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via-m m ymnrart.
J. w. WILEY, ElliTuß.
' “m erunh'd w oorth will nu- min,
The uterus! yearn nHiod In: hers."
" The Pruilcntlel Election in '56.
The I‘nu'donti-I election in our country
i prolifiio of politicel luinhe. It is un
tunl that it should be 30. Our system of
prominent, on well n the free chnrncter
ofoll our lnltitutionl, nukes it a very nnturn
o 1 thing for each political organ throughw
out the Union to indulge in prophetic spec'
nhtiou upon the remit of oil such events.
At no time, do we remember to have seen
thi- inclinotion to foretell more prcvnlcnt,
no long botore the election, on It this time.
We ml, one o popor from the States
when Editor in not 'I phrophet, fnlse or
time, to home extent. It is both plea
lut end inning to enmine thew oruculnr
emmtionl ofthe various poiitiool organs.
An 'looken on, who cannot participate,
Mk we feel the deepeot interest, we can
lee through I elenr vision, the vnrione ef
rem of edqeothn, prejudice end position.
We on no o mod, sublime Ind powerful
lym- «promo-fin ito most beautiful
”poet. 'l' he pres! tattered over the
Modem of our Union, indulging in
quantities upoo on event 'ot once the most
What Ind interesting that over trens~
Mil ml, 9 placing ond instructive
W A'thouood diluent influences,
n'd ton thmnd diluent minds are oil
bearing to one point—lll looking at one
rloi—ol tending to one result. Every
em tint to token—every choose that takes
flop—every more thot. llmodo, furnishing
at no“. for metal Ind profitebie
ooltolphtibn notonliy token us back to the
We! ouch monauvro—to the rise and
m 0! each Influence—to the origin of
“6| W orgolhtion. Thus lot In
*0 I. WWW in the coming campaign.
Duly “mt odninictrotion the greet
W“ m mignlty ha been
W mo the policy of the domihent
party. a» poll! mum, with Mo.»
eneeb gumuaon'onw. prooeetb of
“while m heevhecone the policy of
“I. mt, end my other exciting
digit-Magma here been put to
rent by the eeneperty. Theee result; have
I, In Ind {ectione of ell kinda
mint the Union, tan-receive new life
endvlgor. “opp-lion hove Did. I
novel,endwhetetlretbluheeemedto be
eeneeedhleflortto when th-eielne in
deemed W to defeat, m the
We them". “It WW. 0.! ‘SO IMP“—
“Wham now, we eee this le
eeenebhetveee 'the «non-tor, conpoeed
d’elflh‘o voletlle end lnooegrnone ureterlel
entitled orpnlutlone, end the democrat.
Sly-fly. The Moti- to be mede be-
Wlfwhneteclm end fixed panes.
”WWW late, It require no
eighteenth hbtory end cherecter of
gtmernmt end people will eolee to
new a, infidel, thinking me. am e
Jonplete overthrow ie the deetlnyof thle
View emulation. To the democrecy
“9M werenev'er hrighterf A- e
m we never felt more enooureged.
I! eny, the met dupe-ding ehoeld lee! the
but Ila-Ad, the rut oftholeteelec
the, end the mln thoee to come,
rho-Id Chpel ml. (are; In North c.»
In her! hone-u. the Stetee wherein the
W hen heretofore triumphed, e
lent dpel delnomtle victory he been
m, In Kentucky. Mebene, Texee,
Need One other Stetee where elec
fill emu-n held, our etenderd beerere
ere who-fleet o! enooeee Then to
Cl! petty, we eey be eooonreged. Our
m In Ind, end lhelr tfinnph le
oertetn. . ' /
r . WP»-
‘ I humid—Wekwonld nggoet to
“we of air alumni who here eny men:
'3'. propitious, or bndne- of eny kind
to pro-ate on Delegete in oon6,
the! “would he wellhobe‘h with loch
bullie- low, If It requlree hie eel-1y ntlen
“ea. In Congreee. The meile ere not IO
Mne to lulu! the treuportetion ,
eolmnleetlo- to Wuhlngton much I» ‘
he the moth; of Congres, end Col. ‘
Kine-hum ddey in the Colvfllq .eountry
will prevent hie remelning long et home
before lendeg for Wuhington. '
u WM“
'l‘n Com—The U. S. Dietrict 09m
h the in term begin, for the let Dietricl,
et Port'l‘owneend on Mondey, let ,Wto- \
h.“ ‘0! FM 8d Dietrict'lt Olymple, on I
Iona”, lithNovember, end for the 3d 1
Diem et Cucede'City, on Mondey, 25th '
intent. I
Coh’llle Gold Mines. 1
Col. Aadenon and Judge llaya Bataan-ed. l
We have only room this week for a few,
items of news from the Colville country,
ldcrived from a conversation with our dole!
