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l(JH RETREAT III : Chinese. Whet Knife
Coast Line Abandoned and. Only
Idea Now Is To Escape '
While Road Is Open
(Concluded from Ftp 1.)
any portion of it destroyed by eaplo
aive this being the first city thus to
escape ' .-
Last night the British Hue hud ton
. drawn along front well to.tha east of
JJil Hita the Mvth'of Court ral.
Turroiag aad Beubnix, two Import aat
manufacturing cltie between IJIle and
Courtral," are rejiorteir to have bean
evaluated by tha Germain, bnt tftay
bars not yet bee o entered, bv tbe Brit
lab. ' '-
. PfwCUnaa Drawn In s .
Th Km., 'wblfH xhadUftritllf i kih
drawn about three tidea of Donitl were
d4 terterday aftwrnoaa, in 3harp
flgbttag, aad tha Oermaal, driven nnt
af tha plaee. Tbe feaM entertaim-.l by
taa Br it tab that tha eity mibt be found
aoaipletalr aaiped Apparoatly were with
out foundation.
Tha Britiab In Flnndcrj took four
thouaand priaonere and a hundred and
fifty rnaa yeaterday, wjh the Freneh
and Beljlana each taking many moo.
Tha Belgian priannera have not yet
been- counted- bnt th,e roaiia In the rear
o tbeir armiea wee reported jammed
wMb dtaarmed Germnni yeaterday.
Twa XHatrnct RatraaU
rrora alt the Indlrationi yeaterday
tbera are tfca diatinet retrata bein)j
carried out bv the Qernuuia, botli pivot
tog on a point rloae to the aouth of
Koubaix. One retreat iarltides all tbe
foreea north and Went to the North Hon.
tbe other extend throughout the IJIle
area and, (be belief ia that the Allied
line will woon extend in a straight lift"
from wet of ValenHcnnea to the Iuteh
border .nolrtbweat of Qbent.
aHaalibf To tbe tart -,
OftVial deapatchea from tbe RMgian
povernniant at Havre.' atate that tbe
Oermana. beore they evaeuated Roulera
' aaaombled ai ninny aa poaa(bIe of (he
I town people and marched thm off nn
f dar guard along the Roiilers Menin road.
J For two dava thpae eivilinn men, worn-
en and children were aithout food or
J abalter. The Hermans soldiery alao
1 stole all the supplies to ITp found in the
homes and the stores of the Civilian
Bevictualini; Committee and left only
deatroyed stocks of flour and food
stuffs. After tbe civilians were driven
out of tbwir bomi's, their furniture was
removed for shipment to 'lertnany.
w a. a.
.Emerged Victors Yesterday in
Bloody Battle That Had
Lasted Three Days
Concluded from Pace 1)
drive enittward. This forre omaned the
Herre in the fare of heavy machine
gun fire, the Kun"ur Mtickinj; To their
nests until the Anulo Americons reach
ed and killiMl them.
In eonjunrtion with this new attack
by the British frrat army, the French
attacked all along their Serre-Oiso
line, mdking fuvorulile progrena and
everywhere keeping in contact with
tbe enemy, now withdrawing from the
pocket north of I.aon. The notable
pains reeorded for the Wench in the
Oise aector were the capture (if I'etit
Verly and Harchavonne on the west
hank of the rivej and Miuit d'Orienv
on the cant bank. In taking these
places the French took twelve hundred
w. a. i.
I'AN A MA,' October IS---(OHicial I -
The countries of Ijitiu America urc
united in their adinirutioti of the con
tluct of the American forces at the
front in France and the war is result
ing in more closely cementing the
friendship existing between these lia
tiona and the 1'nitei Hlates. This is
tha statement of Krneste T. I.e Kevre,
aucretary of the republic of I'anainu,
who in a speech here today said:
"The peoples of Latin America are
sa convinced that the Tinted Htates
is aji uuaelflsb, altruistic republic that
from I'atagonia to Mexico e are
prouil of the victories won by the
American armioe ou the shell turn fields
of EurojH'. Whatever may have 01
curred in Faoama in the past a wave
of cordial and sincere friendship is to
day sweeping our territory from one
eud of the." country to the other. Our
hearts and souls are with the soldieru
in Franco. ' '
- w. a. a.
