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Frau Moon'l final New Yorker.
lobar-um; Machinery In Farming.
We hold as n self-evident truth, that
work is notln itself meritorious. It i~ good
only in its melts, and good for nothing‘
except as nmething useful is thereby ar
complished. in saying this, we are fully
"are that we are oppoeed by the Tom-ra
hie % about that personngc who, uc~
cordihg ' the couplet, is said to been-r.
finding _.. slum Irihchld um . ti
‘ HI “do ‘ u da'h» ,
find which was all doubtless very true?
when it was written ; but that was a lnngf
time ago, when, it" a man wan: not ering,’
he could hare nothing aim to do but to ‘JH
into mischief. But with oil the menus for,
mental improvement which now exist, tin-I
saying no longer holds good, and if any
one, with a Rural, or some other hemp“-
per or book, cannot now keep out of mis—i
chief without incessant work; why—nulll
the el‘l one will and ought to get hnn, unyl
how i i
' We are, therefore, not in the least alarm-l
id rut the ”5M improvement in {arm im~l
plements, an the almost universal subsli-i
tote of horse or steam power for human;
labor, should leave our iarmers undniy ex-‘
pond to the temptation to laziness, from it!
rabuadance of leisure. or this thcrci
fink enough danger, as most of our
Modern can teslily. Indeed hunters, as Al
clue, have always been the hardest work».
ers in the world. Mast farm operations}
on, of Elect-salty, extremely laborious, and'
where, an in this country, land is plenty undi
cheep, -.tho teplptation is ulw-ys atrong to
W and cultivate more than the number of
laborers cut really perform. In the great
bury of sowing and hut-vesting, thousands
of constitutions are uunaully ruined simply
by our work ; and while this is extremely
unwise, it has really been necessiated by!
d-dhwoportiou-of work to the number of
W 1!, therefore, any utnchinery uni
h introduced by which these lniLs ens bel
khteud. every far-tar would avail him
adto! than as fully as possible, not only asi
a matter of policy, but lrotn considerations
of humanity. it is only within al‘ew yrurh
,that ms reatest' ltnpronments in farm
wwyk" been made, nndthelr ex
’ introduction norm: muenes‘ol
their necessity.’ , ‘ ,
But it la'uot alerts in making farm'worh
easier that these new implements, (the
reaper, and Murder and iuwer‘, . of
great Wake to the Whey
enlarge the bounds of civilization ,hy upen
htfi'to cultivation In? tracts Mind in the]
é: tenth West, whit: must othflwise, fur‘
many years, remain an unproductive waste.)
It is, of course. impossible to tell how much[
we faiuja raised than farmers wouldl
:hare sttampted to roduce without the im-l.
fixed machinery Exit-rusting it. Bren!
Western New York we know the gruin‘
from this loom is considerable, while in:
the West, where farms of thousand of sores,
are found, it must be immense. Now,!
when the reported acercitylu Europe gives;
as a pupaet or manemtive prices for alll
aortaol' grain, the increased production, “‘1
this year alone, treat the use of reaping
machine. as] very posaibly be suficicut
to pay hhu entire cast. i
It ie a carto- het and worthy of notice:
how improved implements in one depart-l
nest of lam iadaal’y make room for, eadl
ovarian-datum in others. h’ears ago,
Mn the lemon of Inhale-per, them
was littb, il-a'ay, annuity (or k use all
any other," the: haraaor oz in plow-i
lag. Fae-era eoald eaaily plow as ranch.
or lan lead than they could cutovar with
the roofing hook, the scythe, or ma thei
cradle. But now, with improved menus
for harreyting, the necessity of using steam
power 'l W: to be hit, and inven
-lin We. is lhtdy turned in that di
rection, and will, we doubt not, produce
just the kyle-elm waded-s soon as the
rim, becomes urfint; for there is al
waya'a moat remarku le and provideullsl
tiniight all then inventions, which makes
it almost impossible that they should he
produced before they are needed,
The eflect will probably be to place the
tuning land at the country in fewer hands,
not only because these machines enable an
Individual to accomplish so much more
than before, but also because they cut) he
met advantageously operated on large
farms. We think the census, which has
recently been taken, if it does not show mil
absolute decrease in the numbcr of land
hqldera, (which is scarcely possible on ac
count at the vest tracts of new territory
which have been opened,) will yet ahnvr
that the number of farmers has not~ia~
erased in proportion to the growth ol the
country. Every year more of our popula
tion will find their homes in cities and vil
lager, and this proportiOn will probably in
crease (or some time. This tendency to
desert (arming, over whichivome mount, as
the efl'ect of laziness or o’er wrong ideas,
la really a necessity—for, f the same pro
portion: 0! our population as tony years
ago, were farmera, the market for graini
would apeedlly he overstocked. Snpplyi
and demand will, land must, regulute thesel
matters, and we doubt not, will do it‘
Viki]. ' l
3' The Governor of Vermont bu rec!
