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Pioneer and Democrat. [volume] (Olympia, Wash. Territory [Wash.]) 1854-1861, June 20, 1856, Image 4

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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7‘ ‘ '
A‘7 . . r
z. u. \rIL-los. “1.1:. lhl'.\l..\r.
\VARL‘. AND L'UL'XTILY |'l:0lJl'( H. I
At Deal-nun. “'. T- "
-\ Km"! umurhmm uf Ihr IlmH‘
Inorvhnmliuc vull he ki'lfl cunulunlly on. ‘
luud, Ind ultrvd l'ur mile at price: to sun the nun-~31
February 29. mm. 'AZHI‘
'— _—T\'.'\Hl'.l.AL‘H “mum.
OLYMPIA, W. 'l'. 1
Au Mark of tho SIIprI-luo (hurt. In authorized Lu ul-
Inluisu'r O.IIM. Luke Acknowledgments. Depu- ‘
lliLihllll, kc.
Feh. 22. '55. 2243" l
_- . . , . r
Wm. w RIGHT. I
G A ID 1;.) ii. 12 2X , V
(nymph. Winn-. 101: 'l‘crrllory. L
Angnxl "11l lKfiJ—nlflly. i
w. N. A)! HRH},
unuzk IN
(nymph, \Vlnlplugton Trrrllol y. I
ALno. Mnflyoulnml, rm assortment of Hurd
wllrcAYupJlerJnd Shut Iron Wue, 11111 made to order.
Ail kin II of repairing. In his line. dune nilll nmt
-10-m Ind 111- Intel).
Nuv. 21L. {NM—Hy.
. J. S. SMITH,
rxxs's can. wunuw‘x ISLAND, ‘
WILL Imam! In Any business entrmm-Il Lo him iu‘
the courts unhc Tcrriwry or before the Sur
veyorO‘leral o! Urcgon.
, “nuns 'ru
A.C|mpboll. A. C. Bonncll. Portland. Oregon.
Cofllu,Cuhlnau .k (20.. San Francisco.
Hon. C. Lnouur, \VUIIAI'IKWII City.
ouxru, v. 1-.
Ram. 10, Im.
M. s, um. w |
£23083“? ALE? RAW.
Nov- 5, 1858. W
o. c. H B w IT I‘, _
IOIMIOE'JOE ll omnnommw,
Inn]: n. In“. _ hwy.
' I
M. lOIIISSIIN t. 00.,
Dry Goods, OHM-g, Boon And Shoal,
“111, 0-,; GM“. Mary w-re.
am. 60.
Olympia, W. 'l'., Sun Pram-Inca, Cd.
l. Lennon. I. “can“, A. "nun.
April 22, 1854. ”if
I. IlffllAl. 11. II‘I'TIAN, I. Ilfl'lAN
Bettman Brothers,
fibre on me can" a! lulu Ind Honour! sum...
mympln.'w. T.’
tr A bunch of Lhelr store In uubumd In Battle.
Klnf non-q. .
0 mph. Ans. 19, 1854. 50!!
. ALLAN, LOWE 8: 00.,
'COIIIIIIION- nancnnn,
‘ J” cuv mm. In: mum-co.
All“, cKinl-y & Coi, Oregon City and Umpqln.
-1m 5. Im. 6m“
m a E G 83 A 83 E’ g
Oct [863. Ml
- »M P. BURNS,
L‘cuuw'mfinifi ‘WWJ' ”mm“; "F."
, . ' lan I 2
College d Wand W. Cumin.
Halal-dike one. urfuumnyunin the
[new end on of
{...-mm W In Engine, indie-nacho
sang...”- fim :3" 7.2.“ “ism.
. ~m can- u u n.
N. 1.-—A nipply arm-due medicine on head.
M- moderate.
Jun. 11. ”ma—mm
THE UNDEBSIGNBD hiring {ol‘th the stock
on had. a! C. c. 1:117,ng her with men! ur
riub "Sum-ad Imhummn.hln on hand
n mm of xenenl merehandine he the ends,
uh“ by 0.: wholenlc Ind mm m I until ul
nun on con.
AltiJlly N. 1964. cm
TH] nhnedber Inning loaned twenty miles above
.000!!- undllnat the head a! navigation on
mmflmml winn- Wright-own In
file o|th PnirieJl I beautiful a 3 country,
mummmuu zoo clan-on
the dune. For I'm-main. alarm tle subscriber
or C. C. Pun“. Cowllu Ludinx,
’l3“ .i. L. HITCHELL.
H 0”. PIDWELL & 00..
In. .5 MM“ Its-vet. lam lunch", Cal.
L M 5:; igmwmoéSM. 1&3“?
“I". If eor'.ee’u,)
mpg-en firm! Hid. Md lac-mm. My»:
coin on cmulgnnwm lii limb of produce (w fink unr-
Im. or cup to the Ail-mic sme- sifdexind.) my M
the shown trucks—nun; Iber- uivunm It W
"ml chm" .
PM!" “Mona.” to Milking Tumm- with
lids-and in Isle of mar.
Dec. 7, loss-alum.
ma uxvmmxso OFFERS um sl-ZIWICIX
to In leech-ml in (he interior u u Wmul‘mhu
h- um II 8-- anclnoo. having been an
in E: huma- for mriy three year: put. .10.“: th
' pm experience in the interior. Hr harm
i: ghuuflmhn to Inch u may empioyhlm in t It
W. cm for my description of evaluate
fl ed Ind low-dad pmmiv.
U 3 gain. comer Bauer, uni Sal-Immw m..
San Francisco.
In. W, 195641174111. .
Fine Virginia Tobacco.
Bi Mnmento hand-dry. Hum com-ed ;
Infinite: band—H plug- to the pond.
M Lin" hund- of Jm' .‘c Bud-01f! oeielnuod'
m. in In: In an. for uni: by
A ‘ f Sign Funnria‘n.
”.15. [3s6—an 3m. 5“ Or ° "N m“ .
‘ "bl tSI
i {a no «)1».
‘FURNITURH ul' vuriuus kind: kerl ruu- i
utunlly on hand. um onlurs Ii led a!
nhur: “flirt. V
_\ urn-(r nl' wm'k made of in-uuliful ‘
rurled mar 9 now in rn'mlinf‘fl. 'l‘ht- lili- 1
zenn or I) yluplu mnl Vil inily an- rL-spccl- ‘
luli) invitml to call and examine. ‘
A. J. l,l.\'\'illl.. ‘
(lbmliiu. April '29, 1‘54. Jltf ‘
‘ For sale.
A TWO STORY DWELLING. >ilu.il(~ll in #3
} Sexitllu, Kim: ruuniy. 110‘iullfl] oillwr n~ u 'lllll '
~l4le or hut-m. “ell ilnidml imiih- ninl out. Im- ‘
|hut (‘lullml :uul palm-m! in~inh~ mnl :ulvunhm-luhlyl
|r~ill|iltul.,nmv ln- |Hll‘t'hfl~(‘(l nu rl'nwmnllh-tl‘rllw hy'
alllpllraliun IQ-inu mmll‘ In "In umh-Munml. ‘
If ALSO. n vlaim ditnutnl M Ilw mouth 0" lhn'
‘ Dviwmnuh rim-r. wvil wulrrwl. nml nu which i! l-rwlml
pnml In; Imimn tin-re is rlourod lnll umh-r (n-m'r uiinul
5 fli'rnu~ 0! him]. I
Sen-mi tom. [uh “ill nlm ln' 1“" ima-d nl'ln fir-ulllv.
I u .ionx .1. Moss.
; Nun-...u-r 7. Ma nun-mt
Special Notice.
‘l\' cnanuunm- nf llm death at nine nr our .Irm. m- i
haw mmcludeil tn CIUM' up our buainem. 'l‘hw-
Wii‘illllfl tn lmy Ury iiuod‘, (‘luthinm(er'rroiu, limb.
