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8 -
few Incentives Givem To Go BsvOvle!'-
J :V Honolulu, Tacoma, Spokane and Salt Lake City have been placed in Class C of a ship naming contest and all of the counties of this Territory are entered ii a battlekank
..naming contest. This announcement was telegraphed to The Advertiser last night by Chairman Van Smith of the publicity committee of the Twelfth Federal Reserve; District.
Thus is added stimulus given to the efforts of Honolulu and of the Territory of Hawaii and every part of the Territory, to far exceed their Liberty Loan quotas, "-. . j -C
. '
;.;: This message .from Chairman George Van Smith said: "Honolulu, Tacoma, Spokane fend Salt Lake City are placed in Class C of the ship naming contest. -Which
. . .. . . . .... . . i i r tf kl . .1 .'. . . 'I ! . . 1"
these cities makes the best record in oversubscription tor bonds will be accorded the honor ot naming one or ine snipping Doara 8 new steamsnips ; : ,
-.it- -. t i i .1 -.1 .1 i- i . i r l . 1 1 1 J 1 n.1 L" ' C.Li! . l I. J (..!t'..J iL
honor or namme one or tne 8
One county of the Territory of Hawaii, the one with the highest record of oversubscription, wi
county will be accorded a similar honor and a battle tank will bear its name."
. tv
11 l:
fc - - - - - -
ihe top
V Kuhio Makes Two Campaigns An-:
1 swering First Raymond and
1:.V'.- Then Perenial Rival j
, - Palitica a re anvthiifv lint adinurncl
ion the inland of Hawaii, nct-onling in I
,-' HHvId Kwalikn. Hit or of (he Ke l:i
Hawaii, a Hawaiian newsnnpcr put
' lished in Hilo. Prince Knhm is still
' ftm Itl Ialnm! Anil is nnn mnkin '
hta ' aveond tmir of Hawaii. Despite
the fact tlBt he only needs one Mite
tui.iopure his nomination in the prima
riea, he is working harder on Hawaii
'. .1. V 1 J - i
HI, W N V linn , , I uuur uriui r, bh "I'l
' imf to the 'Hilo etl.'.or
...ill'Can dices' famous Hilo speech, m
; which, he boasted of having coiitrilnit
(4.1210 tu the hd Croae. has
mm - nnlitti'nl tii'Ath knell on Hawaii
among tin" white vote and t lit' intelli
' ItWt . thinKiL'j Hawaiian. Doctor
: Juoira H. Kay maud has loft mi en-el
Wilt iuinression behind him. after itiak
iuK hia campaign on Hawaii and when
fiLtf, iiwiuru rii miu. m iai(ti niiiiiit'i
'. Of hit and proniinnt Hawaiiun He
' publiran wera urging' RpublicanH to
,i f :i... till.. i i
vote ior uociut ivayniona in me prima
rina a a rebuke to MeCandlen for his
Trrmrtd un-American attitude during
: taaa prexent war time.
KuUio Campigntrif
a. -" Kuhu) ia now on hi aerond trip
around the ialaud of Hawaii," ini I
- riL IA k'.i;icn . a.tarHnu . Tt,..
frinee'a intention was to only make
one tour of Hawaii before the prinui
ft jam.. . The nhieet. nf thin trin kin tn
aflTaei and auswer the criticisniH that
f Doctor Raymond made of hi present
and jast adminiiitrationa, ninre he hn
bn-ea trying to aerve thin rciitry ;i
. ita delegate to ronsreaa.
,,11. "The land question in u vital one
' id 'the people of Hawaii and one that
, . I - !
OU. ' In Poetor Raymond r iireehi
T.nv M rm nil inLprpHipa man wen ixi.sii'a
be criticised the Prince for not nmk
i . - - v . . i i . i i -
. Ilia? VR'VDuri lowaru uit uic ine XHrm
er ' Loan Act apply to thia Territory.
1 nk.mtn.l aluA l.lllarlv .junil.i.l t V. f
Vf... ..... . kn.ns.tn..!
' bill paaaed ia rongreaa which hail been
' killed at the laHt Henaion of the loeul
. ; Inginlat'ura.
