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Pioneer and Democrat. [volume] (Olympia, Wash. Territory [Wash.]) 1854-1861, March 13, 1857, Image 1

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be °’"}XH‘““."JI. foriml and chug/:chmdiugly. ‘
L. P. FIBRE", Men-ham} Ensign“ B‘flhllng.‘
qurnmmtn slrt‘et. 9m Franck-'O, In aulhrnuml 1-)
d‘oedn' and receipt for Millennium} um! rulveniwL
new in Calghrmn. . . .1
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. _ Aug] the 13.3.1f0 :ch boat on I_he {age I
9 “H ‘1')» knob and king“ A." M n In; rqn,
I‘er M- o' lh' munhfinw opp-ml will: dual,
The paneh‘ are yvilovr v'vieh vh‘.:.:';
1». And I undam- like : mommy-I|. .
.7: Wfrqn its 551» tn an m?“ Will. H .
: , Am! uvcr lb; \tmlnw pangs. . ;
, Ibe ”nutm- "inst, me vlmlajo mud. ‘
MAM-u ad .H monotuuous sound. I 1 .
‘ " .h‘lhé finishing mnmcuh {ltd ;
vK"-flbl," ‘Wfliefufllng mini 11‘ mild. '
_ M Time up pouring {rum out Na land
. Thq dug-3 one“; nthi; fi‘cL ‘ ' . .
~ You» hm Viniuhtd—Jonzofleu yew
With a]! limit quwl and sing And mu,
~1 A" b" , I.'!,A‘,AI,I' .. .
And {SO. lhci'r’ rimrks' In Imin" ;- ‘I -'
The‘dan' died, the young mm": old——
(Anemia-a hue [one I» mould, l ‘
And the dpnk'gqyive. than all. ..
Beam!“ girl! but: 'l3th on hours. .
Knitting M Mandi. or waking Howar
. inflame: or ‘broidery line ; -.
And momlngu, the young fuiiu playing ink
Wished the mnmenh mum! to “ night." "
' Fur the uthool begun at “ nine."
lulhtrs with non-i in dintant lundu, ‘ ,
Snnuwing, cigid luv tardy hmdx,
414!de o‘Hhe meeting dour. ‘ ~
And, when what hnlbn-ln nhrmd It light,
"trim! the flux: in the fading light.
And li-stcned for footsteps new!
Blinking bfidp at uni! Mich guy.
In snowy rage; on the hqppy d4].
Have mined the hour to wed :
And lick rum. timing on beds of pain.
God at an don't Agnln And Inin,
And ruched beside the dud.
But yun have unlined, uni nth." Ml
Their piacz. and an old dock pundah still.
Ticking Is in its prime : , ,
Bun-Mr and whim, day And nighc,’ ' ‘
A sum chiming the burs of flight, .
Telling the kncii or Time I .
' Tu: thsox’s Bu Ciuumwr—We werel
somewhat surprised. the other day, to see!
in the Globe on intimation that “ within a
few days past, application hns been made]
to the Cruwn Land Department to pub:
chose for the Hudson‘s Bay Company uu-'
merous tracts of hand situated within and
lions the coasts of Lakes Huron and So—
puiol—tructs of lnnd contiguouq to their
numerous forte nnd pom throughout the
country, and at the mouths of tho chiul
rivers emptying into those Lakes, com
mending the most important points for
mac and node.”- 'At the time, we were
disposed to regurtl this as one of the many
hob goblin stories of the Globe to damage
thl ‘Miniuten. Subsequent information‘
bu, ruched us, however, of such it unturot
as to induce us to believe there is a basis‘
of truth for the rumor. But we are not‘
iulormed of parliculars.—Jlanh~ml Gazelle.
n- The Mind of trade of Toronto have
erpremd the opinion that the Hudson’s
Bl] Compzuy’l Territories should be
“My" open to commercial. umrprise.
This question in Canada has assumcd the
form of A regular agitation.
HfThe Hudson's Buy Comp-Hy was
chincmd by Charles 11. in 1670, and hnd
ooptrol o'f an area of 4,000,000 square
miles. The last chm-tor expires in 1859.
.- Tbe caterpillar is a silk-spinner, fnr
fuelling any other in his line of business;
“d"dnve could not learn an art that.
would supply any silk word: the name
without him. With what wonderful pro-
Eerliea and power: has it pleased out"
teivfinly Father to endow the lower urea-i
AX Accouuomnxo Runs—A Westerni
”P". announcing a rise in the Ohio river,i
If? i "The river, in aralrdnnre with Mei
{him if a has! of Mose-who rm: mas! dcryly
"'“m‘d, continue! rising steadily."
has m!-
A Frenchman In Cnnndn t . 1
"all his utter-half, who had left hml
bed and board ;
”Noun—My wife that's Cntrine—abe
H In! house—shunt u me—uny man
"as; him on my name that‘s 105: for you.
h‘ One angry word sometimes raises a
.‘V’fln tilt tim ltloll‘ moot Illuy.
l. FURTHER NEWS rrnms.
i Must mm AND Exrarss.
