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vianm nub Qrmurnt.
' ‘ omm. “Aslnmox W milk,” ‘ l
SATCRDA Y, MARCH ‘25, 1954. ‘
;_.-;V;:-: :23;;“‘__:;-'._; :..* -A_r_r;_V l
J. w. wum‘, L'mrun.
' ”Tr All . nl-ll'nl [II-EEC“ ”EN. r
{01" t-lfllld _\'l an or God un' ln-rr." 1
‘ mm“! m the Territory. {
One of the most lmportmt owumnrosl
for the hilt-rest of the Territory which lms]
taken plm‘slrmo its creation and organizn-i
tion, is that of the arrival bore, oh “Manes-l
day‘d' the prawn I'm-k. of the llmmliunl
BIA-k ”Emilia," Capt. Garvin, who hailed
from Honolulu, Wonhii, Sandwich Islands,
ou'th‘o 28th Feb., making the passage to
thaheudo! tho Sound in tho short space of
25 «lays.
'3] reference to our navel-thing columns'
he ditto will be found to consist of salt,
uugnrqnolasscs, tobacco, syrup. cofl'cc, &c.,
astute! produvtions of the Islands; in ex
chango for which the Captnin proposes to
Mejia "tun cargo consist of lnmbcr and
A new en in the history of our 1911' Tll
- is what to thin upon us, when, in-
Itend din; inane] but of the Territo-
Hvy thpnrdlue of the than and other
nrti es, our immense lumbering interest
will 'at onc'e subserrcd by n direct cx
chnnge, [elninfn'gvn large amount of the
preview mall in the territory—opening
n nukdlor thatch-plan productions of the
Blinds, and- Infill", benefiting both.
‘i‘h'a'. "quchslan,’ ‘nu ably conducted
jourml, pnlllislled nt Honolulu, refered to
cumulus“ non dun n yen- ago, and It
in highly gratifying to us in being nble to,
09$qu meatlon of the radical work.
lag! of 'l. poposnlon for nn exchange of
It will feadily occur to any person, that
an guitar the drought on our lumbering
intent} the mom will be the number of
pemnoignpged- In manufacturing it, sud
an con-nun: increased demand for those
uticlec I“ other no largely into tho con
nuptial of the people who would be em-
Med h Von'o of our greatest lulu-ms.
'O6! durable water privileges and the
mdmflhww ln Wfion and in
process of construction, Mord thou m
ed fufllfiu for loading down with lumber,
M'W- filléo, will wood or ,alllp
w olltho fall which m'y‘be reqnlred
autumnal.“ not. only o! .n tho
Pullout-filth“ of theßea,
”Olin; hp“ find the Indies.
m an M. , "
.331: ntfianfiiifi Ix'errmsox Com
-7; ‘ ‘ mo! the tgonblol in Jcfl‘erson
county to which'wo Mend last week, and
ffil'fllWof hid), we Inmed
on; .. Mr. Byovxfim, member bf
fimiflwmm um Me:-
In- ulm. via: other when! there, had
M Clair mm "ML- dnhchmeut of
was. Lune: an’Joxu, U. s; A.',
wgym W you in conuqncncerqf qu'
ewmg M of use. acumen: and
“MM tartan”: Ind
mmfirw India- d the (SI-1m
tribe, ' with thy murder of Capt.
awm «4 .m- wwtm tune
in mm, ,
PM d)”. W I hon entering
Inn-mow; gid- m'hmo‘n worded.
I‘.“ Sm“?! m‘the'v- ..1
’9, War Hang Jessa, uud
party' to New‘D-ngennei, when it In:
M “Slim? My Were. Ind 0“
Minonw than, “urban-ed
thy-IW'_fiek, bl! the one WIS It
fungi mu, (bold 20' miles below,
#fimmw- «an-IL ...a am the
unfit-mum. 'Liut. Jon
“ in WlO qu Dang“-
4%. hind oppodtion, and re-
W» "30am tb tth lone Indian
Wifil any intended“ mun n...
IMlualqnvfldl'thoy min lurch of
‘ WW resulted in two a? the'ln
_ H 991! levergl slighty woun
fln ”11:3,. refilling to the do
“ I.4mm”! m mafia-on Ice
taken 11l three others, [lon and 3nd
Mfiyifiwmmw The pri
”“3... °a. “gammy ,
m'htm vital)". Bmm inn-t
hugm-Wt «LI-dim .5
MIN: Gamay ’lddpud’flay him, will
Imm ‘W gloat to maintain order for
an mkudiyfety to‘ the ighnbih'nts
«to-um Bun-d. .