11 LF..I.A V.mA l..u. Al...... v.;...
' A1f 'AH (kia fuiint n'tth hiii I'liiiMtitiiMiit
.. uu iciiiiina, mum UKJiitt; i null" j.nm
. -.3 . : .. ...u.... .i t :..t.
r', MCVAiiuii ii" uuni ij tiiii.iui u. j 11 i in
. fuantimr Doctor Kavmond nil on lux
, wbj to Honolulu to i.art hin campaign
tb()Ke Raymond eonfined himu'lf In
fafta-40 attarking the Prince but wlicn
. r jnecarnaieM atarteil in on the hVputiii
" &n "jtEniJidate, it lutnine a renl tight
XCBCaadleaa raked up all the ancient
, ktntoiry he mnld ngaii'Kt the Prim e
. aid tha be owned body it ml -on I
' sf the rorporntiona nni) plantcrx in
.' tereyta tud that Kuhio had ttuidc a
V ipertT. at the cnpitol gniiindn in Horn
' lull! laat MWy openly eritieiHiug the
freirteni. tae war n-iiiMin-tniticii an-i
j, ; tint' fyeneral failure tiiat ttn- iieiiifieriit
-' kaoj made of everything in WiiMhin
J,ton during the war.
r .ii" nnui Bat;.
" Yi FoHnwinir Mcl'nndlexA ' in.'ino'-iMi'
' P1ff ,'Teeh Kuhio 1-nnie rii.lit nut and
:iAi i 'u i
" ieaaiam. He Maid that Link had lion.dit
, l.Inerty JBondu to h very -inall uimnint
III. Apportion to hin Health lieeililMe lie
imitAy he w.tuld t:et ln inuiiey liaek
" rMk'intfrCHt. When it niine tn it pm
i o1tion of donating to the Ked Cniw,
' ; SfcCa.no1 lens only nuli-.enl.ed . 2 1 1 1 . I ln-
vfetlttrre of the Prince'.', speech i-rente.l
: . 1 11. .. m . . l. . . ii
' who ' have Hons either o ti in Kranei
' ;.. 0r at the varum post on iialiu
avHuuio Mftakjtig titlie emlel aaw!
irffljndb -n lh"se u r . 1 1 1 1 . 1 s liti-
'V etreuirtheni'd layinnHd innteriallv a
'"iwonir the old tine I einoera ts. wlm hin1
hltmlll' folloMed fe'amlless lm w:it?
,r mm dir nenlde nn oh Hawaii are in
;' .tanaaly patriotic ' We feel the war
' fuore up there than they do here on
. Onbn, for motberA aee their minx nun
' iiotially here when they are on fur
, ougk. On Hawaii they hnse not thi
opjmrtuaity anil the Red Crowi feature
f tt variou tl riven for money have
: ftlwaya, been well responded tn by the
AlrfLWAUU "K i.-i"'". ........ i
Ona" tetter have l.eeii written to the
r hty't itatipned here on Onhu from their
L r)Wtlva a(t inline telling tlu in of Me
, 'atiitlea' amall donation in the Ked
Oroaa, and when the vota aie . onn'ed
.1 preiiet that the noldier vote will go
. rtronu for Doetor Kaymoud.
fblnka Busael Sure
' ."Jame Kimxel, rantlidute fur the
aenate on the publicun tu ket iii
' wiu out by the larr.fxt mnjority eer
1 y pl. - . . ii.......:: i
given a xciimor I rum fiiivttiii on
Ainnnd ir. Kwuliko ' ' A It hnu'jli Mr.
KuHel ban only been on Hn.vnn f"
' ft few yenrA, he hits made staun.li
frrenda all over the inlnnd especinl'v
llitong the Hawuiiann. Id. is a Imu.
' ot'proinineiice over there and hax ,'i
ea bia .ervM es gratis on manv e i
(ioDI to poor llawaiiuna and they lin e
Jiot forgotten him (senator K M
kikVekau will also c a winner on tlie
Big lalniid this year. Tin' Va.nn".
Democrat i i" war hori-e will poll a I t
. vota than he did lit hix previous el..
V tioua.
