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Pioneer and Democrat. [volume] (Olympia, Wash. Territory [Wash.]) 1854-1861, March 23, 1860, Image 2

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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,3 .fium "I august;
Md .' 1 7'3, .x‘
omm. "linen! 10 mm. 3
FRIDAY. Mucn u, ”60.
It?" ', ' J-
Clvm' mauve. :mron wn rmrmmun
”277‘ n~ . » - x ;
'frnh I‘m-It‘d Iu nr‘h will r'se rn'n
_ ‘ findernlngnotud err hrrn
,r w: PRESIDENT, 3
”3‘13 or 03500 x.
W .9. We! up tum-. 1 Mm man- 3
. (hamuon. 1
k. 1..” “a I WM.- 0!]. 1
~ 5"” graphic dmrlptlon of "rt'fl
U“ pith-II cupihl, h from the penofo "
1 ~ nu, formerlyn resident or mi. Tet-1:
' zit): gentlennn of thin place. huhl
in“ “alpaca of the orgeniulioo olin
m will doubtleu («winters-ting {
i? M 0' our mderl as here not experi-i“
“the pleuitre 3’!) of witnem'ng the;—
ache-neat no political treaty amidst‘lf
I“ nob - lent has. of late years, been”:
Md. The lette‘ only verifies the no. 1;
*— Dumper accounts of the diagram:- u
“no: whieh so frequently precede the 5
' mu! ol' the cent. now-a-dnys, :
My to bowed fur"—u penna- o:
I"".th of Congress. Unless :
U 1 90! Morn: lo the nntion’srepresen- :
W to thll coon nirer in out faith or
new, of Ike people to carry .on thin :
WI in of purulent»! much long- a
on 1)! wheel: derma- upon the political I
Min of the Speaker annually to M1:-
*9“ the it new to us doubly, and 0111.
. k” the! [spartan to lho nallon, g
Mg‘fiuln Mill be chosen on the first 2
m _ sOl.l i'fimgmmure should at
szm‘hm by which I
[firm-UM he Imincd. .We on u. :1
Iw‘fly the olden! member of the c
“Essay-mien, Ibonklhot bum-2
‘1 “Allyq‘ht Mot. Illlpouiblo 1,1
‘Mfi-m we» ulchtuotben-a
“it it but little alone then, lot 9
839 W“ Milieu none at all, Be- :
Mum that an lad-Me .fibiuou .:
~33 ‘ ' 11 ..‘blhillgkhpuithu, now to ,N
11"flmmhledfor, wouldfi
__ _ ”Mun-mam:
i 3315‘?” though: g: “(9.“ with a
" .5. 11,.rpfweon'tfihmthnt I
in _‘ ,n-iusa.m.nuotm:
‘ ‘ Wm, need-um and g
"*1 _ _ “Mimi lnflu I
2.; V V*l m fitnfinnln no i
’.7 . 18a , “Wthtu.
~ .d! the "one 0! :
I‘l . , 'Il new humutug‘w;
,- {E 3 weight fifty-Hm :
3‘ , ' ' _ ' :le Ridge-u tire: of a l
1 NflzrfllM'My-m I
“W ofupeeeh IMM:
xiii! ~,.,"'¢¥&'-M 9mg;
W._ 3 ”gain;- uifi the at» crooner, I
)3. i . :’X:_fi;'liggl u . .L m‘ . ‘.-t.‘|
_‘- .. p: 'WMCMJ-Lnlm. E
a p macaw:
‘ '‘ .3 “a” hwhlmu
. 3 , . .3... nun 3
» ~ 573%- , ‘33:“!
F“; ~...«-.3 -_ ,-- mm :1
‘l'" um? H... , '1“ m 1
-13‘1‘,$m:m :
-wN~i-~--. ’ M- 3
' .Ha ‘ “I whob.‘
, kg: '13:? T-‘ ammh
v :mmfi' 3516?...“ 3‘.me ‘
a.r “"1""?1 “ .Nbun
4. “mm ‘yn ~~ “HMflclnnou
.1 3 .43....” A2l" I umuwyw 3
' wwwvw‘ I We!
1% wmw :
‘ " .- :1" «kg: “ar‘
' ~ .-
3“, ,1 _‘ It crayfish; pow-I
1 .- ‘ tfimmmacp.,
‘ {l}...“ng ~ Hwal-nr'zaexpecu:
I 33i , 9 mm
W,,’{.’;,,‘;' . .hrnmn‘i}
l . w‘vfi’nrwl'.’ I'm 1
' In 4%
"“‘ 1’ autumn-ct n- asthma:
“ ‘5; 3 m~?“htt'muum
~ '4'“ 1 "Wm'fl; unpuouotm
‘1! I‘. “wwumnfim
" I “cam-Juan! .J‘Lnfi‘m.
~~ “< unity-mo. gum-(mph
- “loot—Mundanuduulnu»
* ”lulu!“ PAM loin The hotel
...zmz-mm "mu-"ammo!
on. “Lung durum: the lure h. if m -
, p which cube abulned m “ml—l
. .' mthn-mJI-wl all
u I ”except “0 orthm vulogieu.
:3 1,;- which I lbtmld lefnln‘lmm put i
k mu; Polk- lmunmtu the tune
MIRI- lodll order! 2 1M»: hue
I“ q d be”. no llh or almon. loam].-
hd melted wt dbaonlilued-mini
‘ ”fie bylu elm moth: nurture all
h“.- lho up“ when the drum: once
..bmud an old Nuwual Thane,
Wan... rm incl—amt Inher Imildinp It tn»
m I can welt (trough the (u some!
I‘m-Lela.) “Wellyol'AtucriCl. 1..;
13“." rank, lhlnzlm .- unt wlmtil“
H lilo! ll no null-1r the extreme mum
_ 1mm”! hell-e tuna n! flurry Ind}
.~ Mal; Wlfilum. Ilka other p minnr
ct Elena‘s-aha at the United sum, a; mm
”D Mel-ant. which gnu- u» make up
3”" M 0! moldy—(lm labor. People are
wet km. The are our-ca w runen on m!
ml!“ flan-o|.lndfllil he" In, badly med!