ommeuded the puuge of a law making
tho "do" 0! inwkkuing dfinhjupw
libh for 11l Injuflet committed by than not
“on they any have said '
P 30313133 AND DEMDEBA’J’]
Devoted to the Intorosfxtof Washington Territory, Politics, Edmuuiou. News, and General Intelligeni-c.
‘ VOL. 9.
I Il' H. L. H .lr‘l.
‘ ‘l‘lw rm“ 1 lm-t- lu- t-iulrt ex”,
‘ Mnl ton-lea! lip. of mi,
" Mm wears the moomhine u-und her rack.
The whllfihlfle round her lt-ztd:
“' And uhf in rich in every grate,
' .\ ml po-n in et‘rry Illtllt-,
1 And crowned Itlnzs might envy me
The lpleudur of her tuniie. '
. Sh:- ws.llts tho firth with eoeh I [mo
The mn- mu in wt. ,
I Andnmrhwnpnutcheghmr. ~.\.
, And file the quiet htonk'.
l Nor ever will they rest. again.
1 But rhsttcr a they now.
: Altd hehhleyt' her I rim-nu light,
And of her bmttt of anon . ‘
; And e'en the leaves upon the Imm
‘ .tro whispering tales of her. I
‘ Ald tattle tlll they grow so wurtu, t
Thlt, in the generll Itir '
5 They h'lr‘ them truth the mother Inmh ’
1 And through the Ilr they ll) . ‘
l Ti“, {hinting with llu: lute they ten“. '
! They flutter down and die. ‘
I And wlnt. l 4 stronger s-till tlm n’l :
i The wonder. at her gut-r. 3
l ller mind‘s the only (lung to mstch 1
l The glories at her turn.
; 0! .-he I: Nntuve‘n pnrsgun- - I
l All Innocent of N 1; ‘ ‘
l And ehe IIIs prutnbel In her hln-l, !
And siren Ile her hurt. ?
! And when the Spring ninn lhl“ tin-h .
I Out glorioue mnthcnt In‘WPY‘I, ‘
| My love will wear I ltl’lll‘ll veil, 4‘
l A wreath of onnge flowery; r
And no X were not if the sun ‘
Should founder in the u, '
l-‘ur. Oh! the Heaven of her late l
[I li‘ht enough for war. 1
-——-—<o-..—~ - It
Rzrunucm Pnoct:ssmx.—A (torn Bum
menu: -—A correspondent of the Milwau-_
ltee (“'isconeln) .Vuu furnishes the follow-l
I ing ludicrous desaiption o! e Republic-n!
lpmeession, which is Iboot. like the commonl
accounts they give of thelr own procea-l
riona: ‘
“The proceeeion. which was over a thou
sand miles long. will vote thin yen for Lil
eoln. [not yeer they-noted fer Donal-e. ‘
Upwerds of twenty million. of people ere
now" in the gerden llstening. lo the talking.
Nine hundred gene were and ten Beech.
end they intend to Ire “other one Int
week. Randall is speaking in ten different
lengnsges, while Wlshherne in taking it
ell down in ”than“ Booth ls ulna“
the pertleelers of his reeene, Ind Uncoln h ‘
edding up the number 0! rolls qu-lhl ‘1
Belt-gem from the country Ire oomlog‘
in! One delegllion tron Bengor hid on
[pole in e wegon seven hundred feet hlgh,‘
10. which wss n likene- of ‘Old Abs,’ eta-1
[braidered in Iheep akin. Over nineteen, l
fthousend voters cstne from Bangor, dl‘ll‘u ,
:hy twenty wegons ntteehed to each home."
lb‘ilty bends Ire in attendance trout esch?
