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.mm and Qmmat.
”—2? ‘iA: f:
um". Vim “INN".
"IDAY. SEPTEMBER 9, 185.9.
"All "In, “ROI All} mfllml
'm nfi‘dhm VII rho-pin.
”Hyundai In kn. '
Ill! 1 It In. W" et :
h M I. We. efl ‘
M w I.- leed—Stnlere ‘
I. * u. ‘
It“. greet plenum to inform ‘
e. nedere thet e eteemer hee eecended
D Upper hurl. An exprcel reeched
. “In“ Hunt. Mumx, et the Ccnr i
(we Ihiou, on the 19th or Aoguet. I
I“ the notifying intelligence thet‘
them-er Chine-e reeehed Fort Ben
h. the 'lth ol July. Thin eteemer wee
II hit expreeely tor the river, but wee '
Hybrtheocoeelouhy P.Cnocruu.'
Jr. t (he‘ to tout. the prectlcehillty o! the l
W. It drewe ehoet two end e hell 1
but of I'etee. Hentolore etremere heve '
mu eeoeuded the li-onri higher then '
Beneth of lilk river, tome leer hun- '
1m helow rm Benton. ‘
preeent yeer hee been full of mo- '
not to the development of the greet uor- ‘
“I route. In 1853 end 1854 the pret> '
thehllty or mtg-tang the Ilmoerl with '
nee-ere to Port Beutoe end the wetere oi ‘
the Uner Oele-hle wee lueleted upon by 1
Oomarweee in & leporteef theexplo
need-ed eereey ot the Nomi". Pecilc
11l Iced Route, end thle judgment wee
[Quoted le hie eeheequeut repent-upe
fily h hb report-eh Superintendent of t
hie-Alene“ lehle leel reportofl
the explerettoe eow heleg puhllehed byl
Wettheßeeete. The Upper Mleeonrl'
“It, MPO“ Benton tothe monthof‘
lit Blur, wee eoteelly eerveyed under 1
m “I h ”to-her end October I
I“ hy' mandrel, eeefleerof hint
cpluretlee, eed the Governor hiuieelt de— I
a“ the Upghr Cole-hie from Welle '
'ehto the mouth of the DeeChuteelu ‘
Md the eeme yeer. Dr. Svcmr, 1
huge. eed .tnrelietolthe eeeterul
“I lheeepheetlon, deeeeuded the ‘
“tile! the Upper Nemhle from the ‘
IR Medley toVeueouver In nee-l
mohhthuhllof the eeue yeer,ex-«
“omen dleteeee from the lee r I
H com. Ikeloe, on Clerh’e Forh, '
bcdvlle.~ he «to eulleoted hy theee t
meant unmteefleee elurded the groeede i
ehhe‘delrepurteteleeorol the preo‘
“yd levlgetlu' the up: welen?
et thmerlveee hy nee-ere. a
‘ Ith.. however, required dr yeere ot
outleu to verify theee jedgmeete preo
leelly. Greet exertloee were cede le 1&-
u to here the good- for the Bleehtoot
ee-ell hue-3hr. to Fort Benton In Item
.l. Althoqh the urgent repreeeutetloue
1001. been» thieelectnereeord
Hly outlet-d hy the other Commie-loner,
Gov. (knee, the eteemer proceeded no
M“ then Poet Union, et the mouth of
to Yellow Stone. Iu meny other omelet
leportethe etteetleu of the government
h hee- eelled to the eehjeegeudltix
he. in greet pert. to en Intelligeh view
(it. own eoueedtlee by the government
thutthe preetleel demon-troll» hee not
he. dehred to Another yeer.
