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The Columbian. [volume] (Olympia, O.T. [Wash.]) 1852-1853, September 25, 1852, Image 1

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VOL. 1.
J.-W. \VXLIZY. , 1 MT. 1". I‘ICEIJLOI‘.
_- ' .\i ,‘
'l’crms—lnvnrlnbly 111 Advance.
For one your. whn lent h; mlil, or when at
the omm, 53,00; for six Inonlln s3.o].
Nn pa er will be lnfl‘ofllifludl. unlnu u {ln
optinn otpthe publifhcn, unlil all Irru'ugcn are
paid. _
Am X‘lt'l’z 451;.
. One Iquarn. (lwrlvc line: or Inn.) lhrez inner.
nu. $5.00; for awry addition-I inmlion. “.00.
A libcul Mueflon ta yuv‘ly wind-2.";
, The diliinb’i"bf {medium must be didiaeilf
nuke] o'n' ué'murginmthomiu lhey will in con
fimud an. {gm-Mogul qty.“ until-(U.
. The foElawing zmlnmon an nulhoriml In re
ceive suhscripijonl (or " The Uulumbdun :"
DAV“) STusn, Mumhullu.
IsAM‘ N. Envy, Whidlvy's Hand;
“mm C. “31.5 w, ,l’ort 'l‘uwnwud;
HALL” 8L Punmzuy Slcilnrorm ;
\V. \V. MILIJR, Ncsqunlh‘;
l“.. I). \\'.nm.\:~~, (‘uwliu Fm-ms ;
S. S. l'umv, Sm" (Shh-kudos;
('IIAs. C. 'hziun 81 ('o‘, NM Yurk;
I). l“. “NU“NX'HZLU, Nu! Dungincss;
F. 5‘ Hunlhmn, Osagun City;
A. .\. l)l'\.\¥, Smith;
S. D. lluwlz. l‘cuu’a Cow, Whidby‘:
lsl‘lnrl ;
JnilV R. In Kmx. JJLkrsuu‘n l’niriv,
Lewis county.
A. M. l’on, Pun'a‘ PuIHL
5. S. ‘VHJJA‘IS, Waslnilulou City.
For the Culumhian.
To the Resident! of Northern Oregon.
[Flow-Citizen! ——- l propow‘ 4r) admin-$1
you, through lho columns of the “ Colan
Dian,” upon a subject of grout, I may my
pumnoun', imprrumcc to all of at residing
north of the Co umbia riw‘r. l n-fl-r m an‘
early Minn of the territory. This in nn‘
objmd dirt-cl and immediate pr‘rlunnl in
ked to m all. Ind for the nllainmonb of
which. I (run. no one of In will hmlimtc In
by unida 11l p'~mnnl, local, or sectional ‘
pnjudiccs and fouling: ; it will lequiro our
uniu-d action and co-opention, for it is by
such a union alun a, lliut'wa cim reamnnbly
“hope for ill curly uugl i-fl‘cctuil accomplish
0213011, as now balm-la], contains, in
Iquarc milos, more tlxlu fivu time: uhuuwh
Ia lhn Stale ol' .\l'muuri, six lim u as much
u Illinois, seven lium u muvll as New
York, and five linm a: much :3 all of the
New England SLIL-u [Ogdtlh‘n will: five
hundred lnll fifty mil»; of cuastun the large“
mum in tho world. _
That it cuuntryuf inn-h \‘lh't cxtnitysu
geogmphicnlly litnntr l, and of nut-h grt-atl
prosp active import-nee. should remain under t
on territorial govmnnrnt, constituted an it
in It pron ‘nt, in, we b‘li‘vc, d ‘stnxctivc t 0
Bur own intt‘t‘mls M cillz‘m, uirl injurious
to thaw. of our rem-ml government. Ne
hru hu pointedly diiitl~l the torritory by
tho Culnmhi: river; that portion mnth of
this river. easy of “san to th‘ immigrant,
rich in nzricnlturfil Inn'l -, and mims at" (ht-i
preview meals has hitburtw, aml Contiuu"!
to. Mcivu nll {he festuring l‘M‘t‘ of. nll th:
bandits Irising from. the act of Congress,
Ipproved Anglbt l l.- lh‘ is, tstablishillg the
'uritorinl government of ()n’gvn -- whit-.-
that pvrtitm myth of lhii rivt‘r, rich also in
fertil: lunvl~', in niinvrnl rv~zutlrct-s, in fuller
ies and in n bl: fun-sh, but dillicult. of no
as to thc innnigrarl‘l by land, has luv“ “L 1
telly neglects-l, and the sandy t-ffurt. of the l
pioneer, anxiem to (11le the habitation of
the American cilizcn to tha limit; of Ant-:l‘i- |
an soil,hnvc an cmupli-tt-ly unnoticed and ;
virtually paralizctl. The way wnrn travel-I
or seeking n rnstin'r place for lii-c starving
tail, and fumishoa stock, after 11 lung and ‘
loilsoma journey across the plnim. at. length i
find: n resting place for his wearitd {opt in ‘
die valley: of the(‘olumbin or Willmnette‘
rive“; overjoyed nt luy termination of hill
m, which cnahluhhn to At-ltlc doWn.