“Jul-Iliad (mm doing It» You kuw em‘
:63 flee bolder! In finer-IL—uley ue the‘
00m Ont; am buying fled the mnnnni
dawn—e they uh I dM-h to lurk. um unme
um Iron- in the live. And unwroducenJ
mam-W“ “We: £2hf.;‘:;:;":i
=3B. ..Ilh m beam lgnomnt, ninmng
“W l -. The ' r-h-a'
2..” slimy". (manim :lzenh-tw ‘
“Damian-o nupmlnm. no not nMen‘
It: - In Du to: m Tran-Ahmadzibenn'
m. oer . . n .5‘
km have 111- M :flcslilled 3‘." lbontdl :t’
m ht Olden-yd“: not new turn, 51
the “"Ing a! “hp-Magma n pun M $35.17,; ‘
mo pan duet true- at IM- lluu with hum,‘
«- by In. . IlyI: ‘
"I! h a” d lac-h. “Mr. ud mince-t db
1“?“‘1'. A. U . -.
! Inn nut. “mm In. mu hambl
kWh-m sum- dag-My when wot.‘
huts “'0 binding ilh mum-ml Inn-mg the.
NM 0' Cu mural-Ne lmkinl hildiiip. A l
. Tiber (tin mm at I cmk) liiiizh u e- lk munda
in“ worn during : nin mm“ lhmugh the :‘uy. ll
‘hu mun- Ind pink. whirii Mme any mny it ornl~
Denied tiih I won-ion ruling. Ii hu nmbiiu heiisi
' |in 11, quantity, in than it in- z-quhin: lhu Ill)’
My!" city in [mun-rd of u-lurthcruce In wind the
.plogmof \irhif. I will hen clue of “'uJ-ingwa.
‘IiI tho hopoibnt you I‘.” Ml conlitkl' me WW
\ereu'wnl ml in paw."
I On the my. day at Nmombu In your hut-bk I»
nut [lltk his nppennnn In ”It run-om cit; of Wuh
«lugton, Milt? delemlnnl to be here in tuna fur the
’fimnk [in XXXVIth (‘ongm of tin United
.stnlnd .‘unl Andra; clan-M Mina] 111 fir
‘ mining--miiin Ind plmlnt 111 “I! cilia In in
‘ ‘ ’2! me down II it. dm oi [in domicii in whkh i ind
lpnvlnuiz' med moms Yuri-inflion. nun-t Ill"
.{cmdyd lebaw on m mum m luildnllnr.
nav he fur It" Ind irnn . Ind in the {cut-nu rim
1 k l
mu- (C 111 111 P"!!! tome mp 9 In
| iI f- i :1 lot i d (l i
:uni drcoind) 11l noun huklnln—md bidding N“!!!
e“ in friend of the whip. Im in WuhingiouJJic ruou ‘
Malian", mu. Ind once Men. I
v Icell; in dull, very dull Minn-li, Iny of lhe mom- I
inn 0 have In yet Irrited, nnd u n wuk will E
pique ere the "nu-n will convene. i uiuil down the
“II In linking I tour of the city Ind the [lnblir imild- 1
hr. 11l up th- intenli- by IiII ring-ad indulging
I] in third thinpd thin lil’c, mi. even
in u {ht do . on. birdm for which thin pine l
“flu place of not: which i visit in the i'xttnt I
allot. (HI. menial at I Ymku.) in which is I
“a Ind Imngod for ointh tin model- of 111 ‘
Manama wcii ll mm o! the curimitien ‘
«I'M 'l’ 00'an The building of ital! In (on 1
MM alibi“ nubie, o! I composite order or nr
elm. occupying I Infant! a! (mud, Iltnlud on
I main, eminence, tom which the View in irulg l
beautiful. 0 ‘be content! much cannot be IIid; wit i
a. “caption o! the oruinnl Dacia-Ilia: or inde- t
pond-11. Ila Inflow. alumina-t, writin‘ lie-it. Ind i
«(tor Inhi- (“dink flu and used by the
Minot NI lon-Ira. ring t mtiwmmo i~ (
Io hm «In-on er. The punt
030- mi) awe-lb th- pnhnt on“ will, when
.in I wry (My IlIir; in it is Ibo the
can: mm m, ins-w- w— 4
u . "lane. d
”2" WM! Men.- . In» moun- aw i
I In lb. Unlled Bum. Luge mull" plllm h
Mun-m In!“ And nklan. and noun 0! the none: med “
m the lan-v. In the world; It In rully Aumnlvhing to u
m Ibo Inchlm-ry and for the purpose of pulling ,
m H. plan. 6
ho W" home In In onllmy' bulldlny; mlny
a run I: he cwnlry In prlnlt Ilre Inn 1: Mn one 111 a
e Input.
l 1'11». Smith-nun Institute. I.» my Iraq. 3. (M nucst g
bulldlu In Wan-[loll CIIy. bulb In ")9 mam-In]
(nu Ilene) and In rule; of In comma not ram-h cm I
In .3. NH It. execution of Illa Dull-z common a
of lndlu filth? unm. nothing tom hour upe- a
chl Illa n lhnfl. lnkln. evtwhlw Into con»
M the pl|lll° lull-ling: o! :- luv-n um ‘1
My around. I.
'5- put of Nb“ I: Intended u u monument la n
W mnd- upon "a bunk o! the I'mmu.
by I pllu u! lumber. n 111-fine. to the F
WM nun-:13 on 1:. unelu expendsn'rf u
M u nemu - u
nun nun-mu Mn who :u‘xfinl ”"33, nm ‘
In news, and am In on but of bl. country-an."— *
11. Mu! n M nlll. work hln. unholy mgend- '1
oi h I): want a! many. The lusmm In «Me this I
Wu In» ban mine!“ II n lull-g 111-mo lo Ihou- ‘
mama III: 11, who 00 nmblnz lull (Ir-w Huh “I
"In M the tummy u In: :- collected. II I: l
hln (hi! m 0 cnmlmphe any human to du- I
my the rum-us manuwaud then am the people I
1111 uh Id In nrnm Md con-trues An evidence a! l
lbw mud. nnhy «I 111. In Ind the ol Che pew
RIM-M 1 Irv-rd man! (In Mg wlnlch ‘
low'x-y—ud now to flu Capitol. ' N. In a
pin"! unly Sham-nu u: ommenl tome '
any-uncanny. lnu unlo- to gummy: 0
nl fill. noble Wan plpnr, or by I C
"I! mnu'u nine. capllol wlll well 1
mdMqul-gun. A: n Iporlmn ollhu .
