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Pioneer and Democrat. [volume] (Olympia, Wash. Territory [Wash.]) 1854-1861, August 27, 1858, Image 1

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VOL. 6.
at Mum anh lermurmt '
By EDWARD mam.
For one yur. when at by null or taken I! m
nljiu. st: 00 ; form months, :3 00. Single copies,
bléfirlwr will be dllconlhued, unless a! the opllon
out. ”new, until I“ arranges an plid.
‘ ' mm or ADVERTISING.
For one nqmre. (11 line- nrlcu), thmc weekn,. 05 00
l’uremudmoml 1n1eru0u.....m...‘.....5l 00
A libcnl Mntiun rule to yearly Mvcniaern.
The number of lnuerirnns must be dlstlnclly marked
on Io Margin of advmisemonh went us, or they wlll
be continua 111 l («Md wd chug“ Wuly.
L. P. FISHER. Ken-hunt“! Exchange Bullding,
nun-onto Mel, San hunnlsm, is authorized to
rueeivo~ and pace?» for subscription and advertilc
mcnu m Cahforu 5.]
Q 0 B ‘i‘ R Y .
Dad is growl-5 old, John!
n .L q. A. woon.
_ Ah. Dad In growing old, John.
His eyes are golfing dim.
And years are on hls nlxoulder- laid,
A heavy weight {or him ; ‘
(mm-mil»: young and HM \
And ouch I “dun man, ‘
And we mam Inks hls load a» light
And may as m can._
He and wide the brunt, Juhn,
M and» IN! the plow,
All urnpd our porridge by the "ten
hit mulled ham hls hmw : 5
Yet. Inm- hum we him complain.
What's Ila mull might be,
. Nut wanted e‘e: a. welcomo soar. ‘
U pun hls solid knco. ;
And when our boy strength cunc, John, 1‘
'Au Mymmllmh, ' 1
In Mht'u an lluyclluw mm, 1
>1 ' Tu‘dlmdha all with him : . . ‘
I)“ bmwou two-oat In an swath, {
Tutsi“. Mo flu (rah: _ ‘
. - 4m lib tin-[4O! um Moves the sail.
armsmmwsm- .. j
‘ Nun» m'uu Iguana, Juhu; : I
' The! weaker foil and hh'L‘ ’ I
And In an old m and and date, 1
~ And‘ulthh eq- chur i
, Ahdjh’fl m ming‘llfloh‘n; you know, l
“‘ " Ame to fillu‘o‘er ' ‘
i 'rh'uu and old «I. or mineral”. ‘1
. 0! an” “I W Wu. ‘ ‘
i JWQPMWW‘ ”up, .lulan,
‘ w-m y n l ‘4.
I. u, , ..l VI..,L‘
l" .3!“ /, firm-awn; ‘
'," Ya“ Job-,Taawmrw ‘ " w
‘j- ’1 "um filled hqfvun,
M~Mwm Hun-w- Mgmflka .
!- 9"7-Agleu‘l‘dudolmun. _‘ . * :
IHl'Ll.."i’!:4;l . .i-' :‘t'v'; m "
ul'flulim W" lbw-Job. ‘ f ,
“- 3*me luau-ml h’lr.‘ V l
IA ’M, m 'fllwelkd
. ‘finflfi-vm’m‘? , , '
1 muw ugmu NJ» ,' -
. i‘m’g‘flo’fimflflrw, " ' _
mun qumww' " *' . ‘
f"""lhd u; uyqnd nO.
'-‘.,n"-'|L“ ‘v )I 1' H H’ - .
.~‘.: . W“ . .Jolpng: ; ' ‘4‘
”’"Wemfim .r
m. ygnfiww “M's“ « w
{garlafemh-f Ni: 1 . » '
. .mmmxmmmi ’
-mwmwpru;éy¢ 'l‘ .
Wemrhow mm, "
,1 MWWWWJ ' .
:2 «1.- morqmmuhm .
' '3'."- MHn-t'filenk‘ighio,xohn,““ ‘ ,‘v
mummm‘wem.’ "
"i" " ’WWIW‘WGW' ' '
amlnhmcmuw-l > I
-7’ ngte- with-Imminent . '
..::-,,.mmhowmral . ,
I s ' V’Qhw.wwnnmwlml.
r; 1 r WI ”3"“ WIN-1 '
“.‘""Bnre‘,the‘reun,b'e"neflnn,luhn, * ‘
"'A The. Melting Weft: -
' mm mm dihoufiro long.