Chou uhnustcd in money, patience, and
w, and mmnoo, like: In inbon-al
d month, hie dnil labor for the Inppo!‘ of
hi funily he that oxcsllcnt "cunt lend
which he u once occupies, under the dom
l'nn I" of Sept. 1850, being unable or u
willing, from n variety of «uses, to hitch up
equin, end come further north, when he
might hue I larger field for solar-tion. Thin
In one of the first openting cause. which
elected the nrlier “moment of the Wil‘
lumen: valley under the provision] govern
ment ; and man being by nature I ri-i
o- nnimnl, it. become by do 1g ‘3; 1
the object, the practice of tile reddenh ol‘
mthern Oregon to use All mum, oven ‘e-l
ins no far In depreciating nut! rilit’ymg}
northern Oregnn—of whic they were pm-‘
fonndly ignonnt, -to detain new immi
gnntn m induce them ammo in their
vicinity. (X Inch ulf-interutod Action, be
ing perfectly natnrll Ind of chi! universal
occurrence. we of the north shoulll not com
fln, but. looking at the rennlt, should do?
. on mby In Ipplicetion for innue:
‘.‘.“ . ‘m'i ;In hnve n tine, lovely, iqé
yuan-fl. tiriet. of country, end in plrodlim-
Ing L! It is unneccnn to my nng again-t
my portion at the Unirt‘l .\lut w, nll m- ark
' ' ' uIIYMfflX. 'ISU'EEE'E $06161); (MElEßlé‘ii'fmififéfifi‘ififfiififfis?‘
m ,
’ is a fair, ju‘t an! impartial participation inl
ll): ltf'tl"ilt! rlcrirubli fmm uur common pJ-l
rcntt But how rtamls the can '.' 1 will‘
HI "0112 Snutlnrnt)rwgan,fromth‘clus
as already rcfcrrcd t 4), and its own intrinsic
value, has by far tht- lament numbar at in
habitants, null cuanuently the cohnnru'd of
‘ the l‘gisluturu, :ml ull Ill: crumbs flowing
out of ln‘giilntive action. We of the north,
' with a sufficient numlr‘r ot l-gnl voters to
. entitle u; tofuur rcprcsrnmtiveu, are 0110'-
we-l but two out of twenty—five, and an of
these by-u rcrml utzt of muguanimilg/ mull
contlmcnsiun on the part of our southern
m-ighbors. i
‘ I would repeat, that it would he truly
absurd in us to bring nct‘uiutiou against the
inhabitant; of southern Oregon {wt this
man a! gondmt. hem-nth” now. as: to
{wurds us as very probablly we would with
[regard to them, if similar y circumstnnwd;
‘ they havu m umlt-r the foot. nnd wish to roll
{us In tho (lust—«lac why is it that‘vour pati
tiom for the improvcmuut of our counties
lhuve invariably 1w“ aimgaraud 9 that the
‘fuutlsmpproprintcd by Congress for public
lbuildings are to be oxpcudcd in auuthem
l progon cntiroly, rcgartllcu of the geogrlph
.‘ical center of tho territory? that Congrm
I is mcinoriulizctl to null the public land! and
,tlcvole a portion of th: procesds to the im
prurcmvnt of thv Willamette rircr, but. not
‘ll cuzit towards any riw‘r or otlwr improve—
: mom. in northu‘rn Oregon ! Why is It that
i th: Surveyor General must coutinc bin ope
; nutium to the territory south ut' the ('olum
; Lin, rcgurdlusa of the rights, warm, and rep
‘ n-snnttttions of old selll-‘rs on the north ?——-
llhut the Supgrinteudent of Indian smin
|can never find time or necclsily, with four
‘thousnnd lndiam uruund nml himut Ui, lo
idulc out 10 us any of his prn'iunsly Vii.”-
i nu: timr, but must ext-n pin-fur tolmvcl oul
of his district, and n: the munngnr of steam
bent pal-tin, porchuucu “ dance to tho lu
civious plcuingl of I Into ”3 Are the up
propriltionl made by our national l"gixl.t
turn. for the territory of Oregon, intended to
‘ b: confined to one section of that trnilmy ?