"""" m": “In 3.3?“ "' “~" "“3" “It I' ‘ -
I“. .I mean. , .n I. e n
WWII-mt ml.“ mud émuumfal
I I’fll
:. a: ‘o' ll 3 Walk-I‘m on. ‘
In N pole urge ‘
mam: “hum or u. lawns"
i Dianna da. mat-am rlnr Ilium m."
“now-um," " mod-rot ‘ mums,"
. “ I'm“? Doelanlloa," “ Saran" of Bus;
'7”. mo- Mn] ; tantalum . ‘
Iguana-Mal m hllflq—uhholbcponnllll
, In“! of.- Ix-Puddnnln. All of unu- ”Influx: ‘
Jun-luau "you" Fro-lb: meelwp
Ilnumfildlolmrhummmud ‘
and Inn I lamu ”an ll pllccd the mnlplu- A
Irl Mild: hln tho lice of 111. MMlng.con
-1:3" 0! radon: Irin- done In (Zn-“row. Immun
‘ “I! and an Il' Mine 0! " Fmdm" to Mom ‘
.I. I! when?“ Thu but}, In“ mats? If ‘
Infill; d- n on M with: no nln ‘
' d wail-aunt. ml anon; the dlwlplesol
H would to nflhell ulclnnl.‘ I but not
‘ inul {arcane-u E‘W'?‘ fihlorn— ‘
a W lor a latent.
I l u
m halal-dud and by an n-uclnuons
' ..... .. “dawn“... mat-air“ “
’ ‘ ' W . t m «I
' who “cork-d than. old frlndnof u» Ungon.
' no in tool In min In nus m rm doqumce.
I null - In In nln loot M In nu lull new oncnpled
' by M "canon." [have ape-I noun than In an.
' purtol 111 anldlnK—Mvn dlnwn upon may law In»
' um: for m form or Wehurfllm A unufilau-l
Y “pl. nu choir mm. In whom world nu! our
' country In. Abat- an lellmt In . uni whonel
um Ike-Ina» hem. of 32mm penplc.’
I (no. any u not um lhclr exnmplc
I all” I. not wholly mm (mm um
- “was. “:3 m m
- hu- OldH N pun Into the New. The
I 8..- I-hnr-lon. Than-em born I! n exclllng
- m; hnbbub Ind unlulcn "Isl: IIIPRDQ. The clan
' amen» {mum Home 0! lpmuhflvu I:- too
I who'll o muln my mum {rum m hula.—
loam-hvd-lwlhumu,udm anal firm-Mew
> mdmmtiezlel-mhnunbu wing
- mm.m rev [‘l3 begin": to be seen.
. . If Wu. MM. 0! I’enm-yl-
I- mkmlbauxlhoonlamwhou lay call- In
Inge. Bu! lhmgh age lanlln3.then m menlod
mln I.» Home. Tlme In any who Inn mac
“ Mr Ink In lb hklory of th- llnusa. Ind path-pa. I!
h mums-alum. my uh Ila-ulna wurlhy‘ or
‘ ”slum my otcupy. Ind become emlenmd to
finality-strum“. Imam-m. yml M
. u. lulu-lent hell“ In mama—you VIII I": lan
n M] mm: In lln’rapen. l Inn been In cough-ml
I WIN!» me, Ind on more Clan one lfl'cw‘
~ Il- fin Inc-Null n the exhibmom. I Impe that
5 It. In over. both (at m credit or the cannula And lhel
.. inn-colour "pm-hung. There I: n diuposltion
. not w org-flu. whlclx l “9an win he dune an Inn
-3 day. than I will Ilnlsh ml- loner—ll kller it may Ix
, . um.
‘ Ion", Jul :0. I
“aim“ le hour “It” will}! #:33'
. prom: on ‘ ,
In“: I! In: Inn mml-emu owl?!"
n . ; op l‘lll. . .
[LEI-“Drift?! um Cum; 'l'lu «pm-I crowded,
m And tho floor. In m utenl um the ngulnr
in W and, ho hum. MH. the
Who h" bin lhdr place. spu- an floor.“
I: ("an all all!» Hon-lo had. (wit-131.82???
hen palm. except e-n‘ r n .
( )d‘ but Yurkjullmh. (is-n.) o! Abhwn.
xllnvn. a! litmus”. Tho balloting tun-cues.
Whole unher of vote: cut. 11H: ncruuuy far I
civic-9.118. Pullman. 115; BullIhJIJ; uttering.
6. A wand vale II when will: an um: nun] rv~
nu". A third Wok ll fie- MIIII Illhoul. (hinge. 11-!
«ft that Ir. Rim.“ New Jen". rules (or l'on«‘
alum, thmkfi lhlt hil role would elect. u in. al.
an um lint, nhe db] no! n-NI MI: anti-whoa!
umnmflng hlnmell will: the repnblium: llmling‘
am his He wonll um mm. m vhnnged u. erlch
Mm]. 11. was cridell by lhe Ina-l bullet thu lhe four‘
neutering voles luul um nude up their mlnd fur minor“
ol li- pro-fluent candidates. and utter neural uphi-1
mhn- h memlmu In their man. th- Hmn al 1L
'o‘clnck wijnurned. Ir. Pennington lucked "to who-1
"m me 1»: mm. It I. rumnnd m: Menu-uni um
‘ bu tried tomorrow. lulu arr-rm.
{ Tenn", Jun. 3L
Tod”. a: an early hour. mid- In lynch-g their
'wny low-uh me u :Itol. Report bu il um Penninl-f
w- II" he cloned Jar - Port-In” ”any. The mulle
rlu In deal, wind; huldrudl Inn cum. to oh
“In In“. ll i: lppaenl M the puhllc mind In
umuel. My": all or th- Huu—m Int-un
htn found then! uan ”turd”. Mr. Smith m.