Shoes, llnnlwun. Mu. ('hl'fip. will Iln Wl‘" [u mil. u.‘
We Are selling on' in. run Faun-Nu tin-t min-w. i
GULDMAN & lil).\‘l'lNlll..\TT. i
ALI. persons lnllelulcd In ml are hen-luv nrliill-d. xlml .
lhvir :m-vmm-z munl luwitivri‘v lw «cull-«l Iwrnn- the
first or Jmmnry. ln nnh-r to lau'l' Imuhlv mul vxwuuo. ‘
TINM Inn-mg Ilrmunds uuuinq m. an- requcnli-ll in
come [mum] and vaim their I'lfl". ‘
<10”):le x ICIMENHLATT.
Olympia, Dev. 3. Insi-nll. . ~ ‘.
mm ml" ‘.
iACllull‘E SHIJ‘:CTIOX.IIII} omllev- I
i variuiim nfnll we amirom kin-h of I
nm'unil lhuuwul, two yuhl‘ grnwlh {ruin the grim,
fmm llmc In seven feet high—wt” lllllt‘d for mm
pluillng thin Manon.
Orders m-cnmpnnh‘d by full l'rnm all rim of the
Territory,(‘nllllurnlmand the mljulnlnx thunk vrlil
he pmmptlv “tended In, wd (nu-s dcilrrn-d (rt-r nf
mum. at Qteilnrmm. lll'(‘.ll I’ATTISON.
“'ulilnmn l’lninn, sell. 2‘l. 1146.5. ununoil
unnu- or W. 'l‘., Pun-d It the Flu. hculun
of "In boll-III“? Aurlnhly.
HAVING linen 11. the expenno urn re-[lrim 0' I
number of Mm» of the lawn monk-II u the lily-I
{um-ion of the leghlutive mmbly ui’m-riuury of Wuh
umwn. an undrnimied hu fur mule A limited number!
n! copirn. The work in bound in urcunlunoe to than,
mtlun of the int. lxginlutun—conhim “fl pnurm
with a i-orhuu lmlex. The legal profieuiun and “then i
desiring i .‘nml not outllh‘d tn 3 rnpy by law. wmzld do
well to nuke immediate lmilimiinn hi
At the More of Louinsou & (.‘u..(' ympln.
Prlr-o ‘5. i
Olympia. fiept. 11. IRSS—nI-tf
'rllolu LAxnm. null.“ Pm'rn.
“Tim lAmlfl' Ann 313‘"!!!-
(‘1 RNEiIAL Communion Merchant-n and lmlmrlcrn o
I l‘mviuloun, bum um Bum. HIHII'IN Indi
Canary, Cnn‘ke GM 'mr—WW‘l Ind shims.
Hosiery, Rifle: 111 uni. Selim Ind Sen. II!!! 111 nr-i
ticle- nun-lilo to the Puget mull M, m pricel- of
which will be found very llotll‘llk- i
Hun l-‘rnnrlaca. Job. 10, "153. i
.. n r r';
GRANT) Mfldfu a I
N U :1 HE RY. I
' TEE mhocriber wlll he rrelmml to lumbh the pub l
llc the comlna full. w lh he bent lending vlrll-tiw I
or {null tree». (‘ulluinting l)(,.\||]lll'. l’t-nr, I'luln. (‘lu-r- ;
ry, l'mh, Cum-nu. “mm-lull". hm, n'hlch hlvcl
lax-en ,lelected will: cure frvm the Stun-x uni omm;
' numrlen. 1
My Dund ln-lng well n-llptml to the Jlflhulrm of
rummfiluler nyeelf lean premier-t to In. publio I“
' good tree- umy numryuu thug-elm: rout, Iml
“fill". them true I» name. I‘ to corn-slum
with the Union. I’m-lure or nun-Ir taken In exchange
fur treu. Orden la' mull wlll n-u-lve vmmpt ethan
tlnn. Tm»: urell. y pulled and delivered n Olym
, pl: (tee of charge.
Gnml Mound, Sop. H. “155 n]
980132113 89:!) 9513332873 I
W A R E H O U S E ,
no, 4.13 moms- s'maia'. !
mun nuvmuu AND nunlnu'o nuns, I
sq “memo. l
' Sm“ D. It. I'ROVOST. Angel. 1
Mac, Mall: 111 l. 00., l
HAVING mule exknuive arrangement: fur rem-Ir g
In: t Inge I well Idol-14d usurtmv-nt uf
lllrect {rum New art by every (‘llppcn n:- m-ll u by]
Elm. vln the hauling—and hnvlnpr jmt nerned n
(24mph. Ami-mt u! erery kind of [ln]: mull-led l
to the mu 0! the murkrt. are able to oer nuptriul'l
lnducememu In the dty mud muntry hula. '
We wnuld ulna lnvlw the lttentlun ur [um-haven: for I
the Oregon uni Midwlch 111-ml Inrkch. Lu mlr nhwl, ,
| hellevlnx that we run nulluply them with lrtlrles..in am y
5 llne. mulled tn thelr trldo. on term: qnltc u man-bk
” my home on the l‘utlllc amt.
, T.\.\Pl-2E. McCAllllJ. & (‘O..
Front, earner Eur-month “ml-I. {
an Pam-into, ('lll'flfllln.
, June 111. In“. «H! ‘
. ‘ V
THE UNDEIHIGN’ED Ind-f mltly elm-ml Illd ‘
fitted up n lluu—l Iu Olymp I. In nuw'xrepeml tel
mm rd": unl hank-n th prlvnte
mu. mud n nl uuch enu-rtalmnonl n he trunhl
I wu'lubo .Ivaan by a “herd ml dinerllulnntlng
' e. ‘
I Puli- Plcllc Hum h lit-ted no the rel-nor of Mlln
v Ind Fourth Streotn. when the proprlelnr wlll.ltlnll
' u... like plot-In In llvlng hospitable entertain
ment tn hlx gunmen. on u modente term» as an ehae
where he [we-red.
WM. coon. l
Olymplu. Imh IR. “M. m! ‘
. 1m: uxnmsloxm hlvlng cm“, 1
I new and lmpruwd the CAM” belong
. luv! Cnl. BMY on Whldhy'n Inhutl Irlth
I I vlew of tau-r nu to the rank and pleu—
P am ofthrg‘nbllr, I than: u! thclr Inumn
nge 111 Inllr «I.
The simmer tuurhen at “11l olnt cm-h trlp, u- that
rerun wluhlng to mt and turn] \hrmmlveu‘x‘n thy
, Illfld far I: remain. or he rurwlnlcrl to PM To and.
Bellmghnm Bay, Port Dlm-verfv, .\'en- 111-951 mm, Vla
tnrln, .L, or ekwhen. can r mdlly “commodi
led. A fine lot of lullc!‘ Ind gentlemen“! riding and
_ buggy ham-t. nu well u good and rule luau: {or fie
accommodation of pleuun- wellnn I{nmh‘m
, July 20, 185.1. «m ‘
Times oi holding this Bimini form in the
Territory oi ll “hi-gin.
The followmg Is the law passed by thol
[oat Legislature, regulating the times of.
holding courts In the several districts;
throughout the Territory : ;
Two tom: of the irintrii-t court oholl he held in I
nth county ever! your; except thme «mi-tics nttncih ‘
ed to other want on for judlA-inl lillrpurtl'fl.
The District Chum in nod for the county oth'fii-h
lon Iholl he held on the tint Month] in Apr" nml
()otoher; fur the cnnnly o! Inland. on thoumnd lon
d-y in April and Outuhcr: fur the cunntz‘of “'hltcum, ‘
on tho third Monday in April and Or her; (or the‘
county of King, on the fourth “and? in AH" and ‘
October". for tin- rnnnty n! l'lrrrr on t R first unit-y
“'l‘;in nil Novemlnr. [Chief Justice LANDII pre
n nu.