WAlHHINUTON, October 1H (Ofii
eial) The pro'pect that citizens uf the
United Htate will bo called upon to
support a fifth und possibly a sixth
Liberty Loan was revealed in a state
ment by Secretary McAdoo today in
which he said it would be necessary
to Pit forth at least one more issue
of bauds und piobably 1o.
FOUTLAND, Octuhcr I - ( iein 1 1
(Quantity production uf l iberty 1110
tors has been reached and Anu-ru-;
airplanes are mining to the Atlwitic
seaboard ill ourload lots for service in
France, according to a stiiteiiieut here
todav by the director of the spruce
production division of the ainrat'tJiu
reau. The iuCorniatioii wm nceifel,
be said, (Vim John I" Itvnn, di tor
veueral of aircraft piodintiou, :it
Washington. ''
I ft w avm, p. w w
Committee Appointed To- lnves
' tigate Hi Activities In Oppos
ing, Bin providing For Importation-
Laborer. Fronl China
VSf i'-s -. t . i
Joba Wise, Bepublicaa candidate for
the!seaate wilh not receive the vote
bf the members of the Chinese federa
tlon,1 it ' eomniittee appoiaeeil lust
fight" Aacertains by November t thot
be Is actively engaged In irefeatinjj
the bill now' in conjjreiw provliHng for
the importation of Chinese laborers
from China Into Hawaii exclusively for
agricultural work.
Nearly four hundred members of the
federation Were' present last night at
a meeting at the Chinese United Bo
ciety hall and gave the committee full
authority to proceed with the Inquiry
and lay the results before a speeial
meeting to be held the night or No
vember 2.
Chang Chau, secretary of the feder
ation, wa appointed chairman of the
Meanwhile the federation will in
crease ita membership as rapidly as pon
sible and lists of Chinese voters in
each voting precinct will be obtained
and placed in the hands of prominent
members, who will rnnvaxa the voter
individually and urge them to join
the federation and be prevent at the
November 'J meeting.
With a solid phalanx of voters tire
Chinese, according to the discussion
at the federation meeting, will go' to
the bullot boxes prepared to vote
against Wise, providing the report
shows that Wise is endeavoring to kill
the Chinese labor measure,. Which the
Chinese say they are vitally interested
In having passed.
Last night's meeting unanimously
endorsed .Prince Kalniiianaole for del
egate to congress.
An importnnt matter discussed was
that of birth certificates. It was re
porfTwl that the l'nite-1 States immi
gration authorities here are not iasti
ing such certificates, said to-be because
of lack of funds.
The federation nut horized a commit
tee to draw up n petition requesting
Delepiite Kuhio to assi.it the Chinese in
securing recognition of Chinese born
in the Islands, either through the ter
ritorial certificates or the federal.
Henator Chillingworth 's candidacy
for reelection to the senate was ulso
discussed, but while many were favor
nhle to endorsing him, others were op
posed anil the whole question wns put
over to be decided on the evening of
November 2.
C. K. Ai, president of the t'ity Mill
Company, presided.
w. a. a.
Captain Forbes Au-ested, Charg
ed With Marrying Before Final
Divorce Decree Was Granted
The local military authorities have
placed Capt. M or res H. Forbes under
arrest at Hcliofle.UI Barracks and will
bring him before n court martial to le
tried on a chnrge of bigamy.
The arrest arose out of the fact that
Captaiu Forbes was divorced, his wife
having brought suit a year an", about
tile time he first came to the Islands,
and was granted un interlocutory de
cree. Hefore the final .decree was issued
he was married to Miss Coiiitne Clnsti
anson, of Suit Luke City, the Ifcv. I..
II. Tracy, of the fcpisropal chun ti, per
forming the ceremony. Miss I'hristi
anson came to Hawaii last year from
the niuinla'id to teach in the public
schools. She and Mr. Forbes met at
that time, (she returned to the states
early this year and returned tin sum
n'er with her mother to marry Forbes,
who had received a laviiteiuint 's cum
mission as n graduate of the lii t He
serve Officers' Training Camp lull at
Schoold Barracks a year ngo.