and because that mtioo'my b: more pup
ulous, more ugreeuble u regards tht- blui
new of lifv, aye, and probably more lucra
tive too, no we, :3 Amen-inn citizens, tn be
lhmxt midi! m 4 unWorthy to he the recipi
hem: of union-l bounty,:md wiih nane so
’poor to do us reverent» I No, fellow-citi
luns. nuch is not, cannot be the spirit and
iintsntion at" our governmont, but we It: may
in the hands at the l’llilit‘llill'é», uni-it dc
ipdsuj-Wficlvcs nlon‘ to
put I amp to their bomful langunge, “ w.-
ldmll rule and you in thrnlldum live," by
vmlmlpatlng nnrvlven from tlm prep-1MB:
‘ut‘rnul lame. Let ui nil with 011? th
‘nml one will ut our shoulders to the tlbel,‘
| momorinliz: £o“ng in every precinct. show i
I them our resources, our wants, uml our‘
i'iM. exhibit to thvvn the unfortunate pm
.sition in which peculiar circnmatnncts htvu
pluced us, and which we no fnmcnl to sub
mit to, lud I cannot doubt. that. umplo mil
afioctunl mil-us will bu yielded us. llrn
t'utun number I propose to reinmnthia tub
jact. . a 151.15.! ‘
Qumrz (‘avsmxc MAmLVP.—A M‘w
and very well contnived machine but been
mnslrnclyd in Ncw York, lg- Mr. Juhm
Calling?» the purpow uf extracting gold}
fmm quad: rocks. 0n in Tamil mt iron
plate, which forms the bell plulr of the In»1
‘chinc, six or mure cmiml wheels, \l‘Lose‘
‘nxes converge tmuml the cenlrc, are Inadc
m Havel mum] and In crush in Iln-ir wa 1h:
Iliivces ofnock which He pul undur Igm‘n.
he necealary pmmce and th: muliull 1::
given by an ingcnous contrivonoe. which
column of lnolher circular lam ruling on
‘lhc wheels and whirh i: fingby by on the
laxin being put in motion by A steam engine.
In the machine we have «on, a! No. 64
Duane-street, lbs-re worn sil other win-via
over tlmycoond plate and I third over th. m.
This third pink- I! 00!"chle with the cm
by virtical columns, Ind hold down to the
required p‘lsun' by indEn-rubhonpringi, so
that if. piece of rock is harder than the
others, the who-I, risi v over it, pmic‘
pprings, which give bn'i-‘hulronger count-r
--ermuro, lumcent to mush the piratd
am it prevents Iny (Lingo: of breaking a
[whineryu \
By the above unngrment, there is no}
friction in the machine, either by rotaryl
ueaor *othng rice“. Thrro in only
rotation whrr l on plane nurtures, go
thut very little power in consumed by the
:muchine itself. There no necruary con.
trivencea to make a current of miter pas.
;ovrr |IIB powdonxl rock. Three or mnre
inpefpmtd nets of whcebt could be M in
nud or two, it it wu necessary—Allo
York Tribune.
‘ ———~‘————
Etccnio Tumour" on RnLuoms.--‘
Mr. O'Rirlly hn issue-1| circular calling}
the nttonlion of the public Ind of railway“
mun-gen tothu nece ' of tting option;
of telegraph Ilon‘%£: with inltrn-'
Ina-mg It each nation; u‘that burol'e liming!
I station the conductor 61’: tnin may ascur. ‘
“it; whether the track in clclr, Iml give in-
Ermition that he in upon it. By this menu
Iccidenta involvingtha loan of life may l-e‘
Ivoidod, 3nd the dnlruction of propsxty‘
and to an email far crew-«ling the cast of
erecting lull oprrntiug the \virou._.\'ru-
York Tribune. 3
_ . la
‘ The Indian night. .‘
In a close linc our part _\' l‘Ontil‘ttt’tl to add
vanm- brandishing their lam-vs, ttJ’l, from
time to time, giiing t'tgnt’tn the most dlfl
corttant criea, which mnt a n ady rt'apnnso‘
on I“? part (if the enemy in their war
whoop ul'tlcfmni-e. lt set-ms, huh-ed, Mc
cssasry for the sang", when going to fight,
to excite his courage by ahnuta and yells,
and there primitive means are‘doubtlrn pro
ductive oftt corresponding ell'ect with thq
white warrior‘s drum and spirit-stirring fife.
With a! nnhh- a hearing as a knight of
old when about to tilt for his “ lady’l lore,”
Black Wolf out upon his horse and led the
van as became a chief of the Osayr. With
'thut lore of display, which is an innate
passion with the Indiana, he nil-rd h!
borae’l neck into a curve, Ind, liming“:
pair of antique Spanish row.xla pricking
againlt his flank, proudly cttrveteil hint at
the head ofhia troop " trimcd like a youn
kcr prancing in his love.”