, hm“. tun flu tncnthn of our (ble
’ Won: hm M 0 the
WWW one of the members
”MWW IM6 “my. ; Our den-gate well
mu. MAW mndifion or the
M tutu-mad- h this Tannery, not
only In communion“ ting the
“I“,WM the bond of the Sound
to Chrke county, and up the Columbia riv-
Ol' M “to Ddlu. The “caution of “101
W. hm Oregon in 1180 respectfully‘
(“meted to the same subject, us'the rcsolu—‘
tion! will indicate.
, Capt. L. Con-n- of the Howuiinu Burk
‘l"Luil‘u,“ of whom mention is mule in un
iother nrtiele in tiHluy'u paper, informs us
iof the \\'l‘('t k of u. (V'hillizin Ilnrk—nntne,
I:unkmmn~~\\‘hit'h lmd been lending with]
piles, and put to Sen from .\‘uke llnrlmyt‘
; Yum-unrer's bland. l
I From the only suviver of the wreek, who‘
iwns taken 00' by Capt. C. in n partial stntel
iei' derangement, and “ho had since died ut‘
ISteilnL-uont, we learn that he informed Can
.C., at int-id intervals, that he wnsn passen-l
p‘er, lionnd for London, and a resident oi"
Vanumrer's Island. Thntthe \'e.~.~.'l water-i
dogged oil Cape Chisel, nhont forty miles;
l'roul Cape Fluttery ; that, including the‘
(‘aptnin of the vessel, there were fifteen
passengers on board ; that there was a
Minister on board, supposed to he Rev. Mr.
Steins of Victoria; that the Cilptuin rig~‘
get] a sort of raft, on which himself and two,
of- the passengers started for Cape l-‘luttery
and are supposed to have been drowned.
We linve no dates, names or ini'ormntion,
to lead to a knowledge of anything impor‘
tant for pnlilieltion, and we trust our Van
couver friends will furnish us with informa
tion in regard to the vessel and those on
board. The exhausted condition of the
men rescued prevented Clpt. C. from ob
taning reliable information.
Mas. M. A. Hum, who has the repute.
tion of being one of the most accomplished
singers in the United States, will give a
concert at " Pacific Hall,” on Monday
evening next. From our knowledge of the
wood power: possessed by the lady referred
to, we think that all those who may attend
will concede that her reputation has not
been overrated. “'e trust she will be
greeted by a crowded house, as, being no
companied by her husband, the entertuin
ment cannot but prove agreeable.
“- llon. Vic-lon Mayne: delivered a
very üble uldresa at the hull of the House
of Representatives on Thnrldny evening
last, edvomting the enactment of the
Maine liquor law by the legislature of this
Territory, to be submitted for concurrence
or rejection by the people at the next elec
tion. The powerful arguments ulvwced
by Judge M. were duly appreciated by the
{urge mmblnge In attendance
‘ liven-am Ilmov:unl.—Mr. Gmmsas,
I member of s compnny formed for tho pur
pose of contracting u whnrf on the plats
in float of Olympic, has ntunod l tew‘
‘dnyn shoe 9mm Ban Pnncluo, having pro-l
cum! I noun pile driver, which is daily
yexpected to unive. ‘
”f‘ The brig “Coral-t," Cipc. anov,
mind u Port Mudiuon on um am, 12
Iday: hon San Francisco. / ‘
fl. Messrs. Sunni!» Ind Blowsnthu,
councilman And represent-fin from Jefl‘er
son county Inning “ken their phool in the
legislflnre,fitt bofiy in now fall with the‘
exception of Mr. Lewis, of (nu-kc, and the‘
why: lion; Pacific. The proceeding
flu vindicate Hut um buineu of the sen
don in hing rapidly dlqntched.
‘fi’l’ho Britilh inn schooner “Alia"
Cape. Jpn: Ooorn, J‘s-rived a: this port
onward”. ,
3.3‘ The brig ‘nynu," Capt. Bnpw'x,
uiled from North Bay for an Frmciaco,
with n largo ofpilul on tho 2% int. \
emwinummm mull.
stlvo to the "PugetSomd Agricultural con
psny,’ u Introduced into the Council by Co].