While army department he:i d i 1:1 1 1 i rs
wns working over some pupers of i';ip
lain Forbes tint had to be signed the
fact was revealed that the entire veil
called for in the interlocutory decree
had not passed when the captain mar
ried Miss Christinnson.
It is asserted by some local author
ities that the marriage of a divorced
person in Hawaii before a final de
cree had been issued in some other state
or Territory, where 41 wait of one venr
or more is required, does not eonxti'iite
grounds for a prosecution on a charge
of bigamy in the Hawnii rivil courts
This is because the Hawaii statute- .1 1
not require a divorced person in Ha
aii to wait any stnted period to con
tract another marriage after the de
cree takes effect.
It is probablv nn this account that
('itl'tnin Morris had no difficulty or cm
ban assment in securing a license, and
therefore sutqioscd his marriage was
eutirelv lesra), as it was entered into
nfter Hawaiian authority was granted
fnr the wedding. Those who support
thi view, however, point out that if
a divorced person remnrries in some
other state or territory and then nA
turns to the state where the first decree
was granted, tbe remarried divorced
person might be liable to prosecution
on a bigamy charge.
w a. a-
Hi". Eice Yield Expected Accord in
to the latent advices from the Coast
this year's yield of California 1 ir
which is now about to be harvested "ill
tea-h well over 1,0110,1)110 bags Some
of the locul Japanese inioor:ei ;,rc
planning to import the California 1 i-c
a large onnntifs. As it can be Mild a'
lonct prices than the tic inipoited
fnuii Japan un attempt will be made
to induce local Oiientnls to buv tlo
1 nlil'ornia rice, u Japanese im-n-iuul
said yesterday.
Hotel. Restaurant. Cafe and
Boarding House Keepers Unan
imously Agree To Obey
Reduction of Butter Portion
Cheered No Pie If Bread Is
Served Sugsr Will Be Scarce
Without n dissenting voice prnctic
ally all of the hotel, rctanrnnt, cafe
and boarding house keepers ofVHono
lulu, hsith White nnd Orientnl, agreed
yeaterday to on fore the new general
orders issued bv the national footl nil
ministration, which . materially cut.
down the food consumption in these
public eating places and which will go
into offeet on Mondav, October 21.
A general gut togetl er meeting was
held by Food Administrator Ch Id and
the keepers of public entint; places in
the city in the chamber of commerce
rooms yesterday afternoon and for
mre than two hours, the lai-'e assem
blage resembled a class room with Mr.
Child the teacher nnd dcmnnt 1 ator and
the audience his pupils.
Hectinn bv section, each of the new
food regulation relative to public eat
ing places wns taken up. analyzed and
discussed. Fvrv d: tail relative to
each order whs explained bv M,r. Child
and then discussion was invited.
Qoatinn of Bread
The matter of whe her locnd should
be served before, with, m after the
first eonrse was the subject of consid
erable debate. The regulation savs,
"No public rating place shall allow
any bread to be brought to the table
nnt'l after tip- first course is served."
The object of this regulation. Mr. Child
ejrplainedy-as to do nwav with the
custom prevalent in restaurants of
bringing on a platter of bread, which
the guest generally finished before the
meal wan aerved.
Some nf thosv present wanted to
know how they would handle a ense
"here a man wanted bread with his
soup. Another wanted to know what
would happen if the guest had onlv
t'-e price of one imiise. Another piint
e. out that if the bi'tid was brought
at the same time q the soup. 1111 extra
trip to the h-itchen for the bienl could
be snved.
Mr. Child diplomatic:. Ily settled
these vexing ipiestinns bv tolling his
hearers that the n-ai-i -ibie-t in pro
mulgating these r.'g-i!at ions was to
help win the war and for each restau"
rant and hotel keeper to use Ins own
good lodgement nloniT the-.e lii.es.
' I'ielesw meals will be the vogue un
der this new order of tilings in the
eating line; for guests are allowed but
two unices of breid at each oie- I. If
one desires pie, he must abstain from
bread- he cannot have bread and pic
at the same muul.