I . {UL-um V I
;- XHE Uuuzma, Jnnt 15.7-Il‘hc Tcxuslcfl
Egan Juan nu‘tlvc 10d: izmt. (ionf'lli-n
--guinmon reaivod rcinforrumenl: at Grann
'- dn Der. Ml: ; and vu the HM], :d‘lur n siegcol
519 days. he suvceedui ivr driving the enemy
before him, killing 1400 of the enuny; with
lhl- los: at Only 900 of his own trdops.
‘ ‘ Thc'odds nguin‘t him was ten to fine.
All the military Flores, lll‘till“l‘_U|m\(l public
(lm'uuzrnts utdirnnmlu, were I'vnnpvod to
Rims uninjurnd, \anlwnlnu'ing prmiuud)‘
tnki‘n‘ put-Emit"! of the latter city without
opposition, the may retiring on llmrning
ofhis approach. ‘
\ _Thc (lostu Ilicnns, however, had taken
posccszinn of nll t'xe lioul< on the San Juan
river, thus cutting of! all of Wallnr's ‘com
mnnieniiunl ‘ _ - ’ ‘ i
- A special (lispntrll to the New Orleans
A‘Awofliated l‘o‘vss status thntqltu flow:
minus “we pram-ted by the ‘J'Jugligli‘in
this lutlcr affair.
‘Thrbb lmndrod rccrnitk'hnd nrrivnd at
l‘nnm Arenhn and prm‘eeded mi the tin-r.
- Just, as the 'l‘éxnw-n‘nsflnvinp, n. ma
suvt- I't'llt‘llL'li :lan Juan, statingthat Walker
lmd rcrr'ptnrul,Furtb'un (Strips, ulllvll lmd‘
Leela 'tnlztir lzy (hi; enemy, mid \vnvs th'rn
mmingiopiflly downthe .rivw,»t7onttbrlng‘
nllbclou'hiunn w_ .1
:, .'.i meant hm't'rm. ‘ - = ,
Nqu-umxa; Jun. lt‘y,—llettxmmdfilwf
raguona giue contradictory, but gen’mally
tragthcndiimal accounts of Milan‘s nt Nimruri
lg The capture of the boats on the San!
lJun rim in. elfittt‘d by :1 man mmedl
’Spqlccr, formerly A- male on board one of
lihc Company's boats, aided by 300 Costa
litmus, , ‘
l lit-sides cnphirlng'nll the river bpulgl
ltogulliu‘Mfll on Fort. Castillo Ind-81m“
‘Carlus, Ahoy, Adm ted]: both of .Wulkerh
mrgc lake btcu|licrsrlmgriugdiim only one;
‘sclmoncr and A few bungocsl l
Several of “'alker‘i‘omccrs ('muc pus
oengcmnn theTcxns. Scamvof them ayl
‘tlutrWulker’a 0950.1: _hwelcs, while otheuj
‘lre murc sanguine.
A met-ting of Walker‘s friends, who comet
on the Tang. will be held hert in a but
days. H! 1
It is reported here that Spencer is in the:
pay of Vanderbilt, and that the British
Issistédrhi'n; With vnnboats. ‘ l
.'rmamtmm oi Walker‘s men at Puflh
Arena, underlloekbridge; “amped to
retake the boat: lying there, but the Brit
ish Commander gnu notice that he Ito-yd
notnllowit.' H
l-~' “--—n "v ‘ v y I
' " .. mime .'l E
The steamship North America arrived I
at Portlahd, Maine, Jan. 8. She left u‘v- (
erpool Dec. 21. The Brltlsh mail steamer 1
Asia, from Lirerpool Dec. :2}, reached this I
port on Monday, Jun. 12, bringim,r three i
days later news. The approaching Con—t
l{creuce at Park, the afluirs of Prussia audit
lswi‘izorhufl, and the dime-alt between“
'l’crsia and Britain, continue to he the lfiulnit
femmcs nf‘imcrcst. The day in not yet I
lixcd for the nsscnzhliug of the Congress {it
that as the proliminariqs are nearly all ar-i t
ranged, it will undoubtedly be an early one.“
i’Count Wnlcwski will preside." I‘rnssiai and I
[Switurland continue their warlike prom-ll
rations. About half tho-Prussian anny,l
amounting to 130,000 men, is ordered to
he put in immediate readiness. The Swiss ‘
Federal Council hasorderod 90,000 men to l
be armed at once, and a eouueil of war is l
to meet on the 24th inst, under the presi- ,
deucy of Col. Detour. A note, hearth},r
the names of all the dignntaries of the pro-1'
lOCOI of London,,with the exception oti‘
l’rus.~in, has been addressed to the Federal in
Council of‘Switzerland, ‘dcumnding thel‘
llihera‘tion ofthe ,royaliatinsurrectionisto, in ,
lthe hope of a peaceful adjustment. The
Berlin journals, however, declare that all
mediation relative to the release of thei‘
prisoner: is imposeible, and at present ,
there seems little hope of a pacific terminu
tlon' of the difliculty. .Itls stated that no: ‘
go'tintlr w are broken ofi‘ between the Brit- ‘
ish Minister u‘ Tonstautiuoplc and Ferouk
Khan, the Persian Envoy, and that the
latter had proceeded to Paris. Britain
demands the evacuation of Kent, payment ‘
of expensee,'dismia|al of the Persian Prime ,
Minister, and the establishment of English .