In I medal Ind dinlfled lunnu mm. lluuh to;
the nth-- pmkmn who have mppvmed hlm. unl‘
declin- hlu I candid”. HI: Add". we truly -
nallnrul on in upl'i:. Ind lndlrlw his mm- M the
Banning 0f Spenker. Tm Npu'lHl‘lnl us llnn an:
ennlnalnm The domunty I! 3 stand nil]; whenl
Kr. Baum. to! Tom. mama. Ir. leCllnundJ
(an) of 111 mm. Ind urn- tbe appononu of the re
rumour to f'l"! h lu- mpm A MIN m hull I'9l
i. 'OS-; nee—nu to I shake. In; rout-non, tic;
woman. It; 20 menu. It hell-K vam‘n'
r Mme dummy in" not load on n mm!
a! weeding, In lit-u- W utter (hie haunt——
r itch-a the only men! the fly. it h runlnirotiy
L l-fltnl xhu “mow will minute the tunic“;
r . Perhaps it I i". i
‘ Wnusvmv. 'l‘). l. ‘
‘ Tu-dnr, u uuunl. the crowd in tending townrdn liw
l rupitoi.llnnylirin,z in ihcroou-d numberfi. “Milk?“
‘ lhul " non'a the tiny." if not the hour. in which tins
Vail thumbing struggle is to In dflidtd. The urn-l
*' (ennui: of prayer Md reading of the journni. Ind the
5 talking comma-norm dilntnry motion. are nude. and,
' other pull-memory expediont- mm to. In order’
' to give the mush-rs tum. to get in. At int they nli
get in, Ind tho votinx COMMMCA. At the rim: {‘eo-l
' “tiny. l'ennink‘ton wu lacking on. wk. it u
' turned out thut ir. Briggimf New York city. mm the:
' monitor the emergent-who wu to decide this run-l
‘ pnmnt' mutter. W n hill name was called. he‘
' voted tor ill-(.‘lemnnd. Finding no the raunu prov
] eroded that lulu vou- wuulnl elect l’onningtan, he rn-e
‘ nun] stun-Ii tiut it wnx nidrnt ho hurl Inc ortmiili
.tion in him hands, Ind wnnid thenlun chlnue inn rule.
‘ from lit-Clemond to Mr. Pennington, o! h"- w Jenny.
This u‘ttied the matter. end burnt- ni’ nppinum- I'nme
from tin- nnlirriu. “rm. Rocock and bhorrn'm
were wwinu-ii to mwrt tho Smoker tn the cimir.
and the nth \ru mlminh-tcrtd by Mr. Pheipu. n! Mi-‘w
wnl’i. liter the. n~xuai Id-ll’ell. The roll mu then}
culled by Stanton and the filth Administered by "16‘
Speaker to tin- rm-mhrltfl. and the Home nquurneni.
At night. Pennington, ilnvin. of li.tr_\l.uni. .tdn'nn.:
Brigg: nmi alltrn. wrn len'nuied until a latte hour.
‘l'nvn-mv, Feb. 2. ‘
Tito Hun-e ll not In social! tad-val cum!" in ht».
ing held to alert undid-tn fur Cll'rll. Donrkeeper,x
Manta-«rm: Illd Poe-humor. in wturn M”M
nnti-lNompton rum, 1 think Col. anwy will he]
Clerk: hm) murt for the Amerivun \‘olm. ilnii’mun.
(known In.) n! Mnrylnnd. will he Hel'gv‘nntnt
Annu. We will know tomorrow.
ann’. Foil. 3.
A: nnt'wlputt d. ('ul. Form-y hm ["0“ ole-Ird i 'lrrk.
Ind iinfl'h'unn Sergeant-Harm». ilverylhing is now
in waiting ardennnd we may expect n bluxi frnrn
the npuhlicun Artillery, 'hit‘ I he! been silent during‘
the Lia-t two month» I
i we no further nut.- to while. and therefore
time u. w. 1. i
- a.» I
I'AILuI To Cnsrln.~Tlxe pnlir) of iiu‘ nv-enil
oonrno ol' the grnnd Jury. sitting for the 2d judicini 1
diltrict. in finding bilin o! indictment ngniust a mum ‘
her of our vcry but Ind mo-t low-wining (itizcum- ‘
Inn ngninnt whose ell-rattan them had never been 3 ¢
word of npraarh Tlimpiy become they. in mmrnnn l
with nineteuths 0! tin: citizens of the Territory, M- "
customiiy nun-e thomOelveu at the game of rank!‘
mm to be queniozmi by thu but and most intelli- ll
gent clan of our community. Whnt could have innl
duct-d nn Importinl grind Jury ta hnro singled out: ll
fun imlivhlunin M guilty of chutes (i! uifeucu nt uli .) ‘
of Illicit unruly any mm would hesitate tu pro- ‘
nonnt‘o himncll M guilty. in n nutter truly u uni-jut"
o(th t) un. Cardvpinyiug is [are-eminently;
the nntionnl Ann-icon nmnmt; it I: : mnrcc or in- i
noccnt uni went in tho fmily ciroée Well on in
pincer: u! re puhlic retreat. Nor'in tgmy menu
nnneunl th t I mull stnke i-I [li-Md upon the ruuit at
‘he gum, f r instnnve.m try-tar luppw, tignrl. np
piu. Ind er the price of tho metal gln‘nolnre made
dependent u In tho result. Thin custom we know, it!
no morn sun or common upon the I‘ncltic count:
that to the [nor of other ‘p‘mians u! the Union.—
Yet a. mat J y nut, in union hm decided um
ouch prncticei cum in conflict with the Act of the
loginlntun for the luppnuion ot gmhiing! nndl
found some indictment. for viulutiam 0! thin nut.—‘
We believe our community ore ’uut about u Inunl u I
my other; tie-pine the gambler with on much loathing,
and cnumin (or web chlruten about u unpleme
contempt nu people the most religions inciinedyl.yet
wo nvor hnntuturc helium! lint there were my on
mint-horn in our nun u to hello" nil innocent
and Mono! nun-Ina hind-Mural} playing!
trim out to ho gn-hliu.
u. or m or a. m pudnn b— u on
lowan, On at th. wu hid, flush-rm
by the potlt Jury tor wut of evidano ta nootnln th
: indktWlM tn thoothr till-'1 failed to Agra.
