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Wm an intact. ‘
m 7 —:
m 'm I'IIII'ICY.
FRIDAY. JUNE 19, m 7.
m - ‘~: :7 ‘ V
a. V. will An I. m. mama. E
ma" * ‘ :
Manna-u -m m. u-}I. 1
15“de an ion. ' l
‘ In ”A" m mamas». ‘L
mif— _,.__;:_,,
I I “I you my
Ln. Ink 1 the Rouuicaw, datcd
h 1”. main more of pemnnl scur
t. pan-- and hucm- Una we have
"Maui: I publiention 01' um
nu flit-h; tweet-hing. There m
“M II the leading article which
it”: w " Koop it baton the
M.” We undertake to any that ull
h Mel old Ipoclflations nglinnt Gov.
m." hishooda. We hope that
”who“ hunk-copy of the
yum-“wall, will give it a
I“ an! (li-halos! pen-l. The
a—q hm with tho our-cu
In“. W upon to the commit
”W M mud-« 1 in the
m ‘ 2‘. hlnlooda. A: for
thumb-darn would at, wlnt
Ethan/almi- uunt But, to a Ihort
man of the wick.
ghw up “Keep it before
“m“ 00'. line 1. Stevens
vim. and to be circulmd
’ ’ ad [uncured numerous ligan-
LL Mb which um citiun
a,“ knit-7 dd mt he wn
[*3 pa- ddsl Mid."
nut-n m hdmplyjduud
N. ho who be my, be» It
’ , ' be paid“. Then were
' ' lln circulation but um,
. ' , lo the Hon. J. PAH-ox Ax
.“ Gen. Inn, and Ilgned by
L dd”. mm. to the
‘ _ W. has nproun- ‘
, 'ollflleaah’frontho other ‘
hi. ‘ ,Hhmuwywen‘
“am“ We!“ in than 3‘
" _' _,wfl,Muy one of the.
m'WOHMhmh hot pur
“Gama! tortnn Into In.
g iii-Lu m "guiltyof .
fl Wf. " ontheontnry ‘
A” ‘ may the ulnar- or.
, , . , Mun, fullerulc-
WM mob the and “quit
‘ ‘delflthuflltory,ofl
~..:~ f nu by a... 1.... I- '
fl}. ,q’wam you
.' "., hbm lulu wn."‘
V‘IWW' ' .fifipfim of Inn-tin! '
Iz°\ 7. “Momentntiwni
in”, .2 ‘ Wln thon
fligiuam «rue .m ‘
_ (1%? “RV, ' «Mud Than- 1
a '.. w an, "Kup it
My??? 3%“ M Gov. Bantu in w
- W . «d wry Intel: Ind
3‘: h.|l|Mn,aeufllclto
d- n 5 ' d M but, until he
' ""“".I] “1;, - 1m | boner um
f... A it. «quot-bu «luau or
“mini fi. mutations re
HII‘WO Inn hand with
‘ ' ' > ‘ Hon, tint Ic
,' 4' L totllohome
. M” J" 7 ' . Stu-u to the ‘
aw ' dlw til-s- (u u hollow
{chain/aw), am he in mum“,
W, 111 M u ‘OVII’IOI’ 3nd
m a ham min In. dil-
Wuilb-am. h. pinned
“await-noflmul The-e
w W to hwhlu, Md u we
Mina-l, lid. £6qu his re-
mum Id All. teen-scion
nil. in Ina-W o! the W
” “Comm in 3 confirmed inebri
”Sheath the aim we have
figth undo to
“fined“. [Ale by the poo
pfl C! u— w vim-o six hundred
W I. w to than repruem
“an-mum unediioroi
“Hi... null nth. dirty dog:
Ibo-h par-in to diagram tin column
of Wm vent the! week with their
“method Ilwdan, their mimpmenw
h lid M lad their low billings
pb lug-p, um prominent among“
Ih it build Jig-ulna to those repre
mm the: of Clpt. J. P. Kn.-
1n u of the "PMI‘ Con-cilia”
don W w. undenimd um!
