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. .7"" " ,s r - - - . ft-
'V-;' ,' . . r J- . '
Y n s" n jfj FOOD FORECAST FOR tooat,
' ;' ' ", -.-.. . 'rr"jc: f". ' ,T'. '.' ". '-'----'i' . , ... p. , , ' , j-.. ' .."..' - - ,, . r 1 . ' , t-
' -HE-i!L 4''"' ' " SEMI -WEEKLY. WHOLE NUMBER 4783 - V, ?
' v.'.;..''.- :.'- ')! j-si-i. m J -f - - -
0 0 cnw
a JH M M MB I II H il
: . Xl J: L
Paris Rep eft
;:imm line
s C::cttpoto pleases
gge Abahddned, Bruges In Belgians'
ie Indication
Rctf:t 'To Line of . the Scheldt
, ' ; . :
; r- ;
DUTCH toldicn behind the wire that marks heir frontier, guarding the integrity of Holland.
. It will be into the hands of such soldier th t the fleeing Germans will fall if they seek safety
frdm th Allies by crossing north into Dutch fe ritory. .
9 " " ," 1 . "i ' ... , 4
' I . .. . ' . 1 L "I
: T OXDON. October ;iS-tAssociatei. PressV -U Ostend has been
- t U taken Zeebjrugge is tvftuated bylWQerriiii, Belgian patrols
V-.-" .have enlered the outskirts ofi Bruges Lille is in full -possession of
. v.''he''Bfitis!u.C6trtrti 4S'bfd;'ecure1yttaHd'po'(iat W fallen after a
. .. ard fighUj. ( -v,.-. . w,.;,, :... .,
' ,f ; ' Alqng. 4hi entire front frbn the North Sea to Douai the enemy
r$2' tailing baCk f 3pldly,;offet ;m"g malesi'staJric irt rbrthern. Frajic'e
iVi'V-' except Cpurtrai"n4Pouai, wtiile tn Flanders 'the perman retreat
, a lisdreafjiid rout. 'the Hunsfrkjurme In full flight' through -the
i gap.. leJtlbetweeiiV Brige' and'thcOutch border. abandoning vast
f- .1
', ' r i ' j ' I ft.'i
' ' tT l.l ' M
.";, stcumnaiions otsupuues zamcrea fin uunnejuor vears. -u.
. ' 'V i. SHEtUNO .IlOirEDPORCES.r;iV.4;.i " . 1 1
' , - Last nlgrk.elgiaiCpatr'blgnterc Jlrtigts; fu jth'Belgiatiiav'alry
. 'M oDeratittif vcasf "and -aestiDf the citV-,; ndi Belff? n -iiifantrv rmin. Kr?
V i,;.. foaiJ tfif only '
' " " rood toad o; whicli the.Gerrrtanstiia t rtrt;!' ? wliirhvv'piiir..I
l 1 r 1 iL . f .1 : . - r . . i .
iiicii. -uciKiau kuiis uuin ui inc vuy are nring on ipe retreating
artriy. '
It is Confidenily expected that a large part of the (German force
v still between Bruges and the coast will be cut off. In that event it
';V. expected that the Germans will flee across the Dutch border for
V,!' safety, where they are certain of internment.
King Albert and Queen Elizabeth entered Ostend yesterday
; v afternoon, with the Belgian troops, being given a touching ovation
, .': y by the Belgian civilians left in the town by the Germans. The Bel
gian monarchs were welcomed back to Ostend bv a British naval
' force, Adrffiral Keyes having landed from the sea after a British,
' ; naval air squadron had reported the placed cleared of Germans. j
While King Albert was leading a portion of the Belgian armv !
: across the Yser and to Ostend, a second Belgian army was driving I
; . l' the German back upon Bruges, operating on both sides of the Thou- j
: ,J rout-Bruges road. This force later joined hands with the force to!
V1' the west and a line r.unning from
northeast of Ostend through Ou
denburg, Zedelghem and Ruddex
voorde was established, this line
being advanced last night close to
The French, cooperating with
the Belgians and British, took a
f number of important towns in
' 1 V their drive .towards Ghent. These
' ; j included Vitthem.'Moulebeke and
. . Wypgheme. The Germans on this
y. section of the front offered a des
'.'y, .7 J'perate resistance to the French.