Onl) one half oiuice portions of but
ter will be .served at ench meal alter
next Tuesday and no second helpings
are ullowed. This announcement v as
greeted with cheery from several of
the rmurding house, keepers prison!.
After all of the various new legula
tioiis had been explained and discuss
el, it was decided that an cnfoi cement
committee, selected from the lestau
rant, hotel out boarding house and
cafe keepers' be appointed by Food Ad
mniiatrator Child to adjudicate all
cases of violations of these regulations,
which may be brought to its at tent ion.
Following the meeting Mr. Child up
pointed Walter Baker, managei of the
Young Hotel; James K. Hamilton, man
ager of the Commercial Club, an I Miss
Mary Johnson, jwoprietor of the Colo
niul Hutel, as members of this commit
Mr. Child explained that the put pose
of organizing this enforcement com
mittee was for the protection of the
public ictaiilers themselves. If oat'
restaurant keeper is living strotlv up
to all of the provisions of tin so regu
latlons and his competitor aero-, the
way is not, the business of tie- lirst
named peison naturally sntTers. t n
up to him then to lav u complaint be
fore the euf'orocm''nt committee and if
fouud guilty, punishment is ad'iiiio-ter
ed by the food administration As
each of the members of this nuiiiii.l
tee has had much practical expoio'iice
in the handling of the eating public,
Mr. Child is of the belief that 'hcv
nre in a better position to .judge and
decide these eases than he is.
Beating tbe Barrier
Although ttiese new resolutions do
not go into effect until next Mondav,
several of the restaurants and boarding
houses have put most of the rogul-i
tiiiiis into effect already. Th one tea
spoonful (Tf sugar per meal order is
being en'foreed in practicallv nil of the
restauranja nnd some Of the boarding
houses of the citv. In some instat
guests wetre given quite a surpiise
when they hail sugared their grape
fiuit or orange 11s usual nnd then found
to their dismav lli.it they could have
no more to put on their cereal or in
their coffee.
Before closing the meeting Mr.
Child drew the attention nf his audi
tors to the necessity of saving animal
(a,t and not letting this nseful com
modify run out into the sewer or be
Consumed in the lire. He cited an in
stance in Honolulu where a cafe owner
had saved enough animal fat in a sloo'
length of time to piovnle his pbn-e of
business with more than 100 pounds of
Here Are Regulatrous
Following are the new food legdu
t ions governing hotels. n-Kjiiurniit at I
public entiiiL' pla-'es nlm li go into
effect ne t Tuesday :
For the purpose of the followin '
general oi.lers pitldi. o-iting places
shall be .leliio.l t hole
hotels, rest am a n t s, boar-ling houses,
clubs, dining oars, and steamships.
and all places when- 1 nuked food is
sold to be consume I 011 the preni
The follow nn
al ordc
have been issued by the United
Htates Food Administrator govern
ing the operations of all such pttb
lie eating -places, these order to be
effective October ), 1918. ft -baa
not benr deemed advisable or ne
cessary at the present time actual
ly to lieeusa the operation fif such
public eating places, but In cases
where the patriotic cooperation of
sin h public eating places can not
be secured by other means, the
I nited States Food Administration
will not hesitate to secure rotnpli
a nee with its orders through its
control of the distribution of sugar,
llolir and other food supplies.
A failure to conform to any of
the following ordera will be re
garded as a wasteful practise for
bidden by Suction Fouf of the Food
Control Act of August 10, 1017.
General Order 1
No public eating place shall serve
or permit to be served any bread
or other bakery product which does
not contain at least twenty per
cent of wheat Hour substitutes, nor
shall it serve or permit to be served
more than two onnces of this bread,
known as Victory Bread, or if no
Victory Hroad is served, more than
four otiio es of other breads (such
as corn bread, muffins, " Hoston
bread, etcetera). Sandwiches or
bread served at boarding camps,
and rye bread containing fifty per
cent or more of pure rye flour, are
General Order 2
No public eating place shall serve
or permit to be served bread or
toast as a garniture or under meat.
