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Pioneer and Democrat. [volume] (Olympia, Wash. Territory [Wash.]) 1854-1861, December 21, 1855, Image 1

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By GEO. B. ()0!) DY.
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I'm-om par. when am by null or luh‘u u lhe
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5 out.
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A Nunavut-odo- made to _Vl'mrly ndvvfliwrt
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.Iy-jln. Wail-[lon 'l'crl’ltory.
Aug-“l7¢ mummy.
E. H. wumon, I
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AI loch-tel. W. 'l'.
A pod wand“ o! the 15m
what-db. wlll be kept eon-wlll, ol
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I. 11. WILSON.
Datum. April 11. ’54. * am
“WM! A 32!) 9315312.?!)
w A n E H ous a.
10. it NOB! smut.
m nun-nu um nan-um "um,
On” D. R. PROVORT. Agrnt‘ '
J. 8. SMITH,
nu“- cou. Inn-1': nun.
WlLthndbuly bushel-unnamed to him in
(honour!- oflhn Territory or helm-e tho Sur
nyn Gourd of Oregon.
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we “9.9 m“- 2:32;“- 1
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April 22,1354. In!
turn“. . 11.-run, luli‘l'l'lnl
'Bettman Brothers,
wanna“: AND Baum Dumas m
.lln‘bownerdlfl-ul Second sum-
Olj'lnpll. W. 'l'.
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”go-nay. . ,
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JohnG. Parker, Jr.,
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mum BALCH, \
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umucoox. W‘smsafox TERRITORY.
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‘ thoh Maker Ind Jowoler, ‘
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ICIN'HATE of Ibo ml! f P): ihm ml
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AMA-b :4. lon. 4m .
[ V, (‘OI'SfiLQ
l TL'I'Zr'DAV, Dec. il, 155.3.
1 (‘ouncil met. pursuant to adjournment—
ll’resnlent (.‘nliin in the Choir.
Journnl read nnd upprored.
. Mr. “off, from speeinl committee, mode
the following report :
“A mnjority of the specinl committee,
“to'whom was referred the right of lion.
{W m. A. Strivkicr to is sent in the Council,
hnve hml thi- s.une under consideration,
:nml nfler mature (it-lilii-rntion, nre clearly
.of the opinion that no inc-ts have been pre
[sen-ted to them sufficient to invalidate his
Inlunn, nmi therefore report accordingly. ”
2 Mr. Poe dissented from the majority re
iport. ‘
1 Mr. Wallace—l was in hopes that the
if‘ommittee would bring in In full stntement‘
’of tho fucts, so that the Council could,
‘hnve some tangible way to proceed. ’l‘here‘
inrc no more facts elicited now than there
jwerc lit-fore lhe report was mmle. I move
that the report he rccommittedto the some
Committee, with instructions to stnto the
facts upon which they hone their report.
I Mr. l'nc-As a memher of that com
mittee, I think it unnecessary re-commit,
ithe report, us all the information we are
inhlc to to procure is to be found in the
ljonrnal of the Council of the lust session
[A series of Joint Resolutions wero, st
this time, received from the House, by
their Clerk, Elwood l'lvsns, Help, in relis
tion to the death of Lient. Slaughter, which
were. subsequently, on the rules being sus
pended. unanimously passed by the Coun
cil. The resolutions will be found in the
House proceedings of 10-day]
Mr. Bigrlow—J hnvo no ohjections to:
the recomlnilment of tho report ; but from‘
all information I can gather upon the sub-l
ject, I am still of the opinion that there
cunho no contest, unlesshoth parties nrel
here to claim the soot. From primfsm'a
evidence, I] think Mr. Strickler is the per-‘
son that the fieopls of King county expect‘
to reprssunt then here, and, tlremfore i
shall vote for the adoption of the report—
roport adopted.
The resolution introduced by Mr. Poe
on Saturday, in relation to hsving hills,
resointlons, etc., printed, was taken up.
Mr. Cock offered an amendment to the
resolution, but subsuqucntiy within}! it.
