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Pioneer and Democrat. [volume] (Olympia, Wash. Territory [Wash.]) 1854-1861, May 27, 1859, Image 5

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- 0m ni-Qnmat.‘
...; _ ‘1 “I m h
‘.‘.” H m
-Mrm M M)
_‘ ,‘llnlofM-n-p
' ' $3?"
” ‘ 8 out, n
i? . Int-n duos-a; 1m
fine-lye! “trop
‘ ’ ‘ C n on. Iho
W 00 (at. not Lu. Prion.
' . 3 c. QMfooi,
it -".lh:. “35,1866, lo
- ..:.............n,00518
a ski-0“...” 89840
. _ ”Ewan-..:!Ju
' ' @3327“ w'“
I " . a. downy
. ”Mb-unmet“:-
mania-In actuated with
v ’ {s33 “:3." “."'"
- ~ P‘! N '.'i'
‘ In! a.- um the [Min
~ Jay-"fink. The con
» 8000.511: law; men: do.-
I. «Inhaled.
"' _J. Cup!» A. A. Mfloot.
” avian-Itch Nun“, to
a: map-yuan» I‘m
"QUE Aldthmuuwp
fl”, liq-‘n- ‘lifim-uhmo!
. ”a, - .901 th
«. :, mu m not.»
‘72“ hush-mm»
a “ “‘"~ "E“ .3513?
. , , 00 a
' W“ en‘s-y. which Is
Illa-000 ail-HOO
- “an! “on n] 0‘
W. _ 00m" alpha enun
ls ~ .
1 _ I. N. Elie]. tom, 84
' '- ’ A— Nov. I, 1855, to
u. '-m0::............tu,mu
WWW“ *
_ and.
Y ‘.“3”""' 18015 -
-‘ '.‘ on so :
.14 ‘ _ - ...- 1
_ j ~, .... ~... um an
% ‘3... ....” 5.1““... ‘
.. , .‘P' , ‘ ‘
“with“ and boa-win.“
w "whim.” I
litbydl , no 1
‘,v.\ ' . x .“w‘ . ”'I 1
~ I." ”“0““.-
.‘m w m clout-..:.- «mm 1
. w , '."‘ I'lllll
2:“ Minna-000ml
pm ,1.” lo WM; to
h _ A“ M 0.-
' :,.', ._ ._ , "mu-ha:
“.‘;"; ‘ #30..- u-bm l
;.. »..- “Irv-nib»?
' " ‘wm pout. Be-l
ban-I ‘ mink up:
”humodmm- l
' ‘ V ”tit .‘l‘nlkfron thcl
. .18“, who his company I
-&m to ID. [6th of Fcbrn- l
814- .mm 40501. - this ‘
'.‘ 0“.“ F d" I
. ' u . non hind I
'~ at told {or I
"A" ‘ ._ Flt-h, mad fun
' 03“." day for l
m wank 11..-pm, wt
. fi‘k- 0 ho“ be- 4
..:... ad on: Pmfl' nf- l
I. mum. on“ I
I.?Q'Vfimh min-I upwi- I
H mm In 0 print: of:
MAALPh-nu’a my tron ‘
mm mm. Polar-u, 0,1350. .
...)“. m to mom- ”. ‘
WA!- lmy 11 no luck 36,
5.05“?" in? mm
A . nary to ru
n”. {at
‘ , company it to have
mulchi- than
haw-t I'm Ton-end, ond un
kfibdd "ncord a! omm," Am,
Manon-uh “mm. mm
natal-whirl: I dun notice is n our-on
m‘h‘hwdnun EIIIIF
C ” . m Wehrm
nfid 0. W. Obey, n "firi'llc of
W m Iron member
6.th dill-r, 11. “56, and who
_ _ lohn be. Mind by In explo
3! tuna-outward the Ichooncr A.‘
(us-uh. loan 0! Fallout], me
Q ‘ fidhdurga; iron 10“! Feb
mu 18¢me 1856, lo 031.: 123 n
g-uuoeau, .19 30; m we ...
imam, n in dollnn per duy,‘
.010; borne-M tubing u .85, 3100;,
dam-glam, no; .u of which in .p‘
fond by the commissioner: except the
MM Min uric-ken out. I: thus!
”pull want] In in unice but onei
ith a, that m injury. Whelher ml
Hun-dlhmmof 0n uccident does
law.” It. A. Y. Tank is not
M “have ben hlzonpflemnt.
(in-puny K. Captain hn KJucbon,‘
“hi. ’5 m, from November 6,
mulch-w, o, 1856......8802 50
‘7“ tucker. iublc to the com
‘ ‘.'-I we“ gram-in Jackson
a, It! I'm fmhhod 6mm of his
' ' 1,. In! November Ind Demubcr,
”I.“ for tho. ditto, for January,
flflumend {or 900 can
Whit-0- u dihrnt times,
'4‘...“ gun-ting no $590.
I‘.de anon, "on It the ram
M a; "avian: 0: am um um! m
that use-u. i 0 nry high. 111. m. can
, «Mun to In. been 00 cent. The
”hub-nuan- knew-Mood.
u than an no «pl-muons. The mm
only em". The account In: A note
nit-id. den-ed exorbitant by the
um, whwu oven-uled in hin
I auctio- by the governor. end in npproved
by the continue": The oller mount‘
h u «my alto. ad in for hay and oats,‘
mind in November, (no day given)‘
be Captain Pdre’ comp-ny, Covliu rung
ul. mounting to ”IS 50.
