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official paper of the get?.
The Iran Parrhanrd.
Wo YeKterday saw a lot tor from Mr. Eaton,
Engineer of tho Keokuk and Fort Dea Moine*
Railroad, addressed to Mr. Lighten, of our
place, advising him of the fact that an ar
en i had been rna.ilo with capitalists in
New York for the purchase of tho iron for
the first division of the road from this place
to Bentonsport. The purchase h.uj I men
made with the BoncUi of the City of Keokuk,
thus leaving the entire ftuhscriptionaud cred
it of the Road to he applied to the prepara
tion of the work for the rails.
This arrangement renders the construction
of the Road n sure thinp, without any risk
of delay or emharra^ snient, nnd therefore
furnishes the strongest inducements for th"
prompt payment of installment* l»v the pres
ent stockholders, and for additional sub
scriptions of stock at this place, and along
the lino of the Road.
No effort should be spared by those interest
ed, to push on the work now to a speedy
completion at the earliest practicable time,
and we trust that not only the officers and
stockholder*, hut all the citizens of our
place, nnd of the ontire Valley, vrill render
the enterprise all the uid aud comfort iu their
C^A Kwtoeky friend related an anec
dote in our hearing, yeaterday, which caused
us to smile audibly—
A couple of noble Kentuckian? were com
petitor# for Congress in the Mt. Sterling
District, and as the custom was, went round
the country together, attending all kind* of
gHtht:ririgs, making Erpeeches, cracking jokes,
drinking liquor, in the day time and frolick
ing and dancing at night.
A brother of Urant Davie was one of the
candidates on tho occasion, and was entirely
unskilled in the u*e of the fiddle, while hit.
competitor was a moat popular and splendid
performer on that instrument, and took oc
casion to win the heart* and the votes of the
young people by the exercise of his musical
•kilL One evening especially, at a rising
little town, where the "beauty and chivalry*'
had collected in large numbers: the skill of
our candidate for Congress wok called forth,
and he drew the bow most divinely, while
glances of triumph beamed from his eyes at
the evident delight of the dancers, as thev
gTw more and more enthusiastic under the
inspiration of hi* music.
Davis was almost reduced to despair—h s
fr val was Ihe*cynmure of ull eyes, and wi 8
carrying everything before him. I'nleus a
diversion could b« made, Davis know his
chance was up.
Ilis rival was left handed and drew the
bow with his left hand, and on that fact Da
Tis hung hi* hopes. lie spoke to one of the
company, a stalwart, honest, as-good-as-anv
body-feeling son of the soil, nnd called lib
attention to the bow in the left hand of the
musician, lie plays for yon folb down here
with his icft hand, just wait till he gets to
Mt. Sterling, and then you'll see he'll plav
with his right hand. Left-handed music lie
thinks is good enough for you, but he'll give
the Belles of Mt. Sterling rather gpeas kind
of music to this, and it will be with hi*
right hand, too.
Our simple hearted Kentuckian took fire at
onee at the idea that they were trented with
conlempt by the fiddling candidate, and that
he would play for the people of Mt. Sterling
*ith his right hand. Ho approached the
tiddler taxed him with the insult he was of
fering the company, wouldn't listen to any
explanations or apologies and others of "the
company about equally fuddled, joining in
•yith him, the dance was broke up iu a gen
eral row, everybody feeling slighted, insist
ed, and indignant at the left-handed candi
(£y The State I'niversitv of Iowa will com
mence its first winter session at Iowa City next
ednesday. We learu from a circular sent
forth by the authorities of the College, that
ample arrangements have been made for a full
COufHe of studies, and that the services of a
complete and competent Faculty of Professors
ha\ e been secured for the yieuLng term of the
University. Iowa City possesses facilities and
advantages for an iiiKtitution of this character
not enjoyed elsewhere in the state. The fac
ulty of the institution is a* follow*
Amos Dean, L. L. D. President, and Profes
sor of History: Alexander Johnston, A. M.
Professor of Mathematics Henry S. Wei
A. M. Professor of Ancient Lauguages Jas.
llall, Professor of Natural History JosiahD.
Whitney, l'mf.-^or of Chemistry E.M. Cuf
fi », A. M. Preparatory Department .John Van
Valkenburg, Normal Sehoul.
The Missouri ruffians, wider Atchisou
«0d ^tringfellow. have recently licen encour-j
aged and htrengthened iu the good work of
lynchuig and driving off Metbodist preachers
by the ghostly counsel of Parson Shannon
a preacher of the Christian denomination
bhaunon is the President of the
Tic Agricultural Fair
County, Ohio, dosed with
e^OMtrianiam by half a dozen
A priw of fifty dollars.
From the Pi?^etch, Independence. Mo., Aug. 17.
At a meeting of the citizens of Jackson
count v, held in the ('ourt house on Monday,
Ihe 1$th inst., for the purpose of entering a
r-'moii!-trance against the Northern Methodist
hun holding their annual conference in
tills city,
On motion of Judge Brooking, Col. James it be my prfrileg®, gentlemen, to visit
Chiles was called to the chair, and N. It. pendence in next October, I will
M'Mnrray appointed Secretary. By request freely with either of vou
of the chair, R. ti. Smart, K*q., explained
Smart, hsq
the object of the meeting and on motion of
Wm. Cogswell, a committee of five were ap
pointed, consisting of the following gentle
men, J. Stonestreet. R. (J. Smart, W. B.
