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} I‘m the Ono- Weekly Tllnl.
1/ Col. Cornellus’ Letter.
Von! lndebled to Adjutant Forum for
Coop] of the following letter, which gives
‘0 lit to minke! Gen. Wool‘l assertions.
m coming to the Colonel in commond
“the Northern Regiment, will hues neu
trolidog olcct on Gen. Wool’l mimpre
HIADQUAIYIII lot mm 0‘ 91. Volt, l
W. 0. 1., Jun: 13, I“ 9
fill—lll I mnmunicntiou under duo of
«mm-is, 0.1., April 2,135 m," published
in the Nation! Inldligenctr, over his own
“nun", Gen. Wool indulge: in aver-l
dlmt And weighty charges Iglinst the
Volunteer: who were then under my mm~
nod lo the Walla-walla country, hulk-ecu,
2 Meeting upon myself. It i. due the
oholeen Ind the people of Oregon that.
tho malicious inventions, unsupported by
s lioglc chromium Ind having no foam!
MIMI in truth, should be noticed and re-
Mod; I
Gen. Wool osmis—“ As the Volunteers, ‘
hsving no boats, could not cross Snake
river, the retreat of the indium closed the
winter eampeign except to plunder thei
friendl Cayunes of their horses nnd cattle.”
'l'hh some ia nnqoolitiedly false. it has
lonictionship with truth. And as (lent
Wool he: never pieced his foot within :1
M o! neeriy two hundred miles or the
“fieldly Ceyue” camp, he eennot. con
“.2; make claim to any personel knowl
m the correctness of his grsve ecce
. Not on olieer or soldier under him
hae vidted the Walla-well: country lince
the inception of the pee-eat Indian wer.
Who hported to him the intonation he no
heflly dochm end vouchel to be true, he
dee- eot diecloee ; but whoever his interm
cm i. thet men he: imposed upon the eged
end cred-lone General, and deceived him
a mute the reverse of trnth. 0n
emu-eh of our troop: in Decanter
lutto the occupancy of the Walll-welle
country M Mendly Clyme end Waite
well: ndiene implored our protection item
the thmteoed vengesnce of their own
brethren. Theee friendly Indians number
ed. men, women end children, ebont one
“red and thirty. The remsinder of the
Come and Walla-walla, the Umetiiie end
lie-hates Indiana were in open hostility to
u, and this rupture had long been planned
ad Mined. llt. was the result 0! no
die. impulse. twu not need by
the [award movements of concept; to
their country. The legitimate certeinty of
this feet: will be npp;tt‘cnt from the testi-
In adduced on the triul of certain Indi
o- {I Felines-y inst, a report of which will
be aebmltted to you by Judge Advocate
W. H. Fan-er.
The protection chimed by the friendly‘
Indium wu readily promised and worded,
“though to the serious inconvenience and
Mann! of the service uud the company
employed ihereiu. 1
Th hout the winter, and until the re—i
30'“th Indians to the Ne; l’ercee,i
they were encemped at 3 distance of ten
mile- from the encampment of our troop,
one? that, at their urgent solicitation.
the remit uud half-breed computy (K)
Imped It their village. Sererel times in
the linter I wu at the Indian village, and‘
hold council with the,chiefe and principal
men. Never a word of com lain! wu lisp-l
ed to me nplnst company If. Twice, and
"ice only. did the Indiana complain of an i
wrong having been done them by line Vail
m, end both acts consisted in teking
d lhom. In each lnstence the horses
were tutored end the Indians were satia
led. On one occasion some three hundred
M of horses were driven into our camp.
Marty all were wl‘ld, unbroken aulma I.
|l'heggnre believed to belong to member:
of war party. They were, however,
deleted by some of the friendly Indians as
their individual property, and, nithongh
the brand! upon the animals did not cor
mnd with the brand: giren to us by the;
I us at their own, in order to prevent?
may ill-feeling and difficulty all but one|
hone were turned over to the Indians on
their mere claim of ownership. The rcten-I‘
(lot: of the single horse I justify. it how
the brood of the notorious Fin.- Crow, onl-1
d the riuclpel hostile chiefs. It wusi
lleltllotf by I large number of Volunteers
fibrin; been used by him in the battle
ofWullarwalla, and it bore the evidence of
n “I“! wound received in that bottle.