5H welcome no no non.
» out me. It may why outlast thou
An land. tut Mn ! ‘
Thy been one do, will ughm he,
Remembering n bu flown. . ‘
.' For me to growing old, John.
~ rm: '- uo 3mm din.
~ AM 10’“ in mint any down
The Glade-col. with him;
- ‘ And one!) I Inlwut nun,
Am} we nut nuke that; path on smooth
And level n we an. ‘
Bumnns —— momma? nvN.—— The
I‘. (Null 1)“ Dalia, of union: Febt
record: this ruminant. rm n billiards ;
Me. John W. Hester was playing a
genie of biliinrdn, Ind‘by nn admit ploy
brought the two rode together nbout eigh
teen inches from the canton, at the foot of
the inblo. He then " named” them so
ekilfnlly, tint-ho marked two thmnnd one
hundred nod fifty-levee .pointl by seven
hundred and nineteen consecutive cnroms 1
without inking a cushion ! The timo oc
cupied in making this run of 9,151 points,
was nearly two hm; nnd it was only ter
minated when the pleyer, feeling that he
had oocompliahed a felt in billiude which,
ponihly, the world never'se‘w before, he
came {pudennhiy excited, iolt hie steadi
uesl o nerve, and made a fake play. This
account might well be doubted were its
correctness not “tested by eight persons
who witnessed it 81].
...ii 74....» u, , , i
H- The talc-bearer and the tnle~hurer§
should be haugt‘d up both together—the
former by the tongue, and the inner by the
OtYfiPiA} WASHINGTdfi'TERRITéRY, 'FR’I’DAE;JAI"JGfi§'E§7',‘ 1838.
Fran the an “amino Globe.
Tho Wny to be Happy.
.\ hlppy bit. hum um nuld mm would he.
1! men when lhcy‘n here could make mm wagme;
And I”; said lohl! neighbor. in cottage and ha ,
Came, xiv. me you hand—we an bmlmn 13" ch
The whole human race are in pursuit of
liuppincss‘ The rich, the poor, the lofty
and the lowly, Ire all seeking pleasure of
some kind or other. For this the ndventu
rous youth fornkea his native home and
digs and delves in Californian or Anslrnlisn
mines, or wanders through foreign lands,
inspecting shair curiositiec; nod making
himself acquainted with the maunenaod
customs of their inhebituuu For this the
sturdy mariner plough: the deep and huf
fotn the storm. For this the idle and dis
solute equuuder their precious time, and
for this also the man of business devotes
hie hours to laborious calculation. In
short, all ranks and classes are wandering
in quest of happiness. ‘
But, though the whole humlu race are
in the pursuit of this end, the methods
they individually adopt to obtain it, are
frequently the reverse of each other. One
derives pleasure from bathing in the pearly
fountains of literature, and stririu to ren
der his knowledge a menus of ngvuueing
his fellow men in general ; another, enjoys
an idle apathy, seemin§ly coavinccd that,
“ where ignorance is hiss, ’tis folly to be
wise." , A _ I
The miscr has n sordid'g'rutificution inl
bcliolding his amassed treasures—in count.-l
ing his gains. Nature prcums no land
scape to his‘vlew so bright and beautiful,
as his individual possessions. The bold‘
‘nud striking promontory, mega-eon island;
loved by Ihé waters that’m‘ ud it, the‘
‘rugged jock, towering «Bmptly from the‘
‘enrtb, us if inAscorn of things' below - the]
pencefixl‘vailéy, thd winding rive; gliding
majestically through it. uh emblem of etera‘
uity nnd vegetation ; the lnke beneath the‘
summer sun, and the fofe‘st waning the‘
ellloresccuso of the balmy season, Ill‘ord uo
‘dellgh't :o‘ tlld‘mim,‘ lha' Mm “new
spot. he calls his mum. .‘ -
I Il'_we contrast thischnmcter with 12“!
of the spehdthi-m; ms nh’n‘ll find thc‘ m as
opposilo to Each filler»: iii!“ nudflktfif
ness. The onq Seé‘s happln st b{anl'§st
ing gain—tho other b spanding 1:. _'he_
one foregoea alums; ,Evfiryj comfdrt—‘nthe‘
other can donghihygifdgdgmg 3‘o 5.3%?