Mr. Walisce nmarksd—l am opposed to
the resolution in tale. The resolution pro
rides for printing which, in my opinion, is
entirely noodles. Look ot the istory of
tho loans-ion in rogsrd to printing, snd
you will Ind that a more shsluiuss ox
psnditnro ofpuhlic mono] wss norer before
made, in this or any othor country. Sons
or the bills oars ordsrod printed three or
(our times our ; the money might ss well
be thrown into the dscpost hols in the
Sound. asto be thrown aosy in India
nsnnor. Thorn is no osrthly hood of so
much printing. Funds srs placed horo by
the gutters! government to Inst the cur
rent upon-cs of tho territory. and on are
placod moo Burdthoufnndgudthst
awfully ; o. aro. hound not. to lstit be
squsulersd in onions sxtrsrsganco. What
does this rssointioo pro so! It roads
that “ ermnomorioi, hiliosnd rioointion
thst is introdnood into tho (_ionacil, shall
ammo." ohsthsr, tho Council ssh- so:
u: upostho-ornot. Itslsolnrovidss
that oil memorials. hills sud rssolntions
thst canto fromtthouss,shsli be printed,
even if the do not rush Inors thsn on or
toolinsa. ls this-senior” I ask you. in all
condor, do tho poopis require this f Do
the Incubus o the Council rcquin it?
I unduly think not. It is o ssslsss ox-
Fnditnro of money ‘plaood in our trust.
or thou muons 1 oil vote against tho
pump of tho rssotntioo. .
Mn. Pow—Tho honorohlo number from
Pierce tokss rsthor an unfair visor of the
resolution. I, as the_ author of that mo
htiou, did not find to make aul'lu ex
penditoro of tho public money. I nerdy
olmd thorn-clouds that tho (kn-ism
on hinting would ho anthorinod to ontol
such printing done as the conreolonco of tho
Donnell night Wm. , '
Tho syss sod noes otro culled tor, and
vaulted—Ans i, noes s, so tho rosotntion
was lost. ‘
On motion, the Conncll proceeded to
bulloc for I Chgxlnin. After three billet.-
won Md, Mr. ock moved Ihnt hammer
the vote lot Chlpllln shall be by rim m
—carr|ed. _
Mr. Cock remarked—l um wllllng tlnt
the Council ahould lmve prayers mld for
them ; but I think lhe 'propcr plug to
reach and pray in In the church 01- school-
Rouse. I believe that each member on this
floor la capable of Mylng hit own' “prayers.
I think [am able to In] prayers for my
‘ Mr. Pagett—Reforo I rote ggnin for
Chaplein,l shall five my views on the
lqnestlon very brle y. Had this question
‘come up in enothu‘ ehme, I should have
‘anpported it most chee ll], but u it i 0
Jeenn‘ot. Iwould be in favor of each
member pnyinge stipulated snmqor-the
purpose of “porting I Chepleln,end then let.
the Chaplninzpre-ch in some convenient
house, when ell unfit go And beer, who
‘vhbed; bm I an: opposed to: Chnplnin
laying preyen in the‘Cnuncil chunbet.-
Memben of thin body hue enough to
all“ |_ ' ee payers; their minds
“_N , the duties of the dey which
:he before _; Ind tlm'efote prayer. would
fin-thrown may upon them, end do nol
IKOOd. lam Opposed toll-ting nCh-pleinl
in the Council, and shall vote for Brigham
Mr. Wallace—As it has become {Minion
able, for members of the Council to state
their views before voting, I shall briefly do
the same. The (‘oum-il, by a solemn vote
of its members, agreed toeleel a Chaplain;
they now reluso to do that. which they
solemnly avowed themselvm in (nor (ii—l
It has been a time-honored custom of our]
parent government—n time honored usage
which has behi hnudml down from the our
liut history of our country—u usage our
fore-fathers followed in the darkest do a of
the Revolution—u usage which was follow,
ed by the men whofoughtfor theL‘hristiln
bles-ingl'which we now enjoy. uml I hope,
after passing the resolution to elect n
Chaplain, that. the Council will have ro-‘
‘spcct enough for itself to do so. I shalll
ivotc for Mr. Whitnorth. .
Mr. Wallace took the Chair.
