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W.R. MEAD, Editor.
Were turned out
Open up the books
Prepare the shackles,
Open the penitentiaries.
Put the rascals in.
As in Dantes Inferno,
Let those who enter
Leave hope behind.
Democratic plums are dead ripe.
The tree was shaken for the first
time In twenty-five year* on yester
"Hope springs eternal in the hu
man breast." If the springs were
larger the current would be stronger
and the stream more uniform in its
Hext tall a new legislature will be
elected in this state. Let us strive
not to make it up of men with cocoa
nut shaped heads. Let such men be
buried with the republican corpes
that was interred yesterday.
The Fiedericks—"Wilson contest
case from the 5th district was de
cided in congress in faror of Fred
ericks. Wilson has drawn nearly
$10,000 in salary and now Freder
icks will draw the salary for the full
two years. Fredericks will be
member of the next congress.
The republicans of Decorah seem
to be dissatisfied with the adminis
tration of A. K. Bailey as postmaster,
and are circulating a petition asking
the appointment of C. W. Allison
When the change is made it will be
a democrat who has not been afraid
to show his colors, and who defended
instead of apologized for democratic
POOR people are driven out of our
cities the moment they lose their jobs
and are no longer able to pay their
rents but the moment they strike the
country they become either tress
passers or tramps. But if they go
from the country to the public land
they find a set of nabobs firmly fixed
and supported bv government bayo
nets as in Oklahoma. Truly "the
righteous are driven out of the
earth."—[ Maquoketa Record.
Dr. E. R. Huteliins, commissioner
of labor statistics for Iowa, devoted
his time last fall to canvassing Iowa
for the tattooed circus. The tax
payers of Iowa were taxed to pay
his salary. If Clarkson is honest in
his war upon Auditor Brown and his
deputies and their prices, hadn't he
better ask Dr. Hutchins to refund to
the state the $125 he took for time
spent in political work and for which
the state paid
President Cleveland will be mighty
popular with those who went to,
Washington to attend the inaugura
tion, and get an office, if he comes
out on the steps at the White House
this morning and says, "Boys, what
will you take?" (in the way of an
office, of course, because democrats
don't drink). To the republicans of
the treasury department, who have
made a forced balance in the books
of $247,7G7,341.fiG, we expect to hear
him say: "Now, boys, where have
you secreted what you've taken?
Even in Chicago they punish bal
lot-box stufTcrs! but in Louisiana
and other southern states they glo
rify as patriots the shamcles sub
verters of majority rule.—[Cedar
Rapids Republican.
For instance the returning board
gang of 187(j.—[Fayette Co. Union.
And the republican mode of pun
ishing the scoundrels was so humane
too. Every one appointed to a
lucrative office by Hayes and not a
republican in the whole country
raided its voice in condemnation.
That's how they reformed the civil
A Reliable House.
Messrs. Liithrop & Slawson arc
always reliable and try to secure the
best of everything for their patrons.
They now have bought a large quan
tity of BEGGS' CHEKKY COUGH Srurp,
and are always willing and ieady to
recommend it to every on«» in need
of a preparation for Coughs, Colds,
Asthma, Bronchitis and consump
tion, as they know of no other reme
dy that is gaining such a wide
reputatiou. Sample bottles free*
Tlie Ridgeway Posteffice.
Until Monday last we had supposed
that Hon. D. O. Aaker had resigned
the position of postmaster at Ridge
way for the purpose of securing a
drug stoic there. Now, we are in
formed that the change was made
for political reasons, at a time when
the republicans: were lull in the faith
that the tattooed man of Maine
would be president. It is well known
that Mr. Aaker was appointed when
a republican, but that the corrupt
practices of the republican party
were such that he felt, constrained
to leave it, and that he did no more
against it than every republican
postmaster has done against the
democratic party. For this the re
publican president, with the approv
al of A. lv. Bailey, B. T. Barfoot
and Tom V pdegraff, removed Mr.
Aaker, and appointed in his place,
solel}' for political lea^ous, the pres
ent iiKumbcut. who owing to the
belief of the people that the removal
was unjust, refused to become surety
for him.
And now Iheae satin- men are seek
ing to interpose the civil service
rules which they have violated with
impunity time and again, to retain
the trusts they have violated and
the offices which ihey have forfeited.
Out upon all such.
