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ate Citii.
MOENIKG. At'G !S, tS&o
four'eulpmnt concerning politictd move-
*^l»enU la Massaohtiset's and Maine, to
filter with o'her iutim-.tions from that
A. ..
i, », i l. i
Ing yet Unaccomplished
Republican party. All the elements ,uJe
fl|po»tttoo to trie Adminis'rjtiou,—all
Classes of men who under o organization
another havo» sought mora than anv
fbing else thess m»ny years to s'ay the
Aggressions o[ the slave power, and to Jn
Democratic party who have been gui
jded by principle instead of the lust of office,
^§nd preventing i's advance to niplete and
|erm »nent supremacy. It is indicative of
4he most entire subordina i n of all other
V~ i t.
them, of the firmness and resolution with
which they onh»t for the new campaign,
or for the success which, in their own
diphere, such an organization and such an
effort is deslitied to achieve.
jfoa the peculiar instiu'ion to its strict con- 'chartered 97 small vessel steamer* for ri
Itito'ional limits,—all the old leaders of ver service, cacb to be cipable o/carry
Whatever may be f^gieatorgan zution
judgment of J*cw Lng ana lsup ni
rtr n__
^oestiops, and of all mere pa*tizan sent:- From the Billic there wns n news.
^ents and fttlmgs-ta this one great ^ues- Queen had *ent a message to Par
liament that provisions be ma e for any
|ion of the day, when the oli p^rty lead-
Will not be balked of Us purpose, an turn-
•stress which is the sure augury of uhi
|pate s jeeecs, When«ueb men as Ro!eri
t. Winihrop, Gov^Oleaveland, Julius
Hoekwell, Increase Sumner, N. P. Bmks,
John P. II.
tie, v. Boutwdl, and others
Of that clast», all hitherto sturdy, devoted
•entinels in the ranks of the several o!d
^part es, meet and fchake» hands o^'Cf tU
fas', forgeit Dg aid rivalrits, former par-'
ty differences and disagreement of judg
ment and principle, and cast their lot fend
their influence, patriotically, self sacrific­
ing^ perhaps, into the new party, scarce*
iy too touch can be presumed of the
atrenptb of that sentiment whichVons'rain*
^d feuds, and uni ebea^.l) and Mncerely ^here were dor.btful ...mors that Sp*n
||ke brothers of one faith, for tie purpose or wUJ lil *ind a contingent to the Crimea.
Checking the tendency of things in respect. Jjje statement that the King of Nap'cs
4»f thi» question. It indicates a feeling had a*ked for the presence of Au»tmn
which w ill have sway a decision which
Uon to do
will fulfill their threa's.
|he Republican or any ct.ier part) which
oe.pl lioly «I11 un.quivo«ill, forlhert..
for the s-ipremicy of free and independent
Atch.sotr, has been selec ed by the Legts- ®.
lature o! K«':sa» as tl,e future CapitH.
XaAter from Saropi*
iUe ,an
16th, but
The Lebanon arrived on the 16th, dui jt jg
^han that the most powerful political or- looked for. than by argument itself. Tie poorest
#«Md will toun be arrayed utider the name
II.i i egraphs there h» I been a partial cannon, 18, when the splendid paradoxe* ut Lam
hoth but
The French Government is s«id to have
illjf 6C0 tuen.
Humors were current in Parit an the,
3d, that t'ie bombardment of the Maiakotl
Tuwer and the R.'dan had been re-com
*%nd who Bsrc I^nt to that organiziU'on i ll
it* rigor and respectability,—-the Whigs,
^reeSjiler", Know Nosings, Know Sonic-1 A a patch received at London from the sulijeot by a i oo 1-humored joke, and cm
filing*, and the substantial part of the Den- l-'test moment, states t'tat the .AVtc* learns even hh opponents to j.un in a resp n
., that the sige of S-bmtopol is about to be nive Uusrh. He thinks in »\lloK«inn nl
orgiiiiz n^ em»e ves raised, an 1 that cutrimu tications of a njo- speaks in epigram*. Very lew men in
iNinder the Dams of Republicans, for the sole inttuuus charac er had just been received the Smite of the Uni ed States ran match
gmrpose of resieting, in the most effcc'u ij Irotn Germ ny by the Western I'owers. him in debate, for he is a'ways really,
fanner, (he usurpation* of the slave power Accouu'a Irom Western Asia state that .ustic an 1 well iufor:ned.
a victory had b-en iTied by the Ru- It hisfacs are
lU( |he Ru%sllim W( re
i i i
in the Tappane, Garrisms an Smiths,
Iu tiie ll.-s! rafik ta .ds
q( NtfW Vorj We gay |be tjmtf
frhich is to front and robably \an:jui.-h gone by whtn histalen's or his persever- 'both Irish and rtnide'its on Main s're»-t
4,he Administration pariy iu th© c««m ng ance can bo denied either in the north or ab ve Eleventh, are also deposited iti lhe
«anva^s may perhaps be not yet entirely I be south. He is tne ra^st skillful a id Court House.
clear and se'ttled, but it is plain wlnt the ^''^^tmg enemy of the slave in crest,' There is also nn Irishman dead in NI.
i a
f^uestion, she is taking her position and por ourselves, we regard him as a fana'ic, cover.
indicating the overwhelming force which whose sincerity is as deep »s the root ol The coroner Was summoned at noon to
lihe will be able to bring to the support of
Hn I
(he old landmarks of the constitution, and and Machiavtlian orginizer, and an orator morv or less wounded,
lor the s-ipremicy offrec and independent
legislation. atten'ion in a nation which 1 ves eloquence
CoiAfton, as denrly as the. Unite States. To those
1 ,. win no hing e^turbs ar.d an adapt abili hand* of the
The probability is that the Legislature 1 theThorong 1 politician.