Gamma-mum lugely towards}
w M [piper nnd we have no doubt
dill I“! blaming in existence, and:
1t... [may hell in the character‘
d Mullen“ if he in cognizant of the
amount of pernul Abuse Ind blackgu-rd-l
h d like him kind which weekly fill its
ooh-no. in», I: one or we pnblishing‘
"nines of ihi. pcper, permit it longer
”be“! fliihy ne'er through which cs-t
«pith Wt gull. bitumen run]:-
.3 II who but: of Gov. Stevens’ one:
To lb non. ALumrn S. Annsmw,‘
n. It Bram, ..q., nd 0-,».1. r. Km}
Lu, the publi‘hing committal ol’ the [fl-i
”Nina, the prospectus of llnl paper must;
luv. been submitted for their npproul or‘
dluppronl, before it In permittrd to go;
to the public ; and inn-much n it Ip
pund in in patent form. we take it for}
grated tint il mull hue been approved}
by than gentlemen. ‘
Wu lill, therefore, publish a second time, 1
the following extmt from that prOSlK‘L‘"
ml : l
"1b bur-II will new mrjui of: panama!
m; n I!“ mm to elevm Me Irma n! th
g I- M mm. lid whlk malnuiulng the frvo
0' I? h: 111 not! upward new, will an!
w MM 010 blah und lon, [mum o:
It! nut engine or alarm, Ivy dragging yuan- and
Mid." Idler Ink) Ibo whim or n pub": jour-
Twof the member: of the publishing
committee of the Republican live remote
from its place of publication, but the third
one, "on. D. R. Blonww reaiilcs at Olymv‘
pia, and in in weekly reception of that pa
per, end must be cognizant of the low and
ebullve permnalitiee which lill ite columns.
We now oak that gallant. if, with the dec-
Imtion let forth in their prospectna that
they would “ not degrade and pram-Ia the
high and lohy purpoaee of that great en
gine of reform by dragging permm um! ‘
perm! latter: into the columns of a pub-‘
lic journal,” he üburiba to the publica
tion. In the organ of the republican party,
of the loweet and most vulgar bleckguard
line that we have ever noticed in any pnlr
lio journal west of the Rocky mountains.
And we now any to Mr. Bigelow, that it'
he II the novel and high-toned gentleman
which we have ever taken him to be, he
will, a. one of the publishing committee of
the Republican, no longer permit ite col
nm to bee diam-nee to the community,
by not indecent and uncalled for abuse of
Gov. Stevens ueppeared in the issue of
‘the 18th lnet.
For the present. we [care it for an intel
ligent public to Judge, whether the infu-
Inou Ilandcn of the Republican is carrying
out “Ms high and lofty puma: of Mal ;
[mt aging vf reform,” or whether it. is:
weal-led to “elevate Me In: of Ila 1m“
in I“: terrilory.”
In the course of a week or two we may
reprint In on: colunmu the seven! repre
uuutlonl hentofqn dlnded to, together
with the name. of the person: who signed
the me. '
Tn: Onmox thxw Tum—Judgc‘
Jon Onvu WARD“! has, according to‘
the Organ Mo! ulna dale, retired!
I'm-(h odltori-l control of llml pnper.‘
w. III" known Judge Wnskuu nunr
dz you-I, und hue nlways had a hjgh opiu
lon of Ill! qualities of bond and heart.
We hope friend Wnnnu may in his ro
flumom enjoy fully the fruits of a well
Qantlifo. We will be after you ”alki."
“I. E. C. Hun“ Ins assumed the edi
mm control of llnt pupa—Messrs. Ans
!“ I Cut: mu "mining proprietors.