We had now apporached so near to the
Pawuee band that momentarily 1 expected
to ICU them Iwcep towards us ;,as in Indian
warfare neither lltle wait with that cool
ness, which Well ditciplinod courage can
only inculcate,to receive the Olht'r'a‘ charge,
and each hravc is fire to fight on his own
plan, or any mode which the impulse ofth:
moment may direct.
Much, however, to my surprieea solitarv
warrior aingletl himself from his pony, and,
with rometbing white flying at the head of
a lance, approrhod us a: toot-pace. The Ora
gea instantly checked their horses to the
command ot'thrir chief. and unattended he
rode lorward to meet the the men-eager of
I may here remark upon the ringnlarily
that the tlag of truce—a piece of white buf
talo chin-should be adopted by those sons
of the wild aimilar in color to our own.—
The copy. doubtlm, was taken from the
pale-faces upon learning that the emblem
met with such ittvinlable reaped; but the
Indians deny this. and avow that their fath
crs regarded it an a aigpal of peace, long
before the geart canoes came across the
Great Latte. In mpport ofthis it ii worthy
of aberration that the skin at the white
bufl'alo—a most rare priz ‘_s‘ held in great
reverence by them.
The Conference was brief between the
Pawnee and Black Wnlt’, and the latter.
riding back to win-n- we stood watching
their morcntt'hu, \t‘i;h an lttlt‘l’efit easier to
be cancvit‘ud than tlossii‘ml, informed hia
brother: in arlm thitt thé Pafifiéimw
willing to nettle the tight in tingle combat,
and that he himself would nit-cl okhfl'"
the OQagc br'ar'er who might be chosen
champion ofhis im'iun.
Thiafluc'xy challenge created the wild
cst CQlittfl among the expiring warriors
ot'ottr party, and so uum 'mul \\'rt’l‘ ths, vol
untecrr, and urgent their (‘ddltlbl to have the
honor wégnett them, that «mic-a Blank
Wolfhad settled the count-(tom by claim
ing it for himself,“ is Lit (may improbable
that a new dit’iuionit tbt have arisen in
mutiny' agninat'hh Qéera; There wan-d
diaputiug, howcver, t in right of the chic!
totake prec pit; but the opinion
ofmany reere opptnilu ptiiat, cut:-
cerning the .o. the mature, when
they-found ll ‘y Wei-c tn uh- no share
in the glory. greater number urged
the t-xpedien general tight, alleging
that we were tiger tlllu the cut-my. I!!!
should caplurl ,all their horses and shop,
with which they Were laden like oarulree,
in addition to a pretty haul ot-Ainralulhle
rcalps. V
Black We", however, either horn pm»
dential notim or a daire to gully tic
own “(I,“:in to accept “techno-go
on the" on which it we: tent, and
a; ~ o horn and movement.- of
the ' ‘ abould beau-e the print of
the c ' cm, which he on tot-h Inn»
lealed Mon at in the pee-enc- «(the
respective pinion.
’l‘hcce preliminaries being rho-ted. 111 l
arms of tit-ck Wolf were now carfilly
amined by hi- compatriot“, who threw a
altjoalotuy the moment the question was
settled. One look hil lance Ind tried the
roundu- ol' the shaft by bending it I. u
the two end: am. Another thiam
med bio bowrtri while Icvrnl changed
their beat Irm‘ thou in hit quiver
which append ctivr. The touch
hole ot'tua rila woo picked and reprinted,
and even his knife and MR under
went. careful aeutiny. The butt-o! the nu.
tion was at atakr, and the bran ofuch in
dividual precent refined to burn with patru
otic pride and aoticitudc for fit event
which wa- to decide the fate of the Cage
or Pawneonahiet.
All being-turniinou, Black Wotfduh~
td his apun into hie hone" older, and,
bringing MID It hit Munch". by way of
adut, gdlopm a wide circle before an
for the rpocu ut' nbibning
hiumlt‘. mt- the enemy thu
he was ready; the it'e. ‘
Nothing nobler'ean picturedJO the im~
aginntion than the rppennco of the chief
on naked .- wben he came into the World,
with the exception of bio urn-dung lemon
his ahontdn-rs. he out upon it pits in; and
steed excited with neon-unfit confl
donce. Atult of §‘ war-«ya plume
unmounted, ' . nutty mat-it and
Mt hack, while ltl! finely den-lop 1|
aht'st rtoml out like that of I glatliator’uni
Vith tight 'lta'tl rrin In: held his hone’i hea |
glow to his Cltt‘:l, and usingtlte spar freely.’
