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Martlnsburg Worsted & C?ss|mere
Company Will bo Sold by
February 7^-? the work of the cir
cuit. court was finished ami adjourn
ment taken until the next terin. Mon
day el en ing Judge VI oods went to Charle*
Town, where be convened court Tuesday
Former Judge E. Boyd Faulkner,
sitting In the case of W. H. Craw
ford vs. the Martinsburg Worsted &
Caaslmere Company overruled the
exceptions to the commissioner's re
port, confirmed the report regarding
the Hens and directed Attorney How
ard H. Emmert to make sale of the
property on March 12. This plant
employs 125 people.
Judge Woods confirmed the com
missioner's report in the cause of E.
H. Tabler and others vs. the Cacapon
Power Consiany. The commissioners
were H. H. Rutherford, W. O. Nick
las, H. O. Bowen, Howard Tabler and
C. E. Thompson, and they were to
assess the damages sustained by the
plaintiffs by the building of an efic
tric line through their farms. Tfie
damage was fixed at $200 in each
Friday afternoon the cause of J.
B. VanMfctre vs. O. B. VanMetre
came up to be heard before Judge
Woods. After hearing a few wit
nesses Judge Woods asked for a con
ference with the attorneys and noti
fied them he was not eligible to sit
in the case. Saturday the applica
tion of J. B. VanMetre, who is seek
ing to have his brother adjudged in
sane, was doeketed, and a special
judge will be elected to hear the case,
but no date has been fixed.
The distribution of funds, amount
ing to $7,667.12 was ordered tn the
cause of J. M. Blllmyer, executor of
5ohn Sutton, deceased, vs. Mary E.
In the cause of W. W. Downey et
al vs. the Stewart Vehicle Company,
the Bale of buggies was confirmed
and a partial distribution, of funds
Saturday aftirroon Judge Woods heard
tha arguments in the case of A. M.
Gilbert vs. the City of Martinsburg.
la the case of the Manufacturers
Finance Company vs. R. N. Stewart
tc Son, 'Judge Woods sustained the
demurrer to the second count in the
9. 4- Q. Employes Recovering From
Severe Operations and Others
James Smith, of 320 North High
street, who was recently released from
the City Hospital is recovering from
a most serious operation on the spin
al column, that he is now able to
walk about, and hopes in a short
thnetime to be able to resume his
regular work with the B. & O. here.
11. A. Hiamman, of Pennsylvania
avenue, who was confined in the
Kings Daughters Hospital for sam/o
time with appendicitis, and waa re
cently released, has gone to work
again In the B. & O. shops, where he
is a machinist.
Near Berkeley 8prlngs?Mr. Quick Is
Pleased With the West Vir
ginia Hills.
A contract has been let by Herbert
Quick, of Philadelphia, editor of the
Farm and Fireside, for a magnificent
home about three miles from Berke
ley Springs in Morgan county.
Mr. Quick has been spending his
summer vacations at the springs for
several years and seems to be de
lighted with the West Virginia hills.
The general exterior appearance of
the planned residence, it fs said> is*
somewhat like that of H. C. Brooks'
Red Hill home in Martinsburg. The
contract for the building proper has
been let to W. H. Young, of Berkeley
Springs, and the cost is supposed to
run between KJtfrty and forty thou
itstd dollars. j
Sensational Stories About Express
Agent Marshall Are Discredited
By Friends.
A rather sensational btory is going
(lie rounds that Thomas Marshall, a
trusted employe of the Baltimore
and Ohio Railroad as agent at Mag
.ic'la, and in connection therewiM.
also agent for the U. S. Express
Company, has absconded with scv-ir
-a! hundred dollars of the latter
fm.p?.ijy's funds in his possession f.s
tfielr agent.
It is almost Impossible of b*i>:
ntiK.ng his many friends that ne tS
guilty as accused as he has always
borne 'a good reputation, lie is well
known to the leading biisiaov* nu n
of this section of tl:*? state. For
yeajp he engaged in the r^rcautllo
bu">'nexs nt Bayard, Grant. i\y,
and iaser hG traveled out of Kca:"*y
f?r the Kenneweg Company, cove,
ing several nearby counties.