General Order 3
No public eating place shall al
low any bread to be brought to the
table until after the (Irst course
is served.
General Order 4
No public eating-place shall serve
or permit to be served to one pat
ron at any one meal more than
one kind of meat. For the pur
pose of this rnle meat shall be con
siilered as ioclmfing beef, mutton,
(Mirk, poultry and any by products
General Order 5
No public eating place shall serve
or permit to be aerved any bacou
aa a garniture.
General Order S
, No public eating-place shall serve
or permit to be served to any one
person at any one meal more than
one half ounce of butter.
General Order 7
No public eating-place shall aerve
or permit to be nerved to any one
meal more than one-half ounce of
Cheddar, commonly called Ameri
can cheese.
General Order 8
No public eating-place shall use
or iicriiiit the use of the sugar bowl
ou the table or lunch counter. Nor
shall any public eating place aerve
sugar or permit it to be served
unless the guest so requests and
in no event shall the amount serv
ed to any one person at any one
meal cxeoed one tenspoonful or its
eipiiv a lent.
General Order 9
No public eating-place shall use
or permit ,tbe use of an amount of
sugar in excess nf two pounds for
every ninety mcaU served, includ
ing nil uses of sugar on the table
and in cooking, excepting such su
gar as may be allotted by the Fed
oral Food Administrators to hotels
holding a bakery license. No su
gar allotted for this Secial baking
purpose shall be used for any other
General Order 10
No public eating-place shall burn
any food or permit any food to be
burned and all waste shall be saved
to feed animals or reduced to ob
tain fata.
General Ordera 11
No public eating place shall dis
play or permit to be displayed
food on its premises ia any such
manner aa may cause ita deterio
ratiou, so that it can not be used
for human consumption.
General Order 12
No public eating place shall serve
or permit to bo served what is
known as double cream or cream
de luxe; and in any event, no cream
containing over twenty (H-rcent of
butter fat shall be served.
w. a. a.
Passes Away While Visiting
Mother In Berkeley
Mrs. Kalph H. Johnstone of FUN
Wilder Aveuue, this city, died yester
day at t lie home of her mother, Mrs.
W. (i. Ashley Sr., in Berkeley, Cali
forma, from pneumonia, according to a
cable received here by Mr. Ashley
from .lames W. Fratt.
Mr. and Mrs. Johnstone left Houo
lulu 011 August 26, la-st, ou a pleasure
trip to the mainland. They spent sonic
time in British Columbia and were in
Berkeley on their return, prepara ory
to coining buck to the Islands, when
death claimed Mrs. Johnstone. The
first that Mrs. Johnstone's family 111
Honolulu knew thtit she wns ill was
when a cable came from Mr. I'ratt oil
Wednesday, telling of her set ions ill
nei-s. This was followed by yesterday 's
cable announcing her uutimely death.
Mrs. Johnstone was born in lloiiolu
lu on leccinber :il, lHHil, and wns well
known and respected among a large
. irrle of friends. Mrs. Johnstone leaves
two children.
w. a. a.
tii'iitl - A new worhl ' riveting rerunl
w a it here t o-Ih v Iumi h Ua"H 11 1
Mir t iiitin Irou WorkH plriht uf Hit
11. 'I Mr he m Mhiplniil.ii htf or .-oration
lmt '2Jy' half iiifti rivets in t'ilit
w. a a.
Because ol its toaic aad Issaltva act.
r LAXATIVE BftOMO UL'ININK will b found
bailer than ordinary Uuiaiu. Dow tot csase
acrvoimscsi nor rioiloa in the hcid. kc
uietnhaf. there is only osc "Broew Quinine-"
flit siKnatuit ol K. W. Uiovt is on each boa
Honolulu Aviator
Reported Lost
Behind Hun Lines''
Son of Doctor and Mrs. R. W.
Anderson Seen To Fall In
Action In France
reported missing.
Among the missing American aviat
ors reported from the Western Front
is Lieut. Hubert Alivander Anderson,
of Honolulu, son of Dr. and Mrs. R. V.