used the tastiuml’s flt-ry blood until large
alas of foam tlew from his jaws, his nos-i
'ls diluted, and his eyes looked ready to‘
in: from tht-ir rockets. 'o i
Atter making the circuit, he suddenly"
igucd in his horse, and the two stood mo
_nless, as ifcarred from grnije. some huu»
red yards in atlt'ace of where we fclnitlll.‘
stationary to watch the result and are
ir play. There was not however In I
antisequently learned, the slightest shun?
ension for treachery, as in these combats,
which, although tare between members of
[first tribes, are no V' ally indulged in,
ntrictestfuith is ' i 'th the terms on
.are [on ;
~ The piobaht horse wt tho bearer oflhe
lance, on which a small red flag fluttered,‘
now darted from the body of horsemen l
ittrawn up closely in the distance, and man
tiring a corresponding circle with Black‘
' Wolf. drew up in the same way opposite to
ltitn, and they appeared, few brief reconde,
‘ to be vying each other with intent far from
‘ charitable. t
i As if moved by a common impulse, both
drove the butt ends of their lance: into the
'gronnd, and the ising their rifles from
the” thighs. dam forward and fired at
the moment of passing earh other, some
'tifleen or twenty paces apart. Whether the
bullets flattened or were rendered harmless
lagainst the tough shields of hutl'alo hides
‘which were suspended round their tucks,
or whether they flew wide of their marks,
. [cannot tell; but. for aught [could see, no
i hattr: was done.
: Dropping their reins to take aim, their
horses carried them unchecked to within a
;t’uw yards of where the respective parties
iut' Osage: and l'awuers were posted. in‘
Ideed, room had to ba given to the Pawnee
Ichief. who came with such a ruah towa.ds
jnr as to threaten to upset a handful ofthe
i foremust of the spectators, among whom. as
‘ there was no danger to he apprehended, I
i had placed myself, on the Siuahhy Nigger.
There was little opportunity to examine him
tel” 1y; but he was eVidently of much less
«mm.- lltatt Black Watt, and possessed none
‘ufthat fire and nohle hearing which charac
‘ tensed the ohiefofthe Ganges. He seemed
ieqttip 'n precisely the same way, and
, was r y devoid otthe emalleil article ot‘
? attire. I. however, his personal attractions i
'fell short of that of his antagonist, his horaoi“
l‘m'tum’tp, and manner 0! using his weapons
Wt‘flnfld in every waye ual to him. Snatch
' up his reins he ehec‘hetl the animal, and
t [naught him round as ifturned upon a pint.
'and then atljuszing hia-rifle, with a rapid
movement, he drew an arrow from ltis
quiver. and. with bended bow. swept to
wards Black Wolf like an eagle swooping
pon his prey.
Souths-Oar, knowing the umrtneas;
enemy, with whom he had to deal,
was prepared in like manner, and as they
Met about midway between the planted
lance their barbed weapons Were drawn to
their lieads, and whia they went at the same
moment with barely a dozen fort intern-n
--ing between them. At close quarters such
as themand with marksman of unrivaltad
skill, it was barely possible that they should
miss each other; but their buckle" receiv
ed the arrows, and both the warriors as yet
remained unscathed. “
The short hows being asier to manage .
han their rifles, round they turned their
horses as soon as their arrows were dis-l
charged, and again they swept in tha nine.
course,\vith wa prepared uil‘hy mtg-l
ic forthe second turn tha Paw .
nee chief fortunate; for Is hel
twin to- pemived a stream o’.
ibtood tric hishtidlesamtha ar~
'row having Emittingh the .y pm
lot hia shoul r, ripping it upwards, but not ‘
{hangingiu the a'oun . B at‘lt Wolf '1”;
met with a wound in the tin-m from the‘
l Pawnee’a arrow being buried almost to the
leather in his shield; and although Ilsa-l
greatly spent in tint-tree with which itwaf'
driven. it carved a deepgaumuh 11l Iltl:
{right side, from which Ie ht lowed co l
‘ pioastv. A. . ,
l With inoraued excitement the two now;
' rode u each other, delivering their arrows i
aafa‘aathoyoould tara their hon", "Nit
it appeared to ho a point to endeavor to geti
‘a shot without receiving one in more.—
‘Knt‘so woll‘lltalehed wet! the, both as the
skill otthanqinguthfif horns Ind 9-!
l their weapons,t neither could obtasalhra
; advantage, in spill 01th. [pelt stroanous u
I The bodioa ofthe two chiefs boo-m crim
son with gore house“; .ntsmhu 0‘ .39“
lwounda which each received; bat u'
lyet no mortal one had been given. Ind Mm
gsho can nbarrvod ia protecting the bodlbyi
§tneauoftha shields, and laying along the]
ibacka of their horira. sons to W I?
view as little of their prmns_ as possible,
lthero was no N prohahtlrty of then
iweapons terminatinivthe tight.