Although unncqntlnud with Mr. llxmx,‘
'0 la! Island, from the former course of ‘
than lining control ‘of lbs: paper, ‘
llnt it will still occupy the petition of “l
uncompromising Idvocuo of democntlc‘
principles. ‘1
fl'A report [ln ruched this place
thin week thlt Col. E». C. Fl‘flflUGH, of
Bellinghem Bey, Whatcom county, delib
entniy shot 3 mm, canning his death, with
out my provocation. The last number of l
the Republican attempts to fasten the act
upon Cole Fmflcan u I aim. We have
loci end convened with citizens of What
eon county concerning the unfortnnuw
circumstance, 3nd 3 mejority of the people
a! dint county, whilst they deplore the
malty or neceadty of CoL qucan‘sl
proceeding- nnder the circumstances, at
then-Io time justify his course of can
doct. ,
.- W. In" bud during the last month‘
or six weeks, moot plentiful showers of ruin.‘
The crop. In springing out. or the ground‘
aif by magic. Who says that the di-j
vim ruler of the universe is not. mnnilioem‘
in his blessing” ‘
ancnou Acornsx'r.-—-A son oi Mr.‘
Levi Shelton, of the Yelm Prairie, while
coma! in drawing I cover over n yeager
to protect it from the rain, preparatory to
I hunt for pm. loddentnlly shm himself I
through the pnlm of the band. Ilierebyl
most shockingly mutilating that limb.--‘
Upon snrgicul unminnlion, it was discov-l
and tlm tll the finger: of that hand had;
been rendered nucleus, und amputation,
nbove the wrilt, hld to be resorted 10, tn
’uve not only the arm, but probably lliel
pttienl. Thin openuon was übly perform-.
ed by Dr. Barns. of this place, assisted by:
Dru. Willnrd. Kiacr, and Glenn of Oregon,‘
while the patient wu under the influence?
of chloroform. The invalid is now doing‘
I: well u could be expected. I
1 ‘- Thermometer Hood n 95° in shade
1| yesterday.
Tm My n-‘wmic mm.
} m deleglm to thin/mm «mm. should
but! in mind tint loanrrmr 2- [3ll' day to
lllaich tho lane mu utijouruwl All slmuld
lbe pmmptly in nucmlun-w Fun. the un
idoubud choice of [he widx uf the democ
racy mly be the n-sult of Ils'iriilk‘l’llionfi.
Del everything be fairly :uri honorably
conducted, And we need fem- no defeat.
If conducted upon demcnuic principles,
there need be no npprehcnsiom us to dis
Citizem from the town and country shoulll
also endcnor to make it conwn unit to It'-
fiend, nsnll will then have un opportunity
of henring and [turning whm. the prin
ciples of democracy and the 54-h: n «its a!-
tempted to be disseminnlml. 1:. .. alum
crc especiully invited. Dun" w: annl‘
gentlemen—you shall be wall In. 1 ’cr-‘
anally on have nothing to re . um us—j
plilimfioxudefeut. lli~l .._ -.- d‘lvt'a-‘
km oi’ both parties, will In: ”ml for
the occasion.
The mm.
Al remarked last week, from every sec-1
tion of the territory, the news comes to an
of a most glorious and encouraging char
acter, connected with the cunmss, not len
ving the Ihedow of u shade of doubt but
that Gov. Srlviss will be circled delegate
to congreu by I regular ramming majority.
As evidence of Ihie, We take inc liberty of
pnbliehlng the following extracts from pri
vate letters received by the lust mail from
Ihe Columhin river and elsewhere : l
" RAM“. 0. T.,Jullr am, ’57.
“ Gov. Stevens u-ldresscd ins fcllux'wzhi
ung_|t_h_tlouljf:e{l‘o If“ 07‘5"”1e _ _
The lion. 8. Catlin was on hand and
proved himself the same genuine old deni
ocrat an formerly. I would be pleased to
give you the particulars of line meeting,
but am necessitated to refrain from it, as
[might improperly represent things, and
from the fact that I have them second hand.
Gov. Steven: will be elected, allow me to
state, by a large majority. The only conu
ty that I have {amid much opposition in is
Cowlitz, and even there, to use the phrase,
it will be “ slip and luck." Lems will give
ihim a very large majority—so Will the oth
er conntiee south. _ The citizens generally
in Oregon with whom I have cunversed,
,are decidedly in lavor of the governor.
