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Pioneer and Democrat. [volume] (Olympia, Wash. Territory [Wash.]) 1854-1861, June 20, 1856, Image 3

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na enumerated were required to alum-it
when elaima Thus, it will be readily]
perceived, that e blow was aimed nt thr- {t
m atrVicr, in the midst of war, to I
"dire it, and require its being nlmn- '
Good. in despite of n rczulnr programme,
for its proSecntion, The persons before hi i
Med to have been regulnrly charged with 3'
holding correspondence with the enemy, of'
alording him shelter, and of furnishing him,
wi'h provisions and ammunition; in conse- :
hence of which, governor Stevens ordered l
km: to rendezvous, until said order was re
wheel, at Olympia, Steilucoom or Ft. Sis-i
“ally. You yourselves can judge oftheli
mvrise it nfiorded the volunteeer service:
when a short time alterwnrds these men 3
were found at their respective plnces of t
abode, in utter contempt of the public ser-;
vice, and in violation of tho expressed will;
and order of the people of Thurston conn-‘
ty, and executive. They were sgnin quiet-,1
ly arrested, and remanded to Ft.'Bte.la-‘.
eoom. At this time the most essential owl
deuce against them was in the field,on‘t
general wanting duty, and otherwise. But i
afew days elapsed after their arrest and"
confinement when, as the undersigned be- t
have, with an object of pecuniury reward, a
writ ofAubu corpus: u'ns sued out to the
and that they might be brought before
Ego Chenoweth for trial. Be it remem
red that the material evidence against
them no in the field, and their immediate :
whereabouts unknown. Beuider, it wes T
greatly feared, that e systematic course '
would be pursued by their attorneys, Ind I
Arr ail disposed ferrous, to procure their ‘
.eonditionai release at. all hoards. In '
es-sqneoceof which, the executive and .'
mandor-in-chief remanded the then pris— ‘
pm, from Pierce to Thurston county; and '
to the end that justice might be done in the
?, Flees, “ Martial Low" was proclaimed ‘
0' Pierce county, and a military commis- ‘
in commoned for the trial of tho oleud- ‘
(a. In brief, chiafjuslice Lander, at the '
u holding acommiaaion from the gov- J
user, as lieutenant colonel in the wing: '
.sr aar'ioe. volunteered, in consequence of ‘
antics to that elect, of the iudisposition
' «judge Chenoweth, to hold a term of the ‘
Uaitad States district court at Steilacoom, '
bounty seat of Pierce county, that coun- ‘
hehg within judge Chenoweth’s district. '
k"proclansatiou”oi’ Martial Law was '
m in the arrest of chief Justice Lan
nulzomnmeotoun Show. Immedi- '
fly eahasqueut to this, chief justice Lon- '
k sought to hold a term of [he United ‘
M district court in Thurston county, '
"it to arrest the governor, and place '
hilt-dose confinement, for no slledged '
w ofcourt in Thornton county; sad I
‘Oneurn-d, too, whilst he, ( the govern- '
O) VII laboriously engaged in dist-burg- ‘
~ ~ duties as oommauder-iu-chief of the
forces. The result was that '
. Lou was alto declared over [he '
. (0| Thornton, and through the n- I
' ram-tally of the military volunteer ‘
' chief justice ’Lander was again put
. ‘fldsr arrest, sad the trial of these suppos- '
d, olenders. before alluded to, regularly '
moat filth; in conformity as before ‘
and with the shoot unanimous ap- ‘
‘psbstioo of the citluua of Thurston coon- ‘
- Is clad” this representation, we, the i
', _ of aahiugtou territory have only 1
Youth," that 'we originally approved of
- srrastofthe persons heretofore cum I
and thnt we now consider the
tioss of Martial Law, as a matter
”has My, one the counties of!
and Thar-won. although the some
~.io'w been revoked. That as far as the ‘
”than! the present Indian worie ‘
my the executire and command- ,
W the volunteer forces, that he i
' h rod day and night, to bring the ‘
a. swath] and honorable clote—
,, bean-ands the respectand eunfl-i
W ofle forces under his command and ‘
,“fll his el’orto to luring the blessings ‘
dpaofln our borders, he has been actu
‘“ but by one motive, and that is the
~ ties of the ii:- oofloor prairie, and
.' Earn; and sec ty ther perty
- ' .‘esorohof the savage. hi 2: we
' _ M with profound sorrow and in
;- . that aceus ttious have been made
‘ . he government against Gems»
j’flth dot-t amongst other things,
. as hollow. false and ale/Wed.) tint
1% flaunt, iutnmperate, and thst as
“ and superintendent of Indian af
' , hb disbursements of public moneys.
;' Wood In his hands, show evidence of
' ,t Those abalone we believe to‘be
fl, at! as we love, are only made to
, m his removal. .
‘5, therefore, wpuld most respectfully
dynastic represent, in conclusion, to
... I. delegation in congress from Oregon
i ll Wafi‘nflon territories, that I've fully,
_ M M a re, in tie must
naile‘tms, as m 3..- 0: said Terri
; . muss garland y governor
EM) 1." ”IVE 8, asooumsader-lo
‘ Hofths volunteer throes In the preeeut
- line warned on asost earnestly request
~ that not!” influence with the
,tht-atw mum-ed that
bone; ra-o, ,red, as least “We.
I, 'ith rdflmusu beau astsbl . and
and r I emu-rt! ns-in tutored
h arr Merl-g people.