‘ 0n tho following day the tune mu war tried befor
* nquury', wlth the noun MR. time hing nine (or
. goo-Md to for conviction“. am having been
‘ triol Moro n of clan. it being qiterly impuni
bie to obtain tnith competent per-on. The prune~
cntiug nu y. Itr. B. P. Alumnus, then very
ploporiy totem! n noun pro-qua” in all the uther rater,
; nail haul and tothe mntynheovy "pm In pm
. ecnting cues holed upon the Ito-t frivolous pretext:
', Win-hie. .. ‘_ . _ - - , ‘
flow undgrlully do mn‘n vkwl of law And pro-i
may din. In one tectlon of the Union we hear ul'
m pull». for Ila net-cu of Mon, pnlitlcnl re-l
llgloru finale! clnnnllln‘ II I ulnt Iml nd-vrlng that
my of John Brown. 0n! lm-o an lnumnl mum!
on! cards la tortured lulu nn 00mm mum the luws.l
We would ml, 111-Invent: «demand In lnhendlug‘
to all an lust nlltctiun upun any member of the;
[ram] jury. On Ila wnhry, from 1M urlugznt I
charge 01 lb: court lo that body, I'l cuuol be: how‘
they could ponxlbly lnve Ivoldrd 11, and our only team
dcr ll :hnl they KtoppOJ whore Ah: Illd. ll woulJ b 0:
well.lmwrvur. for I” judicial dolibcmtlvc bodlen In
(Quanta kccp commu- mue constantly in viur, In}
tho Ippllnllon of luv to (h: daily um" nl‘ life A}
M! gnlnl of common sap-a Ir'xll materlally help 10‘
conslm luv properly. v I! h nellher right nor proper
lb comm» It lllemlly u all unu- Ind on I" "can
lion. 4 \ A
V Pn- 7m.
Tin L'. 5. mil “mm! Elisa «Andean “rived
hull Sunday morning [at (m SlmlnmooJTclorh
and thaw-y pm on a. W. Puma LOVILI.‘
Ina, u Ina-Lyiaoed u in W n! ngnllr files or
pupal-I; Ilsa. I bud-um almcwr] a! flu lawn of Vic-l
«fluff»! the you-N10,!“ 'hlflh he will by grateful-x
I: «maul-tad.
Tho Alham- experienced wry hut: Null)" dun,
I" the ML; untold-m of gain (mm the mull:-
ou_| Ind nou‘hlruwt. ‘
the hull 01th,». out. A. B. Govt, Iron! nwhorr on
It. Il‘hhof lb. Nth IBM", It “in enlnnu a! “'lO-!
1h lunar. 8h lay: camp-mini; any on the mvkm
Show on um uni] 500 m- of manhudlu.!
VIIM fl "SM. fall mini! 0! which will be lav-Li
The exam of “I: damage to the vewl had not bowl
fully unnamed. but it I: (cum! lint bill will prove
I Raul loan. The run: thumping on the rocks wliich'
aha experiennd during Int week mu»: have cradled
every timber In her hull. ln Inulhzr culnmn It [in
mm" full pluticulim vi the dimmer. copied from I
Victoria [ml-er. g
The English home g-n’cmmenl have unit-ml I mm l
puny of the “ [hynl lirlnv" to Sun iunn Linn-I. hr
Ih. pnrpmc of juin| occupant-3', in rccnrdmre wilhi
h propanitlon 0! Gen. Sam-r. They have mien-ted
hair «up groundou the nunh end or the island,i
‘wmo nix mlln from We American quarter‘. ~
3 Ger. Downs .hu gin-n official notice um linel
"‘ mule lu" ll” loi. boon-fluted, in! am lulu Mimi
1 method Ii“ ix Idapled in roller! 3 mvenuo. v
I The rilizc‘lh ul‘ l‘on Tquhtihl rained line Mlm “(i
twuhe hundred duihno low-uh awning we hail
illn'uuxh " ("miy'n" [use of the Canada nluwuuinm
“mm the Snohomlsh river. ?
‘ lesson. CAM and Pnnoss had. with others. gone‘
up lb. finchomi-h rlverwltl lhe mm Mn. and
um confident o! hung at. to lunch. mil om 'll
A. m. of April um. {
‘ Buineu. “nanny. In: nun on the Bond-
a.- The “ Pacific—ll3;”? «Gwen and
favorably known to the people of the Term
ritory, in oll'ered for rent. The house husi
always enjoyed a good repuntion llld fair;
run 0! patronage. Dr. Wuuusa leaves it.“
only for the reason thnt it interferes v.ool
much with his professional dutiea. Soc Id-‘
n rfiumcntv
;l “emu—« Yell 1h- wu re-eenteneed to
t'h hung. truth murder d Wm. \\'nm, hy the Hon.
*ion In“. chic! Mu or “'nnhluglun run»
rfry nnd W o! the amt! judiclnl diatrirt. to-dny
i(ll‘ridny.) the uecutlnn to tnke place on the 4th day
in! liy next. We leu- thnt the Agents of the Indian
‘ department will make nn eume-t nmlt‘ll to his excel
‘lenry Gov. Gholwn to obtain n commutation of his
wet-tense. They will nevmlly nttost tn the uniform
‘good behavior of this liulinn tmm the time of the close
of the In to the day at his nrrest. The dithully
‘:lhey experience in mntmlling the-e nnturnlly excite
hle emu-rel. end the drend in which they ntana or
lthe white mnn‘n justice, will he Ilsa MEN u a tu
inon fur nolicittng the cummutntion. We no quite rer
!tnln thnt nnr citinenn generally will inln in thin nmtenl.