B. R. humpeue & 00., the enterprising
fleeeereet lee-er neVi‘etiou on the up
}: Mm euehledtoemherhtn
the eeterprlee lu ooneqeeuoe of the heevy
m wag hallo-“o! which
theyhedthewumcgrequlredtor theenp
fly of the interior poete. They here pnehod
Iheheteeenr the preeent your to Prieet'e
lipids. on the Inelu Columbia, eighty miiee
ehoee old Fort Welle Weile, end to the
“h of the Pelo-e end Toke-ton, on
Seehe rive, eeveety-Ive milee ehove old
M Welle Weill, end eixty-lour miles
ehove the mouth of Sneke river. These
ee-e gentlemen hering the connect to
tnqurt the euppliee for the depot et Col
" *‘mpflqeulliegorehon the
H eheee Prieet'e Rapide, end will
m, hr nee-ergo! the Columbie
eheee theee repldl, u they did below thet
pit. Theywilllrettrytooerrytheeup
1e- e-n mut- l’ru- new. Repide to!
the nu. hm, ...: Colville, end it‘ they!
used h thee dug the river coutiuuosiy,‘
they will next your put on e eteemer.
I’. omm jr., & 00., here, for
t'o y-n, (thin your end next) the cou-
M h erryiug to Fort Benton the en
ldtypofiol the Blechfoot Indiene. Thar
teeety eed eunelty good: ol the eestern!‘
ea... or Weehiegtou Territory, must chef
erstyeergo up the lieeoori to Fort Ben-Y
,tee, uedheee he wegoned to the Bitterl‘
hot eelley. my will, the coming win-‘1
hr,“ oeeer more eteemere epecielly‘
udepted to the Upper Mieeonri, from Fort ‘
Ulla to Port Bention—etcetnere which
I“! he fled oxelueively on thet portion of
the river, end which cen nnqneetionnbly bet 1
.d u it for more then even mouths of;'
the your—thetie et ell times when the
river is not ohetructed by ice. 2‘
We alaolearn that Llent. Mums ia nia
klng the unit encouraging progreaa in Open
“ the med connecting the navigable wa~
ten of the liuonri and Columbia The
party in exceedingly well organized, in per
fectly harmonioua, haa an adequate escort,
in in no danger from Indiana, and ia full of
hope and confidence in the success of its
labora. 0n the 2d of August, Lieut. Mul
len, with Ilia working parties. wal eleven
milea beyond the Casur d’Aleua Minion,
and at I point only thirty-seven miles from
the divide of the Bitter Root Mountains,
and aeventy-lve milea from the confluence
of the St. Begin Borgia, with the Bitter
Root river. The route thence in up the
Bitter Root river to the Hell Gate Ronde,
in theßitter Root volley—n diatanco of
sixty-lire Inllea, and in the general vicinity
of which the party will winter.
This route waa very carefully explored,
and n line of barometric levels run in the
aorthern railroad survey, in ahown on the
publiahed nape; and In passed over by
Llent. Mullan in 1854. With the force
at Lint. Mullau’a disposal, there will be
no diflculty in the careful and exact loca
tion of the wagon road. We learn that
Capt. DI Lac! and Mr. Solon have been
...: ahead to the ninth of the BL Resin
de Borgia to make a reconuoiaanoe, hav
ing In view the beat pouible location and
the aaeertaiuing the exact amount of work
to hedoue, In order to arrange the working
Thin errengelnent ehowl the {oreeeet ol'
Lieut. M. Thie gentlemen ie moet edmlre—
bly edepted to the important truet which has
been pieced in his heude. He will press
on vith hie eherecterietlc vigor end judg
ment, end there le doubt in hie mind, thet
he will reech hie wintering piece in town
When it in recellected thet on the 20th of
Aoguet he wee only thirty-eeven miles
from the enmmit of the Bitter Root mount
etee, the! on the eummit he een work till
the 80th of October, end perhepe leter,
end thet from I preirie only eeven milee
beyond the eummlt, he can operate be]!
way down the St. Roxie till the middle of
November, end down the reminder of the
St. Rosie and up the Bitter Root valley,
throth ell November end December, it it
very evident that no feere need be appre
hended an to hie eeeompliehing hie work‘
. The work ie mperetively light elong
the velley of the Bitter Root, end from
Hell Gete, emong the eeverel enrveyed end
reported on routee to Fert Beaten, there
in one by the Hell Gete end little Bleeh
loot velliee, on which wegone heve peeeed
for four eeeeoue. Thie route wee explored
end the Int wegon “he! over it by Lient.
lulla- le March 1854, when on duty with
the rellroed eurvey. ‘
i We felleltete, not only our Marybut
, M country, on the reeulte eccom
‘ :‘hhed end to be eccompliehed the present
| yeer. A we‘on Ned—which can be por
‘ teed by emigrente next yen—connecting
. the nulgeble wetere ol' the Mieeourl end
i the Columhle, Involving a distance of 01in
i tween five end six hundred milee, end the
l prectlcal demonetretion o! the nevigebility
‘- ol the river, in the [net that steamers heve
I actually reached the termini.