I At length Black ott‘s hat arrow '.'"
mm, and so this My can towank him,
he held up his how to sigtdfy tat hia g
iler was exhausted. “ii-Wm ‘.U‘
nee turned his horaaa [I
when he had planted h'u macaw]
from the ground ind “theft! by birth?”
Nothing lull! to 'r‘tdflsa his example. Black;
Wolfg 3mm llli Izmn-o. and witlmul u uno- ;
nient‘l granting tinw, lllt- p'tg-iatziom hm,
spurrrd their hot and itnptaient ham-it ngnin‘
t 1 the combat, and es they (lid to, thought!
of tilt and tournament tlittt-tl tomes my'
mintl, albr-it my attention was aLwrlied lic
ypnzl tlcscziptiun in tho pending etruggle.
‘ ith n terrific nhm’t the mayhem ores»
L . and. com} Igninet the center oflhe
'ncklers, the tough ulnl'u brul like willowl
‘ wamle, and the horses were thrown almost
upon their haunuhu. Either from the rent
or weight of the Our, or the more steel
‘ire dim-tion of hi: Inre,lhe Pawnee um
‘nm thlupon M. back; end hrhis'hone
ibountle-tl forward it Retired impel-ital. that
fhe thoultl gain hie pt-rpt-udicular in the sad;
1dle; but. with, In efl‘ml whi 5 could he
lmade only by ten,'he Him Mum-If
ilMo Me W;erfi‘xflncfll
with the agility ofl eat.
It wu one of the fix -d rules in lbcse
bloc 1y fray: that tht-m mould he no time
Igiven between the aett, unu' that it was to
‘be continued without let, t‘hrck,or stop, un
‘til one of the two was llalfl. A: soon; ‘
therfore, in the home. could he brought
ism-ind, their rel-pectin tide" rechouchctl
their llncee, Ind dulml It each other Ignin
i with the fury ofcontending tiger; It might
lure been but the efect at I heated imagin-
Ilion, but as they met I funded I heard the
scrunch ol'olnncc u it entered the Hull,
and at the name momeuuhe Pawnee chief
wu tion; as ifl round that had bowled him
from his neat. In in Mint, however, he
was upon hit feet, lryingtoclutch the luau
which dangled at his hone'e heele; but mic. ‘
sing his hold, the aninul made the beet nu ‘
ot‘ the opportunity, and Ted Iway wnb nil ‘
the fleetnm he poueaoe . ‘
Black Wolf now dismounted, Inl giving
his hone and lance to Fire-fly, who rode l
t'orwerd to receive then-”trade tonrdelhe ‘
Pew-m chief. armed only with the knit. fl
Ind tomuhnwk. . - v t
The apps-Inna: of both, u they dun-I
ed towards each mhrr, wu mos! Ippllling. ‘
From had to heel they prmnled one lhlcls
mu- of Mood from he numerous wound:
they Ind rescind; bd,u if Sunni“- to
pain or fainlnen, each p pend apt u gunk
cosh to «new the fem]: , .
The, now went to work hind lo hum],
hacking nl each other with thzir tom-huh
wilh deadly luv , Ind inflicting now Ind
then mod lembf'o cull.“ A. the bank
_gyem~d. their Illieldl bum chopper‘l:
piecu, um] hung in Madge,
while Ihe blown were I owned upon them
u thick at mil. 1
With that lan , born“ I
big nun po-m imprint] 'o3s
with n mullet one. padded “Wk
‘no! infcrior, lhe odds humpinlfllyt
dent in favor of Bhek Wolf. Up h
' poim. ol Ihe Pawnee being hurled {rem If
x lam-u, lhn dune:- oflho amour apps;
! ed Wbe pull! nurly banned; but when
lit: fealum beams clung“ in» I and up“
'fighl bdwecn man and Inn, bud to band,
in sporting phraseohgy. it wu I bone to I
huy-aed. Towrring nbove his may but
link In: than a fad, tho 0-1;. draw his
lomnhlwk dourn wilh Ignite force, and,‘
“ram hil superior ruch of um, often hp‘
‘ hi: nnhgoniu oomplrlrly on ‘rho dekmive.‘
E and rrturncd lwo blow: for one. .