“ (A RUE COPY-81 QNED. )
‘ ‘ " Mars, i .1. Brooks, James
‘ 'fiisyrs. Dglfioih o. c. Bienkem
l George Gallsghar. Edward Fur-to,
' B. Oudy, Chas. E. Weed, L. R
'r. J. Mounts, 'l'. B. ulna...
is“; w. Woodward, u. n.
W. .. h. Truman H. Fuller,
, ~ Hilton; I. Betta“, B. [7. Perot.
rim or nerflngtou, n. 1-. Wheel
at, I. n'Mrlght, Hound Sykes-r. D.
lath-nun, o.w.lzvmi.s. D. West
' boot. Liliane. illiam Wright, D.
libs-t} DeWitt cm, r. J Cameron,
”'l'. ush, Cherie. 11, Eaton, Mclstu
“an, 0. S. Allen, Wm. F. Parsons,
has} flaunt, r. r. McElroy, J. 0. as.
I. tledge, Henry Gallagher, .
A. W, J. L. Clark, B. P. Yantis,
Mam-u, w. H. Pollen, w. s,
lCnnolly, hone Linhtnvr. Alfred Hull “'2'-
Ilium N. Hor'on, Lewis Ely-inn, a. r. mm.
|l‘orlh, Duid Martin, Jlmes C. lh-nd, UL,
,Cushmnn. John N. Low, Wm, Mitchell,
l'l'lmmna J. Chambers. Frnncis Lindncr, I 7“
ili. Hivkfi, Josrpll L. Mialcll, Silns (l: 111-i
her, Jamus Duly. S. C. Ilitlukor, \Vm.|
leul, C. Curl, C. Gull-rite, Gabriel Jones.
lE. P. Wallace, Josvrh WulrnVen. Jamal
,K. Hard, John W. Cullon, Jane M. Brown,
.Slm’l. Carlton, G. W. French, 0. K, Will
,lnrd, Finnens Doud, W. B. Goodell, W.‘
A. Goodell, Nathan E. Goodall. R’churdl
anne, Gen. Shuter. V. Monroe, J. L. Per-l
lkius, Jomen Castor, John Scott, Mathew]
'P. Burna, M. D. James H. Goudy, George,
!W. McAllim-r, J. T. Stewart, Juaeph DH
,er, J. R. Wernon, Joseph ’l‘ebo, chu
Bettina", S. Dnvenpon, A. J. CILn, A. J.l
’Bnldwin, Nuthln Eaton, John D. Snider,
,Willinm Elders, Jame: Morton, Jon-pl:
l‘Shnw, Joel Rind“. F. M. Surjem, C. Bylul
J. R. Mills, J. C. Wood, A. J. Chambers,
JV. Doris, D. L. Phillips, A. Frankel, Jas.
‘Cornelle, B. S. Cornelle, A. Mchlnn, W.
l 0“ Dobbinl, Thou. Rutledge, 0. Thompson.
‘l‘. W. Glugow, John Kiiuelb. Leo flun
lcock, Wm. M. Morrow, Chas. Gnham.
V Hun Qumran. }
Can}: Montgomery, June 10, 1856.
Glxrtruu :—The undersigned citizens,
and volunteers in the service of the United
States, Operating in the territory of Wash
ington, for the safety of the heretofore un
protected inhabitante from the mercilesal
onlrngee of e euruge foe, would beg your
ettention to e few facts conueclcd with the
manner of our communder-in-chiet' in con
aucting the preuut moremeuts of the
troops at his dispoenl, t-s'z :
lst. We deem it our positive duty, to
obey all orderl given us by our commend
er-in-chiel', not incouailtent with common
same, end which may have an nu object
the vi roue roeeculion of the n-scut
litdiengsen—tfereby causing. specify cloae
to hostilitiee, end e restoration of pence to
our homes end firetides.
find We ere confident that. we hue
obeyed no orders, other than those eelcnlu
ted to produce the deeired object. notwith
stendlng we hue been ndrieed to the con
trery by the supposed legal euthorlty of
the territory. ‘
Brd We know thet there was I necessity
for the seminary etepe taken by the exec
ntive, in ordering in from we outskirts o!
the eettletnenu, “certain evil disposed per
sons." living In Pierce count y, end knowing
thin necessity, we have recommended thet
‘xuch 1 course be pursued before the clear
tivedid to. The lollowing ere some of the
‘NIIOM why we recommended such I
course : ' ,
lot We believe that they were the ori l-i
all can of the war on this side 0! 3w
mounulua, u they were opposed to In,
true, being made, and after mule, they
willfully misinterpretcd the nlilenlfonu.
find It looks suspicious for them wre
rnnln at their homes on the ouukim of
the unlemonu, in perfect ”My, while the
America: born citizen. were driven to tom
and Mosh-homes. or inhumnnly nun-cred.
‘ Brd It l'u our opinion, that they noted
an in for tho I ndium, ud were I‘m-ninth
‘ingfiem with Inpbliel, from me net. that
until 0! the principal ludinuchiefu had
been Icon to vlnit their houm, und frrrll‘
India Inch loading to and from heir
home- hIN been seen at. vuioua film.