It true we obtained, end used for sub
m. tome of the cattle claimed by the
My Indians. This war he done,|
however, when Ire had, or cflfinre,
WM any other quarter. Bu . 'rery
.Puce the cattle were purrltasrd {thin the
adieu, Ind the price agreed on therefor
us the name Is allowed to our own citl-'
'oiihifiiA’, WASHINGTON TERRITORY, FRIDAY, JULY 11,71856.’ '
lzens with whom we contracted for cattle.
IThe Indiana repeatedly expressed “IND"
iselves perfectly satisfied with the business‘
.transuctions between us. The input-lion
.thnt the Volunteer: and their odious
“plundered the friendly Cuyuses” is a me~
lignent fabrication. I, hesitate to believe
that Gen. Wool has so grossly deb-sod
himself as to originate this shumeless defe
mation. In his distempered spleen he has
entered to be pahued upon his eager wil
lingness to believe All things detrimental to
the citizens of Oregon, these shameless li
bels which had their origiu in the vicious
brain of one or tvo persons whose reputa
tion for truth Ind verlcity i; not of e very
high order in the community of their resi
fienwool should lure made some little
inquiry alo the character of his inform-I
snle before lending the prestige of his,
nsme end oliiciel stutiou to- the endorse-I
ment of so grave a charge. It would have|
been fur better for his own reputation for
prudence and a willingness to accord to
the Volunteers their just deserts, had he
resorted to this precautionsry measure. It
would have saved him from the painful ex
poenre of A portion of his vindictive senti
ments towurds our citizens, which he has
frequently and weakly sulfercd to become
l Another statement made by Gen. Wool
i! beg to notice. He says : “In Februa
‘ry, thirteen wugons loaded with supplier,
lineluding ammunition, for the volunteen,
guarded by on? four men, were captured
lby the Indians u-tween the Ulnutillu and‘
jFort Wnlln-wnllnt" This' charge in us‘
ibuscly false In the one to which I havel
libero replied. Until I rend this in the‘
‘Nulimml Iruelligentzr. the report had not
reached my ears, and I wna not aware thut
lthiu unmitigated Imtrutll was employed by
‘Gen. Wool to the dispnmgcment of the
Volunteers and discredit of our whole peo
ple. From tht commencement of the In
110 the month of Mnrch Int. not u single
‘wngon belonging truthc volunteer service
{had been between “ the L'mutillu and Fort
At no time were tin-re us many as " thir
teen "gong" in any lrnin, loaded or un
lotdcd. From In". to lust, the Indium
have 1w! “captured I wagon lnin. londed
with aupplicl." During the 10M: paint] of
(A: war the Indian Lure no! mauled in mp
!ur'l'ag a nigh article Wfilrlmmr or
Con-ninety um or u ' , aluminum,
‘or a wagon. '
In this rel-poet the Volunteer service pro
semu a much cloarer record than do“ that
of Gen. Wool. Tho Indiana Mu captured
from the form of Gen. Wool luppliea for
the regulars, while from the Volunteer: they
have not such aucceaa toboast. In this
conn‘cction I may allude to the fact that
in April last, in the Yakima country. my
command recaptured from the Indiana u
portion of the ammunition obtained by
them when they attockod and captured the
Cascades within rifle—rang: oUthe veteran
Wool’l own trained bands.
l I heve thus noticed the only eccuutlonl
lpreferred by Gen. Wool eg-inlt the Vol~
‘nnteere end their ofllcers lince the dete of
‘my commission ee Colonel o! the Northern
Regiment—lbo am of December. I re
‘ greet the neeeuily lhet demended ofrne the
refutetlon of em greve end urione {else
jhoode promulgated by Gen. Wool, end I 0
‘ yeniswntly edllered to by one, who might
have added lenrela, end enhanced the co
loem in which he use once held by the
people of Oregon, if he had applied his
etrcngth to the defense of our wide-spread
end unprotected utllemenu, in lieu of
having wested his cnergioe in numenly die
eemin-tion of base delrnctione and Moe
accnutione of those have end gallant. men‘
Iwholn I bed the honor to command. l
l hnve the honoMo he,
Very respectfully,
, Your obedient serv’t,
Titus. R. Connuun,
Col. Ist. Regt. 0. M. V.