“Mix, . l. :V I,] LU“? ‘H. E
«Mfg dpidfitfia‘fiycon'd’itgflgng el 7
ccmg,“ yer ’bojh pagerihelm "up law
the deli-sameslflng—bapplneul “flex! _e,
either Immediate _or reptile, is‘ihe object
may laneln view, thong they‘vmkji‘c by
d‘l erent methods. . V L " "
Igmpmve out {our mind tug! character,
will‘not'ohg .ren gt an more awful lo om:
m, buy motg'hnfipx oufieivoa. Milton in
his “ Puadipo’ duffghbwa conclusively
how a guilty'consclencd hmmia like u doin
on its victim; and he makes m Ich firm!
exchlm: . . " H V j
" The mlhaklu own phae, Ind o( XII-H
om mum“ new: 3731'” a hen."
0W x 116' an o t ' a!“ mu
don; mir’fbbd, or flammim {mu m.
Everything is vieyréd thrdngh fife warm
or’thoh‘ght. ’Hm, ale premt work], "the
world to éoufgé; oumhes, qui- mehds; o'nt
{093.1116 'uen ' Haven, m reflqccea, Eur-
We}?! Ind ,conte'n'r'pMed ‘ rm hencé’, to'
balm “ psgce‘ d! mind is‘ ham! my.
C“!°.‘° t flu tray. 1
nuan'ulrirémqum “ma, m 'mindgm.
ite 'We the mama mgfsnd an we cog‘
”rm-y, the ‘tbunder any war, the eu‘rfli
quake and the Human: dissolve and melt.
‘with fern-S: but, and youthtlonl. far
from fueling-Quin, my unltgendshg: :,
, vxmmwmmma ”3:? . , I
My funcy utmlnwrkuw‘w 1:1,
Mukfing voylgu mung. [3:306:22 I. in a he:
‘ {mfiftheflhunx nln' do‘vn wl'gfl: d’cw,
‘ unlmmummrmumyy, .
Thank-Aired Hallow, emu y.
But to etteln w ‘hil envilhh etch. we
mm etrlvo for more! ucellenqe. 13pm
ment in good" is inc-em of blind And
there In no other way Lou Maud
‘blin but by increuo in Moe... Noy
more, than is no may by which we con ro
nun our poem omonntof W but
‘by eonflnulflprovomom in knowledge
lend virtue. There is no couch. hoppi
nese but in combs program The Inn
tint. stand: will or goes back in hon-laden.
vlrtne, or bonerolenee, seal lone his hoppi
neu. I! w. wish to enjoy life, In no“
epend it in the pursuit of truth, nnd in the
exercin of charity. We Imago on may
sling for perfection, or fall hock into new
to] wretchedneea ond ruin.
“mmhguruu momma-n than
In loul' all; Iynfil- ad Mantel: ,
fivxm': print A ' M in:
A story is told of two travelers in lap
land, which throw: porelight on the ert of
lbifl‘ hagpy than 3 whole volume of pre
lceptn an nphorisml. Upon a very cold
‘dny in the winter, they were driving 31:25
‘in e sleigh, wnppod up in fun from h
‘to foot. Even their faces were claw cov
iered ; and you could see hardly Inything
‘hnt their eyebrows ; nnd these were white
innd glistening with the frost. At length
they saw 5 [nor man who had luuk down,
hcnnmbed Ind rm. in the snow. “We
must stop and help him,” said one of the
travelers. “ Stop and help him," replied
the other ; ” you will never think of stop
ping on such 3 day as this I We are lmlii
li‘rozcu ourselves, and ought to he lt curl
journey‘s end as noon as possible." “ But
I cannot leave this man to pcrieh," rrjoinml‘
the more humane traveler ; “I must go to
his relief ;” and he stopped his sleigh.
” Come," said he, “ come and help me to
rouse him." “ Not I,” replied the other,
i“ I have too much regard for my own life
‘to expose myself to this freezing atmos
phere more than is necessary. I will sit
here, end keep myself as warm as I can,
will you come back.” So saying, he reso
‘lutely kept his seat, while his companion
hastened to the relic! of the perishing mun,
whom they had so providentially discover
ed. The ordinary menu: for restoring con
sciousness end activity were tried with oom
plete success. But the kind-hearted trev‘
eler was no intent upon suing the life of a
fellow creetute, that he had forgotten his
own exposure; ind what were the cones.
quencos? Why, the very efl'ort which he
hud made to warm the stronger, warmed
himself! ~ And thus he had a twodbld to.
ward. He had tho tweet couscioneueu of
doing a. benevolent not, and he also found
himself glowing from head to foot, by rea
son of the exertions which he had made.
