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VOL. 1.
'I‘ILISIH‘.” EVER" .‘A'l'l'Kl‘AV M RNINU '
1‘ F. MLELRUY. J. J. B ' 211:.
ferm—luwu-Inbly ln Advance.
Foe on. ynr, when lent by rn-11. or taken ll
hofica.lfi,oo; {or mix months $3.00.
No Paper will be diwonlinuml, unleu nl 1h!
War the publilhcrl, until I” Inc-"gel m
' Anvnnnslsc.
Duo Iquuc. (Iwrlve line: or Ital.) lhue Inler‘
~ "5.00; for every additional inunion. “,00
A litmll deduction lo yearly Inlvevlinn.
fig m 0" in.” Ill“ be Ilfincfl,
whmm.mmlle may win a con
inuod till forbidden, and rhargml Icoordingly.
The lollawjnl [vnllemcn IM uulhorizcd to te
uin nhocriplionn for ‘ 'l‘ho Columbinn :"
A. Bssrou Moses, traveling agent.
E. B. Conronr, Poslmusler, Portland.
Scucvun S. SAUNDERS, Grhalis, Lewis
Mr. ANDREW Mu:n.Vicloria,Vancouvcr’a
ch.Tm:vm-1-, Salem. Southern Oregon.
Gno. B. Gounv, Lafayette ; ;
“’l. S. CALDWELL, Hilluborough ; ‘
JAIES C. Smonu, Calhlnmeu ;
hut; N. Bun, Whidby’a Island;
Hun C. “’lme, Port Townsend ;
Bucu & PALMER, Su‘ilacoom ;
W. W. MALLH, Ncsquallv;
E. D. WAkuAss, Cowlill Farm-3
S. S. Fonn, Sam, Chickoolcs;
CHAS. C. TERRY & Co., New York;
l-‘. S. HOLLAND, Oregon City;
A. A. DINXY, Seattle;
8. D. llowu, Penn’s Cove, Whidby’a
Joan R. Lemon, Jackson‘s Prairiv,
Luis county.
Extracts from want Exploring
‘ . Expedllon.
[ Continued .]
0n lhcir route they planed lhvee smlll
pniriu, one which wu About lcn acres in‘
ulml, and on the northwest side of I lako:
Ii! like, (Black Lake) culled Saclml by lhe
Indiana, was examined, nnd found In be 0710‘
um! I halfmilca in length, Ind lhrre~fourthl
of 1 mile in breadth. It in surrounded on
11l {who by willow Ind olden; the nail
about it van: a lighl brown randy loam ' the
[areal extend: down to lhe waler, which in
all dark brown}: color, In iflingotl with veg“
chblo mallet ; lhis, however, was not the
cue, for in Inlling the water up in I gllu,
it“: found pure Ind crystal-like. ‘
A line of muiulings wan taking Icross the
lake, by which five nnd I quarter falhoml
n- fuund lo be the greatest depth. I! wu
1“ Io übouml in fish, but. Iliey did not'aac
«dig inking any. In the lake was qunn
tilt-I of yellow lilivs (Nuphnr lulu), pond-i
wedu’omnogclon) of two species. Ind I
Net-lily (N ymphaol.) ;
‘Nr. EM Was told that there wan anolher‘
like to the norlhem. and not out wiih Mr.
Wmuin, 10 visit it. The supposed‘
Me In ruched met a walk of five miles‘
m the ulna kind of country. “delimited;
PMonly a pond, about lwo lmndr yudt
In ‘ml-r, quite :lnllow, and covered, like i
ll! {gnu}. will: Inter-lilies. _ l
Ml" thelr return they hrolro up the en
ema-nut. Ind embarking in their canon
on he Sacha), pund to its southern end.
“they entered the river of the name
111-O. This lppesred It first nlmoxt im
pl-hle, for it won for four miles almost
chub-d up with Sparganiume, Nuphlrs, Ito,
ntlut it won diflicult to pan even with
the smell once. It; breodth was from
twenty to sixly feet, snd it wu from three
to twelve feet deep. The turm nro some
tileuoshort, that the Inge canoe would
ho hfoontut with the thlokets on the bank-
Il both undo, end it required much force to
drag her ulong, by pulling by the branchca,
nod eluted greet hbor in cutting their way.
They nllo unfortnmtely lost their hatchet,
which allerw-nls proved I serious mishap.
They were obliged to continue their
course down the river unlil nine o’eloelr st
Wuhbefol'c they could find any place to
roe-mp, on sccount of the bog and jungle.‘
At that hour they csme to I small gre'cn
spat, ocCupied by I party of Indiana. Mr.
I'M obtained some altitudes ofthe uort h star
hhtitude ; and the next day. being com
pelled to make 1 portage oftwo miles to
void an impassable part ofthe river, he em
:yed himself. during the time it was milk.