i.itoi Stephen Heslia on f)ie l!e j
ii ticket ami Chnrlei. Not'iy who
1 1
is rnn'iitm rnr trie senate on the Pi mo
eii'to inket are dimmed tn ef at thiai
i'ii i I'e'ha lias liecn I'lnhin: Kn
iiio's a. i it.es t'or (jetting a piolnln '
i " ii law enm ted for llnnnii. The pr.s j
eni prohibitum ln. I am her.' to ny,
i .. i ltt nstft'ul to n lare Minnlier
espreinllv the I'm t nj-ne-te 1
ii hn innde theii own w ine nn Hawaii,
Desh.'l has lift II telling the e hsstlt
i.'ie.l vot'Ts that President Wilson
liist passed n r measure which pro
hil ite.l Inpior beiiitf sold on Oahu. Ml
of the ' misMonurii ', proiliinent Imsi
ness men and wealthy ople were un
potting booze in laree itiant it ies. The
poor mini could not afford to .In this
Therefoie. Kuhio ot eon.i'es ti, pfiss
n law to prohibit all classes fnnn yet
ting lutior here
Mora ExiiJaUiing
" This line of argument in a ineas
me xoothetl the disni nut led .mes mei
there, who had been deprived of their
liquor, and this t ronldeome ipic-tion
was brought to be a closed incident
when nloiiK came District Attorney Mil
'it and Marshal Mnidily. who en ml net
ed a wholesale mid all over Hnwftii
arresting n laiue number of people for
making swipes. This started another
rumpus in the Kepiililican ranks it ml 1
hen 1 left Hawaii, tin
I'm in
w a s
living to ex plai a it hut
ttoiitde was fill nlmut.
''The outcome will prolialilv be. ' '
concluded Mr. Kwnl'kn, ''that Diwtnr
Raymond w ill get the nomiuat mil on
the Democratic tl -ket by a large major
ity; Kuhio will pet .t nice testimonial
vote from the old line Republicans who
think it n crime to vote for a Demo
crat tinder any condition- and who
fail to see that patriotism should be
put nbove party politics. I. ink Mc
('nmlless w ill trail m a very bad third j
in the congressional race. it's, poll
tica are auvthing; but adjourned on the
Island of Hawaii."
w. a. a.
K"iineth Mesick, son of I.. II. Me
sik, foreman of The Advertiser job
department, is now in France, with
Battery K, l.ltith Field Artillery, ae
cording to word just received by his
A few months njjo the young soldier
was married at a cantonment in Alalia
nin, his bride being a talented Des
Muines. Iowa, girl, whom he met while
he was attending Highland Park I 'ol
lege, near Des Moines.
A brother is now attending a main
lanM training camp liaing lefi Ho
noliilu a couple of weeks since as an
enlisted muri of the First Hawaiian
Infantry, tu take a course to bceomc
an officer.
The people of France ololle the
Sainiiiit'S, aeeoi-lin to K.nnetli Me
slk. When he wiote In unit w:i
lit a training eallip aid the lw wele
expecting tti gel -.uno lea! si, noting
'The French p. nple fnirly idolize
lis." wrote l k, "and think that
we ar" alini' 'it', and we Hi the
sa it tl
fill pic.
' We ha e line slet
ping quarti
. and
' Hull
t li.it
not h
:re well led. also are is
Durham' reoplarlv, mi ynu c
w e arc vt ell i ari-d f m a tl I
nig that the g"i 'nlneiit
f th
FN OS Mb I is
tiated Press,
' lepiiblics of t
eptcniber l-r
The put.
Mith America lire
enamil; the
ertilni'nts of
g ' eat poyy i'l s
in el , ia) a nd
l e i:, I Hilt IS
I ost
at tent i mi of the gov-
more than one of the,
lis future fields for I'Ulll
i ml it st rial activity. The
i I'.mlmssv under Sir M all
de Huiisen has pist visited Itrail.
Lrunv, Argentina. Piirngiinv and
Chile o
a political mid eetiiioiiiieul
and an Italian mission with
similar objects b
si' n e it i nera i y .
Not long no.", V
siou uutler Itnudiii
covering the
sent nut a mis
ie .Inpnnesf have
t in South Am
Argi'iitina as
tif a branch of
shown especial interes
erica, and especially
shown bv the opening
the Yokohama .specie Hunk. I he South
African I'nioii hi been r. 'presented
here f ir several months by a trade com
mission, r it ho iu a few months has
achieved imoipint cuniiiicrcitil results.
Fveii the governnuiit of Mexico hu
sent tniis-arles to Argentina and un
i tic reuse
the tu,,
! l- t
that i i
in traile interchange lit" ween
'oiintties is already unfit cubic.
the 1'nited MufW's, however,
e nf prtlce units be assigned
li coinlcrlli',' the enti'lprise (llsplayC'l.