And how was it with hls eompenlourwho
had been so much afraid of exposing him
self 1 He was almost ready to freeze, not;
withstanding the efforts he had made to
{meg} him]! warm. '
o lesson derived from this little inel
dcnt is obvious. It shows that
" Then on. like Howard. whoemploy
Around 51inch: of 038 s: - y l
Whohaoeupfivofleodthnpoot, \
A outer every humble door
‘ TENN sin or narrow lowan, 1
union: Meal He.“ m : .
l 'l‘hiefihls ll WWW-Old folio-"~11 V. P.
Tun Gum Human: IN ILuuma—The
Horiea told of the freaks of tho lute mun,-
do in Illinois are quite as astonishing u
the hurricane must have been to the fright
‘enod ,ldmbitanu. Theraorié Tram-{pl
tells flu following :
1 " Al. IKppa, twoladica were blown away,
and him: pot since been heard from. They
probably wofe hoops. A“ phonon it de
mollshgd a house domplqtoly, and yet. Ich at
bqok-cm, that man‘s in it ~ without}; ninth.
of a. broken pane of ‘glugx. It carried *a
l we 'bnlrrm- ditty ‘fch',nna;‘hld‘ ll down
un’hroken. The wax! mowing towing
storm, a mafi'vns #2911 m ‘cx‘uv fim'nnder
a barn, who,- after being mitionbfi'fih
tel} All)!“ as be wag . com guards-film
prnlfie, the wind phked' lulu: up‘ and' ,
tied him half. mile, setting him doffi §
1391.190! mtgr'fou! hail" 1:3: 11: w,-
ogr gnn'd El“. on 3mm I’Bf-firbu‘id
«umn: ha my mph-ma mad
hlufi'y'vlg viblgnw‘ t Ih, ‘slfia pl .211!
bnrfl,‘ hnflqr“vhlch , dW‘hl’dJ?
the nlglxt‘. am am murmur an
howmr. ,muncd n .Cbonom ‘ : A fun
how.wu._lzlpnl n lwo jump. no log; nun
(hm hugged feet. from when I; flood, and
urban ‘ {eulg‘ mum plum-rug m
not omelet}, br d dllhu inoohd of tho
tlblfl/ which. was mifor T. “Add”
luiownmncuook plum» flaw» Wham
a. .‘kitphoqlxpauplfiwn #9411355? side of n.
bump into" ; slang wifhpu if“: bglnzy
brbken’; EM ‘ Pro-s3l! W_ gt a,“
iamawwdfioummgwmk Ilnd out
on ..«nmwgn mandiumhuih’fm
mklagh’z’; - .7 . . f’
Amity: Bvsv.,—,-"l‘ho'moré a mag ‘ng
compflshes this m'pi‘o ‘hé nay. 'Ah ctM‘
wornmr hum-iruuyn Ydu awe-yum
tbo'ie “Indication-rd to domed, a
no impron m times «~lquth .wlwm
“quw' h MP an“ ounwlrfinfla 9“,?
steam , ‘oqr‘maghine Ihp' und ‘Ony
manufacta‘leSWQllm «influx?! fiwe‘nv
ammo. 13:161.; unhayam Marlow
al‘vmrhddng mm ‘w‘mnuem
advetddd when ‘ ’l“:qu “MINI”
than: bcfiedeMT-I'he'ml‘dh" In“.
mm lg! feolHily {my 'Wu'g m to
tivltya—l'm My, I Hindi in ‘mrythbg.
be: m gbld‘vgm-noL-diu, mun
thoughts Wet-le. Xupmmmfh
‘lnotiou. ~ W. 'wonl‘a. rather. an» «a
mbould luv] u sealing t‘lnolnuh‘flll
Making in a min—mung u whirl-M
:than snaking from I do“. ' .
FUN AND Pov:m-v.—Povorty runl nth-g
--ly to fun. Amm is hunt to full of joke!
a when be it Maudie one shirlmfiuo
potntou' Wealth ii mic-tn sud M
Stockholdmwould no sooner indulge til: I
hurtylnngh'thu thy would lend m
on a “mud mtg-go.” Naomi. gnu
Debut in communion. Thou to when
she semi would: Ibo midla- width-nil
nd dynpepdn. The poor nom- indulgoh
I woodcut, but than tiny have. ‘fio of
Ippetito ch» convert: n numhc Jim!
who're! lnwa aim, and tht in quite
as wel . -
Panning—ll islet only Maury that
men my have Isle-ion: «it w brim, but
it. in wry inng :5! for them"-
uu inalf in wh they lira, a well IMO!
the men who inhnbit it. Tho influenza (1
impnn air in not only uerciud upon Ibo
m through their breathing orgum, bu
the surface of their bod'u, their clothl.
