension
Some war correspondents describe the
Oermun line as continuing southeast
Ci 1 - -a 1
' arua i onafaey ana lives irom any . 1 . ,1 Divr
io--.. Vrlv mnrnitKT th,. ltriit, Viiv. olrpint... TT. f- . l .k t ward from ba ere to tlie AisM wr
f " .
tVai aa Ami b o co-nomio
yntvre, tkiag Imt oatiet triumph
the enemy was pressed back between four and five , CHEMIN DES DAMES RIDGE
sixteen thousand priscniera.
Participating in the encirclement of Cambrai and
for UMMOMey, . writto ito the
1 r. . ,4 ,7 . . . . 1 worUl kisUrr by the de4a f all
Laon, the French launched a new attack between o WOrU's i4j k
l a l ere and t. yuentin. 1 hey met wttn a stout isert."
lesistahcc but against this they advanced and took
miles for practically the whole length of the line.
To the south of Ypres the British attacked on
another sector along the Scheldt Canal. Thjs the
Tommies crossed, some swimming' unassisted,
Most important of the Ftench gains and among
the mol far reaching in effect of any of the many
successes of the day was the French advance upon
(. hernia des Dames Ridge. Oh
of the Chemin des Dames line General
w. a. a.
German Losses In Prisoners
Run Into Hundred Thousands
LONDON, September :t0 ( AKxociale.l Pe0--In explanntiou of the
audden and tremendous reversals which have overtaken the German asnviea
on tn Wentern rnt is offered the x.ptonatioa of ike ituiaeuee U
wUit'k they hav sustauxxl iv the preiwut Uiod oftenaivr following the
terrible losses which resulted to them from their costly niusned attacks
dvritrg their own prat drive from Marck 1 to July 17.
It ia extimateil here from official reports at 4he various Alliel .gen
eral that the Germans have lost on the "Western front to the British,
French, Amerieaue and Belgian 200,000 in prisoner skwie. These figures
do not include the caiitives taken in the past two or three days. Mean
time their losses in killed and wonnded have een proportionately heavy.
Tkree thouaamd lrtfe guus have been taken and wore tbfcu twauty
thousand machine guns beHideH yrcut quantities of other war materials.
These figures are for the Western front only and do not iuclude the
)risMirs takon iu f'aleatlne or in Bulgaria. With these iucluded the v
emv loaaea (a priaoaers must cicely approach 3$0,0OQ.
' ' ' " i 1 '.
I'ABIS, September !V- (Aiociated Press ) Hulgarisn peace delegates who
came to discuss an armistice with a view to peace have readied Hultniikj, ar
riving there Haturday uiti and it is rmhmI swithoiit further udvi.es that
by this tinie they are seeking to opeu ne(jotiatloiJB with the representative
tif tk Altie if they have not si ready done so.
IfbH (lvlagation is nouiuiaudvd by Ueuesal Leukoff, coiimiainler of the lul
gariau eond army; M. Liaucheff, the minister of nnau.e uud M. Itadeff, a
fomrer wemtier of 'the Bulgarian cabinet.
It ia til inteistiou to grunt no ftrmistir biiJ uo truce at 'tins time and
tb dalctaajUi will be teld that t'i Allies dex-liue to suspend hostilities but ar
ready to enter upon a dlscussiou of terms of peace while the present operations
ar going forward. The terui rscutd 1o the delegates wUI vrt'illy mean
. an unconditional yieldiug ou the part of Bulgaria and willingness to accept the
Germany Is Taking
Troops Oat
, . . iti 1
best terms obtainable.
force reached the Aislette River at
two joints. They advanced to and up I
onto the ridg and captured ' it high-
et point whence they conxnand thai
whole uf this important str.ite 'in line, ?
TTiey huve captured rilan Chavignon,
fMtel ami Ht. Herth. To the north or
the Aisue the Teutons were resitting
desperately but on the Aislette thoy
re retiring. This advance was two
miles in depth and it was reported last 1
nle;ht that the Oermaos are retiring .
from the ride aud the severe fighting i
north or the Aisue was a stubborn rear
truer ii defense.
In OhaniBai Aector
On the left of the American in the
Gbtnrpagn sertOT the Frk jiet witk .
a attiblxirn resiatance from th Hun!
but tiut this, overcoming and break
ing p cuimtera, they scored onidr
aWe nd iiniiorUnt advcs while
thair artillery shelled fax behind the
German forward osituin. Hee they
took and hold the heights of BeUv
north if (jratreuil. This atitute4 (J)-
thevr lon-eet and most impart a ut gju
in this sector iMid (rives tkem poaitisa
frui whioh they dominate wi4 s
panse of country.
Americana Pwb tu
lVivhtnL''! Trejl vuehed forward
thrputrlunit the day in splendid form
and tlivir ailwancey r . Mren faster
than those of theil French neighbor '
ua the Mfost. The American took
Brieul les hut Mouse Mid Jtomagne an 4
pro ecdcil v nt pom that town to the
outskirts ef the t'oreW of ,)ioma)a
tiicil IvrihLmf SMimf'ed that ths ,
attack i prn(rrossiug favorwiiljr.