To his Excellency Gm. L. CUIRT, q,»
Gov. nnd Commnder-in-Chief. '
—— —»—..>—~~—
For the Pioneer nnd Denocrnt.
‘ 8/ Public letting.
‘ At npuhlic meeting of the citizens of
Sewemiah county, W. T., June 26, 1856,
convened for the purpose of nrriving ntnnd
giving expression of public feeling in re
fnrd to t 9 course pursued by Gov. [use
. Srnvnxu, in'referenee to the proclntnn
tion of Mnrtisl lnw over the counties of
Pierce and Thurston, as nine his course in
general n the executive of this Territory,
Charles Grnhnm wee chosen president, sud
Wm. M. Morrow secretary of the meeting.
The Hon. David Shelton being present,
was celled upon to state the object of the
lmeeting, which he did in u few very sp
. proprinte remsrks.
I At u previaus meeting of the citizens of
isnid cont:ty,llohn T. Scott, Dnvitl Shelton,
Hind Wm. M. Morrow were appointed to
itiruw up resolutions expressive of public
lfeeiing in unit] county, w it), being present,
ipresented thefillowittg preamble and reso
‘lutions, which, after being rend sud consid
ered, were nunnituousiy adopted :
u'lterm, In s free government, the peo
people hnve the right to suemble as mas,
and there publicly express their npprovnl
or non-npprovnl of the public note nnd do
ings of their oflcers of government, or of
In, portion of their fellow citizens, however
humble or exnlted may be their position in
life; nud
Wheretu, Our present Executive, Got,
ISAAC i, Snzvaxs, did, for divers good ren-
sons, deem it his duty to arrest eertnin iu-i
dividuuls, eitilons of Pierre county, who‘
were chsrged by some of the officers, and
almost universally by the volunteers and
citizens of the county, with giving aid and
eneourngement to our present hostile foe,
to an extent which rendered their owni
lives, with those of our citizens, extremely!
perilous ; and
"View", Certnin individuals, for rem}
sons best known to‘flemselves, did muni-I
fest symputhy for prisoners, and ap-‘
peered to be determined to eflect their re-l
lease at sll hnnrds, whereupon Govt-marl
S'rlvns, Is Commandehin-Chief, proclaim-l
ed Marti-l lsw over the counties referred!
to; therefore be it i
Ranked, 'nm we, the citizens of Sit-i
wumlsh county, do fully. frsnkly, and freelyl
Inpprove, in the most emphutic terms, of'
'tbe action of the Governor in the premises)
| Row/Nd further, That we believe if the
|Governor had not arrested the citizens re
ferred to, and‘fpé’ocluimed Murtinl luw orerl
the counties 0 ieree and Thurston, thut
he would have hsd a host of far better men}
down on him, than those who are apparent
ly taking sides with our common foe, and!
showing I disposition to oppose the action
‘of the Communder-in-Chiel‘ in his efl’orts to!