Consulates in various places. Persia is
reported to have assented to the return of
Mr. Murry, the Dogfish Minister, toreotore ,
lie-rat and to compensate the llcratiuua;
but the other points are in aheyunee.
Capt. llurtatene and the ollirera of the ‘
Resolute entertained a deputation from the ‘
Shipowucrs’ Association of Liverpool on
hoard the IQJQIMIC, and on Tuesday, thel
23d ult., tiny l't'CUl'lCd a "civic compli-“
mcnt " in the shape of a public dtnncr from"
the Mayor and Corporation of l'ortauiouth.l
There was a jovial interchange of compli-1
lmexxtury chtcllcs. Several other public-g
'cntcrtnilnncnts have been oll'crcd thenn‘
Hugh Miller, the eminent u‘riterou Geol-M
ogy, was found dead on the floor of his],
bedroom, at his residence in lidiuhurgm
shot through the heart. For Some time“
lpnst he had been in the habit of having a
{loaded revolver in his room—an attempt!
lhuving been made lately to break into hisg
museum. It is believed that the circutu‘l
stances of his death was accidental, his 1
[general character and position precluding ‘
. the idea of suicide. 3“
' The London correspondent of the Man-l
!chestcr Guardian has the following : ll
‘ “I‘he'rlew representative of Queen Vic
vtoria to the American Government he.- not
‘heeu selected. him (has. \'illiers has
been offered the post and has declined it.
The «pa-«ion of who is to be the new min
ister is :ll preu nt under rmninlernlion :imi
mono"; ha: been ill liim'md on. it is
therefore merely as a matter of probability
that l martian the names of Lord Napier
‘nnd Mr. 11. U. lienanlwow Seen-my ol
‘lfulimssy nt Paris, as not unliltely to be
heard in eonncelinn “ith lire \'il\'.|ll9y. l
soc that some of the torsion rorrmpuridsx."
191' the Lendonjnnvnalls say that Mr. 11. F.
illu\‘:li'tl, now inixnsier of Lisbon“ is to go
in» Fraliltfln'i‘ to he luplnerd by Mr. Cramp
ton. ln'tifim respect, I hehere ilie corn-n
--pondents are incorrect: it is likely limo
LMr, Howard may howmotuinieter at linu
oi'cr, which appointment has now Lat-coma
round by Mr. lilight's retirement. .'l‘herr
areifonr Alnvricnn'conkulshlps now Vacant,
which will probably be filled on at the
time of the'a'vpointmcnt of the Minister to
the Ulnted States“ They are New York,
l'hilndelplliu,‘ Chulednu nndwlhltimore."
Tm: Truman-:5 nitrwzrx l'arssu sm-
Swirzsinuous—According to the following“
l'rnh'i‘lhe Paris eorrrspo‘met of the Lon-l
don'l‘ml, on» American i'oiisnl of Bri’ncl
has in vain endeavored to brim: about it
good understnlldilg between Prussia unit
Switzerland ~, .12., l
.” 'lfhe latest newslrom Sprilzcrland Myst
tltu Coirsuls‘ol‘ Krncriea and England at:
Borne-had endear‘ore'l to hrin‘g Mod 51'
good understand“ between St'itiez-landl
and Prussia, but, not btm.snp§mned4by’
representations ofmthcr powers; they hall
t'nilcd. X 1) change had lake" place in thcl‘
\rar ntepni’trflons of the l'russsrin Govern—
ment of the Federal Council. Swiss; froml
all parts of Europe, were arriving dolly ;i
in addition, as. author ol’ fot'dgriel's,.liod.