Howard. Kobt. Stoue, Jas. Smart, to pre
pare resolutions expressive of the object of
th- meeting. The committee reported the
following resolutions:
Whereas, It is known that the people of
Western Missouri have been, and still are,
greatly excited upon the slavery question,
owing to their proximity to the territory of
Kan*a- and for various other causes well
known to the public
And W itF.miAS, It is known that the Meth
odist Episcopal Church North design holding
their annual conference iu this place in Sep-,
temher or Wrtober next
Resolved, That for the reasons above
staled and set forth, we respectfully remon
strate with the ministers, bishops, and oth
ers who will constitute said conference,
again«t the holding of the same at this place
in September or October next, and earnestly
reijuest them to hold said conference at some
other point, where less excitement prevail*
upon this vexed subject of slavery.
Resolved, That we deem it but an act of
pose upon the slavery qut
rea.«on, an well as for those already Htated,
we trust the ministers and other* constituting
said conference will hold the same at somc
other place.
Resolved, That if the ministers and others
constituting *aid conference, should, after
this respectful remonstrance, persist in hold
ing the same here, we nhall hold ourselves
fully acquitted from any consequences that
mav result therefrom.
Resolved, That a copy of the proceedings
of this meeting be forwarded to the Western
Christian Advocate, published at Cincinna
ti. arid the Central Christian Advocate, pub
lished at St. Louis, with a request that the
•dime be published in each of those papers.
whether Us (seneral conference, annual con i
tin' ''Western Christian Herald," the West
ern hristian Advocatc would never have
answered the call, under such u nauie.
they nrc intended—i nui not prepared to *av
but, I presume, they will meet at their own
church in Independence, Mo., on the 12th of
October next, ut nine o'clock, A. M., with
the Rev. Matthew Simpson, 1). 1)., their
president hisltop, and proceed to transact
audi business aa is customary, under the
mime nnd title of the Missouri conference
of the Methodist Episcopal Church—that
they will conduct themselvcH peuceably as
goyd men and minister*, and when their busi
ness is done that they will disperse'to their
several lieid* of labor, in Missouri and Kan
sas, and preach and pray for the salvatiou of
souls, teaching and prcaching all things that
Christ commanded them, even everything
contained in the whole word of (io'd. It
is true, tliev believe and hold, and by their
Disciplii^y inculcate, that slavery is contrary
to natural law, contrarv to the word of (Jod,
wrong, hut though these law
they submit to them us far as
of Hamilton
M. Hillyer, lilfcor of the Natchez
i|Oo«d«r, is the N. candidate for Congress
Ii® OPPOiitiOD to Gen. Quitman
i ''Ufv
fart,H'r: »»'1
Vniversitr, andhAareocDlly Wnott wi Apol' ^|i
tolic mission inti Wnstern Missouri, to damn Churc
the Yankee*
glorify the "Peculiar Insti-
tution. He thiuk«, no doubt, that if he
•ucceeds iu driving the Methodist preachers
out of Missouri, he will hay a wider field
for no religion to flourish in.
itiee to ourselves to a«k for petu-e and re- and might have been followed after each i
se upon the alaverv question and for this broadside l»v a collation of p«'auuts and hot-
Reaolreti, That the papers in this citv be
requested to publish the proceedings of thif- little once
After considerable discussion, on motion
of N. K. M'Murry, the resolutions were
The meeting then adjourned.
JAS. CHILES, Chm'ji.
N.li.M'Mt iuv, Sec.
For the Western Disfatch.
To Jas. Chile*. N. K. M'Murry, tt aim, of Indepen
dence. MiF^'iui.
(»Evn.r.MK\:—In the Western Dispatch of
Friday, Auguft 17, 1855, Independence, Mo.,
I find the proceedings of a meeting held in
Independence. Mo., on Momiav. Aug. 13th,
which I, as editor of the estern Advtwate,
am requested to publish in my paper, which I
do with great cordiality and due respect to
all concerned. I and my readers arc not ac
quainted with any Church which vou desig
nate bv the names of "Northern* Methodist
Chueeb," nnd "the Methodist Episcopal
Church North.*' e are total strangers to
the "ministers, bishop*, and others, wno will,
constitute said conference yet, although we I
arc unacquainted with anv Church bv either
ol the two titles designated, or with anv of
their bishoos, ministers or members, we pub
lish cordially and gratuitously, the proceed
ings of the meeting as requested.
ferciiccs, bishops, ministers or members will recorded or remembered.—[Louitvillt
respond to the name 'Northern Methodist Jwrnal.
Church,' or 'Methodist Episcopal Church 'A'H'Cleveland /fcra/i gives a quietud to
North,' as they do not belong to such Church, assertion of the Journal, as follows:
as their Church is known iu law and equity, ^r* in his speech on the Compromise
b\ the name and title of the. "Methodist -R*®°lulions, t'eb. .r»th and (ith, 1H50, uttered
Episcopal Church of the I'nited States.'' i following sentiments, Congressional
Had our paper been called by the name of v«#l. 22, par 1, page 126:]
®*I have Baid that I never could vote for it
myaelf, and I repeat that I never can, and
never will vote, and no earthly power will
W hat the Missouri annual conference of niake me vote, to spread slavery over a
the Methodist Episcopal Church will do—if territory where it does not exist.-'
iniustiee am!
as loyal eitize
1 V
slavcrv is, never can be
not lie culled in 'pieMtiou.
