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I . . . .. "i-i nuivc i ociica hi nuuiB mio i . iin iiihii i iun iuiilj . iiiui i I
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Would-Be. Senators, anrf RepVe
sentativci Tell Voter Not To
Pay. Attention To Newspapers.
Corporations, Sudar vBarons,
Bankers and Editors Come In
For Hard Words of Aspirants
Slimimlng th..t'cr Mt y p.rtlci
lr .muwmcnt. in. which mapy pf f.h)
l2mitliran rBni1i(lntos fof the icnt
mj hilline Imhiljftvl (hpmelvfil at the
Kmma Kqnar' meetiBit laM night, t an
(liilHtM who 'felt thotiiMlTC aRgrimred
haatonian.to tell th Totra that rUtor
were " hirclin(fa," thoir employe
wdiiring the collar of eorporate owner
chip, and that tha. voter didn't need
to heed tho Advice, crit.iciimfl, or tug
gnstiona pf the papara, anyway, .
The newspaper Worn 't worth a
whoop tq a tandidalrt, eithert,to help
litin or (1o,fa him, al4 some of the
. T.S .L i. t . . . . . i
i auutiini.vnn wtu wu put oi vncir wy
to hurl inventive at the press, and
they dldnt rare, whethw. tha newa-
papera wore with therni or pdt. ' v-'-j ,
, Thoan who mentioned Uia Drea.
either TJie Advortiaer or the Star-Bul
letin, deluded (Tharle ,I ChllHn
Wprth, P; C, T'ctfrg, LorrlnjAndrewa and
'5mea lv. Jarreit. None'waa mild, in
the nolpction of worda ahd sentence tp
eonvey the eontpwptr 1 which ha held
tha pre, while at time, acme of them
roao to oratorical heighta to denounce
any paper which had the temerity to
arty that they were not fit material for
legislator to . be considered by tha
There were some among- , the candi
date who merely arose and told tha
audience who they were, what had been
their pant service and what they could
do for the voter if eleto4 at the pri
maries next Saturday to be plared on
the ticket to be voted November 5.
"DMn t Maau It"
There were others who taJked about
"1tes" being formed which the
voter muHt. not permit, for with tho
lnt tor, nnd those alone, lay the sov
ereign ritrht to say who, should be the
staminril bearers of the party after Oc
tober 5. Homo stninmoil hard at the cor
porations anil the sugar barons and at
vised the voters nut to send any man
to the Ipgisl.iturc who botanged to the
tmgr interests or the corporations or
the bankers, ami then out in the shade
of the big monkey pods remote from
the rest of tho voters, they assured ean
ilidntes who might tie considered as
"corporation men," that they didn't
niPHii anything personal.
(). 1'. Soares presided at this mppting.
With the Island melodic of tho Mlllnr
Hawaiian quintet to soothe and.luj),
nnd wflb bis own excellent Introduc
tion of the candidates, who wero nu
merous, the meeting wus a success. It
was one of the largest precinct turnouts
of tho rnmpnigu.
John Katun noulu said he regretted he
was not a lawyer or a farmer, but aaid,
however, lie was glad to appear 'a a
candidate just as a mere printer, of
thirty years experience, l'rinters, as
well as Inwyurs, were essential to a suc
cessful legislut lire.
Chink i. King advised the voter
to foriret nuto joy rides and fishing trips
next .Saturday an. I pay attcntiou to the
I.um.icwh in band of selecting le;isla
tivi- caiiilidates. Of all the candidates
who might have had a whack at the
pr for Uio criticisms directed at him,
h made no comment.
Analyses Platform
tieorge W. Smith, candidate for the
Senate, aain analysed the Itepublican
platform anil explu'iied its principles
and what the party sto d for in this
campaign, dwelling upon the jincesaity
of following the platform's suggotion
an.l rnldiim the city of the tenement
evil, and passing laws which will take
care of Hawaii's soldier boys when
they return home froiu the battlefielita
and military service in other places.
K. '. Vetera lauded tho direct pri
mary as one of th) (yiuspieuous acts of
Ipgialntion. wissod )ff tho Kepuhlicaits
which loinplidcly eliminuted thQ. "poli
tician," mi l prevented advn,iiro deals
being made, to select candidates and
not leave this duty with the voters
t)msclvcM ut tlic primaries.
"I represent no class and I onj not
the selection of any class," said Mf.
I'eteis. "I do not condemn tho news
papers trvinj; to determine who tbey
believe sLull be put up for election.
As fur as the newspaper is concerned
with the editorial column, that is sim
ply the voice of one man. You, jusjt
as well the editor of that paper,
are just as well able to say who shall
represent you in the legislature as that
editor. I am neither the choice nor
the Candidate- of a class."