To mike, borrower, e "son md unita
bln for military pnrpooel, end which (an be
used It all neurons of the year, especially
during Illgh waters—e road of easy grades,
properly dreined, tho Imam- ell bridged,
ad out which Irony vegan: on b. boul
od—en Idditionul epproprietion of one
hnudnd thou-ad dollm will be roquired,
u ncommended by the Secretary of Wer
in his "port to the military committee of
an Sen-to I: the In: lonian o! Congrats.
Thu tho Ipproprinion asked for by {he
Secretary will be promptly made n tho
forthcoming session, we can hardly doubt.
Dmiicr Conn—A term of the United
Sule- di-trictconvt, Chief Justice 0. B.
McFAnnll, presiding, wee convened here
on Monday last, and in now in leseion 11.
the mpitol building. An nnnul nmount
of «fulfil nd civil bneinun in upon the
docket for inveotlgntion. Many use: not
heard It the lat term of court will come
up {at hearing at the preeent, emong oth
erqneue in edminlty,—the owuen of
the tunnel- Rad-u, u. the Pacific Mail
.Steul Ship 00., for demegea occasioned
lb, collieion of the Iteemer Nomencr with
the former veuel, in October lut. The
dam-gee claimed. we believe, is 85,000.
The convening of court he: and an
nnnennlinflnx of strangers to our other
,wiee quiet, sad, It this time, we might
‘uy, dull city. There in more life Ind nni
motion jut nhw then we hnve witnessed
here line the clone of the lat legiuletnre,
when the "window" of Wuhington Territo
ry wu centered in Wuhington’e cepitnl,
ind we In full, convinced that the “ Vite]l
Iperk" of the “body politic” has not yet
ientirely fled. I
I The proceedings of the court will be
[pablinhed u noon u n copy 0! the sum
an be obtlilod. ]
Tuna—lb Puma t (‘O. And Wells. Pup &
‘Ca. [or 3h- 0! Peru-ad Ind V'icuria ppm.
GIN. Haunt—We ere credibly in
for-ed that Gen.‘ "AIIIY will urgently re
commend to the Secretary of War the im
medieto completion of the military rondl
within our Territory, now incomplete for
went of funds to meke them so. The rod
from Steilacoom to Belliughum Bey .it
barely pusahle for peck enimulsfind un
leee “other appropriation be ohtllned, the
mount expended thereon will virtually
hove been thrown away. The General will
also urge the construction of [A number of
roads on the east side of the mountains.
Without made over which troops and the
‘punphernnlie of wur could be readily
‘tranlported, I veteran army, of which ev
iory mun might be A hero, would be com
puntively worthless: The gratitude of our
‘peoplo ie due to Gen. IL, and we are confi
‘deut it will he ever bestowed. ‘
Exrwurlox.—The Queen Charlotte’-
lelend gold searching expedition having
returned to Victoria, meeting with no 3qu
eons, Major Dom-mt, formerly of Califor
nie, with in party 0! fourteen men, tree to‘
have started some ten of twelve days since:
on another tour of exploration Ind eenrch, i
withn view of prospecting the comm-Li
creeh and rivers, to the eastward, in the
direction of Fort Alexnndrin. They also
will examine and report upon the adapta
bility of the country Jor settlement nd
cultivation. As but little in known of the
region of country which the expedition
will traverse, we expect to hear something
interesting when the journnl of the party
mu be published. They contemplated
reaching Victoria egein in lix weeks efter
their depertnre.