ltowe, Ind from Neehonoc there ere lixty t
Mothers. with children et the bosom. ouch“
one crying It: Old Abe! Over Your thon- ‘
and townie thin county Ire wwrepreecn-E1
3nd, and two more tone will he in w-mor-;
frow, l! thermother don't min! The pro- ;
{caution comment-ed moving last week, endly
.the tailor it heejost pulled the Southwut ‘
icorner of the Logo“: Home. It will he“
‘srouod by potetoe time! One ngon he“
In phi-form on it three-queue“ of I mile!“
llong, with e rail erect in the front end, end:
;e yellow dog conduit! in the resr.” ’
. ~vr--~.—<06-- .___ l‘
' Tue Ful'Lovm—ln Jone lISt, it will:
be remembered. A second betch of Free-l
Lovers (eupposed to be ell that were in’
the ciiy At the time) left port for e southu
orn settlement. The fete o! the tint urge:
of this decidedly “ peculiar ” peOple, is Il- ‘
ready flotilla to meat of our renders. A; ‘
lo the others. e correspondent oi the Call“
ere : The inltellmelt of Free Loversi
that left your city in the brig Penman, g,
June 311, urived et Le Union in due time.‘
They not I meeting shortly sfter their or-'
rival, when ell ended in I but up. Dr.l‘
-—-- rln Iwey with Another men's lady}
love. Mr. R Ind bride—e Mine ——,l
whom I mentioned in one of my letters—9
dissolved their merrisge contrect It the'
meeting, he going to New York, the golngl
to your city, where Ibo will soon Irrlre, ll:
she be not dreedy there. The whole thing‘»
is hunted up, Is the climete ls very -nn-.
thlthy. Mr. K, with his flmily, hu pur
chesed e sag-r nudhdlgo plantation in the
interior, an ts doing wen—Sue Fraud»
co Illilror.
7—;m _- —— ‘
(he. Lnte's Linn—On the Int slde
of this number will he found the letter!
written by the Sou-tor from Oregon, gin
ing hie views upon the preeent cr'ntie. The
, flcts Itlted Ire nttdeniebly true, but. we
, uh exception to the tone of the letter,
Inesnueh u it any i: interpreted in [Mari
of secession, or, at least, not opposing ruchl
, e step. Had Gen. Leno been A little more,
\ explicit in hie views upon the here question‘
, o! the right of Stats to accede, we think‘
, hie t'riendn in this State would have been'
, better pinned. Common report says “11-“1
he is opposed to o disruption of the Union,‘
Ind undoubtedly he is, but no letter nu!
no condemnation of thunk—UMP" SM ‘
' and. l
I '— “w—
- n- Nntnre bu writun e letter or credit ‘
t upon some men’s been, which is honored
. ‘
islntovt whenever presented ‘
EPAtuong the few proininvnt nn? H
men in the cotton States, lll‘nl stittid~, polit
't~~ill_\' fllul morally, the pttrlot .\le\utultt
11. Stephens. Here is a purt of his inst
‘gri-n! spot-ch:
"The first que<linn that prcccnts ilwlfis
~lmll the people of the Smth sclc-le from
tie l'nion in Consequence of the ehrtion
of Mr. Lincoln to [he l‘rcsitleut‘)’ "l the
United Slates? My countrymen, I tell
you lrunkly, candidly nnd enroestly, that I
ldo not think that they ought. In my jhdg-
Ement, the election of no man, constitution
‘nlly chosen to that high omcc, is suilicicnl
'cnuse for any State to sepnralo from the
Union It ought to stand by and ni-l mil
.in iduintnining the Constitution of the route
try. To make I: point of resislunee to the
government. to Withdraw from it because
In man has been constitutionnlly elected,
puts us in the wrong. We are pledged to
'mnintnin the congtitulion. Many of u:
{have sworn to support it. Can wc, there
,fnrc. for the mere election of a man to the
‘ l'nrsidcnt-y, and that too in accordance
.With the prescribed terms of the constitu
ltion, make a point of resistance to the gor
lerntnent without becoming thr- brcukers of
:thnt sacred imlrnnxent ourselves. With
‘drnw ourselves from it? Wottld we not bl‘
liu the wrong?
. Whnti-rcr (ate is to befull this country,
ilet it never he laid to the charge of the
7people of the South, and especially to the
people of Georgia, that we were untrue to
'our national engagements. Let the fnult
land the wrong rest upon otltm. If it" our
iliopes are to be lilustcd, if the chnhlic is
‘to go down, let us be round to the last mo
’ment standing on the dock, with the con«
,‘stittttion of the United States waving ot'el‘
lour heads. [Applause]
l # i 3 i l 2‘
. But it is said Lincoln's policy and princi
ples are against the constitution, and that
{if he carries them out it will he destructive
inf our rights. Let us not. anticipate a
,threntened evil. If he riotstes the consti
|tntlon, then will come our time to net. Do
Inot let on break it, bee-use, forwath, he
‘mny. If he does, rim: is the time for us to
‘strtke. [Applause] I think It would he
injudicious and nnnt~e to do this sooner.—
I do not anticipate that Lincoln will do
thing to ‘ o srilin our «fat or curi
wwhstevcfmsy be his spirit tr’i unit; for
he is bound by the constitutional ticks
which on «thrnon wound him, Ihichos this
time rondsn hinypoworlsss to do sny grout
mischief. ,This-shows the windows of our
system. The President of the United
‘b‘tstes in no Enpsror, no dictator—he in
clothed with no absolute pour. He can
ldo nothing unions he is backed by powsr is:
100ng The House or Representatives
,is lugcty in the majority sgsinat him.