‘ “is coupon, entered the service on the
sth of November, 1855, Ind Iru mounted.
‘ 11a coup-I, wu stationed u Highlande,
‘ Ild Math held of “record of events.
it." there In no mnrh.
‘ Comply L, Ce tel- Wm. Bret
too, mounted {owi- river ren
' re, « Item-g. inelndedS In
; 3m. no- October 11,1855
} to Febreeey 11. 1856, emonnt 01,006 16
Oencelled by poylnento
[ in peblt'c property. $1,874 06
. Dleellowed by commie
eionere........... 4511
: Ootetending. ... .. 5.086 98
' Bell oil, .8 per .ellon; I deye epprnie
' in; 38 horeeu, et .10 per day; fideys more
L for eeme, ”0; leying ont roed 880, .6 per
dey; eelt, .5 per buhel; floor 16 per hnr
' rel; reudlee, 8 per pound; eager, 28 eente
‘ pound; 8 more deye nppreioing horeee,
' s'o; 6 duo:- leying not wed, et 6 per day,
”0; big oil, .9 eeeh; ehoee, e per peir;
peete. 8 per peir; eepotee, 15 eeeh; cope,
|5 eech; note, 4 to 'l; shine, I; drewere 3;
i loor,lot:ente per ponnd; potetoee, 3 per
‘ beehel; pork, 30 cents; gunpowder, 82,50
mt poend; eelee, 50 come per pound;
con, 50 cent: per pound. 80 of the 44
i nemtnre of thie' eompeny, including the
l cepteln, Ire believed not to here been in
I eeteel eervioe entil the let of Jenonry,
l 1850, en thet number cherge to hev‘e inrn
i iebed theeleelvee with redone end forege up
ito that tiny. 0n the 86th of Jennery, on
! ly in deye before the diecherge of the com—
| pen-l, Olivetti Bretton eontrected n bill
’ w the ndeon Bey compeny, for cloth
! In end I veriety of other ertielee, emonut
’ leg to 08,6“ 00, in Ihieh he pureheeed
M peir petite. 60 ehlrte, 50 blenhele, 50
, pelro! eboee, st) eepntee, ii cope, end 12
, ,eeete et prieee ee eboee.
; Richerd Lene, e prlvete of the eompeny,
ergo, in eddltion dering the tense riod
for h unicee ee mum “room
eatery clerk, km, Jenuery l to Feb
‘ fiery 1!, 1850, I! deye, et .2 per dey,
“‘.‘th ll epproved by the commieeion- ‘
on, end peid {or in pnblic mperty. The ‘
‘ We" to here _ n outioned ,
’ .oe bowie river, end under the I
, :31] d “Booed of Events," he, there ‘
no; let-uh. Noeo of the property ,
pereheoed ie eceonnted for.
; Oe-pee I, Oepulli C. H. Eeton, '
ted P’qetßeeed Benson, 49 strong, ,
October 10, 1856, to Jennery Si.
‘.‘.“ i . . , ‘
Amen...................et,e5e as
Ceneclled ee before...... . .. 575 25
__ 1
Oeetudtn‘ 8.70713
Korea, .75; peck—eeddlee, .12 50; coflee
Meeote- mile, .855; cheeee. to cents; ,
eeddloe, in so «an, onto, es per bnehel.
The exponditeree on eeennnt of thin com- ,
poly no more economial then eny no
eoentl thnt here yet en exemined, ei- I
though they ere indefinite, end there it e ,
greet went of dete. In meny of them I
pone-out in certified to bedoe for er~
ticlee pereheeed or eervicee rendered, with- ‘
“WWII, detee. or retee ofchnrge;
{6, lotwltheteoding theoe eeeoonte beer
ntorlel evidence thnt the commend wee
hen“, rehd, fore'edddon emergency, end
“may the eceonute ere or the
hetero of the eerelee In which they were
mtnctod. The eompeny wee reieed et
Olymple. bot evidently opentod eome die
tneeo (m where they were rolled, for, of
the whole number, there wee hot one mem
ber except the upteln, who bee preferred
e clei- iorTanppliee of eny kind Ito the
enupeny. eyer to here ed e
ehirmieb with thmiene on the 88th oi
October, in which one men wee killed, one
> wounded, end twelve hornet lost; after
, which the pepere indicete thet they return
| odto Olympie end remeined there until
- dieoherged. AI e generel thing, theee
prieee teem to heve been reameble, to
, which, however, there ere tome exceptioue;
, there. en in some other lnetencee, the com
, lieeiooere heve nederteken to reiee prices
1 beyond whet wee originelly chewed/by the
. 'cleimnnl, end epproved tho ecconnt net-or
. dingly. There in en nceonnt of Joeeph
I Cornell for two home, which ere certified
[ no heve been furnished to printee McAllie~
r tor and Wellece. nud their nine charged
) egelnet them upon the roll,’ which ‘ie not
. the feet, ee ehown on reference to the roll.