..in getting I full set of equal nltitudea.
3’67. u. they hid carried every thing
Inna end embarked ; but the river we: full
if mud burs, shelloyv npidx. and sunken
Inge, which onen compelled them to drag
Gil-moo over by main force. The land on
Uh side. of the river is fist, muhsy. Ind
'tll Wooded. Among the trees were many
Q. They stopped for the night It an In-
Mm . Mr. Eld enenvored to induce
111. old cliiel'lo accompany him down the
Fiver; but he declined, migning In A ren
lon that he wu fluid of the Chinooks. I'll-
Muted that he was cliiel'ofthe Sachaltribe;
bul “the par? had met with but two or
'lll'oe other In ism during the route, they
75:“! e [um to know where the tribe r!-
It .
0n the 24”], Hwy again cmbilki‘d on lhe
“"1, 3M [LI‘I :Ill'.“.l1l‘f fruli'uinzg 13;", but
05mm; iifi’éffiéréfiij; WAsmmwlQ§ffiifiafif§fifiKai:lDNFl376;?
being now provided with palm, llll’y nuc
ccudt‘d better in navigating the canon—i
Wlin-n they had proceedrd some (“513an
they were ovonakcu by tho squaw cliiefnnd
llier husband, who PZIS‘ d them quickly in n
lhghl canoe. During the day they fill an
lernldcserled native hut“, shunted on small
iprairin, “lending back some distance from
lhc river, and in llw rrnr, on oilhcr tide,
were "en hills rising to the lu-ighl of about
fifteen hundred feet.‘ IVO kind of rack had
been obsmod on lhvir mulv, oxcrpl a sin
lgle block of gi-aiiile, which was passrd on
;one of prairies near Lake Snclinl. 'l'lic
‘chll’lcr, fur the few lasldays,hud been fine
‘and clear. _ I
0n the 96th, they set out at. In eurlyl
hvur, and In pamng one 0! the rapid: in lhej
large canoe, it came in contract. wilhl snag,
which tore ofl‘part of tho gunwule, and half
filled the canoe with water. Mlm o'clock
they reached the place where the Sachnl
enter: the Chicken-Ins, which is then.- and
hundred and fifty fr?! wide, and runs withl
n rapid current. The bottom was gnu-ally,
Ind the surface smooth. except. when: n
sand and gravel bar ltrutched across the riv
er, in a direction about cast-northeast. One
lonely lndian wan met. at the junction. from
whom they brought some pieces ofdricd elk.
The soil on both sides of the river, for
«bout ono~third of a mile back, wn deep,
‘rich, alluvial loam, overgrown with poplar,
‘willow, dogwood. and ulder. with an under
‘growth of raspberry. 0n the 26th, the
old chicfjoined the party, 3nd they all pro~
ceedcd down the river together. to the point.
where the Kluckulluui enters the Chickcelel.
where they halted. No inducement could
prevail upon the chief to serve an I guide
:p the Such-p, another bunch of the Chlo-
PQ Cl.
In the afternoon they encamped at the
mouth of the Sachnp, end Mr. Eld mode
prcplrltionu to set out early the next morn
tng, to explore it, having obtained I guide
from among the Indian- they met with
It I fiehing station in the vicinity.—
No firth, however, were to be procured, but
on their descent they came upon ceverll
llrge flocks of It’ll, out of which Mr. Brock—
enndge killed four.
Atln elrly houron the 27th. Mr. Eld, Sor
gelnt Stcarna, Ind two men, not outon their
jnnnt up the Snehap, in I amlll canoe.—
About eight miles from the camp they came
to the place where the river for l, forming
the Sachap end ’l‘lrqucouu ; here they took
home, and proceeded eight when {an er, in
I northrutly direction, Ind enolmped on I
emnll prlirie. Neither of the two river: is
penetthlc by n canoe, ro overgrown Ind
choked up Ire they with bushes and bogl.
Just It lunset they pasted a party of Suqun
mieh Indians, who were very Inxious thlt
Mr. Eld should encamp With them; but
thin he declined doing, Ind preterred panning
some distance beyond.