The iliotrict Fourth II Ind for tha county of Thun
ul nlull be hell! on the second lanky in Mly Iml
November: for Illl' county of It? on the third
Honduy in Nov and Norellhr ‘SO county of
Lurk, on the fourth Hood" in it, 111 November
[Judge (‘IIIHOWR‘HI pro-Idiom]
The Dim-let Court: .inl forth count or Rh
mouin ”I!“ be held on tho loot loud” in limb god
iflepkmhfl“. fur the rauntLof fluke one week “ter
the time Appoint-d fork min; for tho county or
Orwliu. on the necood Tue-by titer tho m... .p.;
pnlnud for Club minty: for the empty of Faith, ’
nnr- week oft" the time appointed for Cuwlttz mantvl
.Jntlge Mrrlf‘itlfi“ pre‘idiug.
. Notice.
‘ t‘urwn. (hint sn,
. “in.“ “in.“ VALLEY, “21”..
l Junt- l'.'lh, I‘d-i.
AT \ TREATY l'unllmlt-d with the \‘nkium Nutil'll
ul' Indium at the ('umu-il (innuid in the “all!
‘\\‘ulln \‘nlln-y the mu ‘lny ul‘ .lllflt'. H 55, the land in
‘u-l-uln .l \\ ulnn tlu- t'ullnn‘inu hound-«rim w.“ n-Ji ll I,
‘tlu- l‘mtul swim, tu-wnl:
‘ ('nnnm-uring ht .\lti Ituuifr; lln'nvt- Ilurlhrrl" alum
{the nmiu l'lllL'P ml the l‘:l~«'ildi- nmuutnhls to the point
whvn' tln- imrthl-rntrll-ulun't-u ut' Lilli" ('lh hni MINI the
[southern trilmtur‘m- of mu Alt-thew fiver lmw tlwir}
krist'; Ull'lll’t‘allunlt‘lh't‘fly nn tln- di\'hle hrtnn-n the
‘unh-rs oi Lalu- (‘lu-l 11l and tin- Ml'lht" riwr to flu"
l(‘olulnbid rircr: thcnrl' I‘l‘tV-“illlt "W ('ullunbiu, on n
n |l(' Aunt. rumN‘, to n Imilit u him- humihnlv is um
:hnndu-d nnd llitlt'll't'lldl-KrN-rt flllll tru mimm-uiwhirh
llwn lath-r lillt‘d m'pumh- the above mud'eqlemlrd trlhon
:uul hundnuf Indium from the Uukuiluikum- tribe of
:lndmn» ;Aui<‘llt'c in II true muth ruuN- to thr l'urty~
win-nth mrnlh-l ntlutltudr : lllvlll't‘ tan-At nn utid linr-l
nib-l tn the nuin l‘.|luu.u~ rivrr—inhirh two lulu-r lint-n;
nt' lmunuurvanmtr lln- uhuw «'nlil‘l-Ih-mted tribtm
mid lunds from llu-Spulum-t: tlu-nrv «hm-n the l‘nvl
luuw riwr tn lttjun. tlun with the Mnh-hnh-nv-uhe ur|
mullu-rn trihuluiy nl' tlw NIIIM‘ :~ tin-nu in n mum»
«wh-rly tllnrliun to lln- Snake rim-r at the ninutlml‘l
tlu- 'l'm :nmnn rii'rr. «rm-Mum tln- ulmn- ('nnfl‘tlrrfi-l
Ilul trill-n "um the NI'Z "t'l’t'f‘l’ill‘lb' llulinus; tin-lire]
dun" thu Snulw nur lu iI‘IIIIIN'IIUII with thc (‘uhnn
bin riwr: Ull‘llrt' up [hr (‘0 unihiu iiwr tnthr"\\'hitt-|
llanlu" ‘K'IUM' I'ricst'! lhpidn; tlielu'i- \l't‘htt‘l'ly Mini
lnko l'flut'll "Ln luu' :" Ihl‘llt‘l' «nulhvl'ly to n puint ml
1":0 Yukinm riVI-r rulh-d Tulrmnlhluku : lllt-IH‘l‘ In nl
‘wntliiie‘terly dim tin-n tn the thinnibiu tin-r ut the'
'l"l'~'1'l'll Fur-unity nf thu "llig Hand." helm-vii tln-l
vniunth ol' tlu' l‘xnntilla riwr iunl llntter n-wkr‘nlll
will b lum-r imundzn-iv ‘ "Yllflril‘l' Ilw "hm-v v-unn-dura
‘u-il trilu-s nnd lrnud‘ t'mm lhr \\'n|ln Wnlln. Unyuw
mud l'numtiiln trilw nnd lnnidn ul' llltlillllt‘:—Illt-III1'
ulnn‘n thv (‘nlunil-h liu'l‘ tu midway hl'l“l‘l‘ll tlll
:Elllllllh‘ ul‘ Whit» Snlnmn and Wind rlwhl: lht-nm-
Ealolng the diviih- luvtwn-u amid tin-rs- to "up inu‘n ridxt~
‘vuf the (Hincadc nlnlnvtnim: and thcnl 8 along unld
lrldtre to the Mine of beginning.
I There in. liowm'rr. I'(':~or\'4sl| from "lt' hmd Ilmu
-I|‘l‘l‘l‘l‘.f‘ll’”ll‘l'Yt‘lllilt'P uw nnd m-vul-nlil-u of mid
:ronfmh-nltrd tribe- and Mind: ul Indium“. the "art 0T
hunl invlndrd with tin» llnllnwinu Inmndnrics, lu-mt:
Commrnving on th» Ylklnm river at tlu- mouth of
tho Attuhunm river; them-e \n-sh-rl 'Alnng M“ M.
tnlmnni rim-r tu tln- lurk-z tlwnvr “him; the mutlwrn
trihumry to the “l|“l'lllll' Innuntnlnn : "It'll"? mntht-rlv
minim "It! main ridge of mid vnonnuhu, pit-whiz smith
mid rut n! mount Adams, to the Spur win-lire flown
the wanton of air Klikntut and I’bwu rlveru: them.
down mid upur tn the tlh'ith' helm-en the wucm nf
uhl tin-n : tln-nre nlnng mid divide tn the divide M‘-
lun-Mlnn the wnwru of the Ram»: river from than flaw.
nx intutht- (‘ulunibin river: thonm Ilalll mid dhhle
to the ninth Yakima. «luht nillml lwluw the Innuth of
the Sam: river : Ind them-e up the Yakima river to
the plum- of huhmhm.
, Alm amm of land not exceeding In qnnntlty om
tann-hlp nf ulx Inlltw "l|lllft‘. nltumd It the lurks u!
the Phantom: or “'emtuhnpmn river. Ind known. u
tln- "\\'l-nnt‘|:umm l-‘l-dlt-ry :" whlrh MM truvt film“
he nun'eynl a marked out whenever the l’rmldcut
Inn! tlilu't. . ‘
, . , .i. ._.i_... .L- --.._._
...... ...“.-.
Dy In expml prm Mon 0! mr lrculv. [he country
vmhmed ll my renuinn and im llllk‘l' in the menu
‘llom, is «In-um! Ia milk-Imm. I-xv'fl-llvm that the In
:lhu- um loomed Intha )Wiml of their hulhllngn
Ind ilnpmvemenu until mnuwnl la the n-wrvutlnu.
Thin nnuu- ls pulvlhllml for the Inflq'mnllnn of "1.
public. and the nlu-ulluu oh'ifizrm rmpuniuu In I»
am: rlnlm- Hymn (In omit-(I lerrilurf. n rulucvlally Pull.
ed m the Above influx-mum fur unhcr inrnn-mllmu
[boy are mpwntcd In l]||>l\' (4| “Hum-m .\ , .l. llnlun.
mm- I. Maw-ms
l Gov. Ind Hur‘t lnd'n Mum-s. W. T.