If the Missouri conference of tho Metho
dist Kpiscopal Church l»c really intended, and
thev will see fit—for the aake of iieac«'~to
cliunge the time and place of holding
conference, be it so I have nothin
^ihiiiiti^ii 1° giye uj. their riyhtx thev ccrtaiuly
oxen laJi«. fur ",jf-
fainter of tha
as a Christian minister,
Methodist Episcopal ChorA, imbued deeplv,
as I av? witn strong anti-g|avtry principles,
draw® flom ttif word of God, ami the prin
ciples of jurifoejn thf Roman civil law, and
Hie Dtelanifen of Italependence, and the
Constitution of &e Uaitid States. Should
converse i
or any other gen
tleiuan, on the points in question, or any i
other points you please, with which I may be
aoquiwuted. As 1 purpose to visit niv old
Most respectfully,
And Wiikrkas, We believe that the sitting
of said conference in this plaee, in' riew of
the state of public opinion nore, and the sup
poHed anti-slavery sentiments and opinions
of the ministers and others who will com
pose said conference, mav lead to results and poaring at a fashionable watering place in
acts to be regretted bv this community—w? checked shirt!
deem it but an act of justice to notify the. Some of the papers oi the Old Dominion
ministers and others constituting said eon- think he
ference, of the. state of things here, and ear- and others
estly refuesting them to hold said confer
ence at some other point where less* excite
ment prevails Therefore,
Editor of the Wr«frr« Christian Advocate.
CtKCIKNATI, O., Sept. 1, '5-3.
The Prr*k4«st Ch«ck«l.
President Pierce subjected his popularity
and fame to a severe test, among trie first
fimilics of Virginia, the other day, bv ap-
It is for this thorough consistency—this
i firm determination neither tu ''make broad
his phvlacterv." nor to rise, even for a mo
ment, above his appropriate level, that we
honor President Pierce.
us by aiming at great things, nor are we as-
tonished at his successful accomplishment of i
however, admissablc, and witli
and their cogeners, are th» approjiriate sym
bols of what »ill be significantly denomina
ted in after times, •'the Pierce policy.''
For our part we so admire this Boirerv
fashion, that we should be gratified to learn
that the President, his cabinet, and all pub
lic officers, were not nierelv placed in elieck
themselves, but were absolutely checkmated, i
friends, the Wyandot*, whose missionary I (Phleurn pratrnse.) This latter name is re
was in 1822, and among whom I organised'
the-first school, I propose, if (Jod will, to
takejudepemleiioe in my way, unarmed with
any weapon, except a penknife to make pens
to write out my "notes by the way," aud a
razor to shave myself, where a barrier cannot
he found. I am pleased with the kind tonr
of your proceeding*, and 1 pass by the hard
things associated with your words, till I
shall have the pleasure of prcaching, pray
ing, and conversing with you.
"forgot the dignity of his station,"'
ps exclaim, how would Washing­
ton have looked in a cheek or parti-colored
The Baltimore Patriot, howerer, comes
biravely to the rescue. That pajer savs:
"We contend that the checked shirt e\ ineed,
not merely pr»priety. but manifest pro
priety. It was a natural executive out
growth—it was part and parcel of ull that
nad proceded it—it was, in tine, check, or
parti-colored, because it could not be other
wise. The administration is check, or parti
colored—the bombardment of (revtown was
chock shirt affair. It whs it Bowery exploit,!
Clay—What He Said.—For some I
past, the Frees*il and Anti-^lnvery
papers have been circulating the following i
paragraph, asserting that it contains a scntfl
meat once uttered by Kentuoky1^ greatest
statesman, Henry (May. It purport# to be
language used by him
"1 repeat it, sir, I never can and never will, I
and no earthly power will make uie vote di
rectlv or indirectly to spread Slavcrv over'
any territory where it does not e*ist. Never
while reason has a seat in my brain-— never
lu!iirt 8en(iH the
If it be said, that the bodv intended to be
designated is the "Methodist Episcopal
Church of th* Tinted States," organized in
11 v*4, and existing in Missouri coevallv with -v *•••••«.*«
its tirst white settlers, none of its officials, 1 ^(,r
with all his acta and opinions, ei- i
The Cincinnati Oarette however, clinches ?HAI£
the matter as far as the Loubville Journal it:
concerned. Its editor says
e have before us the "Biography of Uen
1 Clay," written by (i«»orge I). Vrentiee,
hsq.. the distinguished editor of the Journal.
It was published in 1831
it in written
^Slavery in the abstract Mr. Clay views
with unmingled abhorrence. He justly can-
W" it ft uion«t»'rof ovil—a deadly vampire,
drawing away the life-blood of the republic."