! en 1 1 1 a nt least, in the mutter of
i-flicucioiis political and ucuimmic pro
! i,. :. o. hi Hcf.ire the I nited States en
'.cd the yyur. c 1 1 uiiist a nets had coin
,' the
.' th
it rarn
augment to
A i i t-ii ii ,
no oit inn.
e of the
a phe ,
nin nlcr
i, s have
eir de
ni ineree
hes of
.nig iu
nr. t he inericri
of li'laxing tl
pa lid t hei t io
a. The bran
American baul
th Si.:, i
College of Hawaii Will Open Up
Its Scholastic Year On Tues
daySupplies Borrowed
Final ' npprnv nl of (he aite for the
ramp of the mcmbera of the Htndenta'j
Army Training nrps at tne College
of Hawaii was made yeaterday by Col.
H ('. Merriam. chief of staff of the !
Hawaiian Department, and upon t ht
site tentu and other camp equipment
will be erected at once.
The local army authorities have loan
ed to the college all the tents, rots
and other equipment necessary tn pro
vide fur about fifty students and for
a few efttUted men of the army who '
may be placed on duty temporarily ,
with the (,-anip to assmt Lieutenant
Harnliart, first iiiiwaunn Infantry, ii
pointed on vvedneaday as camp
I on
niHiiilant .
Polnnel Merriam conaidert the col
lee site ideal for army camp purposes,
being on high ground and with excel
lent opportunities for erfeef tlriiinnge
and a sanitary aite which ia exception
No Ordera Tet
No orders have yet been received
by the local army authorities to pro
vide the camp with equipment from the
quartermaster department, but acting
upon the recommendations of Colonel
Merriam, Oeneral Blockaom has auth
orir.ed the use of whatever equipment ia
neiH'ssary to permit the camp to start
on Octolier 1. The army ia aupplving
I riflea at once. ,
i The mess hall and kitchen will be
utiflaed from a part of the present
I'oPege nuildings.
The eollege will open on October 1
and at that time each of the students
. will be enrolled in the corOt anil in
I ducted into the army, each one en
tering as a private, and will therefore,
be entitled U the pay of a private
of the armv, together with whatever
: allowances
generally go with
tlmt ,
The army officer who the educational
bureau of the war department inform
ed the eollege authorities sometime ago
, fould be sent here to induct the young
men into aerviee, has not yet arrived
I RMOilremonts Waived
' The college faculty Ins decided to
'waive its entrance requirements for
pupils, follow ing a lim indicated by
the wAT depart inent , ti enable voting
men tn eater the training corps. The
ordinary rettliremeiit is a high school
( graduation, arid the faculty has tlecid
ed, however, to admit students on the
basis of thir'cen, instead of l.i credits,
if the applicant is subject to the draft.
I'll to vcs er.lav thirty flve students
had been enr.-lled for the training corps.
This already exceeds the enrollments for
last year's freshman class bv eight,
. am it is a nt ic ijiated that the corps
will numbt'i 'lose to fifty by October.
The registrat actually commences nt
nine o'clock loiulav iioiiniug and tin
following day the military induction
w ill take plio e and the buv
. tbin their army khaki unit'
I By nrriiiie,enieiit yiith the
Department an ;inio medical
uill tlo
o ms
1 1 -i yy a i ii
offi.-ei yy
be provitled for scivice yyith th
i hut not diredlv tittuched to tl
I was
s, 'I,,, ol
A ttelegalion
.f the
K i n
pl i ncipn Is, compost
bcrs, will call at tl
future on way ts,
t:ht ini'in
rt in the near
the Cuitcd States
mainland win
bv the Tuklu
c the pally I s 1 if I ti g sell I
mini.' ipal i,y ei nuieut to
make a thornug)
can educational
ennd lifted by Sii
the municipal b
Tok io. W h ile in
of the party ill
lapiiuese educil
public schools as
study of the Aiucri
vslem. The party i
, riutelident Moriyil nf
iii rd of f. I in-ii t mil of
1 he clly he lllf III tiers
be guests of the local
us and Mime of the
well as the .laiiaiicse
schools will be shown them.
w g. a.
Wf A. Hobllit has started Wolk on
the blasting of l.ahaina channel. A
flat bottomed luirge, etpupped with
drop buckets is being used t,, do this
work. It is e! '."I that the ciiTeni
will carrv the debris away and leave
an open fnirwiiy
i-t notions arc conspicuous and
svnibola of the rapid advance
icnu trade with co'iit i nn
praet icn 1
f mt-r
Inch the
orliclal statistics nf both
it nl.
The political piestige of tin
states in South Auieiicu is nl
tnined bv ythe pr.-s.-n, ,
South Atlantic stiuadron
Atlmital Ctlpe i ton, has be
of a strong
whose chief,
i ere I. ted by
severol local
ing insnv of
ro-yy sp;, pel s yith possess
tl sseiilinl 1 1 1 in i 1 1 es of
a diplomat.