"Begged to Run" ,
lie then said that he went upon
the ticket at the earnest request of
Hnuniinni of his precinct to take the
pbcp not lillod by A. L. Castle who
had gone to Siberia ta do Hed Crosa
work. Versimally, he had suggested
.luilc A. (I. M. Robertson to make
the race, but the judge hud declined
an.l he finally accepted after two
months' hesitation. Therefore, he was
a candidafe by request,
""f am not going to go gumshoeing
around uskiiif- for votes,'1 he said. "I
ahi not going to fly in airplane ani
balloons and visit you. I am before
you now on this siand and ask you
from here."
Mr. Vetera gave an interesting talk
on the war work of the Vurtuguese nal
tion, how it gave gnus to Belgium ip
VJH to ai l the littlo country, and da
n oi n red the acta of tho Oeroiaua in
trampling upon Belgium's treaty rights,
nnd how she had put big armies in the
held,' and then concluded with a re
quest for the Portuguese to back up
those armies and those of the Amer
icans by btivini; liberty Bonds and'
nlvlng to the Kcd Cross.
Banker Aska Vote
A. Lewis .li. nave u stirring,
straight fnnwinl talk in his candidacy
for a place on the representative
ticket. As u bunker and a lawyer and
iriin ration. i . , ' t .
re.ri.tr.tion I. I. fc increasing demand for labor but
October' 26 rRar Been' Recbfn
mended To' General Crowder
; and Wil probaWy Be,
Governor 'tt J.' kkrarUjt b
nythr island, ha cabled .hi ree.om-meiaiatlo-ajtt
Capt H. Oaodiaff-rieM,
aeleetiv. draft officer, of October t
a the dale for the IS 48 reglstratioa
ia Ua ietriter-. , ;,, r v
CapUin FieJd Immediately railed
tha. feanmndd dU-f to flewetal
Crowder at Wkabington. In the Jtai
liral eanraa of avaat the" reeosamenda
tioa will be laid .before rrrdeat .Wil
son, and if approved, he will laaqe' a
proclamation setting .aide the date for
Hie wail ' yegistration.
The aelee
elpated the
paring the local board for th heavy
work ahead, and has aeaorod the blank
and general data for uae on reglstra
tioa day tad for the questionnaire
campaign ta follow. ,
lie beliava the Machinery ia ia 'it
eellont ahape for the work. Tha reg
istrar have been appointed. Tha local
boards are all in readiness td.o their
part, and tha medical advisory board
are- likewise prepared.
- Out of 43Q registrant, consisting o
young me. who attained tha age of
twenty-One alnre July 31, 1017, and
were registered the last day of July
thi year, hlaety have beea placed ip
Class IA by Local Draft Board No. 1.
Order have been issued for the
physical examination of these young
ma, ahd tha work will be concluded
on October 8.
Whea all the classifications of these
young mem have beea com pie tad by
au lutf Doard In the Islands, aa ad
justment f the cmotas td be supplied
by each beard will be made, and the
young man .will then ba called to ser
vice with th two island regiment at
Port Hhafter aad Behoteld Barrack.
These men are to 111 up the vaeaaeies
ia the two organisations ta briag them
up to war strength of 3400 men each.
'. I'M W. .
in r
Insular Possessions Enfoy Indus
trial Growth Loyal In
;5o Support ,of tha War
'Carrying a messago of which the
tpfP(f il hn citcru priority, of the
Philippine Islauds, .lames .1. Ralterty,
dlreetar if the' IrureaU o'eommeree
aavl' rradnstry of the .- VhlUppie, 1
vPjrflt,K fr Manila to the main
Mnil and in the Kns't ne expect to
ojen an office for his bureau, probi
ably located in New York City.
. Atf Industries in dhe VrHlipprnc ic
enjoying prosHirity, ,ugar probably the
least, 'aun many new imrunmea ar
bs brought ajiovt.
(Concluded from Paga 1)
Expelling Frit
Progress in breaking the hold of the
Qcrmaa invaders of France is shown
by the. fact thai there are now no
French department that are entirc'y
occupied by the Germans. This was
effort! d by the rocapture of four com
munes In A r denes. s
The night communique from Berlin
admitted withdrawals in Flanders east
of Dixmude and. other places includ
ing Wytschaete.
Unele Sam is going to have a postnl
service ia Siberia far his soldiers and
other citizen ,a fairly good indication
,that the "American occupation" there
is not to ba a brief one.
Two expert postal men, S. A. Cisler
and I. A. White are now in Honolulu,
enroute to Siberia to iu.ugurato the
new American service, which will be
along the line of that first established
in aace and since extended to every
quarter where there are Americana ia
large numbers.
At first soldiers will be used font
clerks, but civilian postal employe Will
later relieve them in Siberia, it is aaid.