On the morning ofthe 28th, they linn
‘lilfled It on elrly hour, Ind passing through
rand apparent] little frequented country.—
i The guide hldv much difliculty in finding hil
way through I {crest which the tire hld
lplrtly con-ulned. At 9h 30m they reorooe
led the Suchlp, which one there I emlll
broolr, Ibout twenty feet wide, coming from
I norlhcut direction. It was about knee
deep, and clogged with llrgu creel. Shortly
after plating thin Itrenm, the country grew
to rough that. it was imposaible to proceed,
,t‘lrthcr with the honor, Ind the guide told
IMr. Eld that he would be oblige to leave
‘them. An no notice ofthis difficulty in tho
lroutc had been preriously given, it In! nat
ural for Mr. Bid to lulpecl that hie guide
:wu forming some Icheme to deceive him,‘
Ind go off with hil property. Deeming it
‘proper to come to a ti ht undcrltlndin , to
‘mlkethe guide Iwarclfint he won on tho fooli
out to punish any Ittempt at frlud,he led thol
chief noide, Int? told him thlt he intended to,
hold him reepomiblo in care of the lan ol’ ‘
In, of his thingl, or of his being doctired.‘
He then ordered him to leave one of his
slow: in charge cflhe horses Ind rfl'ectl un
til their return. Thi; nccnrdingl)‘ done,
and they proceeded on foot for Lake Nau
vitz, which they reached by one o‘clock—i
'l'hil proved tube I fine sheet. at water. it
miltl Ind I half long. by three-fourths oi oi
milo wide, ourrnunded b a thick forest of'
pin". Here they [o* In lmlinn family|
hunting. who hldjurt it: led an elk, of which ’
Mr. Hid procured the greater part, for o'
mlnllquantity of powder and shot. Then-iI
were also of the Suqunmiuh tribe. Tho.
old man of thiz party spoke rlfnrmllucrlnh,3
not for distant, to uhieh he look Mr. Eldfl
Thin wan no more than about half the aim:
0f “19 former. and the name tho Indians
gave it won Klrnalatiz: it had much the
some character or the larger one. There was‘
no opportunity of getting the depth of then ‘
two oken, for want of I canoe. Neither of
them has an outleL From the lndians‘ ac
count, the Saclml take- it! rise in n lmnll
11099 to the northwest ot’ lhele taken. I
‘ mam accompliahed lhe 01-jecl he ma in
view, Nh'. Eld lurned backund woxi reached
lhe placo whvrc ‘hcy had h-n lhe ham; and
arliclcp, which they found all sale, under
the chlrge of thc- film-e, who, from appvnr
men, had not moved from his pnsitioudurv
in lhe lime of their absence,and was much
refined a! [heir return.
Thg next. day Ihvy relurned lo (lloir par-1
(y on the Chickceln. paying on their rou|o
rume of the gigantic pine hru, su nnm to
he found in this lcnilvry Sum" "f Hus-,-
‘hal lwen lmrnl, and llml in com ‘quvucc fal
len; Mr. Eld Illui had an opportunitiy of
nwasuring them‘ ()nc,llml was not an ecl-
Pll as the largvst, for more Were many of
Pvlunl if not grcaler lrnglll and dinmclcr.
‘was measured, aml part that layin one pirct'
‘was found [0 he two llllntllhl lucl long ; nn
ollwr piece ol'lho same tree wns lwvnlg
fiw- led long,nml ntlhc small PM of l e
latter, it was still ton inches in diameter -
‘Allnwing Iweln- {wt fur lhe povlion Lle
atmycd Ivy fir.~,l\lr. Eh! thought twenty
fivc ought to he filltlt'll for its top; \leiclll
mnlms the wholv length of lhe troy, when
glowing, two humlml nml t-ixly {CH-L'-
Olhcrl were believed lo exceed lh'n, boll: in
height Ind diameter. ‘
‘ During lhe lime of Mr. Ehl‘a nllsoncv,
‘Mr. Colvncorcasis rcnmillrd n! the cmnp,
‘nml Mr. Brnckunridgu mail:- lhort excur
‘rions to lhe south of lhe Cilitkl’uh‘l. The}
counlry on this side 01 lhe icht in covered‘
with is thick spruce forest. the soil appears‘
lo dim-r much from lhat of the north, beingl
poor, and comrom! of n mixlure of sand;
and gravel. whi c on the nnrlh side it. is ani
alluvial deposit, “singing from a half to
lwo-Ihinls of: mile in wiillh, well adapted
to yif'ldgood crops 0! grain. From the math
on the trues, however, it is believed to he
suijcl to an Innunl inundation of consid
erable dcplh. Tho wealher continued dry
and clear.
Near this encampment were found some
rudely carved paintvd flank, of which Mr.‘
Eltl made a drawing. 'l‘heso rlanks were
placed upright, and nothing cou d he learned‘
1"" their origin. The color: Were exceed
ingly bright, ot‘ a kind of red igmout.
1 In descending the Chicken-res the next.
‘morning, they soon rceived by its shom
that there wan an abrand flow of the waters.