1 June in. '55. ' 4‘2 1111 l
°.' Wuhlnuwnlnd Onunn papery plow vol-y.
l 1‘ 01 Ice. ‘
T TllHATll-L-l rnnrlmlu-d with the X 0: Prrt'e trltwl
A of lmllnunnud with the confederate-l trllm of the
Wall“ \anlu, ('uyllued mul l'mntlllnu tn the “'nlh
|\\'nllu valley at the rounrll urnund. thrn: won enlrd tn
ilho l'uilulSlnlk‘. e tnu‘l of country [living the ful
[luwlna Mlllldfirtt‘“, viz :
I Ilv the NM l‘t-rresv A‘nmmt-m-lnx at the mun-e of
”he \"u-nl-IIHIW or eontlwrn tributary of the l'ttlouet
lrlwr; “unveil-MI that rlw-r tn the lulu l’nloue:
theme in I eoutherl ' tl'm-vtlon to the Snake liver At
‘thn mouth of thu Tu‘unun river ; (In-nu- up the Tu
lunmn to In mun-o tn the llluo mountnhte; them-o
'ueutherly nlonx the ridge of the Blue mount-inn: thence
to I pnlnt on Grand ltonde rlt't-r nthlny ln'twrcn
lGnn lu ltumle and the unuth u! the \l'ol-low-lww rlv~
er: them: along the tllvhle between the Witch: ul
the \\'oll-lu\r-how and Powder river : thence to tho
crow-In“ or Snake rlver It the month of Powder rlver;
thence tothe Salmon rh'cr. tllty tulle:- Above the place
known in the “rnmlng ofthe Helmon rh'erz" them-c
Illte north to the nltmmlt of the Hitter float mmtmnlnu;
thence along the Cl'l'n'. or the Bitter llmt Inmmtainn
to "until" at heglnnlng.
By te Well. Wally. Cayum Ind ”Infill-Anklet
o! lend hulnu the followlnx haundlrlu. unlit:
(‘nmmenclnx It the month of ‘l‘uhuon river In
anxltlnm-m territory: numlnu them up add rlver to
lltu nun-e; thence en-tt-rl‘r don; the lunmlt ol the
i Blue mountaluu, unl on he wuthern bound-flu a!
ltho purl-hum: male of the Ne: I't‘l’t‘u India». "All on
,terly ulnar that lmundnry tn the wen-tern than: of the
country v alum] hi' the hhonhonen nr t‘nllin lndlnnl:
thrllct‘ Itmthcrly n on: that boundary (ht-hm the it
'A'hl e! Punter rit‘rr) u- llu muru of Powder river;
{theme tothe hunl veteran of “’lllow (Mk: thence
I'len'n Willow creek to the (‘olulnhln rlvrr: tlmnce up
thu- t-lmnnel of (‘Mnnthlu river In the lower end «I I
llurn lulunrl below tln- month of Umutlllnrh'er: them-v
nartherly In I palnt an the Yuklm rlver culled Tol
lnmh-luh: thmu-e to Ln Lu: thence to the wen:
. [huh on the (‘ohnnhln below Pth-nl‘l Itlpfln: than
illnwn the (lolnmlnh river to the junrttou n! the (la
.lumlnln null tin-kc I'lvcrn; thence up the snake rtver to
lthe piece o! heglnnlnu.
l'rovldl-d, however. but to much nt‘ the country do
‘ncrllml shove u contal rd in the following hound-rice
nh-ll he net Apart-e lan n-vcrvulon-t
Po the Ne: l’en‘e rim, t'lzz-J‘ummencln when
the I nh-hl-nnahe t muthrm trlbnteryoltheM-u
river 0 firm! of 1m: Bitter Root moul
htln-t then on mhl mum to the Imulh ot Ila
th-lllhw'llp creek: them-e mullm'lbw the crawl-a
ot the he rlvvr Ice tulle-1 huh»! t mouth of the
Alpownln river: thence to the mum of the Alpownln
river in the Bhu- ntountuhu: them to the cn-«lux or
[the llrnnde Bond: rlver. Inldwnf lat-tween theGnntlu
lllonde and the mouth ulthe Wu lowhow rivet" thence
‘nlonx the dlville helm-eon the Intel: 0! the “3|an
‘ how rh'rr Inn] I'ne'thr rlrer; thence toth cl’lltllht‘ of
Hnnke river flt'ken mlhw helmv the mouth of I’l'lh-r
river: theme to the Hal-nun rlvn-r elm-e the cm;
them-e by the num- ul' the [litter lluot munu‘lln- tn
the [vim-e of lmulnnlnu. ‘
l-‘or tho mutt-deviled trllse (If Wells “'ullne. Cly‘
one, and l'ntntllled._k»wlt : _ _ . ‘
(lommencin‘ In the middle 0! the channel «I the‘
llmntille rlwr euro-ite- the mouth of Wild Home
curl: theme up t «- mhlille of the «Inland 0' Illd‘
week m It: murrv; them-o ~untlu-rly tn I point in K”
IIIm- monnulnn. known In IA-v'n enoumpnlcnt: anN
In a line to tln~ “I|qu “I IN IIIIw-hmw NNL: tlmire
went to the dividi- the lluw-tume and llin-h rn-eh:
them-v.- northerly along MIN divide to [A point ‘1!“ went
at the eunuch-want corner 0! Wu. C. aney'u chin;
thence mat 111111 his line to the nauthcut corner;
them-e In slim to the piece of beginning.
Ry nn own-u pnwiulon 0f the treaty, the mutt,
unlinked In the ter-them- And not ‘III'IIItII‘II In the In
l-ruthmn, I- ripen tn uttlement. uu Itinx that the
hull-inn lire uncured In the plmulnn ogtlieirhnlldhgl
en-l Ilnpmvemrntu till rmnnvr-d to th¢ "wrath“!-
Efllu noting h ynhllnln-d for the Infununtion of the
pu r.
The uttcntlun or the citizen- pml-o-Ing to lure“
«him! u n the ceded territory h alum-duly called to
the Frown-m protecting the Indian- In the pone—lnn
ml heir lmpnvvemcntl. mud (or further Inform-thin In
rcferenm to the “'NII Well-.Ceynne mnl Umntilln rt
un'ntlon they ere aqua-ted to apply to Agent IL I'l.
Tlmmpuin—to the Ne; Peru rum/nth": tomll-Ilflfl
W. 11. Tum-an. ISAAC I. STEVENS.
. Gav. "11l Hun‘t, \V. ‘l‘.
I sup t lud'n MN". 0. I'.
, Cul'scu. Gunrxn.
| WALLA \\'A|.l.A \'AI.I.n,
June 12th. 1165.
| Jun.- 29. '55. mm ‘
‘ '.' Washington.“ Oregon pupa-u plrm copy. 1
1 THE HIGH Mlll. 00. ‘
L(‘tONTISUE to lamb-h mne- M unwell lnmlpr
’ Imugh or I‘M, hum timber M end npnrn. t 4"
onlrr. nt n-hort nation. at their utnm new mill It Teo
hlet. (Hmd'l I'm-I.) W. T. ‘
fihlp. nxnl anhlnint work, and Blnvknmltlilny dune:
111-n, nt IIIM mtloe. They have I mml wharf nml
other oonvrnlencee not to he found at my other 111-int
on the Sound. . ‘
I. P. KELLER, Agrnt.
Tee-hint. ‘
A. J. POPE. ‘
San anciu‘n.
