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Pioneer and Democrat. [volume] (Olympia, Wash. Territory [Wash.]) 1854-1861, May 13, 1859, Image 1

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VOL) 7.
(El): victim nub Qrmurmt 5
TSISEISm-"Zlfl fiib't/il'flfli’vl. l
For one year. when sent by nmilor taken atllirj
omen.” 00; t'ur alxmonthi, £3 00. Singlet-nriw,‘
’5 errata. _ ‘ l
Na pauper will be dmcuntlnuodmnlenu ut the option,
or the publl-lur. until all arrearbgeu are pnid. ‘
RATES on anvnmmxn. ‘
(«one Iqulre. (n llnu or losu),three weekn,_,!s uni
rnrevory Idditionul insemimn. .. . il 00‘
A liberal dedui'tiun mode to yeally mlrmtisera.
The number of innel'tiuns lllllal he tllulinctl’ mnrh
u! on the margin n! udvertix'ementu sent w, or they
will be continued till forbid and charged neeordingly.
L. P. FISHER, Nu. III; Wufiliimrtmt Street. up
mint. nearly oppmite Hamlin-3x Opera Howe. is n2:-
tlmriud to receive und receipt for snliseliptiousund
mlvortimnenu in California.
Arrival of the fiverlnud lluil at Sun l’rnnrisw.
Malone-It o! the Paraguay Dlfllcnlty.
The Rumored Invasion of Cuba.
Tho Great Overland Muil from St. Louis
and Memphis, with dates [9 April 7th, ur«
rived at Sun Francisco April 9th.
LAM“! rm! IN NEW nnrmxs.
New Onucns, Ayril 6,—The lower
levee cotton press and thoJour iuljoining,r
sqnoru, numbering about seventy houses:
were tired this noon and are still burning.
The loss will rcneh nearly $1,000,000,
which is well insured hero. ‘
racxnc RAILROAD am- is rrxu. l
Man-HALL, TEXAS, April l——'l‘he Stnte‘
Suit, involving the forfeiture of the Pacific
Railroad churter, was decided in favor of
the “ old company." :
me stcxms rum. . l
Waaumoros, April s.—Aceurding tol
present indications, the Sielrlt-s tiinl willl
occupy at least two weeks. The proceed“
ingn of yutcrdny M 8 indicative of the. pub»
lic sentiment of this city—7l out of 743
persons bud opinions so fixed and decided
in the cane that they would not trust Unear‘
selves to net impurtiully, when questions‘
were asked. It appears that these opin-i
ions were not as to the killing, but us to‘
the jmtificntiou. The defense would notl
have challenged any of the jurors. 'J‘hel
prisoner’s father, futlier-in-levl, and manyl
New York friends are in Court, evlncingl
anymp‘uthy. Among them, Mr. McCluy.\
. L. i
WASHINGTON, April 6.—-'l‘be body of‘
the Court in crowded, and great interest is
uniform! in the proceedings. The Court
being opened at n quarur put ten o'clock,
the nuns of the jurors were culled, uud ull
nnswrrcd. The prisoner vrus in the box
looking calm and self-possessed.
run CAuronxu ocnn nouns.
WASHINGTON, April 6.~—1t is usscrtvd inl
unusually reliable quarters that after (lic’L
30d: of Scpumber next. the nmils will be.
curried between New York and Sun Frau
cisco via Nicaragua, intent] of the l‘nuu
urn route, the contract to continue until
the 30th of June, 1860, the end of the
present fiscal your, lcnviug Congress to de
urmino in the meantime wlun. slull Jre
done after that date. ‘ The authority for’
this contract is claimed under the law oi“I
1845. |
Wanna-run, Apr‘ii s.—The Quarter
master’s Depnrllnem is curmiling its ex
pense: u rapidly as the public service will
sdmit. in addition to the two military
poets on the route Io Utah, three are to bei
dispensed with in Texas, and orders have;
been issued to stop the purchase of mules;
“C. r
Them-patches sent to Gen. Lamar ure,l
it is represented, of the most positive char
acters They instruct him to demand from
Nlclrugul an apology, restitution and in
demnity. 0n the l'uilure to co I ply with
which, he is to Ink for his passports. The:
Home Squadron, it is said, will be s!rength-‘
ened,und the vessels placed at the disposal
of Gen. Lemur, to use them for the defense
of American citizens, their property, and
their vested rights. The disputcllcs to thug
oflicers McLuuey and Long, commanding
the Home and Pacific. lquadrous, ure tu'
obey the orders of Gen. Lumur, and fishing
to receive thouythey are to exercise It lati
tudiuoul discretion. The usual diplomatic
course has been pursued in informing the
foreign Leg-utlonl of the intention of the
Government. '
Ion: or run ceus :xmmon.