Ac rusa the n y ,
ti'-e nf the I I
..till further an:'
invitation givei
in ( ' ruuuay . 1 he pres.
cd S'-it.s has 1
rilled bv tl,,- cordial
bv the Washington
(:n e-n men t to 1 1. ,, t ,
of foreign affairs
tlie i' reabtcne . In
Itritin, ininistci
I eiindidate for
. t" M-it tin- Pnited
guest of the n , -r i , h ii
States aa th,
With Transport Service Restored
Space May Be Secured From
Philippines No Porto Ricans
Now and No Hope of Chinese
llncniiMi MiLNir nln lira I ions will
l ine to 'epen I upon their present
" !mit , i -,ii,i.i nr new Inbor, the
1 l.'hi lipp s. at Ion at foi the lime lieiug,
' belie-."' Kotit! D. Mead, director Ha
wii'iau Sii-if P'an'ers' Association Hu
I re.iu nl l.al.tn and Statis'its, whn has
just rc'unict from VVii-.higtnn, where
he went a a uiemlier of a special com
mitiee of the association to take up
matter connected w ith I he price f r
the next rop.
lie returns with the definite answer
, from the heads of bureaus of the tie
pnrtmeitt of labor that there is no
I immediate prospii t of securing aswiet
alien fr un the government in getting
. Portn Ricans for labor mi the lla
I waiian plantations.
1 While his information is not ofiiciM
and direct he is confident that there
is just as littli or less prospect of t'hi
i nese labor being secured through an
I amendment to the immigration laws,
or in any other way for at least h
year or two.
Bringing Filipino
As to government aid in getting a
larger number of Filipinos brought hero i
for plantation labor he says the quea- i
tion of permitting immigrants of (his
race to come to Hawaii "iu otherwise
unoccupied spate on transports ia Iie4ng
given consideration in Washington."
.At the time he interviewed the war
department officials regarding the use
of transports in bringing Filipinos here
he says there whs notlllag said about
the intention to discontinue the trans
port servite, with Honolulu us a port
of call, which has happened since.
Hecause of the ahort time which had
elapsed siuce his return from Wash
ingtnii, Mr. Mend said yesterday h
wns unable to say if. or how the labor
recruiting work of the sugar planters'
association iu the Philippines would be
uxtendeil so more or this class of la
bor could tie brought here monthly.
In the opinion of Mr. Mead the
principal reason why th government
does not favor the recruiting of l'orto
Kican labor for Hawaii is that all of
this lal'tir which can be secured is
needed in the United States for war
work. Another reason is the lack of
shipping tn move Porto Ricnns, which
Mr. Mead views as the main objee
tion nn. I obstacle, to the importing of
this In 1 .or to llaauji.
Of the need
of labor' In the states,
Mr. Mead says:
' ' Within ii radius or
Washington, I am told,
of u million laborers in
50(1 miles of
there is need I
essential war I
time work,
includes tin
big s
explains that this '
... .
scat'iinst plants near ' Word wns nlsu received from the Snn
j Fraiicisen hfiidqtmi'ttTS that the pub
I lie-1 1 v enmiiiiltee there vas sending
the cling iu Wush pliitcs ',,i the foreign language painph
nwiiii is distinctly j lets in ''hinesc and .lapnuest, instead
business of the gov- of the punted literature ivhich wns
War Needs First
Mr. Mead says
iugtoii Inward II
f rieudlv, ' ' but t lit
eriiineiit is m.ii.ing war and
is subordinate to that.'' II
thai there is yvouderful cooperation anil
coordination between the various
brunches of guy eminent in Washing
ton now.
The sugar planters' representative
went to " asliiiiglon siiecifu allv to at
I tl
cunt erence regarding the
price of sugars but followed
up ms prtty inns cnurts in gei i orio
Hicau labor for Hawaii while in Wash
ington, which he had undertaken sev
eral months before. lie says he was
frankly advised by the department of
labor bureau heads that the recruittBf;
of the Portu Kuans, would not mee,t,
with guy eminent favur. t
May Ceil) Later -
Altliutigh Mr. Mead says he made un
direct effort to seenre Chinese for Ua
wnii it is evident he sounded official
opinion sufficiently to be convinced
that there is-jjittle prospect of Chinese
being admitted here or to the liiilin
I ti i ,, I for a' least n year or two. Kven
iu spite of the shortage of labor on
the mainland he believes that it would
take ut least two more .years of war,
with a great shortening of the present
labor supply, before the admission of
Chinese would be favored and permit
ted by congress.
lit does not say so emphat icullv, but
it is apparent he thiuis the Kuhio
bill providing for the admission of
V.ll.litin Chinese to Hawaii will not be
passed by congress very atoon, ami not
until the yvhole nation turns to China
for a labor supply, which the contin
uation of Ihe .nr may make ueccssury.