rgate to Congress, elect, Col, Axnmsnx,
‘who returned from that region on Wednes
iduy evening last. In our next issue we
‘will endeavor to give a more particular
i The (‘olonel informs ns that there it:
without question, a vast gold mining rc-,
gion east of the Cascade mountains, on the,
[’end d’Oreille, and the tributaries putting:l
into t e Columbia river on the north, hutl
that a yet, only dust and fine scale gold‘
has hee found. Col. A. is of the opiniom
that it 'll take at least one year of thor
ough specting to ascertain the extent of!
the g d region, and arrive at anything likc‘
a correct knowledge of its extent or desira
ble localities. He thinks that, owing to
the absence of rain, both in winter and
summer, extensive and massive deposits
will not he found in gnlchcs or pockets,
such as have been discovered in other minvs'
on this coast; hut that with the aid of]
proper machinery and quicksilver, the mines,
m 7! pny- .
almost every day reports of Indian mas
secrets of miners reached the camp of the
party to which Col. A. was attached, caus
ing many old California minors to return
expressing their opinion that in the spring
they would resume prospecting and more
thorough mining. The winter months are
reported as severe—snow falling many feet
in depth, and the streams and ground
deeply from, consequently precluding all
mining operations during those months.
The last stream prospe'eted by the party
which left this place, previous to Col. Ala
return, was Sheeps creek, a stream entcr
ing into the Feed d’Orielle, some titty miles
out of Ft. Colville, which was variously eu
tiluated to have yielded from three to ten
cents to the pan. V
On his return, one hundred and twenty
miles south of . Colvill¥aud thirty miles
this side of téijgpokan mer, from a Spo
eau Indian, 01. A. heard of Gov. Stevens,
and party—who were en route from Ft.
Benton to Goary’a station, which place it
was euppom he would read: in the days
than that time—the Bth or 10th of Sept.
The party though well, were much exhaust
ed, as also the animals, and it is supposed
that they will remain there wort time to
recruit their animals—obtain trash. hone
—-tr'eat with the Spokane, and then make
their way to the settlements.
We learn that Gov. Stevens, our SuperL
inteadont of Indian alairl, has-acceded in
concluding a treaty withtha Blackfeet and
other Indiana east otthe Rocky mountains,
at or neaaFt.’ Benton, and that everything
waa quiet in um direction. - ‘
Know Knornlmlen, dune-Two week:
ego, it will be renemhered,- "published en
erticle from the Barddoum Saturday 042.
rue, dedieeted to " Mesone who have join
ed the eocret Order celled Know Nothinge.”‘
0n the outside of to-dey’e paper will be
found en erticie of rimiler import from the
Cincinnati Esquirer,’entilled “ Meeonry vs.‘
Knew Nothingism,” in which the abuses, ‘
the inroeds, the innoretions of the Know"
Nothing order npon the body of Mesonry is‘
aria pocnlierlyeppropriete for this etmos- ‘
p ere. How e mater meson cen blindly
kneel down—prostitute his obligetions—
teke‘ upon himself the initietivetofomwear
himsell, inure then een he eeeonnted {or
in the teeehinge of neeonry. We regerd
the feel polltieel eonspireey, of which we
he'd nude mention, es bastard—demure
masonry, under the specious garb of politi
eel my We here but one opinion
es regerde ell the Moppoeed to democr»
cy, end thet is, that they ere french, Mn,
end Amber. How 15 meson, wishing to
preserve the honor end integrity ot the in
stitution, cen prostitute himself et the elter
of hour nothingim il further then we have
edveneed. As we under-steed it, we edmire
the position teken by W. M. ofWiilnmette
Lodge, B. Suns, Esqr., in his opposition
to the lnroeds this new secret politics] or
der wee ebont to mete in Oregon territory,
upon the time-honorored institution of mev
eonry. We cleim thet no person can be e
caesium! meeon and e knolr nothing et
the seme time.