i o o s o o n
l Ihsvohossdit lootodthntnomsn-in
the Stste of omin. who is than to her
interests. could hold olos nudnr Lincoln.
Lllnt. I ash, who appoints to ones! Not
lthn President stone—tho Senate has to
concur. ‘No man can ho sppointnd with
}ont the consent. of the Sonstn. Should In!
lusts thsn refuse: to hold 0680 that was
. iron to him by n Emmi. Bmm!
f’l'uombs interrupted. nod mid i! the San
nto wnn Denmark. it was for Buchir
lridgn] Wsfl, shun. cautioned Mr. Steph
can. i spprnhend no man could he justly
laundered-untrue to the interests of Goo!-
lgil,otitletwasry diagrnco, it the interests
inf Goorgin required it, to hold notion
,which n Brnchinrs'dgn Seuss had given
'hitn, even though Lincoln should be Pro-‘-
,deut. [Prolonged onion, mingiodmish
:‘ interruption]
l s o o o o o
l I will hsvs equality for (harsh; and for
,the citinens of Georgie; in this uion, or I
twill look for new uleghnsnls elss'where.
This is my position. ’ n only queniou
now is, no they be neared in the Union?
‘This is what I am counseling with you to
knight about. Con it be secured? In my
ijndgment it any be; but. it. my not be;
‘but let us do all we can, no (hot in the in
'tnre, if the worst come, it may never be
laid we stern negligent in doing our duty
ito the list.
1 fly countrymen. lam not one of those
‘who believe this Union has Men a curse
lup to this time. True men, men of integ
,rity, entertain difl’erent views from me on
,this subject. Ido not question their right
Ito do so; I would not impugn their matires
In: so doing, uur will 0 undertake tusuy
that this government. of our fathers in per
fect. There is nothing perfect in this
world 0! n human origin—nothing connec
end with barium nnturs, from man himself
to my of his works. You may select the
wisest and best not: [or your judges, and
lyet how may “not. an thorn In we sd
rniniatrntion of justice? You msy select
the wisest sud but men for your legisla
ltors, and yet how many defects are appar
ont in yonr Inn-f"
£ *7“.- _. »~—-
I stxtast. lisuux sxn ms "Gilt-ITEM?
,Btu.—"'l'he Senate fiuully. on the 10th ui
‘Muy, passed Mr. Johnson's bill, 44 to 8—
‘the nays being Messrs. Bragg, Cliugham,
'IIAMLIN, Mason, Pearce, Powell nnu
l'l‘oomha."—Graley‘r Tu! Book, page 189.
i Every Xorthern Senator, with the exccp
“tiou of lisuutbnl Hamlin, voted for the
hill. K ,_ m— >_‘ ‘
Mm Tatum—The man whom you in
“filed to " lagdr " with you.
I Goon Exurins, Clocks ncrcr rm
‘down their neighbors.
l Joi'in'ti tan A,“ .t I'Rfil‘hl<~l w “The ex‘
. y-eriem‘e of all nett'qnnpr-l’ (Ullll‘l'i is u'Lh‘i- |n
, thn—rlnut u i-nlli-gc-lirt-il ellnnr-npprcntict
ii the hnnlcst to llrt‘UL into his limitless 0!
any mun who ”or lt'ic< it. “l‘ insists on
ln-guunng at the Hit], instrml ol' the bunn
ining. llc has nznrv things to unlnnrn tluin
any ntlio-r. llc nlwuys lu('lvii directness, lS
inn-Ally fuli v-l' nll'vnsive pi-ilnnlry. and is
commonly alwrc his business. Though ln‘
may linve rrnil the newspnpcrs all his Me.