1100 on member ofthst body fl'om Pierce
and King. It tskes s deer, comprehensive
sud American view 0! the subject, sud I.
doubt not will elicit the serious attention
of congress. It wss'snpported' in on able
speech by Mr. McCain“, and the vote will
show, thot it peeled thst body almost nun
imouly, being I vote of eyes 7, noes 1 ;
shd in the House' the vote stood eyes 9,
goes 6. .It would probably have psssed the
House fit!) as much. “salinity As the
Council but that some of thunembers in thst
body hedlot umcientlyenifimditl de
tfls, desired to hsvs lt postponed until the
next day. ' ‘ , ~
. Thqus- 9! the House relative
thereto, or- crowded out this week. .
In bringing forward uud ransom-g this
bill, the comilmnn referred to has fully re
fleched iiao Ijishu‘of hi- conslituenta, and
has Inec the question with Ability and indo
pendneo. ‘
ICCOSAKA _-___:'_ ‘ A
To Me Honor-“lath Murillo-ac 3f
Rum-talcum- of “a Unilai sum as
‘ Cat-gnu ambled.- ,
You. lino-nuns—
Tho Insight!" Assembly of the Tannery
10! Wuhington. weirdly [opulent to
wow-MN. body that put Mention
of again exinta bstwoeu the member: of
the 323’! Sound Agricuitnrnl Company
land the citizens of this Territory, in relation
|to tin Inppoud right- quuired by nid
icommny under the provision: of the treaty
with Grout Brit-in, of limits westwurd of l
'thc Rm-ky Mountains, concluded June 15,
1846. The fourth article of mid tn ill/3"
lpl‘Ot‘ideF as follous : t
i “ 'l‘he farms, lands and other property‘
'0! every deseription belonging to the l'u~
net'> Found .\L’l'it‘lllllll'ul t‘ompuny. ou the
north >ide ut' the (‘oluinlviu riiei', .shull he
jeonlirmed to the mid t‘ouq any. ln ensi
tlinu'erer, the situutioil of those furin~ :Intl
Wands :liould he eoux‘idr-red by the United
{States to he of public, and political impor-i
itnuee. and the United States Government
piniiiiil >ig-nit‘y a llcnll‘c to Ultltlill pu~ses>ion
‘uf the \\ hole or of uuy part thereof, the pro-‘
lperty so required :hall he trundi'rred to the‘
paid Government at it proper \aiu ition, to‘
he nerev-tl upon lii-tween the parties." I
i Your inctnoi'iulisls ltl‘llm‘e the present to
‘lie an auspicious moment for the extill-j
guishment of their title (if any they lam-m
in: the lillpl‘tn‘t‘lltl‘llifi upon the lands urci
very limited in extent nml trifling in ehur-i
latter; buildings that were once valnnhle‘
{from long use are now measurably worth-i
less, and lands that were once fertile autl‘
well paid the tiller ol'the mil have been ex-l
hnnsted of their fertilizing. qualities, those
fnrnm are now of less value than the same
lumount of land». in a state of nnture ; in,
fact. the only préeeptible lunnulnry that;
marks the eonliues of those lands and wild!
lands of the Government is u sterility more}
palpable and improvements that mar rather
than beautify the face of nature. To aavc'
the country from this dcteriorntion, from
this blight of foreign influence on our soil,
no but express the united wish of every true.
American citizen in \Vushingtnn Territory,‘
in praying that this foreign iueorluiruiion
whose agents and members are ultil'it'llttl)"
lo the liberal spirit of our free institutions
may he speedily removed from our midst,‘
that the progress and improvement of the
country may cease to be retardctl.. Youri
memorialists believe that it is a matter oil‘
the first importance that the titles to lnndsi
which said company aequired by the provi
iaions o! the treaty (if they acquired uuy,)
should he immediately extinguinhed, not on
account of the value thereof (whieh is but
trifling) hut to cfl'eet their speedy removal.
In 1846, at the time the treaty was rat
ilied, the amount of lands which the coin
pony had inelosed. including the Cowlitz
farm near the Cowlitz River and the lands
enclosed at Fort Nisqually, did not exceed
two thousand uercn in all. yet the Company
claims at Fort Nisqually two hundred midi
twenty-one square miles, and at the Cow-i
lit: six figure miles; or in other Wol‘tll,l
they claim any and all landa over whiehi
their herds of wild stock occasionally
roamed or wan from time to time removed
to for change of pmtarage. A. most. intel-I
ligent and commendable portion of our cit-i
iwna regarding the proviaionu of said trea
ty an confirming to paid Company only the
land whit-h were inclosed by their fence at i
the time the treatygaa made, have settled
upon and made valuable improvements on
much of the then wild and unoccupied lands
believin he same to be Government lands
and sub] t only to acttlemcnt by American
citizens, 'et a mat number of those who
located many miles distant from the enclo
sure, occupancy or actual Iponieaaiou of said
companf‘hnve rcecived vv then notices than
their member: and agents commanding
them to leave their houses and homes ac
companied by threatn of prosecution ln
writ- of ejectmcat and treapanu. Your
mmorialiata are fully anaro'that nn author
itative interpretation of the treaty can alone
be pronounced by the Jaciary’, but in their
reprcaentativc capacity, in thrthcrauoo of
tho vinh of thclrnonatituenoy, have thought
it adviaablo to pronunt to Congreaa a plain
statement of facta, hoping thereby to direct
the attention of the present Adminiatroticn
to the absolute uncut: at immediately
account-kg their boantLrica and righu.