Several weeks ago, he gave out
that lie had been assaulted and >iob
bed by highwaymen of a consider
able sum of the company's money.
Following the regular custom of
such big corporations he was after
wards of course under strict survo.il
ance by their detectives, which may
have had to do with his leaving,
whether guilty or not.
The List Continues to Climb and the
Half Mark is Almost Reached.
StiJI Working
The subscription list of the East
ern Panhandle Fair Association con
tinues to climb, and the half mark is
almost reached. Friday was another
good day for the solicitors, and twen
ty-nine shares were added, thus bring
ing the number up to 477.
The subscribers are not confined
to Berkeley county, but five of the
number come from Hampshire, one
from Jefferson and four from Mor
gan, while Maryland contributes two.
The solicitors are greatly elated over
the outlook and believe the goal is
not far away, but they are still work
ing and hope to have an excellent
report to make this evening. Fri
day's subscribers:
Harwood Burkhart, city; L.. C.
Hoffman, Bunker Hill; R. H. Boyd,
city; C. D. Burns, city; C. M. Sei
bert, city; W, G. Smith, city; C. 3.
Kettering, city; Arthur Nageiey,
Kearneysville; E. J. Hasenbuhlei,
Cherry Run; J. S. Manford CV.c.-y
Run; S. I. Michael, Cherry Run;
Scott Barnes, Cherry Run; Charles
T. H:tt* Harpers Ferry; Reg Hover
vnal3, Hircock, Md.; H. R. Smithey,
Ric'g'w i*y; William 1*1. Lingamfeltcr,
North Mountain; E. G. Hlett, Hedges
ville; T. T. Barker, Brunswick, Md.;
J. Sl^an Kuykendall, Roamiey; S.
Kump, Rornnoy; John J. Corn well.
Rorr.ney; E. F. Staub, Romney; G.
S. Frederick, Romney.
While Further Investigation is Being
Made?Some Clues Being Run
The two Shipper boys. John and
Charles, arrested Wednesday by Con*
stable Wild, on a warrant sworn out
before Squire Thompson, charging
'them with having stolen goods in
their possession^ have been released.
The authorities, however, are not sat
isfied of the innocence of the boys,
as their statements of how they came
into possession of the sack full of
brass bearings representing consider
able value, were not by any means
clear, hence 'tihe goods are being held
awaiting further development. They
claimed they bought the metal from
some one in Berkeley Springs.
In the absence of any directly in
criminating evidence Squire Thomp
son released the youths on their own
to lyvujurniiuu
V%"ar:J N Fights and Th.-ows
r.ton Ti'rojfih Windows of
?i c 1 e I Property.
\.a.*d . ? ' lin, a known bad-ncior
iliO;r t : assaulted Anui
Harden, co'.crvd, with his Ji.?ts, wl:'!
'oitoring In i'i? ? back yards of I So
Herlu li y : . .1 ?Irv:::'.on c.mvitien, . .i
Also r.ton( 1 : c.)l r; ! Men. b:\
ing window. with Hying missh
The liar I en wcnifn swors . ;:k
warrant before Pol'co Jud*p L"Ii
and in arresting him Policeman J!
!1g and Conr-tah'f: Y/iid. had :: In*
:!i:ie as v'ftVo'.vly c :
!s :i knov l.-: 1 actr.r ' h
quent'y 1? < iv tror!:!e 1;
m n&nnwis
.i.iWjt iv. .1 . '?J 1 vl O. I i.-V
nn>rTfi' to >Tn nri-jopp.
flIM \ i>* w?-V;S. ;
l|U!L ? f.E i . : . is : .? .j
Monday Funeral Services Will Be
Held In Trinity Episcopal
Mrs. L. 1\ DaisJiidge, who comes
from oi.e of the loading families of
Northern V!r:\-; li . ?iI^ 1 at her home
at The wx/, i-.^r v\ inchester, last
Monday at high noon funeral serv
ices were conducled in the Trinitv
lOpiscop-l church of Mart inshtirg by
i Knctor ('. I)u:kep and intorment
followed hi N??i !? tune ("e ? Ht-'v
Postmaster Henchaw Re-eleotod Pres
ident and Chief Quir.rt is Voted
JUse Company No. J held .1 regu
lar meeting last night in their rooms
011 West John street and elected the
following officers:
? President?<E. C. Henshaw.