. For our part. we we no rem-on why it should not he
‘zrenleil. We hnve no grown in uunierlrel strength
feincc thnt ununlnnry wnr hu been ended, thnt we
“ need far no repetitlon n! the dunk hf horror thmugh
which we hut- hnppily pinned. and there in no neoes
pity of visiting the poor lndlnne with thnt stern never
’ily at the luv which the deed might warrant. They
:hnve been taught to dmd it. let u now, by tempering
ljnulce with mercy. "cure their reepect end Admin
:lion. We have been calnminateil u n net at mthlesm
'mnr‘lcnri. the originators of our lute trontilem Let un‘
Vnrtive the t'ul<ity of the cherge by melting n united ef
:furt to nau- the life of the munleterpf our kin. It}
|" our undid belief that not ell-ending twenty-live
ndult pcrwnu in Thunvm nonv-ty tlcnire to witneu hi
rxecntion. This number would prntvnhly he found in‘
Any Other cunnty n! (ht- Stntes nf the l'niun. For the
blrmdy appetite: ul' Inth the muses Ihmlld not he held
ism ix Vu’auncn—The two Indians mentioned
in our lmt issue-« Ween Ind Torunl-l'e—u hnving‘
been Irieateil and handed over to the oak-era orjnntlce;
' for trial, were, on Tuesday lest, nrrnlgned for the at“
fence with which they stood charged, but without
[knowing why It mu so ordered, both were discharged
thorn custody M. A late hour on the new day. Khan"
lin: that their lives were nut secure from the other in
nlins, the two culpritn hptthem-elvee (30th here
over the night-o! Tuesdny, nnd early on Wednesday
morning started for the lequnlly reserve. intending
‘to plnee thennelven under the protection of the agent:
‘lt that plane. lief-ire having succeeded in'dolng no,
‘they were tlml upm by the reserve Indium end To
tumpnl. the older indlnn, instantly killed. The youn
iger one succwtd'h} ranking hil eecepe. We under
;ltnnd then ind 11l ere father and Inn. Thus. whilst
lthe inn is mercltul. do we find the poor Indian enthr
i in; retributive Justice at the hand: of hln own brother-
1 ... , ”wow...
i From the Britieh Colonlat. March 17.
[.085 of the Bark (Hy-pee.
l About 9 o'clock on Thursday night, the
ihurk Glimpse, Capt. Gave, from San Fran-
Icisco, struck on the rocks ofl' Clover Point,
in short distance beyond Beacon Hill. Ex
iertious nere immediately inade to get her
off; but it was soon ascertained that. her ‘
bottom received considerable injury“, and
that she was making water fast. The par
jsengers—of which there were 80 Chinese——
tnnd crew were set to work at the pump: ;
Ihut the vessel soon filled partially with
water and wenhover on her heutnvends.—
The Captain any» he mistook the light at
the entrance of Victoria harbor lor the
Esquimalt light, and supposed when he had
lrenched Clover Point, that he was making
the former. He else says there was no
light It the Erqoinnlt cnlrance.
Yesterday morning, culturing of the
dinner, Adminißaynes immediately or
dered the ‘Saldlile to steam-up and proceed
to the wreck ; which she did, and arrived
at the Point about one o'clook, r, u., but
owing to the high wind prevailing at the
time, end the roughness of the Struita, no
assistance could be rendered by her during
the day.
rl‘he probabilities are the vessel will
prove s total wreck, ss it is hardly possi.
ihls she can hold together to night if the
Igale continues.
1 The Glympu in about one year old, and
‘wnn consigned to Sam. Price & 0, She
iwas insured for only sl6,ooo—her real
lvulue Ie could not ascertuiu. The otal
lirnlne of the goods aboard in ”8,4 .1 81,
la portion of which (end possibly tie mn
ijority) will be saved. The greater portion
‘iof the rousiguees are not insured, We are
“sorry to say.
i: The principal consignee: oi' the unfortu
ilvmte rust-l were: Reinhurl & CotV $4,722.
Mineuredf Sporborg & 00., $3,111, insured;
iWehater & Co, $3,430, uninsured : Hod
'iron‘s Buy 00.. S3OOO, uninsured ; Mnrtin
' Prng. ”.282, uninsured; Langley 13:03.,
I .101. insured ; L. Wolf, $1,303 ; IL
Colin, $1,475;-—-the balance wus in lots 0!:
less than .1000. 1
I We sympathize with the lufl'erersin their}
heavy losses by this disuter. Coming ”oi
Ilemon after the dull wnnur through which:
A we here just puasedymukcs it very hard to
~ bourr .
About 8 o'clock List night we learned
‘tbn men had been busy during the day in
removing the stores from the wreckud vu
‘sel. It was thought that uho would hold
itogethor Inst night, and workmen will be
‘scnt to-dny to remove the freight, if possi
ihle. The Satellite had returned to anni
1 -..--———,—-
i mu Nonnymmmm
\ ___..___.-_
‘ DATES anon 31'. Lows T 0 FEBRUARY to.
l oouannszioEAlfrmc-Eumncs.
: By the arrival of the blrk Glyupu at
iVictorin on the Hub inst, we have dates
‘from San Francisco to the 9th inst" nnd
‘from St. Louis to tho 16th February. We
lure indebted to Purser LOWELL, of the
isteamer Eliza Anderson, for San Francisco
ipnpcrs to the 9th inst.
‘ Sr. Loris, Feb. 16, 1860.
‘ SENATE—O|! Monday, 13th February.
,ufter some preliminary business of no im
iporluuce, Mr. Helm, of Culifornin, rose,
\nnd announced the death of D. C. Broder
-lich, lute Senator from California. who fell
‘m I conflict engendered by a politic-n con
lest. After bketc‘g H‘l'review the life or
the deceased Senator, w 0 had wtth Inuda
hie energy carved out his own fortune.—
.\lr. Huuu paid an eloquent tribute to his
Mr. Critlenden followed, and spoke of‘
the personal characteristics of the deceased!
of his boldness, frankness, honesty and?
manly qualities, i
Mr Sewnrd, referring to the cxpnnaiont
of ”:0 country to the Verific, said that Mr.
Broderick us the org-niu-r of Americnnl
lociety in Californiu. lle possessed neither
birth, education, fortune, nor nny other
prestige. His death filled him (Mr.- Se
word) with more than ordinary sorrow.
He passed It eulogy upon his friend, pro,
nonnced him an honest public servant, l
Mr. Foster alluded to the virtues of the‘
deceased, hut referring to the manner oil
his death, delivered a homily aguinst duel-i
ing 'ns n crime at common law, Ind sug
gested I doubt whether lhe Senate should
pny n tribute to one who lnul wilfully risked
his life in violntion of the laws of God and
nntn. Notwithstanding his respect for the
deceased, he could not vote for the resolu—
Mr; Foole, in behajl of Mr. Wndc, who:
was nbsent from indisposition,culogized thcl
deceased, and added his own concurrence;
in the sentiment. I
Mr. Toomhs said that he found the do.
ceuscd honest, bold und truthful, and oucl
of the heat specimens of selhnnde Ameri-l
cans. He trusted -hi.n as n {nithl‘ul and;
honest adversary. He fell in lmnornble'
conthnt,in defense of lllSltOllOl‘. lie couldl
not have died more nobly. He gave his‘
heart's concurrence to the resolutions, ,
The usual rlSOlullUlli were then ndoptcdu
and the Scnnte ndjonrnetl. i
The correspondent of the Cincinnuvi?