Bn. Pin Minx 1x nu: FlllJ).——WO
hue beau fueled by 3 friend with the‘
perm-l of the National Flag, published at
Bloomington, Illinoh, by Samuel Pike &
. Mr. Pike bu been long and well
known an Editor oLtbo Kandy Flag, ouo
of the üblut and but democratic pnpen in
the South-west. ’For 101110 tin" pn‘ln he
bu boon on 1110 Mind list of faithful and
wonky Ediwn. W 0 novi welcome him
back to hit homo—lbo editorinl chpir; and
will him all flu neon. his merit: doc-m.
He has gone Into the very hot-bod of tho“-
“Winn, “d from the number bufon ul,
he Grill thou no more qwm 2.0 nm,
With-nu of hulk: which op
puuh demon-die putty than to the otlur
wing—know nothin‘d. " Toni“! you're
right—go thud. God speed you. ‘
; l ‘Crmxlxcnurxr mt Von. lV.—Last week.
lthe PIOXEEI AND Dlxocnn entered upon
lthe 4th yea: of ill exiatonce, Ind it is the
desire of its present publtsher, no loss (hill
those internsth in the settlement of the
‘lute firm of Bum, Dorm-2 & 00., tlmt all
indebtedness to the ofiicc for subscription,
advertising, km, should be liquidated nt
‘thc earliest possible day; and with thlt
‘objcck in riuw, accounts will at once he
made out and presented to all indebted to
the establishment.
i Onr hooks contnin the names of hun
|dredn oi'imliviiluals, with accounts opposite,
lowing amounts of from $5 to $25 each ;
Innd us it is the determination of the pulr;
:lisher to have udjnsted all onlstnndingi
:rlnims of the oflice, those knowing theumi
isolvca indebted will save lronhle nml ex-i
penile by milking innnedinte settlement.‘
During the last year. we do not believe the‘
elites has received, on subseription, in thci
aggregate, sufficient to pay for the white}
paper on which the I'mxnnn axu Denm'um"
has been issued, anal it in the (IL-terminu
‘tion, in future, to strike from the list nil
I“de heads," or nmrpuyiug snbserihers.
:We are compelled to meet, promptly, the
wages of jourueynirn—rents—the here»
nor, supply of atock—exmnsenoi’ living,
km, and it is worse than fully to' think of
bestowing our time, labor, weur nn-l tear
of materials, &u, gratuitously. Let alli
those who do not think the paper worth SM
per onnnm, pay up nnd discontinue. ‘
RESITLT ur TllE mu RIJ-Zt'rlob'h’ l.\' Nunru
Cnnun AND ’l‘nsxsssicn.—<lly the ox
prcns Inst. I'm-k we received the Tallowing
new from the clottions in North Cnrulina
and Tennessee. The first two items are
extracted from the N. Y. Tribune, and the
latter from the N. Y. Herald, mach being
the latest intelligence received with regard
to the elections in those States:
‘- We have. fun‘ rumor! ml lair“ Mm North
(‘urullnn Wllh‘h Incl n- to (new that the [human-
M 1 given the Know Nothing- I pretty mu!
After giving the result In each cqngreu-l
ionnl diatrigt in North Carolins, tho Trib-1
uu¢,(F. S. W.) given the following as thcf‘
couch-ion : ‘
“ So It Apps-u the Know thlnm tl'mi hr nm nntl
certdn of Aliyah-mun! huvo but Alum chance ul‘
mtg: (men! the eight members of ('0 .At
l electlnn tht delrxltlun man! live mum-nu
Ind thre- WMaI. .