1.3!?“ no idea that the solo businels of no
le or is to write long-winded editorials.
and these he feels competent to write will:-
nut any apprenticeship \\‘liutervr. illc
don't scam to hate on ldt‘u of what people
really- read newspapers for, Most young
youth-men who grudnnte at our literary Ill‘
slilulions have the opinion that editing a
newspaper is u very sxmpie mutter, and one
for which they are competent already.—
l‘hey would scorn the thought of learning
the profession by engaging: lirst in 11l uini
plist dclllllS, and going through these de
tails for n series pi yeurs peforn- Ilicy should
hegiu to show tlihtnseli'el as editors at all,
‘Tlicy will spend three years in the study ul
mcdicine, or law, or theology, and content
‘with it, yet they are just as well filled in
practice low or medicine at the end of their
college course as they are to edit a newspm
‘pcr; and generally spanking, A little better
‘littcd, for the college system of education
jwns built up and is perpetuated on the idea
that all its graduates are bound for one or
‘ the other of thm three kinds of business.
—-b'pn'ugfidd (/ililw.) Rzplblimvi.
...- ~m __ _.
Tnn "cum Contains: -- A scientific
man in Paris has reccntly declared that
‘the complexion ol' the human race is en
‘tlrely dependent on the mode of nourish
lmcni; that he has held in Kubin whole
lracea of negrocs who, from the entire use
‘of animal food, boast In line a enrnntion
jtint as the lnhnbitnnls of Southcni Europe,
iii-bile in Algeria, it has long been the sub
ject ol‘ reunirk thst the butchers, generally
;negroes from Kelo, are ns {air in their
icomplexion as the European settlers. If
‘the .‘ubisu, therefore, can change his skin,
we shall soon have the process applied to
other races, who are dlmntisled with the;
complexion given them by not re. To be
sure, the line indies are mm; roaeate
bans. just not, .itl- la utility;
lb“ the h“, nnYol'hnatcly is not perm:-
l‘asnL jot, if all one hss tndo to be Mr,
in Grant heat, we nhall have half the hrno
netteelotmvn besieglng the butcher shops‘;
while then whose complexion is richly pale,
will iii-sandy see aliens keeping Allure
in“ Lantcl Post. An, extraordinary
‘changs in the appearance at one’s equip
‘tanosa they heatuihntod to the public;
the 0! this himiou.‘
‘ Jual.— Dispatches from htr, Hurts,
our Mlnlstcr ln Jspan, have been received
at. the Sm. De’putlnent. Its fires an
account of the arrival home of the In
aseateamer Undisasurrah, which song:
ruled the Jopnnese Embsssy to fish
randsco. The commander of the steam
er, accompanied by two Governors of For
elgn Anita, hsd called on Mr. Harris. by
order of ths‘l‘yeoon, to express the thnnh
of his Mnjesty for the friendly and cordial
welcome with which the olicnrs end then
{had been. receirod‘ln San Francisco, and
perticularl for the repp'rs of the steamer
st Mare intend Navy-yard. The Tpom
‘of the once:- of the Caution-arr , to
-Igather with the letters received from the
‘ mhans‘y, containing full accounts of the
inception ol Sill Francisco, had produced
a‘lively amnion, especially among the no
’hles, and it was believed thst the most
‘gratltylug results would follow, more es
pecially when the Embassy sinnld reach
uoute and give full account! of oil their ex
perience in the United States.
file 1861 the toms of the following
Senators will expire: 'l-‘ilspstrlck. of Mn
biuna; Johnson, of Arkansas; Gwiu, oi
Culiiornin; Yates, of Florida, .lverson. of
Georgia; Fitch, cl Indiana; Slide“, oi
Louinlulll; Peace, of Maryland; Green,
of Missouri; Clingnnu, of North Carolina;
Pugh, of Ohio; Laue, of Oregon; Bigler,
10f Pennsylvanian, sud Hummoud of South
Csroliua; 14,—a1l democrats. 0! the re
lpahlicans: Foster, 9! Connecticut; Trum
lonll, of llllnois; Harlan; 0! Iowa; Clark,
iol New Humpshire; Sword, of New
Work; Columns. 0! Yemen, and Darker.
{of Wisconsin; 7in all, go out. For Grit
ltenden's pluca Brockinndgo is nlready elec-
Eted. his term expires in 1863. Douglu'
item expires in 1865, and Esmhu'n in
list“. ’l'th changes will not overcome
itne present Democratic ascendancy in the
1 - ~ ~00.- ,
Narioxsi. Stuntman—Tho immortal
Washington speaks thus:
“in contemplating the ceases which may
disturb our Union, it occurs as a nutter ol
.scrious concern that any ground should
have been furnished (or characterising par
} Me! by geographical discrimination—North
lent or southern, Atlantic or Western,
éwhence designing man my endeavor to u
;cite is real difl'urenco of local interests and
rifles". One of the sxpodients of pony to
: acquire influence within puraieulur districts,
ii; to misrepresent the opinions and aims ol
Num- districts. You cunnot. shield your;
‘sult'es too much against the jcnlousies Ind
hurt-burnings which spring lrotn these nus;
ireprescntnlioui; they tend to render nlicii
Ito each other those who ought to be bound
.togetntl' by lrstsrnal affection"
NO. 8.