Anderson, of King and Keeauinoku
Htreets. The young aviator is reported
to have dropped out of sight while
flying in his airplane over the battle
lines. This was on August L'7.
Doctor and Mrs. Anderson received
a letter in the last mail containing an
inventory of his efTcts and announcing
what disposition of thein had been
made. Whether he was killed or made
prisoner is not yet knows, the only in
formation received by this pnrcnts be
ing that he is missing.
A short time ago a letter was re
ceived from Lieutenant Anderson tell
ing of an air battle which he had had
with a German flier, the latter being
a double seater. The Centum plane
was shot down by Anderson and fell
to the ground in flames. Anderson's
squafiiron commander had engine trou
ble and was 0'ri'ed to descend. Ander
son planed down and gave hiia assist
ance. Enlisted At Cornell
Lieutenant Anderson received his
education in the local schools, including
I'unnhou, and while attending Cornell
at Ithaca, joined the American forces.
entering the aviation section. His ori
ginal training was received at the col
lege nnd he wns then sent across the
Atlantic to England where he finished
his course and wtm commissioned in
Mav, litis. He was scat to Frame,
and it was during an action In the air
that he dropped out of sieht.
The report of Lieutenant nderson's
bein gon the ' missing list'1 came from
Lieut. ,T. W. Wheldon, equipment of
ficer. 40th Squadron, Royal Air Force,
with which Anderson was nsso,-inte.l.
The latter was with the Signal It. C A
S.. V. S. A. The kit and equipment
showed thnt Lieutenant Anderson was
plentifullv supplied with everything
needed for service at the front with
plenty of changes of raiment, such as is
required by aviators.
Another report has reached Ooi-tor
and Mrs. Anderson, but the former
presumes that another letter was des
patched about the same time, but start
ed homeward in another vessel that
may. have been delayed or was slower.
Lieutenant Anderson was twentv four
years uf nee. He i as a grandson of
the late Alexander Yitung. pioi r su
j;ar planter.
W. b. s.
--.'Associated I'ressi Charles M.
Schwab, director general of the Liner
gency Fleet Corporation, has sent a
message to the employes ol the Laci
tic Coast Shipbuilding Company at its
Bay Foint ilant. in which he commends
the publication of shipyard newspapers.
Schwab's letter is i-uhlished in the
second issue of the hoa vard paiior
here. In it the bo-s of Atneli.a's ship
building job savs:
"A paper of this I. in. I ; a veiv good
thing for two reasons: first, that it
serves as a means for creating pntrio
tic cut lnisiasiii amoeo he eiu.loes;
and second, it affords a niediuni for di
scminating valuable i it forma t ion to the
men so that t lie v 111:0 at 1 1 tunes keen
in touch with all plins, s of the work.'1
The Bav Point men's o-iper has been
christened Full Sieed !iea.l, the name
being chosen in a eon'est in e hich the
shiiivntd emrdoves tiittod u hundreds
of snog, .st ions.
I'tIK I' . So,. tern. 101 :t(l , ssoei- I
I'ressi- -New st-apers of Jaiuiu, forbid
den dniiiio the recent rice tints to
publish an thing about the disorders,
Won a decided coin essoin from the
government which now has placed the
press iiiiilrt 'he saine kind of volitll
tnrv cclisoislnp as exists ill the I'nit
cd States.
h' - :
Applicants For Commissions To
Be Inducted As Soon
As Registered
Civilians who were enrolled nearly
three months ago for entrance to in
fantry training ramps on the mainland
to seek commissions as officers, but who
hnve been held from going forward to
Camp I'ike, because of new regulations
permitting onlv inducted men to go,
will be given nn opportunity to enter
nrmy service immediately after they are
registered here on October 2d, according
to Maj. II. Gooding Field, selective
draft officer.
"I will induct these men into service
as soon as they are registered," aald
Mn.jor Field yesterday. "All arrange
ments have been iierfected to do this."
Receives Instructions
The war department has also forward
ed the following instructions through
the provost marshal general to Major
"Instructions have been aent out by
this office to local boards throughout
the country providing for the classifies
tiou and physical examination, out of
their turn, of registrants In civil life
who have made aplication for commis
sions in the staff corps of the army.