4 “Tum-Io Illhl‘l nill lultrnmk fur the “ Nl
tlnul Know Nothln "on “as; mud- I don!
vet foreman-r, mg; up I‘m-fl l'. (In-tr! A:
“111 emu“. ud Humming tho whole VIM
party stout Im'u. Frln whnt we can gather they
m-“mfi-“Wu‘m Inna-um
of ltd-lb Tun-Ito. 111 "In cmlly mm In
the We} Th mlecflon of (luv. Joluuon mm
The Humid, I paper which clnim to be
neon-I, but hu Melvond hmhfon to
Md and uh: know nothinglam, given the
following and-r the bend of I summary of
new 0! the week :
nun-nu In In new! I
Know sawmmfiuflu,m.mdfis I:
am Hmmlnhmnnedv-dnn
any monk-own" h nmo‘ arr-musing o! the 3:
mks—M 111 I'TII . N
cour- ug.
This I. u flvonblo to know nothingiun
u the HIM” could consistently vouchsnfc
it: renders. ' ‘
" Rheum“ lnok rm In North Clmlfnu Md Ten
nem name No “flunk m (mu m}
mallow of Tum-a (I: hand m. mom-i
at: for “Gila. (haw mun )0! shout 1500 m“
km not up will Main-«ll: any tho state.
In North omm. mu lumber; of Gannon. [lt
hill-I! “I! cant," alt-m wen mud (or. the know
maxing! lave ban Infra-ml m nonn- emnl. They
have mun «lucid raw or the eight members of
Caluu."—sum' .
Them in no report in any custom papers.
brought by express, to wamut dill item,
therefor! it molt be I mistake—an error.
We on unwilling to may it in I deligucd
fnlnehood. We think the yang mnn’u
vision in diuortod. “ Much learning hal
not made him mad,” but the heighth (7) of
his position bu nude him blind. Hence
his apart of the remit of the lute elections.
In Emit—The Sun l-‘nncioco The:
and T‘r‘amn'pt of the sth hut, given our
report of the remit of the late election in
thin Territory, under the hood of “ Later
from Oregon ” and In: another ’lrtlele‘
hooded “ Tha'ort Colville Mines of Ore
gon." This in an error calcnintod to mis
lcod person in Coiifornio nuncquuintcd
with the geography of our Territory. The
Colville mines are in Washington ferrito
ry, Ind we think persons hound to those
mines horn the country below. would find
it much to their advantage to put through
Puget Sound to get to those miner, nthn
thou to go up the Co‘iumhil river. At any
rote the mines shouhl be properly reported,
And the new: from this Territory should
be correctly given by our cotompornrieu in
San Francisco.
fi'l‘he Grand Lodge of Mussnclmsottu
has in its possession n lock of ‘Vmshlnglon’p'
hair. 11. in kept in 3 golden cuket, cover
ed with slug-ad bu been nnluly tun:-
mined from the land of on. [and mum
to those of his Inca-on, who than in
ii: in hit porsounl elm-3e. ‘
filo-nth who-l, hook with bim,’
who. to I.“ the Unltod sum, clown inl
‘dred dollm—n mm lo- “III! hb‘ brought
when he nrrived. '
i Route South of Mt. Rainier.
To Mr. Jun: Hun. of this place, we
ere indebted for the following data relative
to'the character of the country over the
3route recently trnrerscd by himself and a
lsmull pnrty through the Cascade mountains,
isouth of Mt. Rainer.
I Mr. llurd snys that from the Cowlitz
farms to Klikntst prairie is mostly over
in rolling country, except for two or threel
[miles where the trail follows the valley oft
ithe Cowlitz. Klikotat prairie is about 4
Imiles long by 2 wide, and is situated on the
’south side of the river, about 20 miles in
‘au easterly direction from tho Cowlilz furins.