4th Thu. previous to the arrest of these ‘
ipereone, it rerely h-ppentd that the volun
‘toere could ilnd en encampment ol‘ the ene
‘lll, without the enemy lining previous ‘
‘notice of their coming. but tine-e, they had i‘
been enceeuful on various occuionl, lind- 1
ing eleo in their encnmpment eublietenee ‘
rained on the i‘nlml ol' theee pereone. ‘
The ordering cl theee reoue into the
wtlementl, had it guml coat on both hoe
tiie and friendly Indie-Is, u by it e con ‘
lidenhle source of intemonree between
each Vlfll cut OK, and an example Ihown
them that we regnrd ell u exit-mice who
did not eid onr movemente, no nutter
whether they were white or red
‘Theee facts were well known to the civil
authorities of Pierce county. for more then
nil monthe previoue,~ but they took no etepe
to prevent the continuum, while thou
who eytnp Nd with the enemy. were
loud and emoroee in their denunciation
of the cou purified by the exeitive.
thfihe eduorinle oi' the tale “ Puget
Sound Courier," published in Steilecoom,
and the circulation of I net of reeolmionu
urporting to eon-unto {rain the citizeue o!
f’ierce county. "
After the erreet of then pereo\e by the
executive, el’ortl were made hy their sym
pathinen to wreet them from the power of
the bilitery, end deim their triel bifore
A jury of their own selection ; the reenlt 0!
which would have been to turn them loose
nguin on the community. end recopen inter
conne with the hoetile Indiene.
To meet thie evil, the'execntire deter.
mined to declare end enforce mertiel lew
over the county of Pierce, end nfterwerdn
for the name reeeon over the county of
Notwithulnnding these fem, chicfjueticgl
Lender resolved to hold e term of the die
trict court In Pierce county, (judge ChenJ
owelh’e district.) in dell-nee of 111. procln
metio of Inertiel law. He glue u n ren
um foLhin delermimtion, that. 111 l oath of
omen mpelled him to hold court in eeid
district, n ell beards. We dilcr with
him on thie point, end the more so, when
we lake into con-Mention the: a large
portion of the ciliune of eeld county were
u: the lime entirely engeged in the field,
Agelnu the Indlm. and it would here
been very dimcult to collect: proper grend
jury, or utiefnclory pet". juries, beeidce
many of the volunteer! lmd‘hnpdnenl culled
It lune, end probdhly would heve emul
ed levere louee by having Ihoir cause
culled end they not being able to manner.
as they could not leave the new Without
violating the orders of their omcen, Ind
cousin delrinnem lo the service. ‘
Aug further. meet of the principal wil
menu again-r. theee persons thn the gov
ernor bed "rested, were emoug the vole“.
tom's, :.wl lh 'ir wilt-nee \wnlll have hcvn
lust.- .
i If chin-f jlmice Lumler was right, then
judge MtFudden of the sou'hvrn dislriutl
im“ wrong, for the latter culled n term ol'l
'lhe district court in that district, and tlu-n,i
|for the same reasons In slulcd uhore. nd~
journed without attempting to do any lmsi-l
'ness. But we are inclined to believe that
(judge Mel-hidden wnl right.
} Now gentlemen, we tuke this method of
‘expressing our henrty approval of the
course pursued hfiithe executive in the pros
ecution of the I inn war in this territory.
and more especially in his declaring and
enforcing martial law over the munties of
Pierce and Thurston, knowing as “e do,
‘thxt this was the only nllernntiVe h-lt to in
ure nuucesx to the military operutiuns, in,
that section of the country. We do not
pretend to discuss the legulity of the ques
tion, but connnnn sense teaches us thn
when necessity exists, a positive course mnat
be taken, in order to preserve the lives of
our citizens. And we fully endorse the
Itnements made by the executive in his
" Vindication."
‘ As to the course pursued hy the “bar"
lat Swim-00m, Ive hue only to say that
the, hue been "feed" by these pcrwns un
der urren and consequently sympathise
with won.
And in reply to judge Chenoweth Wei
will say, that in our opinion, he could have‘
rendered his country more aervice, hy shoul
dering hie rifle and assisting us to repel
[our common enemy, than he did by giving
in as lii: opivu’on that our ofllcers hud no
right. to uni-.r us, and we were not bound
to obey.
B. F. Shaw, Lt. Col. Comd'g Right
Wing 2d Reg. W. T. Volunteers; H. J.
G. Maxon. Major Comd‘g Southern But
t-lion ; William Dela-y, Adjutent, Right
Wing 2d Regiment; William I’. \Velll,
Com. Serge-em, Fort Hicks ; Calvin Swin
dnl, Curt. Co. I". Comd'g Central Benel
ion ; Whitfield Kirlley. Com. Sergeant.
For! Stevens; Urban E. Hicks, Captain
Comd'g Pioneer Co. 8d Regiment W. T.
V; Benj. F. Lewis, let Lieut. Pioneer
Co.; Wm. Sherwood, 9d LienL; John
Pro-s. John Our], 0. W. Downy, Mucna
McMillan, M. P. Cline, Jnmes A. Luke,
Wm. 11. Ruddell, Joseph Beneor, NOL
commiuioned ollleen; Ju. H. Bell, Joe.
Bromell, Chu. Becheldor, George Gunp
bell. Thoma Foam, Thoma: W. Ghenr.
John Howe, Denial J. Hubbard, Alex.
Kison, Geo. 11. Lnrmnnd, Henry Mom],
John Muihee. Andrew Mahony, John
Weireon, Thomas Richardson, Thomas
Ronnie, J Icob Sign, June: Steedlei, Peter
Thompflon, Chu. Weeklin, Ben). ‘. Whl
ltmg. D. E. Burnlrnger, Cnpt. Co. B, id
Regiment W. T. Volunteers; Bmly, ‘
lat Lieut. Co. 3; True ank. J. H.