Debased With the Roue Alloy of
Writ** of a Mawd
Hu Silver Dollar of 371 1-4
Grains at Par From 1792 to
l£t7 WUh Unlimited Coinage
The 4,12 1-2 Grain Dollar of
1837 Always at Par Until De
monetized in 1873 through the
Influence of Ernest Seyd of
London, Who Went into a Re
publican Congress with
000, Raised, by the Capitalists
of Germany, England and Hol
During All This Timefrom1792
to 1873 the Coinage of Silver
was as Unlimited as that of
Gold, and Consequently was at
The Depreciation of Silver Bul
lion the Sole effect of Vicious
Legislation Limiting its Coin
age to a Small Proportion of the
Product of the Mines.
TFTtat is Needed to Restore Silver
Bullion to Par is Free and Un
restricted Coinage.
Wipe out the Stab Given it by the
Law of 1678.
110 Democrats of the West and
the South in Congress Vote
Against the Shylock Democracy
of the Men Seeking to Wipe out
the Silver Dollar.
Sam Randall Oivns About the
Same Number to Vote for the
Shylocks of the East Against
the Silver Dollar as Voted
with Him for Them Against
the Morrison Tariff Bill.
ALBANY, N. Y.. Feb. 27.—The fol
lowing is the reply addressed by
Cleveland to the silver coinage ad
vocates in congress:
GENTLEMEN—The letter which I
have had the honor to receive from
you invites and indeed obliges me
to give expression to some grave
public necessities, although in ad
vance of a moment when they would
become objects of my official care
and partial responsibility. Your
solicitude that my judgment shall
hare been carefully and deliberately
formed, is entirely just and 1 accept
the suggestion in the same friendly
spirit in which it has been made. It
is also fully justified by the nature
of the financial crisis which under
the operation of an act of congress
Feb. 28,1878, is now close at hand.
By compliance with the requirements
of that law all the vaults of the Fed
eral treasury have been and are
heaped full of silver coins which are
now worth less than 85 per cent of
the dollar prescribed as the unit of
value in section 14 of the act of Feb.
12,1873, and which with the silver
certificates representing such coin
are receivable for all dues, being
thus receivable while also constantly
increasing in quantity at the rate of
$28,000,000 a year. It has followed
of necessity that the flow of gold in
to the treasury has been steadily di
minished. Silver and silver certifi
cates have been displaced mid are
now displacing gold, and the sum of
gold in the Federal treasury now
available for the payment of gold
obligations of the United States and
for the redemption of United States
notes, called greenbacks, if not al
ready encroclied upoE is perilously
near such encroachment. These are
facts which do not admit of differ
ence of opinion and call for no argu
ment. They have been forwarded
to the United States in official report
from every secretary of the treasury
from 1878 until now. They are
plainly affirmed in the last Decem
ber report of the present secretary
of the treasury to the speaker of the
present house of representatives.
They appear in the official records of
this congress and in the records of
the New York clearing house, of
which the treasury is a member and
through which the bulk of the re
ceipts and payments of the Federal
government and country pass. These
being the facts of our present condi
tion aud our danger, our duty to
avert that danger would seem to be
plain. I hope you concur with me
and the great majority of our fellow
citizens in deeming it desirable at
the present juncture to maintain aud
coutinue in use tho mass of burly
old coin, as well as the mass of silver
already coined. This is possible b*
the present suspension of the pur
chase of coinage silver. I am not
aware that by any other method it is
possible. It is of momentous im
portance to prevent the two metals
parting company to prevent the in
creasing displacement Of gold by
the increasing coinage of silver to
prevent the disuse of gold in the
custom house of the United States
in its dnily business with the people
to prevent the ultimate expulsion of
gold'by silver. Such a financial cri
sis as these events would certainly
precipitate, were it not to follow
upon so long a period of commer
cial depression, would involve the
people in every city and state in tin
union in prolonged and disastrous
trouble. The revival of business
enterprise and prosperity,so tmhnt
ly desired and apparently so near,
would be hopelessly postponed
Gold would be withdrawn to its
hoarding places, and unprecedented
contraction in the actual volume of
our currency would speedily take it
place. The saddest of all—iu every
workshop, mill, factory, store, and
ou every* railroad and farm, tin
wages of labor, already depressed,
would suffer still further depression
by scaling down of the purchasing
power of every so-called dollar paid
into the hand of toil. From llieso
impending calamities it is surely th
most patriotic and grateful duty of
the lepiesentutivcs of the people to
deliver them. I am. gentlemen, with
sincere respect, your fellow citizen.