‘ Mr. Catlin Addressed the Council as fol
low: :
MR. l’nrtsan'n—The geutlem whohn:
preceded me, eeeme to infer thalamus-c,
by e solemn vote of this Council, we here
agreed to elect e Chaplain, that the melna
hers ehould, in good l'n’th, carry it into elfcet,
by the election of e Chnpiuin ‘
I believe, Mr. l’reniiient, that every“
member who voted to creute the utiire, hns,:
in d faith, voted to fill it, by the elve‘
tiomf e very worthy and good men; but
the question wee eerried hy eminority vote}
In consequence of "the (‘ouneil not being
in" end one member not voting, you lied n
majority. You Immediately proceeded to‘
elect, but you could not, because you did
not hnve e majority—and when the Conn-i
oil was full, there was e majority egninsti
it; so there in no question of bud faith oni
thet ground. As to the time-honored cus-‘
tom the gentlemen speaks of, l em not,
ewere Ihnt the oiilc'e of (‘he vlnin wee everi
created by the Congresses oi the Revolu
tion—by the confederation, or by the eon—
ventioe that formed our constitution. lem
ewere thet Congress hee adopted theipree
tice, but the constitutionality of thet right
in doubted by many. The principieeof our
government ere, that chnreh end etete
ehonld be entirely eepentek—thet govern
ment hee no right to icvy'eny tax Ibr the
en rt of religion. I believe itvie not on
tlmfor the ell-ct it may hen on this
house, thet gentlemen wleh the (flee; bet
for an influence it may have out side of the
honee. Gentlemen Iney believe its tenden
ey in to promote religion end nudity, but
I believe there eheuid be no Influence by
politics or religion, the one over the other,
for-there eon he noee'hut whet in nuntuel,
inn! the more it ie indulged, the «ranger it
‘wili grow. I shall vote to dehet the elec
tion—l vote for Brigham Young. |
Mr. Cock—l d 0 ‘not wish to can. any
dls urn ement upon Mr. Whimorth, by
vogng gar Brighnm Young. Ibclievc Mr;
Whilworth to be I good and pious man. I
shnll tote for n man who I 'do not think
wlll be here soon. I vote for Bishop Scott,
who in It. the bend of the Episcopal Church
m Oregon. 4
On motion of Mr. Half, the further Voting
for Che lein mu indefinitely poatpoued.
Mr. igeliece mozed that the u(Ewell do
now ndjourn, out o respect to newer
08! Riot. W. A. Slaughter, lute of the J.
Council uijonrned till tomorrow, 10 A. M.
J Wmnxrsmv, DlCthh, 1855.
Council Inet pnrnant to adjournment.—
Pruident Catlin in the chair.
Journal read and approved.
Monro. Cock end Bigelow, were ap
pointed A joint committee on the part of -
tho Council, to not with u like committee,
on tho pert of the Home, on Joint. Rules
and Orders.
Mr Wallace, from Judiciary committee,
reported Council bill No l, withhmend
menu, end reccommended its pmxrgc.
Mr. Poe introduced 3 Joint. Resolution.
in rel-tion to enrolling bills. end the em
ployment of n cfltk to do the duties here
of' provided, nid cierk, awaited nn appro
prihflon by congress, to receive guy for
such services—hid over under t e rules
*one day. -
The clerk was instructed to inform the
House. that the Council had passed H. J.
R. No. 'l, reintive to the death of Lien.
Mr. Poe introduced an act, to incorpo
rate Olympia Lodge, No. l, I. 0. of 0. P.
which we read a first time, and ordered
to I second reading.
On lento, Mr. Bigelow introduced a bill,
relative to dividing conntiee into represen
tnt_i_v_o districie. , A .
[The bill pmvides, that the county com
missioners, shall have the power to divide
their county, into single representative dis
tricts, win-re the county is entitled to more
‘thsn one representative. and that each rep
rescntetive district, shall form one precinct,
for the purposo of voting—bill reed e first
time. end ordered to a second reading.
Mr. Psgett gave notice, thnt at some
future day, he would introduce on not, in
relation to the sniuriee of county officers.
Mr. Poe, from special committee, to
wait upon the Governor, and r nest him
to furnish the Council with oil iagormotion
and correspondence, in his possession, rela
tive to the eklsting war, with the hostile
’lndianspf Washington Territory, and in
the United States, reported thst the Gov
ornor would furnish snci correspondence
and information, as soon possible.