n'rltlc‘n _lo the 111-ileiul Govt-rattler“, ofl‘;r<
lug their's'ct‘viccll.’ ' 4 ~ ‘ ‘
A Xizw scltNTllel' Exrnnrnox —-'l'hL‘
Anstriun’gorermncnt is ii'hont dispntelriwr'
a 'VOSIt‘I for 2.. scientific expedition aronnil.
the glob» an undertaking which causes
mach mark in Austria. ‘Great attention
is to be paid to scientific research in the
i‘ihh fields oll'ered by the islands of the East
ladiett-Occan—the Nicobar Islands: Bor
neo,‘L‘olobes, the Mollnceas, hc.
." lindwlell I'd-nil-
By the arrival of'the Fanny Major we
hnye datesl'rom Hpnoluln to the 22d Jgfil
any. The files contain no newswo! t a
'sllglitcst’importanec." 'From a table publish
ed in ths'rAdcmiurgvc learn “lit “the to
'tal unborn! Dunlap! spermvislnppcd
from tho Sandwich M, during the Jail
season of 1856 to the ,Uuited States was
5014;—-barrels of whale oil, 121,640; and
pounds of bone, 1,223,300; of which 117,-
000 gallons of sperm oil; 1,501,595 gal
lons whale oil. and 9013413 ands of
bone, were taken in treight. £53 table
from which the above 'is. cond c , says‘
the Advertiser, "is not tonsil; correct,l
but as near so as we can mallc it li'om'flrsl
”Gaston; lipase records. The actual until
coat is at least ten per cent more {than}
tlie‘nboro this shows. ”who number 0|"
whale-shipsfbouud 'home according to"'tbe
tables is U. Beside! tho-swaths may
be some iil‘toen others, which will make a
ten iuhnihs'cruise homewards, and not re
llll'll to the North Fame.” V
Thc‘shipplng season, says thttl’quwiun.
st Ilouoialuis about in “the sere and yel
low leaf.” But few ships remain in port,
and their expenditures are limited to nec
‘essary repairs. They Mil soon be gone,
and our hathor will again assume a "flat,
‘stalo, and unprofitable” appearance, our
levery day qutet‘sdd'phelgmflwiil only he
'distnrbed by the‘ advent of a mail" from
Californis,—-or our quarterly bills. '
i VARIABLE Cameo—The Russian ship
.‘Nicholss I, says the Advertiser, which
sailed last week for Cronstadt; had is car'go
ol‘ lars'talued at ”00,000, belonging to
the‘ Itassiaa"Americsn For Company. ‘
l ‘ Farrah-uto-
During the recent severe gale \rhieh oc
.-nrred 0H Vera Cruz, two servants and
the butler of the steamer Calhoun were
swept overboard by the sea, undo Spanish
passenger; believing that the steamer
would go to the bottom, shot himself, pl"-
ferring to loss his life that way to being
drowned. , ,
The city of Mexico was visited by a
snow storm, a great wonder there. The
papers there say it excited a high degree
of curiosity and cleitement among the in
habitants, most of whom had never seen
isnow belbre, in this city of eternal spring.
’ 'l‘he cupitulation of l’ucbla to the Gov
ernment forces is noted. The chief of all
Ithe pronuneisdos, ()rihucla, together with
jhis followers, hsd been taken, and immedi
3ately shot, and the insurrectionary hands
‘el‘ Usollo, iiuticrrez and (.'uhua had been
K 0 completely defeated near the snudl town
lof Sou Juan (.‘voscomatepec, that no ‘smull
Inumber of notable individuals Were taken
Lprisoners, and a part of them conducted to
Vera Cruz.
l sur- :‘llllfl‘fl Imago". ,/’
l According to one of the niinistcri‘l pn
pcrs oi Madrid, 0! the 24th of December,
tieuernl Santa Anna of Mexico has sent
,agcnts to Madrid to propose to rc-Cstnh
3lish monarchy in Mexico, with a Spanish
' l’rinee as sovereign, prorided the Spanish
LGurernmrnt will grant him certain assis
itnnuo. Thc [3pm oppusm any such pro
chct, unless it be frecly domnndml liy pal»
lic opinion in Maxim, mil haw- lliu sup.