,ssve the lives of our citizens. :
l 1:: .2 [mm Imm, ’l‘hut u .\icUloud
‘did on the 25th of December lul, feed nud‘
lodge :1 party of the enemy, as reported byl
himself, and published in the [’llng Suund‘
Courier, and still remained on his claim}
until ordered in, and ofter being in, did re-‘
turn in violation of law, and the orders of
the executive. ‘
Remind furl/arr, That we have the full-i
est confidence in the nbility of Governor‘
S‘rnnxs to discharge the arduous duties
assigned him as Governor, as Snpcrintend-l
ent of Indian A him, and as Commander!
ill-Chief of the forces of this Territory, and"
that he has the will to do so ; and that his
host energies are devoted night and day,.
to promote the best interests of Washing-1
tnu Territory; uud that his removal from
office, under existing circumstances, would
be disastrous to the public interest, (of
which event, however, we have no fears),
we therefore proclaim to his and our foes,
and the rest of mankind, that Sawnmiah
county is in for Ihe war. and will uphold,
and do endorse the actions of the executive
in the faithful discharge of his olllclal du
ties, the conduct of Chief Justice Lander,
together with the eight distinguished law--
you whose circular creates no very great.
enthusiasm (but a good deal of condemna
tion) out side of the camp of Lesehi, to|
the contrary notwithstanding. |
On motion, it was ordered that drum».
cccdinga of this meeting be publish in
the Mar and Delacral, and that a copy
he sent to the President of the United
States, and one copy each to Col. J.
PAmN Axum! and Hon. Joslrn LANI,
Deli-sues in Congress from Washington»
and regon Territories, with a request that
they resist any and all attempts of the re
‘moval of Gov. Stevens from oflico by his
‘calutnnlutora. .
l\/ —— ,m <o>— -
Tillman County Convention.
The following resolutions were prepared
to submit to the convention, held Saturday,
June 28th, but were not introduced in con
sequence of the immediate adjournment of
the convention, after completing their prop
er lubora. We publish them at matter of
infonnution, for the democracy elsewhere;
and have no doubt, that they, if submitted
to the meeting, would have been ndoptcd
unanimously. They read as follows: ‘
Raolred, that the democratic party is the
only political organization that has a histo~
ry or a future, a national or a steady policy,
and is therefore the only party in the hands
of which, the aluirs of our government may
be committed with safety.
Resolved, that the principles of self~gor-'
‘erumcnt contained in the KalisneNelireske‘
bill. by which the source of tho laws for thcl
territories il taken from the hands of uowl
residents, and left with the people for whom
the lawn Ire made, is the genuine doctrine
of rcpnbliceniem, and he therefore who un
der cover of the home of We nukes
Iver upon thie doctrine “ hu stolen the liv
ery of heaven in which to serve the devil."
Rtloll‘d, thet the so called know-nothing
order, hcin composed chiefly of out-caste
and renegngee from other politicnl primes,
without political principle: or dignity of
character, is therefore the mat dangerous
and corrupt of ell the in" of the dny, there
fore the nominees of thin convention by oc
ccpting euch nominationl are thereby pledg
ed if elected, to use ell honorable menus to‘
defeat the objects and code of aid order.
and to rid the country of the curec of its'
existence. ‘
Itunlwi, that. of the political nieniiureil
and bold Ind able Interim” of president
Pierce, by which the fun nmentnl principles
‘of the democratic faith have been illustrat
-led, we give our cordial nppronl.
Ruched, the: we seek no dlimee, end
accept no compromises, but rely with the‘
utmost confidence upon the intelligence and‘
pntriotism of the masses for the final and
triumphant success of the lalimml dcmocra-‘
‘5" *
3- Mrs. Swisshelm says: “ Judging
from Ibo enormous circumference of the
idreuea of the young ladies of the presenh
day, we feel inclined to the truth of the old‘
nw, mat. ‘ a min is us good as a. mile.’ “
llm Ilteling ul Olympil.