Garlic lays thnt the most noticeable speech
was thnt of Min Tooxnbs, coming u it did
front in political enemy. He odds, that
gencrnl surprise wns expressed that neither|
Douglas or Pugh, though both were pres
ent, had a word to suy. I
The regular dispnlch from Washington,
stutea that Mr. Dongl-u had prepured a‘
eulogy to he dolivcr.tl on that duy, but on
the previous night he WM sen-rely nttuck
ed by pleurisy.
On Tuesday, Huh Fch., the presentationl
of the Kansas Constitution, ndopted nt'
Wynndotte, gnvo rise to quite an intercu
ing discussion, which is, however, in some
respects, very rngudy reported. The dis
cossion arose on a motion by Mr. Sewardl
that it he referred to the Committee on
Territories, Ind n resolution alerted by Mr.
Brown, that the Committee inquire wheth
‘er the provisions of the English bill are
‘eomplied with.
Mr. Pugh said he would vote ngninat alll
instructions. He did not. want to net: Ibe|
Committee trnmmelcd. ]
Mr. Sewnrd thought it too early to bring
up the question. The inform-tion desired
could be obtained under a separate resolu
Mr. Mason thought the resolution proper.
Knnsnl could not enter the Union under
the lnw until she contained “the requisite
population. ,
Mr. Brown contended tlntt the Constitu
tion of Kansas was framed in criminal vio
lntion of the law of Congreu, nnd now me
‘the proper time to make the inquiry.
Mr. Pugh repented hie former. position,
and added that it it rhonld be found thet
tho but! of Congred had been violated. he
would vote against the ndtniaeion of Ken
use. He wee, however, no eticklcr for
forms, end Congress having failed to make
provision for taking the cenlne, Kaueu had
to tnke it herself.
.d-‘iuully, after verioue motions, Mr. Hale
spoke nt longth on the slavery question,
and mu replied to by Mr. 'l‘oombe, when
Mr. Doolittle gave notice the: he would
nnlwer the argument of the int gentleman
at e future day. The subject wu post
poned till flint Feb, and the Senate ad
journed. "
During the proceedings, however, Mr.
Gwin introduced it resolution instructing
the Committee on Military affair: to inquire
into the expedient-y of uniting provision‘
[or und in payment of the Indian wer debt
in Cniifornin. Atlnptt-tii i
Mr. "non, of Cniii‘orniu, introduced it
hill for the construction of n rnilrond from
the Missouri river to the eastern boundary
of California. ‘
On Wednesday, 15th February, on mo
tion of Mr. Mason. a resolution was adopt-i
ed, by it vote of.” to 4, that the Presidenti
of the Senate issue his worrents for the fll‘-|
rest. of Snudborn, John Brown, jr., and
Redpnth. who hnd refused to nppenr and
testify betoro the Harper’s Ferry Commit
tee. Those who voted in tlto negntive
were Mesns. llrigitnm, Ilnle, Sumner and!
Toombs. e
The l’ostofl‘lce deficiency bill was taken
up, and on motion of Mr. Hunter. who was
unwilling to force legislation on the other
House, the Senate receded from its ntnend-i
tncnt, abolishing the trunking privilege, byl
a vote of 42 to 11. .
On motion of Mr. (itvin, the bill to nbol-i
islt the trunking privilege was taken up—i
The first amendment by tho Poetoflice
Committee was, thnt the law nhollshingi
the frnnking privilege should not apply toi
those to whom it was grunted by nnme. i
The Postoffice npprnprintiott MI was ut‘
once npprovcd by the Presidenth it np-‘
propriutes $4,296,000 for deficiencios NW
of to June but; $4,000,000 for the sup;
port of the Depnrtment till June next; and‘
$2,400,000 for payment of snlurics, pnper,
&c., and interest at the rate of 8 per cent.
only to contractors thcmselvee, in full ofnll
dnmngce. i
HOUSE or llnrxnsnxrnrtvne.—on l3th‘.
Februnry, Mr. Burch, of Culiforuie, pre
eented the proceedings of the San Front-is
co Pnciiic lteilroud Convention.
Mr. Burt-h delivered it udlogy, Inyingi
that. Mr. Broderick’tt memory would longi
e cherished by the people of California. i
Mr. Huikin followed, reviewing the:
cveuntfnl end romantic history of his friend'sl
life which would serve as n gloriotu precc—i
dent for the poor und humble. They hndi
been, he said, schoolboys together. Thel
deeeused bud won the ndtnirntion of his
friends nod the respect of hie enemies, by
his energy of clinrncter, integrity and fidel
‘ ity to his friende. lie but] no superior. l
1 Mr. Hickman spoke of Mr.’ Broderick nst
: God’s instrument for mighty purpoeeeyhosei
‘cvery nerve was exerted to dignity inbor.i
i'l‘herc was but one Broderick to walk the
inerth, and he was just, generous, gifted
and noble—pure and petriotie. He raised
;' over into rlllk‘ rorina "—4-
,lir itflli'lnml. p ”m” “3mm"!
.\ r. Stout, of Oregon, ni ~
’respect to the memory of llisllrl‘enll’lhme M
Mr. Burlingnm: spoke of his friend
,I)emocrut without being A drum 0 I”
lone who loved the people, but "Sagas
{longed to them. Under his indomi:ll':le.
energy, party numes diapers-ed; men for 2
[they were Damocrnts or Rt-puhlicntu- got
called themselves " Broderick men n '“d
Mr. Morris, of Illinois, nsked what
Broderick had done that he should d'nr'
the hand of violence. If he had 1)“:th
iindependent, he would have been ill 3"
,mun to-dny. ""1
- Mr. Morris make 0! him
lhero, who niike slt'orned the nffiumom
lrnption and power. When the ”note“?-
gfornia statesmen shnll be called 05:1,]-
lJndg‘ment Day, and Broderick in inquire;
“trunnion: than one voice will reach the on?
o eiovu 1,5: ‘in , "Am I hm! ,
lkeelier ?" 3 8 my n
t Mr. Sickles spoke of the nob
Ichnrheter of the decemcd, and Ellalll'l'“
lthe founder of the Delnocrltie [ln 11.