Cisler is the superintendent. of the
Railway "Mail Service at 1st VaTl. Min
aeaota, aad White ia from tho Wash
ington, Diatrict of Columbia, postoftice
one who had had to dual with intricate
Unsocial problem of a private and
publio nature and aid in tho fluating
of the Liberty Pond issues, ho called
attention to the fact that President
Wilson,' in putting men at the head
of various governmental war activities,
selected tha biggest corporation men
of the land. lie felt that hia training
aud experience would ba of value in
the coming" war legislature."
"This ia no time fur playing with
politic ox public affaira," concluded
Mr. J.ewis.
James K. Jarrett said he was being
criticiatxl by the Star Bulletin aa be
ing connected with a combination and
following in the footatep pf Lorrin
Audrew. but if, that wa a reflection,
or (utendod as such, he was glad to
ba cpunected with men pf the hijjh
caliber of M.r. Andrews, iji own, leg
islative record, he eai.t, was absolutely
clear and open, and fid was dictated
to by ao one. JElq, was greeted with
prolonged applause.
ChiUlnrarorth "Explain"
C. F. ChUHngworth said statments
had bopn nude in tha pross that Prince
Kuhio 1 opposing his candidacy be
cause the lYiace had not returned from
Hawaii to take part in the primaries
here. He said that in the last pri
marie th Prince had not returned to
Honolulu and doe not intend to this
time as he did not wish to take part
in' tho campaign, until the candidates
were selected at these primaries, not
desiring to interfere with the prima
ries in any way. He sail! the state
mont was untrue. He was witling to
stand on his record in the Senate
"I am going into thi race as a
candidate a one who 1 not tied up
to sny corporation Interests," said
I.orrin Andrews. "Pick out riien who
have no collars around their necks.
The Star Bulletin says some of the
candidate should not be elected and
I am one of the men who should not
be, says the Bulletin." He added that
the Bulletin opposed the Portuguese,
Laos and Freitaa, us candidates.
"The editor1 of the Bulletin ia only
a hireling, paid to write such things,
and he' is hired by a man who wearx
a foliar."
Other speakers included W. T. Haw
tins, Kddio Fogarty, Frank Audrade,
Kddie Fernandez, J. A. Deaveiis, K. J.
ha produced no real shortage a yet.
burst aaa vnips
The augar induvtry has suffered from
Inability to ship and high freight rates
for much that went. The central,
mill), which grind for the surrounding
planters, arc more prosperous than the
planter- themselves. There are great
atore of dinar on hand awaiting trans
portation and while the shipping that
was ,tsken from the Hawaiian run to
eerr .Philippine sunr was welcome it
ha; (lot been nearly adequate to mee,t
the need.
. Th Philippines no longer have to
eek. outside for the establishment of
central for capital from home is forth
coining for the development of the
ngar a well as other industries. Mr.
Knffertjr considers it will be but a
hor time before sufficient centrals
fli VuiH '"' equipped to permit a
large, expansion of production.
Hemp Industry
The hemp industry is the most pro
berou ia the Islands and the largest.
Last year the production was valued
at 03,000,000 pesos and this year the
value ia expe. ted to reach 125,000,000
Cocoa nut oil manufacture is a grow
ing Industry and in Manila there are
now Operating twenty mills.
- Ia.the Philippines and in Japan as
well, government business is suffering
aomething of a labor shortage because
of the withdrawal from government
branches, such as communication for
iaatance, of men formerly employed in
uch matter to enter individual enter
prise. In Japan this is even more
noticeable thau in the Vbiliupines.
Support Tor War
Mr. RafTerty took occasion to c.on
traatthe course pursued by the Fili
pirio i connection with the United
States belligerecy with the courses
which they used to pursue when Spain
bad outside troubles. Spain's embrog
lio in any home or international difll-cultic-a
used to be the signal for no
uprising. Not so now, however. An
uprising miijht have required a garri
son of 'J",000 troops or more but. as it
is, the United States has only a slnglo
regunent there, the Ninth Cavalry, ne
Kro. All the other military fqrees are
nan ve.
Insteud of causing disturbances the
Filipinos have given the United Statos
a war vessel, offered its guard for
services overseas and are raising
division for actual service. Instead of
seekiujj to. hauun'r. tho efforts of tho
I niteil States, the Philippines ar ,..
deavoring to assist and are subse'rib
jug heavily for liberty Bonds and giv
ing liberally from .their means to the
auport of tji Red Cross.
Twenty-three army anil liivy officers,
member of au Allied military mission
which is en route, to 8ixrta', are vi-.it
prs in Honolulu. .Tho, Allied mission
is accompanied "by one .eompuseij of
Cxce ho Slovaks, The head of this mis
sion ia Oencral MSIaa Stefa'uik, ic
president of the" ftiecho Slovak repub
lie receutly fecognjEod by hu United
States. ' ,, ' , '
, Tho British liiijltary mission ia hed
e-l by Bri. Oca. D.' . Hovfen, the
French mission lay , Major Legras and
the Russian mission by fjol,'X BasiolT.