, None 0! the property pnrcheeed in account,
a ed for. The everege etrength o! the com
. pony for in whole period of eereico wee
. only twenty-eaten. No originel accounts
. ere olered, they ell being copies.
, Expenditures by ecting Governor C. 11,
; Manon Irom October, 1855, to February,
. 1856:
Ana-um... .................'l,loo 90
Cit-coiled by plymont in public
property 31500
0munding.............:... 7,388 90
.. , ===
Noun 0! the property purchued by
Governor Muou appear: to be nccouulcd
(or. The woman, ucvpt one, Ire nil
“pin. and In exceedingly loose, not. to
any CILI'I'I‘IIL John [L Jackson, I cup
uind compuy K, abuse. 33 per day
for the bond of son. recruits before they
gum mend into service, of which there
[in no evidence, or news of ucertuiuing.—-
vfln Ibo chm-go- $5 per day for forage and
provision: for I leun uni driver, and 63
per night, with breath“ and snppfl‘, for
'urioul express riders, from September,
tum, below. the nr broke out, to April,
118.56, And with n limping chug. of 8250]
la: hauling mailman Md provisions in_
hum-y. 1m x x. mm» ehugn‘
.5 per day. Ilti 010 per wool {or board,l
for nnleu .- ordnnce 06c". Mun Och-l
her 16, “55, In Junmry 20, 1850, «H
though lre in nor borne on any roll I. such."
Junen M. Hunt charges '5 per dry Ind 92‘
50 mu per day for hi! expense. in going‘
from Olympia to Vlncouver blend and
back, nineteen days. ntcr «revel I" the
’ “cum-non.
Lisbililiu, except Capt-in Huy- com
pany: ‘
Goud' mama-mount - - - u “30
Cunre’lllodwln pupllc property - - “14 so '0
Wall-«'- cunpuxy.“ - - 1,65: 35
I hum: “warms!
II c I e'srom ,nlnonn - ,
cJe-ml .’T"’.m.. 1‘74““
"dud can . anon -
Caulk-d P’- - - - 159 75 M
leCorlk‘l company, mount - as. so
uncalled - - - - - 365 I 0
Incl-C's mpnnyamnt - 1,005 ls
Cancelled - - . - ma
I’ll-Inor'l "puny. mini - 155 2!
hey'n romp-11. luau! - - 16.09:! 13
Candid - - 516 u
“Allowed by mule-lon Do 76
.—.— “7 30
Jun-en's coop-nl. Imam - so: so
Bum”! ca-xuy. unwnt - um ls
(la-MN - ~ - ll'l‘“
Dhlhwdbyw-nluk- ‘5 l 7 1918 I 9
[don'- romplny. anon“ ~ - 1 (.252 38'
Cancelled ~ ~ - - 575 25
Gov. Mwn'e campus], Imaum 7.700 98
Cncellod - - . . - 315 00
”so 7:: sum or
he. vhlch deduct - - ~ - - 6,850 73
[Autumnal - - - - - 4.8.125 so
Reported lo? commiulonera for pay, in
cluding lou ‘Jlorm, ms, kc" per pay
gunf- mph]; dad-aloha [or chilling, nus-r u
dhcn‘l do - - use (1 mm 31
lleum' do ~ - - an M 11.1 w 52
Imile'a do - - - ll 60 tlld ‘5
"at”. '1: ' ' ' manor 1333?
Wu do - - - 50 W 7.73! 06
mm do - - - 10 m M
and do - - ~ alone rumour
lkveu'l do - 1 - - 175100 ",102 68
hunk In - - - LS" 30 loans 14
”.090 ll mum 50
Add deduction - - - - - 10.09041
lain; a (old coat of H commlu. of
m-uudolun - - . - 171.69“:
Capt-In William Kelley: mounted com
panyol the lltmirnent, in service from
October so, 1855. to Februny S, 1856.
reported to has received neither n
um. for-go or clothing.
The other seven companies not mustered
.- :boret wer_e—- _ j" A , p
Denny’s. 53 strong, only seven of which
no reported In entitled lo an honorable
dinhuge, the rest having uigued "nnmili
wry reuolutiom.” The captain resigned,
the In! lientenn‘ in Inspended. and the
9d lieutenant signed “uumiliury rrsoln~
tionl,” but. I" reporlcd (or pl,, ”3.907%
75 oenn. [n service from January 29 to‘
July 29, 1856.
Hickl', 43 “mug, in service from Fuh
nur‘y 8, to August. 1, 1856.
Cruise, (ludinn) 70 strong. in service
from December 15, 1855, to Jumary 20,‘
Ynutis’, 23 strong, in service from De‘
cube! 2, 1855, to July 20, 1856. ‘
‘ Prin’, 89 strong, in Icrvicofrom Noremv
bar 5, 1855, to July 24. 1856. ‘
Ford’s, 29 strong, in lervice from Jan
w 4, to February 10. 1856.
liiggins’, 26 strong, in tel-vice from De
eomber 2, 1855, l? Jpnnary 28. 1856.
Tom number 0 men, 282; Int. companyl
being Mind to protect United States In-}
[din commissioner-t. ‘
plant: of 'WI IV. m 1", garter-aria
‘ general a: 01m. In mice from Jau
oary 20, 1858, la Squaw 80, 1857.