Jy ' From the region west of Thielt
. . south the Germans are being
- driven back at every point where
they are offering resistance, which
are few, the whole army of Gen
eral von Arnim being in retreat.
This army is estimated at seven
teen divisions, something over
three hundred thousand men.
On their main section of this
Northern France and Flemish
front the British made notable ad
vances from Courtrai to Douai.
The former city, an important
railroad point, was entered and
occupied. The British fifth army
advaAced and began to encircle
Lille, forcing a hasty retreat of
the German garrison, and the Bri
tish made a dramatic entry into
the famous old' city, marching in
with drums beating. Lille escap
ed the touch of the Hun vandals
and it was neither set on fire
(Continued on Fsa 3, (
Disposition In Berlin Is To Argue
With America Austria To
Stand With Germany j
LONDON. O, tober IS (Associate.!
l'raM)q- If tin- war nhotild he brought
to a Ai'l. leu roiii'liinion it frill !i 1
throuifli ...litMul or moral fautrirs ami ,
not through a great military victory on
the flolil. This in the view expremeil hy
military experts here, aftqr an exhaus I
five Htuilv of the great Herman retreat 1
from every Htamipoint. The poxitiou j
helil 14- the KuiMer'H foieex on the went- j
ern froat at jrsent in not conniilm-eil
to he Mrilou although rertain poaitioiu
ou an ever changing front may be ren I
ilere.l ilangerouH at time v. I
Th opinion of military critien in
utreiigtheiieil by the retreat to the ,
Bunding Hue which the Ciermaas are I
carrying out ami which in considered to '
be one of the most successful retreats I
of the war from the enemy's viewpoint. I
ine opinion i expresKeil that although
the UoruiaiiN have doubt leg ben forced
to retire faster than their original plans
culled for their loNSen in ineu, iiiunitious
un.l Hupplics have been comparatively
small for hui h a large operation.
Throughout Germany there is a feel
ing that America is asking too much
in itMuu ing hostages for goo.j faith and
a radical change in the governmental
system and Berlin despatches indicate
a Htrong a 11 1 1 Wilson tendency, not nly
in the ranks of the military partv but
even among the pacitlsts.
Austria With Germany
Hi ron Von Hunan, Austro Hungarian
foreign minister, in a despatch from
Amsterdam, is quoted us saving that
Austria has not as yet received I'resi
dent WUsou 's reply to the (Jet man ac
ceptance of America's peace terms. " In
discussing such documents we always
establish nn agreement with Germany,"
the Baron is said to have stated.
Despatches received here from Berne
Secretary McAdoo Urges Further
SubscnptionsvEo Liberty Loan '
-V Now Threatenied with Fkiltirfe
While Ainericaiis in prance have been winning one of the bloodiest battles of
the war, struggling forward against thousands of machine guns, through mud and
water, and dying undoubtedly by the hundreds, Americans at home arc failing to
makfe good. The Fourth Liberty Ioau, to raise a minimum of six billion dollars,
was only two-thirds subscribed up to noon yesterday and a sjiecial apjwal has leen
sent out by Secretary MVdoo, urging the nation behind not to fail their sons at
the front. '. 1 '
A special message haj leen sent by Secretary McAdoo to the people of Hawaii,
urging further subscriptions here, irrespective of the fact that the local campaign
has closed. The national-campaign is still open and it is still possible for those who
want to help the Nation aid the cause for which America tattles to place their sub
scriptions through the local banks by cable.
Mr. McAdoo cables Tjie Advertiser as follows:
"Subscriptions reported and estimated up to noon Thursday amount to four billion dol
lars, leaving at least two billion dollars to co nplete the Fourth Liberty Loan. Only two
days are left within which td, raise this vast sum. No country on earth but America could
raise so vast a sum in so shdrt a time.
"America can do it and. must do it. Thr destinies of the world and the hopes of civil
ization are centered upon America.
"We shall fall in everything we have fought for and hope to gain in this war if the
Fourth Liberty Loan is defeated.
"Let every true American citizen today examine himself under the white light of pa
triotism and say whether or not he has done his utmost in this emergency.
"The highest obligation of duty and patriotism command every true American to go im
mediately to his bank or to hi Liberty Loancommittee and subscribe to the limit of his abil
ity to .he Fourth Liberty Bonds.