Nzw Your, April sth.
The French Courier dc: Elat: l’m‘: re
peats its former assertions, that n new ex-
Pcditlon for the conquest of Cuba is now
on foot. It also asserts that a part of the
expedition has nlready suilcd, and thnt‘
within a few days the whole uil‘uir will be:
made public. The plun, as sketched by thw
Owner, is to land on some remote point of
the Cuban coast, where they are to main
tlln themselves until u general rising on the
island shnll summon them to march upon
LOCKRIDGE'S erml‘nox.’ ‘
The Galveston New learns from Col.
Lockridge that a train of six wagons and
thirty men of his expedition left. San An-l
lonio one week ago for Arimnn, Ind that
a large emigruion will go this spring from;
Houston, 1
rm; mscoxsm ELEG‘IUNS.
. Mum'u‘xm, April ('., 1859.
. Lind-cu, Dem, [ms about 3000 majority
In (21;: my for Judge of the Supreme Court.
OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON 'l‘Elll{,l’l‘()RY.. FRIDAY. MAY 13, 1859.
Returns from the State show Illtnlu thu‘
some comparative t-nrty vo'e us last full.
Result doubtful.
l‘ttmt _\lCilllAtil'fi.
Dnlc: l'ront Nit-arugula, by \\'n)‘ of I’nun-‘
tun, nre to the 275th 01' March: ‘
The treaty with England has been con—
lirmcd, but b'nrdittiu. lnts ltlmlt! one on ul~
must bllflilill’ terms, nltd (Sen. Lntnut‘ at
length hus uegntiutt'tl n trenty somewhat
siuulnr to the (fuss-Yrissnri (lUClHlllfllL~*
‘Ouo of the provisions of the Unsely tren'y
{provides against the tilting out ot‘ liltitms
‘lering expeditious to Nieurngun from Greut
{Britnitn This clnnse, Sr. Zelmlon, the
foreign minister, wished to insert in the
‘Autt‘rtenn ll't‘ttiy also. Gen. Lntuur lilt
jectetl to this clnnse, us insulting to the
l United States, null mot’eewr us not being
‘t'eeiproenl, but Zulotleu met him on the lot
‘ter point by inserting an nzldilionnl nrtiele,
bywhieh Nicaragua binds herself not to
bend iillilmstering expeditions to the Uni:
ted Stntes. A End of routpromise wus
mude, nud the trt-nty was rattlied lty Con
gress without any opposition. ‘
The Senate and House til-Representa
lives have declared the transit t‘uu'e free.
This step gives gururnl Sutisliteliou.
No mention is tll:ttlu ot' the movements
of Mr. Belly. A correspondent mentions
that his lt'euiy, or "0'39”“ htts not been
met with the support it Congress it wus
expected to receive; another correspondent
says that “troubles tire brewing," nndn
‘tliird tells us, that "mutter: are getting
‘stm'nnnns'r or rut-z “qu” Dtt‘ncvu‘r.
} The following is given by u Suuta Roan
3(Bueuos Ayrcs) puper us the basis upon
iwhieh the difficulties between the United
Stntes nnd l'nrnguuy are to be settled:
l let. The Government of l’nrnguny will
lochr satisfaction: to the United States, by
lmeuusof nu ultieiul commission, {or the
‘ahots fired by its batteries against the We
tor \Viteh.
2d. The Governim-nt of Paraguay obd
iiges itaelf lo indemnify cilizensof the Uni-‘
ted States, lur ios.~es sustained in its Lerri-i
itory. The umounv. of this indemnity to be
:lixeli by u commissioner uppuinted by the
‘Uniled States, another by Paraguay, and
in third chosen by both of those. In case
‘lhe third uppuiuliuenl ahouid not. be agreed
upou, il. shall he made by the Ministers of
the foreign legulions residing ul. Washing
ton, where the "Hair will be linnlly settled.
'l‘he myimum of this indemnity is fixed at.
$500,000; but. on cxumiuuliol l' the claims,
the commission: muy rcdnec me amount.—
The lum decide-El upon shall be paid within
uiue monlhs.
Bd. All lite confluent: of [he riser: Punt-l
guay and Forum will be declared open!
‘I/lt comment ’if [/42 nations, as aim to all cg
pltrriug ship: of war.