now sitting will exact stringent laws j- The rise and progre-t of Seward, from
:&?,'irst free ti etch end free p^ss, rrd to
lers tiiemseives, are uiieresieu ^uire rau :n ins gut to see that lie is no
so, and declare their determina-, tJusual waif, borne to an elevated place by 1
so, we hive little doubt but they
elects the
Dubuque gives the DvmocraAic cket ti
majority of from 700 to 800,
esterday while the ^parhawlc was
out from this place, on her trip to Keokuk,
some of the men on board bpied a Deer
»wimni ii£ in the river. The mate drew a
revolver and firtd at it, but missing it,
home men were b«nt ou! in the yawl and
aoon succeeded in securing tueirprixe, nnd
tying its legs took it ou ard. We sup
pose il to be about 1 yesr old. The En
C5 towards (hK Bnd ||w mind
®or® cer*atti towers, jnd the a»?ault was nonously by the glittering appearai
iaation which ever ex Stcd in New Kng-j Litest nd^iccs from iho Crimea are to fallacies became amongHt excited wh-«-* nam» ar.- inarkvl, tlnw f. bav-.' d-vw it v\.
July 30th. on which d.«y Gortaclmkoff tel- massec, a* we nru from the records of
iri^ from ^s
dwU-.„g in h. sup- -,fc. ^.ncellor oLh. E.ch.qucr t. i»,ic .nytKing but decr.«ing in Sew H.mp
"•ind who have fjr a generation, through The difficulties arising out of recruiting South ha* h. nee forward to meet, fo4 to
i ii I. troops in the united Stitcs had b^en re- foot, and Irora w hom nhe can expect u
«a»ny a stormy atruggic nd Hell fought jerrtj
fjpampaign, met and al'crna'.cly triumphed Hon stated the practice had been put a s'op hon«.
i •ii*.. .. ..i i Ti n: .* .i ,._*. i.- t.-1- i.
•#rer each other, are willing to abate old to. The official rep it or the n w preach
SalouMes, Uj aside old-fc -iiags and forget
60J,000,000 francs were
bid for, being six times the am tunt a*kel.
iotn the other fiarts of Europe there
is no news of important*.
WAKKKTS.—Cotton declined
1 *10't| Sales 35.000 bales, 3 500 to spec
ulators. New Orleans fair 7. Middlings
(i 3 IC. Breadsluffs, prices unchanged.
Transactions moderate in account of stor-
but of the recognized nand»rs who] out.
have taken their ae.it* among the rulers of I The body of Francis iinn, an Irish-1
the land and actu »'ly plsnu-d their bat-' man, is depcs'.ted in Vie. Co irt House.—-|
ner stall on the floor of Congres* i self. The ccrou»r has no' yet held an it:(jue*t
on it. lie was sho- in their groin.
II Seward

li# wuac of bu nanity alto IIe i#J a that w i8 bornud
enlive lla nm nts
oration of old principles, for a return to graceful and captivating writer, a subtle ted a* expected to e, and about thirty,!
Ciceronian, and somewhat To TJIK —We,
Ciceronian, ana somewhat To TJIE PUBLIC
rn t!ie Kansas river, aboulsix'y five miles nua'ificatious he adds a dep political pre- therein and further that the keys of ilje I
•from Wes'fki rt, a-d thirty miles sooth of •°,i!n,ce *3
ilvwiJ style must always attract popular have in person carefully examined the Oa
t» ty u inuh, in these times of chanve and
inconsistency, is the mo*t v,iluabl
ginnu.g as an obscure lawyer,
i i o i i s o e a k a e e a U i u i s
^punish the tamper.nj wi sa\es,e o*e of the mo«t curious phenomena of thus pp.aks of Mr. Simuon, the newly
At any rale, aioce they are Missouri modern politic .1 history. It docs not re-i«
,»lave-ho!der8 themselves, are interested |uirc mu :h ins ght to see that he is no
ill doing s
P*lfty, but the artificer of his
ow 11 lott ine, in the construc'ion of which
he has di«pla)cd the mod pliant subtlety
Kepubhcan ticket. '.of genuine ab lily which cannot be mis
Iowa County, issues local, and the com- taken for u moment. We are not writing
plexion of the successful candidates not re-
reekhS* during, and an amount
Seward, but simply dis­
cr-bing the foreuiuit eueniv of the soutl
as he really U, and not a* the vulgar ajri
tator which tuo many people mistake him
ginecr is m:ning uuder our outpobls, with
in on
"•'FMiWin Organisation' brauaht no r«nrs. The America arrived laciou* logician but few will deny the Commissioner*. such pi ices a* ill |ay the pur-* l»a.er a fin* p»©f-1
The diapatC.lCs pub i-bed yesterday in
charms uf his brilliant rhc'oric.
1" import.""— ti «. Sumner i. U,c M.c .uLy. lib »*il *i»,W d.v
rfe. material items Will be round WMOH ,,f rnrrcct lofrie is Crninensuted far bv un I whu*h I exiwsf th ha*r MirttM.-U an.| dark dt I nrtcr.
... The Allirs were daily extcndiDif their excellent inwiatton of true dilec ici^n. and Sunf.»H apijn«i tb* *tf4ir*' p,part,*,,,t To this en 1 we a«k an examination ef o,n
•fcuirtw. u.dlc.1. be) oiid d,#pu., ,t iiulli* I(Jvln
I 1 t,
noihing of imjwr- artine were mistaken fur tiie profound U
A grand becret expedition was in prep-' There ure da\s w hen the populace
aration, and lha harbors of Kameisch and Iv accept* pbrtte fir jm IiIicn.