Again, on page 270, Mr. Prentice says that
Mr. Clav was "opposed to slavery in all it*
Thk Morsrvo BiSd.—It is doubted by ma
ny that the mocking-bird will imitate the
sounds of instruments in pluving tunes, or
the whistling of a man. Tfie othe
i -"^"l reK-ri
•M hi. I,
i. art iiaii law! tlmg a well-known Ethiopian roelodv, and
Ood s law will when he parsed, a mocking-bird, continU in i
to sav.
n«w stand," it is expected
they will iiifrt in Independence, as intended.
was my purpose to
with them there,
editor, and greet my brethren in Missouri
ah my lot, both as editor and preacher, mav
jr for the
t«^la vt tlw Mcthodwt Episcopal Chu«A, North
ns a cage near by, as if emulous to surpass his
poor blower, and ran up ana down the gamut,
the "rara avis'' quite made ua ashamed of
ouraelyoa by the clearness and precision with
which it improved upon our humble cony we
had "set."—[Mobile Advortiser.
At the monthly Missionary meeting held in
New i ork on Monday, Rot. Mr. Wood an
nounced the sailing, on Saturday, of Rev. E.
M. Dodd and wife, of this Stat*,and a voung
Armenian, for the .Missionary ftation at Smyr
na, in Turkey, and stated ttiatlBfey were giv-
a free pa^tibl i,
"TiMotHr.—Hare you not, Measrs. editors,
inquired oftener than you can tell, the origin
of tjie name of grass called Timothy V I
have. Hare you not yet oftener heard the
question asked without any answer being
given V I found the following in a little,
beautiful, interesting and useful book, enti
tled "the (ireen FiMds and their brasses,"
by Anne Pratt, London
There are several species, two of the
eats-tail graas. One only is very common,
but that one is to be found in every meadow.
It is the common cats-tail or Tiftiothv grass.
ceived from Timothy Hanson, who introduc
ed it from New York and Carolina, about the
year 17mh.'-*—A Sui*ctuitwu—[Cottuiry gen
tleman, Aug. 30th.
We learn that the Rex*. A. T. Norton, of
the Presbyterian Church of Alton, has been
appointed to the office of Corresponding
Secretary nnd Financial Agent to the Carlin
villi" Theological Seminary, and that he has
consented to enter upon the duties of his ap
pointment so soon as the congregation to
which he ministers can be otherwise suimlied.
many pleasant and endearing ties for him to
leave it, even for a more extensive and use
ful field of labor.—Sangamon Jour.
never surprises
vital fluid through
We do not believe that Henry Clav
used such language or uttered such a* Kenti
mcnt. We have carefully examined all the
published speeches and addresses of that
great man, and have industriously iuquired
of those who would probablv remember if he
had ever expressed himself in this manner,
but we have been unable to find anv uuthor-
ing to him expressions ro in-
(J^The St. Louis Democrat says that a!
Free Soil man stand* no chance in~anv part
of Kansas, bordering on Missouri, particu
larly if he ha.i a good larnl claim. 1
'"P II E Em i rite Authoress the S»uth.
A new Novel l»v the Author of ''Alone"
The'• Hidden Path,' ano^-lt\ Marion Karland
,ome in
Tboae wb» hav.- rea»l it pronounce it superior tt
"Alone." It i* a more finished pnHlaction, yet rt
taming all the patltoa and natnralne»c or the furuigr i he mem here
»ne. For sale by ('AVE A SOX. toui»- of
HE BOOK AXL ITS STOHV-A narrative f,*
the young, on occasion of the Jubilee of
Driiixh and Foreign Bible Society. Kor*ale hy
I olL\|N(«S WITH JKSIS—A wrie* of devo
Iu.nal readings for the clim»t and tbe family.
ar. fully prepared from notes acriuons preached
by th late Kev. \Vm. tiay, of Bath.
For sale V'v s«p 15 CAVE A SON.
BrTTEK.—.last received, a Supply of Il
is Butter. sep 15 Kl'HN A IXHSoN.
always can be found at
-T^S plj Kt'HN A DODSOX.
tied beer. ^The ministerial aud consular ap
pointments, with bu' few exceptions, indica
ted a check shirt policy. The Kansas
I troubles are, altogether, the result of check
shirt counsels. The Cuban backing and
filling—the Utah nominations and retractions
•—and the exemplary foravs into northern
and southern Mexico, all indicate that the
ruling principle by which our government is
I actuated is that of a check shirt.
ATOKS—Jaat re*ived from the e»,untrv. at
-"*pt 15 Kl ll.N A IhHiSON,
»LDEN SV Rt P, of tbe l'*t i|uality can be had
sep 15 K 1 11
HE CII»ER VlXEUARcan U had at
•ep 15 KCHN A D0D60X.
fail MMwtaMs ut
sep 15 Kl'HN
No 78, Johnmm street, can
Toliam to be ha'l in the eitv.
U: found the tvst
sep 15 Kl IIS* A riODSOV.
i QA ACRES I^and, within thr.e iniiea of Keekidt.
V, 'J'1' ,1W
True to his antecedents, his ad- O ''l1' ,R
rniniMtriLLirf «(li..v «a»k.ir^ f- tl i Mam tbe rity of k«Nikuk al-o for xal". or
j* .11* i»- i_i l' .fur,»^loW« eiehanjje for wentorn property, a p**! Mill profx-^ty
and Standing collars. I mchbeck jewelry is, it Obi" sw a«T»*i« choice land in Indiana Hpveral lotj.
check slnrts, 'u
Clianre far Cissad ItervmlBv.
t"wn NajieniUe, county sent Iu l'a*a
county, III. SO acref of choice land near the county
seat of Monroe county, Iowa, with fruit tiv«v«, etc.
Inqairc M.KENNY A Hl NNElt.