; 4th. The treaty formerly celebrated be
tween the United States and l’uruguay,
shullbe ratified and exchanged. l
News trout Salt Lake.‘ I
The Valley Tun, of April 12th, coutninsv
the ntmendetl news:
Next August an elet'tiotl for delegate to
Congress comes elf itt Uttth Territory.—
'We know thet our advice is not very well
considered, but u the Church has it. all in
its own wny, we would again suggest. the
propriety of letting Father Bernhisel re
pose, nnd send some younger nnd tnorc vig
orous man. The next seSsion, us we on a
previous occasion observed, is going to be
an important one, end particularly to the
l'l‘erritories, und demands energy and abili
ty. There are plenty of men here who will
suit the occasion, among whom we might.
mention the names of Hosea Stout, John
’l‘eylor, Geo A. Smith, S. M. Blair, James
,Fergusen, etc. In this connection we
have henrtl it rumored that Thomas S.
Williams, 1551]., proposes to take the field.
for Congressional honors. l
We understand thnt Ity tlte middle ofi
next. month, all the stntions on the Chor
penning mail route will be completed, :Indl
111 lot ot’ star coaches will be put on, \vhiehl
will ntnke a trip from this city to Cnlil'or-l
nio really one of pleasure. 0n the Eusterni
division Messrs. lloehadny dt (30., are pre
paring to open eorly with s splendid lot all
couches; and next summer the problem will
be solved to the sntisl’aetion of every one
that the shortest route from the Mississippi
river, the quirkest time can he made, und
more comfort lied on the Great Central or
Salt Lake route than any other overland
mnil route neross the continent.
com) wen-nan. I
The weather has been so severe within
the last six weeks, that it has already been
oscertuinetl the! eleven men have perished
- between this place and the Seutlt Poss.—
At the latter loculity, three bodies were
found huddled close together, t'tud all along
the road the still'ened corpses of the daring
but unfortunate wayfurers, tell 9 story of
desolation and death. _
‘ At Needle Rock the body of a Uherokeoi
Indian was lying among some rock, bm,‘
almost entirely devoured by wolves. He
had come out us a tcnmstor for some (rain,
and in mid-winter had started to foot it
A man by the noun: 0! J. K, Ruswll‘
was ten days in the snow storms bccwceu‘
the big mountain and Weber, and when he
‘crnwlcd into the station, his legs were mor
tified. nuhlluofl. ready to drop from lahu ‘
i'l‘in- pour fellow liugrrv‘l a day or two,
;\vheu (lmth put :In Alltl to his anti} l'ill’.’\‘.
l, \\'ithiu [llt' lust twnweek“ si-wrnl [till‘lith
lief hunter.» hnve gone out into the M". -.:
dud posses of the mountains in pursuit of
loll: and mountain :l‘ei p,
. The serenity oi‘the \\'iuler has dxiuu
lthem in tnwnrih the M‘lllflllfl‘llls in lnrgo
lnunihrrs, uud the spurt pruniiws In h..- tine.
:We limited the. min r (lily u hunti ol' Ute
{ludinns who had been un-rom the moun
ltnins, come in loaded dnun \\i'h game.
i xm-nunw 5;; eorm‘ u mom
' In summing up the eviileure, in the «rage
{of the ltlul'dvl‘cl'a‘ oi the l’nrrishcs and l’ot
itcr, Judge Crudlehuugh Suiu:
‘ “Ulitil l eouuueueul the examination of
Him teatimouy in this ease, I nlwuys ‘~"l"
[posed that I lived in u lnud nl’elvil :lud Pe
[ligious liberty, in \\hieh We Were secured
thy the Connutution of our country, the
[right to remove ut pleasure, from one pur
,iinn of our domain to another, and ulsu
Itliut we enjoyed the privilege of ‘u‘orahip
dug Uozl ut-rordiug to the dietntes of our
own cunseieuee.’ But I regret to say that
the evidence in this cane clearly proves thut,
no for us Utah is concerned, 1 lune been
linistukeu in such Huppmition. .\leu me
{murdered here. (.‘uully, deliberately, pre
lueditutcdly’ murdered—thrir murder is de—
lliberuted mul determined upon by ehureh
council meetings, and thut too for no other
!reuaou, than that they lnid upuatutisod
from your (Km-“ch, and \Veie alriviug to
leave the Te itery.
You ure th tools, the dupes, the ingra
inents ol‘ tyruuiwuhureh despotism. The
heads of your Ch rch order and dircetyou.
{ You are tuught to obey their orders, and
ieounuit these horrid murders. Deprived of
,your liberty, you have lo~t your muuhood,
iuud become the willing instruments of bad
l I say to you it will be my earnest effort
while with you, to knock 06' your ecclesimiv
tienl shnckles and set you free."