The niemlu;rs pf the Hrttiah misajon.
which U the largeat, iu number,, are an
follows. Krig. (leu. t. U- Bote's, Col.
0- L. Steplo, Mij. H." Baring, fj. F
O. Vveelf, VtJujor Kimson, Capt. S.
Kirne, ('apt. L. Veniu and Capt. H. I!.
The members of the French mission
are Major f.egras. Capt. h. Founiier,
Captain l.eyer and Lieut, I). Levi. The
members of the Husslan mission me
Col. N. Bassoff, Col. A. Terentiec, Col
onel WenoKradsky, Capt. N. OssipolT.
Capt. C. Lewkovitch, Capt. A. Alaldi
The Czechoslovak mission consists
of Oen. Milan Stefenik and Captain
Pi seek v.,
M . i n.l"i V,
w. a. a.
A joint resolution has been intro
duced iu congress by Representative
Kuiftseii by which the fruit nud tisti
canneries of Hawaii cuuld be brought
uinler government control during the
period of the war, if thought necessary
for the national security or defense. A
copy of the resolution has been for
warded to (iovcruur C. J. McCarthy.
The resolution authorises the Presi
dent iu time of, war. to supervise oi
take possession and assume control of
any packing, .tanning, or refrigerating
plant, or any part thereof, and to oper
ate the same in such manner aa may be
needful or desirable for tho duration of
the war. Just conipeirsation of the
owners of the plant taken over is pro
vided for in thresolutioii.
w. a. a.
Advices Say Sales At Home Are
To Be At Old . Price Uhtil
Hew Crop Cjrnes.m ,k-,-?i
! J
Reduction in the prV oi. local r
flaad eugar from the flpor to the
ithoVWlOr, wholesaler to 'roialler and
VetaifoHtf consiirter V Vhosc Wheh pre
vaitcd Jfyr Hoptcmber 0 It eypeoteil to
result from a cablegram, whic, has, been
reVofveil by JiV. Child from Chairman
iRnlph f th national migar. fammlttee.
i j . ... . ....
rti cnigram said mat sugar prices
iwre""td'e'maln'at ftlrf old figure until
' .. . j- r . V ...-. ' j : .
ino amvai or tne' new crop or raw.
Child' has cabled to Ward whether trie
cablegram means what it saya and ap
blie ta Hawaii. t . , ,
Effectlva en llainlanB '
. On the mainland, effective Bopiember
9, the; ugar committee took all raw
sugar and all Wdm sagkr lr stock at
the aid Aguvr of f Oflf) for raw and T.28
less two percent for refined ami sold to
th rrflaara at the now price, pocketing
the difference for tha government.
, Her -the price wa raised by .the re
flnosf .,rad, it w reported that the
wholesalers bad no aioeka on hand and
ao were permitted to raise and. tha jre
tailerai (followed uit., t Ih eablagram
indicate that thi course w premature
and that the government .! i not to
bother about the sale and reihr process-
nere nua.iet obt prtee stand until the
new crop YOmca. Thi would affect the
refined output of thh Honpluln Plan
tation company and such washed and
other sugars as are used at home, most
especially 'affecting the sngar sold to
the pine tanner,
galea Her Small
Compared with the mainland", sales
of sugar, la (Hawaii are very amatl and
for the short period that intervene b
twecu September S and the new crop
it Is nrobable that the surar eommittae
djd nnt consider it worth while, .to
bother with the red tape of sale aad re
sale without the commodity changing
hands as was done on the mainland.
The period will not exceed three months
and that proportion of the sugar which
Hawaii usee for home Consumption i
small matter, ta tha governuieat.
Old Prtcaa Talr
The chairman of the fair price com
mittee any a -that at the last meeting
of nai committee the member were
told by Mr. Child that there -had been
no raiaa in the price of refined sugar
eu.ner uy tne iianoluiu. j'Jantation tym
pany or by its agent, Pavies aud Com
iiany, by the wholesalers or the retail
ers. On the strength of what Mr. Child
told the committee it sot tho price that
should be paid for granulated sugar by
the wholesaler at .073 to nine cents,
the latter price being for domiao and
fancy sugars, and that the consumer
should pay O.fi.1 to ten cents a pound so
that the consumer might secure three
pounds for twenty -five cents.
w. a. p.
-Ml i
Mother Jailed For
Breaking Law
to Feed Her Family
An unkind fate and the justice of the
hiw has doalth harshly with tho father
nnd the nrbther of a Hawuiiau family
by the name of Mahuea. But charity
today is to take a hand in the affairs
of the other member of the family,
a ten or twelve year-old-boy.
Four months ago Mahuea, a big stal
art Hawaiian, stevedore, was stricken
w ith bllndHPHS after he' got somethinj;
iu his eyes from the hold of the vessels
upon which he was working.