Lheir um, their tabla, bed: and bed
cloihu, the wall- of the spam-ink; in
short, the {rec urfncu of anything in
contact with the air of Lb. pine become
more or Inn impure, t Inn-hour of fan-Hm,
a means of impregnating ovary cubic loot
of air with poison, unless the whole Apart
imeut Inn its atmosphoric contains comiuu;
‘oualy changed, so am everything animate,
‘aml inanimate is fruhenod by u coustunt‘
supply of pure air. i
choun-tn, W. ’l‘., Aug 9th, 1858. l
Mn. J. F. Dunne-81}: In the I’a~‘
"ya omm" Advocate, ol‘July Slst, there'
was a letter written by you which contains 1
the following paragraph : “Romanism, in I
the person of Mr. Rossi, (an Italian who I
has charge of a mission in this country) is I
assuming a fearful appearance in this 'l‘er< .
ritory. A few days since, he approached i
me in this place (Olympia) and requested .
me to have a certain Methodist preacher
cease to visit his flock. I said to him, this I
in n free country, and the said preacher :
sh." go where he pleases. Lle then rc- 1
marked that he would expose him publicly. I
The following Sabbath 0 denounced our ;
clergy as being illiterate, and unworthy of .
heaven’s smiles. We are thankful that the I
Pope does not reign in this country, and I
that there is no Inquisition hers; and we I
are truly glad to be ranked with o. Lntrher, I
a Wesley, and the holy men of Israel." I
Though I hope our sensible public will i
justly appreciate the above according to its I
value, at both you and I are kaowa on the l
Sound, and especially in Olympia, I will, I
however, write this to enlighten these who I
do not know me, and no bewildered by I
you. Romanian], in my person, write you. i
in assuming a fearful appearance in (big I
Territory. You must avow that you are
either very much afraid, or very weak, for
a Catholic priest’s presence, alone, notes I
on tremble and apprehend .I check, per- I
haps, to your calf-exalted exploits. What
is that, whomt you no lo lunch fright
ened? You know I have not a Tract So- I
ciety to propagate, nor hymn books to dis
seminate ; you well know that I do not go I
around to proselyteiie, my principle: for I
bidding me to tronhls hensclences which I I
may suppose to be Wflde, though Iknow I
they are misled; you know, also, thatch
account 05110 all; mull? [how]; will in
s skins ... n.'. ll'Jß'l. m w
aide to influence peoplo'bymficlosing all
the minware-canton:l m , in new”.
[tapas-ted some» chord» “a .19
should, at least, rqpqct through our: goes
motive. We“. then, in tint which fright
canyon? Iqifi—QJl: thatrfi girl—l4}
when psoourunsi 0, in take?
’ ceive how grosslythoygge been fleeexrocfi
and our howafifefif 1% Mum} . ti"
grommet a I ‘MIWW S9B
hstiqau-thqyuououx..l 5.01 !._I I
apprehenaioua. hat in qh‘atmucuel I
smfi'%“‘”§” $5.3,
- .I , fiii , I Bil .. . I
mung! mam . )5!
I]. Ill!" 51 ”3%” .
tion—worm Miami»! «12% .
pounce—tho} , orientate ,~. .' .
m our-fimm ;._. lon-wt 1m
fouliummvms . at _ . mt-
Nor Mainline; 2 h .M'F
ad to "MM: ”WWI-plum:
who.“ mutant! lg I mam
planer-Boson. .11r... ”a! i
. quote: I MIW'P. root at... feat/II
awry“ IM‘ . 41' PM
I' {Minimmi, .‘. .r:.i":-
I Only I warn you, sir, to , ‘9:
‘ JwIWAa momma-x t
W m. 40; "9319;. “In ..
W tummfih. . (on ‘l' .
~ who in na!!! arm-ii to sag-lo
v MWIM-‘Mafigi .. I 1 I'M
Int-d mitnmrqm- Wt
:Iwnruw.mu r. u I:I
”gummy. t wmtmmh . In
-W‘ cam ‘90.. . icfiww
>, | Mswwflflsflan :ul I
. .../M “Mr ‘. I
I‘ able bol‘ag, and a chrhtlan ml" ‘- 1
«Muenmm .