(if any they have.) and ptirehaaiug the name.
Your modaliata cannot but regard the
rights of mid company to any landa other
than Mowhidi theyhad cudoacdor in
their immediate oocu ucy and pone-ion
prior to ”heath of paw 1846, an wholly
“NOW Ind Wanible; and vthat
your. morialtata, in common with other
Andean citizens, daairc that. our country
Iball on! Watch hor- high and enviable
tation tor Ihc [onerous Mfilmont out!
her treatica, they cannot for a moment
doubt that she wil extcnd a preterm arm
to the boast pioneer aetdcr, and that
clan of oltircna who have madn valuable
haprovemcntn upon what they believe to be
Government domain shall be secured in the
title and posacaa'lon thereof, whatever the
rightaof the Pngct’n Sound Agricultural
(kmpany may be found to be.
‘ Arrhjnl o! Lieu. Grower.
1 Jun uwe were going to prose, Lieut.
{Gnomof the Northern Ptdfic Railroad
‘oxplorltion hu arrived in Olympil. He
in in fine health, no Icoidcnt of the glighmt
mture hu occurred to himself or may of
hi: pony. He Hi the member of'LknL
Mull-11's party In the Bitter Root Volley,
and Mr. Doty’s party at Fort. Benton, MI
in good health. Complete success has at.
tended thin trip. He reports only Ono, foot
of snow in'the Rocky Nounuins uni ‘met,
and the greatest depth, which accrued in
the Bitter Root range, «as only two end
one-half foot. ,
fi'l'he weather, for die put week hu‘
been exceedingly plomnt.‘ Spring has ev
idently opened and bountiful weather may‘
he expected to continue. I
fink: ml, ann l: Coun‘u “'1
pm bu lu‘pplied m with u largo ' bundlei
of lute plpen from Cnllfomin And the At-l
lunlic States, the new: in many mare“ Isl
important, but we Are quite Ill!" 0. It can
render: feel more interest ln 1 knowledge}
of wlmt transpires In the legillntnre than
anything else, and hence we surrender our
columns for (but object.
NEW will lend 60,000 men to Can-,
ldin, be joined were by 20,000 English;
I! cuvlulu ‘
'l‘t'EwAY, MAN" 21, 1354.
Prosont, 11l ext-opt. Mr. Snyn‘unl.
Tho mmmittr‘u on (‘Ulllmt‘l’|‘l'. .\lr. “nit'h,
‘rcpnrtutl hunk resolution from Houst- us to
‘hnilding ('ustoln Housc on l'ugt-l Found,
jl’n-mnum-mlin}.r nn nmvmllm-nt Hrkill}: an up
‘prnprinlion of 810,000 Rt‘:=ointinii us
'nmemlcd pnuml Cuuncil.
Aim sumo mmmiftm- reported 11 rflmlvv,
Itlmt Port Townsend be created the Port oi"
Entry for cullt-vliun district. of l’ugct‘
[Sound—curried. i
’ Mr. Ynntis,fromconlniittvo on odiicntion,i
iintrotiuwd n nwmoriul praying Congress loi
igrnnt (\m townahips of i:llld for building ni
jUniw-rsity. nut! to 'Jllhlli the ynnt to Urc-
Hwn of u township north of the Columbia——
Lurthi'ui to be printed. . _ -- ~ .. _ 1
l (‘unnnitu-i- on mcuioriuln', Mr. Catlin in-l
; trounced n memorial us to claims pf l’ngctl
‘h‘unnd Agricultural Conl mny, recommend-i
led it as u rlllirlllllli‘ for linusu rcsolutian nail
'to right nnd cluinis of Hudson lluy und I'll-l
lget Sound Agricultural Company—laid on
table and ordered printed.