Deprived of his support, Mrs. Chris
tina Mahuea, his wife, a small, weakly
woman, tried to eke out a living, by
working in the pineapple canneries. Her
strength and the pay wore not sufliciout
and she turned to making swipes, for
This new business was profitable but
Mrs. Mnhnea was caught and turned
over to the federal authorities a month
ago for prosecution, Hrir story of bur
a-ttempt to find sustenance for her blind
husband and littje sod was so pitiable
that she was uot charged, and she was
given, her freedom on her promise uot
to violate the law again.
But this promise she broke and last
Saturday n&ht was arrested again,
she was before Judge Jloraee- Vaughan
yesterday when ah,e, pleaded guilty and
was sentenced to thirty days imprison-'
inent. ,
Bereft of the' mother's support the
father and son tolj Marshal J. J. Smid.
d.y they .lid not know what they would
do until the wife and mother was re
leased. The anyahftl advised them thnt
they jto lo Mayor Fern fox aid, which
they promised, to do,
In.rinu tha day W. . Pietch, super
incident o? the Palgla . H.OBM, heard
of the destitute ciretwaatauooe of the
blind man nnd the small boy. Superin
tendunt Pietch communicated with the
mnvor and. offered the boy a home,
winch it is niideratood will be accepted,
and the mayor will probably successful
in finding aid otherwise for the blind
So charity is to look after the two
helpless persons while their "best
friend," ! who was willing even to
risk the punishment of the law to aid
them, serves her sentence of the one
month in prison.
A report compjsVd bv City Treasurer
Conkliug yesterday allowed that the
city and comity ended the month of
September with i ash ou baud amount
ing to .i:(4,:IOJ. Iu November the sec
ond half of the city and county taxes
will be paid into the treasury amount
iHkf-to aftoo.oon.
Follow i ni; are the amounts on hand
to the credit of the city and county ac
cording to funds:
Oenernl fund, fl5:i7.8,. Permanent
Improveuieu,t Fund, 20,201.78, Road
Fund. H.27.2", Cash Basis Fund. 4.1,
fl'il. IS, (lame Hir4 Fund. 492.61, School
Fund, rt;i, Waterworks Fund,
!Hll.:i!l, Sewer Works Fund, 7 L tr,. Im
proveiucnt Districts Fund, !), 00910,
Cash Basis Operating Fund, $2(1.102.71,
Veriiiaiicnt Allotments Fuud, $27,G5!,12.
Prime Minister Masseyand Sir
JdfKpr) Ward 'typecH .Ottoman
Emp , To fjbflow lx!imple tif
Bulgaria and Ask! For Peace
Turkey, will shortly follow Bulgaria'
load aad aik for peaea at th Allies
terms, ami it will take fully a year
to bring Ocrniany and her ally Aua-tria-Ifungary
to their knees, thinks W.
F. .Msssey, prime minister of New Zea
land, and Sir Joseph Ward, minister of
ftnanno and a former prime minister of
New Zurtaad, who are in Honolulu,
after' attending the'stoeond aannat con
fercnc.c of the British wat eabiaet in
London. '
Newa that Bulgaria had accepted the
Allies' peace terms and, of the seven
brilliant victories of the Allied armies
on Huaday did not reach the two
prominent statesmen Until they reach
ad Honolulu.
Both the British statesmen, wern
highly pleased ta hear of the Allies
successes. i ,
"Bulgaria' defeat ia a gloriou an
achievement as it ia a greatly de
erved punishment,' asserted Premier
Massey, after be had expressed his
satisfaction over the-esulta attained
by th Allies. '
He would not say Bulgaria' with
dsawal from tha control of the Central
Power was definitely expected when
he and hi conferee -left Enrope, al
though h did eommeats
.".One could see it coming.",
Vremier Massey said he expected the
resistance of Turkey to Crumble now
and that she would shortly follow the
lead of Bulgaria.
But we will never be able to finish
them up this fall," he added thought
fully, and as ijf. he wa si sing up the
prospects for a peace so soon.
"No," he continued, 'fit will take
another year, to else a it all np." .
Vremier Massey. said that .when he
left Europe there was no longer any
doubt of a anccesafal military victory
being secured. Th eoafldene pf the
people of Oreat Britain and. Franc
has greatly increased since the German
drive on Paris and tha channel ports
was stopped ia July, he aaya He said
thia confidence waa juat, at apparent
at the British war cabinet sessions as
at other sources of information.
rieaaad. With Amricaoa
Maul Man In Speech 'Charges
McCandless With Violating
"Gentleman's Agreement"
Queensbury and Alt Other Rules
Will Be Suspended By Bour
bon Candidates From Now On
Tn an address delivered lost night
at Punchbowl park bv Dr. .lames H.