‘port of England Ind Franco. ‘
'l'mc 'l'umumnrsv an. _.lty n privnu-i
him from the «_‘oatxuconcm; amen 22d:
IXorcuiht-I‘, lhn: New Oriana Pawn/um
Almrns that tho uur-L on the trim-l rand:
in‘ns‘ progl‘o I"; finol). Hill] that the r In: !
ilnluaicntionaom tin: Cln-Vrlln libs! to tho
ll'nciac wunlromiy opon. Also, than. the
:lnborels on HIV Pacific nude were working
‘thcir Waytw'flti'u': lhu AL‘unzlr to meat
i”mm; cngngcllnn that end uf 11.;- Work.
”Flie contractors conllxlcn!!y oxpficti‘il to
Elinih the ram] in Torly ilu'rq Imm that
itime.’ '
i Cmnmshm, Jami H. 18:37.
‘ The ntenmshhflmbel, from lend nm'l
Kry’Wi-nt on the 10th inst. has arrived
ilxcm ‘Ll‘hv health of Dr. Kane um inn
prm‘ing.- ~ 4
, A grant 'slorxn Md occurrcil ull' \‘rrn
iCrnz. Numerous Tosh-lo; wore‘ wrcckod,
including the nhlp—of‘wnr Gnudalonpe m 1)
stunner lturbidt'. . Eighty pcrnom on
‘honrq the lntlt'tj were low. The Fish nio
inopply n: (‘lilrn limacmr unmillcd. mid
‘forcigsn vow-l 2; \rcrt; 'nllmriftl in soil. Thr
‘w'cntlmL was coniffiut limitiml.‘ .
i Tin-1 Cm: or} firk‘rmhrm‘. “I'l‘hin' rau‘
[marknhle- may which Ms ‘ot'énpieil the
‘tbltrtsbfl‘aSnsstons for thlrl'uun 01139, was
limo-gm to- nzclou: recently. i)! We convic
itiun of Huntington and his condemnation
lto the State prison for four years Anti ten
iimmune. The prisoner's counml‘scc'med to
Iconcur-in the jnvllvu of the veniii-v, unit in
sono urns?!“ torchat cl‘odt, decl'ide'Mni
self as a. “ zealous counsel," luring the '
‘prussinn than. live (in-signed the 11;er an in
some degree 519 (in apology for [IO conrsé.
‘pursuvd U; the defence. It is in be hw
um the utter future mentally-to impose
‘sncha theory nron II jury mum-motor»
I rcbulio Ihutw’lL need no repetition ; nun
,cqnnll)‘ is it in ii; gcsiruil that the rcruld
‘tio‘ns midi: upon this trial will serve as n
warning tlllt Merit principle and an Wh
liuhed cbnrnctnr are bettctgnfllnfiel, even
in a. linnucinlpoint. of view, than a flashy
exterior and pretentious show ; nud that
theré‘ is tiltimuterlénmorn troll: in money or
business mime s wit sound men than
in more imam-to productive operations
with ”unwilling; Wis] his norm”:
prover}, or I! V 1.91.99 on“ cut
Queuimfl'fl 19%an
’ _ .flnntinm, forgot. gni Id at
Singing on ‘ri figkht, Jon, 25. and
went to work in t on inet shop. The
warden had intended placing bin: in the hut
shop, but hvink mired It «Haunting.
Inn moral lumi- mud n a no be m
net to finishing And packing; bodntondn,
He takos‘bis lot'witknmch ortitde, “99‘
cinlly continuing thn'dilerencc betweén
his imp-town residence, with In splendor and
Ilnxury, nnd the mind, cold account-odr
itiouof Sing Sing. Ito work; chairinliy
and industrionaly. Ind evince: a great do
inire to conform tonli tho rule; of the prinonf'
Mskémnu Pnospmn'.—A New Yon-k 1
‘pnpcl‘ remgrks: ~ 3
I “It is seldom that I case of such con
;tinued prosperity can be chronicled in the
history of an mercnlile lrln Is in that of
1110 Mum figvlnd & Alpiuw* About
thiriv. can 0 the commercial mof G“
E. & g. S. fiowlaud was formed in thil’
city. They were‘ engaged pflhcipully in
tho Wen lndittrndo. Ten year- after»
wards the pnrtuers retired from buninou,
wealthy, leaving behind as special partners,
$200,000 for their successors, Messrs.
Howlnnd & ‘Aspiii‘ullf A‘. few yarn
further on, and «he memhm a! this firm
also retired, leaving the “Huntsman? 1.
sperm , artuorlwlog‘ 'anior _an 01-
innd‘ JapAspinwallj, Img recent! .thesa
mm; have, toofr'ditcd,‘ diving $0,090
for still younger hamlets o! the’hinmme
land atylo of firm” .w... z ' 31;!
l LT. Mum—Tu. King of Dem-rt liu
conferred upon Lieut. Maury the own of
La. Knight of the Order of bombing, u 1
mark of consideration for the eminent ser
vices he has rendered ln thst 'de artnlent
,of science to which he hudevaefhle life.