Mr. Miles from committee on Printing,
yn-portvd that Berry, Doylc 6; Cu, hud done
Ithe printing thus fur, m. the mu,- flxod by
lthc Inws of Oregon, and recommended con
itinning those gentlemen, and electing n
‘l'rintor by law, and fixing rates by an act
‘ul' this ngiflnture. _ U > _
Count-if bill No. 9. "mi net reluting to
county Audilur”-—rciul u third time and
pussvd. »
' (Yuuueil bill No. )0, in relation to county
Treusurcrmn-ud in third time and named.
House bill .\‘n. 25, in relution to iiills of
‘ Exvhunge uml Promissory Notes read it
net-um] time—«rules suspended, read a third
time and pussed.
House bill No. 24, an net regulating ped
‘dliug bouts, reported back from committee
nu Judiciary with muendmcntn, and hill re
ferred to “Select ('ollunittee, L‘unsistiug of
Messrs. 'l'uppnn, Bald: and Bradford.
Resolution milking Scuttle a Port of De
ilivery, taken upuud pulsed. . .- . I
i llonse memorial, us to claims of Lafay
‘ette lluleli and other: for expenses ineurred
‘in rescuing persons from Queen Cllul‘lullc‘n
1 lslund, tnken up and referred to select enm
‘iuittee, consisting of Messrs. Ynntls, Tnp~
pan and Miles.
‘ Resolution introduced by Mr. Bald], re<
lqnesting llorernor Stevens to forward to
llelegnle in Washington city I census, oil
‘men able to benr arms, and instruelingi
ilk-legume to make a requisition for nrmsl
’lmsed on such eensufl, taken up And curried.‘
‘ .\ir. Buleh‘s resolution lurking for an np-l
,pruprinlion of 15,000 dollars, in build I‘
fire proof derosltury (or nrms at the Terri-i
turinl enpitu , taken up and adopted. l
‘ Resolution authorizing Surveyor of Nis
quully to remove his once to b‘teilneoom,‘
lulu-n up nnd‘enrried. ‘
1 Then adjourned. 1
ansnoox uxssmx. 1
House memgo announcing nol-(‘Mwnr
rencc in Councilnmcndment proponingslo,-
000 an amount of a upmprintiou rcquired
for building Custom llouae on Puget Sound,
and appointment of conference committee.
Messrs. Catlin and Balch appointed by the
President to confer in regard thereto.
Select committoe to whom had been ro<
{cred the Memorial praying relic! of Lafay
ette Billl'il and other: for the Queen Chur
lott’a Island Expedition, reported back
memorial and recommoudgd ita plunge
The memorial being put upon its [image
wan resisted by Mr. Bigelow but passed.
Message from Home announcing passage
of H. B. No. 18, “Au not to create tllc‘
county of Chehalia."
And of A Resolution asking appropriation
of 830.000 to build a. Military road from
Steilacoom to Fort Vancouver. Rules sus
pended, livewlutiou red and adopted.
11. B. No. 18, read a first time, rules
suspended, rend n accond time by title andl
reterod to committee on Counties. Thou,
adjourned lill to-morrow morning. :
‘ Wmsrsmv, Mnncn 22, 1853. i
Council took up the election bill again,l
this time in shspe of re rt from a commit
tee of Conference of i 3“. Houses. Ani
Intendment proposed the liberal provision‘
that a six month’s residence was to be con-‘
struod u commencing with the emigrant\
leaving his home with e “bous flde" inten-i
tion of settling in this Territory. The}
amendment suggested was unanimously
adopted. The re rt of the committee wns‘
adopted, and the ii)?" as amended paved—fl
Mr. Catlin called for the Yeas nnd Neys,‘
saying that he could not fuee his ennntim-i
cuts end support n bill allowing half-breed
Indians to vote, and wished thut his vote
should be recorded in the negative. Those
vrho voted Yet were Messrs. Belch, lirmi~
ford, Bigeiovr, Miles, Tnppun, Ynntis, and
Mr. President—l.
Nay—Mr. Cntlln—l.
A memorial we: introduced hy Mr. Yen
tie asking Congress for n donation of two
'l‘ownshipe of land to build 11l Univerlity,
which woe unanimously adopted.
The douucll took up the memoei-l [woun
ted by Mr. McOonaho, in rel-tion to the
extinction of the titles of tho l’ugot Sound.