"These instrnct'rona direct that the
local boards 'shall proceed to the classi
fication and physical examination, ac
cording to the regular procedure, of any
registrant within the ages of eighteen
and forty five, inclusive, immediately
upon his presenting to his local board a
certificate from the chief of a corps or
department of the army to the effect
that lie is a candidate for a commis
sion.' ' ' The ordera apply both to the regis
trant who may be appointed to his com
mission direct from civil life and to
those whose appointment as officers, un
dcr the terms of the recent order of
the war department, dated September
2:i, would immediately follow their in
duction into the military service.
"The advanced classification and
physical examination of such regis
trants will be for the purpose of deter
mining their status in order that the
Army may consider tboin for commis
sions; and in order tbat certain regis
trants may be voluntarily inducted at
the request of the army, navy, or marine
A new order was issued by the war
department on September 2-1 supersed
ing similar instructions issued previous
ly relating to civil applicants for com
missions, and in order to carry tnese
instructions into effect the local hoard
shall proceed to the c!asifieaion and
physical examination, according ti thn
regular procedure, of any regisrrant
within the ages of eighteen and forty
five, inclusive, immediately upon his
presenting to his local hoafV a eerlifl
cate from the chief of a corps or de
partment of the army to the effect that
lie is a candidate for a commission.
w. a. a
Registration Day
In Many Languages
Is Translated Into All Tongues
Commonly Used In Hawaii and
Will Be Distributed On Every
Plantation In Islands
Translations of President WiUma's
proclamation for Registration Day
October 26 in Hawaii, have been
made in Hawaiian, f'ortuguese, Spanish,
Chinese, Japanese, Korean and three
dialects of Filipino, and will be thor
oughly distributed in every plantation
district 00 Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Hawaii
and Molokai, so that every person eligi
ble for registration under the "Man
Power Act" will know exactly why he
is called upon to register ut this time.
The registration cards and all forms
necessary to complete the registrations
are being forwarded by Major 11. Good
ing Field, selective draft officer, to all
local draft boards, to arrive at each
locality an sufficient time to have every
thing in readiness before October 2(1.
A canvass of members of the Board
of Ketail Trades yesterday, indicated
that many of the merchants while ready
to close their places of business if Gov
ernor McCarthy feels that this policy
should be pursued, many were also of
the opinion that they could better aerve
the requirements of registration by ar
ranging to have their employes leave
their places of Easiness, visit the regis
tration booths nnd register, and on re
turning permit other employes to leave,
until all are registered.
They say that this is in no wise
in opposition to closing, but they lie
lieve the registration will be aided
rather than retarded by following this
method. If their places of business are
closed at the usual hour on Friday af
ternoon preceding regis! t at ion day all
employes are then free to do as thev
wish. They can register earlv or late.
There is a half holiday on Saturday,
anvhow, ami the afternoon would be
open to all employes to register even
if thev did not do so in the forenoon
I uiiiler the detail arrangement.
- w. a. a. -
Manager O. B. I.ightfoot, of the Ter
ritorial Market, received wireless ad-
i.-cs yeaterday to the effect that a
large shipment of fresh Island potatoes
would arrive from VYaiuieu, Hawaii, by
the steamer Oitouiea today. The quick
sale of the last shipment of these flius
Island pro, I lie ts has so encouraged the
war gardeuors of Wainira that it wa
decided to try another shipuieut en the
Honolulu market. Mr. Lightfoot ad
v ises householders to lay in a supply
of these excelleut spuds now.
x r : it-
Food Commission To Prosecute
AH Violators of, Sanl :
tary Regulations . a;j
Wastage of Food Through Un
sanitary Conditions Must '
Stop, Says Commissioner
. i- -..
Violation! of the health regulation i
relative to the handling of foodstuff
will be proseented through tha federal
food commission rather than through
tbe police ceurts, as haa been tha eut
tom in the past, it waa indicated jree
terday when three Chinese meat 4eat
ers were cited to appear before Feod
Administrator Child aad stow, cause
why they should not be placed cu tho
"unfair" Tiat and their lieeaae Can
celled, because it waa charged their
pla-a of business were in a filthy and
unsanitary condition.