Albany. Feb'y 24,1665.
The President of the Cambridge
Mass., Fire Insurance
says: "I
recommend Hood's Hamiparilla us t|
building up and strengthening feme
About the 8ize of It.
Burlington Hawkeye, rep.: A tele
scope to cost $1,000,000 is being
manufactured for the Lick observa
tory. It will take two yearn to finish
it. This telescope will be necessary
to discover the republican majority
in Iowa if the prohibition cranks are
allowed to run the party.
Ayer's Cathartic Pills are known
to be the safest, surest and best pur
gative medicine ever offered to the
public. They are mild but certain
in their effects, and keep the system
in good condition.
There is every indication that when
Dakota gets into the Union it will
be one of the sweetest scented daisies
in the whole sisternhoxl. Recent
investigations show that votes in
the territorui Council on any big
scheme arc worth about $300.
Smart Weed and Belladonna com
bined with the other ingredients
used in the best porous plasters
make Carter's S. W. & B. Backache
Plaster the best in the market. Price
25 cents. march
Honest Money.
All properly educated democrats
arc in favor of honest hundred-cent
dollars. All dollars hat are not
hundred-cent dollars are dishonest
dollars. They are cheats and swin
dles.—[Omaha Herald (dera).
Nothing Has Yet Ever Given
such entire satisfaction for improv
ing and beautifying the complexion
as "Pearl's White Glycerine" It
penetrates the skin without injury
and produces a delightful effect up
on it.
No 85 Cent Affair.
The silver dollar is no 85 cent affair
in Peru. One of them will buy six
teen of tho paper dollars of that
country, and almost any liberal
tradesman will throw in an extra
bill for good measure.
HUNT'S[Kidney and Liver] REMEDY
is no "hit or miss" compound or old
woman's mixture. It is prepared by
a scientific pharmacist, with a full
knowledge of the powers and virtues
of each ingredient in the class of
diseases which it cures. It is purely
vegetable and can not harm the
youngest child or the most feeble
"No," said the dying punster, with
smile: "No, I don't object to
flowers, but don't have any violets,
please. I shouldn't care to have my
grave violeted, you know." It was
immediately agreed that it was best
that he should go.
Mrs. Daniel Wcidner, Hew Baden,
Texas, was cured of severe Neural
gia by St. Jacobs Oil, the great pain
Nothing New.
Mr. fthnrz, we are told, Is being
warmly received by the southern
people. This is not an entirely new
experience to Mr. Schurz. He was
warmly received by the Southern
people" at Chancellorsville some
years ago.
His Loss was Her Gain.
"Well madam'" said a fashionable
physician to a wealthy lady patient,
"if you don't like my prescriptions,
perhaps you had better try Parker's
Tonic, or some ether quack stuff."
You don't mean it Doetor," she an
swered, "but your advice may be
good for all that. Sometimes what
you call'quack stuff' is the best and
most scientific medicine, after all."
She got a bottle of Parker's Tonic
and it cured her of neuralgia aris
ing from disordered stomach and
nerves. She told her friends, and
now they all keep a doctor at home
in the form of Parker's Tonic, mar.
Forgotten the Rebel Yell.
As for reproducing the rebel yell,
even on paper, we could not think of
sueli a thing. It has been a long
time since we heard it, and we have
been hallering so many ye-irs now
for the old flag and an appropriation
that we may have lost the old time.
[Charleston (S. C.) Courier.
Affections of the throat are liable
to strike persons at any time of the
year, but especially at this season is
extra caution necessary in guarding
against disease of this character.
Mishler's Herb Bitters is the sover
eign remedy for all bronchial affect
ions. A. Harshbergy, of Cheeseboro
and Harshbergy, Prairie City, 111.,
writes: "Mrs. Harshbergy suffered
from bronchitis, and has used three
bottles of Mislder's Herb Bitters
with the most desirable results.
Send me one dozen bottles."
A bogus advertisement for "800
men wanted to go to Egypt as team
sters, camel drivers, etc., to apply at
54 Beekman St.,N»'w York,"appeared
at night, and at daylight the next
morning 5,000 men answered the ad
vertisement. We wonder if Shylock
ever shudders to think that if such
an army hunting bread could be en
gaged ou so short a notice for such
employment, how short a time an
army could be raised for an infinitely
worse work in this country?