Mr. Eld tried it: current, nnd found it. wt
ting flood about one fathom per hour. As
they procwded, the shores [out some of their
luxunancc of foliage, tho hank. hill become
high. and so muddy thnt the hld some dif
ficulty in finding a suit-lilo: pace to cncunp
Some talt-oue shtc wu seen to compose the
‘hlufll on the wulh side of the river. but it
‘wu to soft and fragile that. it could not be
‘hroughl nwcy. The only nutivu seen this
day were two miserable-looking being: of
the Chickeeles tribe, but they could not un
dnrstand‘the interpruter Joe, either in the
lNiuqually nr (‘hinook dialect. The party
encamped in I hemlock grove,” thick us to
render it impossible for the usual nighlly
observations to be tlkrn. The turf won dil
ltnctly audible from the camp during the
knight. . .. - . .. .
3 “0n the am. In" pming two elbows in
ilhe river. the cape on the muth of the en~
‘trance to Grey's llorhor war leen. The
Iflood tide we: very strong against them,
‘OO that they made b‘l' slow progrcsl, Ind u
ilhey opened out the harbor Ind entered it,‘
‘they found I strong southwest wind blowing,
lwhrcll caused e ehort. and diugreelhlc eel,
lthlt they very neerly Iwnmped their emellv
fclnqe, and obliged them to run for the lee‘
ehoé. Here ell the things were leken out‘
find placed to dry, on one of the h 0‘
‘lrees that had been brought down by $Ol
freshets. From this awkward situation thryl
were relieved by the old lqulw chief, wllo‘
hid preceded them from Nilquelly. She
ceme over in her large canoe, with ten ln~
diam, Ind ofl'ercd to carry the port over to
the weather shore, where they couldyencump
in e lees exposed plus. The nfl'cr em glldly
eccepted, and they Were taken over to the
villa 0.
Me. Eld here endeavored to treat for the
purchue of I large canoe, in which Attempt
rie patience was exhausted, for when the
bprglin was all but closed. diflicultiel of 'l
trivul nature were brought up which entire-1
ly broke nfl’thc negotinlion. The Indium:
of this will-go proved themselves to he in‘
ell respect: like the tn‘hee in the interior,
who will never adhere to I berg-in if they
can ovoid it. ‘
Mr. Eld and hi: party had now a glut
many difficulties lo conlend with in carr) ing
forward I survey of tho harbor. These
nose I! well from tho \unt of wollher In
the want of menu. The Indians for some
days conlinued unwilling lo lend them my
lit in tho.- mnnagvmrnt ol'lhcir unms, and
none of lhcxn could be induced to vouiurr
out in whul lhry decnml alorlny wrnlhcr ;
anoihor reunion for not engaging in the n-r
--\‘ice was, thu-y did not wish to loom Ihcir
wives Lehiud. It being at In! agreed lhal
their win: yhouhl accompany lhom, Mr.
(Tulvocon-rsis embarked in order in join Mr.
Eld ; hut to do this it WM mummy to en
‘couulcr hoih the wind and Ira, in conse
‘qucuce of Which lhc Indiana refused to pro
‘cecd unlcsslhcy hm] an extra allowance of
‘ pogder Itnrl tobacco. _ _ ,
' Thin being rofuu‘d, Ihry quml, steered
the canon back lo the encampment. On ar
riving there, it won became evident to Mr.
(‘olvocotes-is that their intention was to
take away their canne, for lhey in! once be.
pan lo [ml in her lhe few lhings they pos
lemd. lie then fore took two of their guns.
nud concealed lhcm in one of lhe iPllls. An
Indian. the momenl Mr. (‘ulvocoresais’s
back was turned to lhe- lenls. drew his knife,
ruthed inlolhem, and brought forlh the gum,-
one of which he handed to a woman. The
muskc! which lhe squaw hm] wan again
‘lakvn, upon which lhe Indium aid that they
would comph ln- lhrir bargain, and indlfl‘utl
Ml- ('ohorurc.'siu lo hulIM‘P they would do
4,»). Hr Iliu 431‘ ‘Jlllldlh‘ 'l, and 1h _\' rm
ceded with apparent willinanwss,umilllwy
Cline opposite their own villzigv, win-r 0 they
landed, and refused to go any further. They,
howcwr. nfl't'l’rd him - sum" canoe, to lake
him across the rim-r, and the indian in whom
ilh» mush-l ht-hmged, fvrrird him across.—
In the waning, the lndianl roturncd to ask
for the muskr-t, but it was refused unlil they
should return the In that had born If“ in
ounce, and ngroe to nhirlv lly the bargain
they had made to mulvr them assistance.
The unl day the ux WIIH Natural, and tho
musket. given up. Aftur thin, I more friend-i
[y disposition mu evinced, as Mr. Eli! gun}
has from the fin-I «If their having learnt
tun Nilqmlly \vhu i...) won. i
' From the In! to the ml: 0! August, lhc‘
party effected liltlr, and their lupply of pro
visions mm becoming very low. On the lat
ter dug they liftcd their amp. about five
mih-s hwards the tapes, to a Imall patch of
mf-jdpw land, near one of the small uni-cums
which cnpty into the harbor.