'- .\ l’r-‘er l.:rr't: “outwit—"liar
n iciuh," liw .\e\\' Yell: correspondent ut' the
l' linuon Journal, gets all the following
l Charmin}: little romance:
' A shvrt time since one of the runny
' agents that. are nhtoad St'lcl‘tlllf: ntncleal
I tnletlt for \tnertva, sent on to the cure of
5 this house :1 Ir‘r‘nv-h girl, \\ ho “us engaged
" tu tent-h for one year in n southern institu
‘ [ton on u sulhry of 900 per your. On her
. Wu" to Ne York she saw I German mer
lwhom of in city, who wen smitten with
. lit-r, for r a mu n young lady of dazzling
- twang, lo followed her to New York,
{arm'mnde a formal proposal for her hand.
5' The gentleman nus well known to the hend
.1 of the ltr,tl.‘lc of Atlnms I: Co. as a gentle
' runu of wealth null htn'uiing. But the
|'_\'nung tem‘ner deriinr-rl the prymsul, at
‘l least till her enntrnrt for teaching should
'gexpir", and the consent of her parents he
I obtained. lint the gentleman was not to
'i be put oil, The Indy hml grout confidence
' in the integrity of the compnnv, null relied
l on what the houseot Adamo do Go. erupt ot
. the honor and posnion of the s pieunt.
llb‘he relented and yielded, stuljuprdi un
lluow out for tho wedding/M one (If our
'lmott l'urhionnble hotels, and this young
' ntlrentnror, with nothing but clients nod
- In-nuty. will soon be at the head of In 9!:
' lflbllhhmclll, with n husband worth $300,-
riooo. "
‘i +-
'. Tu: Doc-nun. Pmauns O’A LAIGI
‘Jlot‘srt—Do you think that n rich man,
lsitting in his sumptuous lihrsry, nll oak
and morocco glittering backs of splendid
. volumes, lounge sud sofas of etcry degree,
which he merely pied for, lien hot! thon
.juyment that Robinson Crusoe but] when
. he looked nround his cue wlth its Hide
,lshelves nnd build-ends, ltn clumsy nrmchnlr
.lsnd its rough potwry, nll eontrlud ltd
,imutletwy hir on trends! Nowthe poor
‘ cottegcr has n good dell of the Robinson
, Crusoe enjoyment; something of the plus-l
. me which Sunford and Merton felt when
- they hnd built. nod thatched their house‘
2. end then not within it prevely proud end,
:hsppy, whilst the pelt u; shower cum
,ldown but could not reach them. Men- nl
.l‘mn getn the length of considering our
,ehitectnrel durable! of his hoe... the inn‘
, posing edectJhith ths [rent entrnnee
in. upon visiton, the vistn of the
'. room' retiring within' drnwlng roout,
' looses the relish which mom‘s»
. l'l'l [*l II 111
; i! “'99" "a", egg/'9"! MM
. nnd ruin, and col . , if you sinneonto
, thlng ‘tiy ‘lll‘llg Indira}.- lose
y‘umeth'ug toe. nod-m «Mi .th
.‘non cam-Ill: ten-:n-mmm-o/
. simple tidinm; end your life grows shortl
lficiet, thnt many dsys you never think of
Iyour dwelllng. , u ‘ 'l' ~
w... ~ ..~
i A Sup or run ToxucL—A gent”
,in‘ho hnd osrnbllyvtleinndznp his eomnt in,
. the Iny he noted him to fit, so.’ “3%:
. mi ht nt nll times be on s eleirt”n" o
, hefplng him to pull the wool «€th ”We
. eyed. not hlm one day with one! ,
,t’orthe opera to th- hoard-«rm
‘ ,9"! 1‘“!!- ' " . EM. ml
, The torrent returned when “Imm
|mun end his wife’ were nh‘dinner, _ i
got cournc, been told, in giving nW‘“
land-kinds u maid-ml.
i‘peunhhtgrrthel-Humb “b
l‘“, . ,v-, V
_ We on theme-mm. "auto...