.phlonsluwwfmoru . . i I I
ll’Qllvflh mun». I» email»! 1
tww‘i TI“ 7154. .ii ‘l‘w {MI V’ gulp. ,
i on“. young-cu ' MM
-‘umqaim M bloom-Mun
ldodtb‘yol h QW‘yfiH dfi not!!!“
I m' W‘WW ~14“!
« may gamma-awn tux-£3016-
l torepeat what is more "flat, 28H
' lan’s light in' Mm. lfdoiltrflylrr
- gret you“! “I“!!! youth". non
‘ tionod lotur on my convorution with you
r lath-t make“: "unstvlfllamld
. thoaktyukmwlthat it new “Ink
OI! the public In!” And W M
41on thnnghout thoSuodrlld yo!
I am d vary mu km the. old dog. he
i ‘, m .031. L. 30381. .P.
Surimmmolr—Wa hm lib that
which lu‘ «not do our-than. Ind By
ron, who rum-0d litbn clawin
mud valuing, Old ' i“. ll»
nonLulw’ In 'mmm
for no Mine- 3! his non] umn Co"
min rmly admin gnu deed: of heroin;
Ind ill-natured peoph gum“, condemn
mile- unit-spa: Hm. tins-mink
lilo—had], uknpwhdpd .1. canal".—
to justify ourselvu in «cg-yd: n; we do.
—~—‘———‘.>~—~—~- ‘
fl- Dr. Brugsch, a [ten ndqunrian
‘nnd historical light, In; htunod (mu I
long wjourn in Egypt; wBM-lin, bringing
within-a a curious MB. wrin- on loubr,
Tsupposod to be four thousand yenra old. K 0
is shout to in“ In daunt- hhlory of
Tun: T 0 Amman—To udmon‘nb I man
in the height at his pal-ion is to ctli A lol
dicr to counsel in the midst, in tho but of'
a battle. Let the comb“ alackeu, and
then thou mayest expect 1; hearing. ‘
-»- » ~--W~ —— 4’
fi- Thc man who was filled with cmo-f
tion, hadn't room for his dinner >
l A Mus mu. ‘
Washington, as everybody knows, was
very methodical; end he was particular to‘
huve matters about which a dispute might}
arise, “put into writing." The article be
low is copied {ram one of his “papers,”
and is both characterlltic end emnflag.
It in en agreement with his gardener, who
it a peaks, was in the habit of getting‘
n ugh." ‘
"Articles of agreement made this twelfth
day of April, Anno Domini, one thansnad
seven hundred end eighty-seven, by and
between George Washington, Es( .. of the
Parish of 'l‘rnro, inithe county ofk‘airfex.
State of Virginia, 'an'éne'pert, hnd‘Phlllp
Hater, Gardener. on Mother. Witnue,
that the add Philip Beta, for and in con
sideration of the covenants herein hereafter
mentioned, doth promise and agree to
serve the said George Washington for the
term of one year as e Gardener, end that
he wllldnriag the laid time, conduct hinv
selt’ aoherly, diligently end hwally—W
he will faithfully and ilflustfiomlylperform
all and everyp’rt of his duty as e (lnrdem
er, to the beat or hle knowledge and obi“:
tier, end that he will not at anytime mm
himelf to hedlsgulsed with liq”, except
ion times hereafter mentioned.
“In consideration of these things being :
well and :3an performed on the part. oi 1
said Bntor, he said George Washington I
\doth agree to allow him (the sold (Ph' ip) I
the same kind u'nd quality of provisions as I
he has heretoformhul, and likewise, on» I
Ill], n decent suit of clothes, Defining a
)man in his station; to Iconsisc of com, veal. ‘
ond brooches; a wor'kln'k‘jnckct and hr ’ h
?u of homespun, beside; two whim 5m ;
‘threo check do; two lli§éfi pocket randker
‘chiéh’two pair of “non bur-ails; a in“,
‘ if 01 Ith us mtrmyvfwihim;
:flyddll; nééflzim 1:23.11" thigh-uh ‘
mIII’u. at, on” '-
mug 331 m at 1355318130 bifoct them I
poi-pone; two dollhn M ‘Wlfllumitlde,'vv6"lfi‘ I
drank ma duylf «3 Mum summing
und ndrink of gross: diurnal-. 4 locum; ‘I
,f‘For the gruo wglfldflnfol . orange
of all'imd' cool: pli't of mono lm m
{mm Hgve' heregr‘nt‘o m um
"mantra dly‘ol-AM,‘MW' .w. 1
"37'. ’a 3" 1 mini 1“ u; 1;} 3.1871!