- - - w. a. a. i
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy -
This remedy Inla no sup .nor as a
cine for colds, croiif imd whooping
It has In a favorite with mothers
of young children for almost forty
yen is
Cln, ml, f i lain 's Cough Keineily can
nl.ynvs be de b'd upon anil is pleas
lint to take
It not only ones colds ami grip, but
preteiits then resulting in pneumonia
Chamberlain 's Cough Heinetlv con
tains no opium or other narcotic and
may be given as i-oiiflilcntly tn a child
as tu nn adult. For sale bv all dealers
P.cnson, Smith & Co., Ltd., agents for
Uuwaii. Adv.
First Week of Campaign Nets
Half of Quota Two Weeks
To Go To Final Objectives
Hawaii 'a Fourth Liberty Loan
quota of "I.7fl!5l0,'5O.has been more
tbnn half way subscribed, the
gnin for yesterday reaching the
sum of :i41.7f(i, nutl making a to
tal subscribed to date among H30H
subscribers of t.'I.-XH.KiKI, divided
as followa:
Hawaii, 514 subscribers. I.'MI.JHM
Kauai, 750 subscribers. . ' 22(1,1 (hi
Maui, 1954 suhacrilwr. SUI.Rftrt
Onhn, tiOHl subscribers. . 2.KIM,3fiO
fn spite of the fact that Saturday
I' .
ptacticnllv half a day. one of the great j
e-.t jnins for the week in any one dajr l
was recorded at the campaign head (
quartere of the Fourth Liberty Loan
at Merchant Ktreet, thus putting j
he total subscript ions -for the loan pasti
the halfway mark for the end of the
llrst week of the campaign,
f Two special reports of subscript iona
! were received by Campaign Manager
fltiv H Hntlolntr' n fr,.m XtL..!
one from Pearl Harbor Naval Htation. 1
wirpleaa mesaaire from Maui also '
gnve the number nf subscribers to dote
for the flrat tune.
Maul Heard From
I The message from Maui was to the
effect that with a total of 1BS4 sub
scribers the Valley Isle has placed
210,K5O to her credit, making a gain I
over the prev ions report of .10.850.
Maui's quota of the Fourth Liberty
Loan is 4M,150, thus leaving L19',
.'Mil to be raised to complete the quota.
From Pearl Harbor N'avnl Station
came the aeport from the paymaster
there of total subscriptions from the
employes in all departments, aa well as
from among the enlisted men. of S20
subscriptions with a total of 70,801)
to the credit of the Naval Station. It !
waa also announced that the campaign :
at the station would be continued next
week with prospects nt many more sub
j Honor Flags Hera
j Headquarters received ten honor
Hags from the San Francisco headquar
ters Of the Twelfth rei.erni Reserve, in
which Hawaii is included. These flues
are nbont 4 by ti feet and are fortr
: Islands when they go over the top in
the Fourth Liberty Loan anil San
Francisco sent them on in advance.
" heso nags niv very similar to those
of ihe Third Liberty l oan, except that
they hate four bars iustead of 0ly
t rpe. tt .l from the tivnsurv department
h' Washington, ns theic wus not time
in g,t th,. nrk completed for Ha
waii. yvhich is t-undue ting her campaign
in ailyancc nf the iiiainlund.
Bute Is Changed
Ordiuiinly IlinCaii could not have the
privilege ot nyiug her lionor tings un
1 I,.-
iiih.se tilling her tpltita she also
that a certain iiercentuce of
In r population had subscribed. Chair
man I.. Tfi.nev iVck. of the executive
committee of the Fourth Liberty Loan,
wrote to the central committee on the
mainland recently explaining the sit
untioo here in regard to the great
pieptitidera me of agricultural laborers,
with the result that this rule that twen
tv pereeul nf the population must sub
set ili, to win honor, flags has been ab
loi;lited in fay or of Hawaii, as well us
Alaska, Philippines, (liihui, Porto Kico
and Samoa.
Mi. Peck has also heard from Mrs.
