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* inty Board of Health Officials
fake Prompt Action and They Be
lieve it Will be Confined to the
One Case Carried in From Doe
Gulley?People all Vaccinated.
The announcement that lledgesvillo
has a well-defined case of ?:na!lpo.\
?i the person c? a negro, Theodore
. .iomas, who is confined in the j
home of another colored man, Wil- 1
Ham Mason, is causing no little un- |
paainess, not only in the town, but
m the county of Berkeley, which hzs
* tie through a couple of expensive
epidemics of this fever, one of the
most loathsome diseases of the erup
tive class, in the past eighteen months.
The victim of this dread malady,
^ame to the home of Mason about
ten days ago from Doe Gulley, where
had been working for railroad
. mstruction contractors, and where
lit least some of the canvps are known
to be infected.
Dr. Ross, who was first in the case,
called in consultation Dr. D. P. Frye,
r-nd they together diagnosed the case
"cs smallpox, yesterday. This v<*as
8unday evening, and today Dr. W. T.
FJenshaw, president of the Berkeley
bounty/ Board of Health, went to
'Hedgesville and at once put into ef
fect necessary quarantine measures,
Including a guard for the premises of
As there has not yet been sufficient
time for incubation in any casos
where people came in contact with
ThomaB and might have been infect
<b.l, it is now impossCble to place any
estimate on the outcome. All the
members of the family of William
Mason were vaccinated last Febru
ary. At this time Dr. Frye, who had
been appointed by the county board
of health to carry out the legal vac
cination rules under the state law.
vaccinated about four hundred pco
i>ie in the Hedgesville com/munity e.?
\ precautionary measure, at that time
esp= cially in need because of the ex
istence of several smallpox cases at
Baxter and at Butts' Mills, only five
miles distant. \
Practically all the people in the
neighborhood of Hedgesville have
been immunized by vaccination, in
cluding the school children of the
town. Dr. Frye met with pronounc
ed opposition in many cases last
spring to the vaccination campaign
he was conducting, and one of the
parties strenuously objecting, was
tlo man Mason, wh? now has the
smallpox in his home.
Dr. Henshaw at this time, is un
afcle to estimate the outcome, except
that the thorough and general vaccin
ation will prove effective in most
cases, and that but few people if t ny
were exposed to Thomas. It is im
possible to get complete trace of his
movements after he landed In Hed
gcsville. The mayor of Hedgesville
at once toad the case isolated In the
home where it was found before the
county health authorities had time
to act.
?Summdng it all up, the local physi
cians, the citizens of Hedgesville and
Dr. Henshaw, take a fayorable view
of the matter and hope for the nest.
*i // ;.7.
There is no need of people being
afraid to transact business in Hed
gesville, as they can not possibly be
exposed to the sick.. ,,
In 1912-13 Berkeley ..county had her
' ' ? I * ? .
share in smallpox epidemics, In all
94 cases, that .cost the county In
round numjbers $6,860.00, and no end
of inconvenience to people and a no
ticeable loss in business. The county
board of health has been yery active
in enforcing vaccination regulations
under tyho^ptate law, and have suc
ceeded.-., Jn ^ **ttefactory measure in
the fty^jpf f pronounced opposition In
a gMJflt n^ny:,,Ing^ce^ ; There is
never,any,, ? no wi n g into what "big cost
pox epldejnic may run
at fco/r
ly favors the develap^^ ^nd .spread
of imaUpox. The ?erm? teem to be
especially Infectious in extrennely
cold weather. and tlie disease much
mere fatal in Its effects, lleartv co
operation on the part of the people,
What West Virginia Did to Combat
the Dread White Plague
T uberculosis.
Following is the official report by
Dr. Irene 13. Bullard, of Charleston,
of Red Cross seals sold during the
Christmas holidays in this state:
CHARLESTON, Feb. 10.?The Red
Cross Christmas Seal headquarters
wish to express their thanks to the
public, the newspapers and the
agents who so ably assisted in mak
ing the 1913 sale of seals the largest
in their history.