I Pmur Bun, his lekwaj
‘ Glam: WAsiimm-ox.
Wan)”; wiw » | “mi \. . .',i
‘0 .3 ~ 348* 07'0": 3 , ,
“squ w.2' 1 ,
w 3 Eu 1.31 i in liauixggabuixd a ,iumfl .MJ
mu. new.“ .33. .
“HMM Unv' ' 3 .
Meg-«mm» ”am
”An - '- v'i 3‘ .3"
3 3,33. . 3. gm
lflnyi'orW-‘ifi ~4’ 'W}’“‘ddd
m- arm»,- m" w hm out ,
masculine lo‘cbmqh M
buys-mu '88." I: “8’33“:
8‘ “'9 II n .
honing ' ”3% "3.1% mmfi
3m; :53 pm. 3n
you '0“ Mumvu _
“flihflwmlhw ‘~ A
3M av harmony, . x W
N,l‘.m .a; hfiiilizm-‘A‘J
. ‘9, . ':1 im
3O ‘ l
dis wmwmw
3w . - - . W.
8mm": ‘ ' sf. ~', :3
filly ‘l“?an ‘1? r v.
lnfifi l ‘ - I
in 1).“??me aim ‘u'ny " a mi in
- “Dons lot We... Show
”.mwm-p W
I x: 1 v m .3 " win,
I ,fx 1 , I‘l
383% . wm
fipldih’ ,’_l‘hfi I"
ammo-I. In! , > -
lawman hull-uh.
3 umnyburbm ‘ my.” y '
~ "among: WW!“
- I‘. .
- err Wsmm‘ “I
Out. ““'..“;mamw
with?“ 4mm .. m..
ago. 0 s‘?
through ticks", MW‘ 3
in. only to iho cur-mm. Pro- on
uin ”Haul-3w“ adult undid
“ “0:3.” “33333:”?
05°. P“! z. i ,3! '39
A mu tho con mi ‘aid'not oi
“You huh’bdugnm, a. «min?!
named In De India! union. Boom
MM“ sud dined m but an
"Bil at the nonunion NOIAMM
then he qu not to be fond. Ago; I
long aad diligent lurchln which io93}
body hid’booome intended, 1! m '
dudod I! had mm: mo cum-uh
{a monumhgpoouhflu angelic.“
11l fate, w I rational I
lady of big diinelulon!l hint“? s»:th
hoop: might. than 'u in our, unfold! 0n
producingc light, four {oat verb non pro
trndlng from Mhtmom, who. I. 'u
ante-ambit mums. bob-pd mono
person. and the My being nitrates} to
lrise, which she did after some «mum.
irevealing the lot: pnue'nger:
l - Novcr monk humanly of wo'
“7- Hum blow your not. bum-1
your thumb and fingers.
fl-The American bones won: agnw
looking up for a great struggle on the‘
English turf. ‘
NO, 40,11"
1 A NEW Enrnnruu.nlt l. nmggz-u‘
‘diplomatic (In din at Washington, tint A ,
(Hero or the Alamo, Gen. Snt 11011161.,“ _,
'will, at the close of the Congreulml Ifi-T
Mon, put himself at the head OTIW~
{force of hot and fiery vacuum-unfit“. '
Mexico, nnd announce himulf n. nt tb
head of the governumnt u Prowler-ll: .
-chief, if not with the snntlon at lent. '"gll
the conuivnnce of the genernl ‘ova '
here‘ There nrc thousands of young 111
m the south and south-went, to when thin
enterprize would be 5 pnrt'wt “dyad.
The very genius of our institution 03ml:- ‘
ngcs a restless spirit, and when thefinm:
in greatest, the gli'caler wlll ltd than “
enrolled. The w 0!. lat-wire! 3A! m .