He charges _to here e'x‘pended
or contacted linhilllea In the
yeer 1856. for porcliesea,ex
pendltnree and contingencies
the tom of.. . . . . . . . . . . . “$195,461 55
And lo“ hue paid in public
property to employee, .5,-
994 li.
In 1851, up to 30th Sept.. . . 51.659 s'!
Sole! of public property to em
ployee, .712 08.
Tot-l expendilnrce. ... . . . 341.1211!
Scrip iuuod in 1856 per nc~
count current. ... .... . . . 187,017 36
Scrip issued in 1857 per ee
connl currem............ 43.81602
Toulscrip...... 230,953 38
Amount reported by the com
missioners. .... . . . .....194,15166
Di1erence................. 36,80192
Porch-um nnd expendirnres per
abstracts and vouchers re
ceived December 1858. .. . 1,836 41
Purchaser and expenditures
hronghtforwnrd. . . . . . ... . 247,121 12’
T0ta1....................8254.95'l 53
Scrip brought forward. ... . . 239,953 38
Scrip reeeired December,lßsß 1,830 41
Total scrip. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3241.789 79[
Excess over amount. reported X
by commissioner. . . . . . . . .. 344.638 32‘
Upon one of the last vouchers rendered[
the commissioners disallowed 8115. but
scrip is issued for the whole nmoum of the.
voucher, notwithstanding. Quartermuueri
Miller’s purchases, as indicated by his nu—
counu. were very large, And at prices,
which seem in some instances to be very
high. Horses. from $125 to $100; oxen,
from S2OO to S2BO per yoke; ux-WB‘ODS,
from sl3l to $250 each; rifles, s3o;pielols,
8100; powder, from $11,031 50 per pound;
blankets, from $5 to $6 each; cons, $25;
pan", from $8 to $9; boots, from $1 50 to
$10; shoes, from $3 10 84; shim, 83 such;
saddles. from S3O to S4O each; tents, 316‘
each; pork, “0 per barrel; fresh pork,‘
from 12} lo 80 cents per pound; beef, 20
.cents; bacon, 35 cents; flour, 811 95 to!
sl6 66 per barrel; nmr, from 18 to 25
cents per pound; com-e, from 26 mso cent!
per pound; beef cntllc, from $77 to B|in
Ind; onls, from .1 50 to $2 per dozen
sheaves; when, .2 per bushel. ‘
i cm prim at Portland, 1856.—P.nu,1
$2 25; mu, so 50; shim, s 1 25; boom
[3l 15 to $5. ;
Cali Primal Olympia, lSs6.—Sugar,
ll centu; tofu, l 1 cents; potatoes, 8] per
bushel; when! thnt. con ’2 per bushel, was
sold for fl and .l 25 per bushel; flour thnl‘
can from sl2 to sl4 per barrel. wnl loldi
for 36 50 r barrel, and was paid to em-‘
ployel It I; and $7 25 per lmrrel; candles,
81 per ponud; wood, .10 and 012 per rord,
cash price, $4 50 per cord. With respect.
to employ", kc, they no very numerous
u some of the lollowing rates: Spy and
guides, $8 per day; horse hire, $2 per day;
patch-ling ngcnt, 88 per duy;ju«lge ndvo
male, 810 per day; clerkn, $6 and .8 per
day; ordnance oflicers and military secrets.
ry, $lO per dn]; ngenl qulrtermnster’s de
pnrunent, $6 per day; appraisers, .IO per
day; expressmnn, S3O per day; blacksmith
and no of tools, 312 per day; wagon Inns
lcr, 86 per day; clerk and not-cheaper, $6
per day; carpenters, $5 per dangnnrd and
horse, ‘8 per day; porters, $4 per day;
quartcrmnnlers in adjusting their own ac
counu, $7 per dny; lodging volunteers’
wives, ‘IO per month, each; nuclionecrs,
S2O per dny; 11l the nbove were subaisted.
beside; wagon, 4 animals and driver, from
sl2 to sl6 per dn ;wugon, 83-,driver, $4;
and ench animal, 34 per day.
, Generul Miller’s accounts show large
amount: for meel: and lodging furnished
varioee persons. at generally .1 per meal.
without. designating the persons, so as to
ascertain whether they were entitled to
them at the public expense. He also re
ported ior pay, in addition to their military
pay, the members of Captain Shead’a com
pany, for their sen-ices as wagon masters,
&c., before noticed. llis abetruc's show,
also, quite e number of permue reported
for pay for their services as “enlisted re
cruiu,”' at $4 per day, and no doubt sub
eiated beside. not. on any of the puy rolls,
hut are in addition to the men borne there
on. It is not. understood what this means,
nnlut it be that these are men who had
agreed to urve u voluuteers, but were
never received into service, or belonged to
any military orgen' tion. He reports
bills for the lodging? rim! of the volun
teere. at 810 per month. With respect to
the property purchased and received, it. is
not properly accounted for, being turned
over to employet, to Governor Stevem,
«$20., 626., with few exceptions. Clothing,
lloar, kta, is credited upon many of the
bill: of employee in part payment of Meir
nocounll, whether in all cases at the same
rate: as purchased, it is impossible to say
in the time allowed for this exerninntlon,
but the contrery iynlieved generally to be
the fact. Most e ‘lhe receipts for proper
ty turned over ere copies, and some of
them are not signed at all, being mere
memorendurns. Some of the property he
reports an still on hand. ’
11th of quarterfinal" Charla E. Wed,
at someplace, Olympia.