On motion of Mr. Wells onncil
adjourned. ‘
I ' Tlll'llsluv, Dec. 13th, 1855.
Count-ii met zit the hsual hour. Proli
ldent Culliu in the chair.
i Journnl reml nud nmiroved.
i ' Second reading of Joint. Council Resolu-i
‘tton No. 3, relutivc to enrolling bills, andi
ietnpluyinrz a clerk therefor.
1 Mr. \Vuliui‘e moved to amend, so nu lul
.include, the cngl‘ossill': of hills, also—reso
[lutiun adopted as amended.
Council hill No. l, was tukcn up, and
lordered to n second reading.
I Mr. Wallace, from committee on Rules
{and Orders, reported the I‘lllt'l of hut. me
ision', with u slight amendment, as the
standing ruin; of the Council this limit")—
report adopted.
I A message from the House was received,
{informing the Council, that the House hld
lnppoiutcd u Joint committee on Rules and
| Council hill No. 4, introduced by Mr.
Bigclow, was taken up, and read It eoeond
time, on motion, referred to the Judiciary
.\lr. l’ngett, moved to adjourn—loat—
Mr. Cock, moved a. cell of the Council
roll called, and 111 the members found pm
Mr. I’nltcnou, moved to adjourn, on
which line nyes and nod were celled -end
resulted—aye! 4, noon 5.
Mr. Wallace, moved, Ihnt Council bill
No. I. be taken up—cerried.
Mr. Wallace, moved, that the Council
resolve itself, into a committee of the whole,
for the purpose of considering the bill—enr
Mr. Poe in the chair.
Mr. Catlin. after. some remnrh on the
general provisions of the bill, moved, thnt
the bill be ”committed, to the committee
ourodncnlion. with instructions to take in
to consideration, I: generel revision of the
Icheol In, and repovt e county, instead of
1: district school ”Item—envied.
"Mt-.‘Wnltece, moved. that the committee
rile Ind report prograe—a-eerried.
_Preeident in the choir.
Mr. Wanna, moved, dun the rcpofl of
the committee of the whoh, be laid upon
the table. subject to the order of the Coun
‘ On motion, the Council adjourned, tlfl
‘Fridny 10, AM.
‘ > 4—... ,
‘ ll‘nnur,‘l)cc. 14, 1865.
Comm-i) mat. it the nsnll Mun—Presi
dmt Catlin in the Chlir. . , ‘
Journal rend, corrected Ind approval?
Mr. Wallace, from committee on Judic
lnry, reported hock IC. 3. No. 4, Ninth-o
‘oo dividiug'coumlu info remove db
trictl. without bmendlmuc, Ind' without
manhunt. ', 7 7 7:1 '
I Second rolding of C. B. No. 5, relttive
to unending the law-concerning the dutlel
of coronary—referred to committee on J'-
dicinry. v
Second reuiinizi'd O. B. No. 8, to incor
porate Olympiu go No. L, l. 0. of 0.
R, In: aground tud ordered lo 3 third
Jam Council Resolution No. l, ruhtiye
monrolling sud engrossing billl, 'll read
. third time and passed.
The Council ruched imlf into oom
miuec ol’ the whole, for the purpou of
considering O. B. No. 4; Mr. You in the
A long «linen-lion more in committee of
the whole. upon the merits Mid domain of
my bill..il\ which. most of “I. member. par
ticipant; when, on motion of Mr. Cook.
the commimo rose, reported magma, Ind
and Icon to sit. l‘liill. .
Mr. Poe moved. um the Want-at-
Aruu be instructed to prouure 5 map of
.Wuhington Territory. for iii. no of the
Mr. Wnllncc moved. that C. B. No. 1,
and the report of tho cumming: of the
whole, be taken from the table—curb).
The bill wu ordered to bonny-cued and
rend 3 third time. ‘
On motion, the Council adjourned.
Sudan", Doc. 16:]. 185.3. ,
Council met. at the anal hour—whet on!
‘Unilin iu ilic Clluir. A
Journal rend, corrected end npprovfl.