Treasurer?C. M. Seibert.
Secretary?4Iugh Keller.
Assistant captain?W. B. Barr.
First lieutenant?-(Russell Pearrell.
Trustees?>A. S. Poisal, Arthur Ben
der and G. W. Gibbons.
The election of a vice president
was deferred until the next meeting.
No captain was elected as Captain
1?\ B. M?cBee has another year to
The coiupany voted to attend the
bazaar of Hose Company No. 5 011
the night of February 27.
' Fire Chief Quinn was given a vofo
of thanks for his selection of equip
ment for their new truck, which will
be fitted up at once.
: Some shouters for a literacy test
' for immigrants would be in sad case
if they had to undergo one themselves.
New York Aimerican.
Property Brought $2,600, Horses and
Cattle Selling for Remarkably
High Prices.
Friday Auctioneer Jolm W. Dodd
and Lester Hoffman sold the proper
ty of N. II. Kilmer, who lives on the
David Smith farm, Tuscarora road, 1
and the sale proved quite a success.
The property brought $2,60ft. the
horses and cattle selling for remark
able prices. Ilarwood Burkhart was ;
the clerk.
Mass Meeting of U-No-lts.
The young men's social club known
under the novel name of U-No-Tts,
lipid a bi(3 rr;<<<s ? meeting in t h e' *
rooms at the old Casino Monday
nlpht. when members were admit
ted and other important matters giv
en attention.
oc?> ?ulio..CjC
I'AKK WUHIiURU. rob. 4.?lTornu r
State Senator Thoi.nas (Jartlaii, po'i
tician and oil man, widely biic1*'?- ov :
West Virginia was mad'e d?. ' t: l.i: '
in divorce procsedings instituted ' :.'.i
afternoon by Mrs. Cccel:.'
The bill in the case wis not flit-' ' <
Mrs. Oartlan's counsel won1.:] n., .'!>
cuss the ground <>!' action to bo alleg
ed but is" said tho ease \*/i?I pro-. >
sensa .ional.
MMMt HA!''iV ? 5
(<: W ! \* !?: \ T N F' ? I< f I \i !?' \ - ?
wo \i K N < ?F 1' TT ?' <?!' F
r r \' v > ? y
A(1 'H ' ** ? |!?
a cm t( y ...
vh'ijmI'I'* ?<? rl ? '> ?*->?? ?? 1 ?.'?<?.
n ? -1 ? il ntiHwt* s 's pr ? ??<! .
? ihhVN ???? per ? 11 ?_r ;i i v b" <,!e.> * \
A?d f moac 'v ?? ho'ids /
C'?pV "f 'll'S I'm.I.' -llO.nl.i |i?- ii- iyy l
Nc o liniijw I I ice ?> ? in v - ?
?inie ? ?1 00 Cash >t u.- t ?ti \ a? i*.
'*? Il>| a y '*?' ei r, ?>?? t.; W> il. !?
11 * e J11 ?' 111 > W > I t 11 I < ? \> r'i V M; 1
N t S .i;i uie on ill ?> S t hi t)-? it
erf. r'vi l .ii I: r ?i. om. tin, a -i: ?>
o A . < ?? i a. L\ i <11' yb
?Jphn E. liruuf (ii it, Awiiiui .u.ii j'..
*111 Cnl?rt>.r. \ mi MJih N. V
There are strong indications 'hat
Virginia will jo'n her youngest
daughter anH go dry soon as the Ma
chine can work it out
|)n y/ ii know i1 r Youth's CoippiiMi'n
an it is tod y??? n lui h?-m1 . nip-ove*.
broadened 1u iip reach of IiU'ii-.m in ? ? .
fH11-V You Ughl in kn< *A* it if n ? ?
now. You wili he nurpiinn at v?h,t
>e?-r'<? reading ? f The i/omi'Huinn win
do lor your J'mni!v No An crifmi
monthly magaz'ne offers i nch a quan
tity of reading a? d it comet" w.>. ui> .