Ilia openulona of purchases and dis
bursements won: from the beginning of the
year to the latter put of September, 1856.
Hi: porch-sea and disbursement! are all
mixed up together, had hit obstruct. more
voluminous thou there In: any necessity
fur, so mods out that the quantity nnd kind
0! property pnrchaud,"nnd the cost, sepa
irllfl from the Imount expended per dil
burwmcnts, cannot be correctly ascertained
in the time allotted In this cumin-tion.
Ilia accounts reprelent
an nggrepte upen
ditnro 0f........{. $72,651 14
Of which the commit
nioncn disallowud. 41,297 4'!
And he credits, as can
celled by p’nymeull l
in cluthiug,provisiou l
km, tl e sum of. . . .15,802 44 ‘
L" —-- 17,099 91 ;
lLeaving, the claim on Ill” :——--——l
‘ governmenteontraeted by him 55,551 23
His prices are pretty much the same as
those of Quartermaster General Miller.—
lle, too, employed a large number of em
ployés in various capacities, at about the
same rate. A large quantity of property
came into his hands, and there are volumin
ous returns and papers in which he attempts
to show its application to the public ser
vice. Among those papers professing to
be vouchers there is scarcely an original
paper, or, with here and there an exception,
being only copies, and some simply memo—
rundnms without signatures. Quantities of
beef, both fresh and salt, pork, bacon, flour,
sugar, cofl'ee, rice, candles, vinegar, Ball,
beans, potatoes, molasses, and soap, are
gotten rid of by him by {kind of barter,
at fixed rates for board, goods, labor, and
some as rations for the haves ol employés,
’who were charging for their services from
M to $6 per day, and to discharged volun
teers. Considerable quantities of clothing
and other goods are disposed of by certified
issue to Indians, and to the Indian depart
ment, thus confuscdly blending together the
two branches of the Indian and military
[MrViCLfi He takes credit for 6385 bushels
ui whent, delivered by one Thomas Link
‘luther, in April and June, 1856, to Capt.
0. She-ad and his first lieutenant, which is
not otherwise accounted for. at the some
Itime when the enptain is reported for pay
'in three diflerent cupucitia, as heretofore
.noticed. Quartermaster General Miller’s
'aceounts represent Quartermaster Weed to
liiavo received from him 55 horses on the
4th of July, 1856, which it has not been
[discovered that he has accounted for.
Tho qnlnmiu of properly and supplies
which came into his bonds uppear to tune
been greatly beyond the mum of lhu ser
vice n his posts, even if can be sanctioned
the unusual and irregular prnctice, which
seems to have prevailed, of paying em
‘ployén in such supplies, purchased on cred
|nt, and exchmgin them for bond, &c., as
above noticed. 'fhis il shown by his ro
lport oi sales n: motion, from which it op
[purl that of 1.048 barrel: of flour, 93'
Hurrelso! beef. 89 barrel: of pork. 48,000
pomda of hnmn, 134% pounds of com-9,!
fund 16.900 pounds of sugar, which calm-l
iinto his hands, there was sold at said nuc
;tion 344 barrels of floor, 51* barrels of
{been 2!} barrels of pork, 26,700 pounds
2of bacon, 4,800 pounds of coffee, and 3,-
1500 pounds of sugar; his issues to troops,
Idenignnled by companion, hcing only 3 bur
‘rcln of flour, 4 barrel» of pork, 2,000
[pounds of bacon. 565 pounds of cofl'ee,
and 1,220 pounds of sugar. the resthnving
been turned over to the Indian Department,
issued to employés, kc. And the same is
the case with other descriptions of proper
ly. He Ilone had in his hand: more lugar
thln would regularly have rationed all the
troops culled out by the territorial nulhori~
ties during the whole of their reported pe
riods of service. Like QuartermastarGen—
ernl Miller, be also reports many accounts
‘35 due for meals furniahed, at from 'ls cents
to l dol. each, to volunteers. employés, &c..
and in such a manner a: to make it exceed
ingly dimoult to ascértain whether such
bills ought to have been contracted accord
ing to my known rule or usage of the mil
litury nrvice. Iron for shoeing horses was
furnished, and 8 dol. charged {or shoeing
each horse. I
Amount: nf qurrm Gore, quartermavter at ‘
Sicilacnm, who rail: himself aka a slili'l
(my slarzkttper.
The prices which his vouchers represent
him to have nge‘ed to pay for his purchases
are shoot the some as the two precedingl
quurtermnsters at Olympia; pork and lmconl
rather higher, horseshoeing 6 instead of 8‘
dollars each, and labor generally, if nay
thing, a trifle lower and better vouched——
His seeonutn, however, have about them
just as strong evidence of confusion and ir
regularity as the others, his purchases and
disbursements belng all mixed up together.