' At a mass meeting convened pursuant to
pu‘olic «notice, in the town of'Olympia, to
take into considevntion the course pursued
by the executive of the territory, and the
emergency which caused him to decllre‘
imnrtill law in Pierce county; B. I“. Ynntiu;
!Inl culled to the choir, and J. W. Goodellj
appointed secretary. i
After tome remarks relative to the obw
,jeet of the meeting, the following commit
ltee was appointed to draft resolution: ex
pressive of the sense of the meeting, viz:
1 Hon. Victor Monroe, Wm. Rutledgel
,l-Isq, Clue. E. Weed, u. D. Morgan lud<
'Andrél-J Clutnbcu.
f The committee retired Ind shortly re
|ported the following prcumble and resold;
;tions: 1
; Whrau, in the prosecution of the exist-l
‘ing Indian wnr in Washington territory,
t'ertnin settlers in the county of l’ieree nrof
strongly suspected of nflording nid nude
lcomi’ort to the enemy, and certainly did re-i
ltnlin in safety upon their furms whilst nll
lother settlers in the vicinity were, either in
block-houses, or if found by the enemy were
‘mnssuered: .
: And whereas, the above suspected per-i
isons did in our opinion furnish provisions
{and '.formntion to the enemy, inciting thet
continuance of the war. and when ordered
into the towns ol’ Steilacoom or Olympia or
'to Ft. .\‘isquully, did indelinuce of orders
from the executive, and the general sensel
lol' the citizens, return to their claims to re-J
lestuhlish intercourse with the enemy; and
also when the said settlers were arrestedi
land placed for safe keeping in the hundl
xof the commanding editor of the U. S. gar-l
‘rison at Ft. Steilucooin, preparatory to a
trial by a military commission, a writ of
!luilzau corpus was applied for to relieve
,them from said confinement, which would
than had the t-ll'ect to turn into the thea
tre of actiw military operations a hand of
‘lactire ladinn sympathize” and probable}
‘spies, not only rendering abortive the mili
‘tury operations, but leading‘to civil wurl
and bloodshed: and, l
Whereas in view of these facts, the exec-i
utive on the 34! day of April, 1856, pro-i
le|aimed sutrlial law in the county of Pierce
land afterwards enforced it by the arrest oii
the judge and clerk, in their attempt to}
hold the usual term of the court. There
fore, be it '
Ituolead, that martial law having been
proclaimed it became the duty of the gov
lol‘not to enforce il.
Ruolml, that we approve of the course
lo! the executive in enforcing martial law.
Ranked, that the question is simply as
[expressed b the governor in his " Vindica
tion" datecl May 10th, 1856, “ whether
the executive has the power in carrying on
the war, to take a summary mm with a
dangerous band of can-sari", who have
been the confederate! of the Indians
throughout, by their exertions and sympa
thy, can make, to a great extent, the mili
tsry operations abortive," it is a question
whether military power, or public commit
tees without has, as in California, shalLaee
that justice is done in the cause.
Raolrcd, that we will sustain the execu
tive in enforcing marllal law, at least until
the trial of the suspected spies and Indian
Alter considerable discussion the pream-i
ble and resolutions were passed.
I}. I". YANTIS, Ck'u.
J. W. Goonsufi Sec'y.
, Pm- lho Pioneer mi! Demon-11.
V SA'Allsfl COUNTY, July 6, 1858.
En. Plonn rum Dngocn‘ri _
I desire, through the medium of your
R 999" to say to the people of Washington
‘ erritory, that the citizens of Sawamish
county are not willing for the Territory,‘
iwhich been the name of the illuutrious‘
Woihingwn, and tho Authorities which
have so manfnlly hold her reins, to be de-‘
rided and stigmetiud.
I They are not Indian sympathize“, nei-I
lther do they sympathies or defend those?
who aid and give shelter to onr4'enemiee,‘
lwhile their hand! are Iteined with the‘
Iblood or our best citiunl. ‘
1 They do not cry out again-t the authori
‘ties and condemn them for trying to defend
‘thoir homes and amides from the torch
and scalping knife of the savage.
They do not crook about war for politi
cal fame, or pecuniary lutercut.
They do not desert their country in time
of need, but frown ludignantly on toryism,
and say they are too proud to divide and
wrungle among themselves when their
country is involved in on Indian.
They are ready and willing to enlist in
the present war—to help [i ht the bottles
‘of our common country. fem proud to
‘say that the citizens of Snwumish do not
‘turn from the path of duty when our coun
_try call. They have done all that was pos
sible for a people to do. There are only
five men in the county who are not at their
country's service.