[We learn thut Lient. Maury declines the
proffered honor on national grounds—u
Iconflicting with the constitnuon of the
i United States, which forbids the confer
‘ring or reception of titles of nobility by
iciuuns ol‘ the Republic.
i Tn: “Gnu‘r Eurrnx.”-—-'l‘hie rum-10th
;steetnflbip, which u some indefinite period
1i: expected to arrive at I’ortleud, exeoodl
‘the length of Noah’s Ark 230 feet, and
‘that of the Persia, the largest Iteamship
‘yet afloat, 310 feet. The wharvel erecting
for her accounwdation at Fish point, PM}
‘tlund, are expected to be completed iu‘
June. i
ye- Father Matthew died It. Cork, “.'i
‘laud, on the oth of December hut. ‘
1 lil- Tbe State of Arkansas gnve‘ Bis-i
chain-an about 12,000 inujurity. Mr. Filiq
inure, so far as is known, curried only onei
county in the State. 3
, A NEW Tmmromn—Thia is a great!
‘conntry! New Turrilorios spring up ini
the night time, and dcicgltcl appear oui
‘uw floor of Cmigrees first to lull the news!,
'.\lr. A. l’, Cook has arrived a Washington
’l'roin Arizona, the new Territory formed out‘
of the Gadsden pure-hue from Mexico.
‘llc brings his credentiala, anl'iii claim a‘
‘suat in the House as, delegate from that
‘Territory He reports tin.- population of
‘Arimnn at from ton to' IMn- abound?
persons, And that she ’l‘errieory’ wt" mattei
a Male about m ln'rge' 59‘ I’Q'miuyhu'nh.
It lays mum of 36;80. “ ' ' ‘
;' Mum: Cums rmnma—Tigo Wushlngmm
llTuiuu. of the lath inst. 13y]: H ,
Advices hum: bum rcrciwd by the Sec»
usury of tho Navy from the United Slum
store-ship Supply, Licht,‘ Cdmmandiugj
David Porter. The Simply IIIJI Smyrna
on the 9th uln, and hud on board a. nume
‘of camels, dcslincd for service in the United
‘Sum army. She was to have uiled for
the United States muffle 53!: in". "'ll'cr
olficers and crew. were wolh z ‘ " x
’ U. S. NAVY.—~Tth:S. ~uvy,~ il‘ NOl
‘vemhvr, 185fi,-co‘nsist‘ed pr 11 mpg of m‘
:lin, 13 Mguloc, 19 .‘xloops-of-wfinulhfiiq
‘1 schooner. I scraw steamer: of the- first
,ulus, l of fines-could“; 2 of an third
class, aside wlml flamers 0! HM hm
‘clasm’! oftho second Gnu, b of the CMM‘
damn; inseam -Mnd¥'l‘!,‘ 6 atoresMpn,‘~’tmd'
‘lpermanmc reaming nispl. Total, 75'
vcasels, git-Tying 224 guns. . ‘
I THE DUI-LIV o»sr;kvnouv.—-Willinu Hr}
Du-Wltt of Albany, has contributed SSOO
Ito lhr‘ Dudley Olwsrvatory; Manson Bum-l
‘uer of Albany, mm; a. c. mlmn oil
lAllmny, $1000; and Jos‘eph'Stvele of New
I York has given lllvomlly. Three than l“: ‘
Inlnllnrs Wol‘q contributed to thq jumili‘lloi; ‘
lon the 13m inst. , , ;
ll 'l‘" omm- Sarah—According 10’ the
report of m nuperinfemlem, the bout mi,-
voy has been ca‘rried'bh (lan ll” ydhrllp
all the lanes and territpn‘os 051 '9 fight:-
|IL-', tho Gulfor Want! the Pac'lh’c
mast"; Thouvoriaaorm ohm Hutu
llw fl-fiobfiuédomic,:;d {Gunman ‘
ru'. .c_ .W ,0! r .1 M ‘
lh}: lama will 3:: a» «gamma ‘
llufii‘fiwlcmll; Ell amnion“ M 1
two. _gencrn_ y, o ' mo '
am; has been M otiflflwu ohm :
fuxuia um] Urogmm ~, ‘wryr harbor. . bu
hqpn wrgcy‘cg‘apg o. consldcmbh portion l
gol' Wulxlpgpougtenllmy. Amos use fir ‘
lvel‘ppmcnu mulo in 1.1:. hydrogrqpllrvn‘ ,
the agusgagilhomost, worthy.” {who u.