It has three settlers, and two fumilies are
expected in a fewdnys. The falls of the
(‘uulitz are 2‘) miles above the prairie, and
«msists of two small l’nlls, about 100 yards
Fwnrt. The country from the prairie to
this point (in the bottoms) is mostly light
Isnndy soil, and subject to overflow. About
L 2 miles übovethe falls, the river is about
‘equnlly divided ; the northern branch be«
‘iny known to the Indians by the name of
lthe “ Schill," nnd the southern as the
“ Schil-pnxs; " on the former, there is can‘
inuc nnvignliuu for 15 or 20 milel, of about
Ith" sumc character as the navigation below
'lhc Landing. The ,vnlloy is narrow, and
hounded by lofty hills. ’
‘ [wining Ihu river at. the end of canoe
!ll;|\'i;_{:h'il)ll, we (-mnmeuced ascending the
iniolnitnius, nml iliterxcctml the Indian horse
i'rnil at. nu nlurnliun of 4,803 feet. nbove the
(‘nwlilz farms. The highest. place in the
trnil was 5A5!) I've: shove the sumo bnsc.
The trail foilows no dividing ridge, hut
nxu-cnds nnd dcsceuds without regard to al
llilndc ur nbruplucsa ol'dewent. The 530-
‘lgruphirnl position of the trail is nearly
lmidwny hclw'ccn Mia. Rainer Mid-Adams,‘
if anything, nearer the former—considered
impracticable for n wagon road, and not
desirable for a trail.
" llrlu'mmnv.—l“or pun. “manner-led lmmbug,
mmmoml Inn to the Swath-h Maiden. (And by the
lam we moan lb.- whim «pull in Inland<.)—omgon
l True. And next to the while KuMX‘nxi
iof thu islands, we will lake the book mun
ul'uL-turvrn of Gallant. There in now n
lmunin, the world orcr. for book making.
iimt the (Mhamilrs hnvo climnxod the
known world with that mnuio, u they did
nilh ‘tlle Ko-auth use, Ind Jenny Lind
furor. There in no theme no ridiculonl, or
lullject no foolish that there intellectual
speculum will not nails upon to huh a
mine. The only question with them in, us
with the honest ynnkec clo-k nuker, will
it " run 2" If the run on be bid, 3 brill
innt title par, n pro-nining, high-flown
preface, and n bright yellow cover, filled
on the innide’with newspaper pnfl's, is bound
nronnd n Ililll of fooiiehnenn, or she-seleni
neu, and it in given to the world on a book.
We think tho grentent at these hauling!
won Bnmuni’l nutobiogrnpiy, wherein he
told how ho had lied, nnindiod and chain!
the world for 5 length of time, and how
well he merited n cell in Sing-Bing prinon,
for the purpose of getting I " rm ”. for n
books! his own “ getting up.” And the
linst is “ The True Life 0! WILLIAI Poou.”
Thin is eighty page: of printed mutter, giv
ing, or pretending to give.) hintory of ihe
life of n poor, unfortunate unn, whore life
wu n ding-race to hum-n Minn, And who“
history is but I rebuke upon tho civilize
tion of the society in which he lived.
While we pity the chnrncter of n‘prol'e-ed
hilly, And no lament his donlh by violence,
we loathe anti delpiso the disposition to
muke money on Inch 3 subject u bin life.
Such humbnggery nppronchel nearer to 1
crime thnn my other nponien of thew
humbng. If my of the run should be
punished with imprisonment, w. think this
portion the most deserving.
h- We lean: from Col. Axmnuou, that
at. lean one of the party, who mmd from‘
this locality for the Colvillo mines, (nanny
Mtfl'lt‘l, and perhnpa "in when.) hue
been murdered by the Indian, out. of the
Cue-dc mountnlua. Mr. Monica hid left
the regular party, and "a inking tow-nil
the gold fieldl on hi; on hook. «a during
his progrelsrho wu murdered and robbed,
on reported by In Indinn. Mother: on
also reported to how “ come up amongst
the missing." MM on a mall mlo,
nre the subject of 111-« prom report In that
\direction. ‘ ‘ ,'1 {
‘ fi-Jndgo l“. A. Cnsnom, olthe Brd
Judicial district of this territory, (with his
Indy 3nd family.) passed through lhilplaco,
hut. week, from his (own midonco. the
Camden, on the Cohimbio river : in chin
to occupy his future residence, in bland
county. The Judge and funny Are in good
health, ind Ippur to be cheerful-in good
ilpil‘ils. Long life to him, and than: with
whom he in cunnechfi.