Roundlm. J. L. Myera, Chen. Miller. N.
Code, J. P. Eekler. A. J. Moses, 8. Te
been, J. Lemnre. George Broil. Jamel
Mogmire, Levl Shelton. Peter Thom
John Shelton, John Swindnl, L. B. gor
ton, K. W. Scott, Thoma Wnlker, Milton
Kirtle , Jacob 0. Eckler, Wins. Conelly,
Wm. firing, L. D. Bel-nerd. _ _.
B. L. Hennm, Capt. Co. 0. indflegt
W. 'l‘. V. C. Binhop. lat Lieut. Co. 0.
‘W. T. V. I". P. Goodfln, 9d Lieul. Co.
0, W. 'l‘ V. W. E. Kludy, In. Serg. 00.
C. D. C. Bony, Bud Sag. 00. C. Andrew
LI", 8d Serg. Co. 0. J. I". Fame [at
Corporll Co. 0. M. W. Bull-rd, S. I'.
Anthony. John Axtull, T. J. Axtell, Seth
Ballard, M. 'l‘. Goodall, D. W. “nah, Du
vid F. Bllea, Wm. W. Plumb, Wm. 'Mu
hard, Jan. Smith. Oliver Flutter. Jou-inh
Gibson, N. G. Tim-I.lmm L. D. W. Shel
ton, Geo. 'l‘nkel, Wm. F. Kennedy, V. Mon
roa, A. Hall, D. L. Phillips. W. (luau, 3.
Rays, A. 8. Lemmlua, A. J. dewln, J.
Hulberl. H. Gallagher. Sergl. Ma]. loath
ern bathshon. A. J. Km, Grady Mob
row, J. M Mounts, Tnoi. Cooper, Wm.
Wilson, Johu Webber. D. Mom-u, James
Culncdy, R. 11. Fund, A. J. Roundups,
Thou. Hicks, M. R Tilly], Jamel Cantor.
Richnrd hue. J. W. Woodaglo Jounh
Dupe“), N. E. Goodall, N. 3. Hey, ll
D. Woodin, w. B. Goodall, Geo. Leuuou,
Ju. Mcbnrd. J. I. Sane", Thoma: Hug
hel, Milford 00in, Calvin W. Swindul,
Cnpt. Co. I“. find %W. 'l‘. V. J. L.
Murrow, 9nd Lieu. . I“. A. M. Cul
lina, F. K. Perkins, H. Goal, David Mur
tin, J. V. Bruce, Jun-ob 0", Henry Johu
mu. 41h Corp. Go. 0. Conrad Schneider,
. J. W. Goodell, Jamel Burria, J. H. For;
ter. l
l - _ Lnfiqguly. __ - . .l
‘ Jno. Berton, W. Timon, J. Sntherlend,
J. Gurdiner, (believe the governor": ectiou
denuded, by the exigenclee of the cue.)
U. G. Werbue, Heug Pinto, W. Pum
phrey. J. Moore. 0. rev. (.epprovee of
the course of the executive, [mt know:
nothing of the her belng “ feed ") G. Pul
mer, R. Hughe, J. Cnrdwell. Peter Tum,
J. Urqnhurt, W. Cagle. S. B. Hudeon, W.
Whittle, F. Whittle, H. Wniulo. Commo
dore Moore, E. W. Lyon, H. H. Pinto.
, ‘ ‘
AND 'l'lllm) STREETS.
HAVING manly land flu then
well known Oahu-blunt. Im
merly undo! the dlnotlou of lan
w-nt Hum-MM In. mud by
J. K-hliu-Iflm Immfiounnflk
um t vs raw . tend he’ll; cot
may {I had“- chom am: of ‘
m m m M.,
whloh wlumloldnhnry lama-Ah flan.
They tlll-1m hop on hand lnr the M Ito M
of Beef. Hum. Pork Balm-aw. ML. u duo :ll
the bah?!“ My. .
In the It!“ llne. “loadavonofn In}: our
aw“: 73." $53?“ “'31.“- s'" ““'
1 en. a o ' ,- -
The rumen m mqwgin'z. cull wllvh
thou pruduen.nd plum In mulled m cull
upon u. wldl ler M. for I‘hlrh It will gun-mules
wealth-hula! lurnlnn. Sobmunnxm
I e .
Olymph, April 11. 1850. m,-
Wras- wnzam.
I A D D In! ll ,
(fly-pin. Walnut-n 15mm.
AIM i'lth "mu-IL
i The undersigned Ibom'nlsnnnilmem
.lmrs of tho. (funeral Committee, would Flt-l
lspct-tfully suggest to the Democracy of
lthe County of Thurston, that. they meet all,
Olympia, in convention, on
Saturday, 28:}: int,
For the purpose of nominating ennditlates'
for the various offices to be filled at. the|
coining election.
We would suggest. llmt the precincts
hold their meetings to appoint delegates to
Silltl County Convention, on Snturduy, the]
‘2lnl inst, nt. 2 o'clock, r. 1, neeording to
ithc ratio of last your; that is—eurh pre
"net is entitled to one (lelegnte for every
ten ter: belonging to the same. It. is
hope the county will be fully represented.
l}. the recoxnmcmlutiou of the Demo
cratic ‘ounty Central Committee :
Olymp‘ , W. T., June 9th, 1856.