After r-mainiug here a few days, they
selenlvd mother spot, at the South lleml ;
and on the loth, the Indiana failing to per
form their engagements, they moved ticir
articles thenlelvea to their new encamp
‘ merit. They had now very nearly (‘Xhalht
led their provisions, and living on the dead
Hiah they picktd upon the beach (a sort of
Ihake)andsouie barrier. From continual
i Wet, with hard work, M Well as aclnt and
‘bad food,thoy alibeeame var l'eehle on; sick.
land able to do but little worit. 0n the 13th,
Lieutenant De linemwhom I had sent over,
'arrivcd, and relieved them 3 and on hia re
turn to Baker's Bay, twenty days’ provision.
were sent with a party of Kanaku, under
the guidance of Boileau. a Canadian.
1 his supply ruched them on the 19th
August. from which time they proceeded
rapidly with the aurvey, when the weather
would permit. Previous to the arrival
Lieutenant Do Haven. Mr. Eli! and his par
ty had parted with their own clothing and
blnnhta, {or the purpose of efl't-cting the
purchase of I large canoe to carry on their
work. :l‘ho Indians refused to delivt’r it,
iexccpt for actual pay ;fnr they had not yet
‘lesrned to value the small pieces of paper,
or orders on tdo Company ’a store. so much
‘prisod in the country, and which are there
wusually preferred to the articles themselves.
iThe threat to stop trading for powder. Mr.
{Eld found was a strong inducement to ac
‘Cnnipliah any ohjvct with the Indians. for
they prise this and tobacco beyond any oth
or articles, always excepting rum.
Mr. Bid, in one instance, treated one of
the Indians to a pipe and tobacco, which
afiectvd him so much that they thought he
was going inn ts fit, and created considera
ble alarm. fhis efl'eet arises from their
mode oft-31 the pipe, for they invariably
swallow the smoke, and retain the greatest
port of it in tlte stomach and lungs.
' 0n the 24Ih,the surrey was hnishcd,and
they prepared for their depaturo. The tract of
‘land bordering on the Chiekeelcs,bclow the
‘mouth of the Sachal, and around Gray's
Harbor. is a poor deecri tiou for cultivation.
‘The spruce forest extentrs down to the wa
ter‘s edge, except in a few places around
‘the harbor. whom there are patches of salt
marsh, which produce ooarso grasses and
int’s-tail (Tqvha). The salt crceh into
iwhich tho tr e flows are generally very tor
>tuoutt; sntl the meadOWs are occasionally
.overflowed at spring tides. The only piece
ioflsnd that appeared suitable for cultivation,
’wasimmeeiatcly within the South Head;
‘but this ll of small extent. The coast, as
‘far as Capo Shoalwater. is no more than a
‘smooth sandy beach. which rises in a gentle
ficclivity to A line of low sand hills.
‘ Mr. llrackenridgo describes the coast veg
etation as consisting of Oberonis. Niottis.
lAmbrosia, two species of Aster, scveralGra
lminew, an Armeria,with a number ofsalino
plants ; the Gaultheria is found in great
abundance, bearing a palatable berry. of
which the party ha occasion to make use.
For further information respecting the plants
of this section, I must refer to the Botanical
Gray‘s Harbor seems to otft-r but few fa
cilities for commercial purposes. The en~
trance is narrow, the wtdth being from one
half to two-thirds at a mile, with dangerous
bronkers on'ooth side-s. The depth of the
wilt-r in from five lo seven fulhéms. The
Ipaco. an" emu-hug, is extensivr, but lhe
gran!" part of it is filh-tl up will: mud-nuts,
which nn- ban- a! low \vnlrr, Ind confine-
Uh- harlmr unilable for the nnchongc of run
sols to “-1; mull limitl. 1
(To be Continual.) J
l Srmmcnx—ia lulu-n from I wlmlc,
‘which difl'crs from lhe common whale by
‘lm-ing a bunch on in back. The oily mm
:from Whlch it. is made is found in I large
triangular cavily, about five feet deep, Ind
lvn or twelve feet lon . which fill-l nearly
the whole of lhe hem?| save a Ipaco left for‘
the bnin. The oil is "punk-d from lho‘
ipermaceli by pulling it into big: Ind lcl-j
Img it drip away. I! is brought home in
bunch, and Iran a yellow uncluoul appear-1
nncc. A moderale sized whale will roduco
Ibouuwelve barrels. II ll purifim‘r after
iwm'd. .
‘ (I? The «film of the Bangor Mwh‘ury
lau'ly puhlinlwd In rulirp chnpm {mm lhe
Unhle in hip papvr. ll - said that mus was
saazcr, and he rirl m 1 n+null lhanlns mwuH
b. :ntirv'y new tr: rm; r-t hi.- Kz‘d'l'li‘
The Power of Truth!