Rufln Moist—Rein commenced fell
ing in considenble quantities on Tueedly
evening lut, end up to the time of writing
this (Thuredly noon), one would hue reu
lou to believe thut the ”clerk of the wemh.
er” Ind loet I" control 0! the Inter] ele
ment. Unleu it non “driee up," the in
jury lo crops will be greet, much of the
greiu being down. ‘
Manna—At the recent neulon of the
Grand Lodge of Wuhington Territory,
tho following ofllcen were elected for the
omuing Masonic yenr:
Ju. anu, Grand Manor; JAs. A. G
‘aun,Depnty Grand Master; W. ufig
‘Senior Grind Warden; H. K. Wan , Jun
ior Grind Wurdcn; 'l‘. M. Run. Grand‘
jSecret-ry; Bananas», Gum] Treuuer.
} annu.——'l‘he “Teylor Minstrels"
‘bue been giving n lerieu of entertainment
here during the present week, which hue
been generally “handed, and are always
‘lppllllded. Their delineation: of negro
character are of Ihe first order, Ind the
music first nte, whilst none of their puns
Ind conundrum! are well calculated to
drive away the blue: Ind “blue devils,"
but exceedineg dangeronl to buttonl. It
ll worth all they ask to hear and see them.
Tune: you, Hunt—The Rev. Mr. and
Mn. DEVON: will accept our most gracious
thank: for I box of fine applet. W. are
not. sufliciontl} versed in pomology to give
the precise names of the specimens sent us,
but for want. of I better nnmo, but none
more npproprlnlo, Ilmll christen them “the
host.” Please accept our tlmuks and well
wishcl for your future wel!are, where’cr
you ml, go, und know yo tint
“lohismumuom' dumb“ .
A. la I mfrembaflnauny good "Ufa"
i S- Mr. Fabien, of the Puget Sound
Herald, lecomplnied by hil lady, plid I
flying visit to Olympil during the present
week. We hope they were agreeably en
tertained whillt here, end that they have
formed a favorable impression of 'the loci:-
bilily of our citiuns. We honestly believe
‘thcy are entitled to that credit, Ind there
‘fore should like to be" from you, friend
Autumn—Tho steamer Ranger No. 2,
Capt. J. S. 11111., arrived here on Monday
lut, from Seattle, with A very Inge pn
senger lint, most of whom Ire here on bu
eineu pertaining to court, (not in session)
or courting (now in fashion.) The Ranger
he: nlwnys been A favorite with men, of
our citiunl, whilst the Captain has been
singnlnrly popninr. In fut-t, he has been
singled out amongst ny u apecinlly de
serving of confideneetifiee marriage no
tine in another column. ”‘ 'The Ranger hav
ing undergone thorough repair, the crew
been “shipped end hired over,” and the
vessel newly oficered, (the Captain having
augmented that department by taking unto
himself I chief mote, rather delicate, how
‘ever,) we novr can, and hereby do recom
lrnend the “ 2 ” u entitled Io every‘confi
‘dence and potronnge. }
Capt. BILL, .1191: In to wish you And
your amiable “Iooond” am. much nnd
lutiug joy. ,
‘ Dnlmtn—An moon! of our trip by
‘tbe newer Julia, to the “North’wd.”
Victoril, San Juan Island, Ind towns on
the Sound, must nnuoidsbly be dcferredi
until some {Mare “me.
Inn in. the Allntic mm to 6th Aunt.
‘ Kentucky Election.
LE'I'I'ER mm ntcmun.
The U. S. M. steamer Julia, Capt. Bcsn-
KILL, "rived here from Victoria end way
ports this morning at 3 o‘clock.
The steamship Counodore nrrived at
Victoria from San Francisco, via Portlend,
on Wednesday, bringing papers from New
York of 51h August.
We ere nguiu under obligeting to Pure
er LOWELL, of the Julia, for furore. Im
mediutely after the arrival of the ate-mar,
he sent to our office the New York Herald
of Aug. sth, San Francisco Bulletin of
Aug. 28th. and the \‘ictorin Gazette and
Colonist of the 'ilh inat. We can lure
Mr. Lowzu. that such favors are duly ep
prociuted by us.
r We learn from Purser L. that the Com
modore passed the Nod/mom in Columbie
river on Monday evening, both bound out.