Just at this point in tlic.lu.!ge.s'remark—w,
an elderly, graydtended nun, who was sit
ttiugiu one of the front seats, and who was
apparently engrossed with whnt was being
said, forgetting where he was, sung out in
an audible voice, so an to holicurd through
the dense undieuee, "."lll‘eil."
Will this impromptu expression of feel
ing, on tho pvirt of the “old mun” furnish
at victim for the “Durm‘lu,” or ”Destroying
sun-Isl County humus mm.
OAKLAND, May 'l. 1859.
This being the day set for the democrat-A
tic county convention, '
l On motion of Mr. Gomcll, David Shel-l
Imin wax called in tho choirl and on motiou‘
‘0! Leo Hancock, 0. C. Puget was chepeu;
Eco-riftnry. . . _ ' ‘
‘ The c'unvenllon bring organimd, the fol
‘lowing dell-gates from the ‘severnl election
lprecincts being present, it. wns “Hart-lined
lllmt allowing one dclognlo to every five
untes, Hood's Cnnnl was. unlitlunl to eight
:dulugulcs, who were ulluwed to can their
‘votcs as follows: A. D Fisher, 3 ; Thou.
. W -bb, 3; Thus. Uullognu, 2. ‘
‘ hl'uhum‘a Precinct wul allowed five
votes, as follows : W. B. Uosncll, l ; C.
(linger, for Trulunu Huck, l; A. M.
{C us, I;J. B. l’urhs, ‘2.
} Uuklnnd l'rvuinct four votes, as follows:
{Duvid Shelton, 2; Leo llancm-k, 2.
1 North Bay Precinct two votes, us fol
flows: John Swindle, 2.
l On motion of Loe Hancock, that it com
mittoo of five; taken from tlnx several pro
cincts, beseluctcil by the chair to drnf!
resolutions exprcnsivo of tha sense of the
Iconvcnliou, llw follpwing persons were up
“minted Fllll cummittec: Lee Hancock,‘
W. B. Gmnvll, 'l‘lxos. Webb, A. D. P‘ishcr,‘
John Swindle. i
After A short. absence. the committee re
turned and oflcred Hm following resolu
tions, which were adopted in a body by a
unanimous vote : ~
IV/aerea», In it democratic republican
government. tho people are the sovereigns,
and that it is their right. and duty to main
tain their sovereignty by :t rloso observance
of passing events, leat in nu unguarded
moment. they slmnld become hewers of
wood and drawers of Waiter—that govern
‘utentiuncmupuct instituted fur the pro
‘tection of life, liberty nnd the pursuit of
happiness—that it. is the right of the pet)
‘ple peuconhly to nsseinhle and give free
expression of their sentiments on all politi
‘cul questions:
I Therefore be it "mired, Tlnit \\'e reaffirm
tho principles I! set forth by the Dem
cratie Nntiolml Convention ul. Ciuvinnati,
Ohio, in 1856 ; that. we ure nneomproinis-‘
ingly attached to the prim-ipies of what is
ikuowu as the Kansas and Nebraska ncl. ‘
limited, TIM. ours is the best govurn-(
ment in the world. and than we a re for
spreading the wings of (In: cnglo over lhc‘
continent of America. :oth and sontll,‘
‘with every iuiund of thc sva. in n pct-rew‘
‘blc way, in tho lyliness ol‘ lixng. that the
‘opprcssml of I" nnlions may shelter under
its wings: and be free. ‘
Resolml, That. we fully endorse Joint
Resolution: No. 4, passul by the legislative
assembly of the Territory of Washington
hut winter, tendering thanks to the pres
ent. administration, and also to Hon. [mac
1. Slevenl.
Rewind, That we ham: entire confidcncg
in the honesty, energy and ability of Jlon.
lnnuc I. Stevens, as an able and dildo“
delegate in Congress ; that we hcrchy lcuu
dc: him our thanks for his attention: w
ithe liox'tnl and other interests of Ihis t‘t‘ll‘ll'T
l lu’rwlml, That We fully (~mlo'.'~e the noiui
‘nntiun of Mr. James “llt'S, ot' TlHllMnt!
leunniy, as n caudalute t‘orjnint eonnrthnun
of the two counties, nnd iit'l'tlt)’ promise
-ltilt| the dvtiiot‘ratii- \nte of Sanmniali.