Jt is an established fact that Hood*
Mparilja lias proven an invaluable remedy
in many severe cases of rheumatism, effect
ing remarkable cures by its powerful action
in correcUng the acidity of the blood, which
is tho cause of the disease, and purifying
aud enriching the vital fluid.
Jt is art a Inly fair to flwtime that what
Hood's Sarsaparllla lia* done lor others It
will do for you. Therefore, if you suffer
tho pains and aches of rheumatism, give
this poteut remedy a fair trial.
A Positive Cure.
"1 was troubled very much with rheuma
tism in my hips, ankles, and wrists. I
could hardly walk, and was confined to my
|ed a good deal of the time. Being rec
Miunended to try Hood's Barsnparilla, 1
took four bottles and am perfectly well.
I chocrfully recommend Hood's Sarsaparitla
as one of the ln^t blood purifiers Lu Uw
world.** W. F. WOOD, Dloouiington, IU.
For Twenty Years
I have Ucu afflicted itli rheumatism, ttefoio
1*831 found ne relief, but grew worse. 1 then
began taking Hood's Sarsaparllla, and it did
me more g»od titan all the other medicine I
ever had." 11. T. IULCOM,Shirley. Maws.
"1 suflered from what tho doctors called
muscular rheumatism. 1 took Hood's Sat
Faparilla and am entirely cured." J. V. A.
I'BOUDFOOT, letter carrier, Chicago. 111.
\\"o shall bo glad to send, free of charge
to all who may desire, a l«ook containinguiauy
addiUonal statements of cures by
Hood's Sarsaparllla
gold by all drugtfst*.
si\ for $5. Mado
only by c. I. HOOD & CO., Lofccll,
100 Oosft* Qm ifoUar.
In Testimony Whereof, I have hereunto sub
scribed my name and affixed the ceai of »»uld
ofllcc, this 3rd day ot .March 1H85.
Hot a lew dap since received a complete line! of
New Spring Styles
Notice in Probate.
You and each of you are hereby notified to
appear at the court hougn In creseo, Howard
county, Iowa, on the lTtii day of September, A.
I). 1885, at 1 o'clock, p. m., to attend the probate
of an instrument purporting to be thw last Will
and Testament of Thomas Leonard late of
Howard eounty, Iowa, deceased, at which time
and place you will appear and show eauxe, If
any, why said Will should not be admitted to
In tmlmony Whereof, I l»avc hereunto sub
scribed my name and affixed the seal of said
•fflce, this 13th daj ot February 1H&5.
t'lerk of circuit
Original Notice.
In the District court of Howard
county, low*.
April Term, 1885.
Jane Bunt plaintiff,
C. II. & I.. J. McCormlck. J. J. Marsh, L. Strand
ring, oeorge
& Co, and Anton Kouba,
To The Defendants Alove Named:
You are hereby untitled that then- Is now ou
tile lu the oniceof the clerk ot
Dlhtilct court
lu and tor the county ot Howard, state ot Iowa,
a petition of the plaintiff above nained. claiming
of you that the tlile to the southeast quarter
(ie V) or the northwest quarter (inv't) of section
No. seventeen (IT) township No. ninety-eight
(9H). north of range No. eleven (11), west of the
5tli P. M., be quieted In plalhtltf, and clalmliiK
to be the absolute owner In fee simple of the
said premises, and that you and
of you bo
barred and estopped from claiming any Hen up
on and interest In the said land without costs,
unless you appear thereto and wrongfully de
And that unless you appear thereto and
defend before noon of the second day of the
next term of the Maid court appointed to be held
at the court house in said county, commencing
the isth day of April, INW. your detault
will be entered and a Judgment rendered agal:iM
you thereon, In accordance with tho prayer ot
said petition. FBANX SAVKK,
%it4 Attorney tor Plaintiff
1,000 Agents Wanted.
Bead! Reflect! Subscribe!
A tan*. K»1n«, VMUT newiptper. pnbltefeed
KMCapitalof lb* Stale, now In Its Mb year, fir
fat In aaoh taaue fall reaamo of the new* of u»c
«Mk, «uw ui rational, political and general
Alao rallable market report*.
of It I Not two eenU per copy, pOMMepaid. Moat
UBEAML terms to Agenta.
Bally laws Capitol. M.M per Year i only
•reninc Republican, paper in the dir. Sanplo oop
lesfna. Address TTIl. DUFFUtf, Publisher
Uee Motnee,
Hair* Renewer.