TON he been n perfect moan, endmtflnr;
attempt would give I mum m”:
his chequered lifu 110 10.65, but, , .
honrt , and knotty n! n plneytroe qfhln ln
tive imam. With the prestige ocnn
mine, he could gather mum} of to”
or 30,000 ln lean thnn thron lath ‘ ‘WI y
m Wfi‘butm “Mart. W» W.
sea the .(liod-l'orlnkcn"'cdndltlofl “it?!
the fairest nnd most bountiful‘h'ninnn thn
{nee of-the Wuhan we neo'clfl'alh‘.
in 111 the am of n luxurlo-xmn
giwn up to the glnnd‘nrudtufllnmhr
lawless sanitary-11 on no u. h. fink.
intellect and life-blood of the con-tn, lnrtln :
hands of n npnelonn nntl M til-not;
hood-when we behold «17th m:
discount, end Mr] vice in the W:
n promlm, wen-y blemMMrzafib
speed the ndvnneo orig M “I
shall compleul’ npngt ‘n j lemma”
present “'4'“ «mm, nud‘ m m»;
blow, th. gloflonn'Ahgb Alida-huh
hm n community and plo thet wily»!
lug ho- mum ' in} :-.u..' m
. - m In 3
than.“ fill)“ that“:
«I W-nttlut'uflhtfi lib-kt
tarot-gunk“! ' g “1
qm b; VI”
”mm: ‘ ‘ ‘
”(unwary-umn '3.
11.11,,1e a."‘~w‘ ‘
Elem d v.’ ; i ‘13...
'm’” .‘ ‘3? flew-ea“. m »
mum 5% Mat?!»- ‘
4M 3‘, _ ~WflrL-jt-‘lt
; "ul‘“ . ‘ .‘ “’4‘ if:
.le ‘ n. 4,; “at . E
; MW:.%4IP-‘~Anxwumw ;:' é
, ‘ 'wwwwm we» ~
, ”~ler nag, : '
‘ ‘ waif mg tt;ms;t.tf,fir ‘in
c..-m it ‘ ~ ~Wm w r
m . mg 3* I." , .l
’ W lud 'wvl‘l-uln n gm? ',‘_ " ‘
WNW} ‘ 3' ‘ ~jm,‘r_jg..w,a.fl
" ’ ' ‘4‘ 1&1» “my“ n,- a:
“moat-wow; t, .= ~’
. , WMt'vzp-www ~ ‘
__ . , r: at, when.
r ~. v « ... .
:‘s'2‘ 43w ,7. 3..., V.
, W‘V‘Wéu'fié " “rm v~‘
mew 3~ . 1W” i ,
- _ .rr'w-Wmmtfw't‘wi ~
lin m . .-‘."v’".“"“‘""‘ iffy, -
h,M 4.“ Ha... ..
‘ MW"; va- » at w- *1 »
,i' Q It. a, J*“.‘ “1»; ‘ ~
r, MAJ”, *3 .‘g, . * g nn
Wen m;
,éwfig': mum-run ~ - A ‘
an...” '3‘t:-Lvflv'-j ‘ . ,
“J!'Uj“3 ’l‘ “H 11- n- ' e 9 "
Eu." t‘énqun-x m ’ 3
w. . ,l, 51‘ t ~;
5..‘W 9. A ‘
'q n: _ ‘. . . . ,x
"w fin“ v 3.“ s‘l 1 ,
I n ~ u . " tum v; ~ ~
‘ . ~ t 3.; ‘
E3' hlfiwakg 0,4, .
g. . me» 4: ~.
' ‘ . , f - - . . .: ,h ‘ ,
End“ 3; 10'; ,3“. “t. u .
m.h-»m'Pm‘i-l~*w x“
i ' , ‘ ‘ “' . ~1 .rat
“' ‘W ,1W ‘4. ~
I,“ min.
I ,3“! '. g I'M R‘M‘
.-} «punk!» Wk,” “it
LM‘M‘WW ”... " . I; ”A“
_g.nt-|.nndnfl“ " i ‘s‘.
1 They Hon; Win the on“
I Quin ‘ifinnmvm‘ 7
. “ oammm’l h t i .
.6- 19"» pm
,onr gunmen . . h
I not! , I‘m ’
,dividnnhtne nwntnv—ntfi '
,3. nnfl W _ tn “1
‘ fluxes, in otder to my
,inta‘dnctltlm. M ‘h' ‘, , -
.0 ony'm ‘ ‘w '
' enmel of Bonth Ami“ "aura
govern-ant. “Win _
. thin nut-l nnbnl. :lggnfinh
Cnlifgruin, u nlnn 22 than”
I nodule atmnfm’nindd‘ m
‘lmm bei- en thine-W "3"
'i N's gm‘w” gt "
. wiever rey I
Jtlrunlnu‘t‘l, u fool, gr I fellov. ' “i"

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