Macter of Air
Ou iHutnrduy. mi this seetorke Am
ericans Huin deinoiisl rated that they
are tin- musters o( the air, They en
t'ajjcil in tifty two combats aud down-
WA8HTN0TON, fiepteater 30
(Associated Press) German forces
of otcopetkm fx. wrtMrjswing from
Rnmaaia, fetu ( svSUidras) bavinK
started on FrMayy 4-the word
which has been received from 8wisH
political circle.
There are -prei stent rumor that
the Rumanian popuUtki kas revok
ed and it U tfcftl. the Osrruao
eivil nuiWJtk arJiMtily packing
np and are femovlne the archive as
hey depnrt. v' . ' v
Jt was eeently . reported that
the avore aloiit thirtr Uiion of
flerraan troop In XwmuiI hn the
uJiUry auUeitiea wi leJ irom
JBejIin iwiw . aaany 'wa uld be
pkl lor servio on the A'eteto
fruiit, Ike eplF was that ruiae could
be sparad a the ' Kiupa.uU.nj were
in suck spirU of eylt that the full
force waa BceaTf7 to luap tkem ia
subjection. - .
end fttieims following the Vae of tk
L'heinix des Dames. They call that
J part of the line southeast of Fere
the Albeeich iine. This would dd
I ubout forty Ave miles, making a total
. length of more than 100 mile. Gen
erally, however, .the Hindenburg line
hns iieen tiencribeii as running only
from Vimv Eidge to La Fene.
"BwlVn' Uine
l-Varing that the northern end of the
I line might be turned the German es
tablished a "switch" line connecting
with the Uiudenburg line at Queat
and rnnniug north about SS mile to
Drocourt. They called this switch the
Wot an Hue.
The northern end of the Hiodenburg
line aud the Wotan iior both kT
broken nwsw tliao ow by fbm ttrlUs
nrnues and both ar iw in prsssssip
of the British. Long ago the German
lust Vluiy Bidge and hay failed to re
take it. . i ml
The ilindenbnrjr tine is not a trenck
but a system of field fortifications. Ia
places it is said to be ten mile deep,
consist uig not only of the trench ys
tern but of multiple lines of barbed
wire" entanglements, eoncret positions
for artillery, deep dugout capable of
noising a battalion
.J Vfkr.-J
WASHmOTON, September 14 Oen-e-.il-
Pershftig ofgahlted a ataff far
he first Amerieah amy epaVat from
his personal staff, erktek
1 JS M It
LONDON. SeDtember 30 Ud to Fri-
io eidsy aight the British in i'aleetine had
futy thousand pruouers and
1 . 1 1 1 11 f U' u nil fliAn ........Int. I
... . : ..... uu. II.VII U. III! I 1 . 49
iiiunwt icwri auw, 1 was officially repurted by the war of-
iihicf M staff, MoosMUMd' tday, I noe last night.
Lteut.Cal. Hack A. TOttm Is tke Im IM, Turkish resistance in th
region of Tiberius the British have.
feraed further pMsages over tk Jor-.
J ... ....
. Tn llip aiuith tliA nriliwli itnvalrv li .'
driven the enemy northward through ;
Meaerib uud has ioiaed other Briilsk
forces, takiav Hedjss. ,
There seems little chance of th ;
Turk escafiim? from the British net
ta.tsnponaac numoers.
chief 4f staff of the avew afany aad hi
awiHtaot chiefs of staff ar Col. Robert
sfeOteavo and Lieut. -Col. Jens Bngge,
W.flcf Howell,, J4 U Oewitt and
Lewi 1L atkinv ,
Maj. Gen. Kdward F. McGlachliu ia
chief 4 aHirkry and the head ef the
admswisitratio. and technical fflrrto
are; , Adjutant general. Col , Joaapk F,
Barnes; ipspeetor-general, CoV Jacob
0. Jbaaon', jadg advoeat, IJeut-OeU
Blaaton Wiavhip.i cjiie quartr,maatM'l
Maj. Ueorge iMbtfai chief aurgeop
t'oL Arexaader N. Htark: Chief eneince
Brlg.-Gen. J. J. Morrow ckf icual
oSiefr, iieut.-Col. farker Hht; ki
ordnance officer. OoL Edward P. O'
Hera: chief of motor transport corps, f
Cd. William II. Wltr-chi of air i ' " .:
service. Col . WiUiam MitchelL I . .. . . T . -
, -t . , .. .. 1 ii reiifwis trow asirnron lorces s
It waa this staff which handled the 1
maweoMvt at 8i. Ui)iu4 tiade OsHMrai l rr" '"eu nign spims ana r
IVirehiajc Oeaerai Maick aald. .. , , j kiwiHii thro ugh out the whole arm '
j , Osiiwai Murcii says the Aaierh'au sol-
data connected with th .ljer.quieklv became imbued with this.