Col. Wallace apoke in behalt'ot' Abernelhy.
‘Mr. Abernethy made a “few brief 12-
mrla." Mr. Catlin apoke at length.
“ The governor and Col. Wallnre arrive
ed here from Monticello thin morning, and
will leave for Vancouver this anernoon.
Col. W. ll canvnaaing for Al-crut‘llly, but
it will amount to nothing So v-tll‘lllly
power can defeat Gov. Stein 'li‘ I'l"\‘llllll.
'l‘. .l. ’l'."
ancocvnn, Jum- hill, 'sl.
Flume Wu.” :——Gm' Stem": mlnlress
ed hi! friends here inst (Welling. The citi
zens turned out in large lllllliln r»_ The oc
casion was a very favornbiu hue, As it
chanced to be, the people we..- holding a
count convention. Col. W .;i m- spoke
in behalf of repablieonisp, we found a
very inattentive audience. :u. war will
carry eeveneighthe of the vote of this
county, if not nine-tenths. Tue venerable
Judge McFadden epoke at length in the
governor’s behalf, in reply in Col “Wallace,
on the nigger question and nearly :iuniliilu
ted him on that subject. 'l‘ - .Lnlge'si
speech wae very interesting ‘l. and,
drew from his attentive aniliex... .ml illlill
continued applause from liuw n; time.
Col. Wallace has found but In“ llglillllll‘
can: in this section of country. . u l nun
0! opinion that lllmll‘ts will p t'.-' {run-i
less on either the Cowlitz or (Ya mum mu.
ers. From a gentlemen i luv h :m .: Ihc‘
name! of the persons noun-n. vi for till:
legislative assembly in come. 'm m. yes
terday for Ibis county, which i n‘lil give
you, knowing that it will be i; . .l of con-‘
siderable interest. H. L. Cilpl-‘a l'ul' eonn-l
cilmnn, and Messrs. Kelly, l’l'w'm‘lcl, Erby,
i’ollot and the gallant nnd clilvhlmns Max-i
on for representatives. . ‘ i y
‘ WASHOLVGAL, June fun, 1857.
To Ike Edileu of the Pioneer :qu humeral:
We held our precinct um- mg April
25th to elect. delegntes to the ronnly con
vention, in vhich meeting the following
resolution In unanimously udopied :
"Resolved, That Ihe members of this con
vention, while we have our own pvrsonnl
preferences, will support and nw- onr'infln
once to elect whoever may he n vnnnaled as
Delegate to Congress by the 'l‘crritorinl
You will see by this resolution that Lhel
Democracy of Wushungul “Fill"? in thel
‘ohl Democratic doctrine of upplylng the‘
Inc to the root. of the tree, or in other
‘words, of starting right. and then continu
ing in the same straightforward course—
;‘he only one that will illrcly lead to suc
Our precinct meeting canto ofi' on Sutur
tluy, May 30th, to elect delegates to the
.connty convention which meets on Satur
day the 't'th. 01‘ their action you will be‘
ludriaed at the earliest moment. After tliel
idelegates were elected, the Democratic
plntform oi' the Territorial convention was
adapted withouta dissenting mice. The
feelings and Ictions ol' the members of the
convention were harmonious—all uppit
rently satisfied with the principles of the
Democratic party. nnd more especially of
our candidiite, Gov. I. l. Srm'icxs, believ
ing, as we do, that he will curry out the
principles of the Democratic platform to
the letter. - l
It. was with much satisfaction I heard ofl
the large majority received by Governor{
Sun-n 5 upon the first bulky, unomug quite.
a dim-rent feeling towards the Governor!
{from that mnnifested by our last 'Legia'le
.tnre,"end more especially of the "mm“!
lfiu of the‘ Council.