‘ Well”), we are told, is power; talrnt i.-
meL‘r, and knowlmtgo in pnwt‘r. But llvPrv
is a mightit-r tun-c in tln- World than nth-r
of tlu-seun pom-r which WPIIIUI is not ml.
tenough to purilmsv, nur gt‘nlll‘i Slzbtlr
lcnough to refute, nnrknnwlrilgi- wisc- nun,J.i
to nvern-ach, nnr authority itnpnsing l llti'll'l:
to rilonco. They nll lrt-ml-lu in its In: I
vncc. It is truth—the 1" silly "Ir-st pm. in.
l'ltflllt‘lll of sin-in] or individual lit-L '1 ho‘
tnssul uptvn tlnl lnlans of popular tnnmn
lion,” can! intg the sun-n lultt furnnu if
peLSvCulinn, or trainplwl into thi- dust "3 i
the iron heel of power, hull) is ll)" out: in»
tlestructiblo thing in this world that loses in
no conflict, sutlkrr from nu min-aw: r 1
nlntrmnnd maintains ill \ilnhly an! c lil
plctcneus nl'ti-r every nurult. All lxmv‘d cf
conspiracies have been undertaken to 11-‘nl rv-v
and (him it from the earth; all mum-q v 1!
pom-r linve bl"'n flilflury'l'tl tu crust: 11, 11:! ll
all kinds of artluctiun t-Inployetl t > \ nab-i
and [)oin it; but none liar nucceqlt ti, '1: 'f ‘
none ever will. We can be contitn'. it
nothing clse in this worhl, bul the 51'>l_"l
and imperishubility ul truth~fur II is n v ‘ rtt
of the Divme nature, and inl‘eult‘t‘l '1 *mi
eternity and omnipotence of its milltr r ..u;
source. It may ntten room to be in m.» grr
—il in much sot. upon an t umnl: ' ' . ,
liter t‘ightceu hundred years A -~r 6:,
Inisuncc as Not; but IEIP'HI" k i ->: e.
riencc ought lo re-ansnrc our :,.Z:Y i' 5
never yet failed, and it nexur ~. .i.. " r .:
alwayl ncoomplirllctl its rtrl, hl ,4 'l' ~ - :1
will. We may rut “randy n; 4:. 2. v_. :
feel no-larm; We nay nnw‘inu- l. r
ccsl, and enjoy its triumph in Il‘ an: I:
this struggling life, what 1 :_ «mm “J
and comfort in thrre in It's :9. «cl-H --I
the man of truth. Ind th» catN-Vl' x- .2 ,
are connected with llte mast. u- :r'w; a:
in the world, and haw nil m _.a a. p ll
ween-ding whkh God's nuns“: . ...:zl :-
Ind decree uflimt. ,
Tn: Ammunx Cumzrm.~ “a ru-fi;
or dnwthe followmg can“ a m”, ‘
0!: [The AllWlica}; m: In: n." e' ‘ z:
lhln Bumpuno—dlm 13, lm (1m; :ni v ‘1!-
lhe loan of life, the grate: low. Hm x. 'v- e»
(um. When u nun dm, ynu tee :: v«- d
lhlt. sentiment which nuntunds such u
even! in older counirieu. '1 he Anvn «c: in
silent in manner, embaurusi I‘l 5- n: ‘r-t,
‘rxlremoly mounts in La ()Herwh ~ ;-‘
humln mlun, Ind Iny "um um MW“
bc-rto be loluliuized has L l .veo: q
llherc. The Amuriclnjmfg-w mum; :51 z; c
lcyc, 1:11th a man uni-ml: » p we“ hf nu
‘mliion; your ten-pennant. yum-h, hrk
Ind Icl, Ire 11l lahn in I; Man; In E, 1*
you can gu u the man .i m jugmm,
you will find I teumrhzla shim" a'rm
of your exact 91th wnuunflxrem (hr..-
In phrcnologisll Iml pnysw;:.\:—.:m_ r x
mfl’ely n phi ouopheu. ‘ .3! an I" y'ml a;-
plins ol' lhose indium.- enemas; a: c, *9-
mlh labor of pommv luzztwu m- hr
guor, there is an amount .1 ~3:.-.‘r;_\' (”’il au
liun, mcnlll and physiul, [n-zll‘c. , , if“)
ting. They no not “me n: nu.- . gh.‘
bunch" of science Ind Magma), l'.“ 243:
bend all to utility, Ind are, a: a menu,
bell Irilhmmicilnl in the “mIJ; ark l. -
Icicncc ulono she: I (rm: umLPr ~1 m‘L
lone iolhcir menu] working; in r :I. .. :w
I mu: wnnuwreflecl on a prop-. 1 -, .r
nayl,‘ Wait till I figure up.”