‘Cultfornin. ’ In
, The resolutions were udo ted
. House adjourned. P '“a Ike
l 0n the 15th Feb, the House m
lto mm for Printer. Grosshrener In 3d
ported by nll the Deiuoeratn, 1311“, Mill
all the Southern Amorieunspresent ulna.
ing Stunnton, Adnnni and (Jury. Km
|ry to a choice 92; 111-fries 91; GM
nor, 90. After lhrt‘e hallotinge, Ibo “1,.
Ijeel was passed over.
Lum nwu Brawn—The sin-Imp
‘Bollrmian, with dulvs from Liverpool 1.,
15!. 1901)., um] from Queenuowu, lulu].
no Ihc 2d, arrived at Portland on W Huh,
'l'lw Arngv, will: no later dules, arrived n
New York on the 1511).
i The London Tim" has rcnson to Him
ithut proposals for the sutllelnenl 0! lb.
:Norlhwesteln _Bnnndury will be mad! by.
‘Englaud lo the United States, which till
he eulircly satisfactory. The plug in u
take a unrd channel, which will not
evade the two disputed tonnes, Ilium
lean! the Americans in Inosacssion dlh
largest ahnrc of the din nted territory...‘
‘gives to England the {Slflllll of Sun-Jun
inlonc. In consideration of this con”.
illlß American Government will be *l.
“give to England tho whole of ,8 m
‘tuin count of headland, which 1h 4m
ipurnllvl now Eats in two.
l fi'l‘ho surveying parly of NrJ.S.
lllmn Ich here on Tuesday in". for Ni!
lfield of operations, the ‘Vullu w."- m...
lry. AV. Vancouver lhe puny will I."
joined by that of Mr. Muoy, to whomwhb
:hlr. 11., lung: been awarded Iho coulnnhv
the survey of (he country can of (Is On
cade mountains. We have been M
by Ihcso gentlemen an ncconnt of Ille‘
lenrchu Ind dittorL-riel in mi: ”In
comparatively unknown region, I“?!
are certain will not fail to pron nun-nu.
to many of our readers. The expedition
will reach their dullinuin in about In
wcokl. ‘ ’ ; ‘
-- w—w— ~A---.'
COKCEI".—-Ml‘. W. Wilherell fill (in
one ol his unrivaled perform fill
evening at Masonic “all.
I? Hull's kmpnruln \‘allow-dock In! I.“ d
Poul. h; purged (mm the fined Red Jail.-
Inparilln mud in link lodide of Petal. Am-
I renwrllhe nnfpurlf’u u! m M. H cm”
lynlam nl ull mamid and mum. mm
plmyhn. Mil-u nd mutton“)! tbv ukln— a
um. um and pl“)! of IJI'HndI. All who t-
Ilannldsurg at. I 3 it and m KIWI»l “Inn's?!" '
e. o ru [INA [wen ,u
y If. "A L h 61)., Pm
Wholesale I‘fllflgih‘l, N 3 and 14!:
Sam an n‘.
t m
I ~ ~,, ~~ "vifiivfiw'.
ny Rev. J. n. “‘llbuhmr Mnnlleello.'.7fi‘u'
the m inn" moans Inca TELLY and lb, 1‘
By the 1011 an cowl“: (‘O. W. 1.. on m
lawns r. MORGAN and My". sum 1.139:
Onthe Im. Inat..h\' ILL. c; let-. F.. lit-JO
lu. 'rnmox .na mu "Angus Im. all If
ICllrke rnnnzy, \V. I‘. , , '7 ' ‘
31m gbarrtiarmnts.
HIS mil Ind Impullrly In Inna. “U
l T but run It cum- In mum.ubu
rrnlrrl by valyinn to tho undoni - Nu
mm npec Illy commuted m I view wI
imltl, cunhlm liry Ind «qu lad, 11.
ling mains. Ind k [mud n flu In
I l-itunnt liuuiitn nf (in: city. To
man, and an: iu-qminud will “0 m
I sent mind: an excellent “ppm-By M
I vulmeni. Tenn modulate. .
i I Srorylhiiyggmly lorlorenlmnfi'fi‘t
"when, an x I n; .
’p" ’ . “room:
I Olympia. Much 22,1?60. CHE. -
. V
I 15 In the l“b‘(‘l‘lli('f.lll|"u‘ April I‘. .
up A If". 11l pond to w Ihout eight "I
i e in". “S " {raided on right anlldll‘. M
1' imperceiihiu by time. A ulml n! INN ’(
I. is harm. No other mark: by which the I ‘
be ducribed. ‘ _ 'l*
Any pcmn on HR mid Inimai, h ' pmufll ‘.
§hip and paying cont of tiilx Idvenil’emnl “an
uhnrm. can obtain the 11111111 l lny I"]?qu I H'-
ilellmqncd I: his claim liUowini'Fg the on. 0. 3-»
‘a on. In I'lll count , . .
'V mm mm
Olympia, March iii, 1850. thus
county of Thurston. i
Di-lrid ciiun of Second Judicial District. lull "
i Ihe Territory Iron-cum.
‘ Ind Human. and Joseph “Illilllv ”'l'?
lincumhnncer: You Ire lit-ruby Inllliod. "l“ a
i Mci-Jiruy in“ filed I complain! walnut wall I
-I(‘miri, Wh‘i'h )ihl“ rommus mm nun “INN“:
[arm- HM; uixlnenlll (ism) my oi Much. “fl...
1 union! yna appear at said lerm Ind Insl'fl'v WW
imll be taken 11l comma and lhe In!"
1 gunned. E II n
‘ The olden! and pnyor oi‘ llid cou- lull!
Cline I mortgage cxecnud by lin uiKJulm EVA-l 3
the elkhlll dly of September. 185“, In noun ll!”
men! 0! I pnumimry non, baring "In all". h
with. (or 111. Imm of One Thou-w Dalian. I“ a
term: from nid duh according to "It? “not
4 nm. E Di!
i Cumpllinl dated Inch “h. 1860‘s“ ”o:.a "11.
‘um Conn 01 2d Judioili oimii-i, “31.)!
{ ELWOOD "All“
| 3m .’ Manny lur Pllin‘r“
“ Tim \NTEE um dim mien rum in "in my
‘ ”fin.

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