GOOD band to dv.- heaw w-rk in a Drug Store.
Pl'lKN' awrea »f beautiful land. i[iiarter of a mile
A from city limits, ready for cultivation. Apply
ill)mediately to {IrfJ T. I. McKENN'S.
MKW riH-tl,
And breeery ic Prevlslen Htere.
rj^ilK under-iffned have op 11. the irtrgrst uud
J. •*t .selectMil ^t'n k (iroceri n and Provirtune
to b* found in the city, at Nu. 68
Tbe property ocn«i«ts of twenty seven ,-et fronton
Scctnd strict, iy 100 feet deep, and will be offered
for sale under tbe decree of the Court aforesaid.
Johnson street, be­
tween 2d and od, and are determined to sell on tbe
mo.-t rca-onubk terms.
*pl» KT IIN* A IKI*0X.
is hereby given, that l.y virtue of a De-
^.1 cr. e if the District Court of tee eouuty, and a
surviving Tru.nec under a d.-ed if tru^t. laaiie by
Charles McLmaIi to Keeve- and Miller, for tbe n
etit of hi.« cr»ditor, I rbull. on .Sutuniay, tbe K'.tb
day of Ootlter next, b-tween 10 i)'elcM-k, a. v.. and
1 u'clook, r. M-, oj said day, in Iron*, of tbe premises,
proceed to sell at public au^'tion to the highest bid
der, for ca-h in hand, the following Ileal E*:ate in
the city of Keokuk, namely: Twen'y-seven feet of
the rear emli- of lots five and six 111 block thir
teen, i 13) oi said city, with tbe building thereon, then,
now u*od a.* a boardiu^ house, known as the Emery
Sep. 13, did. Surviving Trustee.
hereby given, that no business will transacted
Thursday or Friday, 13th an dMtb, atN .lloff
heimer's Clothing Store, corner of First and Main
Utreet-. »-j-lj
FEW dny boarder* can U aocuin(B(ilate4. by ap
plu-atimi U-ing ma-ic .-'ixm, on Third street, a
few doors 'low Exchange str.^t. aepl3 dlw
and Potatoes.—1 drum choice new Osl-
fisb, jkiat r-'ccivt»l arid for vale at the lowest
Price. w. EUNKHUl dEU.
vomer Main and Third where I shall be re
ceiving u lar^e and complete sUs kof the above gtsidl
of tbe latest and most fashionable .--tyles.
Thaiikful fir the lilieral patronage tbu* far bestow
ed, and hoping for a continuance of the -uin.-, I -hall
always work the interrt.s of my customers and
in Which, page 2t»C, keep on hand a complete stock of liood* to suit all
jsrsona in regard to style and quality. Please drop
in and examine prices and ijualitie.-. Conic one, emae
Sept. 11.
XTA1IT -ard
other evening,
we had moat convincing proof of"7he'abiU?y ors a^l'ilui-k
g°»ng along the atriM*ts whis- I
At the Xew York Hat Emporium, Main stre-t.
corner thin! street. Sept. ll.dAw
Plaae far Kale!
PEIUSON wanting a g«*Kl second haad Pia
no, can have a good Itargain bv calling on tbe
Uiid/rsigncd immediately, at the Post Office, or at
hie ns»m in Mr. Iturkt's House, op 21 street, 1'tween
Concert and High. M. J. A^iMuRE.
te the U4le*.
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w*10" ',)r children'* dresse«.
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N exhibition, an assortment of French, Scotch,
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ry on the business of Saddle and Harness
making in all iu branches at the shop formerlv oc
cupied by J. C. Trimble, No. 6»i Main Street.
His stock consists of the beat material to be found
in tbe Cincinnati market, aad he can offer induce
ments to the trade either at wholesale or retail,
He ha* also every style of whips, which can he
had at wholesale lower than anywhere else in this
w i
Particular attention given to Repairing. Joba
n n o i e
Kevkuk, 13,19}$,—dAwy.
i a o o style.
Fall Trwle,^
One Hundred and Ninety three Cft
ses Boots end Sheet
To Examine my Stock and Prices.
Five to Ten per Cent. Lower
Mr. Norton has filled the pulpit he now occu- 7
*peein! fl rt tn get a good article
gent, aud b«-*t u^jrtinint cv^i off. rwi ben
Itttviujc puri-lianwl my itock the Eutmi Manu
factureit, at the lowest figuri'*, I nui mm prepare*! to
«*?ll OinrLs at ri-tiiil u low an iny cuuiiM»titon can buy
that 1 nun
hirL do oue
and oth.-r We»um i
e i ami will Mil (fxxU at wn*#, a^aimt whict
pies for nearly 20 years, and it will sever i wb0 purcha^ W«t cm (nuwfuiiv
many pleasant and endearing ties for him to] UE. rRITTENDEN.
Aug 27.—dkw2w
1 he oour^f of iuiitruclioii ii« similar to that pursued
in our l.eaf Iin-titutions, and d^Kijrmd t.. quaiifv Itoih
youiif ffentleiumi and lados for any station in life to
which they muy h. calhsi. The government will
mild ami parental. Particular can- will be given to
the health and moral welfare of the pupils.
The Bible will be a stated teit book. Although
the charter and constitution require the tearben Ut
•f the Prv-byteriau Church, yet tho
instruction will not be *eetarian.
ill U' three- Hu*p|tiDii oI 13 week)* In each
1 he first will oowmene« on Mondav, October
Hth, lhj...