Teehlet Oct. 22,215 ‘
sandwich Islands Produce, ‘
ND '- WHI lwiflmfllt of I'm-tun” 4m. m ‘
:Aln- (mind nt the mm of the Puget 11111 Con“ T 3
ima Hood'n Cnnel. Apply to
rm. 22. 1-5.3. 113/.
l M)! Ice. »
Il‘l‘ .\ TIN-Z \TY myM-lydrd u! lh-ll Hulv. h. I'.l¢- lm»
‘ h r 111-v: \‘alll-L 1:1] the llilh day ol’ July. him,
I u 111 l lllv l-‘llullul-ml. kalc-uny mu! upper l‘cudd Umillo
I Imlmnstlhn n- \\.l~ Ivdl-I] (u'fiu- l'nw-«l Slam-m vxrrllt
I‘lwu lmlmn rvfl'n‘alll‘uw m n- howamr mentioned, a
Ilmct o: cunnlry lmundl-d u I'nlllm's‘. Yin:
. . . .. ..I. I. I ,
Hunnm-m-nninn lhr nmin lidze ot' the llmk)’ nmnu-I
‘Llillfl ht the forty-ninth parallel Irridtil-ltit‘: tin-nu
m-«tmmlly nn that parallel t F the dhide helm en
l\’uu-t\--nu) riwrund Clurlw'n l-‘nrk : thence mulher-
My mudmmhvum-rly .tlunu ultill dividr to the min h'm
:dred and tllteenth 111-gm- or lumzit ule: them? In a
south-westerlydin-mun to [ln- divide between St. Reli-
Ide ”and: and the. ('mmr d‘.\h-ne rim-H; thence width
en-terl ' nnd snutln-rly adult): the nmin ridge of the
liitter ilnmt Inmmtxtind tn the divide lit-twain the head
mum at the lims-koowkia riwr .md M the mouth
nnwh-rn t'mk of tln- Hitler 1’ mt river; tlll-nee exutt-rly
nlune the divide sn-purntinc the wutern u! the sewn]
lrilnnariex nl the [litter Rout riwr from the water;
Hluwinu iutu the :s'ulman uml Snakr rivrrn tn the main
Iridge of the Mucky mmmtaim: tin-nee nurtherly Ilong
«id main I‘itifld' tnlln‘ plm-e ur iK'Rilln-infl.
l The nmermtmns rm» mt tullmvu, viz:
‘ i. That I-nrtiuu ut the vullry of the Bitter llnnt
river \vhivh is nltnnted almvp [Am-in Park, or vaeh
lrr'n Rout creek at Lewis and Clarke.
i 2. A tmvt at vuuntry an the Flathead river, hun
‘lli'll u t'ullm\-d,viv. :
‘ Cnlnmt‘nt'in: at the mm. M tht- mnln branch of
\tilc Juckn riun': theme along the divide hep-mung
‘tlu- wutt-w [tuning into the [tutti-r lhmt river t’x-unl
tho-m lluwlnu intu the Jm'ku, to n [mint midway he.
‘t\\|‘t'll the t'mnsuh and II um: liralrius; tlll-nee northen
Iv la and “lung the divide bounding an the west the
i "lathuul river ton will: due vm-t frum the palm
‘ half may In latitude hetwron the northern Ind lanth
rrn extremltieu of the Flathead Lake; than“ on a
due emit euurue tn the di\l|le. whence the Cruw, thv
I'rn-in. the SivnM-l-lv-em. nnrl the Jock" river-t have
their rise; tlwnre noutherly dung Ilid divide w the
plzu-t- of ill'L’illllillK.
The hunt a-Meul uutside at the mwrvntiunl in now
uprn tu wttlrnn-nt. The Indian: IIUWI'W‘Y im- menu-d
in the pout-alum ..r thrir lm movement: till pruvl-lon
it Inndn for their being unwell to the n-vervutiuns.
'l‘ln- rhtht tn [ln-tun- thrir nnlmuln in enmxnnn with
n'hiuu un Inwlnimed land, to Hill in rnunnnn with
Whited. ta (“1' rout-4 Ind L'ulher herrim on nnrlullne‘l
lmuL 5". at... necuml m the indium. . ._ . .
Fur furtlu‘r particulun uplnlh-uliou should be mule
livllhe Agent In the ma" Rout anloy, R. H. Lann
( n F.
(‘uum'ilHl-muul M [MI flute, milk-r mm Valley,
W. T.. July hull, "My.
Ann. 10. ’55, 6mm Gov. Ind Sup'l.
To Country merchants.
HA \'l.\'(i lm-ujuhhluu (Er-Ice" and l’rnvinion Dam]
on for [hr hm flu- wnru, we will now do a cnnh
‘rummlx—lon llllldllffl. W" mllci: nah-r» mm mnnlry
Hunk-n: for I" klmln ur Ihunh. For (ima-den In nu»
Kh-ulur w- ~lmll. hy being mum-my In ll“: marten!»
Ith to fill urdou “Hum-hurl! '.
We are uulc Ant-nu for I|an sum for the ‘lO of
Sn’niu's 13;ch Allnwphvric Sada l-‘nunulu.
‘ . Q (10017“ \.\' .VK NHL.
50 Front mm, Hun l-‘nnclncn.
Auglmhfi Rm
smne STEAM SAW m. I
H 1.. YBSLHII k (‘l).nn- nuw manufacturing A
n :npcflnr Ink-1e nl‘ wm-cl lumbar.
‘ 11. L. ITEM-IR It (‘O.
smm, sun. .1. H 53. M.
Thomas Tenant'-
rm I'm-f Block, I
noun or Lose mun: nun "um "nun.
CIIRUNOML‘I‘EHS carefully and by Tamil. 0!»
mrvnliuun. , ‘
.L'. H. Anew-f {or lhe'iuk- of Government Chum oI
lhl- (Rm-L A lawn Hum VIII be wold M Iwnwfurg
flun'l-ylng Inn! Xluticll IMNIIHI'I‘. of Ihe bead
mnnnnt-Inn- nlwayn on hnml.
Ktpuiflu annual In n worknnnllke mnnu. ,
(‘lmru {lf the Ink“ and mm! Inrru‘t unn’cyn. mm
prl-Inu a Inruo munmenl of the Nurth und Hun“: I'l
clllc Indian omm, Ilumnlmru'u ('I-InA 111-nu. Futon
PM, Null: 0! Inllzwn. Sill-(h, in. with river:
Ind I-nrhon.
I‘m-I I‘lmru (I‘m-74 «mam-u) I'rnm Omen ('huknle'r
“III” In l‘nw 111-m.
l"~'wrnl and Cunt Hum of 3113:11- 01 the world.
\\’lllu-..‘ rhnm oI Mund- 111 the «Inc.
Admin“, | huh In Rm urk-ly.
lllnva-I - chart-1 at Sun Flu-chm BI" ad Riven.
Knuth-AI Alumnu- lnd 111-uh.
If: “Iraq. gallant-17. Putin lip)- (HM.
(EoVni-Sfld' HEW ' " ' lum‘ 'm
Drawing ln-tmuleuk. lelulel,)luneb.
lh-nwinn Iml Tut-1n: l'upor.
A; “yam fur mm. m. Syrup, Adda. Hill.
I‘m-kt! Cum”, Thermmmtenl‘. Mn. wlth I glut
army 0' other lnnrmnmu In the name llne.
1" Mn a mum! "km-n. (hull: [and
my buy-Inn! In the Imlnufm'lurf)‘ 1-! [hr cell-mated Wm.
J. Young. nf I‘hlln‘klphln) ll wurk outnukd to me
will be mainly dune. -
m Plum-hm. May 10.15.55. 404!
Buy-wud'n Lino
I)!“ PM'KFH‘N. cnmlntlng 0f the uhlp finnhfi
Purlu-r, Brig lmhumnn. In new.