I I believe, from what information I have,
ithnt Cllrke county will gire a larger PM
jority than it ever hns since the orguuiuu
tion of the Territory. ‘
E We are in hopes to put n ticket of true}
‘nnd proved Democrats before the people of‘
{this county to fill the county offices at our
{county convention, and then shall labor
lhurd to elect them.
l Your: respectfully,
l W‘snot‘uuu
‘ . Pum- Towsstzxn, May 26.
i To the Editor: (3/ Pioneer and Democrat :
Gent/mm :—The military express leuv
‘ing for Steilncomu tu-dny, I thought I
gn‘onld give you some information in rela
l‘tion to things in these parts.
i Since the late ruins, the crops begin to
.lnoli promising and the fnrmers carry in high
>hcnd nnd pleasant countenance. The mil
litairy reserve is progressing gradually to<
‘wurds completion. uid business in generul
is rather on the increase and bids fair to
fully meet the expectations of our traders.
Our town has increased considerably, a
number of new buildings having been erec
ted thil season and others under conteiu.
I We received information from Whidhy’s
Island lust evening, that some tWelt'c ca~
noes, containing 154 northern Indians (one
half women), had passed up the Sound
prol‘essedly in search of employment. 0n
consultation this morning between Majl
llaller, Collector Frost and Capt. Hyde,
ofrevcnue cutter In]. Due-il, it was thought
advisable for the cutter to proceed up the
Sound with a detachment of Co. I, 4th In
i'autry, under Maj. llaller, overtake them
and enforce the laws of the territory, by
making them leave the waters of the Sound,
and to give them to understand that they
will not be allowed amongst us. These
Northern Indians seem to be determined
to force themselves upon us, and it becomes
our duty to make them know that what We
say we intend to enforce.
In the line of politics in this section, we
are quiet in the talking line, but active in‘
our work for the good cause, and I eat of
the opinion that we will not be ashamed of
the vote that will be given for I. I. Ste
vens, our candidate for delegrate at the
coming election. ‘
Mr. I. W. Smith, the inspector of Light
Houses for this district, left here this
morning for Dunginess spit, where he is su
perintending the erection of a Light House.
He was looking every day for. a vessel
from San Francisco with the materials for
ithe Light House on Tetae Island.
. Gov. Srm’ns—We rejoice to learn that
Illls able exponent of deiuocraiic principles,
is engaged in canvassing his territory with
a degree of industry and energy, which,
while it is charscleristic of the man, will
render his election a fixed fact, even in ad.
rance of the day of the election. The ac
quaiutancc—alwuys favorable—Gov. Ste
vens possessed with the magnutes of Wnsh
higxon city, and his excellent reputation
wherever known, will add much to his
usefulness and efliciency us I Delegate in
Congress. Washington Territory, like our
own, has A lively monied interest in the
proceedings of the next session of Congress,
and in sending Gov Stevens to look afteri
their interests, the Democrucy of Washing-‘
too have wisely selected one in whom they
may implicitly confide, with the moral cer
tninty that what it is in human cfl'ort to do
Gov. Stevens will never lease undone.
We wish the Democracy of Washington all
success in the triumphant election of their
worthy nominee. His Black-republican
lcompetitor, besides being “weak as water,”
would, if elected, which God forbid, find
himself when in the halls of Congress, fur
ther from his proper arena, than a pink
salmon would be in the midst of Sehera.
i—Orsgon Times, June 13M.
i Dcmocntic Convention in lsllnd County.
1 Pursuant to notice, the Democracy or
ithe Council district composed of the coun
ities of Island, antcom, Jcfl'erson and‘
Clnlm, met at Coveland on Monday the Bth‘
‘of June, for the purpose of nominating n
‘cnndidale for councilman. 1
I On motion of R. 0. Hill,‘ Celeb Miller
was chosen chairman, and E. S. Fowler
appointed lecretnry.
The credentials of the following gentle
men were submitted : Messrs. Caleb Mll
ler, R. G. Hill, R. S. Hathaway and C.
N. Miller, from Island county; Chan. Vail,
and J. E. Barnes, from Whntcom, and E. S.
Fowler from Jefl'erson. Mr. Miller pre
sented euthority to cast the vote: of R.