Chns. E. “’ecd, S. D. Ruddel,
Ju. W.'Wiley, Jumes K. Hard,
0. \V. Corliss, E. Giddinga, jr.,
Levi Knott, A. B. Rubbeson,
G. K. Willard, Geo. B. Goudy,
Ed Furste, A. J. Cnln,
J. C. “end, A. W. Austin.
I. Lightner, B. D. Wright,
A. Frunkcl, I. C. Patton,
A. J. Simmons, J. L. Clark.
L. Yucust, l". W. Surly,
J. T. Stewart, James Dot ',
E Sylvester, lane 1. Stivem,
Levi Shelton, James Tilton,
G. C Blankenship, R. M. Walker,
Wm. Mitchell, Euntis H uger,
J. L. Head. W. S. Couolly,
M. Z. Goodcll. W. W. Miller,
B. L. Heunesx, Lewis Ensign,
F. Lindner, V. Monroe,
000. Gallagher, W. B. Goodell,
‘Honry Gull-“her. W. W. Del-c].
01mm» LODGE, Nap-‘6. 3
0! Ancllnt PM nnd Accep‘ed luau. holdl‘
n‘uhr commnnlcmom on the am Ind third
Blind-y "unit-ft Kn every month.
All member: 0 the order In good finding m lnvl
ted to nund. 'l‘. l". IcELRoY, W. M.
I. O. O. I'-
TIIE mull! “ling of Dunn luml. No. l. or
the lxuxrsxnxu own of 01m FILLun, Muld
"vry mum, "em-Ix. u nil u'clwk. m w NM“.
lat-lulu one-Ipm by w m. mum-13., two door- .»I or
m. flunk-gun Haul.
All Inn-ma m good “will“. the onkr, m hvi
M to attend. I). L'. usAn,w'y.
lily-pm, Oct. 19, 1855.
l ! 1
)Vlllgs of Jinn-stun w,
A (foNVHN'I‘ION will be bald u Oly-‘Lh u
‘l‘u my. the first day or July, In“. fur “norm
pO. of noun-lung I county “ch! VI h- um]: n
“1': nun "nerd election, to be hhl on non-d
Hunt] In Jubl‘y. luau. ;
II M duln - um I“ the pnolncl- Ihould be upm
Chum“ Whig Penn-ll Cal-mm“. Thurston Co.
Ulymplu.-lum 13,15“. It):
Tho. law an WM? lulurmd lhl 11.
notes. m.x..mwuu.m.. «I .J- wnm'uuoox‘
In. «1 Mann Cumly. Inn bon- ld‘l rlm the u.-
dcr-lxlml luv «Alon-dun.
A [III-don or uld «comma finnld I". bun lona
nine. pad. Th- m‘hvo but. {at nonna- 0-.
ud Ilnlnu um wlll null thou-In- n! It. mull-‘5
month In lan-0x23 Ila nu, they will pmmwly 5
Han mmplwul ln Oulhmflfll m.» m
wlll ln-n ml! cdlodhll. .
P. 8. Wuhlnnnn Tmimz nulp mu ll pr
mm at noun-bl » anvil 1 no.
Olympln. Juli 11. [ss6. I!”
l v Notice
IS HEREBY GIVEN um Man of ldmlnbtnflon
hav: bun mud by the Prom“ court urskma
nil eaunfly, Md Term-try of Wn-hlngwn. la Ibo nu
Cor-43nd an Incum- Maura: announce-00d.
we 0! nld owns.
All pun-m In nu rhlms “aunt the bound In
aqua-M h pm“ thou. II the «mela
amwnhlnmynrfmmthlum.uhhn u
m Cut-ads. All per-ton: Inflated baud mu m
culled upon to uh Immanu- numeral.
0. J. PALMER. Adn'r.
Canon. In] an. [‘s6. or): '
NO. 100.
W Cm .
Pmrrn 4 Mia mm, at curl-um AN" 1
YUIINISHING 0008: also 0! BLANKI'I‘B, ‘
Wenonlmnfln‘rmuuunpaPa,soars. ‘
_. |
‘ ”.mfllf ARRIVALS hum I very hm
‘hvuka o! m no.l.
‘ In». I'll Ilyln of 61.013“
u! Mum LARIIES‘I STOCK an! Inn!-
‘nurh‘. Tun-ohm tum-mummy”-
amp-" Hun, mo! the hon Interim roll out, hr;-
'rru-n no. uu- (amt-y
An unmofiznmm gun'lgi‘AVY m. 3::
[My I“ [MW . “I In on
fun-l min. In tho mum.
mwnzumflulhufl nut
m w. :- mick h run-uni.
Ornith- a. mu lmmpfly Ind MN", :0
10.0.9“! tanned hwy Mm PM.
I.“ pur- anon-d Fun, and Plains-HM M,
1m pdrl Una Pulls. -
moo :- um?" Inbbr M.
1,000 r! mhher C 11".
100 cu- (hotly-r- ”I! lad-hon mm.
no can Illoh' 3mm
1.0. 0131-11)“ mud dun-Im.
m do: hncy Gad-an Omdflm.
[M an Win. sum. v ‘
no do: hav, chlmry mm, - ‘
too do: hug Cheek sill-u. ' ‘
M an: [or Inn saw.
600 do: [Auk-ml Undenhlfll.
m an Rapu- mum.