Raymond, candidate for the Democrat
ic nomination as delegate, the Maui
man intimated that "the gentleman's
agreement' of the Pemocratir candi
date to sling no thud in the primary
campaign had been shattered by his
opponent, L. L. McCanillcse, and com
ment that Doctor Raymond made en
a circular that was issued yesterday by
McCandless Interests indicates that
from now on until election day next
Saturday Queensbary and other rules
will be suspended by the two Democratic-candidates.
It is to be a finish
fight, .
Verbal fireworks let off iu a heated
dialogue between Doctor Raymond aud
Frank C. Benevides, a McCandless
worker, ushered ia Doctor Raymond U
speech and served to quicken the in
terest of the throqg pf several hun
dred men, women and eaildeea that
gathered , at the meeting. Seueyidea
was undertaking to interpret the vot
ing right of Hawaiian eitlxena when
he was checked sharply by the Maul
candidate, who expressed th belief
that Benevides did net know what he
was talking about. After a rapid ex
Change the .argument was dropped when
the candiat opened hia adir
Make Denial
Doctor Raymond displayed the cir
cular that the McCandless faction had
published, referring . to Jt .as "a. ooa
tempt;ble pieca of literature" designed
to LntuSa. Vim Tl, - -M ...
j - . vj owuiiik os iae
...i . i ... P. ...
circular .carried the intimation that
Doctor Raygiond is unfriendly to. th
or i,,;. ...:..!. ' ' , . . l nomesteailer aad this brought viaorou
Eu;;p;.n warPrem Ur Mats s.Td "f"'1 ,rm thS Cndi"
. ou"Br "asT ani date. The circu lar contained th. ta,t
"We are iu.t as r,l..d at ik lln,p- Ane circular contained the text
ahQwing of far .oldieV. a. we . a " L"'eJ"' "T!or, 4 writ-
Iiloased to have America earn (nt K -". ago to a ousmess aseo
thought this was the highoat coin para
t;vg praise which be could give, lie
roinarked that the boat by which the
New Zealand and Australian war cab
ie.t representatives crossed the Atlan
tic on the way to, London took over
2.100 American soldiers. And then
"They arc still going over by the
Sir Joseph Ward who had been a
listener duriug the interview, said his
opinions concurred ojtactly with those
of Premier Massey. He was asked if
this applied also to the probable with
drawal of Turkey as au active aid to
Germany. He replied:
"That seems tho natural consequence
to expect. " lie ernluincl l..f
could ba expected because of the pres i
-ni. juvurauie prospects ux isolating
Turkey from Germany.
Sir Joseph Ward aad Premier' Mas
sey, who both visited the West front
while in Kurope, commented on the
greut showing which, has been made by
America in providing for the receiving,
storiun uud distributing of supplie to
,., .. -j v iai ou iiauj urging the reaoiuc of
.TaaXZUVeH, Tlain lands, and rhi. s.h.e-
I'lider Cxec ho (Slovak rule Vladivj
stok is uiet and orderly, it is no long
er necessary to go armed, food is plen
tiful aud is cheap, is the report brought
by James J. HaTorty, who has just left
the seaport. i
Mr. Raferty found Vladivostok quiet
n his arrival there and not disturbed
from the battle front which was then
4.10 miles away and moving further be
fore the rapid advances of f.ie Jap
aueae, Americana aad Czeckor.sluvak.
Perfect order seemed to be maintained
nndj there, was. no carttity of food, the
iiijktaare being givau by him of potatoes
sold tor the SollHers at three ronl. a
pauMjd. Horses wrre.slouk and fat aud
i mere is any rsminc in Kussin and
in other parts of Hibetin, there was
none in Vladivostok.
Materials, munitions, equipment and
supplies sent to Russia at that port
have not been disposed of and hnv
not reached German hands but aro piled
VP in grvat quantities. He noted one
pile of tweutv-flva untoinobilo ..f u
well known medium priced make and
n . . . . . .
acre were oiaor waken tliorn hi similar
quantities never takeu away after ar
rival. Mi was it with locomotives, roll
ill'' stock nud Other rnilrond eonioiiient
and supplies. Perhaps some had been
taken but there bj-a. vast stores lhr
Mr, Raferty was. greatly impressed
by the manifest possibilities of Kastern
Siberia and believes that under a well
conducted and liberal government it
has great' possib.Uit'is. He believes
thnt this ta the sort of government the
Cxerho-ftlovaks will maintain.
W, a, a. --
AapnuncepuMit bi made in Tokio nf
the projected establishment of n new
econnmiu .iourual for the Far lat un
der the uiauuMeraout of II. V. Flcisbor,
publisher of the Japan Ad ert iscr. Hod
erie C. Penfield. former uninsyi"" edi
tor of Harpers VVoekly, and Dr. Walter
Williams of th tchol of Jourualiui
of the Vniversitv of M"i"onri
The new maga.ine will cover China,
Japan, the Philippine nnd i 1 1 : 1 1 1 : i .
nnd will be printed in I hl'IiiIi. Chinei-e
Hinl Japanese. It will be .ailed the
Trans l'aciflc.
tor Karmond was at nnins tn mi
- - ( - ........ ww,
that it was only an ordinary business
letter such a any bruises man might
write to another. JU could in no way
show hostility to the homesteader or
honiesteading, he asserted.