Agricultural Conpony. The memorial;
prayed for tho extinction of their titles ‘(ify
ouy there he.)” The phrase “if any tln-rci
be," was lured to be stricken out by Mr,’
Bigelow, w 01 advocated his motion in some i
rennrlu in which he mtod his belief “HIM
antler the treoty there mug no doubt thol
onlnpeny hnd “title," and tho clause inti-J
muted o doubt all to such title. He favor-1
ed the extinguishmeut of their title: undj
wanted to we the country rid of them, but;
he thought it we: on insult to the United:
States to address a memorial to that body:
with an implicution of doubt on to I titth.H
or right recounted by I» treaty. I
Mr. Memo-ho followed in u enthusiast-I
gtie, hixhtooed Amerimn nweeh—urged'
'b‘enetors not to strike out the “gist" of the‘
petition. “Not o doubt,” aeye_tho fcrventl
Senotor, “when Cu: and Benton and
Adams in the Holllof Cougreu, Buchanan"
,iu the nogotietiou of thnt Treaty—when!
they entertninod doubts. Look at tho trouty
‘eud see whether there is no doubt. Let us.
then preserve thu feature at the pctitiun.
\Ve do not comm-l a violation of"l'r<'|}ty,
but \n- “nut light—we wunl investigut‘ou.
Let us call Ilpnll Congress to urge the Ad
minis'rutinn to (In ”Mr duty in this mum-r.
'l'hc .\thuiuis‘rnliun is I'vady—Jet us invite
thv nth-min" of the Judit'iul'y whose pm—
vinm- uhmv, it is to interprut this treaty.
Ilnhl an then in the (I'lllllnt' that invites
injuries, letthis meninrinl go t'rmn this body
marking the sense, the putrintistn, the in
telligence of this body against this wither
ing foreign innnolmly.
.\lr. liigelow replied—l am nwurc of the
unfipnlnrity (if the suldeet, but there wus‘
no douht thnt rixhts \vera eomfirmetl and‘
their title sneh as ll is reeognized liy treuty,‘
must he ennfirined. lle enuld not vote for
the ineumrinl with the elnuse objected to by
him. -
i Mr. Miles, hud grave doubts about any
right the I'uget Sound Agricultural Com
‘pany had to the soil—he had doubts about
ithe existence of any such association, and
ithonght too, that if the United States had
‘wished to recognize the title of said compa
ny the word "patent," or some word would
have been inserted therein. ohligutiug the
government to reeogniae it 1'- ln snid Com
Mr. Bigelow followed in a speech of some
length, quoting the treaty, and insisting
tlhut the gorermnenthed recognized their
ttitle and were bound to confirm it.
t Mr. Catlin observed that. he liked the
lmenlorial just as it stood. Could he be
tlieve that such neonlpuny had my legal
lexiutem'e, he went for t Ie treaty being
observed implicitly. But no such company
ion the Puget SGufltl Company exists. No
‘arlieles of agreement. or incorporation have
tever been shown—none have ever been al
tleged to exist, untl the government of the
illnited States has been imposed upon by a
fraud, and let not bound thereby. ‘
l Council udJom'ned without a vote on the
‘lnemorial. ‘
l AFTERNOON sms‘lox.
1 Mr. Brndt‘nrd expressed his lentimeull‘
lin favor of the metnurinl. He wanted it
[puma as it stood. The question being tn-t
ken by nyes and noes, on the amendment——
were for striking out,
Aye—Mr: Bigelow—L
Now—Messrs Baleh, Bradford, Cntlin,
Miles, Tappun, Yuntis and Mr. President
Mr. Tnppnn rose for information—he no-l
ticod' that it \vns stated on 2d pnpm (hit
2000 non-u in all, was NlO gross amount of
lands enclmd M the time of treaty—4M
snid company now set up a claim to two
hundred and thirty-seven square miles of
I Mr. .\lcConulm answered that In: ball in
tl‘m‘mation from llmoltlost soltlL-rijtmuling,
lhnck as for as 1845, hy wlniclmhw’Nisqunl
lly {nuns were cstinmtndflm hundred
Peres; that was the grc . a cunt they
had ever (mm-d in and enclosed. In regard
’to the (‘owlitz farms, mt ta lo 'leltlcrs
near that plucn had fixofioo acres nan
high estimate of all the lands (we: enclosed,
Ind 1500 notes were all they pretended to
htfl’K‘. The claim as not down In the ma
morlal was six mum: miles, wlfiebthcy' now
act up a right Id.
Messrs. Milel and Cotfin foflowod' lib
stantiutlng these facts, and the question on
the passage of memorial then taken bry uyea
Ind noes, and were for the mafia ,
Ayes—Messrs. Bnlvh, Bradford, Catlin,
Miles, Tappnn, Yuntls and Mr. President
l Non—Mr. Bigclow—l. .