kthc éxuu-lre bank of corn mum;
ground bemoan Geo! 9'! link a. m
gator; and Him-mos. The repors eon
tuina lunch valuable information mm
ing the gawk-ting, interacts of All pull."
offilmgouufiy. ~ 4 um: ; '
”- Slnco the service «(1489 €18.13”-
vrotwr in Who, 9'" Won 056' bu
ruled that more baboon no «if, 3’oqu
”landing the nuts and protruded colfllbu
with the Indium on tho Pacific coast; '11: ,
,New Mcxlco, andortho plalna, and has
lrejccted all nppllco'tlons baled apprm
nerlrico referred to; but the mercury 0‘ Sb.
interior, in a spirit 0! lbw-lily our! justice,
llu reversed indecision of a (mm c..-
mlssiouer. , - . '
Rama. ormfiuwou hunt—ll .
is «mad that an Savoury of , War uni
Interior have concluded an swam“. In .
rnngcmcnt for the would upon] 0!. lb.
Seminole Indians tron} Fluid; . ‘
Wmmeooo um Wan-alt {I and
led that bofit.‘ l’opo. mm on
«healing in 'evl Mexico Ind l;
the order: of tho government, rm
water on the plains, report! 9h“
armiall wall: in the world «not
liuhed n shmpuyl-poi-l, and mat
Blnfllu {o9* In W U «mm-opp»! 0‘
fun In 1.41 M, country, whma W'M’
be near ‘1 finish woof.“ 52 I goal!- 1
ally ov'er'the pinion, Ind ‘ nod . 1
root. ofnhil plan "to u hml'lflfafl; ,
and grew plézfulo Miraagfm.
l‘om'u eel no I 0! or" Q‘-
race 9N“ earth. ’lfhll m woo-p 5
ollglmvood, and is sully preamp ..a .;, ‘
? fir Mr G. P. R. but, British own!
Fan Richmouy, aid, that twining 'Xr,
Wfle’fl‘lfld Dr John B. WWlflppmfl
the 1m rm In Chulouuvilh. Vih
their beit one: were the In.“ to «all!
either in this 90mm) or u the 11¢".de
shows of England. ‘ Jr . ‘ ‘
3- The mole tunnel! like I sklll'fnl en
gimr. Thu nuulm in tank“, 1.-
tiufi or mki¥ in mil 0 11030.. at audit
we nor, at p ensure. _ _m
S” We pdni our live. in frm. The
sort. und facile plaster of the moment hu-
Idem under every stroke of the' brmh into
|etcrnui rock.
"ox 2 or run B'uors.”—-In I can be
l'oro (he xmjor's court, Philadelphia in
which a man was chug“ with "ain‘t“
to his own house, m g the witnm a
young firemln us culled, Md" doclldd
thu he “knew corridor-lilo “omit." He
had related 5 long yarn About the first and
‘becond plugs, when the cart. requested him
to come to the point.
“Well, you ace, uldcrmnn, I um coming
to that pint, und 1 won! lo tell you 11l
about. it. You see while Jonson] Ind our
fellow: wen! round to who the other plug,
the door mu bursled open and If»!
first In!” on der fire.“ “ Well, is that 11l
you know about. it ?" inquired the nldornnn,
striving to suppress a laugh. “ Think!
ye i," responded tho entrain-tic rout
will dcr umchccu ; “ ain't that. won‘t?
«lill'ut 1 ya! the firs! walcr m d" fire .' I 14'?"
The mum» Kai informed lhu he could
lulu: In. «mt, which he did amid a poor-l,
snzyu’vr .
_ 3:03:11: 1%
I § ui'uu'l. .
‘ - '., , v. . x: m . .
‘ )3" A subscription mm My} I!
“Wk“ 8-lefludck by Mind
,uonhihmlom. to [men- n curring- fill
iprescntntion to Mr. Buchanan. - ‘ " u
“0115'. 4L "mnuime-Tluis “cutic
uuau, fun-uur]; l'. S. Sumter from 111-“ IN:
and one 01'.qu uuuuL eloqunm. men in than
Andy, has taken, up his maiducc in; the
‘city QISL hunk, and inpundl to ukvoln
Ibixmlho mug-nu my u". ~ -
I Tun: sznuu‘ AND Po'Lrilcsf—,4 {and
Euuuuhcr oi the :rwbm of LI» mumm
Episcopa: chur 9! MW.” Yolk
snout I a cud-Jaw in .
their MWM of tho mm
[mid-nun in ouleriug the flat u Ichlu
pigna of one of the polfiul punk-r
t .‘ Emausu Sruz's‘ IE" on Maul—Jam
‘Rcdpoth, an Eugli-h wot agent, iauumv
in Boston, again trying unduly-Demon
{llO mm to the Now York “an; and
Winks shat. “ God ind Shry’llriW‘wm
‘y-t ontbbmho'ubol‘uionb- MI mm. to
overthrow m by! government then -" -
I Dcnocumuc‘ Cu.ruumu.—-Thn. an .5
“his Saks (suys the ,No- Hampdnin Po
lm‘a) mmyvdergymc- flan-re; and any.