l “mu/rm], Tlltll the I’nr'm'l' (I WI “MIN/WI,
llllltlL‘T the editorial snpri‘iicinn of “on,
James \V. Wiley, was ull aide democratic
limpet“. entitlllt'totl to the .satidaetiuH ot' the
tdenxncratie party of the manly—ire ru
igrrnt his \\'itlnlrnmil it will the pt‘ew, hut
Etrndvi' him our best \\ishu in his future
lnvm-atiuns ufvlite; that in l-Ivlwnrd linrste
:we lune the I'nllvst t-nnli'ltzrn’e in his energy
gand ahilit) no u tit-innern‘fle editor.
| [Sum/ml, That a tour years’ t'eriult‘nt'e
among II“, in the Iw‘l'smin‘ ot' the Hun Win.
l.\|. Morrow. he has in‘ovr‘n himself to he
‘no indnsti'imh', l-(utceahle untl respectable
ritizen, and that in it three yours service
lin succession as rqn'mentntive ol' Sammi
isli roun'y, he has won for himself the full
est confidence of the democratic party or
illllC windy.
. Rim-vim], That we hall with delight the
litppuintutettt, by the President, of our fel‘
llmv—vitizen——tlmt sterlingr demuerut~ \\'es
lley I}. (losnell, to tlu ltlllt‘L‘ of snh‘lndinn
agent ; uni] thnt We fully endorse hi»: selec—
tion of lien. U. C. Page, lanne C. Patton
and other employees in the Indian Ht'l'\lCe.
‘ .'tlr. tlosnell moved to strike out the lttnl
resolu‘ion. Last. '
On motion or Mr. Gosnell, tho conven~
tion then proceeded to the xt-leetiun or
two delegate: to the territorial convention.
W. 1;. Uosnell, Wm. M. Morrow and
Charles Graham were put in nomination,
and the vote being taken, Gosntll had 16,
Marrow I'l, and Graham 2 votes; where
npon Uosuell and Morrow, having the
highest number ofcvotes, were declared
duly elected. ,
Capt. C. W. Swindle was put in uominn
tion for representative, and the vote being
taken, resulted in a unanimous vote of 19,
who—thereupon was (leclurcd. duly Immi~
noted. .
On motion, Than. \Vehb and Lee Hun
cotk \vero declared duly nominated for
county commissioners ; the former for.
Hood's Canal, and the latter for Oaklandl
district. _ ' .
A. D. Fisher being put in nomination
for eoiiflty assessor, wan declared duly
On motion of Mr. Ileueock, the territo
rial delegates was instructed to cast their
rote! oil the time for Isaac I'. Stevens for
delegate to Congress.
On motion of David Shelton, the con
vention pledged themselves to support tho
ticket now nominated. , .
On motion of Mr. Gosnell, the editor of
the I’immr and 11mm"! was requested to?
publish the» proceedings in his next inn,
so as to appear More the territorill confi
ventinn. ' '
Whereupon the convention adjourned. .
mvm snnurox, on l
C. U. I’Acn, Seo‘y. ' i
-- -- W .
flood'x Canal Dolomite Precinct letting.
Atu meeting of the Democratic "ten
of Hood's Canal precinct. held on Sntur-i
day the 30th an of April, 1859, .nt the
house of Wm. 13? Oharver, on tho Skokoq
miah river, {or the purpose of selecting
delegates to attend the County Uomentiong
for tho purpow of selecting delegates to.
attend the 'l‘erritorlal Convention; Wm.l
F. 01-urver was chosen Chairman and
Thomas Webb, Secretary. ‘
A Mr omrtalnlng, to nearly II pot-Mo,
the number of voter: in the precinct; it
was agreed to loud eight dolegntel to tho
Convention. _
The following named ersonn were unlu
imously chosen a: said dpuiegntea, 10-witz
A. D. Fisher, 'l‘homu Webb; Wu. F.
Ohlhrrcr, Dnnit-l Cadugier, William Wnd~
we l.
The following rt-lolutiun was then pre
sented nnd adopted:
Resolved, That Ire send but live dele
gutcs to the County Conn-tion with pow
er to cast the three ndditioiul vote-. 10
which! the precinct is entitled.
On motion, the delegates chosen by Hill
meeting were inutructed to cast their votol
for delegate: to the ’l‘erritoriul Convention
who or» favorable to the nomination of
Hon. [one I. Snvzsa, {or Delegate to
On motion, the proceedings oi the meet
ing were ordered printed in the Pint-ctr nud‘
Dunwcral. . .
On motion, adjourned.
WM. 1". OllAltVEll.
'l'noius Worm. Secrrlary.