We unanimously condemn the course
pursued by the learned bar at Stoilacoom ;
also the resolutions passed, same day, It
the same place, by the lame people, pur
porting to be by the citizens of Pierce
county. Now readers, you are all probably
acquainted with these circumstances, and
Iwhat could have been the design of those
men? I can freely answer the question.‘
It was not for the good ol our country,‘
but to gratify their own selfish desires, and
to effect unjust ends.
When 1 think of the picture of the pres
ent war, I am lost in wonder of astonish-
linent. I have always thought, heretofore,
, that the American people were united
. when their country was involved in war
‘ with any other nation. But here! see I
)diflerent state of «hire, which deserves
the most rigid condemnation. Well, these
,lthings, ere long, will be known throughout
[the area that our history extends, sud
;these noted cheraeters will lulend the "A"
lof future history with disgraceful ms s.l
‘Rather then lay back in my safe, or easy
chair, (as some men have done), and place
myself in opposition to those who have
been defending me, and lighting the bat
!tles of my country. I would choose to be a
“dog and be] the moon.”
Then look It Gen. Wool's oondnet to
wards Oregon Ind Washington Territories.
{lt has always heretofore struck me, that
[the army of the United Stetee was organ
ized and supported for the express pur
[pose of defending our common country
legainst our enemies. But on the Pacific
{coast it appears different—the commnnding:
officer deriding our misfortunes, and the}
unhappy people of two Territories, charges
them wit being Outlews end murderen.
just merely to clear his unfortunate blnn
ders. Now, all those who are working:
against our uufortunltc people, ure tryingl
to slop say Iprropristions being made by
Congress to de rey the expenses of the werq’
and indemnify citizens for their 111, which
has been stolen or burned by the Indians ;
\and should this he efleeted, then, I say, for
Jone, we csn light the bottles of our coun
try, even though we be neglected. We
[must maintain our just rights. I had rnth
ler live on dried clams and salmon, and de
fend my country, than desert her in time
loi' need, as Gen. Wool has done.
I 0x: or rue Sumne- Burs.
V mm from Olin Mmglm.
For a. Plow and Democrat.
Jun: II“, 1856.
‘ .\[lSTHlt Emmm—l linint had mutch time!
‘to drnp you a fuo linu fur ngood long time.
lsence I've hen in the turn out yonder, 1
ben ctin no match hos: meet, I begin to
‘wnnt to jump atif—leggvd, and cant steddy
{myself Inutch to riten leten, you be“. be
fleve. Gist to think on it, to bee out fiteu
iioginu an iivin on hon meet, I tel you Mr.
editer it’s no fun It til, you better below it
nint enny in you kin licks it. ,
l gist got boom to look otter my family
Ind «opt, out head shoot the grate hm
mm of your pepil ot Olimpy on Stillcnm. in
mlkin with govencr Stevina. Wee out
hear on Shatter crick, wil bee up thus
about that flow In to the lick them domd
lnwyent want to do things by, on like u
not hav 3 hood in too, on to that jutil inl
dun to gunner Stevim, an that no under.
holts is akin by them allierd medlers of ‘
lowyen. I dont think it will take mutch
out hear to atur up It hot-nits nest that wil
sting mm of them fallen mlty hold. I tel
yen not tho had better look out fur brok
en, oflthore wif boo more than one lnnte,
no more than one pore of pont- Ipiled the
next time; the pep" nlnt again to stand
mntch moat of thin kind of bizlnoo no how.