Mr. Cock. from joint committee on the
pert of the Council, on joint rules and or
ders, reported, he lied coulorred with e
similar qotnmittoe from the Home; endlthut
the; hill agreed to edopt the joint rule. of
lut your, to govern the notion of the two
houses, during Unis session—report ndoptod.
The, 0. Ba No. 6. incorporating Olympie
Lodge No. l, oftho I. o.el‘ 0. R, wee
reed at third time end paced.
Mr. Bigelo' moved, thnt the committee
on Printing be instructed to pemtm fifty
copice of the joint rules, for-the nee of the
Council. Motion edopted. '
Hr. l’egett med end obtained leave to
introduce :5 bill, entitled “nu ect- to nee-d
on out. to regulate foee end com of county
allure.” Bill read the first time, end or
dered to u wooed radius.
Mr. Bigelow meted, thet the mice be
wepeuded, so thet the bill could be referr
ed to u eomuiittee without having it print
otl—utota'oe cerried. ,
Mr. Strickler moved thnt the bill be road
e. around time. by title. now—carried.
Mr. Strlekler moved thet the bill be re
ferred to committee oliwuye end meet
Mr. Wellaeo—Thie in e bill thet concern
the whole people 0! the Territory, end one
thnt requires a. grant deal of ettcntiou. l
more it be reform! to e eeloet committee
of fun.
Motion curried” and Meals. Wallace,
anl', Strii-klr-r, l’ugr-tt and Coelr, were up
pointerl suid select committee.
Mr. l'uyzett moved that the Council re
isolve iLu-li into committee of the whole, to
iconsider C. B. No. 4.-—-on e division, mo
ltion adopted ' 1
Mr. “nil in the Chair.
i Mr. Collin—Mr. Chriirmnn, if this act is}
to be passed, it should be done at once, so
Ithut the county commissioners could, at,
their Mnreh eitting, conform to the provis
ions of the not.
Mr. Higelow—l believe that the law re
quires the county comminsioncm to meet in
April, unless the luv wee changed, lest
Mr. Bigelow moved that the committee
rise, report progreee, and Ink leeve to sit
og-ein. Motion carried.
Mr. Pugett moved thet the bill be token
from the committee of the whole and laid
on the table, nuhject to the order of lhe
Council. The President declured that the
motion was out of order.
Mr. Wall-ea moved that the report of
the committee of the whole, on the bill, be
reconsidered. Motion carried.
The Council refused to go into committee
of the whole on the bill.
Mr. Bigelow moved that the bill be leld
on the table, eobject to the orderof the
Council—«med. ' '
11.-I. M. No. in relation tothe preset
Indlln diflcultlee, end prams for I epoch!
upproprietlon by Congreu. to indemnify
the citizen of Wuhington “Hilary, for
groper” deetroyed, was reported from the
once. Memorhl reed that time, and
ordered to e second tending, endoo motion
of Mr. Cook, the ruler ‘vvele I'oepende‘d,
end ordered to e eeeond reading. ‘
Mr. Hill moved that the memoriel be
referred to a e ciul committee of thee,
consisting of fiesta. Blgelovv, Cock end
Welleee—eerrled. ' ' ’
Mr. Wallace we: excused from servingl
on the committee. Mr. Cook was also ex
Mr. Bigelow linked to be excused, line.
Mr. i'oe objected, end moved teememi the
the original motion, so on to‘ nuke Mr.
Blgelov the Select Committee—amend
ment ndoptod.
Mr. Cock movedthet the select commit.
tee be instructed to report hock lhe mm
rial, immediately, without amendment-e
Loot. '
Mr. Pettereon moved that the Council
adjourn. Curried. ’
J ' Moxnn’, Dec. "HI, 1855.
Council met It the neml'hon'r. "Preli
dem Ontllnin tlnoehalr. -' '
Mr. Bigelow, from special committed, to
whom was refuted H. J. R. Foxo, report
ed the some back, with amendments-bre
port adopted ' ' ' ‘
H. J. 1?» No. 5. tenderin‘g'tlllnh, to
Gov. Dou lasp, of Vancouver? Inland, Vii
reed a [wind and third time. - '
H. J. M. No. 6, ma taken up; end will
the second time.