J h-vdzhouwdolnmu-m “W M; of
‘tlmm, us the Pmm Poursayr'or’ nuh
)m’ mum Rhoda Minn-” Debug!
jet: to iut'm' mu Mafia
ed‘upoui 1H _ In "Mire-q
5382!! 51.“? i‘f’h'uP 3' “6:9“. .
p’yghipre‘ngiiinufi 0519,50,. ' hm;
cm: mm .mm ”’2: m
the church,” impairs am“...
no poflfiulrun'luu‘ ..uohm
mug» h‘fiv’mg («MK I ’
chaufwf'NlloH‘mnl- HM; "-I’
kpw. ti- o ”I tn” a "
hug'doubtedfy, £0159; an: \.~' ' '5- ”.5
mm! ,J' A“: i“! $1 “3:. . a -.
‘thfo 9hr 951.9%. M ’1» . ‘
Nevins dun . my“: muml ’ ‘,
on 111 at. W . an
fixmfilmnml m
u ‘OflQuh’ufiwl’mdw
rough-m gamma-pm»
the Mdmar‘m‘rffiufl'
flannelynndivo‘ “mm
emu, q; ”Ml-3W. “ _
in}: n... Aii - I», . I Huamnu-Wbyv"
Chicq'gé ammz I .1
. ‘ 1,5,1 _..-a-
her dam Ram'l ‘ WWW-'2‘.”
- W .I. 2:.
one (an Sun—j : ' I u
' m 3...» “ma-U I ya:
u 4 1.
to oth- glrh 32mm
All of which UW‘ a” ..u
of blue? republicu’u, (tom ‘l.” m
. n-A. hand-bu, BIMM’
‘hhm 15" H . . ._
mm ' .rxfu‘ if ,
“6pm?" I ‘,,‘ 4' ,I'L. , 4
Id". - 'v’g:::f’ - -‘L cat
. to nu. I; 1-51? “It".a‘hw '
'W‘ ‘. mt.- man“.-
I .. *"u ‘ M
M Wm); “awn,“ w u y '.‘ ml 9.. b
, ~ .~ ~ . um
It; I’M mflfi .
game: at “13.1%.. ~
lum-ox lido at!» ~ . .
me-m ......“
Dom».-- lt- Owl“!
Winn-rim ,
whim-d WM "7'
11'}: 2 '1“ “”"fii‘i‘f
'.- ”ha-U Ml “aim
.' 03a!" ~ 1* “1‘
on. “a, *l} ‘- , ' ‘
mm: . mat.» " y:
“a“ ' 5,451» ..r '3‘ 3.,
it Nd tale ( . ;‘ ‘ u 1‘“!
over imam w _ " . ‘
Bob Stnbln’ lon cal» filt- w w:
for the uh a! pomdu "damn..-"
mat: "PWY-;wxfl
"unwary-patina..- 1
'- bro-n an“, o I “but. 'l'
{M I, to: with I m"!
fly, a canine. - tho! [MWWV
electodtlbholt I; V ‘ I“
lettuce; not-vi ' It” if
intellect“! us cm arm. ‘. "
'lers, lam 3mm (“an lel t 6 ‘,. in
under the wagon In AW . _ . u
31! that's anybody thin lids all L
{sun begin: to bliltcr w. earth a. .-
1 wallap me, let him show hW'I-d'.
43°," I go in fat atm.“
clam, lurs, wipe: II! - '
[hum my emlwi.’ m 3... at Mon .
. knock down,dmg ontllCMlßfyboO’
[as denicl use." \ ‘.>
' aa-umroom of tho bah
Community at Nnvoo. did u. 3:. ”a
on the m iaaa., ofqpophxy. and “ya-t?
’11: him the community has II'IIII fly;
‘ fl’ Me; org. hobbit w
‘u s cousi at can] w .
omin share ma: hug-.- Int :4
H‘ As long I: thou Ihh flu. ‘ . :
improve thynlf;rpralle not“ ’
bring! with the! whdon;-—it it » _,.
learn hm, thsn never. '_ 4. .A ~ x A, a.

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