200 dot on] PIIIMI Under-Mm,
4.50 do: Imbawml Drum.
no d" mind mu Drum,
11.00 (In Unnlh.
1.000 nonlm From,
I” a- sutry nu Wool Scab.
1.30.: g: 4-" Whit. Md nlnd Mach!
1. T.
‘1 ant-WWII. 3.. .
\ me do: Cam c udhmhhb. ,
:50 do: Rubber Benn. I
250 do: Burl Gloves.
too do: lllehkln Gold Ml.
1,000 Devlin Bullie— 00“».
too Bluk Clam hurl Cum.
1.000 mortal Omfi,
mo mined Pa Conn.
1,000 Sflk. Cloth Ind Valn‘ Venn.
10 lulu Blue Ind WM“ Blankm.
so hlev A Shauna
50 bd- Dfllb.
an hala- ulnmd nun,
so 15% lan. lv‘en Hm.
100 w.- ruv Wu,
run-kw ' ' Wmanndm.‘
WW. cam WM.
1» MI, m. on Inches,
8-- billion.
‘ lkxommumm. anytnlm.
. .
\/ l'nncd Man‘s Mall.
[Piml'os \Ls bl urn-ins the uh .1 a: United
, Huh-A from“. In lluy of Btpleinhr. 1966. lo
the and. \IE' or .1 me. 1 SH, on lin- I'uil-nwlg' mm- in
‘ TON, II“ he nl-oiveni It the Contact mm. of the}
‘ I'm} Ofl'n'o Ih-pnlnu'lll. in the my nr “'ulmm.‘
unh‘ltflla’lh day of July. IBM. \0 m decidad W (In;
no: y: ,
i 127'!) Pram Hurr'n Plilm. by Grand Puma.“ Eu
gene City. 21 mile: Ind buck. one. u week.
lA' n'e Stu-I‘M I'olnt fiery Frlduy It 7 I In:
Arrive at Eugen. City Mme thy by A p in:
Le n‘e Eugene Cit; may thrdl-y at 7 t In; '
‘ Arriwl MSt irr'u aim same day by 4p m: l
I 12736 Fr >m Pun Orrr-nl, by [Luadulyh nnd ['um my,
.u h Gku‘diner (fly. h 5 nudes and hum, unw n
“'8“ .
Leave I’nrl Orl'nrd evmy ll'vmlv' I! ‘I Im: ‘
Axrivo M Gui-diner (my next \ ednud 1; by 5‘
-1.1.-‘.’.\'I:’G‘.IITIIKBF City "Hy Thundny at 7 .I n-
Arrive v D n 0 fowl v-rxt Hl'md yby a p tr;
'12731 l-‘r-m s 03W! to Wiucbuur, M mile: and
Luis. act I «wk. ‘ ,
‘ Leave Scntulmrx uery “Mm-thy uI I In:
Arrive It Winche~l¢r next day by 3 y m;
l.e,.vc Winclmlzr every I why at nm; ‘
Arrive n Scounhur. noxt day L: l p n;
1274] I-‘rvm Pacific City la Chcnvmk. I 3 mils: and
but, nm-c I week.
It“: Pull! ('in every Wetland-y It Ip m; i
Arrive “ Chum-k nun day by 5 p In: ;
Lave (‘henm ken!" ll nun} at .‘ . m: i
Arrirnd a! Punk (‘lly name day Ly II nm: ;
I'll-Ii I" run by n dihrcm u-Imlulc wIiI I): cum
12m Faun Vanwmn‘cr h Suilmm Olly. lad but“
once u week. i
Blrl.lrr< tau-b distance Ind mm. of urb—
nln Ind lit] Imam
N 0 I‘ll in made I»! m u rwrmd. And
for not?! much mm. mm maxi", whim
“In! "In “I. pay at the "ID my In “In: . Fu‘
Inlnl- unu- unrdnh film. not mflck‘nfly Ixcum‘,
u..e-l‘ourlh of the my l-vr 111. "If: my In Mum.
The comm! any unnullod for repeated him”.
for Holding the you once law. or m Mum. (In
darn-uncut I immcdm Tb. Pout-uh: Guard
runner n lnumofnnloonngnklncm
on mud Ila-yum Mum”.-
vidcd the MIIII‘ Illa. In not dial-I‘d ; III). In
my mull lbs m. or dl‘cununm It Augean-r.
It pm Ma «meme 0! ply, an candida- d M- Allah-
In I "M mmulh'u um pay on tho amount 0! unlu
(HM whh. '
Na manually will ho showed (at um. I! lay.
of ulna-I out "mud dun". I! the palm- to ht
wpplbd In emu] um 'l‘lu «emu mm In
executed I), the In 0! Scroll»: next.
. PM Gourd.
A F"! mnnr e wnur. lug And Active younz mm M
and Immedlm employment, by whlch mogul:
anally nuke £6OO or 81000 I 'our to an M men {or
neural new and popular Work 1:»! puhllnhed exclu
nlvely to! “am.- Ind not tor tale in book-tuna.