Don't delay. Don't wait to be urged. Be as quick to do your part in this Fourth Lib
erty Loan battle as our soldiers in France are quick to obey the orders to charge trie enemy.
"Buy Liberty Bonds on the instalment plan if you cannot buy them for cash.
' Every patriotic, bank will help you. If every patriotic citizen will do his duty today,
victory for the Fourth Liberty, Loan is certain.
"The continued victories if our armies in Europe, the certain defeat of our enemies and
the glorious triumph of the; cause of liberty depend upon what the American people do in
the remaining two days of the Fourth Liberty Loan campaign.'
"W. G. M'ADOO."
Cross River and Mod-Flats To Drive Enemy
, From Forested Hills Now Dominate ' :
Great Area toward North
NI-.W YORK, October 18,-- (Associated Press) After three
days of nioFt desperate fighting, with the Americans forcing V
thir jv throiteh obstacles that were regarded by the German! .
I a insuperable and .against positions that w ere Regarded as impregt ,
nable. the Yankees have won a signal victory iorthwest of Veroutn
They have pierced the enemy's main defense and have won posi-i
tions that pive them the key to great retchis of territ6ry-tOrthv
nrth and the northeast. If the Americans .are able to follow up
their.victorv as seems almost certain now, tney will drive awedge ;
between the Ormans east to I.aon and the geat bastion of the new -defense
line at Thionsille and Metz. ...
The Americans are now in complete Control of the'Cote hatil- :
Ion. the'yvooded heights of which were defended by .the tjermana V -with
the, utmost tenacityand the strength of desperation, these posK.-V
tion being the' tkinixiant ones on -this.sWrvon.f he .
While the YankkMfere storming these- heights, Hhe4'lrc1trthir-..
left were engaged an taking positions almost a$ importan,ty those '
on trill 111. north of Talma and west of Grand-Pre!; Here, as'Vythe
Cute C hatillon, the' Germans offered a desperate resistance. 'yV.
These victories open the way for a clear road to Buzancy and
on to the great objective of this eastern campaign, the Montrrredyv
Mcieres railroad, the main line of retreat for the Germans, "losing
which they will be forced to retreat entirely through Luxemburg' and, ; ;
l'.elgium. ... '
The Americans Yesterday fought at Champigneule, Grand-Pre,''
in the Cote Chatillon and in the Bois de la Grandr llontagne, the
uiminit of which was taken. All three American army corps took
Mart in the battle under General Liggett, General Bullard and Gen-
eral Cameron, while the I'rench fought under General Gouraud. The
strong defenses were held by the F'russian Guards, who fought to '
the death, refusing either to surrender or give quarter. There were .
few prisoners, the German garrisons being wiped out after they had
been driven back inch by inch in their last effort to save the right ,
wing of their army in France, the
: 7
Ni;V V4IKK, Odulier IS ( Assciciat
i' I l'rcH)--AVKth more limn one hun
ilr.'il ilcuri Hfiil HiouiiHn.ls sufTerini;
from I b e Ihi'k of slieltt'S, fooj and
ilotliiiiu as u result of the eartliuiika
wliii'li .li'dtroyeil miniv towns and il
I ii k." ' " i" tlie inluiiil (lie oviTKineiit of
ri it i lii.o has iipienl'il to congress
ioi He.l Cross in-Mistiinre. A ruble Tti-i-eivvj
liere to. lav unking that imme
dinti" assistani't1 lie rendered the
nl in K i' ii I'orto K nn us wtiH furwurded
lo Washington.
. g. n.
(Continued on Fag 3,
. I. VON. Frame, O. tol.er 1H ( Asso
elated 1'iess) dleavv inn) ei nil . dam
hk was ilon liv an ex Ii.iioii in a rauni
t nii fai tury here toduy. (lulv a few
wvi'keis were injured.
Allies are now
fighting on soil
of montenegro
H.ONDON. Oetoher H ( Associated
ryimi- Kor the first time sine Feb
rijii rv . ISHtf, Allied foreea are fighting
Of the soil of Montenegro. The Austin
lluniirian army in western Siberia has
been loree.l aeross the border by the
relentless attacks of the Herbiau forees.