S. Hathaway and C. N. Miller. l
On motion of Mr. Hill, E. S. Fowler
was authorized to cut two rote: for the
county of J eil'erson.
On motion of Mr. Hill, the convention
proceeded to vote by ballot for ocnndidnte
for councilman.
Cms. PniLLms having received all the
votes cast, was declared the nominee of
the convention].
On motion of Mr. Hill, the proceedings
were ordered to be publishedin the Pioneer
and Democrat.
On motion of Mr. Barnes, the meeting
E. S. Fowunr, Sec’y.
...-.- WW 7‘ -_
Pnssmzxr Bucnnm asn Hl3 Wine See
romnns.—'l‘he three instances in which
President Buchanan has rewarded his in:-
tionnl Whig supporters, says on Eastern
exchange. ure: James B. Cluy, appoin
ted to the mission in Berlin, which, nowev
er, he declined; William B. Reed, appoint
ied Minister to China; and Mr. Rcucher. of
‘North Carolina, appointed Governor oi
lNew Mexico. .\lr. Reuchcr had served as
'n Whig member of Congress. President
ißuchanan is sensible that he owes his
leleciion not entirely to the Democratic
jpurty, hut in n lnrge degree to the conscr
.vali\'e, Union-loving, patriotic men of both
the old parties.
The Detail II melts Results. ‘
Although, thus farl our returns are veryi
incomplete and to some considerable extent
dependent upon rumor, enough is certainly
known to warrant as in assuring our read-i
era that Gen. Lane, the Democratic nontinet“
for Delegate to Congress, is re-eleetea by a
majority even greater than that of 1855—'
that the Convention question has carried,
almost without opposition—that to the}
Constitutional Convention we have elected}
an overwhelming Democratic majority, and‘
that the next Legislative Assembly is also
Democratic. The people of Oregon have
spoken, and their voice, condemning us it
does the chaotic elements of Black Repub
licanism—at this early hour, gives welcome
presage of what remains to be efl'ected,i
which with their contemplated “thoroughl
organization,” the negro-wurshippers slmll
hoist horn in Oregon their disaniou hannerl
inscribed with hut sixteen stars representing i
alone the free States of our confederation.)
in this result rests for long years to comei
unmistakable evidence of the fact that if.
the Democracy of Oregon remain true to‘
themselves, to the Constitution, and to the
great fundamental principles of the Demo-i
cratic party, Oregon must continue to be'
as her people have so nobly declared her
in this election—“Denwcralt'c lo the core!”
It is decided that our State Constitution
shall be framed by Democratic hands, and
now, with a purely Democratic Constitution
we are destined to enter upon our State
sovereignty not only under Democratic
auspices, but with every assurance that a
vast and overwhelming majority of our
peopc, appreciating the blessings of our
glorious Union, will never, in all time to
come, aid, or directly or remotely sanction
the schemes of any political organization
whose purposes comprehend the disturban
ecs of the peace and harmony ofthe Union,
The true sentiment of our people is read in
the language of the lamented hero of the
Hermitage—“ Tut: UNION—IT at’sr AND
smut as Pnsssnvsnl”—-I’nrtland Tim:
June 13M.
The Time: of the same date also gives
the following, which we here insert, There
are some three or four counties yet to hear
from, but these will not materially change
the result, Laxs’s majority may therefore
be safely be put down at 2500. So far as
heard from his majority, as will be seen by
the annexed table, as 2195. Glory enough
for one day. Hurrah for LANE and the
gallant democracy of Oregon!
The Convention question carried by an
overwhelming majority—scarcely any op
position. The majority of the.\ members
elected “If-me a State Constittttion are
of the de ocratic order, and that instru
ment may therefore ha‘ expected to be
moulded in accordance with the usages of
our party.
The Legislature is also democratic by a}
handsome majority. When full and com
plete returns shall have been received, we‘
will lay the same before our readers.
The majorities for Lane and Lawson, so
far as heard from, up to the present. are
as follows:
Latin, (Dem) Lawsox, (11. R.)