Pounssu unwnu Bnom. 1:5 A‘..'
Slant—By endeavnriug to an ill? ‘ “ty—
it of polihneu, it will Icon bwon'e t "4..“
and ail on you will: cue, if not My (3.»
glnce. Let it never be forgotten rm gm.
uinc politcmu in I greul fuflen-I‘ ul’ hmilv
love; it Illay- Iccidentul irrimlmn, iv: glen
venting hush retom nml rudu cmlrn'm
lions; it when: the boistvroul, mum at?!
the indolent, uuppreuc- Iclfilhnou, nl.",
forming a habit of con-idulmiun fur “Mn-:5,
harmpnizos the whole. _
Polilcneu begets polilvnvna, nml lefmu
may easily be won by il loleme ull'tlu: :L-‘r
way: they bring harml from selloul or c l
loge. Sisters ought never Io II‘CQIYB Im
liltle Iltcnlion wilhout Ilmukinglhemlo: A .
never to ask I flVol' of them bul in Cull!-
tcous lrrum, nrver to reply In their qua-Mic.- .‘
in moncsyllableu, and they will soul) Lo;
Bllllfll‘d to do Inch lhingl llmmalvw. Bull:
prcct‘pl: and example ought to luc lainl mule. ‘
contribulion, l 0 mnrincc lhom 11-at Inn on- ‘
can have really good manners abroad “In L:
nut hnbllullly pulilc at houn- ‘
Slumnm'xm: Erma. -Snmr pflnplu mm 1
lhcir ey‘u wilh green or ullwr uhadu, win-n‘
Inylhing is Hm math-r of Ihem. 'llnis il‘
wrung his now m-rrlnined hy Illa bM!
occullau, that shades injure |hc sight infirm! ‘
of slrengthcuing it, from Iheir creuling lucn!‘
Ind inflmnmion in Hm pull afl‘tclod. ”I
Iho 95» be injured, and ligh! inmppovflblgl
lhe but way in lo tie n cool linen handkrrfi
chief over it. We have heard it. MIMI In‘
L curious fact, that when the English mny‘
rrturncd from Egyyl, thou soldirrn “‘vrr‘
least. aflvch-d wim nphllmlmil who had
worn no from: [0 their hm. {
RI.CII‘E run Goon "Elam—Rim bolimes
in I mornin;, aml go urly to nut, that the
body may be prbachv-d in hrallh ; In yuul
n-flvrlicn lye», how short are yuut hours he
l'om you. if devoted to businvu; study up
ml q-njnyluvnt or olhev rational urn-anion ;
am] [lg-'n find time, if I M: 'm m Inqurzgin
rpl‘ltn In". All-humhr. ‘
NO. 41.
Diamond mm.
He u "3 ‘t'nfld Ju- nonex or II!!! than
, « gm, in I :qud. -0
1‘ "Name 1! we onward garmrm of
~ ',.’. v;.!; 2.4: Mgr}- In the nulaholh in
1- ' .:!., if yuu mack ”Imm. Luthing like I
L *r c‘. 1' 1- “fund.
Int“. lax-n, \n‘l hzg'“ :uralizy are (ha
'2." :-
Hllly F9l" drx-Lk 9": ::‘-mar of L-inL
1"" '0 raH'ng hat.
‘ ‘ 1 unit Mfucfus‘. way to «cm» happi
ness '0 awash“ in 13 c afar it upon olh-‘
iv”! . .
‘ .'~..- Ma hunr' n: crust"! an} luau-ted by
[h u... -Pultlx~!l\r.l, r :1 in "the: the
‘und :3 at v»: and him if 19.: In" of
L l,- ' 2'. .1 .d:‘ t.) :9 1? at :‘T .';‘rs : ‘l‘H‘
' - —fér.'! xiv. :: 1‘ ~ "i.:.'., u it. 3
"tray, 'w "max "u- ‘.:e Tum hci ml
il‘-‘k. yo; "-3.: ne’rnv 2.‘ ‘ airsught
A: «sum “.315. we {v.l we cum!
uifnm r! -_-u you, a"?! W:- lnsrr. to!» ”:5!-
’s"“'\l‘.‘.l ': ’Hl' CHLO'IURH
‘ If 3* I “(7.313 rot ‘9'” eflmfic': vim you
‘qu- , isn‘t. at once ”2 MA! .: lucuen,
| .. , . .
' It '5 I' ~'o nuww I'vsfsrtuao I! 1111109,“:
" r_».-t)i'-:1‘ rrvp '5: prcsr'my
"‘-- :v- s n p'fit- s~ irficata a nature,
"'. :_.» t'v-u'. )2 ,_'~y --.u:.cTLen hull it
(42- ""13 's t'hi :-' ‘hlflajr thud, will
that n ; h.- L:: mane 1:10:39.