.7 ~——w—«-——-
Democracy in “MIL-"Each day odds to
the hlrtllgill of tho Democrutic organin.
ltion in Kunus, whilu the Block Republi
can party is falling to pieces, and it: mem
bers Sl‘t'killg some other platform on which
to rally in their opposition to the Will of
the majority of lhepL-oplc of thnt’l‘crritory.
So notorious hi this fact that the editor oi
the Kama: Chill. 3 loading man in the
Him-k Republican party of Kansas, makes
the following frnnk admission: "The exi
gency of the times requires some other or
ganization to combat the Dcmocrucy; yet
lwc on: at a loss to know whnt kind of un
iorgunimtion will host answer the grout t‘lltl
:in winch it is tit-signed. We are not full)
imrmndul that the ltepu‘ulicun uiguniu
tion would uuawzr [he purpoac—llicl‘u urc
‘ubjet‘lintmblu failure: in it, and u gum
pnjudicu cxlals agiiusi it."
i U. r:. msrrum‘ cor-mu
l lAHm. 'l‘rtnu, A. l). 1859.]
i The District Court for the first Jutliriuli
,llistricl nl' Washington 'l'crritury was be“
mm: and held at Yum-unver iu the enumy‘
'ulnrke. on Mumluy the lllh day of
iApril, A. l). 13.39; district embracing the
lcnnnlir; of Spuknne,‘ \\'nlln-wulln, Skulnu
nia, Cl-u‘ke, Wuhkiukum, Cowlitz mud [’n
it'llltL l'rL-svm, the lion. Wm. Strnng,.
1.l mlgre; 11. I’. Anderson, Prosecuting Atlon'
iuey for the territory of \Vushiugton; G.
‘W. Uorless, U. S. Man-shrill; Uco. Grooms,
Slu-rill‘ of Clarke county; 11111 l James B. La
Hm. rlcrk of the District Court for the first
lllulicinl District.
i The {allowing are the entries presented
{to the court nnd their disposition thereof:
. S. D. Muxou vs. county of Clarke—for
ltluht—enusu continued.
. It A. Uheuowelh vs. L. A. Seymour—
'l'm- debt-ermine.
l County 01' Clarke vs. S. D. Maxon, 11.
J. U. Muxou and Denis [wiser—for debt—
snme. ,
“ass & Bro’s vs. Smith and Strong—j
'or nttuclnnent—snme. 1
Hudson Buy Co. vs. E. J. Taylor—Yuri
itrnsslmss-wuuse continued, with injunction
icogts to abide the event of suit.
’ Wu). C. Moody \‘i. Henry Winsor—
[debt and np on]. This cause to be qontiu
’ucd ut thepihiutifl"; cost; the proper bond
to he filed with the clerk within thirty
iduys from the last day or this present term
of court or the case to be dismissed.
S. C. Archless vs. Alex. Rodgers, Levi
Furnsworth, udministrutor of the estnto of
lsahclln Rodgers—for debt. After hear
-ling the complaint of the plsiutifl and the
ilicllqul‘cl' thereto, it is considered thlt the
dunurrer is well taken; whereupon the de
il'cndunt. asks to amend, which is grams-d
land the demurrer withdrawn. The defend
‘nut. then files his answer and the court
‘orderu that the plaintifl‘ shall file his roplj
‘within thirty duys from the lat (is, of this
present term or court, and the cam]: com
itinuvd. , , 7 ,
C. C. Stiles 8: Richard Augli n.
Isunc Kaui’ an, administrator of, Gun,
—npplicu(oi¥‘for an injunction. The court
being duly advised in the promises, orders
tbut the defendant bu enjoined from Id
uiuistering on the astute of James 0. Pur
ker, deceased, until the next term of the
I Probate Court of Clarke county, whereupon
'Lhe pluiutifl's filing bond with luritiu to the
approle of the court in (£va u! one
hundred dollura. _
Alex. Daria u. Helium Davin—applia
tion for divorce—«use continued. v v ‘
Gulntitl Kinder u. N. K Kinder—ap
‘plicntiou for divorce—nu.
Inubeilu Hunt n ,uobert Hunt—”gi
cation for divorce—granted It pluinti ’3
cost - , I”
Thou. Muthewn n. Spun sud lute:
—-iur dobt—diuuiucd an phi-tir- sou.
Sherbet-t A rcbleu u. Lari Ffinrqoi'tb—
for debt—sumo. , V ,
John Bonner uni] Armstrong n. 1.8.
liath-wuy— (piuiutifla in error— defeud'
ants in erred—mandate. Ou'heuriug the
arguments the court order. “up In cucu- '
tion be iuucd in furor 0!. tin defeudlutjlg
lurrur. .