The Northerner had got aground ht Swan
Island, in the Willamette river, and hence
the failure of her arrival.
From the paper: received, we clip the
following :
Km MI.
The 11l . locuul.l.l,£cu‘::fl 2,1859.
om: °':v..°:.'.wm';.::.;.. --
-2. . . .Pe wal......Dernocret (pmhebly.)
l a.........nr1’n0w......0pp0uni0n.
. 1.”. ... . .Aademn. . . .oppoeltlou.
l 5.........8r0wn....,..Den0cr-t.
6.. . . . . . . .Uerrlrd. .. . ..Democnt. (pmhably.)
. 7.. ... .. . .llllory. .. . ..Oppolltion.
l 8.........51mm.......Den0ent.(pmheh1y0
10. . . . . . . Stevenson. . . .Democnt.
The return- Indicate the “ton of Ir. Kenna.
the Denoentle cendhlete for vernar.
The State heghdature. on joint bellot. will hive e
mull democratic Merit].
ALBANY, Anzaet 3, 1859.
A terrible accident occurred on the Nor
thern Railmad, nelr Scheghticoke, lut
night. The down trein, due in Albeny at
7.25 P. 11., while passing over the bridge
which spans the Tomb-mock, we: precipl
iteted into the creek below, e dietence of
twenty to twenty-five feet. The weter was
about six to eight feet deep. Over thir
teen person: are repertcd to have been
The venerable and distinguished Rich-rd
Rush, of Pennsyluuia, who has seen nearly
half a century of public service, in various:
local and national one", died a! PhilaleL‘
‘phia on Sugday morning, July 29. ‘
Anav lmaluaaxcn—A general court
martial was held on Wednesday morning,
at the United Btatee Army qnartera in
State street, for the trial of Major Osborn
Cross, lately Quartermaster at San Fran
cisco, California, on a charge of embezzle
ment and mienpplication of public moneys,
and disobedience of orders and army regu
lations. To the latter Major Croae plead
guilty, the former not guilty. The follow
ing omeera, by order of the War Depart
ment at Washington, composed the tribu
nah—Col. J. K. 'l‘. Manafiold, inspector
General; Col. Gnatavna Loomia, Fifth in
fantry; Col. 11. K. Craig, Ordnance De
partment; Col. D. D. Tomgtine, Quarter
master’e Department; Col. ixon S. Miles.
Second infantry; Brevet Lient. Col. R. C.
Buchanan, Major 4th Infantry; Lieut. Col.
J. W. Ripley, Ordnance deartincnt;
Brevet Major A. B. Eaton, Ceptnin Sub
eistence Department; Major A. Carly,
Sixth Infantry; Major John Sedgwiek,
First cavalry; Major A. Mordecai, Ord
nance Department, and Capt. Sam. Jones,
First artillery, as Judge Advocate. Col.
Mansfield presided.
No decision had been arrived at up to
the date of the ateamcr‘a nailing.
Wasulxo‘rox, July 30.—Information has
been received at the State Department
that proper steps have been taken by the
Chinese Government to carry into direct
arrangements, made by U. S. ear-Minister
Reed, for payment of various claims of
American citizens, amounting to about
I’m-33mm, J nly 80.—Tho following lob!
ler from President. Buchanan was received,‘
this morning, by the Hon. Wilson McCand-l
Ices :
Blmroxn, PAL, July 25, 1859
MY DEAR Sun—l have received your
kind note oflhe 19th inat., with a letter
from the PM ; and whilst I appreciate as
it deserves the Ibilit Ind friend-hi dis
played in tho editorial, I yet regret lfi-t it
has been published. My determination
not to, under any circumstances, become a
candidate for reelection, is final and con
clusive. My best judgment and strong in
iuclinntions unite in favor of this course.