We hue :5 gm“. number of menu employed, my
of when m muting hon .16 low) per wk. Thou
who 111-hm emu In ‘hh plea-M. ma prouubl:
human, will fur pulled-n. mluhihl. 142., Address
C. L. DERBY & (‘O.
Publisher- .“ whole-uh Who.
m r ape hgll m‘fl'fifi.
ital! n M! II v n. I
folluwinl l lnurtlom. unfailing WI to it. Ind
sending 1 copy 0! their rum cool-lulu 11. will n
celre .3 “In. of ul- [ol ovln‘ verb. VII:
Life Jun In, by Hadley, .116
" Nn- urn, " 115 ‘
“ um. " l 2.5
Wlld Seen- ol u Hunter‘s w. l u
[.m- oum; um um» woman, 100
Odd Fellow. Ann, I 00
Any pano- whhlng uybhh Ibm boob. can
Inn thou “thy null hudm,uueelytol
the nbove null prime. Adan
:m c. 1.. bill? t 00.
THE L!!! or none: Mn W I.
luv York M fih- PM u.
gamut. “It. . «1. 0b”. -
luau-Innu- an In IBM.“
mummy,ummnlrmm ml
mm In. mr lad. I- W h Lulu.
Every mount-nun“. nmw
nm with I» muon- Nu Valid!" null
m mu boom-Id I! "Imam-m
ullhhulbu-“Wny‘llth-nwwl." ,
afirflifl“ “I tin s.ode
n- " dd
“"13. m 3 ,nduu'uzn Mom-a
~"—au|- _
"lih‘ufe‘huhvin‘: hue. bln‘mlvlr
lum- endum nd ML: mlfim at but
noel I lit monpenu."—N. Y. W. I
" 0! mm. lawn“. and mun-lug lunch a! ‘
Shaun! hum. W I!“ “(Wu noo
(MP—{W . . .. j
t All m. w lei?- "ml-l My l
on “mg—[W .
"at volt farm-st 11l dig-hm! Ind
an y."—— W‘ W
"Ml unuynnvdd‘hhllhf—
[Nut-m '
o! m- lnpk. haul; mmuph 111
wld.‘l3hforuebybm mumcvlh
nanny-null. Wilden, awn
“Am" "M ewpylng w- W In.
n new
ulna-Lung fifiu nfiopy W. will undu
uo o - .
P’ 'lmx m m- rm.
Spool-l (Edit. i
omwv.ap.;&vws ‘_ i 1
(11-Fl. Ms
W Ind Wig, “Ii Ruth]
_ nu .
33%. win an LnuoazaguWw’ :
ton minty width-n. '
He will upon NOW I“ Col-lulu]
Gourd lllkr‘ It Olympln. for min. 1
[Skid] Mm uumc. ‘
A“ 0.1 v. 17“. '
I! on!" of CM omm man-WM. :
and; h: WM
“1:113..M‘1 we, www- land}:
mm 10 m.'|llhn ”with!!! a
xenon! mm 0! x 3
W um. mm a! other m I. lit lh ‘
mu onto con-nuts. . .
mm 5 mm.
M" M "m" “h" m...&"‘""
c. 0113“ Sound Curing] I 111 111.
bill to .b C. .
She-vb] Imm Illponom but: MM
9M v II
gmamnlan of :finalmgr‘? lug. mtg
nmnnh Icrl WEI-Id - . Ind
Count-u] gonad gain 9» mm! and
momma. nppmed by Olsen 0- fl GI.
uummw mud. , ' '
Thcuwunl- hxmuuvmduth ankl
ud the quad? fumlshod. '
am £213.,“ “amp-. 3 3...“:
P m purl- W
'Ffld Sum gvgnu M. M
rum! 7. mun. .
*. m «i my and.
_Olymph, W. . . W
c. n. “was. ..
AW©®WEV m 5? (9%
mass! rn mwmtm N, .
lflln‘f. mun cum. lob, m , - ,',
. an m, , , . ‘' i
somuznmnggvm m rm.
cc. "hiking“.bgs. ‘- l '
mum-a ‘ . on mu.
3 l «I gn- M"
mo'nkgudum .Jm' ' "a: u.sfi.fi
«flar- And not“. Bnun Icahn. Irv-d
“alumna. count Micah. mm
lane-n 111, (111 M lain.) IR WNW“ ah
' P'Biymph.hb.m. we. 2"
I Grand Mound Nursery.
I Evin; mama Imm of 3 1m
1" W. ’l‘.. fur the bane! L-uuzflco (2:31? high-0:1
«would 1w llumw lo Mm “ :Fll l‘v\'|;l'4 h! flue mil" It‘h
-!gnrd§n «k! Mujihmm Kbilurd. 3; man..- «a. m
‘in Ird. nlh a 'lce A. unlh' 3‘.
Jim the rule I)! (my. ''l LD 6:, .
‘ ~ - all.
I Olympia. Dev. 26 1956. m?!”
>7 _—.- —‘..«.< ———~.__...__.
‘ WELLS, ”RM 8. 00's
Meson. Worn“ and Allah Sims ,_
i 53 .. . w T _ , . .
, - p ~ . rcawrc l .v la‘v .I‘nrccla, [emu
, .4 L 1" '. l and Freiuht lu’w “led lrdm all pun:
‘ uli‘na-égi‘hm W 4 him In) ‘51.": ihy by wrry
ntv'nvner tn Ml mm 01 (Salifnrnix and um Athuus
\ Sink“ luviux “m. llice In Ulympln than the ‘slth
2011‘ ml awry Huh-”J.
“VII“ uruc‘md nn Californll and I“ the “I‘m
ylcltlu. md pu'qu-lu‘ ultchlion paid to (J.- collard»:
no: :luus, Account”, «M., lndl pan: 0! IL. Unllnd
> A (w.