I Nothing daumrd, however. |ho Pav‘m
. muinuind tho unequal could with I IM‘
1 which vu- to be utingum ably lilh‘
fbilllfc. Allboughbialtllnlmmlr
‘rily weaker, In”. ducted Ind ml:
‘before his mom] fierce onnlao‘hl, ’d.
made It gooJl r uiul I: laid up but wu
ning porch, “(nu-in; hln h u the bru
n-u ol the burn mun-1y do. But lik
-3n elpil‘lng lion b. no to bowl-q!
with his d all], nhd, nppamlly on "I
point of filling before the "film! drolm
of his rnomy, he mdolenly sprang forward.
and, dining» Black Woll‘u ohield, Ip
(ll‘lvorrd |o nnke I‘lhnm 'ifll hil'dfl'n
knifo am!" it. The wavy onp.how.-m,
‘ was to lunch upon llil guard to In (lan by
‘llfpf'llt. and Min; the Puma 01, “he.
would I make, be caught him by the thrust
in hi! iron gulp, Ind holilh‘ hill out 3'
‘.mn'. lrnglh drew; his long Spuninh OW:
‘imo lho bun-r pm of flu bray, Ind nml
him lo lln dun.
. A long wihl ghoul deulmimburd {an
lhc lip; of our pan, u may wily-Id fl"-
ldeclalVl an on the pun olHlncll Wolf, Ibo
”(nod our lhe dud body of h‘s fallen to.
with his head proudly netted old lorngd
.lowud In. body or Pumas. rho we" .'.
lcnl upcclllu'l o! Illa debt. So! Iby
incondu the cage mint-land um mum,
wilhoul Ihe porcrpl'lble motion or- made,
!lud sloopin‘ he no: the dead chkPa mix“
I helm" N: am, Ind p ' .
'33 M m. mu again, My
3phmkod 111. tulip lot Ind Hailing. flail,
{lgmaldhrld [lll win I]! “M xhb‘
I? -
Aguin hi. comp-nim- filled will: u ‘
! pleasure u u» aw; in; no on. gun-3‘
”a apploach lha up! M k ‘ _.
luuirml to ‘o' ... _ fl
um .. ta", “'4' r_ ‘_
1,). * . ~ "alum-u
h- ll" “butawhioh bell}... ‘
or u by Ihc 3:0, or am "
lmch‘gg "re main hotly. ofhi. ovum
Imll. and mmin: ofl' t-lufily towards M
Wu“; a l-J‘lll' Mud was in ew-ry 3101),”
lg“: lhv r-un, IHHOHIA‘S‘ J ‘ ‘
{handy and again rum-e ~., .' ‘
; 'l‘ln n- vuu .vow lillle I l “.l V,
. “In :1; Wall collrclvd m! “Li ~
:n e vluel, Ill“?! “'oer 'a‘ir'i ,
igrmml, and, lrymg :- m. . ~
Ei'nzi. \allllml upon the be. "L. ,‘ ,t‘ ‘ w
‘ausl unit at a gallop to! u'f ' 3 “‘4 1'
'(nnuing claw, lAm Ihal ' '. _WW’ w
lliml)‘ wrre rufmvl lzackvd M! 1' ‘m‘l'l.
lbut, lmlmll likt', he poll} 09 ' Million. 3"
wmumla, and. as far u! c? 3 H“ ‘
’Uul Mlle from Ill! l‘ d_ .‘ {f
\\'c nmv murud In ‘ '_ '
'lml prmJflovl llud' ..- " l‘ ;'\
lury (hvir chiefly! 3:. , ,"'-l_ "'1
bravely “Ilhm'l'l , (“a J: .11 .’.‘.“
they laid .iiu ‘ ' ' l _, 'J
llu: wlil' t v" *3 ”ll; ’ \"M'l V“.
surrow " l ‘ 1 I ""9 "’5 . " I"B
. ‘ “'9 w '
ham m N»- ml m ...
fiynluiei’ "Dir; ‘.«C‘r’n- {Wilf
'l'h-z old joke about Symwm '4‘!” ;‘
gar-Ml by some fullu u ”“025! b .3 , '
sob” culmJ‘valion. Symmuklipvd 3. ~
the var”: wan hollow I! III: - ' ’ ' .‘
:mronomem havelold no luv-q .. l'
lu-ue‘L A mile! in Ibo Mantra-I',
mainm'vus {lard llxc diworericv thldgl"
plnrlng «Xpr-llious have substantially you'd
1h».- lbror)‘ «f Synlum. and say all} Sir
lJulm I‘rauuin lus probabl “got in;
hole Ind rta’: p?! oul !" gave“! '
tun who bare ruched A very high huh}!
within a mi yarn hn xmiuuh'utrhg
Lcyond the immune fi dds of. j“ in! 1!?