His property returns are exceedingly nnsat
iufsetory. They are very voluminous, show
ing scarcely anything but an unnecessary
waste of clerical labor and stationery in
their preparation, and do not show sproper
application of the property which came into
his hands to the public service. He admits
to have received a large quantity of subsist—
ence stores, of the two articles of coflec Ind
salt more than snllieient to have rationed
all the volunteers of the Territory during
their whole )eriod of service, And he dis
poses of by liar the greatest portion of all
he received, like Quartermaster Weed, by
issue: to employees, to “ families of persons
ordered in from their claims by Governor
Stu-ens," end to “families of men in the
service of the government,” by sales at one
tion, and by ism to the quartennester and
to individuals not qusrtermasters or com
minsuriss, and perticularly to one William
P. Wells, vvho styles himself, in one place,
‘9 “ qusrturnmter’u clerk," and in another,
as commisesry st Camp Montgomery. To
this individual he claims to have issued, in
bulk, of leading articles: 48 barrels of pork,
8 barrels of beef, 169 barrels of flour, 1!),-
139 pounds of bacon, 296 pounds of wise,
6,600 pounds of sugar. 88% pound: of rice,
and 2,475 ponudsol' soup ; of clothing, 264
pair of blankets, et 9 dollnrs; 410 cents, et
from 18 to 25 dollars ; 510 pair pants, at '1
dollars; 335 shirts, at 3 dollar: ; 275 pair
boots, at 5 dollars, and 343 pair shoes, at
82 fill—which cannot be discovered were!
properly accounted for, u this Mr. Wells
has rendered no account or return: what
ever, norishs borneonsnymllu an on
leer of any description.
anrtennsster Gore, by his own sdmisr
sion, nppenrs to have recs red s very isrge
amount of clothing, ss will be seen by the
following lending srticles, to wit: 343 pnir
blankets. 100 costs, 99:! pair pats, 4’ll
shirts, 854 pair boots, and 1“ pair shoes ;
nil of which he disposes of II hereinbeiore
indicsted. 0! his vouchers, scoompuny'
his property account, there is scarcely
single original; nil, or neeriy all, being 00
ins and memomndnms, apparently very re
cently music out. llis opornlions srs rep
resented to have extended from February
until towards the last of September, 1850,
during which time he appears to huve coh
trscted linbilitien to the amount of $18,689
B|, 0! which $4,520 92 is credited as hav
ing been cancelled by payments in clothing
and gin" public property, and only $569 96
dia- wed by the ounmissioners, on the
ground, it is presumed, of extravagant
charges, as they express no reasons for their
deduction, leaving $8,559 24 for which scrip
us iaued,
His return or " Ismpitni stores." is somethilp of n
winsityJor with twu boui- of oil. l bottle 0 Inns.
tnrd. unlsevsn bottles of mps,". he Ins N 5 filial“
of whisky, 16 Illons of tuna y, Malian- 0 Vin
gums. pom:- nrtsn,“ hunk of unit, bl hauls
ol almou. Ind 3,011 pounds or ulcrslns. which con
stitnes the sum total of said hospital stares.
Qnsrterrnuter 3.B.Rnhinm st Port Townsend,
from February lat to am or August, 1““; “cording
to his mrcount rurmnt. he Appears In hsvo coutmted
iishilitiu II follows:
For pnrchms oi provisions. . $29,547 98
For Kurchnses or clothing and
F at er proficrty...t}.lh.‘...fi..: I 250: 31
13.7fm: “"90 13,019 a
For contingencies on uconnt
subsistence ................ 211 00
__ $25,192 as
or this umfll. he represents
u csnoeiled by payments in
clothing end other pnhiic
property 6.999 (5
Sn a 0! public property to em
pioyo. 1,401 N
Dissi owed by the communion.
~—— 18,710 M,
Leaving-ml 10bepn1d..1.............l 51,522 (5
Thu sun: ncconn! I‘lh! that strip was 11-1n0d1011nnmnnnt01‘................
1n0d1011nnmnnnt01‘................ 93,3‘111
inrlenmsler [lobluon'l Icconna. u mm bl
pun-hut: and dhhlmemenu Are much better, and
more regularly modem! than either of 111- pm
Inn. Hi- purchmxl a! subvislenoe. 3nd clothinn. Ind
‘qnnrtnrmuler'x. ma other «ores. and his div-burle
menu for ”"308. to“. an kept nor-ante no that the
"mum. at etch in evlly uoeruined. H 6: when u!
than: the name Is thus: pnvluunly naked. In loin:
run nppmntly we? exlnvmnl, u for lnl-hncc.
#125 fur a ulnle be: on the hoof. Then appall- ‘0
have been twinned within reach n! um pod. the
three fin! cumpanln on}. H, nnd I, alum Only
mm of KM firm had In! hulnx been mulled. I!
Fun Tum-end Ind Whidby'l lalnnd. Mined m be
unmet“. under Cnpuln Sinnllcy. Posh-Xi]. and M
(at Bump), h winch mpplla Inna .- In" bean
{urniuhed hy Quururrmuter BONNIE M “D
plnia m represenkd w hue been In unlnse {mm
m! lllh. 12m. and ”Eh «I Pebrnu'yh "In mt. Ind
1 Itilh 0! August. 1856. Ind u: have conunod. luhd
‘inz commiquned omeen nll hold. only 12: Don. M
‘Lhe day: of service. Includlnx comma—loner! oflcen,
‘ [9,623,1nd anflulu manhunt number of nun...