1*' tlor can fl;? < 1 1 o bpttHi <ditof'.ii
p?K,J publishtd With it-< itn paili |
comment. itn Natu?e and Scienc .it v >!
keep a huny roan well n formed. Th
Fh nil.v Page, tin* B'<y~" l\jfc??. ilir (i rii>.'
Pan'', and the Children 'h Phc'' in aildi*
lion io pinht ?e? i I ft>>1" ? ar-d 2A0 ??th? r ;
Hto?H'H f<>r all iHh famiU , eug/est i|)?? ;
laviph |m for n w ar n ^ ending, i?nd .
pv?*ty lir eir* i nbliched with a pn:potM\ j
No othnr y\meri('m * i<>?1 urn I ivivf in 1
th<> haiue field of inie-e.v "t idTriv ntich J
h quaritily ? f r? *<\ u. j? t as low nt. No j
other publication furrishen more inspi- ,
ration or enlnrtainment., or ' j?'> M !
jzrpater confl ience.
[f 5011 arf* n<^ fwuii oir with Tin Omiu j
paviion. let ub'end ,\ 011 tlir< <- cunent
instaes free, that \ ou rna? thorough I <
veet the paperV quality.
144 Uerke'ey St. . Hos'oi , Mass
New Subscriptions Kbckived at this
It Always Helps
says Mrs. Sylvania V/oods, of Clifton / ?: !-. ! ... in
writing of her experience with Cardui, the woman's
tonic. She says further: "Before 1 to use
Cardui, my back and head would hurt so Kv\ i
thought the pain would kill me. 1 was he \!!y
to do any of my housework. After taking oott i:;
of Cardui, I began to feel like a new w m n. 1 soon
gained 35 pounds, and now, I do all my housework,
as well as run a big water mill.
I wish every suffering woman would give
The Woman's Tonic -
a triaL I still use Cardui when I fee! a lit'.!, bad,
and it always does me good."
Headache, backache, side ache, ncn ousness,
tired, worn-out feelings, etc., are sure signs of woman
ly trouble. Signs that you need Cardui, the woman's
tonic. You cannot make a mistake in trying Cardui
for your trouble. It has been helping weak, ailing
women for more than fifty years.
Get a Bottle Today S Jt;
Very Sick?Ex-Sheriff Goec to Balti
more Hospital.
Kx-ShorilT ci. VY. Cross, of Morgan
litis gone to 1 ar.i'
enuiT<i a hospital for treatment. Hh
' luis been sick for seme time and his
i oar.r'.itior. has grovn alarming to 'lis
many friends.
The Ladies of
Tell Hou) to ilea. <:hc High
Cost of Living in
i? 1
Biff I %*ie Economy
Cook Book
The most vtial
subject of
the day.
The Greatest
Seilar since
the t( Titanic"
The wives of the President of the
United States, Vice-President, the
Cabinet Officials, Speaker of the
House of Representatives, Senators,
C onpreszmen, Governors, Judges and
hundreds of other important women
of the day, have ell contributed T HEIR
to make this Work a grand success.
Nothing like It cvsr published?Tho many
unique features such as tho cross index
to recipes, and especially the biographies
of the celebrated contributors, make the
work of both national and local interest.
There*3 a Gold Mine in It
for Live Agents
Previous book experience is unnecessary
as more glimpses at the Prospectus show
ing the multitude of handsome copy
righted illustrations and invaluable rec
ipes by the most prominent people of
the day "will d< lufjo you ?with orders.
Prnd 25 cents for outfit and full instruc
tions?act now while your own favorite
territory is still open.
Dept.\ 61
W. B. Coiskey Company
- . ^ v ? Mi wAm!
i ftrrt V' ;v ???'; -???- -<? "3
1 V Jv.vi ?* '??
The Wkso's Tonic
FOH &A'~c BP/dbGiSTS
F4 -?

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