Gunner Stovlnl‘ but got o plenty to do,
to lite the ingint, on an th- countrcy, on
hnint got no time to be a foolin on with
them fellerarno how. ,
Has bmther Evans rekivmd his helih
aenco he hated In Ipiled his punts? Poor
teller, I’m so glad he lint dad. Tint. vin
igur factury mun, Kendnll, the peepil tell
me is iuity ni mud; well, he kinder loox
that M; ll the time; And Clark thu tel me,
hes quit pinyin tlire bean poukcr, an piuyl
fur 5 man a gums now; he in gitton kwlw
rilpectibel in: him. Do: Kernel Wallace
git. drunk :3 mulch u ever? Lord in"
muruy on them tinners In, in these lite
!meu mnkln .I this mud-rm! I think it's
ltimo we out hear on Shttcr crick begin to
look to these matte", In nl tho pupil All
'over the conuy, Ind hue tn] uud: hand
in it now to the lat, than is sum necouuts‘
'that shood bev loads sence bin um, am
now wll bee a goo time to pl! 1- , In‘
wipe out ole Icll'l. , I am in, for one, by
Juli, n no mistake, nary liar. .Thlre unti
no yuan now, of hwkin, tln must face the
mulck or {lnto thi] time. Lord won't we
lino I time, put] tum fun? You better be
levo Ito will.
A good nanny peep“ wanted me to cum
up “are with ’m, In It. In Ind out all
about that thing. I hlkflno it. til In.
‘time a plenty to be than can four or In
due befour the time, n wee don't Intel: to
lot match go on tint woe hav no hand In,
for the hull pupil's good you bet“? below,
1 un in lime“ ngv l gel yen. .. ..
Wee, the pupil out hear on Shtlzr crik
no a goin to sun by him.
In Beau he has bln I thin I] he cood
to sue the canny In the peep“:
id Ef he ain’t do it, than slut nobody
out hear what kln do It, I tel you. up the
cmilry wil bee cleeu gon in.
3d Wee want him to bent. the iugins, In
ficku the conlry up ngin; if these dan‘d
lawyern, and them cnetnyo of the conlry,
aich u aha h" got priliuun kln kelp bulk
in him In bolheriu of him 1| the time, it
wont. (“2.90 buy, I. tel yum- _
4th When he sits dun Men the iugenl,!
woe want him to help Token git the! ”for,
the war, In all» ther meet, u alupin on;
:the groan without. enny River, while that:
lfamilys hcv to liv in hick-hoaxes. l
l I will gin clom this lewr by tcliu you;
that. me in mi nnbun, nn II the rest oh
mankind, wil be up to Olimpy tosc Intel
plt. In woo wll how it. an no mistake; In!
,nlln by gunner Stains. bccue ho is lull-j
NO. 36.
lin by wee the pegpil; An I tel yeu Inn of
them fellen better hoe mnkin tnx aloof
wee git them. The In thing! hov HI I'
goin wee out hear, ll‘ nlfired m'ndd, I kill
tel yea, Inm In blnd alrniu. Se. who!
thn mm Gnu he can too, 5y prcetchin‘
treesin Igi‘n- the eymrz.
' Mr. editer, l mun
ymr‘l tll dour.
! - Gum scum-nu.
l". S. E! (hi dont look rib I“
no hick, lead 3'. word by Ipm, him
an no I" cum mulln up like [run than
der. n lulk than fallen It": in tho!
tn}, n are therahquumflkfier punt.
ngm. _
Good-bi in but;
Jur’l til duh,
Gum Sccloomxl.
N. B. I'll drnp you n fne lino: ngin boa
four long ls I dont kllkilllo to f 0 to war
‘lgin l'ur sum fuc wenx, no how tl this You
iz onvcr.
ynor’l kc,
Gus Srnoaolss. .
‘ / «o—
--/' For the Pioneer and Democrat. >
Four Alon, Rmcn‘s anr, 3}
Srwqualw'e, Jun 2}, 1856.
Mn. Emron—l luil myself of the pru
ent opportunity to displ'tnh you I few brief
items relative to mllltory movement: in thls
‘scction of Washington Territory. 0n the
119 m inst. Maj. Van Bohlelin left this
mlace, with a command of nbont sixty men,
for the Snoqunlmie pus. a nil-tonne of “out
irony-five miles from Fort Aldon It In
‘the intention of Major Van Bokkelin when
leaving hero, upon reaching the In!» all of
‘the mountain pm, to have selected some
‘reuible locntlou. and line but“ o foulin
;l.ion, and thereby cut oll‘ Ind pun-t all
communication from the hostilel, on tha_
'eostern side of the mount-inn, with the In?