' W. B. We": vs. 84 B. Iver—nttochm'eiil.
On Motion of the pluintil lhllu'u'o VII.
!setl|ed at hi- cou, ad the court Olden to
execution iuued therefor. 4 ~ '
LB. Gui-diner n. county of Club
for debt. On motion of “IQ [l,“qu thil
cause wu retried It lull cm, View
the court orders thnt the pMltil MI m
cost ul tho prosecution to be rust,
Camp and Stryker u. C. C. Sibel—4o!
debt. The court order: tint [the ’iuiutll
recover of -the defendant tho null & w
3nd the coat a! court uptown.” WWI
(Jump Illd Sinker u. Patrick Dom
-—fur debl. The court orders tint the
plaintifl recovers of the dsfondunt the cum
ut issue, uud cost of prosecution to be
lured. __ _ _. _ ‘ l
1w Kunfinm. udninittntur, u, n.
C. G. Stun—tor debt. Thmvm
Ilnt pluiutil recover: cl dtfudnut tho
sum at iuuo, and coat of court to he tuna
uml thnt execution laud thcrefor. ‘
1 on». Croft n. w. P. Buith—«vguovit.
The court order: tint tho pinintil recon!
of tho defendant tho um nt lung. and tin
cost of thin prosecution tohu taxed And
that execution inuo therefor.
Andrew Sher-by u. Chu. Quail—for
debt—appeal. Selim It piniulil'l out,
wharaupon the court out." tbt tin do
l'unduut pay thl cost of th prosecution to
be taxed.
L M. Coflee vs. Henry Shogmnker—
for trauma. Cute mhmitled to the jury,
who find the defendant indebted to tho
lpluiutifl' in the sum at lune, whereupon tho
{court orders thnt the plulntil More“ of
‘lthc defendant the said tum, llldpn, I“
\costs: of this prosecution to be taxed und
llhat execution isnne therefor.
.5 Wilson u. Rodgers—upped. 0n Ino
ltion of the pluintifl the answer of the da
fenduut is stricken from the lilo, and neither
party demanding n jury it is ordered by the
Juan“ um. the plnimifl recover o! the de
} fendaht the sum at issue, cost und dnumgai
Ito be taxed, and tint execution issue
.‘ tin-refer.
‘ Lcwi: Vnnvlcct vs. John Tooiey—up
puul. Arts-r hunting the evidence nud the
‘ urp'uim-nls of the rout-ail, and being duly
nmmil m the pmuiaes, do find that [ht
_ Minaui ptrl'onucd luhur for lln: dri‘t-n-luul
‘ ..: i...~1.uuc; whereupon it is thu jud:
_ u.~ .. , a the cunl't that the I.l;.iutln' ttCOi't'l
' , - rici’cndunt the sum M. iuue, und coal
NO3 725.
[of I rosct'uliou to he tnxcd. The pluintil
:rmwlrl ~ in the ruling of the court, which il
tniiuumi :tntl pint'cd on file.
t ilnhur rs. Hamilton—appeal. It is or.
pit-rm] hy the cnnrt thut the pinintifl retail!
{thn Inmhmflnn oi the prupcrly, and till!
tiw Jul-min“: pay the coax of this prose
icntiuu to iJL' land.
| 'i'rrrilory of Wuhington n. Julius Bur.
Elmiur —cottlpitlillt and recognizance from
'.itt.tiiru'3 Court for lntieccncy. The grlnd
ljm-y rcturmvi that the complaint in without
tt‘mundution ntui irivuloue. sud the, court
‘liit'ilif: (in)! univiscti, nrdws that the toll!-
‘l»!..i-'inq witness, E L. Effigy” the cost
‘uf this prosl-t'nlion to be uxod, nudllmt
lcxc-cution iunu therefor.
I ’i‘rnilory of W shington vs. Miles Con
.:\.t;; and Juiim \\ Ish—indirtment for In
tnrsnnlt nnti MIME; On motion 0? B. P.
,Amh-rson, l’mwcuthg Attorney, I ”'4
‘prm. nus tun-red. and the court judged the
complaint nithont. foundation Mad Men!
llil'il 1. Hi Bush, the complaining witness,
“my the castuf this prowcntion to be um]
i ’l‘t-rritury of Wilmington n. MW!“
Mnrtunnn—grlml larceny. Clue utilit
ltcd to lejury. Found not guilty; their.
input: the court orders him awkward.