rinny ol' “’elliugm“ Chm-near Win
(upvn RI and I milder ' . "‘A‘m
m 1h:- me idenco Jour ‘ hula!
ll]! sailing ol' Gri > (ht nth
was Ihc fad ' :lhvfi
gli-Ihcx ‘ 'v l. ~ 1
Mon! , 2. ~1 ,
“ . « hula:
in in WC W
from in, , m,”
u must run: Im rotunda '
he passed to I more nmlhern' Mild! 3
ice which helm! lefl (all Ina! mul- ti;
ly uuon. Apr“ Ind Ml 7) firm id 00“,
VII hem decayed Ild “HEM“;
mull": am: upon I: r’
wood, Arctic nnimda “YE-rm?“ .
in enormous numberl. Hero we" '
signs ol'an improved climb.” ' ' ' - ‘
Upon lh'u |he Montrrdwifl
.0 follows: ‘- ~
u 1 do not know l‘°" it will “(331,“;
sir, but to me, with whou‘fio‘k' ”- -. 3
ins at I!!! pd" hubs} “uln- k“
thirly yeah, rho WM 9, W. M .
nya'qyfl {W'W
SuJ_ in huroand llul. "
"anß4 such I 9 openi . it [l]:
ah“. flu} u» must}: a?“ cum .
lllwum opening gnu: [mu-ugh- In!- :3
‘ing vet-An; i! ”kw-nub
ohucla mun-tune! m .. ‘
important, an, i} In “W. i 1
ny‘l pram rlfofll Imm, ‘ ll
return to lhe‘opcn um . ' ‘ ‘
proved clinnle’ may be M“ M" 4;
In Iddil’m so the übon.
(ho uwdilinn jun rel >
ing ”111 with Inodhw' ‘
nlwny- rim, um! I'll}: w ~
Nuthwnrd. __", 4“" 51:31.;
I Sk’lnl'nlNß ’I'ELEanAm Inn? 53';
LAMB no [auxin—Th- _ ' «3‘ _ _
wire across SI. Georgv'l C_ - I
‘Lxrmml on the ht of Jun», ' a
nlhcr Ic- Hun one inch in - ’
Hus COlpond of I umnl v , 6..
closed in a Usable gull: -.~ ~
surrounded by twin-[dud ‘s'“ ‘9 "W
‘Thc brwudlhnflhr Chan _*.z '3‘" ‘-3
3 nine miles, eighty Infield: A _ ”3'- ;
‘bonnl in prawn! Ire ' Q UT}: - ’ f
fwhlch happened .tvcfll ‘ _‘ . “I”
ML thuendonen mHu ‘ ,_ v :9“ "5"
\“’H|l:f¢l distance mu gr. I“
‘l:n( a run out. _ ' ‘ .'.‘.
"1:5 lily‘of’l'tjl i§~fé IJ9
l“'"{"dy' ..nwvm~ ‘ ”is "’.'”:‘z:
oHIm b16m1~5 - §.,' ‘ ‘7
to .'.’!) ; [ha next, 55 lo 4'! _' ‘ " ’“‘ M I
57 milrs’ (li-tunes MI!" 5 - v r ‘
Were upended. MI ‘‘ ‘w ‘:1 r 2;
resilmovodat-M‘ - w V “
hour. TIL-W . '‘3 .
SI fathoma—o.V~ Yr}; , 9, ‘ "3:93 a;
"‘_—.,-“:"f f; . “h“ ‘ v;
I [li-Mr. Wet-db.“ 3,1“3 ‘ 3,.
(he sculpiov, n viik‘flu ‘ ~ .., _
in connedibl with . F?”
we deal! not will in _"f. ..
Pow": never W” 3";0-1 I
\"(i‘rvck Slamzlu ufié : ’
:r uetiom. nun -”‘,
‘tvehnenolmnht‘lll . “3‘ I “
tin-i n min-nu ' . V ‘ ~‘
‘bnrgl':ur grad -H: ‘1“ "3 .n'_
”Madam-u“ ‘ . ‘2 -
‘ll’e Her-turd. 2;}. 1 ’2 9‘4, ':
... ”my -~
. 11.,qu. ”‘9‘”- fi ,4' ‘u
nz, by 'ly ‘ {ZN} ' ' “7:2“ ' I . ‘
"W 4, ’ - ~13:- ! "31V .v" ‘
”nun-M ' ; _ ‘ ,‘
, ‘ W h‘ -i .“ S
T . 3-" ~ '1 ,;' ‘ ‘figbfa—Wcér'A‘A-n 1;.
. , "v9l! ‘.‘. a
W . ..’ K.
be a lumen. and ~:.
A Var '3 a ‘V ~
Lulmluimd‘. ‘A 9' 'l' :_

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