Tennn pers -ssion. paid promptly in adraaee, an
les- t.y sixiMal arraniceuiant with tbe principal.
English Elementary Branrlu*, ^4
Natural Science" aud Hi-tory, ^0
banipunije* and hlg her Mathematics, 7 00
lle-idetital fee. 50
N" stiid.-nt rtsvived f.# less than oae-hslf of anv
term -iuid tbe highest branch studied dPtennlne# the
grade of tuition. It is very important for thosa in
tending to enter, U precent at the opening of tbe
Boarding in respectable families can be had f»r
froui $!,.'0 t» $2.(M) pt»r week"—iu clubs it can be bad
mueb lower, aud if any pnier boarding themnlve#
can Imj bad in the college building to a limit*
The principal will be aided by well qaaltfted as
sistants, aud he flattens litinself, that from bis past
experience of several years in teaching, and being a
graduate of Miami nivermty. Oh*., that he will be
able lo gne lull satisfaction u tboee who mkmy pat
roniie the Institution, and render u on* of a hich
tnr further particulars enquire of
The Old Crockery House
K t'AKEY A KlLUOl'HNE i- will full bla-t,
ibi we trust by strict and honorable dealings,
i bas secured and will retain a large }ortion of the
very best set uf cusiouieri, and in accordance with
the increase of business we are enabled to import
our Goods
WHBt mo* HXOLAltn.
manufactured touur own patterns, and expressly for
our i-wii trade.
SOrllilellt of
Main Street, between 3d and 4th Street*.
A KEY 4b KlLbULfiKB,
Keokuk, Iowa, Aug. Ij, I8i5.—w.
Autumn Stock!
Landos & Daugherty,
IVhole$alt Retail BaJietx 4' on/ecttonert, 65
rpil[ Inmitutiun is IhhuIiIuIIv oituatwl in th«
A \illajrt- of Point, l*i- rounty, Iowa, which
ia liN)orvixily noted fur itD hfaltlifuli'icai. uiduitry, tare* and warranted in at vie ami qimlitv Ng. 74
and wh|xm'inrai and ivligtiiar influences. Main (Street. (1.
W.C. IlOLL\IAY, Principal,
West Point, Lev county, Iowa.
Aagatt Si,
18l5.—I wdA
11 w
r*OK the effectual cure»d hills an) Fever, Tater
I mittent Fever, Lhirub Ague, and Uilliotu At
This preparation has I wen found. aft»*r ^rtet»«ivp
trial, to !»,• it cert -01 and t-ftc-tual cure the above
diseases. 11 is composed entirely of vegetalile sul.
stances, and dntaiiih nothing that can act injurious
ly (I|IU tlie 1-yiiteUj. Per.-uiiut while tMitig this mwdi
1 cine are not obliged to lie by, at the contents ul use
hottb' brrak- the chill and rctnove* the le'eaeer^tMl
-are not aff.-ct 1 bv explore t.i water or siekly loual
ities. any more than when in their nsua! health -r and
by taking oii- or two lsttie- more, th, |a(ient will
find the appetite to recover, strength t" supply tbe
pla of tienrral Drbilitj. Sight Swtati, Ditxii^ax iB
the Head, and all other form* of di»eas* having their 1
origin in Mia.-ma or Malaria, and I,.
-me tntvtiu
The Proprietor states, witboat fear of eontradie
tion, that Pawmau-'s Farsa aku Aot a Mnrt ar.
ha- effectually curetl more persons when it hai born
intrixiuceil. than any other pri purat ion known, atid
ceuld produce any uuints of certihratet. m* 1^ usual
I with ui.dK'ine* of jhi- kind, from th*eof the h.-st
ww.'lability. aiwi from eminetil piiy-ieianf l»h,
lad iphia #ii.l el^ewh r. who prescribe it in their
practi-t- (or th«- ubo\e •h-Hiv.-f, c. rtifying to iu "un
usual cfficary" in curing where other remedies hav»
1'aiUsl but as it is ttand or fat! a pun 1/1 uvn merits
aJont, it is deemed unii«--s-arv-. aiel i^ef-r? saving to
those affiletel, ltuy one bottle and you will have in
fallible ftroof in yourself.
Farmers. Planters, Mechanics, and all ItaWing
en in se.-iiisns of country where tbe above (lisca.-r
prevail, bv alo|itiiig it a* a prrrrniire. will b» fre«
from tbem attai k- in that asoti of the year which,
whik it is lUc most hickly, is th" uio«t valuabU to
For sale by MOORE A HOOPER, l»ruggist-,
A^-nt* for Keokuk. Iowa.