Seals were sold in 1S6 towns and
19 counties, Pleasants, Wirt. Wyom
ing, Grant and Pendleton counties
having no agent. Not counting the
larger towns which have local lea
gues more seals were sold in Fay
ette county than any other. Char
leston and Clarksburg sold more
per capita population than any other
Total value of seals sold.. $5,748.89
Percentage paid to National
Red Cross $574.90
Total amount of tuberculosis
work in state $5,174.09
Amount retained by local
leagues of state $3,437,415
Amount retained by state
le>ag\i? $1,736.63
Party of Martinsburg People Wire
From Chicago Trains Encounter
er Severe Storms
The party of tourists, Airs. George
Snead and son, Connie, Mrs. Anna
Dutrow and son Jack, Miss Ada Dut
row and Lawrence Dutrow, who left
this city late last week, enroute to
Ban Francisco, have been heard from
through telegrams to friends here,
the first message being wired at Chi
cago. Up to that time they had no
serious troubles or delays on the
trip, though they encountered severe
cold weather crossing the Alleghany
range. Beyond Chicago, it is known
that all trains have been more oi
less snow-,b#und since their last mes
sage came, as violent snow storms
and blizzards have prevailed all ovei
the western country, and the suiter
ing and loss of life has been great
At best it is feared they have suffer
ed much inconvenience.
FIRES COST $100,000,000
Yearly Bill In Damage and Loss of
Business; 90 Per Cent
Tlie organization was announced
from JNew York of the American So
ciety i'or Fire Prevention, with the
object of carrying "an aggressive
and militant campaign for lire pre
vention into all parts of the United
The society places the annual lire
loss in the United States at more
than $200,000,000, irrespective of the
loss of business and wages, which is
estimated at $500,000,000.
"Fully 75 per cent of the losses,'
says the announcement, "are due tc
non-compliance with or non-en
florcement of the* most ordinary
principles of fire prevention Ninety
per cent of all the fires are unnec
Prominent engineers, architects
labor leaders and social service worlt
ers 'are named among the supporters
and officials of the organization.
Inviting Everybody to Attend
Church Next Sunday?All
Homes in City Visiited.
The "Go to Church" movement
has .taken firm hold in Martinsburg,
aad the indication* ere that next
?Sunday every church will be crowd
ed. The advertising committee hat
visited e\ery home in tlie city, sub
urbs and several of the quarry sec
tions. At the homes placards con
taining the invitation to (attend
churoh next Sunday were left.
; Today a large electric sign, facing
West King and North Queen streets
Nvas placed on the band stand in tin
Public Square The signs contain
| the words "tlo to Church." It will
be l'ghted every night until Sunday
as an invitation to the people to b(
present at worship Sunday. It had
been arranged to erect tlie light Mon
'day, but the electric company wa;
unable to place a transformer and
the work was deferred.
fM W (t
M u e. ii.son s A I.I m
VV lien Word l ow Wilson wa< nit I ii
one of his unit -e ert ion tii^s ove? 1I e
counlty he went into a i Ind a??apol s
barbershop to yet hi-< Innir cut. It. was
H Hhop with Negro b.utieis atnl Mr.
W ilson chose an old man who had a
chair at the etui ol the line. The old
barber was the only person in the room
who did not know Mr. Wtlaon. Pit/3
ently a band came along and bland a
tune in ftont of the shop \\ Inch was in
a hotel. 14What's the band tot*?" asktd
Mr. Wilson. "Oh!" said the barber,
"they're going out to the bail game air
that man Wilton that's n.nui'iir lot
President is right there at the head ol
the parade."
* *
iSOlUtt KTY. '
An Ohio man, who had the liquoi I
habit, was told it would help him to
aobnety if he would eat a meai evety
time he felt the craving for liquor. ' lie
quit drinking and tried it.