Ba'ak'ava *ere crowdtd with vc»«eU to
take part in it.
U»rance of an oracle ot Mate*mans'ip.
trenchant a wit as iiichard Brinsley fcuer
idan. lie can always relieve a solemn
sians, and nnoUier rep rt fa\a it is sta'ed his nietuihors are as often fac's. It is tfup, i c!?m'Vv in milo '-oLi"sy
It 13 indicitive of ,1 ,1_ «e.^„ I e i I ,'-v
my weather. Accounts of the grain crops i)0. residing on Mam s'reit, below El- v
generally lavorat.le. \N estern C^n Flour enth, wt-s shot and stabbed in the street in 1
•10s a 40s Gd.
(lo^d Oiiio 4Ja4 Is.
-Prices unchanged.
Frutii the New Orleans
Tb* Ali»Uti«H»a L«o4rra.
-A aotTiieaN
.I WASB, SVMVFH and lULt-A aovTiiKtN Lowell Kothaup!, a German wagonma-j
view cr THKJH. st..bb at Schardin's precinct. Ii*d I
We do not speak of the subordinate in about eight hours afterwards. Lives'
Qen«»rals, wtiose sphere is tUe newspaper n fiaiily.
office —the Greeleys, Weeds, llm« or i Joseph Allison, an Irish Protestant, was
1! gelows—nor of e guerillas who have shot on the corner of Market and Ch*p»l
done yeomen's work in the cotitest, such
andSumn the Mucailay ot Ab,.|iUon. i
yn who have till this h^ur e\«r ^®enwliich was fo lo^od by a proposition from i Recent ev»-nis eh-»w lhat his influen- e c®*11, n in a po it ion wh'rb woj.dooiuprom a! 'bat be cot «p
.fo«nd faithful »n.|
fort of the Wbtg or ThmDCr-tiC parties, as jt7.000,000 slcrhnjadd tn n^l in Excheq- shire. «b ir nam n, t-ndora•* nt^man.Hb.. i' U'lH ||C patronage.
jtfiey may have been respectively allied, •UWT
An I such are the lenders whom the
ju prtr|i,ment, and Lor,! P.lmer- quarter, and to whom she should gne
The coroner has held inuuests ou the
Theodore lliode?, an Aineucan, nged
the K ghth ward. lie loaves a fitnily.
John Hudson, an American, reading o
Gieen street, near Pre-t^n Wis bh«»: in
the b.ek of the head in ti Eighth V\ aid.
htreets. He and his wife ind secrete I
themselves under a bed, but were dr.igt
whether sincere, or in»ccere, inus'. A German, named Jacob, corner of id
lie rc^ur led as a rmidab!« an agonist^ ison and Shelby, is not xp-cted to re-
The bodies o a man and w man burned:
who brieve* that, in ad.an- hold an inquest on the body of an Irish- Benin.. f»r hu idmi co.d*.
|»ol.tic..i ambrion, he is assisting I man named Pat .ilurphy near the brewery »rd*» »n by IVnek Comoy on
_, B«id«. ihm. Dm 01I1T., onf »|«r. j'"
ppoin ted Governor of Kaiuas:
for. is this a man fu'be despised or Jis- bitual polky of lewarding those whose
regarded? Ia il wise to lie abed and ciystituent* have condemned them, and
dream of utter security, while mch an en*
e learn by telegraph this morning
ic President is aire idy named ex
1 or S .aonon, of Ouio, a* Air. Daw
son's su cessor. He wai in the last
Congress and voted for the Nebraska ter
ritorial bills. Of course he wa* not re-'
turned »gaih. His successor, Mr. Al I
bright, a lreei oiler, w«a elected hy 2,200
in a di-.tr ct which had Riven Shanuon a
mnj' rity of 1,100 in 1853.
The President, in pursuance of his ha-
u ar
htm for
man. lie
was distinguished as
gine«r has a Catamount on boar.l, ^nd if juris CJDSUU of high order before he be* i We know of uo reason why he *nou'd not
oar fnrnds ou the Sparli.i-.vk eould secure came noted as an incendiary. His stand- I We
few more spei les of animals wc could
I^COmmeod their menagerie to the public
••equaling some that make mora noise.—
fk*m Republican, 15th.
he unites many popular accomplishments, In going out of the State o1 Pmnsyiva- I USU rlMMR* M.xE,
which are equivalent to credentials, of sue- nia a Governor of
cess in an em of agitation and revoiu'ion- is'ration give tu hopes thai the Ke\stoi:e
ary *ign*. Without the eaulion and l»njj State is getting disgvted with its Kansas
foresight df Sewar I, he possesses nn equal policy.
hardy position, as his hearing in Congress I Tim snenicion laconftrrmd by the* ap
proves, rind acknowledges no hwt sejpearanee of Governor feeder's nam-* at
binding au those ol his own felern will.— th« head «if the columns uf the Crawford
0a tfc pub
1'nssing hv Wilson, "(he false Aehit
.1*' of the »vtiD
o: New Hampshire.
y I tt ftp willing,y j^iv u hv th ra
taarkable combination of populai qiia.ittcs trn» \o. Do* th lr p.ihii h.d card
with an int-xha istihle fu id of fanaticism. dit th-ph»i«r a pr. rr against Sanfoni? N«i. I
Tii- gril le hills of his native State ire
not inure Kt* rn nr.d unyielding than hi* iut d. l'l.
nature, and yet he possesses a* plavful, '•nru
.»• i i ti i
UBLIC —We, thf .undesigned
the lral, and do assure the immunity lhat
'here are n- ither men nor nrras concealed
deueived a patience I Cathedral, on Fifth strei*, are ia toe
v au' uori'ie.^
JOHN H\RBr.Ii, Mayor.