3-00]. I. N. Eur, Collector of Cu
toms for the diurietol Puget. Sound, hn
been on I visit w thin pllce the put week
——erlvlng on Oepc. Sum’e crefl—lhe Sa-l
rd Sm We Il'ejudebted ‘0 the Co]. for
Sued edyicu. .The Impector of Canon:
for che Penile coat, vulnlnp lute during
the he: week. We leun am he in entire
ly satisfied to his inspection tour. ‘
Lanna non I’nrzsgnzsr mer..—Presi~
dent Pierce has written a letter to the
Democnm or F‘yobricknbnrgh, Vt, who‘
invited him lo nae-4‘5 cclehation therein
honor of the clot-lion of Mr. “'isc, in which
he says :
I _ " Pro-eminently prominent as the sons of
IVirginis have been. from the commence
ment of the Revolution, for the bold advo
cacy of the mum of freedom—for their con
lsistcnt null patriotic devotion to the only
.principlcx upon which n goucrnment like
ours cnn he sustained, it may well be doubt
ed whether they have ever achieved for
themselves more distinguished honor than
in the late election, or have ever rendered
it. higher service to the United Ststcs.
“ If political hcrcsics and religious intol
eruncc could hnvc shaken and carried the
stronghold of that party upon the faithful
ucsa, patriotism, intelligence Ind courage
of which the country has been obliged
mainly to rely in every period of scrioun
(longer, whether srising from foreign Inns
or domestic dimensions, it would have been
tho occasion, if not the discouragement, yo!
‘0! profound regret Ind sorrow, to those
who revcrc the Constitution under which,
n: s nation, we hnve Mtnined such muting
urlvsncctneut and have realized socially rc
aults so uncxmnplod in the history of the
nmnn mes.” \
it! ~- A «$—
‘ A Connm‘rmx.-—We are most happy to
correct an cfror, into which we were led,
in giving the ofllcinl vote of.our territory,
with reference to tho .politigs of J. S. M.
Van Cleve, Esl}, member elect from Pacific,
county. We learn, from n nlinhle source,
that Mr. Vnn. Cleve Ins nlwsyl been I
good democrat, and voted for the demo
cratic nominee for delegate to congress at
our last election. This will give us 3 Im
jority of twoin tho liouseof representative-a.
lt seems the wlnigse ould not misc n candi
date in the good county of Pacific, notlmt
democuts had to oppose each other. Thu
we were led into the error above comcted.
i Tum—We havenftcn heard eomphinu
made of the burden of our taxes. To I“
Inch u would wish to be {m from taxee
altogether, we commend the felfowlng con
cise, comprehensive, and conclusive "gn
menv. in favor of equal untion. 11. is n.‘
ken from the correspondence of “ Old Se!-
llnr "in the Oregon Slate-m o! n Inte‘
date. \
u Clvil um nlwom mmy m nllnhle min In "-1
My member ulcmummilv. Mm rich or . All‘
we mulling. Ind wk, (of flu WM‘
privileges. I'll-me I'll" hue pm, mbe up»
MM ul'iL Let, then. every «nu ‘ bl, to:
am we emu efi‘e'wmi-e
holder Fin flimmcfi’hn pd. mm to an «L 1
no“: pmny." 7 A“_
i “Rulnlhumwdom.howau.even the [tb‘
mum ml vault! mm. mutate Mtdmm
Inc. I nun duty main- 11. n amply. “the poo‘
wk many mundandrolthmwhnndnbc [nun-i
;mumlmive '- “on" .