To cut doubts upon my predetermined
Lpnrposed is calculated to impair my influ-
euce in carrying on! important meuurca,
and nfl'ord n pretext for saying that they
have been dictated by Ideaire to he re
With the kindest regards, Am, I remain
ncerely and respectfully,
Your friend,
I WAsmsarox, July 29.—Advices received‘
from Nicarngnn give assurances of n fn‘
prospect of n Intisfnctory settlement of the
transit. diflicultiea, end ape-k in confident
terms of the nbility of Genernl Jerez to se
lcure the rejection by the Congress of the
’Llmnr-Sillndn treety, which is objected to
by our Government.
l There seems to be no doubt but the mis
}sion to Centrnl America will be tendered
to Judge Bowlin, whose visit to Bedford
is on thnt businesl, by invitation.
The Treasury bnlnuce on the 25th, wnn
nearly $5,000,000. The receiptl of thel
week ending on thnt day, were $2,252,000.
i'l'he amount of drafts paid, $1.616,000.‘
Drafts issued. $2,114,000. Amount of in-i
crease over the former week, $138,000. 1
Private advices from Tucson, of Jnly 16,
mention in hostile meeting between LieutJ
Mowry and Edward E. Cross, editor of the
Arizona», -Fonr shots were fired without
‘eifect; at the last tire, Lient. Mowry’s rifle;
idid not discharge; it was decided that ho‘L
isms entitled to his shot, and Mr. Cross
iatood without arms to receive it, but Mow’
ry refused to fire at an unarmed man, and
discharged his rifle in the air and declared
himself satisfied. Mutual expllnntions
were made and their difiiculties adjusted.
i The Opata Indians were committing
‘grent ranges in Northern Sonora, shooting
men and ravishing women. The troopsi
‘seem afraid to attack th‘om. |
An American citizen belonging to Arb‘
zonu, is in jail It Magdalena for no ofl‘ence,
and fenra were entertained that he would
the murdered. It is utterly impossible for
an American to travel now in Sonon with
out boing massacred or robbed of every
thing. LienC. Mowry will have no opposi
tion for delegate to Congress from Arizona.‘
’ It is the intention ol the government to
establish posts on the frontier of the
Apache country.
The State: mentions the reception of im
portant private despntches from Northern
Mexico, stating that it is expected within
‘the next ninety days that 3,000 American
troops will be organized on the Rio Grande,
properly armed and equipped for the pur
pose of marching upon the city of Mexico
‘nnd exterminatiug the vvhole Miramon fac
WASHINGTON, August 3, 1859.
The President has called s meeting of
the Cabinet today to consider the despateh
es from Minister McLsne in relation to the
treaty wilh the constitutional government
of Mexico. It is rcliebly ascertained that
several months ago the Mirnmon govern
ment invited France and England to as
snme the protectorate of Mexico, but they
have given no response to the proposition.
‘ The receipts into the Treasury for the
last three quarters of the fiscal year, end
ing on lst of July, from customs, lands and
miscellaneous sources, were 838,580,000
more than Mr. Cobb’s estimates.
Private despatches announce the serious
illness of Senator Davis, of Mississippi.
The Secretary of the Treasury has left
Washington for s brief visit to his home in
WASHINGTON, August 4, 1859.
The administration has under considera
tion a reply to Minister McLaFe’s des
pntches. President Juarez wil concede
the right of way for rsiiway and canal
transits, with leave to protect the persons
and property of our citizens, in case he is
unable to afford such protection himself,
Ind will also glut us Irociproéal commer
cisl tresty. irnmon’s lifln‘l Ire nego
tlutiug for I quantity of S orpe’l rifles.—
The Treasury returns show the import: 0?
dry goods in 1858 and 1859 to be twenty
per cent less than those of 1856 and 1851,
while tho change of torifl mikes the rave
nue from the some source $37,000,000 less
than in 1856 and in 185 T.