«linns on the lower Sound. Bnt nnfmtm‘
'nntcly hil plans proved Mn, (wing to
the insuficiency of pack onl-Ink to buy
[him and his comd “le vlthr’n
viliOna. Tho Mljor took 5 detain-at of
18 men out of comp-lie: 1! “(IL ‘l'
let! the main body undone-nod of“
l’nbody, and took 5 non‘ noflhrly lim
tion for the pol-pone, it t In pm; of.
finding 3 nearer and I. not. W"
mm for pack loin-luau- tho lon-h.
Owing to the many chand- whlth it“
to eocouum, lo the my of log. mm
M u mpodod :1“ ha; i hit
bly i . I In mu.- '
in; tho main body Ihn to W
Ho tnnled Fatty math urn-tin ‘y
upon snow. in eon-Ind m W
of provision- for tvo dun, luring, In tho
[only alumni" It thh junctnn, to w
upon the inner uud-en 0! mm hall,
‘which they "ripped from and tn. 1‘
mped. This "lid! of diet, I would but
remark, '- hold in Ed “'6, Ch
Northern ludlou, tit in who! to.
much onthogroun m «up b
found very pktnblo to .- ugh mac
civilized volunteer noldiery.
The M- r found, n mini Ce 0.
Penbody’u J«rennin-lid, .% being M
nbont eix deyl‘ from them, tint lie-yet
the commend were comp'lnining of .1:
sick with cough: end fever, which they
contracted through hunger, expoenre, b
tigno Ind inclemeney of tenant. ‘lt lid
mined pretty much the entire time (in
were out, wine nix dnyx. Pindhgit h
pouible to mintnin his position at the
point, under the then exhingdm
he deemed it expedient to fill heck Ind
"‘ ‘T‘“ “W “Wl“mgmu“
ed. he . m n
ulna int evening, wet Ind exile-ted.
Luring traveled nhont forty-Ive “In. in I
hav nin, and that, too, on n uud
mountain Indian trnli. proving to II! ann-
Ivenent with the channel" of our men-tel
ltreilu, that the Major in no ordinary pedu
trinn. :
! Since the return of the Major end 0. i.
Smnliey, of compnny 0, from Doug’-
prnirie to thin pines, the bettelion hen been
actively engaged in building e'fort upon
Rnnger'e pnirie, and cutting n rand from
diet-need some 80min; add-int
time nine, scouting panics heve Inel- :
'petched in dilerent directions in thin nee
tion 0'! country. in lurch of infinite:
whole foolcp'llil 11l otlet I!" m
qnently been foiled by our Inen, I“
demonstrnting to am our every nove
ment ha been weighed with n M
vigil-nee, no ohnrneterietic in oer. tune-hee
ons red sla'u foe.
This notion of country. when m qr.
now loaned, in lunly tho nut
in on agricultural point of viov, "I”
hue won in Wolliugton Toning..—
Rgngon prairie, upon w ich Fort Aldo: I.
built, contains, from o rough m
(tho’ we think on opproximoto «tin-uni
nbout ten thousand acres of very axe-Mt
land; owl it is cert-in thlt there to II
{hundred thousand acres of good vino mph
land here, bordering on tho rinr. “nupti
hlo of agriculturhedTlie mtfil firm
torenotsnrpo , um touJu
if) other portion of this Tannery. in“
‘my .rrival in the Territory in 1863. I have
strnVßlEd over a great dual of the county.
{uud paid particular attention to tho chu
‘octer of the mil in the choice Igfieoitnlll
llocolitics, and am fully conflrinod in ‘5.
opinion that the soil hero in much more for-
Ltilo than my other that I hero lon, not
.exccpting Whidhy‘u kind, which I bu.
‘henrd pronounced, by men of qficolllrll
gscicucc, to be tin: garden and gum of

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