‘ '“d m: sm‘eguud :‘s the 33‘." of danger
at J o: d I; .
- Hm I! w}. Mtpfv’.‘ we should bu but for
5 ms ::' l haw: "71v!
A gr‘d‘ 1"” :I'e tealfrzenl of I [nod
."rnzi. 1‘ ,san a;J!ca:lcf‘.vnoaghl lo clung.
P."‘.:"I’AP.;B cuff: runs into {undilut
nasn. wm 'h .zuiu a man :: nuinplcuuro
,;.' 1'33! ‘l.
‘- 'l‘: 11.11:. "hat o'. :3 :52 but Rail-hon;
.-~: ' gmlumm to end a In excolltnt to
’En ..‘z‘l'. -
‘ P 2. 2‘ he". uf high reputuin, u. Lin
“2:: -: a magi-m, :tn'iaully'nirud u,
La: i? "cud may l-‘e their lit. and has:
","v‘: 20:?
: T'rx- ant-lib are-Imm unifyinvhore
fr.) An.- has 'or hit-ml? mom, and vhmiif'
.49 limo» b happy, In mun Hum M.-
[x-m, cud lav. n. bcmh‘e.
I übcuny inn-:5 amu ten; in! n fu
'22:... m. I nine ‘5 ha Mo. {no-nu
qhtl dul' "I'an I.» the held
:’3‘ mm. Ch W." l‘.;hou‘h tho crown
can; be of Dani: .
' 191-” Savvy-When )1; Dec | msn
lapeurg k 1! melcanging absut lhl meets,
with»; 1-“ "cl. you need not «pen! that! In
filth: nu; rm'wyb uni.
i Fulfil-1?!» (Mr 0! lhenmn—ymo if
'l‘}: ram, makes and melt; mm 2! tho
lqualrn; “it n the epic: 3nd poppor ‘
pow-9 " new we ‘An ~ Emmy Ind (:12; IDJ
. an”? ~n~zmwg rerpzmncn an I o upple
‘11.)”P. “n. ‘ .
L. n- : ~-.»: my} 9120:!” nnombu that
M‘f w d u‘ , I'wzvc ham! induury. Tb!
- .“123, 3.1.... team-L when magic of
; n.l,- am} 122': I are flair. for mat of oc—
;.1»;\1:~u, may he“ with Item upon itch
‘ :‘uwr ragga: a! his I'. .3 but his mom n
‘;'x..-‘:. f. s sonic-up: hm:
Tw-a ‘5: rut-rm letweon lui I
gécd monk lad In? 1.; 11—050!an "sll.
m and rememrsr-ngtt—‘sdwen rtmunbu
ya; E: in! wan-13‘ 1 n, Ind between
“ma—wand”! I'. mi tpplylng n m pne-
‘ .le-s "a "-e mighty soap MM"
-- ‘\ ”51' .. grown- .p childrenoflsicncu
noun lauzsua’fl. 'A'mla tho bond In?"
:- 13p; *3 .. r.; “minimum Ig
-. I .1 -.A- 4nd wgum with tho man
:I mz'f'lu.
’ Wyn Man 1:a t!!rnua.-Somo
‘r'yw‘fi. yw‘nla of v. .. use of tell to MINI
vrlrl. m- u‘o to converse inmlligonlly on
'alzn .r. n _v mg. ;:. whda 011 m: no mumif
1 3;“: to mm -f anything buuho most
‘zm'w .1 mam-n Whu malm the differ.
lame 1 Yu [mm u we“ “k, what make.
‘m. x :1»: use in It \ Ippeatancn of (In hull
H - 4' 2-: ‘ 1:, In! a key! on a manly mp.
fly , I l‘.- mum fun, and Iha on. Ihn
in.- plenty nf u "Hitting, food. The you".
why an mnvma «niy an the mod "Ming
Jury-m. bu Mar-'9l h- mind.
(‘uuucnn -We may euilyjudgo of a
mun‘n :hnucur by whu he lona—whit
pm“. hart. If I per-on manifest! planar.
m k w “1 12mm! okvjnelp, in vul'u w
Ir.) 40mm; lungunge; in the minfofluno
y-f h-I fcl'nl'a, OI cruelty loanimala, we my
Al one: rimmin- the comylexion of hi
vhvnctn. o'. the century, If he love. pu
m}, mod-19y, truth—Hf vittnonl gin
(mg-gm nu mun sud draw out hi- I “at
-we nay be untied lhu he inn upright
mm. A debuted mind shrinks {WI uno
‘cmion WI") the good and vine.
‘ fl- Tho old man who a m ‘ Mun.
‘in ends-voting to hnmh com fmn hone
cheainuls. in now cullivulng the egg plum,
‘n‘h a "new '3l mung rhichm (mm them.

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