Mr. l’oe, thonght the Inemorlel Incepti
ble of comideruhle improvement, Ind moh
ed e reconsider-tion, of the motion order
lug it to n third reading. ‘
Mr. Page", advocated the pnmge'bi‘
the memorial, immediately.
Mr. Wallace, wished for more time, '9!
he was opposed to hut, legislation, Ind
Inked if my gentlemen, could give any
reason, for so nmch hate—he mld‘ rec
no reasonu-it no I miter, mu Ihonld r 6:
ceive A proper consideration from the (fedo
oil, and nhoold be thoroughly W
examined, before beta; lent may; Thin
in the long sci-ion 0! men, end titty
have plenty of flute, and we hue plenty‘ ,
time to mature the memorinl. In git“
us 24 hour: to consider the muter,l.tll in
terested our people will not mandolin
mfl'er, but, on the eontrflygthlr bullet:
might be gently benefited lupin-1:3 ‘
Mr. Pagan—lf I mom-bring m to
believe, that the gentle-In "o'ler“,
did not underttud the unveil, I'dodd
be willing to consent to deity, but Ll“.
no doubt, the Home which hu- hutch
mound.) under ooneidention h‘u thorough»
ly digeeted it. ' . . ‘ ‘
er. Well-u, celled Mr. Pam tomb
der, as he had no m refer to Haydn-g
done in the o|:th , 7 ,- ,
Aner some further debt“, 31:: Imm!
v Mt. Suickhr. moved, ”by flu Immo-
I“ on m “bk—“lmp ‘ :1 . ',
Mr- mudwmoml. a. Council 00 "k
to commit». o! thg whole, onxha unpri
d—ogrcfim.... . v- :j.
Mr. Hnfl' in the chnir.
Mt. Walla“, moved. the contain“ rise
and uh have to lifi ogsin. - ' , , ,
Mr. Catlin, enquind, III} th‘ motion
was made. . : ,
Mr. Wallace—For the reg-onjuigud.
I wish to give time, to campus tho cryin-
A] bill. with the nmcndmum prop-adu-
An I said before, I In append to Lani
legioluion, Mid alwlya have bun. and“
expect to oppose it, along u] can, hr
the vary reason .nssigood-n-b: Human
man lrou Thurston—4h; tho-nail would
not leave, for four or flu dun. d the
momorinl would coouqueml ‘ fox COl
gmaan soon, by giving an o in, at two to
cnnsider, as it would to pad". now. Thi
is no light. mum. Ithi‘ i$ would: be
Lhomughly‘poflecud in in bid boron
comm-n. - , ‘
Ht. Bigclow mow , tblt. the commit
tee rm, and repoh- [l32* no “spanned,
tnd roccomuwnd lu mmngcd.
Tho mmrid at “tended. In adopted.
Mr. Bigvlow, “Ind. Md obhined hug,
NO. 13.
- lo introdnco n bill, relative to the con-Me:
tion and maintaining of roads. The bill
- was read a first time—rules empended—
) hill read a second time, and refined to I
- select committee.
Mr. Bigclow, moved, to tnke up, H. J.
M. No‘ 3, relntire to defraylng the expen-
Hses of tho present war—carried.
if H. M. No, 4, relative to commder 1:8.
LjSten-e‘tt, U. s. N, wu reed - am fine,
- end on motion of Mr. Strickler, the rule!
were suspended, and the mentor!“ red I
, second time by title, and (hen referred to
Ilcommittee on memorials. .
;', .\lr, Well-ice in the chlir.
I Mr. Catlin made the following expfinn
-5 tion: '
, Mr. Chairman—l ask Icon of the Coun
cil, to any a few words in mg“! to nay-alt.