Flctirick Fink w. Territory of tubing
ton—rurlcomri. The argument: of lo‘
connxil being heard Ind being “tinned that
there wns an error in tho judgment of the
Justice, orders it reverted, nnd that tho
vost be paid out of the fund“)! Chain
Territory of Wuhington u. Geo. M
und Joseph muck—um ' 'l'blo
cause being heard Ind thl court No. nt
nticd that. than inn erron- tho it.
mom. of the Julian, ordcn ll III} ' d
Territory 3! fWuhinglnihz‘l. ‘ 'n >
din o—bmc a peace. “m‘
inrgfiud by the council, wbmthh I!“
idem! that tho den-«nun u- Wald.
‘thnt the awful-Aw ..Itimflflphr.
tpulx‘thc castle thil coat to b. %.¢ r, ~.
t erritory of Wuhlngtbfi‘ n‘ —'
robbery. Cam mount to nu ma:
whereupon my bad 111 fit I, “It *
the court. orderedmin M .... 41 b 1:
Territory of Washington In. _. h
tier—alum". with intqnt to .>
ition of B. P. AMI, ' .'.
hey, it ironic?“ “Wk" mt“
amend old “cm“ W h V
that u» «on t Wm;
Kim. pg Wt” m“
”gag“, or . z I, it? , t
(r I With: ‘ "
Kltbrsghuufiw. f 41;“
thiqcuu m mu. m}, Q? ~
‘flndgfltb #7o:th ...; “u t.
9““ t, v‘.,. , t
“haunt: I "5 hmme. "
‘°°“"i.s"£u " » -
Imi‘ P t. ‘ . ‘ ._ ~_.
mm- .1. M: 'm ‘i ‘.,
.'l‘orrhyd . . rwuww "g
catnn— . EA‘w-J 4‘.
CHI“ .8 “wt”: 'l’ 9"" t, :14: '5 i’“ O‘”
titan“. .“' 9,...” ta *5
" mum-9 ~ m .
uni-limflfl ,_ ,~ ‘ .
Kin-hemp: ‘ “3.3 '
9 .5 V t I '‘l y- -
n... wt}: 3. 3' {s’ 1,2,; .-:; ,d.‘
liwnu *Wc— ~ w mm! x». ‘
.guihy-du'w ' _. in,
M” ‘ ' ‘0‘?” b an.» ,‘3‘
‘ I V I ' ' ’ i ,V .. A
. .. ,4
jllqub'. 'M . ‘ ‘l9” ‘
‘ddhn'ofluqfl‘d. ' T-,, 4‘
*mthmfl , I: .135.” a:
bonding ;,' ‘17"?
4- ~‘.£..i;::t-t'~..? ,~
x'*°fli9' 4‘ i p. ',, , ‘fl‘h "I “-
IQ,— ..: " ‘i'r" '
m.,. ‘~- ‘ mm...“
urinal ‘3 ‘ m 5? "‘
umtiouhrdflyloma' 7‘; -~‘
Int 6-, o! tlu M"I ,
wmuwfwmk .- .mw
Mun-y 1W ‘ :1;
“°" “fly-.413?» ' ‘a' '
ii nor. 0 . . , ‘ .
jliilgmeli‘entire-I:‘u , rrIZIJI ' “
flit] doll-n writ? ‘ " ,wmw;
and with“ V “It" 4
- Mun-14W“. r, .-.“?
nutcré-viqhthld‘ #2:} y. .
Ii nor. ( m” t, 4,. ...: ..;f
pilud ”am-aw ‘fw- .t 1.
mercy «them. \ ‘iux‘
jungle-colds.“ . .
slime! tack.“ ~ “t. ‘2‘;
and that t u. ~ 1,7,“: g
tion to In 11:31? “(I m " if.“ -\.‘
titthu “ml-pail. t -. “'r‘w’ JV”.
Tho [93lo'qu sac-“I ' k ',
citiunl oi the W‘ & “I“?
Patrick Fugpotrkhlohp - ~1 m
lirouon, Daniel I’. Km “:‘:,“ ‘::Z .3
Um: Brit-in; Geo. - ' 7 m ”..:“?
Fredrick Willi-III; m 3 ' _ ‘ .7 w ,
, uf Ringo! Pushy-GOO. “
.‘ul' the HIM 0! 3%. 'r. ' V i
- liexter, luhjoct of _ 1"“ 'J ~
,‘olall. M.lz w w ‘.-- M
. Court Id r . ' “" “ “‘"..
._ so“ It“ I M moth
‘ . , any:
a- nu Dow o- ' " ' 1
‘ d h .
“9...;me .... ,_ ._
t‘ ' ' V ,
harm-."'“ "a .
-t I.lmm). Imam ‘-
viiixa‘tmfi Mun. “

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