The evaeuation of Diakova has beuu
whh the Herbians 1 loss on the heels
of the retreating trooi.s. Ipek is be
liee I to be the objective of the en
einy h retirement.
The Serbians also raptured Alein
at mi the Mnrava River. Thirty two
guns were seized.
captains Bounded
W Attll I N'OTON, Oeyber 18 i Asso
riuted Press) -Today'! rasunltv list
eontaui'. the names Captains Muses
Akins, rhirago, and Royal MeCutelienu,
Kranklin, irgiuia, wounded in attiou.
MVV KKANCIHCO, Oete'-er 18
1 1 ftli inl i-sHussiaiis, Chinese and Jap
anese are playing a big part in raising
the tntiil of subseriptions to the Fourth
Liberty Loan here. Areording to an
announremant from loan headquarters
today total subscriptions for the tree
nstioiialities amount to t",-74,05O. Of
thta amount the Kussians subsenbrd
tl.WMl.tMIO. Hubsrriptious totalling
were reeeived from Japa
nei-e and Till) Ckinese sut.siribed SA7,.
NKW YORK Oetober 18 Assoeit
e.l Press. Plans for raising a fund Of
l,(oi,0m,noo for the rrwonatrurtion
of Jewry tbioughout the world were
announced here today by a .joint com
mittee representing the American Fund
Dutch Paper Reservedly Pub
lishes News of German Admi
ralty's Orders To U-Boats
AJftSTEKDAMi Octobez 17
( Ajuoclatad Preaa) Tha Hiidela
blad jratrtordfty published a report,
with reaerre, that tha Oermac ad
mdrailty haa taraeds wlraleaa ln
a' ruction to aU 0rmad autanax
lnas. ordering these to luapand
operations and retorn to their
should this rejiort of the Dutch
paper prove to be eorrect It may be
taken as a verification of recent re
ports that Germany inteada to mollify
America if possible by a auspension
of the submarine campaign that bus
already proven a failure.
Further evidence of the new light
that is breaking in upon Berlin came
yesterday in the report that Lille had
been evacuated without the display of
wauton vnadaliam that haa marked
the forced retirement from every other
Kieiirh citv.
- w. a. a.
Clearing From
Montenegro Begins
LONDON. October 1 7 ( Aasoriated
Press i- The Serbians are rapidly e'ear
ing the remnants of the Austrian army
out of Serbia, town after town fulling
to Kiiiir Peter's men in their work of
reclaiming their own territory. Yes
teiday's reports told of the capture of
Tlexinatx, where the Serbs took thirty
two nuns, the capture of Krushevuti
and the occupation of Diskoba, on the
Montenegrin frontier. The Atistrisns,
after evacuating this town, retired in
to Montenegro, with the Allies in pur
suit. This begins the reclaiming of
nnothei occupied country.
Ilic r reoi h. in tlieir Halkun opeia
entire front of which is now rap- '
idly crumbling. ' ' :' V.
The final capture of Grand-Pre
was accomplished after most ter . V
rific hardships had been under- ;
gone and undaunted heroism had ..;.,
been displayed. The town and its '; V
strong defenses were stormed .
without the aid of artillery. In 1
an effort to effect a surprise at- '
tack, the Americana crossed the :.
Aire by wading at four , points, . v '.'
emerging on great mud flas, into, ,
which the toiling soldier tank V .
Lni itfM Whilo malf itvO Vits
way through these flats, tjia Qer- '
mans discovered them anappen
ed up a terrifice fire and neeting 'j
; the Yankees with hand grenades.
Through the mud the fnkeea ' '
advanced, unfalteringly, mhough '. .' '
many fell, the wounded to?bSUf
focatvd as they lay, and rjaqfcing '
I solid ground charged witrl the . jt'
bayonet, the fighting being band '
j to hand until the enemy Vua. ?V' '
; pressed back or w iped out. " V
Other Americans yesterday ;
took part with the British in not
able advances south of Le Ca
teau, where the British and -Fteiuh
struck along a front from . '
Catcau to the River Serre. The ; ,,
Hritish, with the Americans occu
pying a portion of their front, ad- v
vanced two miles by yesterday . ,' :
ai'tertioon and are continuing to :
for the Belief of Jewish War ISufieren. ( t iuiii, took lpex from the Austriaus I (Continued on Page 3,

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