One night when away lrom home*
stopping at a hotel, a, man in the mxi
room was in a diunken fit. The re
formed drinker lieaul the noise, and
dashed down stairs, yel'.intr to the clerk
?"Gimme an order of ham and eggs,
and a sack of doughnuts, quick."
* *
Too Tirsv To Recall.
Landers?' When you get in late at
night do you always tell jour wife
where you spent the uveninjj. "
Wilson?"Not always. Sometimes
I don't know rnjself."
Shielding Shields.
Senator J. K Shields of Tennessee
was on the Supreme Court bench of his
state for a good many years, and was
the chief juytice when lie was elected
The senator lias u farm which, how
ever, he doesn't run himself, hut lie has
also a local reputation aa a farmer.
Three years before the end of his first
term as a justice of the Supreme Court,
at a political convention, a farmer d< \v
jajate tried to g?-i a resolution adopted
by the convention ei.dorsinf* Shields for
"What's the hurt?" asked another
delegate: "his term doesn't expiie for
three years-"
"I know t hat," the farmer delegate
replied, "but we'd better get this thing
sewtd up. If we don't, they are likely
to stick some lawyer uptheieni Shields'
* *
A Lucky Smoker.
Charh-s E. Norcross went into acinar
store in a Pennsylvania town and asked
for some good cigars. A brand that
retailed three for . a quarter wao yhe
best the tobacc.mist could offer.
NorcroKS took liree and lighted one.
He stood pulling at iv for a motneut at d
the dealer asked;
"How do you like that cigar?"
"It's rotten!" said I*oieroe$.
"Well," eaid the dealer, "I can'? see
that you've got any particular kici?
coming. You've only got three of them,
while I've got a thousand."
Organize All Over World to Demand
Progressive Government.
I.OS ANGELES, Cal. Feb. 1G.?
organization of Chinese all over the
world to finance and force the open
ing of progressive representation
headquarters in Pckin was revealed
on the opening of headquarters here
Chinese and Americans spoke from
the same platform. The or ganiza
tion fears the reactionary spirit of
Yuan Shi Kal in his appointments is
retrograding into the old monarch
al regime.
Look to any quarter.and >011 will not
ft,id quite the sumo quality and qunnti
ty of rend ing-matter ? 8 in (lie ur iqne
C )'?ibiuaiimi provided l?y The Youth's
Companion. It) provinion and pnipose
it i-? ihe id en I homo paper. Live and
wholesome Motion. Articles of im-pira"
tion by mm who have >.e,h k vcd. In
formation at, band th.it bo.-y people
want. Enough of editoi ihI m o m? nt
of science, and of* vents to keep one
ablest of i lie flay. Special J ami y
f'Hges, Ih?y it' P.igi- h, (Jiils1 p..gt h. The
editorial pane ?h unMirp 8si ri hv that of
any puhliaitii n. This > ear th?je are
to be eight line aerials. 250 shone? sto
ries, beside-< a 11 ie len i f trn vcl and ii - for
mat ?on arid 1 0U hit* of fun.
A year of The Youths ConipMjon as
it is today will nakethe finest, ii v< st
ment for your family .including a
If you do not know Tin- Companion,
let os M-nd \ du three. current ist-ues
free, thai joy may thoroughI-. u>8t. the
p \per "s quality.
144 r.eiki* ey St . Hostot , M^ns.
BlOttliAf'HY O*
TNIC UIs I \ El) >'! AT?*
Adopted to lh& uso #f SUnierts 4
race history, and of Jbtegro youth, a
valuable and handy t ? arence hook *iti,
questions and answers. Is printod ew
| heavy paper in aood. !ar*e cltt it ty ?
And compactly bound ii. hoards. /?
copy of this book should he in ev-r
Ne<*o hoixs l'rice* one dollar per vn -
ume?$1.00 Cash ?ust invariably a<
j company ail ordere postage paid. G -v.
i live agents wanted for \T?st Vbcr r??,.
j No stmple outfits. not a.c 1
1 tod. For furtkcr lnJ?ra?atlow and te* n
.? A u, cuts, AtJdtefS,
John E. Bruce Grit, Aullv>r and Pui
Suniiyslope Cottage), Yonkeus, N. Y.