T. W. RII.KV, Couucilmen.
The N. Y. Evening /'•/«/, of Saiurdaj
fxenipliiicatioti of his ctrins 1 pop-
sovereignty laid down in the Nebras-
the full determination to spria» the mint kill, has bestowed upon Mr. Shannon ha*'rwviv^f*iWday
at e convenience. a phce for which Reoder was not ^uffi f^urcfre™'tar
Then next in rank comcs Sumner of' »ervile, not Dawson sufficiently mty'o? HapicfM^hio, Ko^nuth and
il i-sarhusetts. JSu person,even the most brave. CVjjc*, of ail sii. -i ami styles, which wi!lbc^old
ud ced, will mistake htm for a com* Whether Shannon will accept is not yet ciff ^Artisfa'w fta'erwiSiifiiSs^nu'um!
own. We presume he will, of course. Caiiandeo th«m at tb# Sky-Li-ht Iteoa»B, 8b
know or no reason
ing amongst the scholars of hit State, aoj fct on comfortably with Atchison and
prohhc in fanaiicul men of letters, has Slringfe low if there had been any, we 1 lor
for many years, I presuiee he would oof Uaye been ap^oin*
ta aga^v^k ,i|*9totlft nH»IBIW«tll«tU4. .. I Effte im*
Sumner is a poor and fa) j(Pa.) Jvwnai as a candidate lor Canal
As Sward is the Robert Peel of Abo!! Htum.v• i w i« THI: tVl
ople are swayed uftcner i,IJ: pr. f. Sanb »rnV twtim-my a mp im. nt-iry ^, ,^ i »,
appearance of orgumant 1 tt giv.n t»»m, unioiK-U.xl, by aaumb.r ofour cit- Eirthenware. by the f'.vnice, etngle p«
,icati,« of tbh ktu-r th- ^ntkm n
vviii nt withirutt- th ir indum-m *ut of IVof. .San
iiflihract -r.
Thi- i c'rt'miiy an nn'xamplcd m'do fp -oc^dnre,
fo: any ct ni a'td pa-ti-ulurly n »U »e po
fiti-'n ib Mild Hititl tH"in to the rha-a-'tf of gi t"
n» n. Why Imv th y pur-ucd thi our*' ,si nip v
i b'eatwf Pi' f. SHi:h ru iia h- n coroi elt-d st.fy
(th 'u^h unwillinfy) f*»-.Sai .itl. hi- 'rm "r
paid!- r, which ciim-my i Jliy corr ratol hy
i "•I'
plltT' of the ivfinetlt, we come to IlJie York, a w-ll a- Pr-ife.-ois Mlngiu, liuii i. «jd
In him we lind a re-
sotfielim^s metaphor*, •idimi th: f.h-ndg Dr. c-saford, I hav« no oh| t-
th.it lie has been in a minority of one be with th' iw of a 51 .i Mi. koscoi k, ya ih y tan
fore now, but intellect!! lly, at lea-»t, it "ot tb« omin-mity cr tu r.of »ioi, a
... !. .» It
\va ni- With ta*o aug.its alier l'. If u asiou W tln-v oa that U u
Seward is the Robert Peel as we lnve aid, mighty and wilt pmaii
.- V 1 in aiirnaiar,» Hf.r^ oio^ai u t, ha, 1, an nhn-» i
i i i
extraordinary expenses which in y ans#, Hale may l»e fairly ranked as the Israeli. ».«• -hi Pr-f. SaaUiru or mys if t»»,h to a... a.,y I i'Mt.-t a»d i«.-.hioaabl# B^i$ •,
Augsrt lStii,
As far as heard I n in by cur Louisville i with ta.« a lLig th: vy, ii*tiua.* uf ii.tii a.
exchanges, the following is reported f-h.ioi.-, «,•,yyur iiu* atu-^ tmU.a thi.' pp. -i
i uitry. prwimng yua, au oUiaUii, a tiu»our»l
fullowino bodies* 'man. aaa priv»i.- tin o U us cwmw nd
lo.low lit, U iflU S you a nti mm w, h«, u»Umat,ly
William Uraham. an American ana i «*v. i»i y..-ar., di-.tiug »i h.d fa.- your va!*i «•.
foiindrv man, was k lied on Ohapcl *t. by htn ni and attauim?nn in ths groat pr -j
beiny shot in the stomach on »ndav ere
tiing, and died immediately. The shoot- tioaabu pw.
ing was done by :n Irishman, who was i
iii log tha: you uny r«aii
hot and hung, but before life was txtinct
cut dawu. lie died a feu hours al ur
an^ ^,r- I'aacrf. Xew
f- D» th-ae uti no n ct ud ti ay that th*
IVof. ^nv.h rn i'
•. Oltri
no: -i n»
"in v tb!s 'tup,
'"v I
v pmij Ui and wh »r i a e th fa u th n
No! & prtiHi k eh. gt.l. It xtill prov s Ji hn F. ."a
id to hat*.: ppmf i.ted, and j.-p. *iit v.irmr.iw I
th payiu.-nt oi $Un to Ii nj. l»jke. Jr.. fr Mi it
sturr., in.* fad $!H th w.-tual co~t, and th bul of
JJr. C. B. f^Mv »r Pu«hotogi3!tl fpvim-«« at 5,12.