Acting Land Commissioner Wilson tuna
mined, on the 3d instant, to the Governor
of Arhnnl, paieut No. 4, o! Hump loud:
‘ln the Bateaviile diurict, under the act of
i 1850, for 295,660 acres. The States re-A
‘ceives in all aomu ten milllous acrel. Then}
llnnda, when drained, will be the beat lands:
in the Slate and a prolific source of nave-1
nue. I
Mr. Sickle: denies thnt he has taken 11‘
house here for the next winter. His wife
'will not. come beta, but remains in New‘
York, or will vinit. Europe with her father.‘
Judge Black leave: town on Saturdsy
‘for n week or two. |
1 Secretary Cobb Is in Georgia on amu
in his family.
\ Sr. Lows, July 29.—Purtiel' have ar
rived nt 8!. Joseph from the Kama minel,
bringing ‘13,500 in gold dun. They dil
ipoud of SB,OOO It OmnhA City, making a
lotnl of $20,500 from these mines.
CAPTAIN Baum—Col. Braxton Bragg,
to whom General Taylor, at the bulls 0!
Pub Alto, is said to have addressed the
famous work, “A little more grape, Capt.
Bragg,” is reported to be the democratic
candidate for nJocnl office A: Labfonrche,
Bmonv Rim-e IN BALTuIORIL—Ang. 2d.
—The American party are holding their
primary elections tonight, to eelect dele
gates to the City Nominating Convention.
There is a great deal of rnwdyilm. The.‘
bnllot boxes in the Twentieth ward have
been mnahed to pieces, and it in reported
that in the Sixth ward two men heve been
shot. The strngglo in between the rowdy
and respectable portion of the party, and
the indications are that the former will be
successful. -
NINI o’cmcx, P. M.
Pistols are being freely need in acute 10~
celitiea. A man named Sullivan hna just
been nrrcated in the Sixth ward for firing
a large horse pistol, loaded with Binge.—
'l‘hos. Rowe has been shot in the knee. and
Wm. Thompson in the leg. There are re
ports of violent proceedings in other parts
of the city.
Tho Vienna correspondent of the London
Time: saya that the representatives of Ana
trin. France and Sardinia will eeon meet
at Zurich to conclude a treaty of pence.
There will be no Congreaa of the Great
Powers to ratify the treaty, the Emperore‘
of France and Austria having agreed to‘
settle the difficulties without the interven-l
tion of the neutral powerl
'l‘he Paris correspondent of the London
Post enye that both emperors are convinced
that the balls of the peace'ngreed upon by
them is, in many respects, impracticable]
The Eugllah journals continue to ridicule
the terms of the peace. The Past, Lord‘
I Palmeraton‘e organ, attach the proceedings
st Villsfrnnca with some severity. 'll,.
Paris correspondent of the London New
suys thnt there is a feeling of (lisnppoim.
ment, and even of indignation, among .1]
who took n sincere interest in the object of
the war. The Emperor has seriously I".
cred himself in the opinion of all classes. ‘
The Paris correspondent of the Loridm
Herald says that the greatest sctivity
veiled all along the French coast. a:
lchsnuel coast was being fortified, Ind from
‘Cherbonrg to Dunkirk enrth batteries wen
‘being constructed at a disinnce of every
3,000 yards.
The Paris Pay; says that the whole In.
perinl Guard division of infantry of a.
line and the battalion of Chssseurs were
iselected from difl'erent corps of army in
Italy, hsd received orders to much inn...
’distely for Paris, where they will receive s
Fdistinguished reception.
‘ bait—There are strong indication: of
of discoutentiu some parts of Ital . Great
excitement existed at Florence. &‘he Pio
visionsl Government of Tuscany has issued!
a‘ proclamation describing the buis of the
peace as betraying the fairest hope that
the Tuscan Government participated in—r
that these were the sentiments of the poor
ple—and declaring that the Tumnlwln
not be replaced under the yoke or inflnem
of Austria against her will and rights;
Le Norrie says that a French oorped
‘40,000 men will remain in Italy until a u
lorgaaization of the country according to
‘the treaty of Villafranca.