Wa5c0...... ..28 Yamhi11........1'{4
Lane. ... .. . ..300 Washington... ..110
Brnton. ... .. . .25 Multuomah. .. . . 13
Marion. .. .. ..316 Columbia. ... ... 11.
Douglas. .. . ..247 Clateop.. .... .. . 10
Linn. . . . . . . ..550
P01k... . . ....400
Clackainas. . .. 30
Curry. . . ..103
Jackson. . . . . .400
To’l for Lane.2sl3 To‘l for Lawson. .318
_. ..-W_ ~—
Wasamorox, April 22. ‘
The instructions to Mr. Reed. our Minis:
ter to China, will be very specific as to the}
extension of our commerce, while a naval
force will be employed only in case of neces
sity to protect our citizens and their inter
wi- Mr. Medill, vice Whittlesey, enters
on the duty of the First Comptrollership
8- Mr. C. C. Andrews has resigned his
position in the office of the Solicitor of the
Treasury Department, and goel to Minuet
note to practice law.
3- There was an arrival of 850 Mor
mons at. Boston on Monday.
Tm: ClllNEsE Wan.——The,Nm Orleans
True Della contains a scan-s of very able
articles contending against the United
States taking any part in conjunction with
England and France in prosecuting the
Chinese war. Lords Palmerston and Ne
pier are handled rather roughly.
Umran Suns Alum—All the dispos
able force of the army is ordered for the
West—for Kansas, for Utah, and for opera
tions against the Cheyenne Indians.
‘ MINNESOTA Ssnuoxs.—lt in genenlly‘
‘believed that Mr. Rice, the late Dolegntc,‘
will he one of the two new Sermon from
the anticipated State of Minnesota, and'
that the contest for the other senntorahip
will be between Gen. Shields and cx-Gov
euo: Gorman.
fi- Briglmm Young, in I recent sermon
to the Mormons. told them it. was “more‘
important to raise saints than to nine
crops." ‘
Ihunx, April 24.
l’arlinment passed a bill giving the ex
clusive right. to the Atlantic Telegraph Co.
to land a cable on the shores of the prov-
Moxuunx‘r ‘ro Mum: GEN. Women—The
amount. appropriated by the Common
Council of New York for the work in 8231
M3OO. Upon the completion of the work,
Ihe remnins of Gen. Worth will be removed‘
from Greenwood Cemetery, where they‘
now repose, and placed in the cell beneathi
the monument, with appropriate religiousj
> _Q
Can. Haney Orland n. “It.
WASHINGTON, April lii—Gen. B
has been ordered from Florid. “In,
Leavenworth. M
‘Expdlllou enlist the lowa ugh
‘ Troop: Ordered 1. u“
‘ Col. Sumner, in command n P
‘ Leavenworth, has been ordered to fit
:ngninst the lowa and Cheyenne m
with n forcefol‘ 1000 men.
‘ He will in terwards proceed to -
'his command. Utah"
' Troop- In Knnuu, ‘
Three thousand troo _ under u... I
iof Generals Smith nndpflarlley,,wi]] h -
l Kansas in June next. I
1 The thldn Indl-nn.
The arrange ents nlread mode
1 Billy Bowlcgs End the Seminoles irlh:
‘lO remove West\ will now be carried ‘
i —~——W_<R
‘ TELEGRANHC Gouuvxicniox a '
iCmu AND Elmore—Rho press at In.
ldiscosscs a project for foxming .1.
lie line between the l’nci c and A
ifrom thence to Brazil, where it i. h .
incct with a line projected from Lith- .
{Rio Jnneiro. It is z’aaid that
leapitalist will construct the line "“0:-
lernment will guarantee them lix p. g
on the cost.