in t'.a/l $2 th auiount pai i. And y. in th
f*'e all th- t«tiiboi y thM-: nlUtn a wo-i 4 iik •,
by ral-ing a l-g, liv.it thi public mind f.-om tb:
fa t^ contain.d in toy pamphiut which I a k ail to
ri.AT) and pia-'- a MAN who IR D.- titut of V»IWI*, AO«
entI o vrriu* tiiij cotnaianity in th light i
an h"::—t inati. if th nti n wi-h to coii-
nwiiy I
tlU1/ i'*s,-n
'V»i'a k-, or ei).«g' hi«
th y HV. airing to do by ib
•}«•'.i.iati iu youi at Iiu^ as a pr-
tjtti, utiU return -diiy, w- :. maiu
Mo rv!-pwti* Jily, i
:,« I i aor citiv:n
"f L*. W. Kiibiiiroe,
i-iohn A. tjiahaia,
f.lam:.- M. .-h.ily,
ha i l'lUfjU).
fi. Ii. it 1,
tHin. W. ii Ikna
tV.C. K ntg n,
•j ai-oi.g Easwli,
rijuy W'^lJft,
p.!'. V»,i A'it rp,
fA. iJii'lgmSii,
jA. It. t'iutt nd t.
1'*. t.'uun,
1. Mv* un
f.lam II. iSur,:c,
fWm. c. t'utjkhon cr,
f-J. M. iiut bin o.i,
|U. I. id,
fjohu McCnn»,
ti ('. li
tJjo*. k C-'l,
1.1. M»ff:ri,
J. f. Bt»,
t-h'hi. I'. E.an",
T'ohn burn
}•. L. tut'ti
1 ii. ilurii*jo,
-jiiaaoi K. i. urvl
A i L. i^o&uftb.e,
J»,ii.i i gho.a,
U ui* ight a,
1 ii« M.ig tt,
J» L. ill
'am -o. hi :ids,
ti*. W u r,
rL'. \v. ,a ea,
i. tl. A. ya,
vy. LB,
Ji hn llaakin.
^-HE u*-n of Meuyu.a.i & Clark ia this d.,y
itiaiidred by muuiul juaept. JVf'. AJe.r).
i«*ti i-au honzed to aett.e tb» bi«iue*s of tin
ta'e brin and w:ll coutiaus the huiu»»i a* t»er«
totorei S MflKKYMaX,
K^sktik. ily 4t'i, 1S55,'
WJO.ME jentleionn of iaure borrowed my
0 Wvf'i and Pi.-ck"t iiu« k laat mclit. If La
».t pi ice the aetic t* where I can obtdin tbrm
1 wth ifiVa th# borrower fifty do'ilurs and a k
i^ue»tioi In the pocket book wis $lo in
coun'i rfei! money, w inch ra be retained -a it
mav su:t the trad^ of the borr Wei. 'l"h-re wa
aiao hi the Packet It^oil a note
I for $120 The p„tie, are herel.y notified
"""u "kiksTAYLOB.
Keok'ik, A gu«t l?ih, ISvi.
t'rhfirs will b- fiiuTid j-, their stc-H*
I lie* .H'» day, Si»d every in »rniirg tiitrealtrr
*. »ri-irf 'be sa i- ,-i, fff.ia 4 'i 1 y a'el. ck.
.k. Aug-m 17 i, 1
-53. d3t
First Ars^iial.
P. A U '.iV, AMD i uJ. ..t v ttoad n
ceiv.ng .lie i'a!i s oci. We k .aa bare the
tar,, a and nus- var.cd ?*cc.i if Utad• evrr brough
to hi marks., 0 n :snng ,n par uf Dry Good No
tion Bj
i's and s$ .00-(/lTa? Cip and ii'inn.u-, and
Bjodc Tr.inai ng of ciery L.iid. In fac, we can
my io toe Lad 0: Jia have ev«ry'.u.6g tha. u
necessary ir tie:r i«:le', froui 5 ccn' rr n to t!io
tines'. Brocade b.ikv. Slia vi of every la: aud pa
tern, from 11.0 ohcafi-i Banket to the be douh.o
Brve- a. Embro.der.^, Laci-, iiounoing-, Ac., Av.
To tue GcnUemoa ii.j can .ay tiiat, wo 1^1 fit you
from top to toe witu 11: ttne-'l Broadcloth or cUeup
•si anket. We have f.-w lefi of tnoiie btauu
fui Shanghae Cua'a, with Vest and Panti to nnttch.
if you wan* 10 bi in tae top uf hj fa-h'.un juji
step m.o No. S", and fived from head to h?c.
t'ur 'he noic one we ha*-« i-t ilie Good i'ian
aclaof every dd tr pticn, l»e ft:ne.,Ca. ha?rett6, Ca
aim._re, Chai.ia Lu-tra and n'ty-, Ae.
IVo ,-tiii miead to ten odj a Itttie lower 'ban
any o'her !.uu 01 ih.- city, although it i* no? neco»
rary o ^ta-« a fact to univcrea.iy under tood.
W« had a mo f,)r«»oi en to mention ab«ut Ihom
feot* t.,ock*. Ail we de'Mn it n ivj ary lo «a/ u lha1
We have a "few mure of ihc ranie *urt hf.''
.Ail to b-j had at irhoie-a'e and retail of
Aug. 14,1855.—'dAwlv. No. bo Alaiu Slnet.
L. W.
DAG 1* E It It A A It I I
N -aur in cvo
•i*. ry doaerip'don of
Da 'uerrcutypi Jood£,
Mam S rest.