A. s. Baldwin, chairman of the Nation
al Liberty Loan coiuuiittee of women,
statin.' that some special literature is
being scut fur the women H campaign
but at the same time she re
quests that the women nf Hawaii en
operate with the men's committees tin
much us possible.
w. a. a
It T lult-r Isliiiitl Mtcamer Miiiiuii Ken
rmiii 1 1 it ii I html Haul ports. Sal unlay
t Senteinher : ;
I Rrom llnwiill .1 .! Inns. Miss II !.
I nrlies. I, K Hwallktt. T. K. Hiilkl. K.
I. Chung. II Vllura luku Kimplko. Mrs.
' Mi l.iiiii Mrs II. K ii ii tti Master Kimsi
M. A Miilriiuer. I. A llalth. Hltl Hpltser.
A. Ii Slu.rli. Mr. un, I Mrs. H K. West.
Miss M Ihruin Mrs II II. t'lark. Mr
mill Mis T tisnkl. A liver KauiHii. Clef
Him Kan. Mis- K. Msrsshlnt.. It. t'nie
li s, ik- I" ltiis il. K. C Hariter. Thoiniis
.Volt .1 II Hin, I X Nnkuuiiiru.
V Miiii Itev am: Mrs. M K. Cnrv
cr W II M.Ailep Mr a ml S..rs J. In,
till.- Ii. I. Austin. .1 W llollainl. A M
I'loctT Mrs. Iinrii von Tern psk v . Mrs. .1.
U .nbrlskle Mrs Wlllliun l'hllllis Oiiu
I'miwiiy Mrs i Kuberls. .lolin Kit
llookcle XI Klllio Usrt Kntllilllles, K.
llsaM I' Til h li mil l ni, II V l'' II. X.
r'ttkuuityvii. II W t'rut. I' It. Outfc
w. a. a.
n. I, 'pendent dairymen' associa
headed by Charles Btdlina mm
William T. Lucas, will be incorporated
within the next few days. Attorney
William T. hawlins is uow preparing
papers of incorporation. This new or
gaiiintiou plans to buck the present
Dairymen's Association of Honolulu.
Selects October Twenty-sixth In
Accordance With Cabled Re-'
quest From Washington
Proclamation of President Will
Then Issue Providing Day
Is Satisfactory '
October 2(1 ia the date recommended
by ('apt. II. (Inn. ling Field, selective
tlrnft officer of the Territorv to Oov-
ernnr McCarthy by wireless yeaterda,
na a day for the registration of all
males iu the Territory within the agea
of eighteen and forty five years, not
registered under the first selective
Provost Marshal General Crowder,
chief of the draft service at Washing
ton, 'cabled the ((overuor yesterday
asking him to set a dale for the reg-
'"trat'" "f (nen here under the " Maa
'ow"' Act" provisions, but as the ter-
ritorinl executive ia on another ialand,
the request, together with" Captain
Field's recommtin.lation waa forward
ed to him by ratlin.
The recommended date waa deter
mined after consultation with the beads
or tne local tiratt hoards, all agree
ig that the fourth Haturilay of Oeto
her would be tap best suited for the
Politics Considered
The territorial election, which ia to
be held on November 0, was taken
into consideration, ami in order to
leave the Saturday just prior to the
eleation open for the political parties
to wiud fffi their campaign, the final
Saturday of October waa selected. .This
will give an entire .week and the flrat
two daya before election tlay for ele-
tion puriidkes.
When (iovernor McCarthy confirms
the date tor the tlrnft rcgiatration, it
will be forwarded to General CroW
tler, ami iii turn will be recommended
to the President. The latter will then
issue a proclamation aetting aside the
aelccted date for the "Man Power
Act" registration.
To Perfect Machinery
Captain Field set the date aa far
toward the end of October aa possible I
in order that the aiachiary for the
registration coiini nn oiieu ami gor inio
working order so that when the day
arrived nothing wutildr be lacking in
blank, urraugementa Tor booths, reg
istrars nud assistants, to curry on the
work. lie is still awaiting a consid
erable number of documents and blanks
from Washington, ns well ns tiling cab
inets and o llice paraphernalia general
ly . whiih will be riqoircd in each lo
cal boar I ollicc, fur filing the registra,
tion ca'-s. tiiestiuunaires, etc.
Captain Field has estimated bnut
3,lliiii legislralions. Sheriff Kicu. of
Knuni, has est iinaled as high us (10,01111.
Captain Field places a maximum be
VOIld .".O.OOO.