‘ ~ ~m‘_- ‘3‘»
No FALLING Orr ix 1'"! Emma.“
«We copy the following form the 2*
Current, setting forth the fact M “
‘lme been scarcely any falling ofl'llth g.
ports of gold from this port. It will. .
great way towards reassuring the fl.
stricken Wall-street financiers, but a.
same time we would advise them to”
as much as possible, for the ma tfl h
the nature of things there month. 3"
future aeonsiderable felling elm 5.;
' We will before long produce 111-u“.
thing that we need, and it in MD
liable that we will continue to‘ fl “
for nothing. _ _ _ u
i The accounts from the min.”
‘vcry favorable, and whatever {myh
entertained on the Atlantic baud. 5
crease in the yield of the preclou-u h
California, we on this side no mu
they are not only unfounded, In. M h
reality we are producing moregoflflfi
ent than ever before. The menu |
the New York Herald that we I. .
millions short of our export”
mime revision in it: fecte, the .-
couut being as follows: “W
Exfporu olheuurefmm Ben I-‘nneleeo '1"
or first tour maid): of 1856........‘M '
Sometime in 1851 :&
Which is of course a more 1‘
the other hand, we can point a
of the yield of our mines to the W
improveménu going on 11l out 1
try,-—-the brick hnildinge going “ '
mining towns, the quartz nine, ' _
the new ditches cut and the .
built. These Ire ell done '
capital, the amount contriblfl' ’
Francisco and the mercantile " .
generally being so trifling u‘ i
deserve mention. The "taste (I _
to which the Herald elludu, b
in fnvor ofjewels of rnther I M
character. .1 ,
NAVAL Covm or lawman—o3o‘;
two courts, which have just been
is to ensemble in Washin ion on W
next. It will consist of 5.9 mm WI; .
McKeun, John Pope, end G. J. Veal
and Chnrlel Abert, Eeq., of Well)
on judge odvocnte. Copt. H. A. .
hue been ordered to the court no ‘ *
sion, vice Com. Striughlm, do \ '
The eletemeut that the orderd n
to be investigeted in to be chnr
to be incorrect. Ench one I M
up in order of opplicntiou wit , _
to cllssillcntlon. '3" ,‘ ,
Iv. is stated that the court he ,-
the case of Lt. Pennington, ,
decision of the lute board, with
.mendution that he be mtoeed, .
an indefinite furlough or leave 0" .
The decision. however, on ‘ ,
known, In the court in required . '
lay its opinion in eech can .
President end Secretary ofthe ,
duty it is to approve or r 9106 ‘ w
is no ofiiciui announcement u”U ‘
has been done, and until the. I" he”
’oonjecture. ‘ ' j “
Tu: Summary Nuam—Wekflu
the repairs of the cylinder-I‘d"*
steamship Nilgnn have heel I' ”3' -
pletcd that it in expected “I“ i“.
will be in readiness for In nil-t . '
’Cnptain Hudson, her Mr. '
much intemted in the mififl
telegraphic enterprise, for vhlel‘ h
ignma, um he will, if pan-Ht. .
permission from the New .
proceed direct to Eng Ind. M“
preliminary trial trip. '
I’rol‘. Morse, of telegrephlo #
accompany the Ihi on dill
No other civilians of note will (0 0‘ ‘
‘Mr. Peter Cooper, who “got“ A
lwill not be able to do so.— - Y- .
of Commerce. -, .4 ‘
Tn: Una PnonLu.-Tho W ‘
Utah engages the uttention of “a
and Government It the Knit. ,1” ,
is maturing a plan to eradicate Ellw~
seeds of immonlity and robolliol “I
there. The leading premel W ‘ U.“
not less than two or three thou-H .
lihould be despatched m nid the W
1 who may be selected. He the." II
[in], energetic nnd decided nflu “‘1
be given, as far u the Consutnm I”:
plenipotentiary powers to put do". ‘
for all, the trenson which has prov".
far, and is constantly incrouinz ill
B'- A we sod amendment to J 0
rconmitutitml ofpghio, under which l”
‘citiuus hereafter would hue ‘0 b. "2
‘dcnts of the State for one lenr n” F
‘léng their paper: before they would I” ’
itulcd to vote, was lost in the HO“- I
Jhc want of the required thmvfiflhl “fl.

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