Aagaat 1», 1856.
he ahould not
2Wa?^f^IfdJ!oneS marked'•Tar
i.a: ea .d
the Admin-J^j O U 8 &C, E LLIOT)
Imytrteri and Jobbers ct
JEarthtntoart, China and Giu89Usar%
Jfm, 195 r. art Street, and No. 61 Chambers St.,
OULD say to Mi-r i and Dealers (ten
erallv that, hauis* established a Cash
Horse in this braiirh of trade, i|,ev are luily
thatthey can eell Cr csra'v «*tr., at
it to retail. Experience ita-1 proved very eon
........... ni.i, vr?ri v* i»v innti to ari nun v Oii.iirtnir. rter* for ft" i' itii »tof *•, office* a
I t'x»i th lib rty app. nd- »t^ ai.H price", a list of which will In
or very carefully rep»rk?d I«i 'he
Jnly 27, J8o3. 1 y
mm PAI\ IXC AND (jliil.M.NU
THE und-rjijpe I re«.pecifu'ly nnnoiiricrtS to
the rriz^i.s of Keokuk that lie has'opened a
Pai'it SV ori John«on, 2il door above S coiid St., i
whir lm will be pleaded to attend to tli« outers of
thoje who tnav lu^or t.iru wiifa a call. He flat,
Utf himself Hiat his w »rk will compare with
tiiy i!one in the ensiern riiie*.*
If you want worfc ilnne in my ,#, wi'h ne#f
uldasil th* ctlem.n to r-rint in to th- tim.: ^iiuatch c.iU or. me—nil "la. k f4ir i Street, here he ha* «n baud a eeneral
wh^n Ua har^ ^iuat
Jf !I liItOWN\
Juty 24.1155. dly
a i n a i a 8 w i o u U a a u a i i °'tire ihdt they an: prepaied tu umitufact rr
va i, a ho th y
a»:!,glin'- i»i'h th n lend ia th
wou.d not a faily tudorw *1 hom
Th fj.L'wing ia a copy the lett rr md to I
J. t. i
1\EOZ.' IOWA, 1 th Ap.ii, I*.wi. i
P. f. Joas B. r-Aviuus:
I'ud r.-tstBcfipp th .t you art- »Uat to
Mts#d th: National -Uj• .«* t'uitvuati m. h.OU to a
... u*bu- ii Phiaul-.-lphia. aud %.zp.«t to vi-it th lii
Boot and Sfi Manufactory.
Tilt I.AT*VT r«r ?. -ft M'MCW JfASlHoN *.
J. T. liar fin SL O
5 touo br ib v. tl WLNU ,.i,t ope-.f.i
aoaat, la. tru 11
July 21, i&>6. i! y
Lnndu &t City Lots Tor Male,
J-J^A\J^'(., reqa.'!i 1 hy ni.'i Irv period'1
and -tnuiiv tu.ie^ to i.arne the pi n ea I1
vioul 'ak^ tor my Uruls and lot* in lo^a, I !kke
1 his opp rtuutty to inlor-m-lho puhlir hi general
of the pi ices 1 will nvw fAkt 'or the same. A!
Ii»t i ner« onto annexed
?*4 *cc'ijii8, twWfnhip C5, ran S.
N 9, .. 65, .*
S% 17, ft,, 5
s fc «.i, .. i
I*'t 12 in Block Ke. kuk.
10 13
4 '4 UU
ft ..
6" ii
and the who of 12|
of L} nch i. L»ts6!» .i',d I»Hfl \Y«(iiri!!#. and the S E Ji
•v.,I, al«o an ofN W Ki of N E j4' *26-C5-5 (10 acres ir,
For th» whole #f which I will fake twe»ii/-tw
ttuimund io!tar', one-third in baud, aid tne bal
ance in oiie, tno, threr, an i four annual pay
I lutn's. with in'eres-f at 10 per ceut from date, to
i!y ti
E #vc %n
Ke.k ik,
tor w«,h.u
wui to W
t.- nv pnrtv dsmrinir.
v inat
vood and marhl- imitations a:3y be setvu by
ca'lnn at his
A the p»lb'ic pJitromte i» eoliciti d.
J. It I
.Main She.it. tw en CsirUi f'i'd Sertnth
in u»- "i iCt* 1
3,, .ltr,
tr« et, hvlw.'efi Mi
Hid bnaoii, Keokwk. Jo va. ies| ectfull^
:•. i -ii with *»bii:h you ha-c touu.xt.^1 your ««!£.' if Street, b«tw«en ad an 1 4'h, a fiw door* a'to've I
cxa.t worth ^wiaity, tf vxm *.a y aod unr s-e|i- their oil «tan 1, where they will continue tfsair
a i-l pri*f 1 .ua, i.u.gi.ty, acuitju bu*iae^a o a larg ly ii-rieaw-,! «sle,botll ia U.V
a.l, by th.- -*t pi-a a it iiit -.roouriw. wrio-«le *nd leiail ilejiai tineiii.*,
«h i cxpxt&Uom if! We u ill have the target! tt-.ck of t^od* in rnr
hue e»e.- hro'i^h to 'lie tt'e*t*rn eoi*«»t#y, i
jrtill b» er r.Med to supply the w ant* of* un ,$
I Country Merchant "to I-.na or eNe« here,
I W e W ill hve a *UK'k of (./Od)i for till? t•' i
trade" which will be *ei-end to tto .e in .ii .•
or St. Lmi* in point of I -t'* ai.d
Our r^om«ar^ fitt-d up iit the fjc jt
hi.' flit ice toy
i «4l)0 UA ft A IS.