Iks Beat ia the Cheapest.
Safety'! Economy!! Certainly of Ooo4
Results! t!
These qualities are of prime importance in tha
•election of a preparation for the hair, ito not
experiment with new remedies which uiay do
harm rather than good but profit ly tin) ex
perience of others. Buy and u*e with (torfeet
confidence an article which everybody kuowa
to be good.
disappoint vuu.
&P.HaU& Co., Nashua, N.H.
Sold by all Iruggi*M
A Clear Skin
is only a part of beauty
but it is
a part. Kvery lady
may have it at least, what
looks like it. Magnolia
Balm both freshens and
The Wnidkenphaust In Grecian and Lon
don Th» STYLE*. THE^c good* have a
World Wide Imputation as for Com­
fort, Durability and Lateness of Style arc acknowledged to be excelled
by none, We would be pleased io have you call and inspect them.
We have the exclusive sale of them, and can be found only at the
Went worth & Nichols, Prop's.
VElAfin Worth of Premiums to l»e given to those who get
^*•111111 «p Clubs for my seeds. Farm maehinerv, Tools,
^VyVU Gold and Silver Watches, Etc.
AA GOLI) WATCH will be given to the person who sends
me the largest amount of orders.
Worth of Seed* Free. See page 27 In Catalogue.
fit S In Oold will be glvr-n to tlie person who ral«cs the largest Crop on one acre of the
•Jp «-P 24 ltowcd "Badger" Dent Corn.
I AKJfVQ I |\#cr CCCnC Have a reputation all over tlie l*nitod States for
bi/MliU O LBIV U ObbUO earllncsg, purity, strength aud productiveness.
50 Page Beautifully Illustrated Catalogue FREE to all.
tilt -4-*^ PS fan be saved dujlng tho summer by reading the inslrt? page of
494^9 cov,»rof Laug'hNe*d Catalogue.
sou Clerk of circuit court.
Hotice in Probate.
You and each of you are hereby notified to
appear at the court House In Creseo. Howard
County. Iowa, on the lTth day of septemiK*r
A. I). 1HS5 at one o'clock p. m\ to attend the
irobate of an Instrument purporting tobi-the
ast Will and Testament or Lydla Hai nhart late
of Howard Co. Iowa, deceased at which Untt and
place ynu will appear and show cau*e. If any,
why caid W1U should not be admitted to pro
Blanks. Blanks.
Justices* Blanks of All Kinds
Constantly on Hanllt
litaj Mi,
Including Deeds, Real Estate Mort
gages, Notes, Mechanics' Liens,
Chattel Mortgages, Original
Prims Always Bsasonable.
Newspaper Advertising.
27 Park Place and 24-26 Murray St.
New York.
Make lowest rate* on all newspapers In the
I". s. und Canada. Kslalilislied 1 07.
tho.--* whos-e purpose may lie tiecompllsie'd
hy a short advertisement, or
a transient
itdverli.-emeut, and to whom prompt intscrtion
Is Important, we recommend our
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this paper.
again opened to the public*,
with a full stock of
Salt & Fresh Mat
Fimi, GAME A Nil
in tlirir .son.-oii.
All my fricmUand former patrons
and the pulilu- generally ar* invited
to visit this old and popular Meat
Market, where they aru- guaranteed
fair treatment and the iu-st the mar
ket will aiTord.
Remember the plaee if you would
consult your individual interests.
L??~13utviieiiug attended to for
CTSrMeat delivered free of charge.
(CrandjUl'a Old Stand},
Carry a full aud couipl«U'
Stock of Choice Family
yon can always find.
Of Rod aiid lilack Raspberries
By the dozen, 100 or 1,009.
1 -V -v
Of parties whom you out find if you tthoold feel like kicking him after your money i§ gone and jm find
your utock in worthier.
New Oregon Nursery
Doe* not »end out lying traveling tree peddlers to dcecive yon. It neither lies nor begs for your trade,
lmt always glad to kerve yon lion©*tly and well, aud doee ito ImMUiess through home and local agent*
yon want FRUIT TREES
DON'T liny the Russets, Rhode Island Greenings, Mann apple, Salome apple, and other
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them. 1 Itave not space ltere to my more, but 4a word to tlie wise is 8iiflieient.M
.J&nxfe'SS&s THE PRENTISS. *M-*nt'VtXT.
W o*
RochoMet.N. Y

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