I All Orders for the purchase of merchudl-o. bu h.
be” attended a with mum“? and dm ml.
5. W LLIAMR‘.’ Ann.
M the stun a”. a C. 1:. “Winn.
Olympu, Feb. 19,1856.
. V , , ...—— .... r .._--
I E . .
Home Turned Clear would flow Bland. ..
I Right Side Up !l! '
_.THE underslgnrd Mflng rented the
II II ”II I , Umcl’ ' E
i W hlgt Hm! birth]
‘C'WI'IF and F‘mlm, [min the rub icm
, nu ruyer tum-1| llmn.
fin table will “Flyl b 0 lpßld win I vh- l 0
plume“): mm.“ Msfy the hungry—good bed.
and clean nhmu whqntlu weary - In: without
fur nf Luhl, m nightmare, or bod-bur.
Give In I call gentlemen. Inc! If you a ant and m
Ihonu what it ought to [10..1e than cull lona when
elu- Wo have good stable: or bonus Ind shall ”-
panlcul-r mum" to their “an. .
Charger qudrratc.
.l. W. 1 W. B. GOODELL.
Olympia, Feb. 7th. 1556. _ 30-“
Livery Stable.
HAVING purchased the Interest of A. J. Mill.
in the Livery sung, hentorrre under the mm
at AJ. Baldwin a (Yo..lun pup-Md mural-Ila:
saddle Emma, Ind do nll klndl attaining on ‘5.
on not cc.
Alum: cod "gun rd and Onu.fllx.&c..lhnyi
on lmmlfior mvelingncunumen,umm but!
I‘ll .
" ammo snmmz.
Olynpln. .11.. ”ch, m ;; ..
The co- nrmushi harmfnn exam» Mu It.
style of 'IKOIPSORP. (BRENNAN l. OJ. Infl- in]
dl-olved by mutual uncut. All m w
lung to an old Inn will be “tended (ob: Gm- t
Cnnm-y. - - ‘
mwnancn cam.
‘ Penn'l Con. thlhy‘n bland. MH. [llla-8
__ .._....___._._..__.._.__
‘ Notice. , V
LL hwwllnhb "Tflpodm'
A .mm&um.mlmfl
uwmnmpvmhun. u PAD. h pr
‘ In! 0! laid debut. , .
Jua- nob-m umy unmanned L n .
”alumna“ ',‘-.. E”?! ”5;"
' “WA ennui Ail- w '
I wil-1n In: “dd ; 3
LYON t 09.. m. ' '
(at Lufth- gnaw-“mam a“,
M 111 I.“ - " "' ‘ ’ ' '
mum ' Pine Ma.- mum .
I New Goods! .‘ ‘
ucoxo unit, roar orncl‘ntiu'l} ,
J"“-'-"“""- “‘“Jm’M-a; Mai?”
Dry Goods w »
Ing’ M., M.,; -
nun-hock 3m. samba». mm,
hia-dawn“ "3
health. may. mailman... nu ni-
Ifll Pulk. ,m.
‘ :r.*....°-'-~mm...~:.~.zu’:~- ....~
1 mmwcm, unto-m a“:
‘er hum-13mg! "Lard
glifiCr-piud Hugo Shwbflzoutfi“ ,
nu: Wiggins-09?“, R‘
fob-mo nd ' ' ’ v - .I ‘
Aflolwhkh '1 Lowlakzyo'lw;iu‘
Ninth-00H“ . ' “ fly-Bi
, .
mwupm }
m.u..w.1..xn.n.m :‘ 3'
Mad Wm“ KI W
Al‘tg'omngmmnbudmalw“ . 1
fmflhfoflvgfi-grbn .
3°" 233’: “M.,...gwéaw »
“LBW” mmm. “gm .‘
c00—.5: mm.“ wrong-W “2- ,
%ntu upmmma:
and . mu..specm Amt. for than ll
Oak leborJ’Oll'l Can. Ind laid '-
Wb h'ullluHl. .‘ ‘ . _
“duke-moan”.th if},
[null-mum hsz-Muznautb g
mmsm-“r ”..‘1" 1 ~
and mumm- mmflmm {'3'
monk-hon lined BMW-vb'fi "‘
°"""’“ *m
3‘.- Wq 3“fl m .- r
rant: «on em . " '
“of lamb. . . 1"
hr numb IQ aux»! nun-I
31:53PM lam-um may um_ ~4
1 mm. ”Jumbo-d, mun-IBM 1" "
«Idiom-w Mien. 51- M 11.
‘ urpm.==n~wpdl ’ln
karmic “9 .
aw “flu o. - _
mot Misfits; "-
V . u
. All noun-nu. m Shiv-l darn-II :
“pH-I with . m ' ’
{mumbhitlt , 0...? ‘
A ”In tr In I. .
I All hfllutmmww .. ,
we! “WW.
I It nMflu.Mhfi-c&m¥l
Mond- m l-hhldJMquhlylld I h
; mad-madam. m '
Vmggulflnlohnzw ~\: i 7". >1 2‘ 2"!
mu “Jim. _ ' Mv‘ ,
HM! '
m 1... ‘...' :fwtfifi
”m ' Jul-1 " _L
a... mmw'fiifiw
_ _ *MM".W.‘
Notleq to 3h; Public , .g. *
ragga-“maznfi fi-rtfiar
“wmmmw'h m N
‘ omm. warm ‘ '

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