Ai y per-o i wishing lor uticular informal! in VA HERE 'hey k
as lo ioeanon or qualify of the lai.da, toavaf.*! W
II. I* Ree l. K«q or hi*
»r of th. c.ly ol Keol.uk.
July f5, 1855.
..u hi, S r.*ers.
Auguat 4
l":^. d'l
...p Wot tee pOOT SCRAPES W.th an wi.fT.i pans, for
S Marhir#.
31, I^oo aim
FFIf E i\o 2 cu
y, irnsr ol
iiea 'I"-
Wiirron St. Hid
.1 Goi-
laa. uiaciory of I)awsou,
1 large dad well as»or|ed
CK «.f iiold I'noB ranen-L' rrom the lari e*t of
nee .iovvu to the fin"
rejmt.'U in of th
uuousrh for tiie cjm»ity.
ifst iH'intej l.adies' Pen. The V^V«
Also some fine Golu IVocila wifh IVna
1 00
Ian £2.
'55. (j&,w
Carpet^! Carpets!!
& 0., hi Main street.
11 1. iJ"*V^ttUVvtl
largest and mo»t varied
•7: splits ever hrou^ht to Iona.
thus aiwk oomnri.-en one hundred (hlh'ront *tylc
aud havmgbeeu hui^ht before the rcont advance.
will sell
them at present
nishing th^ir huusee, ii. an
t'arpeu, fe-Min ca'itficd lha!
AVI.\(ir ii Wf.tp.l Vii'h lis thf» MfM-ra Sr#.
Ii"' ii in 'h'" (im F'*'m Pi«it:e»-v. u« n uld
assure the fitibhc »|I*I
July 3. »«v\\

July 13 183&. dly
A» we pu.fha^e dirert f.-om fh* impartei
•lock i» always ol Hie latent fashion and best
•pialitv, and at 111- loweat figure*,
As aro keep no Kraiero or «lop work ot) hand,
we warrant al our ready made Hn«t und Miovi*
of the jam- eh ir*cfer a» thowe made t. udw.
Call And leave your wrder* for a good fit. VTftf
•uted to suit in every pai titular.
Our Mr. i now auiooi M
iit iet irer* and Importer* g**'lmj| up «-«i i
«toek, a pait oi vvlm Ii «e axpett in
i I a a o u i u e n o i e
I). K koACE.
Juty 24. l8o i. «'l\* Ct
rrt'er* jrivan to tlieta
will e*erntc»l in a neat and vt o k man-like
in mner, HI that they
«*ly iit»ii th# wutk
done liv t|»HH». us ot fn it ri«|,
A.« it wilt be but
|»or( tjme bt-lorc the fr|§
will b« iritro luced. would rfcominend le
th(is»» flmiroiiH n liglitini: un the lim^ rl i||§
c.mplctiou i the woifcn, that it»* v pive ii.fn|*
«ltate or ler* for ipe, fixture?, fcv. otherwiap*
many would be rtelwyefl b» vin«l that time, ft
would le impo'siMi? to Mipplv hi! rplicbtiom
upon sh tt nr.tjce. C. HEKKICK If CO.
air pifpiir«i to receive or«
rut rf welt*
JL d»"r»( for fl'Mr up •for*-',
inr hi'««e*, %ith pifie aol fixture? for
p'omptlvex'cutiiig the mine, a.n! ftuaraiit^eiiK
all their woik to be gas Iiglit.
All person* di»«iro«* of uait jf eat, ffcat ha«#
net been railed upon, are reqn«,«t»d to
in: M,h
•m^rlrv l'^ ri 27. 1S")5. I i Tas,imereS and V lucn, wl,irh he wiI] mall#
id Ke'ail Dra •?.- u 6tov»-s.
Tinner'- .stock, /vc, AI*o
IfuUnW VV'.Ue, Tin»ier'* Murl'. Itn I ^3, lSfS, I
maniiracturer ut Tin, Copper, and S!i«ef-Iran i
W r-». i
H'lohng aad Jf bbinc in Tin. Copper, and
Sh««»-lroii, whicb will warrai 'o give
faction. J. S. lifcEBE.
&.!'!re«* with na, through the Pout Office.
Oniera executed in the Micet-asion in wkicft
tUev are rectived.
jlalf 3. SC'OFil'l,!) i. BHOTHER.
hacriher win.,,. fori* the citizena
uk arid vic11 (ty th^t he has purchased
I be utork in trade ot Bm Dwdaon, at No. ft.
a, A^ic.n
up to order at the ahor'eit notice, and in a aty)«
et lo be aiir]»a.n«ed. Alto a food
wn\Uis:r t^oat*, Veita,
Jons i. iiS ., V- M. HsKTftaN.
bh rt,
avays on
U*. U. SOMFUVJM V. c. 1) BBADroro.
Hew Orleans Picdaae and Oomalnloa Heoaa.
wu vibllVlLLK, itHADf-OiiO &. cu., ttei.ft*
O ra! 1'ioJ'ice (!^rJi ni»tiori and Forwa-dn^|f
M'rch'Ui's, New Orieeivs. JVticulai at:«MiM|
paid to the pinch#*# and^ale of We#teir» Ihf.
du e Ai«o, to l!ir tt-reivmK an I Korward i^
b:i'lue*«« E^fieta'ly. Orue' .c r— cttuilj »oi»Cl
*e'K No 71 T-ttouptfoii1as street.
Burns dt Rentgrn,
I n a I e i o i
Firv nrJirig & (ouiui »,oii .UtrrUttU,
J.i!i'.»i.S55 dir.