Willlmuulo will run naularly ham Punt. Ila-N
Ind San lerluco. All order: {or sooth will b:
promptly Attended M.
July 30,1163. my
Scott’s Republication.
LEONARD SCOTT &CU New Yurk, munlnw‘
n—puhlllh the muuwmg’hmhh remmulu, m:
nu I.omm! QI'AIMLV. (cosanAnrm)
nu: xmsu'nun “nun (mum)
ml l‘um ulrlnn uvnw. (nil run-ml.)
'l‘lll I'M‘l'llh'llfl'u Ingmar. (5191.91)" ‘ ‘
‘ ILAcu'onn’l Isms-um- Inuulst, (mun)
Thequ "Mal mu- of Bum-tun uun- wlll
’n-Mer Ila-c yum lwifi bland-u during
HM roam-uni". your. They I wry - middle
lxrmmd hum-m the Milly wr'nm new: Inn: rrudo
.Iporulutm may». mm- or a. any smm,
nml "w ptmdumn- tnme or the rumn- hmurhu. 'l’l'r
lea In" ‘59 um: mum-undumnucdno [an
Filth»! ewnh 0! “I um 111-ll In" |wwnl aid.
’ I h- m "we urlndimln that rad": ml look fur Ihr
unl ' n‘ully In ll‘fflrle lml NIMMO hhm of mi,
AIIIJI.‘ im'll, in u nliliun lo UII‘II’ well Huhlhlu-d lik~
rury, Menm‘r. Ind "now-l thunder. we mp
than upnn flu- comidemhm M the mmmwc.
ArnmxrmrM-I In- nmr pennant-nu" lot the
refill!!! u! urly that: mini the Brill-n publlahenl. by
\u‘lfir I m- are rumbled u like I" um“ m |l Ibo
hunk of «Hardin-nu. About .u- man In their“ be M
vii-ml whh um rump mplm. Although h lnnlm
I wry [arm null-y nu am pm. m- uhnll continue to M
urn um ptrhbdlcllu It the ume low nm In hentofnn,
\' I:
Put any «M of die (our [lnk-mam unnum. . ‘ .0 3 mi
Fur-“y \wn ofth— harm-Vin“. «la. . , . .. . ‘ . , .. .6 M‘
‘Pnrulynuwnl’ the (our Revlon-shun”... H 7 0.
‘F'ur my [our of lhr llevlrwn, an. . . H .........‘N 00
‘I-‘ur Blukwud'u Nnru1m.c\0....n...M.,”..1 00
Fur [Hm kwood uul hm lhvluwu. d0...,.......1| M
For Illnrkwmul nml lnnr Radar-Jo . V . ... . ~m 00
l‘nymcnh tn It made In All cal-In min-n. Huey
cum-Nu tho an» ‘11:" Issued “ill be melved n par.
A dlummc nl twenty-flu par «an fmm me shove
rlw- will In Illuwnl m «lulu- unlorlu. KIM [m- m
x ('u., for fuur or murr mph-u or una- um- or man ol‘
the above. ‘l'lm- (our («plot 0! Blur, wand. at u! not
«win. wlll be neat to one nun- («r .9 : {our ropla‘
Mlle four Review! Int! Mulwnnd (or M : than on.
I'm-tun. l
In I“ tha prlnclpul clue: and lowm. “an murky
wlll he dellveml llmmgh I‘e’lll. n“ of poll-1:
When urn: by mail. the [mm m lny pm of l ‘
l'nllnl slum wlll he M "cw-fum- can I m lhr‘
llluh'mtl. And but human can!- . yen fur ml: ol
the Rem-WI.
Rnniuanm um! mmmtuflullom Ih‘nnvlwul b.
mammal. pout "M. m tho pnbllulwu.
54 "old M. New York.
Junt- 15. “s‘. «Lu
1 Piano rom- and lelodoonl.
Ill) (‘lly M. IN IN- exclvuln mail I! the
«I: of the‘ linuuut'n Pusn Fouls A.“
l‘mscu'n “VIDDID‘UI. In (‘lllfm-nln. and IR
rmmnlly Wm um- dim! M “a In»
"Inherit." Such Imminent. luv. bun III” II '1"
nulnle m w 11l ply there rrluhnml [WI- 1!
mnnfmunr‘n "$2.. Ohm mmmhum an
udvnnum- n! mnllng I "mu-l MI- I km
and comp“: mum. And 0! no“! an (In!
rl~k nml dell or Impnrmwn. Jun ":3“: Iml
0' Plum Page! Mr Mn.
kn l‘mnclrcn. Aplll 11. 1‘56. 33-“
i Indian Reservations.
1 The followingreservationsfor the Indians
11"” l'ng'et Sunni] hnving been surveyed, or
L‘llmring nnturnl boundaries (leiining them,
'linfornmiion is given to the public, that set
- llurs may tuke ueiion nevurdingly in locu-
Jiin: elnims. The necessary notiec Will he
.igiren in regard to the remaining reserva
‘ lions, as soon us the surveys are made ;
. Reservations of the Indian
; Tribe: on Puget Sound.
i Eucrru’n omm. Olympia, W. T. i
. Jmnlry 17th, 174-55. ‘
, hit. The northern hut ni‘ ueciion L's—the north
I eastern Ilnnneroi‘n-eiimi 27~fnlriiulmlMm'lioii 'lil.nnd
s the en~lern hnlfoi' neetinn‘l'l; all in rung! nnL- “M
l weal, township nillrleen (in) north. nilnnleil on the
; mnth i-itk- of Puget Sound, neurihe month oi Shenuh-i
mun, or Medieinu arch. and one mil».- weat oi' the \\'|l~
lnlneiie meridian, t'onininlng according to the U..‘l.i
‘ hind nanny 120‘ nrep. i
- , 2nd. A true! on the uonihuhle or Commencement
y. not (Ir irom the month of the i’nynliup river: be:
ginning m. 3 point on the bench marked by n lnrge;
while iir tree. 'ilflll'll on three uhll’ly nnui standing on
f the north emit corner of h‘wnn 1c liiley'xt eluim;
: them e along the lwnrhmnd follnninu in llll'fliiilering'
I one and u half milk: in a south easterly direction, to I
- ‘mlnt marked by a fallen (remix-«ring the letter» U. H.
- L. behind whit-h three rednrtreen no connpirnonsly}
r hlIlI‘IlZ thence tout-h one andnhdf mil“; "‘oth
1 wed about one mile to I point line mnih of the plum
- of beginning. and thence north about two Ind I III!
, lliill'li to Mililplaeo of beginning, containing in all 1280
New «ti. two evil-2M5" :9on . . . .l . _
Ih]. The mmll lilmul called Klall-clle-mln, uitnated
alum-Alto the xnnnth of Hummeruly'n Ind Totten‘n |u~
lvtn. Ind repented from Ilnnntcne Island by l‘ule'm
I (ur l'h-kuring'u) paunzrmnnulnln Hacronllug to the
U. H. land aunt-y. about “00 um.
uh. The l’cninuuln at the unuth eutcrn end at
l'erry'u lulnml nlled flhulu‘glnlhl : Ind
sth. The Inland rnllul { mlrclmo-ucu. u tlmtt‘d In
the Lmnnll river. It the palm n! All-Rn M the
mouthl. curving nnpectlvely into ~Uinx In: flay}
Ind the Inn 0 (leurule. ‘
6th. (‘ummonclnx on the beech It Noah I“th
the mouth of 13 um." brook running into the unne,‘
next w the lite or the «111 Bpnnl-h tort : thence dung
the nhurv round Clpu Clmt In- l-‘luttela'tu the moat
of nnuther uvnnll strum mnnlng Into ela on the
math uldu of weld Cuye. I llttle shove the kl: vll-
Inge ; thence folluwulx uld Immk tn ll: umn‘e ;
thence In e stmlght “no to the name of the am men
tlmml creek. nml thence following the name down to
the plnre of beglnhlny.
and Supt. Ind. MI, W. I‘.