Julv 2."i, 1 •*..—wlv
and iu such qualities a." to place our bouse in a po
sition inferior t». none, cither in '.'ini:i|jiiati, St. b-^u
is or Chicago, and hold ourselves ready to duplical# 4 Fl'I^L aaaortment of I^adie..* Kid, Silk awl LUtf
the regular bill of the season from any of the above i 1\. Oloves, all colors, very cheap at
P1^ I ««pt. 1,1855. MlSrCHELL k CO "3.
we arc nappy to inform onr friends thronrliout
the State, that we have open for inspection aootale, lirrlr«
upwards of I VV ,'
400 Crates of freckerjr,
together with upwards of 800
ever brought to the S «te, with all other goods kept
ia Crockery houses. We will be happy to see any
and all who desire to purcbast goods iu our line, and
a-^ure thetn if they deal with u* we will do as well
by ti.eui ai we snow b'»W- We have careful paok- ^IIHIS is neither a history, ntnanee, life
ers, aud very seldom ha\c eomplaiut of broken ware, 1 biography, autobiography, nor poei mortem ei
Ordei resj»ectfully solicited.
inform the public that they
have iortui-d partnership for tbe purpose of
carrying on tbe above business in all it* various
branches, akes, bread, Trackers, and Candies ai
Waj i on hand at the lowest prices.
Every article purchased rrom us warranted
Our wagon will be on the track by the lath of this
Fall Trade.
Cltjr Beet and ftfea« Stare.
ffo. 112 Main Street, b-tween Fourth and Fifth.
Hp HE undersigned would res|ieetfully call
JL the attutioii of the I^adiep and tiintle
men of Keokuk and vicinity, to their fine and
well selected stock of Iloots and ShiH-s, now
ojein'd and for sale at the above establishment, eon
prisirif» all kinds of lilies', Uents', Missea', Boys',
and Children'« wear, of all styles, grade* and aises.
These (fissls have been selected with special refereijpe
to oeatnets of style and durability, and will he sold
at a very small advance above Eastern ooet, as we
are determined not to
undersold by any twaue in
the city, l'leaee give us a call. An examination of
goods and prices is the only favor we ask.
Ii. c. HU1SKAM1' A BfLO.
Sept. 8, 1H55.—d
Fare C«4 LItw 911.
by E. C. YaraaU Co. A large
supply just reoeircd by
gfpt. i-d MQORI HOOPSR.
0 A K E I O W
Third Street, near Main.
25. lsj.'i.—dim MorningOlury topjT.'
JTTNDERTAKER. Corner of ohiiwin anlf^e^^
Third Str.^'tn.
Carrier on th liu»inei« of Undertaking in nN its
braoehex. He u rec»*ntly made extentne addition*
U hi* nt«ck and pei-fiTted hi." arrnngi-menU in tvi**
imperviu" to air and indeAtruetible, highly orna
mented and invaluable for the preservation of tlx
deajl, aa Well ae coffln* of erary atylc and flniah (u
imbed to order.
Hcarre# «nd eoniagi iirni.-h^l, aixl the cntii* ar
nan|frmei)t- of tbe funeral attended to wb«n miuinri.
K.^kuk, April 12, iSi.'.. d.r
rarmere take Notice?
HKll htitt tin baud aiid will furnivh lo
dwr Zonmerman r* fiebrBte«l Separator £o&
Thrashing, (.'leaning. Screening and Bagging grain
ready for market. It will thraidi and eleflu from
500 to 8O0 tiuKheiP per day, and han taken th« pr«
tniam at the (Vvntul Palaee, Vcw York, and at the
Slate Pair* of Maryland, Virginia, Indiana, Illi
n«ii, Ac. Order* will le thankiully received,and
couiinunieationa will m-eive prompt attenuon.
R««idene« on Fulton Street, Iwtwecn Jd and M.
V E I U K 7
_Keoknk, April 10, 1855.—dAw.
The "Gate City Hat Store" Wt
now in receipt of a large »U* k of Hata.Capa, mtd
Fur (i.«ni«, purcbaaed dirertly of tbe raaaofM»
^4* pt. C, i
F. VoOKHlkfe 4 00.
the subscriber, elx.ut th-s last of Aprt^oM
clay bank Ally, two yesrs dd. white marie and
tail. Any person
information so thitlr-aa
get said filly shall be ampiv rewarded for their
trouble. fl A"i BAI.UWDi,
Hirrningham, Vau Duren county, Iowa
HAVE r(w-iTci a large stock of Keadv jilade
Clothing, (ientlemen's FurTii*hingi.*,ds, IrWks,
Hats, arpet 1 mbreUa- if which 1 will sell
at WHot.KbAi.E iihHniu,, at a very small ad«aue«
alwre Eastern *»t. Corner of First and Mau fit.
^ept. 7. dAw N. lloFHiEIMRk.
Tl»* Fast mill.
'f^IIE Fast Saw Mill one and a half miles alwve
J. town is now in operation with a go»xl sto^k
fxfs. Persons wanting Lumber will U furaohrd
on short notiee by leaving their orders at the oflee
of K. D. \V. FOItl), or *Ull
Kaoknk, Way 11, lnjj.—iif
M'. bi ell ~~T~—
A n V I E A N A I
VNI dealer in eve
ry de* riptioti of
I^aguerreot vpe (ifwxis,
has re**eived tbis day
direct from the manu
fa«tur*r* a Urge i a
riety of Papirr Macbie, Koeruth and l-endwape
Cases, of all siaes and styles, which will be soli
cheaper than erer Ufore offered tbir market,
either to Artists or filled with life-like miniaterte.
Call and see them at the 8ky Light Rooms,
Main Street.
August 1ft, l*i5.
LAKE and well pelert.d »t *k ol Paiot«, Oil*,
ia»*. arn 1 -1,. A' 4"- on band and ««i«
bv k littoi-aa, iraggisu, Ifaia St., below
Third, coo*mimg in |»rt of
W bite a«t, j'ure k .Nu. 1.