'Now. ofhndmmkh duh-mm. mm
W pn ed M mind up.“ of 10.000
rations of been“ pnrh.ol.Boo'niim of cane, 109..
on union in «our. 53.600 unnu- 0! amp, tog”
‘rutimiu nl niillu. rind IN‘H|1.0"0.000 “110”“:de
luv ul-n --l the inn-11x Mush-:4 _M :l‘ llnlng. he pill-C
‘vnn r.) 2 Ir.” 4 h: iuun uni irreivw 1.10 linking :_
’l7‘ in all: I’M ¢ ate. 715 puil'n in will“. l.’m6 eliilte,
631 i IL.“ and cm". '.':‘ui‘pmrs of bout-Hum 221 ”in. of
shoes, liesidex silk ties bluk smin etmkr, It 32 so
each, and white vests; rmny did- hiaalretu can .1
'eacii. man: u! hid route 820 euchnmd puntu, described
[in Muck prints, Sl'.’ Fer pair. From thil It would
I seem that the hump ies rotated h: Qlllrtemmgr
Bantu-1n were imndim‘dy beyvn the loam-u.
wnnh of the I-ervlne, Ind hii pmperly mum- (o {u
to show it. By M: dilhunemente henna-n to her.
hired fur tnmporution purpose. thirteen Inhmnen
and .lmpa, to hm! employ-ed a clerk At nix du11...
r day and found, (“111 two mluunt clerh. W. s.
Echey, n prlvnte a! Captain Smelley’n comp.- , "I.
reported fur pay an Mich, he erosioyed u “0!!an
at {our dolinn per any. for“: nyn, dull}; the «me
time. There is aim In account in favor! o J. C. Kel-
In); (or nadir-l attend-rice. nt seven duller: pu- h},
on Qunrtermuntcr llohlnsnl from September I to 09
tohev 25. 12256, $3.55. and for medicine: for tune 0165,
In 11l 5150‘ when Quarterrluter Ruhlmn windb
hended. and out of nervioe on the lit of September,
which in hp rored by the torumiu-ioners for the full
umount. ‘Fhis .1. C. Kelli): enrnlled hilnlel! n rt—
vtu of Cnplriln Hom‘l rompnny on l-‘ehrunry ILLI
u n term: in to service which would not be near
uteri by the cmnmnnder-in-chlef, um] he rvnl can»
quently dmpred lrurn the muner roll error the 7th at
March. Bee de the above nucount there iii uoflm In
favor or this Krilnlf for medical attend-nee, he“ or:
Quortermmtr-r Itch nm from the am to the loth of
August. 12 dnyl. It .10 per day, muting together the
hum of $770 for 7'! dlyl of commutlvn attendance up
on a single men, although there In an unis-tut lur
geou It the post employed, hmmuntly, exprr-ly to
attend there. an hit Icrvlm cummenced on February
‘ 16. and ended 011 w“!!! 16.1856.
Quartermaster mon'n disposition or the with
property. ”at chute lulu his pone-elo- by rnrchun
or Hillel'l'lle. I nearly as iricgulnr and hunt mm,
u the other qnlrtermnvteni' heieto'on Dotted.—
Then in namely 111 origin-l receipt, nurly ell hell.
copiei of memorandum". Like the mt ":31" to
huvc gutter: rid n! it by tune: to employ: ' bd
iug hair mmlH—lndllns fur whom gin-tide- of what
are termed lndhu tulle M were gambled, tum-
Ed over in bulk to other uflren, an tn oflrnn {or
the mu: of the three comp-uieu herore referral h,
with but one luntxuace when it hu been dbenveni
where the number of the men and time for which the
uupplies were reunited Ire fluted u du- to teat the
[imprtety 0! the wane. 'l‘hlt Illiflle use it a mail!
tion of "Edward Gibmn, tint lieutenant. Ind elm
nld t 0 the commndehln-chlef. tor nix dnyn‘ nth
for 120 men. of companieu 0. H, Ind l. Ht! "lieu h
all, but instead or thtt number he claim to lave Hr
sued an April 17. 7,200 ration- 0! heel, flour. cube,
beansmnndlcn, vinegnmnd nit. beside- 2,800 panni
of pork, iu udditiun. me credit in chimed "cardin
ly. W. 8. Ebey, privuie oanpuln HOIO'I compuy,
l, and whine name in nu paper: profmln‘to he ro
ceipu u “ quartenrmeter liar-gun, N. B. . 1.," ‘p-,
pelrl to have received a hm quantity of elem
which no umccnnhkd for in eny '3 whatever u
likewlu did G. w. Ebey, urge-at company 0.
without having «counted for .
Wm!" "Mk"! Maui“, at w, I!-
Frbrury 1. ta My 31. 1866.
By hll necouut current he contncteu llehlllllns
For 5urchuen...”.1..........06.214 11
For hhummcnt5............. 1,751” -_ -_. _
——- 81.85 ex
0! which therm- we! confined by ,
pa menu in Kropefly. .e . . 1,343 91
Diwfiowed by I. e commie-loner! 93 u
—— 1.4! 00
Leann] ‘o be puny-re 5
By the name Account current. he shun M ech
Inn lslued w the mount 1:! 01,988 29.