I see a report of some word- Ipolén' by me,
in n pnpcr printed at Steilncoom, how it
got there I know not, but in it there in
considerable error. lt-mdD—" Mr. Pree
ident, we hnte passed a. resolution,» elect
' n chaplain, which I on own“ to!—
ley nre not my words. 1 mid, we hue
by a minority vote. agreed to elect I ship
> lnin. It don roads. “I believellbufildr
mental principle, 0! our own 30mm
to keep rectum-inn and not. II in tent
, no possible.” I uid Min like IMO.
butldonot think they an axe-«lye»;
worth, it reodl further: "I an “on,“
congress liu elected a chaplain-hill ‘-
ing‘ 50, I believe they‘direutl “mile
constitutiond the Um“! KPH.
romlrk, I did not note, I aid any”
pie believed it I. lot m -
Agun it nub—“lH. not pH]. M -
aeek in this way, it in nothiq habitat
of piety. it in politlul hm.” 11’ do
not think I attend the“ warden] b 1..-
ed to any, it we. Coca-hum”
enoe, but uit 1: here let down, I“
never have uttered Inch mumm
cil. lt furiher "“04?!” "1;“ tin
of detecting election a
{smote for Briglmn Young”. 1.“,
hit unmet 1 Miami. Mr I‘M“
lounge-flew. for soliciting notable»-
pllnnlion. ‘5"
0n notieo, the Col-dim '5
5/ ~ MUM-[Huh 1..
, . i z.. . :i- - .14'
Rouge ol‘ Renmbmtdt,,!
.. mm»... 10.1 mm
“Mr. V” 0:33.96pr than:
cl ceonnm! . J'l .
m 1 took the cell) of ale: gourd-g,-
law. - v -'. ":m hm. /.,
The, Hm vol. flapmnsetlur mow
101 l we “:3 hwWJw dbl
occasioned by the (notion! II;
The House mu nut puke-m in
committee 0! whole. In. ath- am
m, my, Ana-111m the don
subject: upon“ .m '..-refine!
to theimmu‘mflmr lull.
So no“ 0! “platinum/tub
nw m M um :24.»-
I'lbr Schmidt“
1 ,anpplylu. use. to.“ iwu~md-~k .
I telnet emittu'wim in“
“‘3?“ “ma-‘......”
I‘ 99‘ .- . 1
lo the cmploguth-zmlm out”
teen in the alum was it
select committee emulating We
"3?? "d 3"...” Joint and.
. ldrld‘e n_ _ l
on , .Whmmim
mama» don lame-m
”only!“ Whom” (Min
mm 1 w Wail”
pose of an mummflzh l“
Wham": ‘r:1oI.-~imw"r
‘ ”Km-mmmumtmtm
‘ In. thins-induced nun-Mia
In; the ”ten-ion o! the mud
for :-—-Thnt lmproéhmn‘lll ”It?“
mlo'flmu : u '0
”Eta-Idem: Alan“ m at!
four yen" continuous mgflw
nmolofmlumvmhem . .
em "magma” Inner
proven. ‘ I 1.: .m)'l'l ~«I "l1i‘!l‘.’,‘llll
lit We «the. 'Anl"flofl .
Mormon lnmndieodufiéanHD-ulv
V. , «Mai-e mm Mama-r
t] V." -’v‘l.” n nil"
NUMDw‘.” mi nix. ,m-ni a 0
‘ Then nijolnied mum
4/ ' —.—-;-¢-n\« 11.--1 mu 7
. ‘ ‘. ”Himalanom-lhlm
_Xr. Datum ummg M,”
tion uhuu ta mics ll Him-Jud
amount cho ,uumzszNMw
he called the Columbil lint MW
The preamble of the WW“
expense llld inconvenianc. of trial by tho
"m ”“33“" wwwm
tic, then no ' _ ,
coming to Obqpin {Autos oral-via,”
cqumg'; anfl the radiation“ . up
proper north'line of midwmifl
awning pndnllel ’Jvtvonih cor " g
no I In 3, welt ', _ ‘
W 2?” W‘-
all'e norl 't‘gncow . , ~
co m’.’ .gté‘eh Imm 010:1: mfié
nuiain W ”converts nlpgopcr poi” W
locntio‘u‘ or once. mmum ma . fin:
“nit Rob'mu MM“ 1 jointlfigb}
.I , _
tion in to the aromas) Dam“ hams
Cup: Flatter} and Bangin- Ipit. '
ruuon read. _-. , . ;
Mll.,Wnlker introduced the {cumin no
-01m“ : -‘ :1:
Wanna. Informtionhubmnulld
ram 136:“ W. A. Bmm; uh 1%
‘S. rm,wu,w' in: ' ‘
tl’duou daytiensin the fluid. m
‘ : . \ ._ n ,

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