?; *. i"
?- T r. - -
OI'Y: I'm
?V'T? :.(/ ii ?? <\ < ,r < ??? ??( ? ? ?? i
i.i- iMttion 11 prulfi'-'y j hcm ;il?tr?. (' ? >? .
I i< >t >f* ;"l I U< 1V f'l?!ll??t
H< lit- fVP.?. /1.VI"' ?' f<><" I..'J I ..
1 X '-Tits t alien Jhr m: ii Mu;U' C\j. U.tjl7
iprcinl notice. r.'.Hii'iiO cli:>ryo. In Mi?
y\ m* \:~x
A hHri'lsonolf tl!u?->rnioi worMv r't
cutnlt<Mi of nny ftriri i ID - j >-. t ti:.!, '1, ? . C'?
'' ir~ ""*;*?! Jicwmi' /iti::'*
? BwYorl
W ' ;ou. D. C.
i mi mi mi mi mi im. m x. m m m
You Need a Toxnc
There are times in every woman's life when r.lie
needs a tonic to help her over the hard places.
When that time comes to you, you know what Ionic
to take?Cardui, the woman's tonic. Cardui is com
posed of purely vegetable ingredients, which act
gently, yet surely, on the weakened womanly organs,
and helps build them back to strength and health.
It has benefited thousands and thousands of weak,
ailing women in its past half century of wonderful
success, and it will do the same for you.
You can't make a mistake in taking
The Woman's
M fSi,
Miss Amelia Wilson, R. F. D. No. 4, Alma, Ark.,
says: "I think Cardui is the greatest medicine on earth,
for women. Before I began to take Cardui, I was
so weak and nervous, and had such awful dizzy
spells and a poor appetite. Now I feel as well and
as strong as 1 ever did, and can eat most anything."
Begin taking Cardui today. Sold by all dealers.
Has Helped Thousands.
j oi
Attorney At Law
Practices in all the Courts ( .Vest
Virginia, the Supreme Court >f Ap
peals and the United States
The Ladies of
n n ?
Tell Hou} to Red vice the. High
Cost of Living in
'The Economy
Admin Z3 ;;r aiion
Cook Booh
The most vital
subject of
the day.
The Greatest
Seller since
the tfTitanic"
The wives of the Praiucni of the
United States, Vies-Prcrident? the
Cabinet Officials. S p v <. a c: r of the
House of Represent: '.v :t.:, Senators,
Congressmen, Gover rr>'*s., JurJjex and
hundreds of othrzr . n't *?*tant tuomcri
of the day, have o.Il c r'. juried 7'HEIR
to make this work c: .-.y.'nd success.
Nothing like It ever pvv llshed?T'.ic many
Jjnique features such n j the. crors index
to roc'ipes. and e?p< r' : v the bio-rrnphies
f>f flu; celebrated cr?' u' >rs, mnl:e the
work of both nation^'- unci local inteivst.
There 's a Gc *d Mine in It
for Live: Assent?.
Previous book e:;ncri*ri<?-."! "rj unnecessary
ns mere glimpses at J':\r ncrius show
ing- 1110 multitude o:' h:ir.<!sonv- copy
righted illustration:- invaluable rec
ipes by the most v> n -r :::ent people of
the day will dclu you with orders.
Fend 25 cents for < :l:; t nd full Jrstmc
tions?act now wlv.h. yo ;r ov/.i favorite
territory is still op? ."<?
Dept. 61
W. B. Ce&fcey Company
I ?? 1
r- ?
*' t
I ..., ?' " ?' L U a m
; i in 1a ?', i ?; ?: S [ ;j
* H & si i
?.i r. t
I P? Aj M

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