I Picdmontese correspondent of the lan.
idon News says that fresh Piedmont
itrOOpe are going to Romagna to maintain
order and take from the Pope all h d.
lmovering it by the help 0! his ‘37".
iGuards). , ' A _
which important towns of the Roma
States had sent. deputation to confer it:
Garibaldi in regard to the condition of
rrfiodenn and Farm are aid to bola I
‘state of revolt. A , ,
The Austrian troops remain in their po
sition the same as if peace had no‘ ho.
concluded. 7
Orders had been given to sonnet the
French ships at war to protect Frenchm
end their property in many, in own!
A Paris correspondent ol the 10:60.
PM says that it has never been intent!!!
to support by u French army the return d
the Grand Duke of ’l‘uscnny.
It was reported thet Sardinia he! re
culled her representative from Tumuy 11l
Modeuu, and thut the Proviniouol Gonn
ment of Tuscany and Modem m ogfulr
sing n force to oppose the return the
Chevalier Pertgl Ind been senl from
Florence on n special mission.
The correspondent of the London flan
says mat the news of peace [prodmod the
greatest exaspention Ind de action at ’h
rin. The Emperor wu seemed of bein‘ I
traitor to Itely, end his portrnil: hnd tab
withdrawn from the shop window. to pre- ’
vent them from being broken. The Opi- 1.
ion, of Turin, mnnifests dined-fiction n
Venice being allowed to remain in lb
hands of Austria. _ _ A _ A
The Government of Lornbnrdy Ind ul
tioned editors of the preen ngninet liq
invectives, and recommended them tone
sume sentiments of moderntiou, under pub
of suppreeeion.
Putnam—The Prince Regent ind m
:un order to the nrmy, expreeeing new
{tiou with the tronty of pence, end eooelr
leion of the war.
I Pom Towselxn, Aug. 85, 1859.
an. Funera—
Esrrunn Sim—lt is refreshing In the
lyouth of our “North Weet Stnte" :7) to
}eeo the Judiciary nflixing upon her
movement prccedeute not unworthy lb
ihighest tribunale of our common eel-try.
ll vcfitur’e to any that no one vim
the- curing of Judge anuou "amt:
nrduoue term oi three week! just
but Innet hove been struck with them
nud cleerueee of his ruling-n nnd decidel.
\I send you two ones of much import-u
'to the people of this Territory. Heed.
,iore, it my one bed I elnim upon nnetli
he “went it" by nttnehmeut with n “loa
neee.” The Judge deeervee lnntlng hell
for nipping this greet evil—n good lnw he
ing bndly ebneed.
The cnee of the widow null chlklll‘
John Alexander merite nll heuot’ to:
lhend and heart thnt on no nw
truthful relations of society. n trlhfll
“visited the widow end the fnthet'lenl” ll
greet nfliiction, end in n nunnnr III]
*the Territory 0! Wnehington.
‘ The Judge in: nllo, very eeme up
the too common prnctiee, heretofore, d
'huntiug up ’urore te imponh their O'l
Iverdlctn by reJlntlou of Wu“. C"
leged error of judgment. .
Judge Frost's cue—the neenhln U
hes labored {or six months pnnt, in reel;
for n political purpoee, dropped
down uud melted out on the evidence. 0*
tailing, wonderfully, the neceenlty nl II!
exertion on tho pnrt of hie counsel, Nell.
Dennison and Kendnll. Few nib-null“
I have witnessed, preeeuted n better nm!
‘of talent and courteoue demo-let. It.
Anderson looked cloeely, n he elwnyl“
after the moral intereete of the Tenn"!—
n perfect “Cleaumr dc: omin.” CW
wcth, always able, prosecuted rigidly. W
wilted in chasing the “hour Fred.” M
appeared and was eedueed nwty by "I
11. Scranton. Wulluce, Gnrfleld end Kl"
‘dull were busy on neilors nnd elegy!" "
insuel. liuhbe, compnrutively quiet hut
in]! of “cues,” and Dennieon, nlwlyi I"
ter of his work, not] tniking to "the 9‘“
at issue." Ree !ll bu
11l . "-
pec {Lichen ROI-
wrom-mr DICIBION In “new!!! on“
B. J. Madison
u Writ of Alluv-
M. T. Chambers.
In thin use, on motion to dinni- 111.
Attachment, the Coon rifled:

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