See Sang, a meat-dealer at tha fish
market, was the first offender te feol
the new order of thing. A board of
health inspector made an Inspection
of a room the Chinese had rented U
the )nhu Tee Company 'a plant and re
ported the conditions found, there f
Food Administrator Child aa being
"unsanitary, over-crowded, food adult-,
erated aad evidence of wasted food."
After receiving the reoort Mr. rhSW
addressed the following letter to Be I
"Complaint has bee a brought by tha
territorial health inspector that tha
cold storage apartment ia tha Oahu
Ice Company ice house, containing
merchandise belonging to you, la in
an unsatisfactory condition and that
s rapa or meat, meat bones, refuse and
filth were found aeattered about tha
floor that there were two piga inf tha
room in the first atagei of decomposi
tion and that there waa an necessary
waste of food, caused by nnaanitary
conditions in your room in thace
house. , ' ; r.
"You wilt please show cause Why
all licensed dealers should, not Jbw pre
vented from selling you merchandise.
"Unless satisfactory reply la had
within twyty-four hours, aa 'unfair
order' wrrr be issued against you.".,
flea Chang Data Busy .
Upon the receipt of tbia notice, Beit
Chang Immediately had the attending
room ia the ire houea cleaned aad thea
called upon Child with profnae and
abject apologies and a cast-iron prem
ise that he would tin ao mora. Sea
Chang baa been given antil thia morn
ing to aeeure a certificate from tha -board
of health showing that hla place
of business is in a sanitary condition.
A secoird violation of thia kind will
mean the cancelling of See Chang 'a
dealer's lieenae.
Hardly had this ease been disposed
of yesterday when two mora violatora
were reported for similar offenaea. They
were C. (j. Tee Hop k Co. and Chun
Kow, both doing busineaa at tha fish
market. According to Food Admiaia
trator Child, both of theae dealer'
rooms in the ice house were la an
equally unsanitary and filthy condi
tion. .
The same form of letter as aent to
See Hang has been sent to C. Q. Tea
Hop ft Co. ami Chun Kow. These
dealers have been given the usual
twenty-four hours to make a satisfae- !
tory reply and in the event one ia not
forthcoming, summary action will be,
U. S. Haa Authority ,
Although these violation ar pri- .
marily health violations, the charge of
wastage of food gives the food ad- '
ministration jurisdiction in the matter.
Food Inspector Bairos laid the matte
before Food Administrator Child and
asked him to take auction, aa ha felt
dissatisfied with the meaner in which
cases of this nature had been handled ,
in tbe past in the (ml ice court. V
Bairos said that when these ease
came up for trial in the police court
the usual continuances and postpone
ments were ao common that they
dragged along from week to week and -then
some slight punishment, if any,
was administered. Much of Bairoa
time was taken up by ndlesa tripa
to the pulice court, he said, and ha da
cided that quicker and more draatio '
action could be gained by having tha
violatora handled by the fo'odeom
misaion. ' " '.' "
Mr. Child aaid last night that aot
oaJy meat dealers would be proeoeuted,
but ajso restaurant keepers, baker and
other food dispenser who' allowed their
places to get into a filthy and tin-1
sauitary condition. In nllowiug their 1
places of business to get into thia .
condition, they are thus contributing
toward the wastage of food, be- aald.
(Concluded front Faga 1)
declare Count Voo Hussarek haa an
nounced that Austria is about to be
transformed iuto federal state.
Will Want To Argu
Another despatch from the aame
source says that Uermnny ' reply to
President Wihton's last statement of'
the Allies on the question of an armis
tice ia eipocted to be drawn np and
forwarded to Washington touighi, Tha
tuue of coiupieut of semi ollisial new
pa ters ia Ciermany indicate It ia cer
tain that tbe government will aoek con
tinued conversations. -
Advice reaching here from Buenaa
Aire state that a despath haa been
received at tho German legation there
from Berlin saying that the sttuatiofc ia
Ciermany has become unendurable,
Vim ATflR5i FflPFv
IUU1IUIIU .1 nut.

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