Registrars Selected
The t In f registrars for Oahu
already been selected fur servi
the vuiiniis precincts as follows:
I'nc, net n. 1. Paul Jnrrett;
hn e
ce iu
c i tie t Nn. J, V K. Miinersiin; procinc
No. f. Walter F. Frcnr; precinct No.
4, (1 tl. Kinney; precinct No. ,", A. II.
Angus; precinct Nn. Ii, Hubert Booth;
precinct No. 7, F. K. Nugent; precinct
Nn. H, ,Klmer L. Kchwarberg; pre
ciiict Nn i, William T. Carden; pre
cincl No. 10, C. H. Weight; precinct
No. II, (ieorge Chalmers; precinct Nn.
11', It. II. Clarke.
w. a. a. -
Entil Klemuie, prgsideut of the Her
in a a lift Moehne and Frederick F. Brandt,
an active member of the organisation,
both tendered their resignation as eiu
ployes of Ihe Rapid Transit Company
yestcnlav. Manager Stuart Johnson ae
cen(ed both resignations.
Following an investigation of the
(lor man society, made by the federal
authorities, a auuiber of the einpluea
of Ihe traction company signed a pe
tition last week uskingfor the dismis
sal nf these two men on the ground
that their fellow employes did not
consider Brandt ami Klemine loyal
American citizens,
"Neither of these men 'gave any
reason for tendering their, resigna
tion." said Manager Johnson last i
night. "I take it that they felt that f
it would be embarrassing to continue
working with men who did not want
to associate with them and therefore
l ii 1 1 . I have no comment to make on
Ihe mutter. It is now up to these
two men to eouvtuee the community
that they are loyal American citi
zoua. ' '
vooax AtrroBa, normo amu
ooMMZBuoir mebohawts
tsi naataxloV Oowpafir
Walloho (trieltarar'Co., U4
Apokta SuRar C, Ltd. .
KohaU Sugar Coapaa
Wablawa, Wtjp Coaspaay, UA.
Pnltoa froa Work, Btauia
Babeoek 4 Wilent omp. 1
Ureen't Fuel Eeoanmlxet Vsjta taa
t ha. C Vuor A Co.. . fSngiUra
How' Do, Your
Accounts Stand?
By using check to pay all
bills you . will- be able to tay
positively and at once just how
you atand financially the firit
of each month. .Such a system
makes for economy and conve
nience. Bank of Hawaii,
Corner Fort and Merchant Streets
Regular Sailing to BRITISH
COLUMBIA (change at Victoria, R.
C, for Seattle; Vancouver is con
necting point for paaaengers by
to or via tS. Paul, ChicaCgo or Mon
treal), FIJI, NEW ZKALAND and
Tfaeo. II Davies & Co.Ltd
Commission Merchants
Sugar Factors
Ewa Plantatloa C.
Waialuu Agricultural Co., Ltd.
Apokaa Sugar Co., Ltd.
Fulton Iron Worka of St. Louis
blake Hteam Pumpa
Western Ceutrlfugula
Babeoek Wileos BoUara .
Oreeq 'a Hiel Keoooraiaer
Marah fiteaui Piunpa
Mat sou Navigation Co.
Planter! ' Line Bhlpping c'o.
Kobala Sugar Co, .
BirarNXss oajum.
chinery of evary description made to
Issued Tuesdays and Fridays
(.Entered at the Poatofficc of Honolulu,
,yj - T. II.. as second class matter)
. Par Year 2.00
Ptr Year (foreign; ..,....'1.00
Payable Invariably iu advance.
TM Assoc 1 Ud raM la eaoiuslvsl a
Utl4 to n s for republication of all
aaws-aeapatehAa craaitad to it ar not Ur
wlaa erUto4 tn this paper aa4 also ttia
local am pabllsaad thareta.
0. 8. 0SANB, Buaineu Manager.
4 ,
Practically all of the two, three and
'oar year service nieu of the Coast
Artillery tiompaniea aerviug on Oahu,
are to be sent to the mainland, number
ing about 360 men. They are to be
used aa the mucleus of new artillery
regiments to be formed of drafteea un
der th new "iln Power Act."
'. . . . .
.' M
.' ' !'
a :
'.s.. 4 .
. ,:. S;.
'' '''''l'
''.: ''
" -f.
' " i-
. i-i- '
r : J-
i 1- ii ik i to n
v. . ' . .
. . . - , . : .i . ... .
V'S.sw !
,.-. r ,,

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