.glvinghlnfllem. ‘ "-“i-i”
, “Yes. It," untied the send-IKE“
he’d ”with.“ out at my,
the: M wsittoryoe. 11;.” ,u, ,u, ‘
, "Wt-n ... l. doiut. .u'nd inst»
,csrelesnly.‘ _ t. u t . 4’“ l,» .4
‘ “lie was pnttlng on WMMF‘M‘
, hing my. . - J.‘ " _
..Tlu ht woe in the In, With.~,o~l
{or the rut ofthe do] the spln , In
that; fsntfiy wss so vehement u Imdi' _ the
"sedative influences of | new Mall“, ,
Jun-l we «on. .‘t
‘, Mun—He .did’nt [o with the w
,ithnt night to the open. , V ,t
- "—-‘l..——<
1 HOINBLI Melon—The Columhln (S.
C.) Cnroltutnn of Frldny says: ’
l. A most horrible finder wss “mm
' ltls sn posed, on ends at ht, by '
' ert Stofinrt, living to the insures, Mt
. four miles from 00mm. His house has
‘been shut t‘orndeyortuv Milled-“ltd
l curiosity, Ind Innlly slqieion an m
thst the door wns forcibly eluted. He
was found lying on shed hythosideot
’lthe deed bodyol hls wile. Upon elem-
Llnution, It was found to bemost horrtlily
:{muntmd from bend to foot The heed
t‘ was severely cut in auto] pineal, end the
body hnd been punched and dllfiglfdwith
n piece of iron, which tho fiend must hue
l lie-ted tor the purpose. He Ind been on
ndruuken frolic, nud wns stilt In the: con
v dition when he committed the horrible
I deed. A coroner’s inqneet was held yen
t‘tqdny, sud s verdict returned in accord
- Inca with the ma. Stowe" wns oom
‘ mitted to jnil to nwsit his trial.
,‘ —~v—~‘-—~—-
‘; fl-A Wuhin'ton letter wrlter nyu-l
I,"Douglun, whose Chic-go speculstions or!
1‘ supposed to here made him enormously
:i wealthy, is embarrassed beyond redemption.
"lirefilnridge, whose lurge investments in
"i the West conveyed the Idea of riches, wns
hunpoterinhed hy the l’nilnre o! the Ohio
"‘ Trust Company, in which he us I henvy
“‘ stockholder, and now, though the candid-kc
3 o! the slave lnttrest, owns neither hr- nor
Fur 0:“ mun. (I? liml u kn) one “until“. ‘33 H
r'- r v-Mh n-I‘w mm: In ”tic-n“ ...‘H... H .l| 0.
.\ liberal dram-ISM: m la you): flunk-IL
The uuhllr-I ‘ I inllvllnnn mu-I 11- dminuly nut“
nu the mnrzh- o! IdmnlMlnnl u. at thy In“
bu CUHIHUFX Ill! !url~ul .lul clmrzrd “willingly.
Lrpw udxcn'mmul» will bl, um gcd h: {hr snor
n)“ 4. [hp (.mznn M "u: PnMMxer.
Mmm'p mics, nodes ll mum-mum, M.. will
he \hargml t.» llm ofllrun ordering :Lch' pundit-Lima.
1.;- .I-. 1. work nun] cmled u IN- 9m".
|.. r. Hs‘unn, m. Im. Wuhxnm aunts-‘-
chln‘o. up atniu. molly opplnll Emir": wu
"mug, in nuuwriud In min and mm [at -h
wriplium and admniwmenln In Clliforlh. _
, Are the American Deserts "suitable!
1 In n [look latrzly puliliallcd, cnilad “The
(‘rntrul Hull] 11: gun," tic author, \Villlnm
Gilpin, who has spent twenty years in the‘
n ll ir-rnvu, [in-wins a vii-w of will! income
nmnly cnltnd “the dimer!" willqu dificring
from the pnpnlnr nations. He says:
There is a ladlcli misapprehension in the
popular mind In to the mo chlrlcier of
tho "tircnt l’lnim of Americg,".u com
plain nu lint mun-h pervudml Europe refi
l-ectm': the .Lflnmic ocean during the‘
whole hiituric period ptinr to Cninmiml.
The-no Plains are not due/h, but tho oppo
:lit', um! are the ('f'r‘lillfll basis of the [lf
Lure empire of commerce and industry now
'ci'culiltg Itself upon the North Ann-rial:
continent. 'l‘iwy are calcareous, and form
the pnslnml gntdun oi the world. Their
position and Iran may be understood. Tho
meridian [me which terminates the mu.