I Mr. Miles introduced at resolution rc
qncatlng Gov. Stevens to forward copies of
said memorial to Hon. S. A. Douglass, U.
S. Senate, Chairman of committee on Ter~
ritoriea ; lion. T. H. Benton and Hon. C.
Lancaster. Rules suspended and resolu
tion adopted. ,
‘ House bill No. 11, to define the bond»-
‘ries of Lewis county, reud first time. rule
lmpondcd, rend u locond “"Ich title. laid
;on the “bio uud ordered prin .
i Mr. Ynntin from committee on education”
introdu l Council hill No. 11, “Im not di-i
rccti gun” commissioners to occupy ceb
‘tain 'find: for school urposca.” Read a
second time by title ans ordered printed.
Mr. Balch from committee on military
afl'ainz, introduced (‘ounell bill No. 19, “on
net relative to militia of Territory, and for
the appointment. of a Territorial Armorer."
Ilnlcn suspended, read a 2d time by title
and recommitted—tho hill appearing to be
\clearly for two objects, ought to be brought
3“! two bills.
1 Then adjourned.
Tuxsmn', Much 2], 1854.
Autumn)! gummy.
House bill No. 18, enlitled in let to cre
ate Chehllio county, was read I Illircl time
Mr. Durgin moved to Imcnd, so lhnl Ilu
oulern bonndu'y should be at lhe moulh of
Slump river, &c., which wu ngreed l 0 and
the bill puma.
A subalilule lonl by Countil lbr rmlu
lion, rclllive to making Sleillcoom a p 01! of
idelivcry wu lakrn up, and utter eon-iden
blo discuuion reluive In the pmpriely of
occupying |he name, it, was adopted.
Mr. Chapman, by consent, \vilhdrew his
resolnlinn rel-live lo mililnry road from
Snail-coon) to Vuncouver, Ind lhc mlulion
for the name ul‘jocl, before inlroducod by
Mr. Bolon, w“ luhn up and adopted.
Join! rcoolulionl from the Council rela
‘live lo uking Irma lor the militia 0! this
ichl‘llol’y—n‘llll'e lo building a deposilory
[for Illd urns—"lull" to making Semi. n
"on of delivery and nlnlinlo mulling Purl
\ ownsend I pod of onlry for Pu pl Sound,
imam tupoclively taken up and agoplcd.
‘ Mr. Motele'y ofl'ervd I resolution making
lil necessary till 11l rmluliom rel-live lo
‘momgrials, Ihould ha referral l‘lllk'r to:
‘lclect or Ilnmling commillcu before adop.~
‘ Council billl No. 9 Dml ll), nuts relatingi
‘lo county Trauma and Audilur, were read‘
the fin! time. T
‘ On molion of Mr. Hale, llousc adjourned”
“Hint-At, .\lAm'n 22, 1854.
llrnl‘n nu-fi'flmm In adjournment.
Thu journals were read nnd Approved.
Mr. Brownfield reported n bill to defiu
the eastern boundary of Pacific county...
|lle also reported back House bills No. 9
and H, with nnicmhnculs.
l .\ir. Huntington \t'us utterly opposed to
tin,- pnssngc of this bill, contending thump
Tcrritni' ' thus lclt for 110 ncWocou ,
ll" he culled (.‘un'lilz (30., “'nshlloglmhy
suflicicnt. He said he doubted ‘
‘if (he rcnniining population n'onlrggfillé!
ut nll. .4‘
l Mr. Jackson said he felt. very well yu
qlminlcd with the country, "“I.th 1
an mm to aim- In It: ' ‘
imiile 'relntlvge to lt. hem! a
the gentlemen lut I: M‘ I“) go
knowledgcd that he d‘, not doubt bit the'
It. some future dly the milk may
would be nude into two can“ _
Mr. Hm II U “.
Ihould be voting .‘H' ,
which involved the in“ it“. "
tion of the inhabitants in ‘0 0"] th
nurrowed down. He warnedm K
might effect their political reputation hun
Mr. Bolon said, that .of Voting on .3
question in m-conlunco with the "pothol- ‘
connnittec, who have m it their
and impurtiul attention, into M ' ‘I
politin-al reputation, he for one “by
to he excused from voting on fil‘qW-l
hereafter. l WV' ,I ‘
Ilc considcrci it II lll
of time to legislate here,” mm If?“
be governed in their deibenta'ou h N
such consideration a} these, 7
His rule on all occuio'u Wu to 1000 “E
cording to his best. judgment, 1% us
gun] to uny local prejudice of .m
—“9“”? ... .2 - '. ‘. “*‘l—
litiiise mu No. 27, entitled on ma»,
onto a Tcrritunul road from Olymple' to
.\‘honlu’utvr Buy, was read a' third tilne all
Ilium hill NO. ’5, In. 5.05 hi!» .