Hit at KubJo
We sought to make hia position, clear
on the general land question, contending
that the present laud laws of the Ter
ritory are iuufflcient and do not ful
fill the needs of the people. A need of
tli lfrst importance, he said, was that
Hawaii should be broaght within the
scope! of the Federal Reserve Banking
Law and tha Farm Lpan Act. -H
blamed Delegate J. K. Kalunianaolo
feu; his failure to bring forward Ha
waii's needs before eengrra at the
time the Farm Lean Act was paeaed
'and said that iu the event that ho wore
elected he wtmld strive to remedy thi,
for he declared that 4he poojr home
steader ou Hawaii would 'ba
if be had only the land. Ho would
ne,( wcp. riancml aid from tho
Eovernment nrovi.le.l in ti.n ... u ..i,- ,i..
signed by the Farm l.oun Act.
44itue iana x,ft
Doctor Raymoad told hia hearers that
of Hawaii's 2.10,000 aires of c.aue iuiid,
only approximately an eighth, some
31,000 news, uow remains for tho home
steader. All tho rest of it ) fall....
into the hands of the "big interest".
n nmu.
Rcforriug directly to his oppenout
and to the fact , that MoCandlees is
uiakiiiir the race for .ti
sixth time, Doctor Raymond said that
the nomination of MoCamlkiss would
moan merely the ofrtaiu ivolectiea of
ine mepiiiuiean candidate, for he as
'Jbtertoil that McCandless never had been
able to defeat tho Priace. and uevar
louin newest him. , ;
Following the meeting in Honolulu
Doctor Raymond left for Waialua
where he addressed another meetiiu'
Lieutenants Jamea lnJalr aid Rov
Vtten, whj.wero graduatihl from the
Socotid Reserve Officer' Training
Camp at Schofield Barracks, and were
sent to Camp Pike, are now in France,
according to postals, tevfUod, from in
clnlr ou Saturday.
These young men did not receive
their couimioeioiic as second liuuteu.,
anta with the -est of thej r, cl, owing
to the fact that their nut uralj.nt ion aa
American citizens hud Hot been com
pleted. They were eonipelWd to wait
for several wesks.
Although pruetically the last of their
elas to be sent to the mainland they
are among (ii iiit bo ent to
senator Chamberlain
about a war profiteer.
"I don't a,v the man's dishonest,"
he concluded, 1 but,, J 'do say he,' not
u very low moral standard.
"He was pluyiug bridge Iu a Red
Crit tuiruamunt tke othw niylit. Hia
partner, a bishop's wjfe, left the tjalji
to him, and he made It diamond but
when he I'Ut his hand down, it was
found to coutaiu ou' tu diauuiuds,
both low cards.
" 'What on earth induced you to go
diamonds on such a hand as that t ' the
lu-lioi'x wife asked.
" 'Didn't you twiddle your .1 1 anion I
iin;4, uiu umf suid the profiteer."
Alex. Baldwin. Ltd. ...
C. Hrewar at Co
twa Plant. Co
Ilslkn Xugar t'o
Ilaw. a-r.lL .('a
llstr. C. . tM
Haw. ng. t;o
Mnnoksa Hiir. T'o
Ilonoiua Ruf,
Huieaiiiaep Mn. I'lant. ,
Knhufcn I'liretaitou Co..
Kckcha Miignr Ou
Kalna u. L.'
Mi llryde Sua:. Co., LH1. .
orftin HiiKsr t'o
Una Mug Co., Ltd
Onomea rnr. Co
t'saiilujo Plaat. Co.
rsiitlc auaaf Mill
l'sl I'laat, Co. i tn
'Hekco fnr Co
Pioneer MIU Co
Han Carlo Mllllna Co. .
Ws Is Ina A an t I. Co
Walluku Sua. Co
ShvflaB riav ra T A
Knucla Copper Mining Co.
naiau r . m X . vo., l'lil...
Ualkn K. V. Co. Com...
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Hsw. Cna. lt. Hi,, II ....
Ilaw. Con. It jr. Coin
tawsltso allawlstc C. ...
Haw. IMneipl Co. .....
Hon. M. H. Co.. Ltd. ..
Hon. (las Co.. Ltd. ......
lloa. H. T. ' L. W. ....
Inter Island 8. N. Co. ...
Muf. TaL l1. :
rahn Kallmar ft I. Co. ..
Parians; Hnhlier Co
Heiaina-Dtndlna-a. Pd. . .
name Pd.)
Taajoog Ulak Sabber C.