0! Louisiana, Aria-nu. Missouri ud Ohio
on the west, fur-18 their eutcrn limit. and
the Rocky mountain crest their water!)
limit» Between tin-w limiu they 00W] 9
hungnuumu pmuuogr-m ot leal mum»
jxl.oiiuiid miles in width, exuding inn
the Tcxnn to the Arctic coast. ‘
‘ There is no timber upon them, Ind dm'
; gle true: Ira nurse. The, hue I {with
”lope from the "it. to the nu. Indium!
lin rivers. The] In clad thick I“. JIM
‘Lioul arm, and l'lflll with “h0g1“.
l’l‘he soil is not. lint-ions or and}, but q‘
in.” calcareous mould. The, run w
nut to the unriguble HRH. an ,
lMifiiuippi nd St. lawn—o, . M
"fax-u «out, 'ls. nun-tui- ”In"
wud the Built: torn: u. m m
’between then Ind that man. No.
lion 0! their whole sweep 0! ”flag
{more thus one thou-ml all. M
.bo-t hummd’l‘h Wham
Wm soc-u: ml “in aim. in
'ing bounded. u on “1.09.95 bx that”?
izon. Stomu m nu, newt anti-3::
melting of the snow-W1!!! “I
Rock, momma; 0 d!“ bin
puatiydy raid-m atrium“ lb
lit. Nilc. to inim ‘ m
The: -n run from w
Ihailow 'nd broi, '| ', ‘ " V
whtm‘éy'fivm 11,- l i . ‘33?
unu- «away-us nihi
mtouowm . . r .
“91"“! wW. ”1‘? 27:
fiYW‘P' -.- .
. ~ . ' ' ow L
Wtb‘aufi*w -
"lain-{lb . . ‘
Memm-m ‘
W flit“!
in? ' m *
. ‘B' u .
lwfiwn .gunno’nd in Ha
'WW fl
bomb-hm '- ,
OHIO! .‘ i’. ' , ' "
urns. ; ff‘yfix :’ 1 ,
o O ' "-' , '- A;
tugging: i. ”J" . ' ~
«in. no ' 47‘3”
in; a“ ."l ,
mun: . '“ ,1“?
ruin: ~ , fif‘r‘a ‘7’ '
“oh“ ' , 21,791 I: u
MW." ._ ~ fl '
' m , r 7 '-
du-u-d v ‘ '*”‘.""“"‘€'"' -
‘ ...4 “may" 11”“
2;! I whv ‘Huflfl"“i 1“!
. . | . ‘, ' 9,1;«,_)Ju..a 1
' '4'.“ “f“:f” " '
has It. luau: _ ”“1“ J; ‘
, . M .. . ,
gig-'MH 94““ {'s' j ‘- *
tin back]! ‘1- " $1; ‘ __;~
null ’o” ‘ , ‘ 15‘" ‘
“NW ‘ VWJ':
(It‘s-udwvflrlafl. ‘ ‘
admin-um u i" "1-
."w - L » my ‘
“amt-M" "“- 4w ‘
h.-. t . .
Jr’nhg “It." h. h%
H 59! M W ‘
W M with“;
it :Ith reg-rd In 19th ' ,1"
«mun-mm of . j;
eulin 00 lull A’ ~ , *
homo, 01k. cable's, whim 1 ,
wed .in“. ‘ an:
hour, you“. M 3% _ '
And and!" (iii:
gregatamt‘ber dim cult;
non mic-n «a... W ‘
.imou. bun-i all.”
the yen Q 1“; ‘3”. “JIM m
prairie reglon. has? Uh
-- 7W -
I when a. «summit»
“,poutouoonuw-sbn __ 2
non. : , .7; ‘
I lshaii lake “All "W
conru for the and). " QII ‘ 3*
lwoulkl-keitu'CwM-‘l’i _,
‘ntl- Niall m l
l [he temp-3’, If. [Angola “*3
Host," «atom mun-uh
.lquum when I. mwfi".
spot. our rich“ 111 “h ,w ‘
in). in. and tha decillblll ‘ j . ‘f
‘fCourtof thoUniM 3m :fiit‘, ‘
'1 uh-lluhlhc mind! u ‘ ‘n.
{ln-strum: Hm in you-v , ~ . 'n'
jib-widowdllubrbn ' .-, t
. 'ouuonfihh. ' .' ‘ ‘ ‘
’33 Inliinfi but on “my ‘ 3
new. 1 if?!” m 1,: H -
in" your u v ”we"

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