If we comprehend the meaning of the
Above unlcnee, ibo boy hu your: (lupu
nte and in dcumfiud 10 "show Ml, the
onormiliu of” thou “other acts H‘lolt
number. ” Well :1 on "one. of punit
nive 1. worth u pound of cm" In 'wguld
the democratic doctor, And he may um: llu'
aid of phylic, live through the "irhono
M. n '
1 who election in Cdil‘ornin £ook plus
‘ the day tho newer loh Sun Fruchcomexl
mall will bring us the rcunlt. We predict
11. big democratic magi”.
#611“, In Ill! In: Caviar, In mum
“ac-y," nond- nnothor Kama; mil-he
a (ho Orqmu'al—go ahead, my boy, you
'3". Dryer every time; ’
I’m on THI Lluou LAW.--111 the time
of Pitt it In: prom-din the English Pub
linmcut :3 Inhject older to un excise in or
dot to obtdn mean: for carrying on the wu'
with anco. A cotemporu-y 'romuhda
“ An excise bill has Always been odlou to
the Buglirh. It brings with It the right
of scorch. ‘lt by: open tho privuo dwol
lings, which every Englishmn bu boon
taught to rognrd nu hi: Mb." “You
give to the, dipping-rod,” uid one am
ngainlt Inch I luv; “ Illut do you My ‘O.
the mptn 1" Mr. Pitt hid hold of this
feeling. sad oppond the bill with hid hm
strength? 1110 following .in I portion of
Mr, Pitt'l Ipooelron tho "Moot, and 11l
thut nurtu- of it : - »
“The rat. mm m la 1: co! 1
Ibid deflafilo I" 1110 {cries of :20 Cut:
It may be Mil ; its roof any links, Ibe‘
wind may blow through It ; ‘lhe norm may
“can; Ihe rd. In] emu; but the King
of Enghnd cmnol enter; I" MI form dupe
not croll tho threshold of ch“ mundan
ment 1”- WM. Um’u.
Punnlw vol 1170’)!» War—Th Inl
don Times, speaking of recent events 11l Illa
Crimea, Illd the prob-bum. of a prom“-
0d content. up: : _
" Whatever delusion minim" were h It
the dun-Idol of tho vs: [at you. we no
know lint it. is wise to make up our lind
to twenty yearn, 3t lent, Ind thlt we In
much more likely to mom the w by an
over thin under entitling." ,-
I air-Tue lmzm of Nobmh pulled
‘a law prohibiting the ule of intoxie-ting
1 liquon ”baud up henna, which went
‘inlo effect on m but 4! m TI. No
} bmkiun uyl am mg” i. m u «91:11.1.-
Lmont in the territory when ilafleqflug
liquor in said
’ ‘ ’Nfi
”run Mala-m Cunnnxu Tull—Aw
the novel , in New York, is an 1.-
mu‘n. me: 3:54,, be the largest in a.
world; which ' Dom San Fruncisco. It h
exhibited in nil} Crystal Palace. Thi- fl.
ant. tree, which grew in a form in Mn
rns county, CAL, and which has beau-d
by the hounisu the "MM 0....
tea, measured while standing, 803 b,“
base to top. lls gram-st diunetel il]
{net I! tha” hue, Ind 151 Mm‘
tance of 110 fig: from “It muggy n.
cut ind hhipped to New York by We"!
terprising young men, It In cxpe'nu &
82,000. It is of the cedar or ”PR-filt
cieu; and Profane! Winslow, ofSn Fr...
ciseo, estimates its age to be “new
yours. I . . u. ‘
H‘The New York Herald puhlilhug
correspondence from Utah, showing fi‘.
plor-hio condition in which it in It M
There in not only discontent Ind d V 1
among the Saints, but the whole '
is threatened by fmine. In the sont
settlements, the whole of the whegtq
which ind looked so promining,‘ha.
devoured by grasshoppers ; and “l
the north the name result is Ipp ,'
These insects were gushing ontw ”
by shoals, and it'roqnired only i ' I‘l
weather to hasten their growth, "fig
sure the entire destruction of the M:
A «o: :- 1:
PosrmnY—nm Tum—Tho W
news armband: the was“ ”filling
intelligence, that. Napoleon's wife, Eco“
is In "that [Ration which laid-dik- ‘b '
be who love their lordl.” An who‘- '
men: of this kind before, 'u m
premature. but this time, we pmnine'“?~ .
the Emperor “has n mm thing out:
as the nstounding now- had been “ .‘
public in Paris, by olficinl bnfletinl... "'1 '
I DKI'ISIoN ox rm: Slaw You 1.10 m: Lu.