Lsvtt, Knseatw, lew*.
Parasols! Paraols
PSTieeentd per Americ-n Espreai-SDO n#w
tfyle Parasols, which we for «ale *ery
Jul) IC, 1«55.
A L'UBKLr it Co.
'I ii I i» neither a hi.-i'iry, r-m tire, fit"# drama,
biography. aoJcS»nj r»ph\. nor pea1 morlen
r^iua'ion, but a aeneiKf" uuprem. i!it.,!n! e*«
ra» i itt« j, n ithout m«!ir afotetbought,
bvih-nngle hero thereof purely tor-bia own
1 rifiration, and printed byr the pttbltsher for
ht* oiru profit
I' «.»!« hv
i'v H, IS 5.
to iS«. nw. .it a in
To v
l}tlder»U.',e,i r.CM 'V ani.o#i«e«
to the t'ltii" K-' k jri i vicini'v
tha' he ha* receo'lv «'pener| Apoihecarn-r'
e er ef |'hird a:.d Johaion S'rw n wT^
ail entire he* nn i tae'i aeler'ed S» t-k of Diagf,
Mi ci «•«, Perf uinenea. Tt• if-1 A tirles, /te.
The auhacuher intend* paying particular at
•ei-jion In the Fresci iptj^i, l^jMrtrnej.i, tiuj
tee'* confident that he can ant i erfeet ra'i'fae*
I^rti^il^'aud^Miljiocry I id- Jo^^Vu
phfilllli v:*t ?.•••, t,, business fhat he will itiei it a »bi
NOr (Hi int
b. div
*M ALL bo 'O'C. to he teiianfed by
Mn,»U entril family. A l#«ae w»t.
be keri A pr !v «t thia rtfer.
Kiiddlraand N«irikni,
L. II. Tl'ItNKK ka sirHMNl
the entire sto.-k of S fe. G*od-
in r. ed A, Hi f, tHidi .|d.'» |f nor ealKdl A i^u-t 9 1&5V dw i ttw
t-r wahia thntv s if will h* oi.t to ray
At Co. artrf will carry on tfcit
business of sad.ile and haru#«i
loaaiop in all ita branches at tb#
snnprormarly occuj ied by J. C. Triiabl«, pf0.
M#in btiett.
Hia !tck c.iniist* ofthe b»st miteria! 10 fca
found in the Cineinoaii mat ket, ar he cau offer
inducement* to the trade either at wLoletals or
Vv HI If.
He has also every of whip#, wlHeli
•e had at who!e*aie lower than anywtiert el
111 tfu- city.
Ken'ierne., are
i«'f• am. -bo«.m,.
wnina'ioa of these
.- -he b!»lc'!-. (iualiiitK
and prices are such that thay cannot fail to plcaie
Ikli fifhu mav ljLCfir n. wiik i.
all who may lavor ut with a eaiu
Auguat 10, 16S5. tiAwti
.•liT.va Lire 1!»«vjha.NC« O^KFA.NV.
,*of* IIartfo7d'Con'necticu^ ULA.N,K
Asr, of Uardord Conn.-
Thu above Comjaiuio-i rt-preuept a Capital of $1,
000,1)00. Liver-, Merohauihte, Kiores, Dw.-mugs,
Personal Piupvrty, an i thevarioua kinds of Proper
ty exposed to the peri
In.and NaviJJAIION, in-
i sureti by W.M- BELKNAP, A peat.
Oorufr of Wain and Se .uiid -"reeU
PirticijI* ^ttenfioi) giveato Ri fAisin«.
be d«a the shortes
I aoticc^ ltd in fpN£
I -KLk.k,F.h, ,3,
TAYL0B &. MillI,
1 I "1a111 n 1« 1 rit 1 iev ke. ,i coiistantly on har.d all
,?" P*L8I" 1 koidaof Plows, Wagons and CaritacM.
Honor tie Slay- mad* in the best style at ti out „f the be#f quality
I (t m.it' rial*.
Marrh 14 1P65.
bv E W «CEL 4$ BBO.
loung lniCu'ti Parlor Stove.
I it JN(» entir«*lv new, the otiltrnct||||
'd u ff rent fiom any -tove in us#.**
•Ladies «nd
loie puictia.-i..^
Atigus? §, liS3, ii
i» tfl.ui&faetcrs is guarantee '^"^1 TANNEll ft' GO., buffaio, i'rea
iiitv. pilet'-rs.
.hhip daily from Iher 2. Last Ruer, New Yorfc«
to examine k
ror.aL.by ^WBUELfcBRO.
i s W e s e a w
.CO., New York Wfj^,
All cart uea fuily m-urefl lo Buffalo.
^'0 11an.-hipuient between New AjMk a#4
1 01 Freight, apply to Neal, AbtN't & Co., f,
M, Brooke, VngU liillyer, No. 8? Broad SlrefL
Nevr Y"rk,
Mai k Packages. "M. W. Line.1*
July it~, 1S53. dawGm
For 6*cn|len)cn.
t-t anewaiit
i»,jiisl received
•lefidiiw 0DELIA MATLEI8-,
Keokuk Book-Biadepy
BO"Ks rul*^
«o any repaired
P»«M»t-Coart Recorda, iu.ttcea' Docket^
Assessors' Books, Poll Books, FCC,, fcc.,farai«b
evl at short notice.
If 01a Books, Mapaaiaes, Masie,*e.,be«ai|
or re-Voun4 in any atyle deatred. "31
My Bindery wUl^foaadea MUS,W(*MI
s«.op,i anU
a treat a, sign el Us "ll#

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