Hi: nccuunu 551::qu be much healer near m
“n“ my “ITO“ "Mm muee’d; '3:- ml?“
I e name. in proper! . rename eor g ped
uun of the eloree that time inlo hln hendu. m nleo
bench though like the «themmoy are d! or My
ell couleu Ind muonndune end flare In no new
In requisition- fur lupplien for Room. with M Ind
number: m be luLplled. they belng In nearly, hind
over to Indlvldnn In bulk. The plrpue tit whirl
they were turned nver In “newline forth mm: 4
being ”we particulnr. hnl Ihown av very q
ble the propriety of hie fune- were. Inch u «all M‘
hennlioned by eny known lee or me. For In:
stance, enhnnv. mat-prevent rerun. he eypeen lo
hnve filmed 3m! 0 flour. M l Ibe. dM. In
... ”:7:- . 1:: am 2:21....“ :1 '—
0! can .I r v I
I. But an bulk «f “e eupplee In ill me- e:
mum] m foot oompeny A, In val-e», col-lie!
flm by Cepuh: Ede-rd Lender and marvell- I,
Lieutenant A. A. Denny, In service from the Mb 0!
Jenny to the 19d: of nit 18“. chh vu filled
at Bennie. end Appear- lo we been me, I! eny
where. at flu! poet.
Thin company In 5! him-g. 111 lo“, end .l [on
show- I lervlce magenta of 978! d-ye. end I h It '
‘no tenemenuued cum. number of redone. A let-p
| number n! the member: are lurked on ‘be lull ll
huh"; l| a! "nmlllhri neolnuom." end efly i I
the as. I‘fn'lnll m an ed, ere cum“ hy 0x
B. C. Phxhugh. the Imm. end numeric. .
uenwedfi-In bore edhehem. Ole-er- he
moltbempenymnfllo nun-4.1M they
love bed nn elelzn, dune lot PI!- milk-nee. or
any of the allow-non WM ngon e refinery ud
flue. Theupmnre-lneeon‘he «hall-(j Ile
‘.‘dlm‘um'l I‘II tweak-4: 1':- th m e a
an eremenn temn aned ennmeuy
lunone. Yet. ngtvltlehndlu I" this. the who.
ctvmpnny except "mane a! when deserted, and lb
other wu Imam without lee", are reported lor, .4
mix-em by the United sum recon-tended} .0
rd 0! comm-deem, w the mm of 01! M.
Ide the clan-hug. 8c" received In Ibe- b be
ulna o! ”.998 I. The company In {dove e“.
if in union won]! he" been en! fled In 578! 1n...
of nub-Menu. but Qurtennum IAIN-e chl- I.
here Inprlled It with lopu reflu- ef lon. m.
”{33' at pm “'1 ‘7sme n u “a! "‘6':
vet no en .nn n all .
"amulet avg-‘.'", vinegnr. enl been. “a...
3! clothirg he elm heued to than u not 1“ pt»
of an“, a mm. 101 mm, 5: pm of m. :5
pt of-hmeundu lull. nomad they":
ml’ for which be en responsible. he lei-nee me
be h. {lucid tolndlne, upended nlflemufl
e: me n. - v
W MJMK.M.d M“,-
. .M-un-y I to 1“ ID. 1".
‘Dybll mum can-It 111 II- , '-
mned for punk-- ot pn
vislun- ud oum inking“.
nun of ”.01 6!
Exp-diurn- on now-II at ‘
po"s'..'ii°".'.‘.l2'.'x§s'.a"“" if}! 3
I’ II . . . . - .
_._.. um I.
No dlnllowuacu m and. by .
me mania-lunch, but tho ‘
minimum-tor report! a ' it
“if???“ ”5 arm“:
n u
Fin....‘..,:..’w'..’.f’.... ""23 :3
0! I II II C ... .- .
p m It __ M“ u
m 1! rd’ rte .l «I -
fiafimh 'J’u“nun; Wu? 3.
wetsugh ”Inn-r: in ill-1.55m, 7:: hum
from $8 tu OM m for 11. banal. W
t, of puhllo pm, "at an. Inn It q
:‘:: '"'"f§"’il‘2.“: m: "“"‘°"mu.“‘°‘£:
3‘ U
.I"??than under “mun-d, . to '.
Kenly. an mm In Gun-ruin" c. 0. hp“; n
the [mi-I n Co'lih,” tow w. .
HI: vnurhen um mud} cqln, at ”an In
mm. wink. ‘fleu 11. no
data Mid Ila-bell Ho had no it mtg-:3
clothing, which he paid out to (nylon at
nm of value. In 10me Md]: In in. b
mud to the tumour o! "6,!“ Id.
Quartermmltr C. 0. Pull“, «4 Can‘t
landing, for April, May, Inc, all July,
His account. current
shows that his pmhaa.
es of subsistence, kt,
amounted“). . . . . . . . .1'1,968 07
Expend's on account of
hire of employés, tc. .16,082 68
And for whu in termed
contingencien, being for
meals and lodging to
expressmen, volunteen,
&c., and foraging ani
mals, to the «mount of 2,418 92’
0! which aggregate he
claims to have cancelled
by payment: in public
propnny. . . . . . . . . . “105115 6|.

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