I —III the Court of Session, New Yeti, n.
' corder Smith Inns given 1. very imported“ ‘
' decision touching the sole of Imm
' quore. The Recpnler. in rend ,' hiefl
' ciaion, eftcr'cerefnlly‘ exemininixe‘lv‘erleu‘
- polute Involved in the We,“ '
:thnl: ' " ”V '
“I have examined the qnc ‘. .
i grunt cure, knowing. the deep In - "-
, by llw community In the question et 73’;
- I have consulted the entborltlee é
f on the question New. Cal IPPM .' '5
. principles of the lew,.netotbe ‘- 1
‘ «hiddutnuwwenfldgk , ,‘
“on. n com tow-- I. . ‘"
, eion :-—-Thet It bno olenee to . s'l
I ed liquor without hnvlng om T;
j cenee mentioned in the net “firflflfl ‘11};
m; 1. :41
, Lou Moan—lnk h. Nu "
_ {or Anetnlin. Her depeetnm wee 5&3}!
,ed by Him nub? «Mm-4 ' "1?;
‘ men, when-uni! tebldhr 1-. ”My
.' mm». 1-, --
ieh "my, tuned bydpedefllw g“: ~
; “mt-mm this filed. '3' W;
a who .mo'mmmewtd 'M i“
Genenl of the (once in the? ._ ‘ ~.'."
is e nephew of Genes! 29‘5“". .373;
’ whkn.b!4m;~d.. . figs:
I the bettle «New OrleenLK-i. ‘e . T "#l2l
136 yeere ofege; butlhigthe - , _ ”if
thinks, ie I recommendation tether V 3R " V
rdefect. .- 'l, , “- 3111.336»
——--<~—-¢o-——-—-—,-_ -.. , 3..
9 3- At n democretie convention “ a, {5%.-
' Jelerenn county. loquot 5.; . A f ”it?
the following reeolntiene wen ‘r -_— g
, “Resolved, T‘lzt‘ate Beltillofi * $2:
oHßbßeln . '- '* " .mf'f"
Zwmmflw (3"? ‘43;
r “w;n.t .1112,“ r «a
:ofnflfielflihaxhdple.“ ' _ "T
. dhw'u Mendel .4 r
_be a math to w
'cl when “PM“ :
- tame-won Im. shout}; mung»?
I m oflien. Pierce in not lo 3
I Ryder, end in the lntellfieet. 3
, heert,lt|eeeolbeep" ‘ ‘ L. '.
V ‘ a...» . - 7—,“ J'
’ .a-Tte enonnt otdn’tlee‘ ~_‘
f Bouton‘nndu the reclprodtv' \ a ‘4
} Jely 10, on importe fro. the. _ a
t mane-18.500. _ '1 , 1| ~ W
» , 1., " 1 ‘ _
, Puget sound amt-c “Mt
dub—l:ll3? !. ,
_ .h—
--1 film ”W: 22mm»;
; rmm‘ed. an.'c-ne.k.a.¢um.;,
unmet. ell- u .‘\Ex':-' 1:
Wm. no.“ mu naught-unfi- ' A.
on , -
mammm'ffi ..
non. Imm. ‘
NEW BEN” o|. N am
Effigyu‘fi mu“; 'I-lé‘
I’ulurJ'm‘ an!” '-
m We! Jung . 5M3:
m.m-n. ram-n. “Mia-:1!
wanna-haw“? ,‘
' using 10(3qu -
. Sept. mafia-ma" ‘1 f ““4" f.‘ 7. s'.
W - r --"I
' Amanv-xrgfih~ ‘-,
OLYHI’IA. wmmxumol-rllmf
901* 7. was. 's’"-

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