Olnim for Damages by Indium.
NUTK‘E ls ln'rvhy given. llm. china for alumni,
dun! luy lmllnm 0! ml» Terrllury ln cluzmu.
mu“ be ul. tn under the rcguladonl o!‘ the Dam
‘mum, in fin.- follnwlng HIMIIM'I’:
L I', must he nhuwn eiuu'r HIM nae proper?! he
been Ink“; h)- fun-e. or wilh ink-m lo xlcal. or I mll
‘ hu Dun-n nmllflnuly deltmyell, 1111 l "In the pm (.1
‘whom u belonged Wu hnrfully wilhin llu: llldllll unm-
‘ 2. Applluuon for remunerltlon mun! In land. by
the owner, hid n'pn-sl-Mutivc, ntlnmrv. or agent, to
the "up" Tnnwndem.mm. or wheat. I'lthln
three ‘l‘lfll let the column-Inn ur the Luxury.
8. ’17:: unwary document-I 111-l pmofil nun} sc
compuuy the nppilrulkm.
4. Onllm many he ndmlulmnd and depmlflovm u
‘ kcn hy the mrcr "perimendnt. Innl. urn-m.
Wheuvwr u» udl-u un nuke out I prawn-mum a!
mu- In h'ul If. "on Ihp fut of prevknu plum-lon
‘ or nwnenhip, mu lumlen ul' proof will rest on “I wilt:
6. The Ivaklihn, documonu, uul proof. mun!
“It'll be lrnuumim-d by tho nulwrinlemieui, 3301 mm
nuiugeni. in un- neplnmem a! tin interior, for the
direction 0f the i’wndun.
l a.“ chtaijver driill'lerml by him. I dun-m! will he
111 111 hlulem. well, at wings“. I:
on the I’I’IHUII «Tribe lo which the Indian or “M"!!!-
emlnim-u (in hunt, helm, fur manna.
7‘ l-‘nnn the making or with dun-ml of unintu
mm, the -‘ n-mnnhle time}? not exceeding Iweln
Inumhn. will he computed,
N. if within um. Lime “wind!“ union or iribe
uhuli refuse or neglocl Io union-mun, the super
inu-n-irnl, Agent. or nib-agent. will make "turn 0!
hi- Mull to m. hep-mun: d the hurl-n. locu
pnuinl biotin [upon connected with the one. mu ‘
much (an flew any ho tale- u dull be Emu. h: 1
its flinion of flu Pro-Mun, h omin I“ {or
I I‘ II My. ‘
I. we pen-m asking 3 Inflation» in 4
for indemgnutlon {or injuriuptommlucd by lam
“pan hh mapvifl ho main-l to nah “VII. ‘
am neither lan—nu.» nun-9M". sud-I'm!
mun. hu vhllud the prov ion- a! M- I" by seek
in. at nunfiingbohin "In“ I'm a n- ‘
"n 39. l-M and Inch “necking or mnpul‘"
u mum to tin urn-union. Im, a: uni.- ‘
mum-ill unkemno 11. m o iii-Mun
herrln helm! MI .
I‘hnilll my moor-liq? Mild cit-or n a. one.
a! the 111 borinhnlknt 0! Id“. INI'I. n! oymril. nr
dolivrm} m Ih. mm for ‘he Fun! Ron D Itrict.
Col. M. T. NIIIIIOIII. M the sub-mu. for the Colum
bia nivsrhw. 11. Tnfiwmflll “tend the nrioul
conm il In; [em me u .
001. 5 Sift. [Minn An.
Olympil. mm ”.1855. mm.
M unit I
Wind. Hal Punch». Cnlihnh. loch. Na
tiuuery. Pocket (‘ufleryJi-Ik ”finch-p Publica
lionl. Book-n! iii-my. Ila-mu!“ . lld mm
the intent vuleuu d n the chn min. Type
for muting don‘t“ uncle-Io um mu.
RCA); P. KIIIALL. Plu‘i.
‘ Juno 8, iii“. 39-11
_____._.._._._——-~_. ~_,,_____
ml ‘AII. ma. “-
Ixssuzruwm“ s&me m"
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Hm, I l ('unru Chum... (150 i?! and 5%
m. mu union, nun-u. sum.
and M Ira-ht. “druid Win units. Outta
Lina-n Twino. M com Int] Cimhn Uni, '1 ‘
"my article Palm-tlll!» \II WOOD AND M?
{MW WA lu.‘ budum. u iowo‘ will-h rial.
m uni 111. PHIL-cu Wm ‘- ~
‘ Ekdmt‘illmw‘hm‘
‘ Iva-io- .u u v nun I u on
‘genmwhmnlil .gqnamihe ‘enefltnl 3c.»
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_ nnke In their own inlclut. Bio—in
I}. P. Seymour,
IN Wand and Milan Wm. INC-I. M. Tub.
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krym.&nl"nm Kama: on MM—
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Herring Null. nut- 15 In 75 km- lulu;
Rah-an W, from Into m Murm- long-i“
Dip Nob. on“ Not, 0“ Nut. W 3001-.
Tube: film ’l‘vlu, M.
F‘ur uh luv In the M.
Nnv. 10. 1m mum
Advcrmlil Agency.
L P. FISHER. [mu Mum). omm hunt:
a Ext-11l onwl.(rr lulu.)
Sacrament: Unlun ; Hun Joaquln Bopuhllcnn : Nuyl
vme “mid: Fm Jam-l :(Xalnuhh am;
On- Valky Wpl ; flim- L‘unflu;
Empln Armin. (Van: Hunt-In D..-
m. Hun-vino: Amado? Send-o|.
“El-I; Ynh "will”; an
o- r ; I.
Bulmm Dion“.
| "fflld! Onmahn.
lull, Oregon ' Pluto-In. ('ub
vul'jn Oregon; hm Ind Dem»
mt. (Nymph. Pam Round : Pill"
m Curler. mil-mun. Puget Sound.
“fidnrflumuu and luhlcrlpum ‘o“th for We
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N. {sll. oi tho pdndpnl rim 0' omm
and Oregon my In hand-HUM:
June 8. m 5. 39.1:
J. W. sulllvon,
ding.“- mekoo. m mu‘mll he
luenuon or In hook-011011. urn-In ad new.
umm to 111 T “at o! new-paper- sad when
vhkh M 11“ rnhh II“ . W m
Inn-oh. anon-r]. And .1: tin nbllaflcu d
the any. .1 me lumen Inch! one... mm“: Ind
ma 10x13? dinner]. A: tll- lht m m 5".»
(«Lin “ads-poem:- mam-um“
uum. I! dudml. Deann- VIII and n ml, in their
«human to hue ummr order: had In m: u
unlit-out. ulhy n- h urea (- Mama at
any out Ibo-u. LIIOMCI'H mmd pomp!
Lr. M: 8. '55...» l
I nuowws NL‘RSER Y
ITHH Sl'BSt‘llllllin In prepared on 'nr- '
nn-h funl trees {mm mm to I'.) ,9“,
growth.rmhmmng mnn- llmn nixly val-1e
lien 01 Apple, uh», Punch. Pair. l‘lm,
()nlrsn accompanied 1: Nu: cash plant!
to. and (INK carefully picked In! um 2'o) pan:
the b‘nund‘
(Ilyanh m 1.22, 155431117
-~ _,7,~,,_ _._,._..__~
[Plain Strut—one dam A'arlh of Me Plfl‘
Hauu. ,
THE undershzmul taku my method of '
informinx tlm rltiuna of Olympln md .
xurruumling wmnlry. um lze has; o])ch
In of!» at ‘he shove alum!" the pne- l
tin-c of MEDICINE in uriuul blush- ‘
‘O9: ml will lmlrl lhirglellflnlnldilrlefi It ll: an.
ant-ml to any at In HI be u I pro :-
‘Wllll‘ll lulu entire attention Mm devoted. ”7.