BONDS. : ,
Beach Walk I. D. 8X4..
lUniskrta Ditch Ca. 6a ...
iinw. ion. ivy. n . ...i.
Haw'n Irr. t
Hs. Vrt.
1)1 Wl
nt'0 .
1 U IV. I
Haw. Ter. 4 Pub. Imps io
kbw. tirr. no, imp. j,
aanea im-uiii , .
ttsw. Terr'l
hin ft c Ltd.,
Hnnnkaa Hu(. Co.. a
Hon. Gas Co., Ltd., 5
Kanal Br. Co.. As
Mnnoa 1. D.. 5y, ....
Mcilryde Hnar t V. '
Mnf. Tel. V
Hall It. L. Co., vt
Onhn Knir. Co.. Qti
(Ma Mnaar kr.. ' m
Pacific Guano F. Co.. a1
San Carlo afllUnc ..lio
ion i
an !
1tU MUM.
. i
.... '.
4 ,
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i ))
I. .a.
to -.
wsiinkn, oo, trioet. nt c. s. Co 10,
44.iO. .... , .
rioneer, B, law,: McRrrnV, IS, 8.P0.
. . Jan a, ibis
SB snslvals beet (no advice).
PaiitT .
08 Ceat. (For Haw.) gag-sra e.0C0
Uj.iktaiiilu.v 'HI 101M ...
Nw iork
- w. a. a.
MM '
(No qnotatktab '
September 5, 1V18
' Bcptcii.'l).-r'l4, V18
HeptemtM-r 1. ltds
Hoaeer . .
H. C H.
Uoioiuu .
0. M- L. Co
Mepteinher 30. 1B18
Kwa ,
Haw'a 'Plu
1. -I. a. n. Co.
C. llrewer A C. . . ;
Uouoimn jHar j:q, v , . . .
. w. a. a.
...$1 00
... ii)
... l.no
... l.tw
.. $ ,23
... M
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... i0
... .03
... .20
... .!
T.: Jin
... .75
... .
If . -. I -. . .
) .
NKW VOUK, OloUer 1 -(Aasoelaled
Pres -Trillowlng- are ibe opealaa and
Hosus iiiolalloaa of atuvka ta Ibu NuW
York Market jresterdajr
American Hnuiir
American ltwt .
AsKiH-lnled Oil
Alaska Oolil
American I.H-vumitvc . ..
American Tut. A Tel
American Hmelter
Artierlcsn Hleel Fdry. . ..
Ale bison Itatlway
Aiiseoiobi ( oiH?r
Unlaw tu Lecwiuntlvr . ...
Ill-ltlletii'ni Htcel "II" . . . .
llslttuiore Ohio
California Petroleum . ...
t'eutral Leather
auiuliiin l's Itii-
C. .VT. A fit Paul
Colo Fuel A Iron
Crli.llili- Hlm-I
Cba futrsr Cuuu
Krle 'coin inJoi
tieiural Kle'ti'lc
(ienernl Motors (new) . .
Uretit Nortliern ,
InleriiHliounl Nbkel
luteraatlojlal Harvester .
Itiijiixtrliil AU-ohol
Iiitemhtlonal I'ui.er .
kcmiciott Coiier
iM'litah alley lliillwav ..
New York Cewtral
Uay CoiiMdldnte.1
Itesdlna i-oiinnoii
Kriithl(au . Iron cuuiiiioii
Southern l'aiitlc
1 ulna I'lieHIr
I lilted Htlltea UllblMT . ..
Twxss Oil .
rtaii .
l ulled Stales
U I'Mleru I llloll
KT ,
hlt i.--W
63 i :
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(t J';
SAN FBXNCISCQ quotations
MAX Vit ANCIKCd. ftelvlaVr ' 1 M Asso
ciated Press)- following are the oMln
and ctostua DXli-eS of stock On the Man
Fraud u KxcTiunare yasterdajfv .i i ..
I Ina lur
was talking
lliiw'e I'oui'r ,
Ilnw. fiiKiir Co
Mniioltsa fiik-Sr . . . . ,
1 1 . .ti I ill il I'llllilullnll Co.
llnf. htnson Knasr Co.
iiahu atigr t'v
riliia Mnirar Co
iii..i.i Sugar i u
I 'no ii Ii u ii Sugar Co . ..
H.oe. I
Dim. I
.7ll .
la. oo
I oir 'Co . ...
EH -
W.V!nINUTON. aiepWnibvr 27 (Aa--o.iiited
I'resa) I'lnna of the senate
tor the taking of a vote on tho Woman
Mutilate aiueudment to the constitu
tion, already uao4, by the houaa And
f..r weeks pending, ill the upper legis
liii ie body were suddenly abandoned
in the midst of the debnte.
I .iicr it wss announced by leader
il:it the ote will be takeu on Bat-uijai'.

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