Greater Hoftotuhi project ha Tt been uirit gg aH hf BU,fP,i if ko dJ4
ewmnilcd avail Ik :woTt . and 1 Khfft- ...1 , u k.,... . . ,
1. 1 . . Ih. . n . . .1 ..1 . . .. ' ...
""'" ", mKWf""''! tii .arrival atiroi or tn remetn
nlif..rnl ITIll
a ami Colorado
$ iroopatuer. ! tk- harbor ?l2 74 divisii-r, composed of
uns ..ill hones for machine suns and. In ""-' - ; new .Mexico, Aj-ijtoni
r . . .. . ..' 1 . . . - : - ... - 1. : -1 . : 1 f ' .
. irmiim npwja imi.ru hi vnmu rmrmj
fact, 'every device the German have
been able to assemble to block the
way to Germany.
TJndsararomuL Pf a
Kmmr Tin ll.onrt . was a formidable Una.. 1 1 , !
unilerrround ortiatlon known a tii Laon Conor Bton
Tunnel Tremb" wkiefc the Germans I . Laon, Jjing within the "Big Cor
believed to b linpregiiakl. Tbi tun- ner',' where the ne turn eastward
uel connecting the tranches was mr ? aloaff tb Chamjla. .1 Dame is r
tkaa a mile lng and wil auined for :ta faid M tk ktn. ft, tho whol
whole length, lighted-iwRh dalrhsltyi German ystw. Jliyidcod of German
and had entrance at abort tot!.
It was reinforcod. by eoncret pill
boxe and ipift trefW,-,.vTk Brit
ish captured it in November, Ht7.'.
. . .1 ' k -it.L A.. -
tttiu AiWUnoOUTl 0 JVlisn irvM
Fer. Tk forcsst of t. Go- CL. ves reeestly suounced. Part of
bain -ee4U so aUaoat ipuperUe ob t)w division new is in England. 1 .
stacj ip attacking thil end of the I No report of the Forty-second (Rain-
j new) divisioe's prnsent activities have
' brra rjniylved since it was relieved'
Cim lii... nn IIia li.iio.VttiiL fmnl '
I The Twentv-ninth division; enmpoaeu
' of K'v Jersey. Vinriiia, Maryland and
Distrii't nt O'dumbis troons., now i on
'li" in te Voge. it was annoamied.
The eventc seventh, comnosed tif
- x' v l .: ..! M
.- !. . I 1:4 .11
wur avu r'iw ine ;vinrf iHinn im,
vision, are in ?in advaace frntn th
Vesle to the Aisne. "tid the Twenty-v
sevei'h. enclosed of New York troop,,
in At ill is Flinders. , 1
bntterie were installed -ia the ereetied
ravine around that city aud in the
Xoaeaia o( Jp. ,Cobjn. .
Bontkwest .of Laon th town was
'pretested Vy Wassif of " Vbaaniptettil
ilriiad k "Wtt hu vadef-
These were elaborately 1 rnd rne d hUer om big
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niiu up as nimnui -1 (pwwiwi, 1 tmBm " . . ,-7. uenerai wa,rcu recenuy reai .an or-
WASHINOTON, September 15 I
Lieut. Udmuad G. Cbaatkerlaiu of Uiei
marine corns, who wkile operating with I found great cantacombs along th ilia- .
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the British if foeeea iwoeBtiy .hot
dowa rive enemy pianea, lorcco a sixia wi,,nv .httbl and uroietitail bvv foiMt MM M Uil H wimisMl win Aa. .i.,i i, fie,i wlli -.
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... 1 4 L I. , L. . I I.' . u .. 1 4.
-. w nii wiiw-n hit rtHif-RTCiisnjAin' (
crw aa Division (Huin1"!"') wss brigaded
during the battle of the Mnrne.
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A Oood Suggestion
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& Co., Ltd , ageuts for Hawaii. Ad,
and captured . fcrr-a primer, has I bnni. the Ji,
btH'n recommended for a captaincy and . j.r r.u duuouta.4 SontlT; tka German discovered
a medal of lionor .tk avy efiartineiit Xhey were more like hotel, flttad kth that the dugouts aloug the HindnuAurg
tUsclusod tonight in noiioeifig marine ulectricity, water, eewor, ilrytag foot" Un wer nothing but death u
cw hadqnartrs Jad Moeived tii re and kitchens. They were shell proof J order by the 'German divisional eoni,
port mad, by thh4.U4ute.aaut to the ad bomb proof. The treiu-h ther aal.foTbda ht rQcnnan trop to
Mritish authorities. I were built alung the banks f lh ' occupy dugout whU'k 4ocr4 ,oor
t it V a L ! L .41. ...! I Ii s n ulirhl tr II n A air trfltll n ( 1
- 1 u 1 1111 Tvorti H'niru rum umui mi , i-na - mh-ivp,--"
ed thirty three iiuy iwackines with- south uear Jlavriucourt. Behind the Iliudeuburg
.... 11.4, 1... f . .in.He uiacliiiie uf Iiimortaiit Oeriiian stroim holds pro Germans ar credited with
Amri,.n svistoe tect the southern section of the Hue r line of defenses.

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