.Know white Zinc, very superior,
Zinc drv^r,
twws in great rarietv, both dry and iaoll. W aa
in 1, 3,4 s and Hi fit cast.
tVpal araish,
Japan fc
waito ib
Leather do
Glass of i««t brands ami varioas eisef.
All of Which they will sell cheaper than lUToffcif
house in tb. city. i-Jt eaah.
tsive iii» a call. MOORE }iX)PKB»
September 3. I#i5,—-«t
Railroad Election.
A iPBClA I. Euetiun will b« bai'.i in eaeh of til#
af1!* "f the eity of Keokuk, on Heturviy, |)ke
22(1 lmy oi St-ifU'iutar, A. 1*. fut tb* |urpDM
voting upm the following proposition, to mi Shall
the cir^ of Keokuk loftii to tbe "Keokuk Mount
Pleasant and Museum- Kailr-ad Company the sred
it of the ei t«, an amount not exes-ding oil* Laa
drod thooiouid d-dlar* the bnuds to be (wvable ia
twenty years and ttearing mU-rest at tbe rate of aev
en per csnt. p-^ annum Those voting for
bt 14an
will place up-Ill their tickets "For the Ijtcn," aad
th-«« v tmg against it, upon their tickets, Aomkut
the Loan."
Hatd ElectM,n will be held at the following frifec*:
iirst Uard, Office of E. Kilboarne.
id Offio- of Iri«. toll ins k PatM.'-i-y
3d Store ol VS m. l^eslie. /i",
4th PlanterV H-'U"".
i- W klUXH&NE.Mayot.
_J|«oLHk. FtpU T, l*bJ.—dul
AHHINO MAC HINES -ThTeelsbrrt^l. .w
luiuckela Washing Machine, for sals by
f*. W. A H. TK KEfL
»f t»L NH,—A lot of dttoide-barrelled siiotgUMi
•ome flue, for sale low by
8. W. k H. TITKER.
All sixes of the St. JboMif
Cireular Saws, warraoted by
S. W. k II. TTT
AKlKKLri, for Circular Saws, for sale by
S. W k H. Tl C^6BL
lr« Cream.
W e have also the most extensive as-
at al 1 times prepared to furnifh lee
to families ia any
'ream Vanilla and tnon
desired quantity. We will pack it in small fnaft
Jane 12,1855.
all kind) can l* had at
je II —cftf Johnson Street.
Deeitlrks* Mew Beak.
aim nation, but
gantas, written
O N K O O V O O e w a
now ojKn a fine stock of French and Anter- "VT"OTItTK is bereb* given that tbe one-third IHMr
ican Printed and Plain DeLaines: Plain aad is est of the Keokuk and Hamilton Feriyi A
Plaid Merinoes Coburgs, lilack and Colored Mo gether with the laud belonging to the same, S»
liatr. lWKH|{f8, to which be invitee the atten- iered for sale. *j.'
tlon oi the Ladies, assuring them that the style aad
series of unprenjeditat4xl eytHHfa
ithout malic# aforethought, j|y the
single hero thereof purely for bis own fl ~ifl»tiML
ami printed by the publisher for hit owa prqj|/, '.
For sale by J. T. CAVE k 90%"
1«. IH&5.
For further |articalars enquire of
({niklity an* nnnu rpassed, and prices low ae the same July 2—dtf J. k J. K. LLOYD M&L
good, tbeoountry. I'ilKKCH CANPIEH.
TI ST received by Express from New Yprk-vit)-*
v large assortment of French Caadiee. saah ML,.r «i!
largs assortment of French Candies, 1
ach fC-,
Ice Cream Drots, assorted flavors.
Sherry lo do do
Uum do do do
Cordial do do do
Metropolitan Losengcs, Conversatloo Lof
Paintilliers, Ac., Ac., at
Confectionary aad Ioe Cream KmMi
Jane 11,1866.
hoie nsi HASC K. Tv
TIIHE Iowa Htatk Isscranck Compahy,
J. kak, Iowa, having fully organised accoaAtaato
tbe Artiplen of Incorporation, and b»vitur aaamCad
applicationi' for insurance and taken preainaLaalM
on property anioanting to $100,00#, in now peeyared
to issue Policies, on the safer class of risks, fok tbcaa
years, on tbe mi ti al plaa, and for one year Mbd
shorter periods for a cash premium.
orricaas klkcteh fob thk Kasrnra tiab.
C. II. Perry, John MtCune, B. H. Barrblik.
J. W. Rapkia, Q. B. Hmvth, E. R. ford,
ft. P. Creel, 8. ti. Biliingf, F. Zor^.
t3. tiarber, T. WivkersUaw-
K*ecutive ComiuiUee,
K. H. Harrison, C. Oar
be r, John XtCiils
»J. W. IUakia, 0, B. Smyth.
C. H. perry, Pres'l. J. W. Rankin, ?ic» Prsa't-
W. f. Turner, Bec'jr. B. H. Harrisoa, TrMs'r.^
ia Concert Hall BuildiaaJSd iturv
Jul/ 4th, 1*5*.—dlmlrw.
VaKtaU's fsvss Hgi^,
cm for inft«nnit|9Bt|. Vur k»
tbe quaatity or lUtgle bottle by
5—d MOORS A J|06PKt«

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