(mm, two duo" louth of Puker'l non.
G. K. W".
Olympln, FrbruaryAch. ”EL. A #
Ready-Made Clothing Wanton. ‘
‘ WILLIAM G. mmmu,
so. 99 mm" lfllll'l', an "memo.
‘ H'ItXI Goons. ALSO, It'll! _,-
‘ ummv o ‘ , 'Bon'rs up aaoent'l'.
‘N IOU”) lnvltn rnnntvyglenhnntl whn no Gm
h'lll l-‘mut-inm w u um Ind (Infill!!!) l~
74(1e of rluthinz. «he.
I have on I'mnd Ind Elma“!!! lullvlchtlhe m
rtn nt ( \‘n' ' \‘nl’ c ‘ln H. * c a
:flahllnlo‘fh '3‘" 11(31- .'0 t ’l :nd wl“!
. tm' ' umuuntu to we; we mu M
dnlllf’n: , ,
The Good: In m-nnfnctnn-d Inlet III] "I in
vislun : I" made (mm the bent marl: . Ind]. g.
mont dunhh- mnnnt-r. '4
l’vnun» buying my clathlng will Ind htpu‘“
‘11.:0 um I -
’lln‘ "harm a ludtn on mu- '
wixll in my ntm-k’. My [mun wlll‘he 310 v, 113
lnwer, than they can i. mind olmhew‘h 111
ha. I guarantee etch artlrl: I null. Plane all!“
x-minv: my flock. unfit—94h. '
__ __ -——-———~—_—w_¢.‘
HAS mun-nod hhnnrlf nPm Ludhw, ‘
when ha ha now. All will lap m 5
ly on hunl the Ingest “some!“ of ‘ ‘ | ,
P n o v I s I 0 NS {‘
AND DR In 0I) ‘/.
to he found In Wuhlnnan Term—ad fill
whole-talc nr null It the lure-um“ filth; a
human my large Much, (m .i U
ward them to All] rim. In: Puget , ‘
Pun Lndlow, u y 30, 358471]. .“'-‘
4—“ ~7 r‘—-—~—~-—~"O—fi——W
Notice to Farmers. {
the farmers of “'auhlngon Tommy
currylnz on the Pinning 11l Infill“:
nu Inlleuwullnutuf Olymphwn u up“;
wmetlmeu culled (‘hlmbcn’ pnlrlo.
Th. undmlpod t- pan m rural-h m
wlth I nupcflor nth-l: of the him! ever yet hm
and will wnnut them to don (In hum
thou-Ind lmheh u! when. not by Ilth one“.
erlyltentlhed. It the mleente prlce or my».
tt N I . , " " "
" " 0.11%“
_¢!l_n_u_|? 13.7"". M! " ’
HENRY 110E130“ I. Eh!“
“'93!me Btnet. um I
nu nucmco, “upon“. s'.
OFFER fur Ids. far (uh. I! du- lorelt '1
whale-In who. u but ad 1"! lo-
Ink-d manna-t 0‘ FA» India Mm
neun Illd hmqmn Drug! “JIM! :
Fran-h, Englkh tlll A-eda- Chanda,
of All kind-n : mt! ulna, 11l extend"
nary. l-‘ucy Ankh. Plat] 50*;
sud 01]., D ‘e Stub. labels. WW,
Dawn". I’m-o. latch-m I:
Dm' (flu-m. Mn‘ 0001., W
In! . he. TM with we].
lnlholtoclofl Worpmll- : .
H. J. a 00.. In the mn'nohdo m
(or Dr. Jim's I".)in n M
0M Townnml'n Ramp-rill» HM
.PII, DIVII' ”I “H". Cat”-
nmy Johann a m. hue ma. Incl ’
mu In Ear Yuk. nau- 111
emhle them to plumb-u their M at D
mam“ ”wag,”
e t 0‘ . at,
be» mm, a! m
July It, lfit—uly. W H a gun-
The Luau wum m a"
Two winne- nycumonmonfln‘ I” nfi
The Publhhen uh picture In name '
(In Hulda! mum m d u.-
lonthly, um wlm an IA, Number co
publimtlbn of ‘ i
BEAI’TIFL'L FULL 1336'"! P 0
of none of the non ukhnhd lulled
The following. whh'h m and, “III“.
‘ Keir In ‘ho mum of the {an tawny-lid
W'é‘fiivfifir‘é‘v'i‘khfi'fiow a mi“.
annulus: nus. union. All?”
IBS‘ E. 0. 30811 ch . g
I! (In. Mill nod with m», Mr '5... .
Ike, me, I“! be (Mfimdn. 5
and. um? m m on m v
‘ Annual-Id MunchNnd-y .. \-
: tho Burnt-ll" lunlne Ina-Worm . ,_. ~,
‘ will in 0-H"!!! “and,” “w. ‘
r flagrant kn thecountry. W , ,
|my wine. em, thin «In 1... d ‘1
‘lourmfllhmaufizlrult, ‘-
-the|hnoltmruuhhenw n- M ..L.
'II kmmwd’ w ' ~
a no a ... ‘
Patna-”WM! » ‘ .. 71
v 3“: ud .mmwur . u: 5? ‘
lPATEtheynndnlhol. ’ fl
, Pup!" Plu— Inland QM .
‘ no: [lan on he pp". Tb ,In‘ HT};
I nnnMnltl-m.ndilf " .k
. Ive emhlll-hmu. ad I will. u,
' um! wail-(Wu, pun. .fll who r. '
can uni-n. In v x
ring Ma‘s-t mun hint. mm .
www.muhwmu ..-
thelr friend! in man for 030 m _
F.“ R?" " “mm“ “out...
' over an. wl
f m Madth‘onze.“ ..‘ 1"
no Mofigfim" .. ._. "
W 0 All) It)“ .' ' "
I .
. Tm ......”‘s'3.
E 1... been Ind will continue If bub-1r ,- “1:
In ' . ‘ '
xO. All) PRO!"
urn. ”I»me “anon: FM?!“
M ”I“ I. V“! q H
: 3.33! the r I 0!!! I“ Jaughten- ‘l m
1110 l wuh nude-mu It. punt an.
Alton the MRI em.- 50
Ihnl :5 on “mam. I'm-I. .
n", at on." mama: Pled-
Erl’hpbhg In a. [an n! I
mom “I. um! l'nflry. both!" [MM “d
Immanu- to Mn“ and chill-Is. s‘;qu
The Ivelva number: 'l“th- ”I
In; matter [)lan on hi m *;
with mm. In. cum-"lnga on! m
and Flown Pines. Iko mgr-n 4! on
tuba-I Wood rm- and Int. “31 u
. Tkndk‘ Gin-book, 0: mm “1m
tab 9. ' '
.. n , I
‘ anth-hndlngm N h pd" of u m
w“ °.'. ”Thai mm- 55?. 5
Hum n t u f v
“nae ml‘hrul-g elm" at then u the 2M. .
rim of
p 03": DOLLARA "A! m AMA! "'
. Fonrmpkl.mP'v-‘-~~~“""""". E 9
2 Seven whirl. ' I.l‘
, Tefwvlfl'k. “ ‘l'.
I Fimnru ." v -.-
. 1.. mm“. Ebb-ducal! Imm or Wm
: 1: than nmhen wm tar-9M mm to w;
- mum/guano! fi-“M”'m 's'.
* chi"- can“...
r An ”nu-WI. my “If
k. and dlnflod . g, ,
; «mm or new: mm"! a “mm .
, xo.lspruuut«M'W'
3“,? «.1353. 3“"

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