Council with anwndntonts, VII; “hie/w
"ml the mnemllm-nts non-concurred illuf’ 1
Mr. ilowe, by leave of the “quot, tit;
tln‘w his resolution relative to minim;
inking other luml cinimn. m, m,
Mr. liilus introduced A bill, entitH
net to appoint officer: for Shrunk (so-E \
annnn'oox steelox. 4 .fl 3
Mr. Biles introduced A bill Milkii;
act to nppoint n gadge of pmbete Id 1‘!
tier of the pence or ('inrkc count/y. H .
The follun‘ing joint resolution unity
ken up: . j.
li’datirr, to Ila: alublit‘mt of neat “I 1
bdrm: Olymgu'a and alter "an 91*.
Ttrrilor’ of Hindi-glen,“ Stem!
(isw, New Yuri and Ah! 0!”. -, ' I‘
Ruched b m Izgielatire Aux-u”!
Mt Territory, of "Ellington, a?“ b
Delegate \to Congreau from thin «them
be requested to urge the pause d Ohli'
at the preaent reaction of Conan-a V .-
ing n regular mail Icnice, by we, of
Sound, between Olypph time
?“ in on. Mar; , . .
ew‘ York and New _ 5] “Tom
tension at the “wit nail emit! m.
the Territory 'or 13in!“- mmfl‘
aforesaid. and also the antenatal an, ,
said of any incrcaaed nail mice 7
mnrv tn provided between the: M
p 0 uts.‘ _ .
RaquJ, That iitl e View toothl
gentest mail {m Phwmm" _
erritory, onr
urge the increaae of the ext-tbs.“ ,
Vitae of the United State} batten fit, ‘
luutic and Pedfic could, :14“!le .
cent thereto, to that the Inca of ‘ ,
nication each way aheii be be! _ ‘_,_
month. . '.
Radial, Thet in the opinioe 6
Legislative Assembly, in can t. . , .
be an additional anti-monthly ~
established by Congre- an
theumemombohv‘intlu; ' . :
cnragna, no t t Milt. ..',
be trauported each we, Am:;,,
the Panemn and WNW ‘ -, -
‘Raolmd, 'nm the Senatoh ”Lay
i°"“‘s'°' °‘ Emit”??? ' ' '
roln re n a ‘
ted to “50 our bete‘atein M“
object aforesaid. ' ’ ' “‘
Ruched, That the Governor of U”
ritory transmit a copy of that .
to our Delegate in Congrats, to
Senators and Ropreeentnti'u fl
and to the Delegate to the flung:
rescntntivoa from the Territory 4'
Mr. Croebie said he W~~lh
olntions with the eerneet I “W:
united efforts of the entire %
the Pacific coast, a remedy W
plied to the wretched Tan, and!
want of system of the me 1m --_I.
lie did not deem any alpine
snry. The resolution: conleLie 00.,
cunvisc manner, all that need Mid .
subject, and he did not believe I”
‘hu n solitary diesentiug voice to My"
sum. _ .. '
\ On motion of Mr. 33... u unha
\ was adopted. » , . 'l‘
Some memberl coming TI; who «to &
sirous to one: some 5111211;th
‘uy said, he would more to ~ "h
vote although he should vote W“
‘mueudment about to be ole-red. TM '*
was reconsidered. ‘ '
Mr. Brownfield moved to mend "
setting the nnmeu of all lnkrmedlah _ '
along the Sound, which filter my .
siun was not. agreed to. ~ ‘ ' ‘
1 Mr. (.‘hnpmnn moved to It] the. Ol 00
tnhlc lill to—morrui'.
Mr. liolon said he VII and W
such dolly, it. I'll only dole to H" “a
by denying it. thou day to «by. at“
the resolution would pus—tho 30.".
jun I: well quliled to um .- 1h #5
to day, In they would he went: hm; -
The resolution was Illully adoptnl
I Aftvr mum little discmdon, W
:mu-ndlm-nts svnl back by the Council."
‘ llmm- mljuuruml. __
‘ Hon. Ul‘l'l'l‘l'll «lied in Mexico on the "NI
of l‘K-hrunry, urn-r :1 long illnessl

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